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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 25, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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hit him right in the face. jillian: the pompom did. he is so involved with the fries he doesn't even know what's going on. [laughter] have a good day. rob: see you later. ♪ ♪ steve: it is going to be a short week for a lot of people. today is the monday before thanksgiving. that means a lot of people are only working monday, tuesday and wednesday. in today for ainsley is emily. emily: good morning. thanks so much for having me. we are not on vacation yet we are working. brian: in the year of trump vacations mean nothing, holidays mean nothing. nonstop news. still hard to keep up with. i guess since really friday our 55 minute interview. so much has changed even since that.
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steve: i unplugged after that. brian: you did? i can't afford to. steve: i got to catch up. we are going to start with a fox news alert. this broke late yesterday. the secretary of the navy is out. brian: case in point. richard spencer asked to step down after disagreeing with the president eddie gallagher's war crime case. you will. >> secretary of defense mark esper fired richard spencer over his handling of eddie gallagher's case. according to the pentagon, spencer lost the trust and confidence of his boss after secretly trying to negotiate a deal with the white house to allow the navy to complete its review of gallagher's case while promising he would essentially fixed the results to ensure gallagher was allowed to you keep his trident and his rank. defense officials tell fox news president trump rejected that offer. telling spencer, quote: no. we're done. and then doubled down on his efforts to halt the review of gallagher's actions in
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2017 that resulted in a high profile war crimes case. gallagher was found not guilty in the murder of an islamic state fighter in iraq but was demoted earlier this year for posing for a photo next to an isis fighter's corpse. spencer had a different take on all of this though and said in his resignation letter i no longer share the same understanding with the commander-in-chief who appointed me in the regard to the key principle of order and good discipline. i cannot obey an order that i believe violates the sacred humane society my family, my flag and my faith to support and defend the constitution of the united states. here is what eddie gallagher said on "fox & friends" sunday. >> this is all about ego and retaliation. this has notifying to do with good order and discipline. they could have taken my trident and any time they he wanted. now they are trying to take it after the president restored my rank and after we just filed an ig exposing all of the corruption that's been going on during my case. >> president trump has already nominated his next nominee for the secretary of
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the navy retired rear admiral kenneth bright wait who served 21 year in the navy and current u.s. ambassador to norway. brian, steve, and emily? steve: the navy secretary, mr. spencer, told the defense secretary one thing and told the white house something else, right, and that's what got him into trouble. >> yeah. privately he was telling the white house we can essentially have this deal to publicly make it look like the navy is going through this process to review the case while say we are going to know what the result is in the end. publicly we need to go through this allow the course to run through and reach a conclusion as it would in any other case. brian: not that it matters that much. he said he resigned. the secretary of defense said he was fired. writes lengthy letter channel general mattis you deserve somebody who shares your views. thanks a lot, garrett. the other thing to keep in mind, too. senator inhofe i can't do
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the unauthorize biography of now former secretary of navy spencer, but senator inhofe made the following statement today secretary of defense notified me that he asked for the secretary's resignation, both esper and president trump have deserve to have a leadership team they. no secret that i my own disagreements over spencer with the navy. senator schumer said some nice things about him. again, that's part of what i am saying. you take one hour off you miss this huge dispute. steve: the president did tweet out something about cost overruns with the navy anyway. and they weren' weren't cuttingo he is out. who is in, emily? emily: michael bloomberg here is he on why he has now declared his presidency for the 2020 presidential election. >> >> i decided to run because i think it's time to change the top in the white house. donald trump has not been a good president.
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we need to change that and, also, this country is being pulled apart. we need to pull it together and make sure that we help everybody across the country share in the great american dream. steve: okay. so you have got this billionaire who wants to be president. he was three terms as the mayor of new york city. keep in mind, he was a democrat. and then when he ran for mayor the first time here in new york city, he became a republican. during his three terms he turned into an independent. it looks as if one of the things the democrats are going to tag him on is party loyalty. remember he started out as a democrat and then became a republican. also his stop and frisk program and he has cited -- sided repeatedly with conservatives on charter schools. something the democratic hierarchy is not a big fan of. brian: moderates and republican also say hey, you are very aggressive when it comes to gun control, when it comes to climate change extremely liberal. when it comes to, as you mentioned, steve, charter
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schools, something side with conservatives on. he was stop and frisk. 12 years he was mayor. he sat there and said oops, made a huge mistake. 77 years old he finally realized three months ago it that he was so for it and now three days ago he decides what a huge mistake i made. nobody doubts his competence as a businessman. no one doubts his competence as someone to run an organization. he does have the experience to run a city. my feeling is i just don't understand what is now. what did he see in joe biden? what did he not see in this field that makes him think at number 17, giving you up small state primary runs, any presence in the iowa caucus, i can do it? and is he going to do it with money without taking any donations. he is going to do it attacking trump, not the other 16 dems can. emily: other candidates have immediately jumped on him already for what they argue is buying the presidency or attempt to bit presidency,
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but enormous amount of money he has spent on his ad blitz. steve: $34 million this week. emily: one of his closest advisors howard wolfsen said is he going to spend whatever it takes because he believes the stakes couldn't be higher. earlliterally going to try the buy the presidency. steve: because is he not asking for donations he won't qualify for the debates. here are bernie sanders and amy klobuchar talking about the billionaire who want to be president. >> i don't think people will buy it that you just put a bunch of money and maybe the argument is hey, i have got more money than the guy in the white house. they are not necessarily looking for the richest person. they have a guy who constantly talking about how much money he has. they are looking for someone different. >> we do not believe that billionaires have the right to buy elections. that's is why most high
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billionaires like mr. bloomberg are not going to get very far in this election. brian: they are going to go after him because that's consistent with their theme. kellyanne conway who knows a lot about the political thing before she started working for the white house. i mean, this is what she did. she looked at the field, her polls were as good as any of in the business. she said this about what changes now. it? >> means that the democratic field is underwhelming even to someone like michael bloomberg there are 18 democrats still running for president of the united states, margaret, probably with another 10 or 12 who have dropped out of the race and michael bloomberg saying i don't think any of can you beat donald trump. for all the talk about electability. that's a fiction. you don't noe if somebody can or can't win so they do or don't. steve: something else we do know, bloomberg news which e78 ploys thousands of journalists around the world came out with essentially a note to the staff, we're not going to investigate michael bloomberg. the guy who started the company. we're not going to
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investigate his rival. but they will investigate president trump. brian: how fair and balanced. keep in mind, this is what democrats could be pointing to. when it comes to debates in june, they have 18 million viewers. last debates at tyler perry studios 6.6. there is less and less interest on the people on the stage it. doesn't mean they are not talented. it means so far america hasn't seen presidential material. steve: do you know what? and they have the really big rating when they had like 150 people running. the more people running, the higher the ratings. brian: maybe. steve: meanwhile, what's going to happen next with impeachment? adam schiff says they could still call more witnesses. they might have more hearings. but he is really wanting to go back and listen to his constituents. but president trump said the democrats are going to wind up with an earful. here is what the president tweeted. democrats going back to their districts for thanksgiving are getting absolutely hammered by their constituents over this phoney impeachment scam the republican writes. the republicans will have a
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great #2020 election. here is adam schiff. >> i want to discuss this with my constituents and my colleagues before i make a final judgment on it. i certainly think that the evidence that's been produced overwhelmsly shows serious misconduct by the president. but i do want to hear more from my constituents and i want to hear more from my colleagues. this is not a decision i will be making alone. but, at the end of the day, this is a decision about whether the founding fathers had in mind this kind of misconduct which when they gave congress this remedy. steve: he is going to listen to his constituents. probably looking at the polls, too. emily: not hard to see how disingenuous that was. for so long now he has been calling the president's conduct impeachable. he clearly and publicly came to a conclusion before they began the formal inquiry. it reads poorly for his constituents and viewers. brian: i'm stunned. is he going back to his
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constituents have has been opponent predominantly democratic district. is he going to talk to the battleground candidates who have saying i'm being blitz right now by the trump campaign in my area. trump won districts that flipped in the midterms. they are getting hit and slammed on this impeachment. and we see the battle ground how impeachment is beginning to get less and less popular by the day. so i'm fascinated that this weekend he didn't use his national appearances to say here are my articles of impeachment. and this is what i'm giving to nadler. instead, i don't know. that is stunning. it's because no republican has flipped. steve: well, because the way it was laid out is his committee would write a report. give it to judiciary, and then they would write the articles of impeachment. but ultimately they are going to get the thumbs up or thumbs down from nancy pelosi. does it make sense politically for her and her base? yes or no. it all depends on the constituents. brian: the fact is "i don't know" is not the answer i thought we would get.
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jillian, nice to see you. jillian: i do know i have headlines to read. how about that. let's start with this, the 18-year-old suspect charged in the deadly shooting of an alabama sheriff will appear in court today. william johnson is the son of a sheriff's deputy in montgomery county. about an hour away from the gas station where he is accused of killing lowndes county sheriff big john williams. police say johnson shot williams then stole his car. he returned three hours later and surrendered. williams is a marine veteran and served as sheriff for nearly a decade. he is the 38th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is home and doing well after being hospitalize thud weekend. the 86-year-old was taken to johns hopkins to check for a possible infection after experiencing chills and a fever. ginsburg has had cancer four times, including two bowghts this year. she has been on the court since 1993. week 12 in the nfl. the patriots clinch a record 17th straight season with at
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least 10 wins after beating the cowboys 13-9. the 4ers blow out the packers 37-8 in a showdown of top nfc teams. the seahawks force five turnovers to beat the eagles 17-9. keep pace after nailing a field goal in the final seconds to beat the panthers 34-31. this bear fan enjoying the sweet taste of victory by sneaking an entire pumpkin pie and a can of whipped cream into the bears giant game. the bears beat the giants 19-14. i don't know how that got in there. steve: i remember when people used to have beer at football games. jillian: yes, not pie. brian: if you are a giant fan i would rather see that pie on the field. jillian: that's how i felt yesterday during the eagles game. brian: at least they competed.
