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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 25, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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page is full complaints against jews and moderate muslims. establishing islamic law. the fbi's criminal complaint letter that he showed a growing hate of non-muslims and secular muslims, if he is convicted, he is in jail for up to 20 years. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the fantastic "fox news @ night" team have all their breaking developments from here. shannon? >> shannon: busy monday, laura. thank you so much. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with a fox news alert. tonight, two critical for president trump, both with implications for the democrats in basement push. one house democrat saying there is no value in removing the president now. first up, the federal judge ruling the former top lawyer at the white house must show up after being subpoenaed by house democrats. there is a whole lot more to that ruling, and is already being challenged. i will explain. plus, the supreme court looks to
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stop at least temporarily that house democrats effort to get years of the president's tax returns. correspondent david spot kicks it up without the breaking news. hey, david. >> it is a busy monday for thanks giving week. don mcgahn left the white house while before ukraine entered the equation, but this is somewhat of a setback for the trump administration. may start a chain reaction should bring others who know more about ukraine in front of the camera. mcgahn left the white house last fall, specifically october 2018. a senior official with the department of justice tells fox news that doj will appeal this ruling, hoping for a stay. this ruling sets up an interesting situation for those who work and worked in the white house, and the top tiers of the trump administration, as president trump spoke to ukrainian president zelensky. white house chief of staff mick mulvaney, energy secretary rick perry, and former national security advisor john bolton have all decided not to testify. that could change based on this judge's ruling. so democrats continue to forge
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ahead. >> the evidence is already overwhelming. we are not willing to go the months and months and months of rope-a-dope in the courts. >> the inquiry will soon move to the house judiciary committee led by chairman jerry nadler pray before it has there, intelligence chairman adam schiff sent his colleagues a letter today, writing in part, "i urge all members to find guidance from our oath of office to protect and defend the constitution, for the people we must defend our democracy." meanwhile back at the right outcome of news has learned counsel pat cipollone he is reviewing internal communications regarding hold on aid to ukraine following concerns about the timeline of those communications. the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, gives grabbing headlines for his involvement in the ukrainian narrative. he told our ed henry this about president trump. >> i've seen things were tonight, he will throw me under the bus. when they say that, i say, he isn't, but i have insurance. >> the former new york mayor
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went down to play down his insurance comments by the president today in the oval office did not seem phased. >> rudy is a great guy. rudy -- a cover that himself. you know that. rudy is the best mayor in the history of new york, in my opinion, the strongest mayor, the best mayor. rudy is a great crime fighter, corruption fighter. >> members of congress are home for the thanksgiving week. many will face constituents to see how impeachment plays in their districts. now in swing districts, some of those democrats are concerned that it's not playing that well. still, the top brass of the democratic party continues to reassure those anxious democra democrats, shannon, that the impeachment inquiry is the right move. >> shannon: david spunt, thank you. tonight come house democrats in michigan says she sees no value in impeaching the president prayed well any fellow democrats during her? the news comes as top intel committee adam schiff says his case to impeach the president is
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ironclad. joining me now, national republican court, congressional committee chair, congressman tom emmer. good to have you with us, sir. >> thank you, shannon. good to be with you. >> shannon: i want to play something that your democratic colleague, congressman maxine waters, who chairs a critical committee through this whole process, what she has said about the president, the cabinet from other white house officials, what they are doing to this country through this process. >> i'm going to be so happy when they are all out of fear. they are hurting our country. they are undermining our democracy. they are being very destructive. >> shannon: what you make of the claims that the president is undermining democracy, essentially destroying the country? >> i think it's just the opposite, shannon. i mean, the obsession of these new socialist democrats in the u.s. house of representatives, in their need to impeach as president, is going to cost them at the ballot box next fall. i mean, it started with -- there is no collusion, there is no obstruction, there is no
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quid pro quo, there is no bribery. you want to know what this is all about, all you got to do is look at my counterpart on the other side with the dccc. shannon come oath in the last couple of weeks, they were actually doing focus groups, trying to figure out what wording works best because they have lost independents. there has been a 30-point swing in independents sends this so-called inquiry went public. they are not interested in is impeachment. you played a quote, or a clip from adam schiff before you brought me on, which he says, the evidence is overwhelming. and yet adam schiff, after seeing the evidence is overwhelming, says he's not going to say that he supports the impeachment. fact is, the impeachment is going to cost this ridiculous process, is going to cost for the majority next fall. >> shannon: he says he is going to talk to his constituents and colleagues before making a decision. a letter that he sent out, i will read a part of us. we referenced it.
