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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  November 25, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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he is going to have an amazing interview with you today, he says that he might have the author of anonymous, so everyone stick around and watch trace. here he is. >> trace: we begin with breaking the news. is this anonymous? the former communications director and one-time defense secretary mattis also a retired naval commander. we plan to talk to him about the turmoil in the u.s. navy's leadership and now the new republic is reporting he could be the anonymous author who gives a call to arms to the so-called resistance in a new book and at least on twitter, he is not denying it tweeting a short time ago this world continues along with a link to the new republic article about him. we'll join us live in his first television interview since that report broke and we will ask him point-blank are you anonymous? coming up.
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but first, breaking news off the top of this monday afternoon, and is she a secret agent or just obsessed with all things trump? either way, the woman who infiltrated the winter white house is moments away from learning her fate just one day before president trump heads to mar-a-lago, the very scene of the breach last spring. i am trace gallagher today from los angeles and the news starts now. any moment now, a judge will send a chinese businesswoman the feds say talk her way into president trump's resort claiming she was there to use the pool but when secret service agent stopped her inside, they discovered she had for cell phones, laptop, and an external hard drive. she says she did nothing wrong. phil keating reporting live for us from south florida. >> this is quite the bizarre story all along. first, she had several stories as to why she was at
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president trump's winter white house and the first place, then when it came to the judiciary process for her, she basically fired her defenders, or public defenders so that she could represent herself in court even though he had limited english skills and of course she lost her trial decisively. inside the u.s. courthouse in downtown fort lauderdale, that chinese businesswoman, 33-year-old has been held in custody since she was arrested in march after penetrating through secret service security at trumps mar-a-lago palm beach resort. when she showed up that saturday, she first claimed she was there to use the pool even though she had no swimming suit with her. then when she got her the second layer of security, the mar-a-lago staff ran her name and discovered she was not supposed to be there and she claimed to be there for had been canceled and because of what she had on her triggered all kinds of speculation that perhaps she was either a chinese spy or an
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unwitting dupe of the chinese intelligence services. in her bag, she had for cell phones, one laptop, one external hard drive, and one thumb drive with according to the government, malware in it. inside her hotel room, she had a hidden camera detector, something that can detect hidden cameras in a room, nine thumb drives, five sim cards, and $8,000 in cash in dollars and chinese en. today, she could be released and quickly deported back to shanghai where she could get more time in prison. >> trace: meantime, what is the guidance here, what is the government asking the federal judge to do exactly? we make the government wants the u.s. magistrate this hour to impose a harsher than he needs to sentence. they want 18 months to be her punishment. that would mean another year in prison. in the summer, a jury convicted her of entering a restricted building mar-a-lago and making false statements to a federal officer, federal prosecutors
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feel that she deserves more than just the six months if she was released today that that's all she would get so they are asking for that 18 month sentence for the maximum sentence possible for her is actually asked years in prison. he should know within minutes with the result is going to be on this mysterious case of the mar-a-lago chinese businesswoman intruder. >> trace: phil keating life for us, thank you. the two jail guards accused of lying about checking on jeffrey epstein will go on trial in april. a judge set the date today in new york. prosecutors say the cards were online shopping and napping the night epstein hanged himself in his cell. but that they filed paperwork claiming they checked on the convicted sex offender. epstein had been awaiting trial on charges that he sexually abused underaged girls. both prison guards have pleaded not guilty. bryan llenas reporting life outside the in manhattan.