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jillian: barely. brian: former green beret commander congressman michael waltz says this case could have a chilling effect on the men and women who serve. steve: this red skins player missed the last play because he was taking that selfie. ♪ freeze frame ♪ now freeze ♪ ♪
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brian fox news alert. secretary of the navy out he resigns, richard spencer asked to step down after disagreeing with the president over navy seal eddie gallagher's war crime case. comormer green beret commander congressman mike michael waltz joins us now. did the secretary of defense he is officer do the right thing? >> it seems to me, yes, brian. i talked to some folks last night in the pentagon and the issue here was that the navy secretary was essentially cutting deals around the defense secretary's back and creating a lot of confusion nut ranks. look, for a lot of people who are going to say well, this is about good order and discipline in the military. that doesn't just apply to navy chiefs and their officers, that applies to admirables, to navy secretaries and to the president of the united states. that good order and discipline applies all the way up the chain of commands. the key element of any democracy is civilian oversight of the military. this was completely within the president's right.
3:19 am
he looked into this case. and, you know, my point is the navy has a lot of other things that it should be worried about right now. brian: like, for example. senator inhofe said i'm not happy with spencer anyway. we have had disagreements. what's the problem? what is the problem? >> well, the problem is the number of costover runs and delays in some of the navy's major programs the four class carrier the newest carrier in the fleet has 2.5 billion in cost overruns is going to be delayed in its feeding. our newest submarines, our nuclear submarines in our fleet has the -- the construction hasn't even started yet and we are looking at delays. the aviation fleet in terms of its readiness is struggling. meanwhile, brian, we have the chinese that are on track to exseed the size of the u.s. navy in the next 10 years. they are cranking out a ship every six weeks. so, look, if the president
3:20 am
thinks this man was acquitted and he needs to retire and weighing out his service in multiple combat tours, that's his right within commander-in-chief, salute and move on. we need to be dealing with these issues i completely agree with senator inhow far on this one. brian: you want to see more efficiency at the navy. he gives people and counts on people to spend correctly. i remember he was on the show a year and a half ago he says this thing does not run yet. what is the problem? it is still not ready. >> it has problems with propulsion system. problem with the elevator that lifts planes to the deck. and then the catapults can't launch the newest fighter in our inventory the joint strike fighter. we are looking ought almost 13 billion for this one aircraft carrier. meanwhile the half trillion-dollar program with our fighters, they don't work together. so, i mean, these are huge issues. i'm on the sea power oversight
3:21 am
committee. we need answers. need a secretary of the navy who is focused on these issues. brian: here is the big question, michael, especially you as a special operator yourself. we need to know they have our backs in the times of war the everyone tense city we don't understand civilians. how do you do that and still have a sense of justice out in the filed? do you think we got that breakdown down? >> no. i have looked at all of these cases. and the case you have lieutenant lorance, recently pardoned. i have read that case cover to cover and received a lot of counsel. there is a big difference between a mistake, even an an error in judgment and a war crime. and when you have men and women down range making these decisions in split seconds in the pressure of combat. brian: got charges they can't have lawyers back in washington with a 5,000-mile screwdriver second guessing and monday morning quarterbacking. the big difference in that
3:22 am
and the case there was another sergeant who walked into an afghan village and machine gunned 16 afghans. that guy is sentenced to life. brian: that's a problem. >> he will never see the light of day. that's a war crime. the president is not even talking about that case. brian: exactly. there is a logic to his pardons and the exoneration. and i know you are overseeing it, too. congressman, thanks so much. >> absolutely. thanks so much, brian. brian: okay. meanwhile, straight ahead. social justice warriors storm the field in the middle of an ivy league game. i can't believe. this was this really the right time and place i will pretend to be perplexed. harvard student was there and he was outraged. his message next. let's play it down. ♪ so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine.
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brian: quick headlines now. hope you are dressed. here we go. uber is now banned in london. ride share company stripped of operating license after the city deems it unsafe. earlier this year authorities discovered 14,000 trips were taken with uninsewerred drivers. uber are expected to appeal probably the app. s at the ler's new cyber truck is high in demand despite this rocky start.
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>> oh man. >> maybe that was too hard. >> it didn't go through. [laughter] >> all right. let's see, so, yeah. brian: the armored glass windows cracking during its big day beautiful. tesla's ceo elon musk says the company has received 200,000 orders for the truck that is electric. even though it can't stop a medal ball. here is steve. steve: and elmably. protesters stormed the field at the harvard-yale football game causing a 48 minute delay all in the name of climate change. emily: the protesters demanding both schools stop
3:28 am
fossil fuel companies and two dozen reportedly arrested. >> next guest attended the game and blasted the move as empty activism. emily: here is harvard university student christopher colby. welcome. >> thank you, guys, so much for having me. emily: tell us about the protest? what was it like being there in person? what did you see? what went down? >> i will be the first to admit that harvard and yale are no sec state schools. we don't have many big football games. we love our football games. we love our historic game. oldest football game in the country. these protesters decided their version of empty activism this weekend was go sit in the middle of the field during the game right in the middle of it waste be everybody's time. the protest was pretty poorly planned. most of my will friends were urked. biggest take away for the most part elm did i political activist thing that licials tend to do. they pick their favorite day
3:29 am
and do whatever they want with it. really quite annoying. i don't think the protest accomplished much. >> christopher, i know that one of the things they were trying to do is they were trying to demand the university stop funding and invetting money in fossil fuel companies. at the same time, you know, when you think about it and they abandon those kind of investments. you say the first thing the university would have to do then is probably cut financial aid to students and to things to students who really need that money. >> yeah, for sure. the university's endowment principally is designed to take care of all the things in the university that need funding. so things the cream of the crop, things quite luxuries like harvard's financial aid program rely on endowment to perform. ironic people taking the field uneducated protesters that just wants blanket action they're the ones saying york if the endowment has bad returns i want this simple ban on returns.
3:30 am
not on environment but just in the way as we hold stocks as endowment by the way as protester i have next per tease on. they would be the first ones to leave that field for a different reason. the field of harvard university because they wouldn't have funding to go to school anymore. steve: so far no action against the protesters, right? >> yeah. there has been around 24 to 40 court summons to new haven which, by the way will be using fossil fuels on the way there for the most part the protesters got off easy. you know, just slaps on the wrist. even harvard administrators said this is a bad thing we didn't enjoy this happening. we aren't going to take any reasonable action. also as the leadership institute campus reform reports in the pattern of most protest that tend to disrupt a lot of the things yet at the same time not receive the consequences due to them. left's be honest a big waste of all our time. disappointed it happened. such is life as the campus these days. >> did your team win?
3:31 am
i wish we did. 50 to 43 double overtime. protest didn't help. emily: thanks for joining us, christopher. thank you. >> thank you guys so much. steve: there you go. meanwhile when it comes to impeachment, congressman adam schiff claims if the shoe was on the other foot, republicans would be doing the same thing the democrats are. >> if this was barack obama had done this, they would have voted to impeach him in a heart beat. with fraction of the evidence. emily: dan bongino isn't buying it and he is on deck. steve: and? emily: add secret santa to the list of things millennials want to ban. we will explain next. steve: ho ho oh no. ♪ all his reindeer pulling on the reign ♪ children singing ♪ all is merry and s guy, bright
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>> first let me take a selfie ♪ ♪ >> shot of the morning. dwayne haskins missed the final shot of the game because he had to take that selfie with a fan. emily: here is what it looked like on the other side of the camera. rookie said he just got excited. >> it happens. brian: hbackup quarterback had to take the final knee. >> i thought the game was over with already. brian: if there is a next time for the redskins. could be the last time. chase had to come in and take the final knee. washington wins 19-16 over thlions. has kin as rookie this year. >> dan bongino, fox news contributor. talk three minutes to talk about his entire resume. dan bongino show. podcast is out there. he has a book out exonerated the failed take down of donald j. trump by the
3:36 am
swamp. first question to you, dan, do you need to get on n. paperback version do you insert does this fit the same protocol from what you know right now as the russia and the mueller report? >> you know, it's funny, brian. i had a great source in my book exxonner rate offed i already had the ukraine stuff. as a matter of fact, we had a long debate whether to put it in because we weren't sure it was going to break. i was in your green room telling someone else who was a guest a year ago that ukraine was going to be the next big thing. and i knew that for a couple perform reasons. it's the reason the whole spy gate hoax and the ukraine impeachment fake whistleblower hoax are really essentially the same scandal, brian. it's no more difficult than this the same sources that the democrats used in conjunction with fusion g.p.s. to obtain spying warrants to spy on donald trump. were ukrainian. none of this is difficult to figure out. it's on the record testimony from fusion gps personnel like nellie ohr. and it's pretty clear the democrats are trying to hide what they did in spy gate
3:37 am
and now through the fake whistleblower gate are trying to hide what they did in conjunction with ukrainian people and other foreign nationals to spy on donald trump. brian, it's no more complicated than that. that's what they are trying to do. they are trying to sweep it all under the rug by counter accusing donald trump. steve: they do not seem to have much curiosity regarding that. here is adam schiff talking about the hypocrisy of what's going on. watch. this i would hope that there will be republicans who will be willing to step forward and say whatever the political consequences, if this was barack obama had done this, they would have voted to impeach him in a heart beat. with fraction of the evidence. steve: he also said yesterday, mr. bongino, that he doesn't know why the senate would ever call him as a witness because he has got nothing to say. he would be able to say what they took by depositions and what people said in the open
3:38 am
hearing. so don't bother, he said. >> steve, schiff is a material fact witness. he said forever he has this phantom evidence of whole russian collusion scandal didn't have. he also has already admitted his team has it contact with the whistleblower's team. he is a fact witness about how this whole thing developed. that's not this. wait, wait. wrewind the tape here. is adam schiff kidding me that the republicans would have impeached if, if he would have done it. if he would have done what, like whisper in the ear of the russian president on a hot mic hey, man, i will have a lot more flexibility wink and a nod after my election. if he would have shipped a pallet full of hard cash over death to american reign yaps? is this for real? barack obama if he would have usurped power daca and not in his authority to use
