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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 24, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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america. [cheering and applause] ooooooooo jon: a major shake-up at the pentagon. defense secretary mark esper * firing richard spencer over his handling of the eddie gallagher case. i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." president trump restored gallagher's rank earlier this month after the navy acquitted him of several war crimes but demoted him for posing for pictures with a dead isis fighter. the president will allow a review of his case over uncertainty on whether he can keep his tridence pin.
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>> she could have taken my trident any time they wanted. now they are trying to take it after president trump restored my rank and we are exposing the corruption from crying craig miller all the way up to admiral green. reporter: the department of defense says esper fired navy secretary spencer over a private request he made to the white house that undermined due process. they said they would allow him to retire with his trident pin. gallagher was acquitted much several our crimes during this arrest deployment, shooting civilians, murdering an isis fighter with a hunting knife.
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but he was convicted of posing with the dead body of a captive isis teenager. the president reversed the demotion the same day he pardoned two other armed service members accused of war crimes. there were reports navy secretary richard expense were would resign if the president intervened in the case. but spencer denied those reports yesterday. now we are learning spencer's boss showed him the door after learning of that request to the white house. esper said i'm deeply troubled shown by a former dod official. secretary spencer no longer has my confidence to continue in his position. i wish richard well. the white house told the navy friday they wouldn't get involved. but then the president promoted gallagher's interview tweeting, have no fear, all will end well
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for everyone. >> i just want to retire peacefully with all the honors i have earned, get back to my family. i don't know how many times i thank the president. he keeps stepping in and doing the right thing. i want to let him know the rest of the seal community is not about this right now. reporter: secretary is per there are proposed braithwaite as spencer's successor. jon: adam schiff says the impeachment hearings showed overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing by president trump. he says he's not ruling out the possibility of more public testimony. meanwhile, the white house and the senate republicans have begun mapping out their strategy on how a potential trial could
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play out in the upper chamber. >> do not think the allegations will be summarily dismissed. i think there will be a trial, and i'm in favor of doing it in accordance with due process and let everybody offer whatever they want to in terms of evidence and bring whatever witnesses they want to if it takes a long time, you know, i was sent to the senate to be a senator. i don't mind sitting there as long as it takes. jon: kevin corke is standing by with the latest from the white house. but first we go to mark meredith in our d.c. bureau. >> house lawmakers are not working in washington. but members continue to investigate the president's dealing with ukraine and a report on their findings will be prepared soon. >> we view his as emergent. we have another election in which the president is
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threatening more foreign interference. but there are other witnesses and other documents we would like to obtain. reporter: the intelligence committee is expected to send its findings to the judiciary committee. the committee would decide which if any of those articles of impeachment it would like to move on including bribery, abuse of power, contempt of congress, and construction of justice. several gop members say they are outraged how the hearings, the depositions and proceedings have occurred. >> the american people could see firsthand how partisan this process has been from the start. members were not able to with yield time to other members that we are allowed to do on the house floor and every other committee except under adam schiff's secrecy. senate majority leader says he
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does not believe 67 nors would. the timing could have a major impact on the 2020 presidential race. jon: meanwhile hundreds of white house emails reportedly show you considerable efforts were made to justify withholding aid to ukraine. adam schiff says the impeachment inquiry will move forward with or without white house cooperation. >> we are not willing to go the months and months and months of rope-a-dope in the courts. even as we compile this report and submit evidence to the
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judiciary committee we are going to continue the investigation. but we won't let the administration stonewall us. >> we reached out to the white house about a "washington post" story. while we have yet to hear back from them, what we have learned from what the post claims to have uncovered is provocative. i suggest in their reporting that the white house counsel's office review considerations held by senior administration officials with a back and forth over how long aid can be withheld and the legality of that review. much of the email traffic allegedly involves mick mulvaney and russ vought. house democrats continue to insist the impeachment inquiry is far from over.
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the spectacle say white house officials that did little to move the needle with the american people and certainly didn't show anything rising to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> we know what they didn't see. they didn't hear anybody say when they were asked, bribery? no, quid pro quo? no. did the president commit a crime? no, no, no, every time. the closest they got to it in his repaired in his -- sondland in his prepared remarks said he thought there was a quid pro quo for a meeting. reporter: she says the impeachment scam is driving republican poll numbers up up. thank you. the latest information shows the president continues to enjoy
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overwhelming support from republicans. 90-93 percent. and support for impeachment is continuing to dip. jon: president trump lamenting that his doer ral -- his doral t won't be hosting the g-7. >> he said i offered to pick up the entire cost, would have saved at least $35 million for the u.s.a. best location. the president reversed his decision to host the summit amid widespread criticism that it would be unethical. the district council elections seeing 71% turnout in hong kong after months of anti-government protests. winning more than 250 seats.