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>> good afternoon. over here, you will see this as the metropolitan correction center where jeffrey epstein was held and died. is a secure federal jail and across the street is the federal courthouse. that is where the two correction officers tasked with guarding epstein appeared in court today on charges of falsifying records indicating that they were checking on epstein every 30 minutes as required when in reality they were not. as a result, prosecutors say epstein went unchecked for eight hours, the entire night that he died. then on top of that, surveillance video shows that instead of giving their checks were napping for two hours. they were online shopping and they were walking around the common area. today, a woman representing one of the guards said that he believed one of the guards are being scapegoated and they don't deserve to be blamed for this death. in fact, they say that their employer, the bureau of prisons deserves a lot more of the blame
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for having a short-staffed federal prison system across the country. >> we are the supervisors? where the people who make the policy decisions? why didn't mr. epstein have a cellmate at the time that this happen? 's are all things that are very important, but we don't have answers. all we have is a rush to judgment, a rush to charge the smallest people who are getting paid the least in making those people pay for the problems in the things that didn't happen throughout an entire stem. >> the trial date was set today for april 20th 2020 and expected to be a two week trial, both guards have been freed on $100,000 bond. >> trace: the other big news here is the feds might be zeroing in on prince andrew. what do we know? >> the british press is reporting that the fbi is very interested in interviewing prince andrew. one about his friendship with jeffrey epstein and also perhaps
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about his friendship with maxwell, the alleged madam and former girlfriend of jeffrey epstein and someone who has been called by many of the accusers a primary coconspirator. maxwell apparently has said the british press is also reporting that she herself may be coming out of hiding either by speaking to the fbi or releasing a statement to the media. prince has said himself that he is willing to speak to investigators. of course, all of this happening as a brand-new accuser has come out against the duke of york accusing him of groping her when she was 21 when inside of jeffrey epstein's new york city mansion and flew her there specifically to be with prince andrew. >> trace: the last time the prince spoke, it was an unmitigated disaster. thank you. a navy seal accused of war crimes is now retiring without losing his navy seal status.
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the defense secretary says the order came from the commander in chief himself and it cost the navy secretary his job. we are live with that at the pentagon. ruth bader ginsburg is out of the hospital after a health scare. we will have an update on her condition ahead. from all the journalists at fox news, this is fox news reporting. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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and everyone has dad's eyebrows. help your family discover their unique story, with a gift from ancestry. >> trace: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is at home and doing well after spending the week in the hospital after experiencing chills and a fever. according to a spokeswoman for the court. doctors at johns hopkins treated the 86-year-old justice with antibiotics and fluids for possible infection. over the past year, she had two bouts of cancer. had lung cancer surgery and in august got radiation for a tumor on her pancreas. secretary of defense says
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president trump ordered him to allow a navy seal accused of war crimes to retire without losing his seal status. comes after esper fired richard spencer. false confidence in spencer and accused him of offering the white house a deal to resolve the case of navy seal eddie gallagher. a jury acquitted gallagher of murdering an islamic state militant captives, but convicted him of posing for photos with the corpse. navy officials demoted him and he lost pay, but president trump later reinstated his rank. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. >> since last night, there have been competing narratives about navy secretary richard spencer's abrupt termination. defense secretary mike esper explained why he fired navy secretary richard spencer according to him, he went behind the facts of defense leadership to try and negotiate a deal with the white house white house. promising that he essentially fix the results of the navy's
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trident review board to ensure gallagher kept his seal trident. the white house didn't interfere in the process. >> i lost trust and confidence when i found the secret proposal was happening. somehow the fact that we had all agreed and support the process that he was willing to undermine this process, if that deal had been consummated if you will, someone would have to compromise their integrity in the chain of command. >> in the end, spencer was not fired for standing up for military justice but for dishonesty and undermining the military justice system according to esper. he was fired for lack of candor. spencer's letter following his termination suggests otherwise. i know longer share the same understanding with the commander in chief who appointed me in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline. i cannot in good conscience and pay order that i believe violates the sacred oath i took to support and defend the constitution of the
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united states." defense officials believe this letter was written prior to sunday. >> trace: what is the reaction today from the navy? >> nothing on the record, but in the hallways of the pentagon this morning, a great deal of discomfort about the handling of the eddie gallagher case. in most senior leaders felt that the navy trident review board was appropriate since he had been photographed holding the head of a dead militant while holding a hunting knife. the kind of trophy picture that undermines good order and discipline in the military. defense secretary announced the president gave him in order to halt the navy seal review board. >> i spoke to him on sunday and gave me the word that eddie gallagher will have his trident. >> in the end, the president got what he wanted from the pentago pentagon. >> trace: jennifer griffin lie for us at the pentagon, thank you. for months, washington has wondered who has been writing secrets about the trump white house? somebody who claimed to be part
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of the resistance inside the administration. while today a new report reveals who the actual author may be. that person will join me live next, and i will ask him directly, straightforward if he really is anonymous.