3:39 am
prosecutorial discretion that way. if he would have did it? he did it. obama did it and trump didn't. that has to be a really bad joke schiff. he is poking us now, guys. brian: i'm just struck that he didn't go out and say here are my four articles hand it over to nadler and hand it over to the senate. everyone stead he says i'm going to go home and talk to constituents. not his, he knows how they feel in california. they will take the pulse of the people at town halls in those districts. it's fascinating after all of this and his red-faced rants that he doesn't know if he has impeachment. real quick. the horowitz report over the weekend "the washington post" and "new york times" indicate it's not going to say thought fbi or the intelligence apparatus was out to get trump they said they did everything above board except that one personal who worked at the fbi messed with one fisa application. is that the way the horowitz report is going to read when we get it in two weeks. >> i'm not optimistic. i know that disappoints a lot of people. i'm not. even a soft reading of the
3:40 am
"new york times" story about the horowitz report, brian is devastating. we now know their whole case was based on russian agent with paparazzi. now their fall back is well at least it wasn't an fbi informant. that's your victory lap? we also know now they didn't vet their source, steele. brian, that wouldn't be an issue if steele wasn't your only source to spy on trump. that's a generous reading of the "new york times" story. it's still devastating. having said that though, i think the durham report is really where the action is going to be. horowitz, you know, i'm not optimistic about that. and by the way, it wasn't a low level fbi lawyer. the guy they are alleging changed the document and manipulated evidence here was not a low level lawyer. he was up there in the ranks of the fbi in that chain of command. that's nonsense. that's a silly talking point. steve: there you go. dan bongino, by the way, i discovered friday night the doocys and bonginos had dinner. i invited dan out to a nice
3:41 am
restaurant, dan actually picked up the tab. thank you very much. >> because i like you, steve. you and your wife were wonderful. we had a great time. brian: remember they put in you cannot write off the alcohol. >> i don't think can you write off anything anymore. it was worth every second even if he didn't get the tax bene. he is a great guy. we had a lot of fun. emily: thanks for joining us, dan. steve: check out his podcast. brian: did he wear a tie? steve: he did not wear a tie. brian: surprising. jillian: if you knew he was going to pick up the tab would you have ordered more food? steve: i gout like the cheapest thing on the menu. my wife got the other end and they got steaks. jillian: he avoided the question. got you caught up on headlines. we begin with, this the 5-year-old boy who's thrown from the balcony at the mall of america is back in school. go fund me major for land done hoffman says he loves going to kindergarten with his twin brother in minnesota nearly 8 months after the incident. landon's family says is he
3:42 am
walking perfectly after 15 surgeries. he tells people, quote. i fell off a cliff but angels caught me. emanuel aranda is serving 19 years in prison for attempted murder. talk becks stream weather now. millions of people pack their bags for thanksgiving. three big storms threaten holiday travel with snow, rain and wind. some airlines already issuing waivers to travelers who travel may be impacted by the storms. strong gusts could cause the thanksgiving parade to ground iconic balloons for the first time in nearly 50 years. officials in new york will likely make that call on thursday. and how about this? not one nfl team has contact with you kaepernick since this highly pluble sized workout earlier this month. espn report comes after attorney for the former 49ers qb said two teams has reached out. kaepernick has not played in the league since 2016. sparked widespread protests since taking a knee for the
3:43 am
national anthem. back to you. brian: not surprising. evidence changed venues loses half the scouts. if you are going to be a backup quarterback they wants a guy who is not going to be disruptive. oops? steve: well, we will see what happens. jillian, thank you. meanwhile the president has already signed one set of tax cuts into law. enough to he is thinking about doing it again. brian: our next guest says bring it on. former advisor to president trump. explain what that could mean for your money ♪ money ♪ money, money, money ♪ money ♪ money, money, money ♪ money ♪
3:44 am
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3:47 am
widely hailed for today's economic pros parroted. now many 2020 democrats want to reverse them. >> i have proposed a 2-cent wealth tax. >> i do raise the tax rate to 39 pulp 5%. >339.5%. >> will you raise taxes? >> people have no premium us no, deductibles, no co-payments, no out-of-pocket expenses, yes. they will pay more in taxes. steve: okay. well, in a new fox op-ed next guest says time for trump tax cuts 2.0 and has four ways to help americans keep more of their money which we think is a pretty good idea. here to explain is former economic advisor to president trump steve moore, senior fellow at the heritage foundation. steven, good morning to you. >> hi, steve. >> white house is talking about four different ideas and the number one one that is going to have a lot of people interested is tax-free savings accounts. explain how that would work. >> let me just first say
3:48 am
that the tax plan that we passed in 2017, you are exactly right, steve, has been a phenomenal success. we have the best economy in the world today. we have 7 million surplus jobs. incomes are up by about $5,000 for middle class families, plures the $2,000 tax cut that middle class families with children receive. it was a big deal. and i cringe when i hear democrats say the first thing they would do is repeal that tax cut. now, it is time for trump, in my opinion, to call for a second tax cut for his second term. and one of the central features of that would be, what i call universal savings account. people with incomes of up to, say, about $150,000 would be able to save up to $10,000 per year, steve, without paying tax on that money. and what i think is very attractive about that is we know american middle class people aren't saving enough. let's give them a little bit of incentive to do that and put more money into their
3:49 am
retirement accounts and be more prepared for, you know, economic uncertainty. steve: absolutely. something else in trump tax cut 2.0. you are talking about lowering the tax rate on the middle class. >> yeah. steve: from the current 22% to 15%. >> that's an idea that my buddy larry kudlow has been talking about juneau. set chief economist for donald trump. this would provide a nice tax cut for people in the about 40 to $80,000 income range. and the whole idea here is how do we help middle class people keep more of their own money. that one, i think, has a good chance of being part of the trump 2.0 tax plan. steve: number three, capital gains rollover, how would that work? >> we didn't cut the capital gains tax in the last -- in the bill. we wanted, to the one we passed in 2017. this is an idea not to make this too complicated. let's say, steve, if you own shares of general electric stock. and you sell those shares
3:50 am
and then you have a capital gains because you made money. and then if you put that money into buying a new stock, why should you have to pay a capital gains on that. all you are transferring one stock to another. this is called rollover. would allow more liquidity in the market and basically say okay, you pay the tax when you take the money out of the stock market not if you transfer one stock for another. steve: final idea, private accounts for social security. and you know that people are going to see that and go, wait, what are they talking about now? >> this is an idea that i don't know if the trump administration is going tomorrow brace but it's something i think for middle class people would be one of the best ways for everyone american to own stock in america. so, instead -- the idea would be, you know, rather than having to send your 10% of your paycheck in to the black hole social security. you would be able to put that in personal account index fund that means, steve, everybody in america would benefit when the stock market goes up. steve: thank you for a preview of perhaps coming
3:51 am
attractions. check out his op-ed at fox steve moore, thank you very much. meanwhile, the fbi may be looking to interview prince andrew. our next guest explains why that could be a real game changer. billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. seriously? well, it's free checking, and they pay you back for atm fees, which is pretty special. that's surprising. yeah, but it's not a surprise. good. i. hate. surprises. hey sis ?..?! oh my god!
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♪ emily: welcome back. prince andrew now under the microscope of the fbi. the agency wanting to interview the prince on his friendship with jeffrey up stein. miranda divine has been reporting this story around joins us now with report. thank you so much for joining us today. you just said this is one of your favorite topics, tell us why. >> look. it has everything, doesn't it? it has loyalty and celebrity and now it has crime. i think prince andrew going on the bbc interview last week was a disaster for him. the one good thing that has come out of it is he did say during that interview and later on in an official statement that he was willing to be interviewed by authorities, which is all that epstein's victims has ever wanted is for him to come clean and say what he knows. that doesn't mean that he is implicated in epstein's network of pedophiles in this international sex ring he had going. but what it does mean is that he knows more than what he said on the bbc. >> he must do. if he has been friends with epstein for over a decade. he has been to every one of
3:56 am
his houses. he spent a long time staying as a guest in his homes. he must have seen more than he has made out. perhaps these skilled investigators from the fbi will be able to tease out from his memory what he knows. >> we actually have a statement from him duke of york, prince andrew to fox news i continue to regret my ill judged association with jeffrey epstein. of course, i am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required. now, what has been kind of the public sentiment toward that in great britain that you know of with him now kind of falling out and trying to account for it? >> i think there is absolutely no sympathy for him. the idea that he was so arrogant and so stupid as to do this interview and pretend all along that, you know, he couldn't have ever met this woman because he didn't sweat at the time. it was really bizarre. a lot of what he said didn't make sense. he can atone by helping the fbi. emily: right. thank you so much for joining us, miranda.
3:57 am
always amazing with news. now, the head of the navy stepping down after disagreeing with the president over navy seal eddie gallagher. we are live from the white house top of the hour. - [spokeswoman] meet the ninja foodi grill.
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ask your doctor about the only gi-focused biologic just for ulcerative colitis and crohn's. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. ♪ dancing in the streets. brian: van halen, right? steve: dancing in the streets, yeah. we were just showing avenues of the america. on thursday the big parade comes down avenue of the americas in front of this building. emily: i love that. brian: thing is no balloons. steve: all depends on the wind. above 22 miles per hour they will ground them. brian: why can't you just drag them on the ground and don't put them in the air. why can't people move over like they are super heroes anyway a lot of them underdog. underdog still in this? steve: has been. snoopy. brian: rather than just quit on it, just keep them low. steve: note to macy's.
4:01 am
brian says just draght balloon. stave on helium. emily: good idea. brian: emily, there is a thing where you show up to watch the balloons being blown up. that's a thing. emily: i would prefer to see that like you see how the sausage is made on the you were east side. brian: i tried to do two things i never did before. tried to cross sixth avenue during a parade. steve: okay. brian: it took me hours. i had to go down 60 blocks to go up and over. so columbus day and veterans day wonderful holidays, but, please just give me a break in the parade so can i cross the street. steve: had they only been dragging the balloons it might have been a different story: enough about us. time to discuss the news. start with a fox news alert. the secretary of the navy is out. brian: do you believe that richard spencer asked to step down by defense secretary mark he is officer after disagreeing with the president on navy seal eddie gallagher's war crimes case.