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gordon chang says this. >> this is political annihilation for beijing and it will have consequences that will reverberate not just in hong kong, but perhaps in china as well. >> it's monday morning here in hong kong and a new political reality has dawned. the pro-democracy movement scoring a crushing victory over pro establishment pro beijing candidates in these district cancel elections as the votes continue to be counted. it appears the pro-democracy candidates have won something like 3/4 of the of the entire council seats. they will put that down to in some part at least to a very large turnout. here is what it looked like at
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the height of the voting. >> this is a sure sign of just how invested hong kongers are in this election. this particular polling station has been open for more than 8 hours now. and throughout that time the line has been hundreds of yards long. and it wasn't entirely peaceful election day. in stark contrast to the violence gripping hong kong and the polytechnic university one week ago, now the pro-democracy movement faces a big question. do they believe they have won this huge political victory because of the violence on the street and do they commit entirely to the political process or do they keep the demonstrations we have seen the last you five months going. big questions for hong kong's
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leader carrie lam. does she bow to the pressure to resign. and the biggest question of all for the communist party sitting in beijing. do they now try to you find accommodation with the pro-democracy movement or do they move to crush it? jon: british prime minister boris johnson issues more promises on brexit. while launching his party's new manifesto. he promised to bring this brexit deal back to parliament. it would allow him to form his government before the brexit deadline. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is recovering back at home after she was hospitalized friday for symptoms described as chills and fever.
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garrett tenney has more on her recovery. >> the supreme court tells us justice ginsburg is back home and doing well after trending a couple days at the hospital. she was admitted add experiencing chills and fever. given her age doctors kept her overnight to fight any possible infection. this is the latest in a series of healthcare for justice ginsburg. in the last year alone, she has had two bouts with cancer. she recovered from surgery for lung cancer. then in august she completed three weeks of radiation for a cancerous tumor on her pancreas. the leader of the court's liberal wing says she'll stay on the courts as long as she can do the job full steam. >> i think it was after
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pancreatic cancer who announced with great glee that i would be dead within 6 months. that senator whose name i have forgotten is himself dead. reporter: she said she would like to stay on the court until 90. while she dismisses talk of her exit, republicans are salivating at the thought of president trump being able to appoint a third justice to the high court and expands its majority. senator mcconnell says if there is any vacancy before the election he will move quickly to fill it. something he failed to do during obama's presidency. jon: it may not be a surprise, but it's official as michael bloomberg officially announces his run for president.
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some things are too important to do yourself. ♪ get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. jon: michael bloomberg is officially running for president. new york's former mayor announced his candidacy today. amy klobuchar main tairns the multi -- maintains the multi-billionaire won't be able to buy the election. >> i don't have that money, that is true. i don't think people will buy it that you just put a bunch of money. maybe the argument is i have
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more money than the guy in the white house. i don't think they will buy that. i think they want someone different. reporter: the multi-billionaire officially kicking off his run for the white house. he confirmed to fox news he will release his tax returns. bloomberg officially announced his presidential bid with an ad touting his middle class upbringing and as job creator. he touts how he rose from the middle class to become a billionaire. he says he's here to defeat trump and rebuild america. > >> now we see a different kind of menace coming from washington. so there is no stopping here. there is an america waiting to be rebuilt.
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>> part of the campaign strategy, bloomberg plans to skip the first three primary states and not compete for the delegates. instead he will focus on super tuesday march 3. he will not he accept political donations or take aal ray should he become president. but he's still getting attacked from fellow democratic candidates right now over his billionaire status. >> we don't believe billionaires have the right to buy elections. that's why multi-billionaires like mr. bloomberg won't get very far in this election. reporter: on the other side of the aisle, critics say bloomberg's entry into the race is a sign that he doesn't have a
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democratic contender positioned well enough to challenge president trump. >> 10 or 12 have already dropped out of the race. and michael blooming burgers coming in saying i don't think any of you can beat donald trump. jon: christina, thank you. 2020 candidate andrew yang is feuding with msnbc. he accuses the network of not giving him fair coverage. tweeting they omitted me from their graphics 12 plus times. and we'll john yang on air. he has had less speaking time than any other candidate on stage. while issues like healthcare and
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the economy dominate the election cycle. democratic hopefuls are rolling out plans to expand internet access to some of the most remote places in the country. the 2020 democratic hopefuls are trying to bridge the gap. >> you can't participate in a 21st century economy if you don't have access tbrond band. >> rural georgia is consistently ranked one of the lowest for internet speed in the nation. >> a lot of the families have to drive and a small town and sit in a chick-fil-a or starbucks cafe where they can get public wi-fi. >> 39% of rural americans live with limited broadband access compares to 4% of urban
3:24 pm
dwellers. democrats are hoping to pick up some rural trump voters. but voting behavioral experts are sceptical. >> it will be several years before we start to see this impact. what are the issues that will hit the pocketbook within the next 12 months? >> as broadband providers update their networks the digital divide is narrowing. access to broadband nationally as increased 10%. jon: with a drastic all divided congress. will the president's fate rest the hand of the voters?