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"the evidence of wrongdoing and misconduct by the president that we have gathered today is clear and hardly in dispute." he goes on to say that he hopes republicans will come to their senses a centrally and to join is right. how do you respond? >> [laughs] shannon, again, this isn't about the truth. it's never been about the truth. they wanted to impeach as president since before he took the oath of office. their obsession with impeachment is going to cost them the majority next fall. they are focus grouping words. by the way, nancy pelosi, the speaker in name only, is trying to convince her caucuses this is not a good idea. her outside group did two focus groups in new jersey, their freight rate items that came back were very damning. president trump's population is going up. even democrats, shannon, a poll that came out today, a quarter of democrats have lost interest in this impeachment proceedings censored -- so-called impeachment proceedings and since it went public.
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it's not playing well for them. >> shannon: let me ask you quickly before you go, there's been talk of calling adam schiff as a witness an senate trial, if it happens. he says there is nothing for him to testify about, and that is a persistent calling him in the senate, if that it will show that the republicans are not serious. do you think they should call him? >> remember, this is a man who has said he had evidence of collusion, he had evidence of obstruction. this is a man who actually read what he said was a transcript of the phone call with ukrainian president, and when he was called on it being false, he said it was a parody. he's been lying repeatedly through this process and changing the story, changing the rules. his credibility is seriously in question. again, shannon, there obsession with trying to undo the well of the people in the 2016 election, and their intent on trying to impact next year's election, it will cost these new socialist democrats in the house there majority.
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>> shannon: we'll see. there's at least one democrats now publicly questioning whether this is a good idea. we know the house intelligence committee is prepping to zen things over to house judiciary. it would be be busy when you get back from things giving. congress meant tom emmer, thank you for making time. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> shannon: former pentagon aid refusing to confirm or deny a new report suggesting he is the author of the anonymous anti-trump book seen as a call to arms for the resistance. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher interviewed him today and has the story. hey, trace. >> shannon, good evening. the first clue in the mystery came as of number 2018. an op-ed in "the new york times" where an anonymous trump administration official talked about how the adults in the white house were working to frustrate president trump's "reckless decisions." clue number two is a recent book called "warning," written again by anonymous. this time saying we should be concerned because the adults in the white house are headed for the exits, and clue number three is a new memoir written by a former pentagon aid. so the new republic's david
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cusack looked at all three works and wrote, "i suspect, based on my own close reading of the text, that the author is in a retired navy commander who became chief speechwriter for defense secretary james mattis." in other words, he was pointing the finger directly at guy snodgrass. on twitter, he quickly did not deny it, writing, "this world continues." today, on "fox news reporting," i pressed guy snodgras guy snods repeatedly. >> the question is, are you anonymous? >> i appreciate that "the new republic" said that the writing was excellent across both books. if i was going to make an announcement, i would do it right. i would come into the studio. >> i went on to mention in either confirming or denying being anonymous might dune up some balls and help sell more books i noted that in 1996, joe fein initially denied writing the anonymous clinton campaign book, "primary colors." by the way, david who believes
8:10 pm
snodgrass is anonymous also guest that you will find was the author of "primary colors." this time, the game goes on. they did, guys in he guy snodgrs issued a firm denial. tweeting "nope, not me." one format to an anonymous book authors. while the unknown author stirs up the chatter, the book itself is not exactly burning up the best seller list. shannon? >> shannon: trace gallagher on the west coast. thank you. new tonight, a victory at least temporarily for president trump in the battle over access to his tax and financial records. the supreme court has temporarily blocked the enforcement of the congressional subpoena. a democratic house lead committee is a green eight years of records from the president and his businesses. the justices have -- if they elect not to stay the case, that still expire, and the records must be turned over. if the high court decides to
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hear the case, the state will remain in effect until the justices issue a decision on the merits which would likely be at least into mid-2020. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg back at work after being treated for possible infection. she spent two nights at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore where she got an iv with antibiotics and fluids. over the past 12 months, justice ginsburg has been treated for both long and pancreatic cancer. at 86 years old, she's the oldest justice on the supreme court. former president barack obama is actually a conservative. that's according to a piece in "the washington post." plus, michael bloomberg officially joins a democratic field and immediately sparks controversy. we'll debate next. ♪ and i'm part of the team building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's 5g ultra wideband-- --for massive capacity-- --and ultra-fast speeds. almost 2 gigs here in minneapolis. that's 25 times faster than today's network in new york city. so people from midtown manhattan-- --to downtown denver-- --can experience what our 5g can deliver. (woman) and if verizon 5g can deliver