4:02 am
emily: kevin corke is live at the white house with reaction to the controversy. good morning, kevin. >> good morning, geaugas. there is plenty of principles involved in this particular story. the secretary of the navy insists this simply wasn't about this one issue. it's a number of different issues that led to the termination of mr. spencer. let me first share part of a tweet. this from the president about eddie gallagher and big story following throughout. i was thought pleased, he says, with the way the navy seal eddie gallagher's trial was handled by the navy. he was treated very badly, but, despite, this was completely exonerated on all major charges. i then restored eddie's rank. he went on to say gallagher will retire peacefully with all the honors he has earned including triden trident pin. gallagher reacted. president trump you have my deepest gratitude and thanks. you stepped in numerous times and showed the true moral fiber by correcting
4:03 am
all the wrongs that was being done to me. >> unfortunately it has become apparent in this respect i no longer share the same understanding with the commander-in-chief who appointed me in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline. i cannot, in good conscience obey an order that i believe violates the sacred oath that i took in the presence of my family, my flag, and my faith to support and defend the constitution of the united states. so next up it's going to be ambassador to norway ken bratwyte. admiral moved moo into that position. president made clear he will be nominated for that post. back to you. steve: kevin, what really got mr. spencer in trouble was apparently he was talking to the white house about one scenario about what he would do. okay, we are going to say this in public but we are going to be doing something else at the same time he was telling the defense secretary, his boss, a different story. >> that is part of the
4:04 am
story. the underlying issue, unfortunately, is the feeling from the secretary that he wasn't getting candor in a number of different areas as it relates toe mr. spencer. unfortunately, the captain is out of a job this morning. brian: axios reported to the white house you wanted clarity. did you actually threaten to quit and they were trying to get an answer to that because they were pretty astounded that threaten to quit over the eddie gallagher story. it appeared in the "new york times." next day doing a seminar and speaking on stage i never said that never said i was going to quit. a few hours later he was out. >> he actually tweeted that he said i never said that unfortunately as you pointed out, it didn't take long for that to all unralph, guys. steve: it never does. kevin, thank you for the live report from the white house. brian: congressman michael waltz was looking into this case for while. he says, listen, not only has the secretary of the navy out of line in protesting this, he has got
4:05 am
bigger problems in the navy on spending, on cost overruns, on efficiency. and said in these cases, that the presidents went ahead and pardoned all three. there was some real problems with these cases. and the president did the right thing. >> there's a big difference, brian, between a mistake, even an error in judgment. and a war crime. and when you have men and women down range making these decisions in split seconds in the pressure of combat, they can't have lawyers back in washington with a 5,000-mile screwdriver second guessing and monday morning quarterbacking. big difference in that and the case there was another sergeant who walked in to an afghan village and machine gunned 16 afghans. that guy is sentenced to life. and he will never see the light of day. that's a war crime. the president is not even talking about that case. steve: he is right about that. hurt. so, we will keep you a prize of of that situation. talk about the man who used
4:06 am
to be the mayor of new york city for three terms. michael bloomberg who was once a democrat and then a republican. then an independent. now he is running as a democrat for president of the united states, here he is on his instagram story. >> i decided to run because i think it's time for a change at the top in the white house. donald trump has not been a good president. we need to change that and, also, this country is being pulled apart. we need to pull it together. and make sure that we help everybody across the country share in the great american dream. emily: it's notable that he came out of the gate saying that we are facing -- we as a country are facing a quote, existential threat. right away the other democratic candidate said you are trying to buy your way into the presidency. one of his closest advisor said he will spend whatever it takes because the stakes are so high. brian: 150 million probably. he doesn't want any donations will not be debates because that's the criteria currently that you have to have a certain amount of support and
4:07 am
donations to get onto the stage. and last time that stage was not getting as many viewers. when they first started doing debates. they had two sets. 18-millimeter people watched. last week's debates had 6 million watch. now there is back up to 17 candidates with michael bloomberg. in and maybe this shows that on the inside that joe biden is vulnerable and bloomberg feels as though he could fill that gap because joe biden has not had a strong launch. has not been strong on stage. has not been strong on the debates. he thinks there might be an avenue for it. the strange thing is, even though he has 16 opponents. he is only focused on the president. that could hurt the president as he just puts all his money into anti-trump ads. steve: well, but it seems like the entire field, with the exception of pete buttigieg seems to be fading. so maybe that's what michael bloomberg sees as his opening, his entree. steve bannon who has helped this president get elected and advised him, he says don't count out michael
4:08 am
bloomberg. >> the worst case he will do is make these democrats tougher. he is going to force a real conversation on the economy. all this crazy far left stuff they have been talking about, bloomberg is going to challenge that whatever you say about his lack of personality, all of that, he is a very successful businessman and a very savvy person at applying capital. brian: we watch these debates and say what planet are you on. decriminalize border crossings? let prisoners volt? medicare for all? let's destroy the oil and gas industry right away with the green new deal? and we have people on that stage excuse me, i'm getting a little scared. unless you are a member of the squad or aspiring member of the squad you look at that stage and wonder when joe biden going aren't we the party of obamacare and now you guys all hated it and won't bring up president obama? steve pan none's theory is if bloomberg brings a sanity to the debate, that would hurt the president. emily: we have to point out,
4:09 am
too the bloomberg media empire has basically said hands off any other democratic candidate. we won't investigate anyone but all the goes forward for the president. still the target. steve: the guy who started the network, michael bloomberg they won't investigate his rivals but they will investigate the guy who ultimately, whoever the democrat is we'll challenge. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. it looks as if right now adam schiff said yesterday regarding the impeachment, they might call more people. you know, they are in the midst of writing a report that they ultimately will hand over to the judiciary committee. but nancy pelosi and adam schiff have both said you know, we don't know exactly whether or not he will be impeached. there is some thinking in washington that perhaps, rather than impeachment, because it would place a lot of democrats in a bad spot in those toss-up districts. rather than impeach him, censure him because that is rarely done. that is as much damage as the house could do. remember, the house sends
4:10 am
the articles of impeachment to the senate. they would vote to convict if they don't the house has got nothing. >> we now have representative adam schiff saying that there is more work to be done on impeachment and that he needs to listen to his constituency rather than in the past when he was very sure that there was already impeachable twucket, take a look. >> certainly not for show. i mean there is more work to be done at the same time we already accumulated quite overwhelming evidence that the president, once again, sought foreign interference in an election conditioned official acts. we have another elections in which the president is threatening more foreign interference. at the same time you there, are still other witnesses, other documents that we would like to obtain. but we are not willing to go the months and months of rope adope in the courts which the administration would love for us to do. brian: i went out there and
4:11 am
decide whether a judge subpoena. want to get mike pompeo and mic mulvaney work your way through the courts and with an election coming up. you saw everyone ignore the democrats on wednesday and thursday whenever that debate was. how could they get anything done, let alone how could democrats get their voice out. senator john kennedy, he was senator kennedy was on also over the weekend said this about the impeachment process. he sees and smells politics. i think speaker pelosi is acting in a manner that is insincere even by the standards of congress. she is turning impeachment into a routine political weapon. i think nobody is above the law but nobody is beaten neath it. and i find it unconscionable that they have not allowed the president to defend himself on the house side. can't call witnesses can't offer rebuttal evidence.
4:12 am
steve: that would happen if it moved as a trial to the senate. emily, today is a big day in court. emily: we will find out whether mcgahn will have to answer to the subpoena, respond and testify. i think it's note being in all the discussions back and forth about the process, bear with me but it goes back about the fisa process. only safeguard we have. if the ultimate conclusion if it doesn't sully the entire investigation it does on the face of credibility. not allowed to hear other witnesses. americans can't see both sides clearly undermines the entire credibility of it for the average voter. brian: find out if don mcgahn has to answer the subpoena and appear in front of adam schiff or jerry nadler's committee. steve: ultimately the american people are looking in and seeing was this a fair deal? yes or no? brian: that's more mueller, less ukraine. jillian does everything. you don't discriminate. jillian: good morning. we are getting you caught
4:13 am
up. personal of interest now in custody connect to the death of a college student. ruth george was found dead in her car in a parking garage at the university of illinois chicago. a medical examiner says she was strangled to death. the man in custody is not affiliated with the university. no charges have been filed. today the security guards accused of failing to monitor jeffrey epstein are back in court. michael thomas and tobin noel admit to not checking on epstein as much as they should have. attorneys for the guards say sissatic problems in the new york prison led to epstein's death. the convicted sex offender was found hanging in his cell in august. prince andrew also being slammed for his friendship with epstein. the duke of york releasing a statement saying in part, quote: i continue to unequivocally regret my ill judged association with jeffrey epstein. of course, i am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required. a star-studded night in los angeles as performers hit the stage at the american
4:14 am
music awards. taylor swift making history with a record shattering 29 career wins. she took home five new awards last night and named artist of the decade. carrie underwood winning favorite female artist for her album cry prettiy. >> thank you, god, for the talents that you give people, the gifts that you give people. and not just the people that are up here on this stage tonight. for every single person. we all have gifts. >> and shania twain bringing the crowd to their feet. ♪ any man of mine ♪ better walk the line ♪ >> twain ending the show with a career standing medley. quite a career she has had. emily: up until now. not retiring any time soon, hopefully. brian: not sure, we don't know what her 401 k has. as we look into shania twain this story straight ahead.
4:15 am
george papadopoulos first to get caught in the crosshairs in the effort to bring down the put. now president trump's former campaign advisor is set to make a big political announcement next on "fox & friends." - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos, that are degrading? legacybox professionally converts them to dvds, thumb drive, or the cloud. legacybox is simple and safe, with over half a million satisfied customers. visit today, and get 40% off.
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hi honey, we got in early. yeah, and we brought steve and mark. ♪
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4:19 am
york city mayor billionaire michael bloomberg jumping into an already crowded 2020 presidential race on the democratic side. here to react is long time polster for mr. bloomberg doug schoen. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: okay. what happened that he decided, you know what? these guys can't make it across the finish line, i will have to go with my gigantic wallet. >> i think first point he saw instability in the democratic race. biden weakening in iowa and new hampshire if not the rest of the country. warren going to up and going down. and pete buttigieg going up. a degree of instability is that suggested to him that a fiscally prudent socially compassionate candidate, businessman, civic leader, financial leader, elected official, unique background and that he thought he should throw his hat in the ring. steve: even in the beginning close to two dozen. so many of them were so far to the left they might be able to get selected in a
4:20 am
primary. when it comes general election time it's like hey, you said something that was on a debate stage and we got the video and this is going to pretty much instantly disqualify you. >> i think mike bloomberg is somebody who would match up very well against president donald trump. he is certainly socially compassionate. guns, healthcare, education. fiscally prudent, governed new york. balanced the budget. i think he is somebody who will be compelling in a primary and very strong general election candidate as well. steve: somebody who has so much money he is not going to ask donations. that's a problem because the way the democrats are set up you have to have a certain amount of poll support and raised a certain amount of money. he would not be qualified. >> i hope as he goes forward gets more support we have a democratic party that is both more expansive and inclurve as it goes forward. >> you are so brilliant when it comes to the polls, what
4:21 am
is his path to a win? >> i think his path to a win, steve, as he said, unique record, only elected official. philanthropist and a business leader crated thousands and thousands of jobs has gotten real accomplishments on the economy the climate, guns, 21 states passed the background check laws. steve: can you imagine in mike bloomberg democratic no, ma'am kneel and two billionaires on the debate stage come next october? holy cow. >> i think it would be a clear choice for the american people. mike bloomberg doesn't back down from anyone. i think it would be a compelling choice for the american people. steve: doug schoen long time polster for michael bloomberg and former clinton too. >> thank you, steve. steve: what's the real impact of the war on police? recruitment is down nationwide. we sent rob schmitt to a
4:22 am
police academy to find out what's really going on. >> it's a challenging time. there are some things that have happened nationally. before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa (employee) half a millionar sales preowned vehicles,er most with tech features like blind spot detection, back up camera... [kristen gasps] (employee) because you never know what might be behind you. (kristen bell) does the sloth come standard? (kristen bell vo) looking to buy? enterprise makes it easy.