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>> trace: is this the most whispered about man in washington, the anonymous writer behind the op-ed and new book, stay tuned because i'm about to ask him directly. earlier today, the new republic published a piece claiming the retired navy commander may have written the anonymous tell-all book called a warning about thee trump administration. here is what we know. the author of the book says he or she was a senior official within the administration and
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the same person who wrote an anonymous op-ed in "the new york times" more than a year ago. in that op-ed, the writer claims senior staffers inside the administration were working against president trump. we never found out who the writer is but today, we heard from the man who once correctly named the author of primary colors about president clinton 1992 campaign. today, he writes my entry in the guess who wrote it sweepstakes is the former pentagon aid who would know about many events described in the book. he would have honorable reasons to render his judgment and revealing the author to be in a political navy officer, not a renegade republican operative would elevate the nature of his very serious concerns about trump's fitness to hold the office of the presidency. he is a retired naval commander and defense secretary james mattis' communications director and chief speechwriter. he tweeted out the new republic
12:22 pm
article today commenting this world continues and now, he is here, also the author of holding the line and if you look at this article, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. if you look at the article, the author hits all the high points. he makes a very good case and the question is, are you anonymous? >> great question. i have a book out with my name on it called holding the line. i do appreciate the new republics of the writing was excellent across both books but i would come into the studio with you in new york city. >> trace: so you are not denying that you are anonymous, you are saying this is not the proper venue to make that statement, am i hearing you properly? >> i heard this as i was coming over to the studio and there is a lot of talk about there. >> trace: there was a lot of
12:23 pm
talk about but also a lot to talk about here and i am curious because why not just deny it outright? you said you just heard about it on your way to the studio but you sent out the tweet today not really denying it, kind of saying this world continues, what did you mean by that? >> is the latest in a long series of d.c. parlor games, not unique to this point in time, it's been going on for decades and i like many of your viewers read the anonymous op-ed from last year, so it is interesting. i went ahead and retweeted out the story because it caught my eye and someone put it on my radar. >> trace: i want to put this on the screen because the author was saying he did this and i am quoting here, for linguistics mavens with a penchant for analysis. uses several words that would be familiar to pilots with a literary bent and shares the same literary agency javelin with anonymous. your comments about that?