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♪ >> shannon: another
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billionaire enters the democratic presidential race. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg officially and for 2020. he's already sparking controversy over the mountain of cash she's pouring into the race. that's not operate correspondent correspondent peter doocy has more. >> a lot of people watching us. >> bloomberg has all the money in the world. now he just wants democrats to like mike. >> i'm ready to get to work, so let's get it on. >> the 77-year-old is spending more for a week's worth of tv ads in any candidate ever to introduce him as a job creator. >> built a business from a single room to a global entity, creating tens of thousands of good paying jobs. >> a three term mayor. >> would new york suffer the terrible tragedy of 9/11, he tok charge. >> and a philanthropist. >> he put his money where his heart is. >> now his heart is on super tuesday primary states. >> he doesn't need people. he only needs bags and bags of money. >> the bloomberg campaign's plan is to let other candidates win in iowa, new hampshire, nevada,
8:17 pm
south carolina. speak up when we launched a campaign yesterday, we didn't launch it and four stay true tot of that process. we want to read in 16 states, which are 40% of the available delicates. >> the billionaire has already spent more on ads than the amount raised by last quarter's top democratic fund-raiser, bernie sanders. >> i understand the power of the 1%. we are seeing that right now, literally with mayor bloomberg. he has decided to use part of his $55 billion, not to buy a yacht, not to buy another home, not to buy a fancy -- but to buy the united states government. >> bloomberg doesn't think president trump can be beaten by anyone else running. that's a race where pete buttigieg, front-runner and i welcome the questions the wisdom of skipping iowa. >> there is some process that narrows the field because there's so many tickets out of iowa. >> both pete buttigieg and bluebird won't share a debate stage anytime soon because the billionaire is not planning to seek the donations needed to
8:18 pm
qualify. >> it's after the dnc. they can set the rules, and if they set the rules where i qualify, i would certainly debate. if they set the rules were i don't qualify, then i want to. >> people are turning out to see elizabeth warren, who might never get a chance to debate michael bloomberg in person. but she will still continue to contrast herself with the billionaire, and even though she had some harsh words for mr. bloomberg earlier today, the two do have something very unique in common. they both used to be republicans. shannon? >> shannon: good bride, peter doocy on the campaign trail. thank you. now to a problematic issue for bloomberg's candidacy, his media empire. the host of "media buzz," howard kurtz, has that part of the story. >> "bloomberg news" is global media giant, 2700 journalists around the world, a tv network, a magazine, all of whom will now be handcuffed and covering their boss' presidential campaign. >> i work morning, noon, and
8:19 pm
night to repay the public trust that they put me. >> but does not trust extend to the company michael bloomberg built? it limited coverage of its founder when he ran new york city. editor in chief john nichols told the staff yesterday, we will continue our tradition of not investigating mike and his family and foundation. that prohibition extends to bloomberg's rivals because we cannot treat mike's democratic competitors differently. but, this raises the appearance of partisanship, the company will continue to investigate president trump. it's not clear whether trump's family would also be fair game as opposed to joe biden's son. the company will largely limit its coverage to bloomberg's speeches, policies, and polls. initial stories he said he is offering his own mix of moderate policy stances and experience in business, government, and philanthropy as a way to beat the drum. tim o'brien and david trip lee, the top editors at bloomberg opinion, are taking leaves to join his campaign. the section is barring any operas about the 2020 campaign.
8:20 pm
former bloomberg editor megan murphy says the policy was ridiculous, and not journalism. three years ago, she threatened to resign over a similar memo. as with "the washington post" examining jeff bezos and amazon, other media companies cover billionaire owners. as mayor, bloomberg refused to tell a person's whereabouts on weekend trips. now he's limiting his own company's ability to cover his campaign at the risk of undermining its journalistic independence. shannon? >> shannon: thank you. so bloomberg smitty empire cannot cover mike bloomberg or his democratic rivals, but president trump is fair game. let's debate it with former clinton poster, now advisor to the bloomberg campaign, doug schoen. senior legal advisor to president trump's 2020 campaign, jenna alice. great to have you both with us. >> great to see you, shannon. >> shannon: at "the daily mail," the u.s. political editor, tweeted about this. he said, "completely unsustainable. i predict trump rallies will include this, "is there a bloomberg reporter back. the fake news section?