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>> this president was interested in how ukraine interfered in the 2016 election. he's always been sceptical of foreign aid. there was no favor. there was nothing that happened. i think there is only one person who gets away with talking the way he does, that's president trump. and that's why the americans elected him. jon: i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." as the house judiciary committee awaits an impeachment report. 70% of americans believe president trump's push to have ukraine investigate joe biden was wrong. david, nancy pelosi promised that there would be no impeachment inquiry unless the
3:30 pm
evidence was overwhelming and the effort was by partisan. how is this particular inquiry living up to those promises? >> it's up to the eyes of the beholder whether the evidence is overwhelming. but so far it's not bipartisan. i don't think a single republican has expressed support for impeaching the president. jon: devin nunes says the republican point of view is well represented in these hearings. >> house republicans got more air time in less than two weeks than we have gotten in the last two decade. so for the first time the american people have been able to see that house republicans are not only serious legislators, we are competent. jon: republicans would like the
3:31 pm
public to see that democrats are so focused on the impeachment inquiry that nothing else is getting done in washington. is that accurate? >> no. the negotiators on a budget have been meeting for weeks. and purportedly agreed on spending levels. there was talk that the government would shut down because the money ran out and they quietly approved an extension to december 20. few people think there will and shutdown. in addition the house has passed a lot of legislation that the senate won't take up, and the senate has done the same. the two sides are at odds but there are things getting done. jon: democrats in pro trump districts or facing a barrage of
3:32 pm
anti-impeachment advertising. one is joe cunningham in a district president trump won by 13 percentage points. and groups like the american action network are taking out ads like this. >> this is about preventing a potentially disaster out outcome from occurring next year. >> their impeachment is a charade. jon: democrats are said to be concerned about the way this is being portrayed back home. are you hearing the same thing in washington? >> yes, have much so. there are 3 districts that democrats won in 208 that president trump won in 2016. we watched cunningham particularly closely because we have the main papers in south carolina. we also watch a couple others. we find that a lot of those 31
3:33 pm
members would rather talk about progress on healthcare, prescription drug prices rather than impeachment. democrats are very concerned. jon: why did speaker pelosi and adam schiff permit the impeachment effort to go forward? >> we believe there is evidence there to allow it to go forward. steve bannon also on "sunday morning futures," he says that democrats are feeling the sting of some of these ads. listen. >> these democrats who are absolutely essential and have independents vote for them. these are districts president trump won. they are now in a quandary. many of them believe if they actually vote for the cartals of -- the articles of impeachment later in december, they believe they will be signing their political death
3:34 pm
warrant. jon: you saying minds have not been changed in the house on the impeachment question. that would leave it a democrat versus republican party line vote. that's not the way former impeachment votes have taken place. >> no, there have been people who crossed party lines for that. i don't know what that means if it is a straight party-line vote. go back to the 31 democrats we are talking about. it's november and the election is a year away. how much will this be remembered a year from now. if the economy is roaring? maybe that will determine it. if it's in the tank, maybe that will determine it. jon: even if articles of impeachment are voted out of the house, it doesn't seem like you will get 2/3 of the members of
3:35 pm
the united states senate to vote for impeachment unless there are bombshell revelations that come out. >> it looks like the president will be acquitted in the senate, but we don't know. if there is some surprise, that changes everything. i don't know what that might be. but some bombshell could change the equation enormously. throughout the impeachment hearing stories of immigration were front and center with several witnesses using their testimony to highlight their own experiences and how it led them to public service. >> i was sitting here today in the u.s. capitol talking to our elected professionals that it'ss proof you made the correct decision 40 years ago. >> another "i" word took focus.
3:36 pm
immigration and america's story of inclusion. >> my parents fled europe during the holocaust. >> the e.u. ambassador. >> like so many immigrants my family was eager for freedom and hungry for opportunity. reporter: they shared their story of becoming naturalized u.s. citizens. >> the immigration stories we have heard in these hearings where are a he among the most powerful i have heard. >> i grew up poor with a distinctive working class accent. in england this would have impeded my advancement. this background never set me back in america. reporter: yovanovich spoke about how her parents escaped the communists in the soviet union.
3:37 pm
>> their personal story gave me deep gratitude towards the united states, and great empathy. alexander vindman testified how his family fled to the u.s. from the soviet union when he was just 3. >> i'm grateful for my father's brave act of hope and for the privilege of being a united states citizen. reporter: fiona hill said just about every member of her family immigrated to the united states at some pointth their history. jon: fox news sunday has an exclusive interview with eric swalwell. chris wallace also speaks with a juror. that's coming up 20 minutes from
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jon: 36 people have been killed in western kenya due to torrential rain and flooding. an investigation into a dead lire plane crash in the congo. it killed 25 people, including passengers, crew and victims on the ground.