12:24 pm
>> i can't remember using lodestar a single time so the analysis may be breaking down a little bit. >> trace: we know that anonymous really hasn't sold very well, so the sales are great. you are coming out with a new book, a lot of people out there saying this is a great platform to promote his new book. got a new book coming out called holding the line, inside drums pentagon with secretary mattis, so has that coming out. of what a great platform to be able to say from the next week or so while i'm not making any kind of claims, i'm not going to say anything. >> to have a platform like that would somehow imply that i had something to do with setting us all up and arranging it and as you take a look at the current day, the reporting right before we were talking about this anonymous connection is all about the resignation of secretary spencer for we don't
12:25 pm
know what the truth is they are but you can already see this increasingly politicized environment and how it is drug the military into that arena but is a very dangerous place for us to be. we have to be focused on national security and focused on the external threats facing america. >> trace: i'm curious, when you talk about the eddie gallagher case here mobile would be your opinion and he flew f-18's, this is reserved for the best of the best. the navy should just follow that order, end of story? >> i would agree with you there. when he is directed that chief gallagher would be real and stated that he will retain his trident, they were certainly elements were president trump as every right to say this is the outcome i want to see. naturally, is a selective application of justice if you are a service member who can the president tsai or his eager, you have a different outcome of a professional that needs to go
12:26 pm
through the formal system's there's a lot of questions here but these are a distraction, a sideshow from what we are really concerned about witches implementation of president trump's national defense strategy and making sure we are protecting america's interest both at home and abroad. >> trace: what is your biggest concern? you say there is a list of them but what are we focusing on here? at a gallows eddie gallagher ia distraction, what should we be focusing on? >> the increased politicization of the military. just like previously, the cia, fbi, other government entities which have had a long-standing a political reputation being drug into this political furor. is a very politically charged and polarized time right now. so that's one concern. when you think about if you are an adversary, a competitor of the united states weather china, russia, north korea, iran, you are loving what you are seeing right now. getting back to those basics on the fundamentals of being
12:27 pm
focused on national security. >> trace: you served in the white house at the same time as anonymous. do you think you should remain this person, should remain anonymous or should come out and say this is a problem and just be forthright with it, your thoughts on that. >> i thought it was incredibly important to have the opportunity that i did to share my experience serving alongside secretary mattis, what i witnessed as i served for a year and a half on his team so that's why he felt it was important to put that experience out some americans could read and consider for themselves a fact but also put my name to it so that's where i stand. >> trace: not saying one way or another just want to say back in 1992 when he was called on it, he denied it several times before finally coming out. guy snodgrass, good of you to join us. we appreciate it. a special ceremony in the rose garden this afternoon to honor the horrific dog who help take down islamic state leader. the pup's name is conan. he took part in the raid last
12:28 pm
month and had some injuries but has since recovered and is back on the job. calling him a tough cookie. the chief white house correspondent john roberts reporting live from the north lawn. >> first of all, the dog's name was classified and then it came out and we saw a picture of the dog and the president we did putting on a fake congressional medal of honor with a pop print on it as opposed to the typical type of congressional medal of honor that you would see wrapped around the neck of one of our service heroes, but conan being hailed as a service hero because she chased al-baghdadi into that tunnel and when he detonated his explosive vest, she was seriously injured by some electrical wires that had been flying around. president trump talking about that as he introduced the world to conan. listen here. >> conan was very badly hurt as you know and thought maybe was not going to recover. recovered very quickly and has since gone on very important.
12:29 pm
>> is a member of delta force and after a short recovery, she is back at work carrying on the work that these brave dogs to and service dogs the world over. >> trace: standby if you would would, giuliani tried to recruit the ukrainian official to help take over the country's top oil and gas company. that is according to our corporate because in "the wall street journal." they report the head of the company told federal prosecutors in new york about the conversation as part of their investigation and the fed indicted both men last month. investigators say they fooled foreign money into a pro-trump super pac and the republican congressman's campaign. they have pleaded not guilty. the general report got no comment from lawyers and an attorney called the report completely false. let's get back to her chief
12:30 pm
white house correspondent john roberts. you have a new reporting on a white house review related to the withholding of the usa and ukraine. what do you know? >> we should also point out that the president has a strong measure of support when he was speaking with bulgarian prime minister in the oval office for giuliani a short time ago but at the same time fox news has learned that the white house counsel has been conducting a look back, a review if you will of communications regarding the hold on aid to ukraine. we are told among the things that they are looking at his communications between the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and the office of management and the regarding the legality surrounding the hold on a date. what they are talking about here is something called impoundment. fox news learned back in the middle of september that there were discussions back then regarding legal concerns about impoundment. that refers to the white house holding onto money that has been appropriated by congress. the white house wanted to continue to put a hold on the
12:31 pm
aide, it was likely going to have to go to court to legally justify impounding the funds. the white house was running up against a budgetary deadline on september the 30th so it had to make a decision. on september the 11th, ohio senator put in an urgent call to the president urging him to release the money. the white house also didn't have any appetite over impoundment, so the money was released. at the event just a little while ago in the rose garden to introduce conan, the hero dog, the president was asked if he continues to have faith in his acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. listen to this exchange. >> yes, of course. and >> yes, he does. so it is no secret around here at the white house that there was tension between the chief of staff's office and the office of the white house counsel, so that may play into some of this as well but again we are told the
12:32 pm
legal aspect of this regarding the legal basis for impounding the money and the white house determined at the end it wasn't going to seek any sort of action to impound the money and release the funds to ukraine. >> trace: life for us from the north lawn, thank you. a history making vote in hong kong, pro-democracy candidates making huge gains and we are there alive. and remember this? >> maybe that was a little too hard. >> trace: the debut of tesla's electric cyber truck was a smash for all the wrong reasons. despite that, ceo elon musk says they were already more than 200,000 preorders, but could that number be a bit misleading? that is next. great news for my fellow veterans.