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♪ brian: wow, i could watch that all day. time for news by the numbers. first $350 million. that's how much frozen ii made worldwide. is this song going to catch on like the other. opening weekend biggest ever international debut for. anna: mated film. thanks variety. 55 million how many people are expected to travel for thanksgiving. aaa predicts this will be the second busiest holiday season in 20 years. the weather won't cooperate though. four, that's how many hours it takes for an average american to get sick of their family over the holidays. that according to a survey commissioned by motel 6. you are in and you are out. steve: they will keep the light on for you. brian: i've heard. steve: we have seen time and time again our nation's brave law enforcement officers attacked simply because they're wearing a uniform and doing their job. emily: now, police academies across the country are reporting a recruitment crisis. one county in maryland reporting a 66% drop in
4:27 am
applicants. brian: amazing. co-host for "fox & friends first" rob schmitt. i get cable in my office. i watch him every day. he went to the montgomery county police academy to see firsthand what recruits are facing. you went down there and took a course? rob: yeah. they beat me up. it was really interesting to see. when you see that number 66% drop, that's scary for the future of what we need in this country. brian: philadelphia was here recruiting in new york on the streets to get cops. rob: that's a big problem. i wanted to see what they have got to go through. here it is. ♪ rob: an alarming trend of harassment targeting police. nypd officers being taunted. some doused with water, one even hit with a bucket while making an arrest. it comes amid public perception of the police reaching an all-time low. gallop finds less than 1/3 of americans have great confidence in the police. >> it's a challenging time. you know, there are some things that have happened nationally that are not
4:28 am
reflective of law enforcement and the profession. yeah, that hurts. rob: now police academies across the country are taking a hit. >> we are having a recruitment crisis not only locally but nationally. we have not filled our academies with empty seats. why are you going to come sign up for a job to be cursed at, spit at, disrespected for little pay. >> there you go. perfect. rob: and i got a taste. >> gee. >> i need backup. >> doesn't feel good, huh? >> being an officer is more than just being in good physical shape. it's about responding to multiple scenarios some of which can mean the difference between life and death. >> stunned with pepper spray. the gun is the last resort. >> last resort. [screams] [gunshots] >> what were you looking at on the kids, that they were
4:29 am
a threat? >> the gun really disturbing. >> definitely confusing. kids screaming, we are not sure hot good guy is. >> reality based training drill. >> turn out the lights. have to work with your flashlight. add an extra obstacle. >> give me your money. [gunfire] >> jeesh. >> there is a million different things that can happen. >> you guys are expected to have the right answer every time? rob: and expected to put their lives on the line. this year alone 38 police officers have died in the line of duty but despite the frightening stats. recruits are still inspired to serve and protect. >> my father passed away suddenly. police officer first on the scene ran into my house with no issue. didn't know who i was. and that was a moment that i confirmed that i wanted to be a police officer. >> it's about service. it's about something bigger than you. steve: i think you have a better appreciation fors it what these people go
4:30 am
through. rob: everybody should have to doing like this. everybody is trying to score political points off police officers. everybody is monday morning quarterbacking their decision. when you are in that moment, when i had to turn around it was hard to see dark video. turn around and assess the situation am i going to use my taser, my gun or my pepper spray, i turn around and a woman is shooting a gun right in my face. i have no time. i would have been dead. i mean, because i freaked out. i couldn't get the gun out of the thing. you realize what these people sign up for. and they make no money. it's a really really scary job. it can get real really fast. brian: you have to have a sense of service. you don't do it to be rich or famous. have you this sense of service. rob: go to work every day with the thought you might get your head blown off and have everybody judging your decision fuss don't make the right one. couple people make the wrong decision they label the entire force you are all just racist pigs. that's what police officers dealing with. it's so not fair. emily: we saw that stat that recruitment was down. how about morale? how was it when you were
4:31 am
talking with those officers? affected the more raflt ones serving right now. rob: talking to recruits all wide eyed and optimistic. you can see police officers not as -- it's not a job that a lot of people want to do right now. those numbers don't lie. steve: excellent job. rob: it was great. thanks a lot. i appreciate it. brian: george papadopoulos was the first caught in the crosshairs of the effort to bring down the president. now the president's former campaign advisor is set to make a big political announcement. that will be next. - [spokeswoman] meet the ninja foodi grill.
4:32 am
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♪ steve: monday, november 25th. a short week for people because it's turkey day thursday. emily: all of our teams lost this weekend. is that true? raiders lost?
4:35 am
brian: giants lost. jets won? steve: they did. shocker. emily: that was a horrible guess. steve: hope your team did great. part of our team is jillian mealy. jillian: my team barely showed up. good morning. let's talk about this story congressman devin nunes doubling down on threat to sue cnn and daily beast over fake news. >> so we hope that cnn and daily beast will cooperate with the court. they will -- they should comply with the subpoenas once we file. this and go through for deposition. jillian: nunes promising legal action after claiming he met with ukrainian prosecutor to dig up dirt on the bidens. nunes says their actions may be considered criminal. an entire school district in new jersey opening late today because of a ransom wear attack. right now police are investigating the server hack in livingston about 30 minutes from new york city. the superintendent says important school data is not
4:36 am
lost and they do not believe the attackers are in the district. it's unclear how hackers gained access to the server. a virginia man puts his support for president trump on full display by adopting a highway. >> all the publicity you see is negative, negative, negative. i wanted to show that there are people out there supportive of the president that are actually doing good. >> nick is putting up this trump fan. he has to pick up trash along the four mile stretch of the highway. he says it's the least he can do to honor the president. >> picking out the perfect secret santa gift is just too much for some people. >> that's for me. great? where did you get it? >> i don't know. it was so long ago. >> he obviously forgot to get me something and then he went into his closet and dug out this little number. [laughter] >> new job site study says
4:37 am
one in three millennials want to ban secret santa at their office. they claim it gives them anxiety because they feel pressured to impress their colleagues with gifts they can't afford. i just find that sometimes gifts, like carley tweeted earlier like no one wants that subsequented candle that you got. or that you had and you gave. steve: people have done it forever. it's usually like a $10 minimum or maximum. the gift is never great. but i always tried to find the best thing i possibly could that cost $10. jillian: hey, i appreciate you. brian: what's worse when someone breaks it and $15 and they get like a $70 gift. great, i actually went with the $15. jillian: i feel like a lookout of them are regifts. emily: i don't understand why they are can't afford it when they all buy avocado toast. jillian: i don't think it's just a millennial thing honestly when it comes to this. steve: i like avocado toast, too. just saying. thank you very much.
4:38 am
let us know about the secret santa thing, brian: don't let us know what we're getting. steve: also we are on facebook. let's bring in george papadopoulos former policy advisor, author of deep state target how he got caught in the cross hairs to bring down president trump. good morning to you from l.a. >> good morning to everybody. thanks. steve: it looks as if the inspector general for the department of justice, michael horowitz is going to have his report come out about two weeks from right now, december 9th. and what it will show, we have heard from some things that have leaked out to the "new york times" and "the washington post," is that there was one fbi lawyer who was messing around with some fisa stuff. >> yeah, that was -- it was very interesting to see that. i think these leaks were incredibly timed to basically provide cover to what i think is going to be a bit more damning information regarding the fbi's activities in 2016 and probably into 2017. the day before these leaks
4:39 am
came out we had durham come out or people who know what durham is up to and mentioned that stuff on halper, this spy of some sort who was spying on both michael flynn and myself was being actually paid by the pentagon with a hefty sum of money to go after many people on the campaign the day after that you have this individual kevin clinesmith who by the way was an attorney who interviewed me from the department of justice. i know the "new york times" mentioned him as some sort of low level attorney for the doj. but i don't think was a low level attorney. this individual brought an entire delegation from washington, d.c. to interview me on february 2017. we now know he and some of the others who interviewed me are under criminal investigation i think the report is not going to be as pleasant as many people think it's going to be for the fbi. actually going to lead into probably criminal prosecution that durham is going to end up taking over for. brian: george, it's devastating. i think a lot of people like
4:40 am
you waiting for michael horowitz to get to the bottom of this and find out that the fbi was politically oriented because they looked at a lot of those texts. essentially according to "the washington post" and the "new york times" they got a glimpse of it. and they said expected to include the opening of crossfire hurricane legally and factually justified by the fbi. his report will not provide many people -- not fortify the so-called conspiracy theories surrounding this case. particularly the notion that george papadopoulos was set up as part of a nefarious western intelligence operation. that was in the "the washington post." what's your reaction? >> well, look, i think that they are providing cover. let's stick to the facts. first of all, horowitz hasn't testified. whatever these reporters are hearing could be disinformation. i'm waiting for horowitz to actually testify. secondly, the day after william barr and john durham traveled to italy to go meet with the italian officials to discuss joseph mifsud this infamous professor who
4:41 am
was involved in my story, the durham probe morphed into a criminal probe that's investigating the origins of the russia hoax. we have ongoing criminal investigation by durham. we have fbi officials under criminal investigation. and then all of a sudden "the washington post" is saying that nothing bad is going to come out during horowitz' testimony? i think it's absurd. i'm just waiting for the testimony on the 11th and for all of us to read that report on the 9th. and then to see how that leads into durham's probe, too. emily: george, we understand that you have an announcement that you would like to make here exclusively on "fox & friends." >> absolutely. given that this is thanksgiving week. i'm very thankful for the opportunity to announce my candidacy for california's 25th congressional district. it's a district which the republicans held for 26 years up until recently when katie hill, the now disgraced congresswoman recently resigned due to her unethical behavior both in the halls of congress and in
4:42 am
the district that she represented so, look, i live in california. i chose to make california -- i'm speaking to you from los angeles today. and this is a state with tremendous potential. unfortunately, the governing apparatus and the party in this state has driven it right into the ground. i have been living here for o'er a year and a half. and people every single day, when i go and talk around the districts, the state, the country, they tell me we need a candidate to represent the community that has an american first agenda at heart. that supports the president, and if elected, to congress, would propose and enact legislation that would advance this agenda. when the president came to los angeles about a month ago, he raised $15 million in two days. that was unheard of. this is reagan's state. and, unfortunately, because so many of the people in the republican leadership in this state are trying to convince voters and even people running for office in
4:43 am
this state, that we need to evolve as a republican party, we cannot be the same republican party as other states. that's the wrong policy. it's turned blood red districts in this state blue. and it's going to lead to the republican being an extinct individual here. i'm running for the 25th congressional district. i'm here to promote the america first agenda and to enact legislation that has real life consequences for the american people and my constituents. steve: all right. making his exclusive announcement right here on "fox & friends," george, thank you very much for joining us live. i bet you have a website. what is it. >> it is, thank you. for you can donate there and read all about my policies on there very soon. thank you so much. brian: george papadopoulos trying to get into the house. meanwhile, she broke michael jackson's record at the american music awards. taylor swift isn't the it's this tiny purse. huge deal.