3:43 pm
two survivors did escape, including one crew member. in the fight against isis, the u.s.-led coalition and its syrian kurdish allies have carried out a joint operation against the islamic state. >> 9 people were killed after a car bomb was detonated. it highlights the continued instability across the country. video shows the aftermath of the explosion. no group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. the town where the bombing took place is being controlled by turkish-backed troops and fighters. president trump pulled back american troops to prevent such an even ex-ation from oh
3:44 pm
occurring. that missile strike is being condemned by the united nations as the regional coordinate years calling into an investigation as to who is responsible. u.s. central command ordered 500 american troops * stationed there to resume the anti-isis campaign. >> we are going to continue to maintain a presence in syria and here in iraq that reflects the strong and enduring partnership we have with the iraqi people, including the kurdsish people in iraq and syria. >> with millions still displaced, the current regional instability is expected to continue. countries like iran and russia will likely fill the void that's being created. jon: a teenaged suspect accused
3:45 pm
of killing an alabama sheriff is in custody. he surrendered after a four-hour manhunt. police say he took off after shooting and killing the sheriff at a convenience store. known as big john, he was a respected law enforcement officer known throughout the state. i was a marine corps veteran and spent 10 years as shaffer. pope francis traveled to nagasaki and hiroshima, japan declaring nuclear weapons immoral. he rejected the cold war era doctrine of deterrence. he's on a three-day visit to japan. the first papal visit since john paul ii since 1981. traveling during thanksgiving
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jon: severe weather tend to complicate things for the tens of millions of people heading home for thanksgiving. >> we are going to be tracking several round of wintry weather in the next several days. it's mostly clear. the temperatures warm in the center of the country. the mid-atlantic running up into new england. the weather continues to move that direction up to the north. snow in the higher elevations, the back side of this system. by the type we get into monday morning, this is completely cleared off. monday is looking like a relatively clear day. here are your temperatures for monday, by and large across the country. plenty of spots where it's getting up into the 60s or warmer. that's where you start to see a possibility of thunderstorms or wintry weather.
3:51 pm
there is the cold front. the temperatures fall extreme on the back side of that. out in front of it still warm tuesday. the facebook is where they will be tracking some storms. that's where you get into a big travel day. this is our forecasted precipitation. it sets up right along that line. for tuesday's forecast you are looking at snow on the back side of the system getting into the plains states. thunderstorm activity continues for us wednesday. what are we talking about as far as snowfall totals? just across the plains, just across the upper midwest. if you are getting out into the midwest and the south this will be a thunderstorm system. so on, not a huge snow maker but we'll be tracking plenty of systems that can slow down travel the next few days. jon: as more and more food are
3:52 pm
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>> tesla's cyber truck launch did not go as planned. the truck's unbreakable windows broke. shattering musk' net worth with it. >> the cyber truck. >> it was going so well. the unveil of tesla "blade runnerresque." electric pick up. more range than expected, 500 miles on full charge, and less than 40,000 dollars for entry level, then, musk invited his design chief. >> never want to shrink from a challenge, he had him try again. we threw everything.
3:58 pm
at the glass, it didn't break, it a really weird reason it broke now, i don't know why. >> all that after a pane survive head an on stage test earlier. and repeated blows from a sledgehammer. he claims it repels small arms fire. and showed a video of a tug-of-war. with the ford f-150. the cyber truck prevailed, but stock close down 6% on the day, the breaking news may be as musk said. if you want a blaze runner-inspired trucks you can go to tesla web site, put a hundred down t to reserve yours but they may not be available
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until 2021. 2021. >> a group of high schoolers making a difference in lives of children with special needs, robotic students built custom motorize cars, giving children who were went on unable to get around easily a new sense of mobility and freedom. >> hard to put it in words, it is amazing for him to have his open car and drove around. >> rewire it, w recode it, havea joy stick they can use. and also instead of gas pedal we put a button behind their head, when they stood up straight they are able to go. >> over past 5 years more than 200 custom cars have been designed for children in the area, this how "fox reports" this sunday on november 24, i am
4:00 pm
jon scott, we hope you have a happy thanksgiving, see you again next week. chris: i'm chris wallace, inspector general report awaited for months is expected to find the fbi investigation into russia and the trump campaign was not politically motivated. this was above an over though at at presidency. to sharply criticize lower level fbi officials. in launching the original trump-russia investigation. then democrats wrap up their impeachment hearing blitz after two weeks and 12 witnesses, what more do we know?


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