8:21 pm
they fly on air force one every day and chase me around the little mike white let them investigate and the democrats. it's crooked as hell." jenna? >> i wouldn't put it past president trump to call them out. "bloomberg news" has become fake news by saying that they are not going to allow their journalists to be independent integrity to pursue a story and write opinion pieces just like they would any other candidate. so this is absolutely ridiculous that they are going to have this memo and basically handcuffed their journalists to now just be a partisan shill for the democratic party, rather than having any sort of journalistic integrity whatsoever. i think that people need to stop reading bloomberg unless they really want to just see it for what it is, which is simply just his own campaigning. i think it is absolutely terrible, and against the foundations of the integrity of journalism. >> shannon: "the wall street journal" puts it this way. they talk about the bloomberg editor in chief note. "the news at outlook will
8:22 pm
continue to investigate the trump administration as it is a government of the day, ada mr. bloomberg or to win the democratic nomination, the company would reassess how it would handle covering its owner." i know that you are advising or working with them in some capacity but they had to know the criticism will come from that decision. >> to become of this as much ado about nothing. john mccall made it clear that they will handle every candidate the same. if there is a election between donald trump and michael blue burn, or any of the candidates, obviously, i hope it's a bloomberg, they will presumably do full throated analysis and reporting on both. to me, there is not a fake news component, but an equivalence that to me is not a big deal. >> shannon: okay. >> too little, too late. >> shannon: topic two. the use of the word now of cult to talk about the president has a cult leader, his followers as cult members. you may have noticed it, we caught it, showing up in all kinds of places. here's a sampling.
8:23 pm
>> it is almost like a deer leader situation, like a cult of personality. >> cultish devotion. >> the call to. >> the destructive cults. >> the president is using mind control. >> becoming a called parades because you yourself was in a cult. >> it is a cult. >> it's frightening to hear a cult expert say that you see all the signs right now today in american politics. >> shannon: al all right, this s how rush limbaugh is reacting to use of that word. speaker pelosi and the democrats are putting this out that trump supporter's are a cult, meaning they are unmovable, inflexible, and members of cults are obviously what else? fools. they are idiots. they are stupid. and so pelosi and her buddies are spreading this notion that trump supporter's are a cult. >> shannon: jenna, you are directly involved in a cult. >> yeah, it sounds like the rest of the fake news got another
8:24 pm
memo to use this as a keyword, it's an attempt to believe all of trump supporter's, to ostracize us and stigmatize us or to having this chilling effect on our boys in the public square. you know, this is absolutely ridiculous to use this term when people in america have a free expression of being able to support the candidate and the political philosophy that they believe in. so to use this type of term is so low, and it really shows that liberals are grasping at straws because they don't have a good argument, so they have to go and call us at such names when, by the way, they are the ones that had tears streaming down on hillary clinton wasn't elected. they are the ones screaming at this guy. they are the ones who are having these just gnashing of teeth. this is just ridiculous! >> shannon: let me bring dog in. this is a danger of turning into another deplorable kind of backfire situation for them? >> it certainly could. look, shannon, i find this
8:25 pm
really inadvisable and really inappropriate. i know what they were alluding to, trump's comment that he could walk on fifth avenue, shoot someone, and someone would still support him. but to use this kind of language is a descriptive term, i think it is harmful to our democracy when we are so polarized. i think we need fewer deplorables, fewer cults, and more cooperation. >> shannon: all right, great to see both of you tonight to. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: religious freedom and billions of international aid dollars from u.s., critics call putting the two together a terrible idea. details next. hi honey, we got in early. yeah, and we brought steve and mark. ♪ experience the power of sanctuary
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8:30 pm
at the ballot box, pro-democracy protesters were back on the streets monday night, calling on the hong kong authorities and by extension, china's central government, to meet all their original demands and the new one. several hundred protesters have gathered here to call for what they term the liberation of the couple of dozen or so students who are still hold up on the campus of polytechnic university, which is just a couple of hundred yards from where we are right now. up on one of the footbridges that leads to the campus, you can see the riot police. only a handful of them up there right now but i can tell you this, there are many more on hand should they feel the need to move in. the day had begun with a dawning of a new political era, probation parties crushed at the ballot box. the people of hong kong sending an emphatic message that they support the protesters, handing the pro-democracy movement a stunning 90% of district council seats.