4:44 am
carley shimkus not tiny, joins us. ♪ ♪ ) if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines
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♪ i'm so sick ♪ ♪ emily: taylor swift taking to the stage. steve: white jacket adorned with the names of her first albums taking a shots at music executive scooter brawn who she accused of trying to block her from performing her old music at that show. brian: he bought her old music. here with reaction lighting up social media awards show fox news headliner herself 24-7 reporter carley shimkus. >> this whole scooter brawn
4:48 am
situation is complicated. he purchased the rights to old record labels. he owns the right to old songs. big problem because taylor swift and scooter braun do not get along. she was concerned she wasn't going to be able to perform any of her old music as she was received the decade of the year award at the american music awards. that didn't happen. the feud citize still continues. never mentioned the issue explicitly. steve: she did on instagram. >> right. people are saying that she did it in subtle ways by what she wore. she has had the hardest year of her life. she thanked her new record label during her acceptance speech as well. another personal that made an incredible acceptance speech is carrie underwood. listen to what she had to say. >> thank you, god, for the talents that you give people, the gifts that you give people and not just the people that are up here on this stage tonight, for every single person. we all have gifts. steve: thank you, god. >> i thought that was so sweet. too.
4:49 am
to remind everybody has a gift even though she is receiving the award. a lot of the people took note of that on social media. rachel says we love you carrie underwood you deserve these two awards more than can i express. always so humble. thank god, reasons i love and respect you. emily, you are right. she is absolutely stunning. so a lot of talented folks were getting big awards and making big performances. but a very small thing caught people's attention on social media. and that was lizzo teeny tiny purse. steve: the size of a key chain. >> valentino made that purs purse: got to get to one tweet so relatable. i bet my keys would still fall to the bottom and be impossible to find in that thing. i mean, come on. she is clearly rich enough to have somebody hold her lip gloss. steve: do we have any idea how much that thing cost. >> i couldn't find it anywhere. only three were made in the world and she has one of
4:50 am
them. lucky girl. you can find a knockoff in chinatown for $10 i'm sure. emily: a barbie purse. steve: thanks for the recap. >> thank you, appreciate it. brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour adam schiff making the impeachment push top priority. his state is dealing with homelessness and other crisis. next guest says she is frustrated by what she sees she is running against schiff. we will talk to jennifer barbosa in just a moment. ♪ ♪ (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums
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4:54 am
brian: while california congressman adam schiff set on impeaching president trump. in his own district homeless crisis. joining us now is the independent candidate herself for congress jennifer bombosa. what makes you think you have the answers in your district? >> well, adam schiff has been my congressman since 2012. he became my congressman through the redistricting process. sings he became my
4:55 am
congressman he has not presented any legislation that's become law. in terms of homelessness, what he has done is basically rubber stamped maxine waters bill to deal with homelessness and her bill essentially represently indicates the same failed policies that mayor garcetti has implemented in our city over the past few years. we know they are not working. so, what we need to do in terms of homelessness, since you mentioned it, we need to stop allocating federal funds for affordable housing which costs 500 to 700,000 per unit and really focus on mental health services for the people who are living on the streets. brian: jennifer, you know, you do have served in city council. but you also have. this you have l.a., burbank and west hollywood. if you look at the homeless crisis. 59,000 homeless. that's up 12% one year from the previous year. and 75.2% are unsheltered.
4:56 am
what he is he doing? he is focusing on impeachment. did that put you over the top when you see is he not looking back on his own district? >> absolutely. 100 percent. one correction. it's neighborhood council that i served on not city council. yes. seeing the impeachment inquiry, when he is wasting all these resources, we know that ken starr's impeachment cost about $70 million. that's $70 million that really could be spent on much better things in our district. brian: real quick, your key to success will be the 29.5% that says they have no party preference because right now in your district only 16% are republicans. best of luck, jennifer, you certainly from a high profile candidate to take out. jennifer barbosa, best of luck. >> thank you very much. brian: it will be her call on whether the house will vote for impeachment. will nancy pelosi go through with it? that's her. we are zooming in. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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♪. brian: these are not the little rascals. steve: we talk about this last time. this is the group came on our program last year to sing this song. it's a beautiful morning. emily in for ainsley. emily: what was your first concert? mind was the beesty boys. brian: mine was at the palladium. i thought it was good for a kid
5:01 am
my age to go to the city myself in ninth grade. retrospective i wouldn't let my children do that. steve: welcome back to flash back theater. fox news alert. secretary of the navy is out. brian: richard spencer asked to step down by defense secretary mark esper yesterday after disagreeing with the president big time on navy seal eddie gallagher's war crimes case. he would not give up. emily: kevin work at the white house. reporter: you're right, president trump made very clear to insure eddie gallagher retires in pace. eventually what that looks like is anybody's guess. gallagher said the idea of demoting me, taking my trident despite acquittal on all major challenges, that is simply unwarranted. >> this is ego and retaliation. this has nothing to do with good order and discipline. they could have taken my trident
5:02 am
anytime they wanted. they are trying to take it after we supposed an ig of corruption going on in the case. reporter: charges of corruption with gallagher. navy secretary richard spencer noted his opposition to the president's intervention and gallagher case. unfortunately it becomes apparent that i no longer share the same understanding of the commander-in-chief that appointed me, in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline. in fact if you look what the president tweeted you might get a glimpse of perhaps one issue. the president said large cost overruns from past administrations, contracting procedures, were not addressed to my satisfaction. therefore secretary of the navy richard spencer's services have been determine terminated by
5:03 am
sec-def mark esper. i thank richard for his service an commitment. eddie will retire peacefully with all the honors he earned including his trident pen. the ambassador to norway will be replace him. steve: is there any reaction from the white house to critics of the president who are suggesting that he is getting involved in military business that he should not. reporter: this is one of those circumstances, this is a great question actually, steve. this is the problem. whenever the president decides to weigh in, by tweet or directly there will be charges that he is acting outside of the bound of tradition but he is the commander-in-chief and therefore he does have the right to do so. in this case he is also said, look i'm going to step back. you guys do your review. i will not be involved in all of that. he wants to make sure that eddie
5:04 am
gallagher gets a fair shake. brian: what is sound like? admirals used to giving orders. they don't remember until they got there they have to take orders. they are bent out of shape they're not inn control of process. president used power he had over the three years. get over it. get the gerald r ford aircraft carrier going. he has other things to worry about. this seemed petty and personal. >> this is one of the circumstances unique commander-in-chief. maybe another president might not have get involved. but this president did. steve: the other component eddie gallagher was acquitted of the all the charges. reporter: major charges. brian: lieutenant colonel michael waltz, was a green beret. weighed in on this i studied all of this stuff. i'm parted of the armed services
5:05 am
committee. these three guys had great reasons to be pardoned. >> there is difference between a mistake, error in judgment and a war crime. when you have men and women downrange making these decisions in split seconds in the pressure of combat they can't have lawyers back in washington with a 5,000-mile screwdriver second besting monday morning quarterbacking. big difference in the case, there was another sergeant who walked into an afghan village and machine gunned 16 afghans. that guy is sentenced to life. he will never see the light of day. that is a war crime. the president is not even talking about that case. steve: 5000-mile screwdriver. i never heard that expression before. brian: when it comes to combat you would think the military would be more apartment to give people benefit of the doubt. they feel the president, there was political correctness to war fighting during the obama years. they got caught up in that.
5:06 am
the president feels he wanted to straighten that out. one of the first things he did ask the officers in the battlefield, what do you need? we need to relax the rules of engagement. we need to help our guys stay safe. you got it. this is part of it. emily: president trump restored that faith, restored that autonomy into the officers with the boots on the ground. all of my friends in the military feel much more connected in that way. they have the faith restored in them. they can make decisions ultimately impact those fighters. steve: the lawyer hat you put on. unfortunately a lot of lawyers are involved in the process these days. meanwhile the guy who used to be the mayor of new york city for three terms, michael bloomberg who was once a democrat, a republican and independent and now he is democrat. he is running watch? >> i dieded to run because there is time for change at the top in the white house.
5:07 am
donald trump has not been a good president. we need to change that this country is being pulled apart. we need to pull it together to make sure we help everybody across the country share in the great american dream. steve: he has billions and billions of dollars. why didn't he put that little instagram thing. brian: can you back up a little. i guess he wanted to look raw, like every man. >> he does have a very slick campaign ad he put out announcing why. the existential threat, if donald trump is not stopped america will cease to exist as we know it. emily: he says he is a middle class kid that made good. he is touching on what he claims are very humble roots in the instagram story now having to do with his empire. brian: according to some studies he has history of sexist remarks. he was all for stop-and-frisk. now he seems to have had a revelation. he supported charter schools which makes democrats angry. party hopping which makes both
5:08 am
parties angry. gun control which micks republicans angry. climate change, he is severe on that. how do rest of the democrats feel about him getting in. welcome? not really. >> i just don't think people are going to buy it, you put a bunch money, maybe the i got more money than the guy in the white house. they're not necessarily looking for the richest person a guy constantly talking about how much money he has. they are looking for somebody different. >> we do not believe billionaires have the right to buy elections. that why multibillionaires like mr. bloomberg will not get very far in this election. steve: not surprised by bernie sanders. he railed against billionaires in the past. emily: bloomberg are not denying it. not fighting back against theal mitigation they're trying to buy the presidency.