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>> trace: pro-democracy candidates won almost half the seats after record number of people voted over the weekend. as some of the winning candidates visited hong kong polytechnic university today, dozens of protesters are still trapped there after a violent standoff with police last week. they say hong kong's chief executive must act on protesters demands including an investigation into accusations of police brutality after such a resounding victory. pro-democracy officials will control every district in hong kong but one beginning in january. our chief correspondent jonathan hunt reporting live from hong kong. >> emboldened by those successes at the ballot box, the protesters were back on the streets tonight calling on the hong kong authorities and more importantly by extension, the central chinese government to meet all their demands plus one new one. here's what it looked like in
12:38 pm
the middle of those protests. watch here. several hundred protesters have gathered here to call for what they term the liberation of a couple of dozen or so students who are still hold up on the campus of polytechnic university which is just a couple hundred yards from where we are right now and on one of the footbridges that leads to the campus, you can see the riot police, only a handful of them up there right now but i can tell you this, there are many more on hand should they feel the need to move in. the riot police did not ultimately feel the need to move in and the pro-democracy activists dispersed quietly having made a point, very much though, that these protests aren't ending despite their success in the elections. in >> trace: what does the election mean exactly for these protests?
12:39 pm
>> it means the people of hong kong have a sense very powerful message that they support the protesters, that they believe it is time for the hong kong authorities to start talking, start negotiating with them. was a very, very strong message. as leading pro-democracy activists joshua wong told us earlier today. listen here. >> the silent majority express their voice. there is still a long way to go is an uphill battle. we will continue to fight until the day we get free election and the victory of hong kong. >> more than than 70% of hong kong's registered 4 million voters turned out to cast their ballots and that led some chastened pro-beijing lawmakers to admit that it really is time for the hong kong authorities to
12:40 pm
consider a seating to at least some of the protesters demands, listen here. >> we have to think twice about answering people from now on. >> a real wake-up call for the government. >> the big question obviously is how do communist party leaders in beijing react this some so-cd slap in the face? do they decide it is time to start accommodating the pro-democracy movement or do they move even more quickly to crush it? >> trace: they don't like challenge. jonathan hunt fly for us in los angeles, thank you. tesla ceo elon musk says the company has more than 200,000 preorders for its new electric cyber truck which comes just days after the botched debut
12:41 pm
where it's so-called unbreakable windows shattered during a demonstration. customers can reserve a truck with 100,000 or $100 deposit which tesla claims is fully refundable. elon musk row in a tweet that the truck will be the company's last product unveil for a while. the fox business network susan li reporting live with more on this. >> as they say, there is no such thing as bad press and despite an embarrassing unveil that went viral on social media, elon musk says 200,000 have put down $100 deposit for their future cyber truck. that might be a bit misleading according to analysts at some individuals put money down to order five or even ten cyber trucks. also putting preorders in doesn't actually mean real orders in the future. for instance, for the model three, 450,000 preorders with $1,000 deposits but only half the number of cars were actually delivered. the cyber truck is a bit more complicated just because you put down $100, you might have to
12:42 pm
wait a while because you will only get your car once the options you've elected go into production and from historical context, we know that might take a while especially for those that order the cheapest model which starts at $40,000. took a long time for them to finally get there truck. required $1,000 and model y, the suv crossover required a $2500 deposit and has also issued they want the semitruck, so we'll have to see in the future. >> trace: i was reading all about that botched thing, they threw everything at this including the kitchen sink, do we know what happened? >> let's go back in history had of social media smashing the bulletproof mask with a ball has retreated rehearsals.
12:43 pm
another explanation from elon musk is because they struck the body of the sledgehammer beforehand, that we can the windows which led to the breaking. this has given tesla a lot of free press, back to you. >> trace: susan li live for us in new york, thank you. a tiny dog in louisiana put an otherwise empty suv in reverse and backed it across a busy four-lane highway. cops say the owners were pumping gas and left their chihuahua in the suv. a surveillance camera caught the whole thing, about 30 miles north and east of new orleans. police say a mechanical issue allowed them to change the suv's gears without somebody hitting the break. one of the owners chased down the car but couldn't stop it. cops say it was a miracle no other cars hit it and nobody was seriously hurt. a manhunt now underway after somebody shot and killed two
12:44 pm
children outside an elementary school. that is next. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ >> trace: police in california say they are looking for suspects after someone open fire on two children. happened in union city 20 miles
12:48 pm
southeast of san francisco. police say one or more shooters open fire on a van parked at the school killing two boys inside. jeff paul reporting with more on this awful story. >> what is so shocking to so many people in this community where this happened was not only the age of the victims, but that they were found alone in a van. witnesses in the area say it was right around 1:30 in the morning and that's when they heard of that of gunshots. >> it wasn't a few fireworks that usually go off in this neighborhood. they like to do that here. was a very long drawn out range of shots. >> when police arrived at the elementary school parking lot, they found the van covered in bullet holes and two boys with gunshot wounds. the 14-year-old died on the scene while the 11-year-old died on the way to the hospital. investigators do not know why they were alone inside a van at 1:00 a.m. or if there was an adult with them. police right now have not ruled
12:49 pm
out whether or not this incident is gang-related and are working to track down whoever pulled the trigger. >> we don't believe these two victims hurt themselves. was somebody that shot at them. >> these were kids that were killed, and it is very important that we get this person or persons off the streets as soon as possible. >> the superintendent for the local school district confirms that one of the students is a current student of the district and one is a former student and they are going to be offering counseling once the school recess resumes from thanksgiving. >> trace: former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is officially in the race for president, rebuilding america and his strategy? according to our corporate cousin "the wall street journal" is focusing on delicate heavy super tuesday states pretty will skip the early states like iowa and new hampshire. the multibillionaire getting a late start in a very crowded
12:50 pm
field but says he has nearly $35 million to put towards tv ads. that is more than one-third of what all the other democratic candidates have spent combined. mark meredith reporting live from norfolk, virginia, where he just held a meeting greet with voters. >> good afternoon. was a very quick meet and greet with voters, the first chance for the former new york city mayor and billionaire businessman to try his hand at some retail politics outside of new york city as he kicked off his campaign. want to show you some video we just sent back from the last hour or so as bloomberg had a chance to see face-to-face what life is going to be like out on the campaign trail. this is after he spent 12 years has the mayor in new york. he has been a democrat, republican, and an independent over his career. now as the 77-year-old hopes to grab the democratic nomination, he will be asked to address a variety of issues, something he spoke about just moments ago.