5:09 am
they said they will spend whatever it takes because the stakes are that high. steve: cord to bloomberg, some of the news outlets, some of the bloomberg opinion and editorial writers will be taking a leave from the news business to support his campaign, to join the campaign. in fact the campaign itself will not do any investigations of mr. bloomberg who started the company, nor his rivals but they will investigate donald trump. they put out the statement. we will continue our tradition of not investigating mike bloomberg and his family and his foundation and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the democratic primaries. for the moment our p and i team will continue to investigate the trump administration as the government of the day. brian: i know you will get fair and balanced news come political season we're in. he will spend 150 million. 100 million for internet ads attacking trump. between 15 and 20 million on
5:10 am
voter registration. largely targeting minorities. more than 30 million on initial round of tv ads targeting trump. he had a lot of success picking out districts, flipping them in the midterms. you could argue mike bloomberg did more for democrats getting house than anybody else. he knows he has the power to do it. now he want to put it behind himself. we'll see where that goes. emily: you know what else is interesting? that might illustrate the disconnect from donors to the rest of the democrats. polls show voters are more satisfied with the 17 candidates than any other election. brian: 68% say they're satisfied. emily: people keep jumping in. no exception is bloomberg. steve: more on a little later. time for some news, jillian. jillian: good morning to you, to you at home as well. suspects charged in deadly shooting of a alabama sheriff. william johnson is the son of a sheriff's deputy in montgomery county, about an hour from the
5:11 am
gas station where he is akilled of killing lowndes county sheriff, big john williams. he shot williams. stole his car. he returned three hours later and surrendered. williams is a marine veteran. he served as sheriff for nearly a decade. he is the 38th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. to extreme with, millions of people pack their bags for thanksgiving. three big storms threaten holiday travel. people in connecticut waking up to snow this morning. some airlines already issuing waivers to flyers travel affected by storms. strong wind gusts could cause the macy's thanksgiving day parade to ground the balance for the first time in 50 years. that decision likely will be made on thursday. uber banned in london after the city deemed it unsafe. the ceo responding saying quote transport fort london's decision is wrong. over last two years we fundamentally changed how we operate in london.
5:12 am
authorities discovered more than 14,000 trips were taken with uninsured drivers. uber is expected to appeal. first lady melania trump will welcome the white house christmas tree today. as the 16-foot tall douglas fir arrives on a horse-drawn carriage. couple of turkeys will learn their names tomorrow, before voting begins on which bird the president will pardon. the turkeys will retire at virginia tech. turkeyses have way more luxurious day. steve: tradition is the turkeys are at the willard hotel. they are leaving today. how would you like to be the person getting the room next? brian: who left the gilbets on my desk. why about putting balloons on
5:13 am
the ground? steve: in event wind in new york city is above 22 miles an hour they will ground the the balloons. they will still have bands. brian: not the same. steve: you think balloons do it for a lot of people? brian: balloons do it for a lot of people. if you go to the parade, it will be a terrible weather. emily: you're debbie downer right now. brian: keep underdog low and let him go. don't shelf him. steve: i am confused. brian: all right. colin kaepernick's workout was supposed to show he has what it takes to be successful. it generated more controversy. are there offers from envelope teams. >> they helped elect president trump in 2016. say they will do it again in a heartbeat. the crucial role of rust belt voters as we look at 2020. ♪.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
[sfx: mnemonic] ♪. steve: some are traditional republicans, others, democrats who felt disconnected from the democratic party but together rust belt voters helped put president trump in the
5:18 am
white house in 2016. now three years later they say they would do it again in a heartbeat. emily: joining us to react, radio show host tony katz. thanks for joining us today. tell us about this. >> this is at her absolute best. this is piece in the "new york post." it is really much the thesis in the book the great revolt. donald trump connects with people in in the midwest. he is listening to them, talking directly to them, something the elizabeth warrens, pete buttigiegs, bernie sanderses not only do they not do, they don't know how to do. there is not a reason in the world for the midwest not to continue with president trump because democrats, that entire line of people have not given them a single reason to even consider changing their vote. steve: tony, it is interesting according to this article by salina, cook's political report trump's edge in the electoral college remains the same or even
5:19 am
grown a bit since it 2016 in places like ohio, wisconsin, minnesota, pennsylvania even. >> this is the only state went for walter mondale against reagan in 84. what a thing it would be to turn that stat. the big story here, these people, these wonderful people in the midwest that make up so much of america, nobody talks to them. nobody thinks about them. nobody thinks somehow they're worthy of respect or decency or kindness. instead, just constant conversation of radicalness. whether it be health care. whether it be about taxes or people paying their fair share. no one is talking about bringing future manufacturing back. no one is talking about the growing the manufacturing base except for president trump. you can talk about varying levels of success but he is at least discussing the issues. no one is talking about the usmca, u.s., mexico, canada trade agreement which would help
5:20 am
agriculture here in indiana. help manufacturing. help the auto industry. not about building more cars. building parts that cars use. nobody talks about it on the debate stage when the democrats were there in atlanta. but president trump is talking about it. that is why people are saying what democrats offered me to think about changing my mind? she is absolutely right this is the story. there is not even a democrat coming close to cracking that nut. emily: tell as you little bit about andrew yang, the comments he made and how the candidates will evolve especially given that bloomberg has jumped in the race. >> andrew yang first of all he is right to say if you're not going to talk to me, i'm not going to talk to you. i think that is a very smart position. andrew has been interesting with artificial intelligence. it affects all of us. fight for 15 people realize their job is replaced by a kiosk. that is conversation that connects with people. universal based income, freedom
5:21 am
dividend he it all falls apart. the entirety of the democratic party are focused on feeding most radical part of their base they are fostering, birthing, past, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years they can't talk to you and me about the things how we grow and feed our families. how we take care. that is why they're losing. steve: exit question, 20 second answer or so, out in indianapolis where you are, what do people say about the impeachment thing going on in congress? >> they're not interested. they don't think there is anything here. they may not like president trump but the idea that somehow they're behind impeachment is laughable. adam schiff has read the midwest all wrong. steve: tony katz joining us from his radio station in indianapolis. thanks so much. have a great holiday week. fired up over free speech. actor rob schneider is calling out liberal double standards. that is coming your way next.
5:22 am
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steve: quick headlines for you. tesla's brand new cyber truck high in demand despite this
5:26 am
terrible start. >> oh, my [bleep] well, maybe that was a little too hard. steve: wasn't supposed to happen like that in the meeting. the hearse sal. the armored windows cracked during the big debut. they received 200,000 orders for those things. they're $39,000 apiece. it is an electric truck. if you're traveling for thanksgiving listen up, google maps says the worse time to hit the roads is wednesday 3:00 or four this afternoon. if you want to beat the rush, leave earlier or waiting until 6:00 on thursday morning. worst time coming back is sun afternoon at 3:00. that is when a lot of people will be on the roads. brian. brian: standing up for free speech. actor from "snl" rob schneider taking to twit for a scathing
5:27 am
message. free speech is all speech, even the speech you find repugnant. you're for all of it or for none of it. we don't need people to decide for us what to think, see or here. that's a lot of totalitarian crap. our next guest featured in the documentary, no safe spaces which foes nationwide, december 6th. takes free speech on college campuses to task. let's greet graeth foster. who is right here, sacha baron cohen vilifying facebook or rob schneider? >> rob schneider definitely has a point. you're for free speech or you're not. there is no a little bit. like being a little bit pregnant. either you are or you aren't. brian: i hear you. brian: he has been critical in the past. he feels stifled. you comedians are the first ones to get stifled. you can't be as creative as you want. you can't push barriers. all of sudden pushed off the stage. >> that's what is happening.
5:28 am
a lot of places, a lot of clubs, people are complaining saying they don't like something. they're understanding, comedy comes from pain. everybody has heard the equation, tragedy plus time equals comedy. it is not always going to be comfortable but if you can laugh at it, you can get through it. that is one of my mottoes. that is what comics believe. the idea use humor to heal wounds, use humor to bring people together, to connect us, if we don't have that going for us we're in a sad state. brian: i hope this is phase. you and your movie you participate in, note no safe spaces." take a listen. >> protest turned violent in california berkeley. >> go away! >> creating an atmosphere of fear and repression. it is going to bust.
5:29 am
>> makes it difficult for you to learn from other people. >> diversity they hate is diversity of thought. >> you will not protect people, the best you can do is make them strong. brian: there is some of it. people, liberals and conservatives in this movie. >> there are. it covers all the bases. what is interesting while the attack on free speech started off as a conservative issue, it is now coming from the far left and you hopefully the pendulum will spinning back because if we don't correct this, we're in serious trouble. we're not, we need to have an open exchange of ideas. we need to have open dialogue. if you shut people down, you won't get that. if we all agreed on the same thing, life would be completely boring that, who wants to live like that? that is not america. brian: i hear you. art laffer goes to cuny binghamton to speak about his economic principles of trickle-down economics and the new trump tax plan, he could not get a word out. told him basically he had to
5:30 am
stop speaking this just happened. >> it happened in 2015 at overland. i went to speak. i had a auditorium of 300 people to shout me down. fortunately that didn't happen. i used humor to get a point across. you guys are spending a lot of money. you came to disrupt something to learn and grow. isn't that what america is all about. brian: in the big picture if it doesn't change, one thing you can throw out for sure like polls. unless you're a a comedian that works for a living, you keep your mouth shut it doesn't benefit to say support donald trump. where especially in your industry not to support donald trump is in. they vote the way they vote but they will lie to every poll until things change. >> nobody is talking to each other. everybody is scared to death. what this should be happening.