12:51 pm
>> we cannot afford four more years of president trump's reckless and unethical actions. he is an existential threat to our country, to our values, and a national security. and every day, it seems to bring another example of just how unfit he is to serve as our president and commander in chie chief. >> bloomberg's campaign web site is up and running and national and local tv ads are already on the air. bloomberg is spending a lot of money on those ads but that has received some negative attention from some of the democratic opponents that have already been in this race for the last several months. we see bernie sanders and elizabeth warren make some very critical comments to bloomberg and we asked mayor bloomberg what message he had. he said i've got enough money to decide how i want to do things. he has championed in before, he is ready for the long haul. >> trace: looking forward, where is bloomberg heading next?
12:52 pm
>> next up is going to be out to arizona. he said he will be getting out there tomorrow because he wants to make sure he gets his name on the ballot ahead of the filing deadline and just a couple of weeks. from there, the mayor said he will be out on the campaign trail and it'll be interesting to see what kind of strategy the campaign is really going to go with as i get closer and closer to the voting beginning there in iowa and new hampshire and beyond. >> trace: they are behind the eight ball. thank you. maybe he just put the salad to the side for now. why the feds warn you may want to reconsider romaine lettuce. and the new york yankees make history as a woman joins the coaching team. va mortgage rates have dropped to near 50 year lows. call newday usa. one call can save you $2000 a year. with the newday va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs.
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>> federal health officials are urging people to stop eating romaine lettuce linked to california because of an ecoli outbreak. the feds say 40 people have gotten sick in a dozen states.
12:57 pm
grady tremball has more. grady. >> trace, more and more grocery store chains have pulled this lettuce from their shelves, after the f.d.a. announced the recall on friday, krogre, walmart, target, wingman's aldi and others have already done so after 40 cases of ecoli linked to romaine, including in illinois, were reported and 28 people got so sick from the ecoli that they had to go to the hospital. >> i'm a big caesar salad guy. what should we avoid as shoppers? >> you should avoid all types of romaine, including precut, hearts of romaine, heads of lettuce and salad mixes and kits. we're talking specifically the romaine in question was grown in salinas, california. last year there were two similar outbreaks linked to romaine lettuce. since then, at the grocery
12:58 pm
store, if you see salinas, california, on the bag, avoid it. the if it is not labeled with a growing region, don't buy it. if you have already bought it, throw it out, better to have lettuce recall this time of year than a turkey recall. >> you are right. i am curious, i keep seeing this, not to denigrate salinas, i love it up there. there has been problems with lettuce out of the central valley, do we know anything about the background and what is happening here? >> they haven't linked it to a specific farm, only to that growing region. i do believe one outbreak from last year was from a different growing region, not salinas valley, that is the area they are targeting this time, trying to narrow down to a specific manufacturer or producer, they haven't done so yet. >> keep our eyes open. grady, thank you. new york yankees making history by hiring a new hitting coach,
12:59 pm
rachel balkoveck, she is not the first woman to join a major league club, but the first to serve as full-time hitting coach. she was hired earlier this month. she says she encountered discrimination while applying for jobs with baseball teams. the yankees coordinator says the team hired her and it is simple, she's a good coach and made history when saikt cardinals hired her for strength and conditioning position, she was first woman to ever serve in that role. look at her there. a hitting coach in the major leagues, that is amazing. >> the corner of wall and broadman, it is astounding, right now it is at an all-time record. dow 28,064. if you are doing the math and checking history, the old record was 28,036. so if it holds on for another 16 seconds, we are back in record
1:00 pm
territory for the umpteenth time in the past several months. "your world" is next. charles payne in for neil cavuto. i'm trace gallagher. have a great afternoon. >> it is battle of the billio a billionaires. welcome, i'm charles payne, in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we've got fox team coverage with how bloomberg is kicking things off and peter doocy on how the billionaire is being received by other democrats in the racea. we begin with mark. >> charles, good afternoon, bloomberg has made it official, his first campaign here in norfolk, virginia. he went to a coffee shop and meet with people he's hoping to convince he should be the democratic


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