5:31 am
like -- we are supposed to be able to agree to disagree. people should have the right. i want to know what other people's thoughts and ideas are. even if they don't agree with mine. especially if they don't agree with me. i want to know who they are. so we can talk, debate, have a conversation. brian: that's the way we were told things are supposed to be. thanks so much. we look forward to when 2 comes on december 6th. seeing you in it. >> thank you. brian: fox news alert. navy secretary stepping down. chief petty officer, pete hegseth covered the story in the beginning. he was called out in "the new york times" section. how does he feel about that? ♪
5:32 am
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brian: we're back with a fox news alert. navy secretary richard spencer resigned overnight. emily: the pentagon asking him to step down over his handling of the navy seal eddie gallagher's wartime case. steve: president trump appointed. ken brathwaite to be the new secretary of the navy. he will do an outstanding job quote. speaking outstanding job that's what pete hegseth every week on "fox & friends" weekend. he said resigned. >> he was fired. the navy ignored the commander's intent far too long. as a result the navy secretary tried to tell the president at very end, don't worry we'll follow your intent we'll keep his trident telling admiral green who runs navy seals you
5:36 am
continue with this process the president didn't want. steve: playing double game. >> double game didn't work. the president found out about it he was gone. for get the details of last 24 hours. they ignored the president's clear guidance. you're not taking the trident of the get back to business. this is a case that i care about because i care about the war fighter. the navy ignored the commander-in-chief's approach. spencer paid the price for it. brian: he used it like mattis. he deserves a secretary, a defense secretary more in line with his thinking. he tapped into that. he wants to glom on to that sense that the president is not going along with the military? >> yeah. that i think, rephrase your question. brian: secretary of the navy took a line from mattis in his resignation, the president deserves a secretary more in line with his thinking? >> yeah. in this case, spencer is institutional lift. he wanted to bow what the system was doing. the system is controlled by a
5:37 am
lot of bureaucrats who are invested invested in prosecutorial system going after these guys. eddie galfer is perfect case for the president to highlight. he works it all the way through to show the things that were wrong. eddie gallagher's kids were pulled out of their house at gun point. brian: he was kept in a san diego prison with pedophiles. >> the prosecutor lost his case got awards. president had to take them away. he was acquitted. still went on him based on one charge they had. tried to take the trident. they were only one taking away in the picture. this was overzealous prosecutors who are not giving benefit of the doubt to the trigger pullers that is it what the president saw. steve: at the pentagon across the potomac from washington, ubn d.c., that believe, i want
5:38 am
believe the president did this. >> he won the election. you didn't. you serve at his pleasure. i want you to go crush isis. clear line happening in syria and your rack. that guidance should trickle down in every corner of the pentagon. in if that is our guidance. social justice engineering of obama. that era is over. the president is focused on, we've sent these guys to dangerous places for 18 years. they make impossible calls. i'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. if you will be a navy secretary or army secretary who doesn't understand that. you can see the door. that is what he did yesterday. brian: i talked to assistant secretary, talked to somebody on thursday, who says basically, the state department is also at war with this administration. so the state department differs from administration policy. you sense that the pentagon is
5:39 am
also differing from a to z with their policy? >> yes. playing the politically correct game that is how you get promoted to general and other things. you become more of a politician than a war fighter. incentivizes you to do certain things that are very different than what the president wants to do. same thing in the state department. i hesitate to call it a deep state as it pertains to the pentagon but it is a thick bureaucracy that serves itself that is what the president is fighting here. steve: permanent government you're talking about. thanks for covering the story. brian: jillian mele, you're covering every morning. jillian: pete good morning to you. a five-year-old boy thrown from the balcony of mall of america is back in school. land done hoffman loves boeing to kindergarten with his brother in minnesota, nearly eight months after the incident. land done's family says he is walking perfectly after 15 surgeries.
5:40 am
he tells people i fell off a cliff but angels caught me. emanuel miranda is serving 19 years in prison for attempted murder. college students are turning to their schools for mental health treatment. the associated press finding number of students seeking on campus treatment has jumped average of 35% over last five years. due to high demand. some people must wait weeks to get help. the increase reportedly due of rising rates of depression and other mental health issues. the reduced stigma surrounding mental health. update to this story we've been following. not one nfl team has contacted colin kaepernick since his highly publicized work out earlier this morning. the espn report comes after a attorney for the former 49ers quarterback said two teams have reached out. kaepernick has nod played in the league since 2016 when he sparked widespread protests by taking a knee for the national anthem. a star-studded night for the
5:41 am
american music awards. daily swift making history with a record shattering 29 career wins. she took home five new awards last night. she was named artist of the decade. carrie underwood winning favorite country album an artist for her record. >> thank you, god for the talent that you give people, the gifts that you give people. not just the people up here on this stage tonight. for every single person. we all have exists. jillian: shania twain bringing the crowd to their feet. ♪ twain ending the show with a career spanning medley. back to you. steve: great, thank you. brian: thanks, jillian. over the weekend, friday, saturday, sunday was able to meet so many "fox & friends" viewers. people listen to the radio show. st. louis, friday night.
5:42 am
97.1. local station. huge crowd came out. st. louis loves this channel. thanks to everyone that did that. also had a chance to go over to jacksonville in the morning. put this up a week ago. everyone came. that is a huge for viewers and came out for sam houston and the alamo avengers. orlando and the villages. i want to thank everyone for doing that. steve: i'm not done. brian: going over to north carolina, south carolina, going out to los angeles and most importantly, vero beach i will be there on saturday. the book trails, donald trump, jr., happy to be on the same list as him. steve: it triggered me. brian: that is great book. i feel like i'm one day behind don, jr., because i'm right in his wake. emily: you've been impressive. this is really impressive. brian: people are into history. everyone is talking about it.
5:43 am
amazing how many people are related to sam houston. he had a lot of kids. nine. steve: website is? brian: brian kilmeade to find out where i will be. steve: fox news alert. a live report from the middle of all of that next. ♪ ♪
5:44 am
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5:46 am
steve: this is a fox news alert. a live look at riot police an protesters in hong kong. brian: they're demonstrating in the streets after pro-democracy candidates claim a massive victory? local elections. emily: jonathan hunt joins us live from hong kong with the latest. jonathan? reporter: emily, steve, brian, good morning to you. good evening from hong kong. where student protesters are clearly emboldened by the stunning victory they scored in the historic council elections, crushing the pro-beijing parties, winning something like
5:47 am
90% of the seats. they're back outside the streets of hong kong polytechnic university tonight. on the walkway toward the campus you can see the riot police on hand. just a handful of them up there, keeping a very close eye on the protesters. but i can tell you there are hundreds more here and they are ready to move in at a moments notice should they feel the necessity to do so. i want to take you into the heart of the front lines of this particular protest here. these student have been here for hours. they are chanting things like liberate hong kong. they are chanting five demands, not one less. reference to the five demand they want the hong kong government, the chinese central government to agree to before they agree to end these protests. above all, they are chanting liberate the students. that a reference to the couple of dozen or so students who are still on the campus of hong kong polytechnic university and have
5:48 am
refused to leave. these students here, these hundreds of protesters, they want to get on to the campus tonight. they want to bring those students out. the police are in no mood to let them. so this remains, guys, a very volatile situation. steve, emily, brian? steve: does indeed. brian: jonathan, are you seeing any presence of beijing police that don't really belong in hong kong? reporter: you know, brian, that's always been rumored very often. i have to say, that we have seen no evidence of it. but you would assume that if it was taking place, it would be very well hidden. what we have seen, i mentioned to you, before, brian, was chinese army troops on the streets helping in the cleanup of debris a week or so ago. that was sending very clear message. then over the weekend we saw really interesting video obtained by reuters of chinese troops in a barracks such a
5:49 am
short distance from here, in full riot gear practicing drills. a very strong message to the protesters the army can move in if the chinese government says so. back to you. brian: jonathan. appreciate it. why the president can't veto the legislation came out of the senate that backs those students. if he doesn't sign it. that will be a go sign for china troops to go in. steve: president said on our program on friday he is a fan of the president of china and he is a friend of his. brian: right. >> it's a tough call. brian: not really. he is actually imprisoned a million muslims. emily: switching gears here, as democrats drive the impeachment push. our next guest says it will be the ace up president trump's sleeve. michael goodwin joins us live next. steve: first let's check in with sandra smith for a preview. >> good morning to you.
5:50 am
the secretary of the navy is out after a disagreement with the president. we'll have details of a dramatic turn coming up. michael bloomberg officially in. why the billionaire is entering the crowded 2020 field. protesters storm the field at the harvard yale football game in weekend. why one of the greatest traditions was brought to a halt. we go behind the headlines with joe piscopo later on join bill and my on "america's newsroom." top of the hour. you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps.
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♪ steve: president trump es critics calling for his impeachment since he was elected. they say the current inquiry spells doom for his political future, our next guest says take the trial to the senate is the ace up the president's sleeve. fox news contributor, "new york post" columnist michael goodwin joins us right now. michael i love the fact that you are quoting the "fox & friends" show. because you say the first line of your op-ed, my slam-dunk choice for quote of the year, i want a trial which the president said here. >> he did say that here. i think it is the quote of the year, when you think about it, steve. the president of the united states saying i want a trial.
5:55 am
but then you layer in all the other events around it. ramifications of a impeachment trial during an election year. two other presidents who were impeached never had to face voters again. andrew johnson in 1868 did not get his party's nomination. bill clinton won his second term beef impeachment. this is a unique set of circumstances and the president welcomes it. i think he is crazy like a fox on this. steve: one of the things the president and his supporters have said, in this house thing i'm not getting due process. >> right. >> my lawyer can't be there. i don't get to call witnesses. in the senate trial they can call people like adam schiff, joe biden, hunter biden, the whistleblower's lawyers, who knows. >> starts out the president will have home field advantage in the senate, 53 republican as jurors. the hearsay stuff would not be
5:56 am
admitted under federal court laws. steve: there is lot of that. >> if you take out all the hearsay in the house you don't have a lot left of evidence against the president. steve: you write john bolton could haunt the president? >> that is one of the unknowns, there are risks for the president. if he wins the trial he should win as it stands now i think it will give him a boost for the election. on the other hand there are risks that the trial could go off track as far as he is concerned. john bolton clearly wants to air some of his dirty laundry that he has with the president. as i say in the column, as the president says, we'll see what happens. steve: does indeed. michael mike good win thank you very much. read the op-ed at "new york post".com. we're stepping aside for two minutes.
5:57 am
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>> thank you for joining us. we'll do the "after the show show" on fox nation in two minutes. >> bill: good morning. breaking news from overnight from a dramatic turn of events of the fate of a navy seal accused of war crimes. >> bill: a brand-new week. hope you had an awesome weekend. >> sandra: we are learning more details by the minute. defense secretary mark esper firing richard spencer after a dispute between president trump and top military brass over the handling of eddie gallagher's case. he was cleared of the most serious charges. the navy demoted him following his conviction for posing with


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