8:31 pm
>> they expressed their voice by their boats. >> there is still a long way to go. >> it's an uphill battle. we will continue to fight until the day we get free elections. and a victory of hong kong. >> more than 70% of hong kong's 4 million registered voters turned out, from just 47% for the same elections four years ago. that in itself leading some chastened pro-beijing lawmakers to admit changes have to be made. >> a real wake-up call for the government. >> if you like, a real wake-up call. >> hong kong's chief executive carrie lam says she will listen humbly to the people, but the truth is, she has little choice but to listen most closely to her communist party masters in mainland china. and it's an open question how president xi will respond. shannon? >> shannon: jonathan hunt, thank you. tonight, the role of religious freedom and the influence on president trump's international policy. state department correspondent richardson takes a look at the
8:32 pm
future possibilities. >> i'm a christian, a conservative, and a republican, and that order. >> freedom of religion may soon guide more of how the united states spends its foreign aid. several sources with knowledge of the discussions say the administration is considering conditioning american made on whether a government allows its citizens to worship freely. >> avenue you have heard, religious freedom is under threat all around the world. >> ambassador for international religious freedom sam brownback refused to comment on the discussions about aid, when asked about they had elevated religious freedom sufficiently, he said, not yet. "the oppression isn't going to be locking people up, it's going to be marginalizing them in society. that's why for me, this is something that we really have got to go out aggressively now. before this thing spreads more." sources say the administration is considering governments identified by the u.s. commission on international religious freedom as countries of particular concern.
8:33 pm
those that engage in severe religious freedom violations, that list includes china, iran, north korea, saudi arabia. a second tier identifying countries where the government tolerates persecution, like afghanistan, egypt, and india. they condition added pakistan to each watch list. >> this is a unique time enrollment where you've got this alignment with parties in all branches of government concerned about this. >> there are concerns, especially at several countries listed as violators of religious freedom or american allies and security partners, like saudi arabia, egypt, iraq, and india. >> a foreign government is not necessarily speaking for all his people. we should not punish the people of the country because we are unsatisfied by the actions of its government and one particular area. >> sources say a final policy could include waivers for certain security partners, allowing american aid to continue. the right has referred us to the state department or comment. the state declined. sources close to the matter say
8:34 pm
discussions about this policy are ongoing. shannon? >> shannon: rich edson of the state department, thank you. breaking tonight, followed from the eddie gallagher case. the defense secretary explaining tonight, he fired the secretary of the navy but first, the real news roundup. a member of the chuckling squad, the group that claimed responsibility for hocking twitter ceo jack dorsey's account has reportedly been arrested. authorities say the individual is a minor. the hacking group posted bomb threats, racist and anti-semitic messages on dorothy's twitter back in august. after being removed from his position at broward county sheriff, scott israel is fighting back. filing a federal lawsuit claiming the decision to oust him was a sham. deprive him of due process. florida governor ron desantis made removing israel one of his first acts in office, claiming that then sheriff mishandled two mass shootings. one of the fort lauderdale airport, the other to high schon parkland were 17 people were killed and 17 others wounded. according to a new "washington post" op-ed, from
8:35 pm
president barack obama is actually a conservative. that is by 2020 democrats are having such a hard time discuss. david's word like arguing that while obama embraced the left-wing policies, the process through which he governed was actually conservative, saying, "he believes fundamentally that the american model works, even if it has not been allowed to work for everyone." recent public comments, the former president has ruffled some feathers on the left, calling out woke activism from a far left purity test, and canceh culture. attempt to free itself, it only becomes more entangled. unaware that an exhilarating escape is just within reach. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event.
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♪ >> shannon: breaking tonight, the fired civilian head of the navy speaking out. richard spencer telling cbs news the president doesn't understand the full definition of a war fighter. the fallouts over the controversial war crimes case of navy seal eddie gallagher. defense secretary mark esper says he's flabbergasted by the ambassador who allegedly effort to break the navy's disciplinary process.
8:40 pm
correspondent ellison barber joins us. new twists and turns. >> yet, this interview with the navy secretary was extraordinary, not only becaused but also because it took place at the pentagon as a fire navy secretary was leaving for good. >> honorable reinsert the rents rents are, secretary b. >> former secretary richard dispenser was forced out of his job over the weekend. and a resignation letter to president trump, he suggested his departure was tied to a controversial case involving a navy seal. spencer wrote, "i know longer share the same understanding with the commander in chief. i cannot in good conscious obey an order that i believe violates the sacred oath i took." today, secretary of defense mark esper says that spencer lost his job because of a secret deal. >> secretary spencer proposed a deal whereby if the president allowed the navy to handle the case, he would guarantee that eddie gallagher would be restored to rank, allowed to retain his trident, and
8:41 pm
permitted to retire. this proposal was completely contrary to what we agreed to. >> a spencer is already pushing back. >> i will take the bad on me for not letting him know i did that but he was completely informed as to this because's chief of staff was brief. >> secretary esper said that the firing is about the chain of command, not eddie gallagher. but eddie gallagher's name is in the middle of it all. the navy seal was acquitted of murder charges but convicted of taking photos with a body of a nice his fighter, who was demoted, then president trump stepped in and reversed that decision. the navy said it would review the case. gallagher could have been expelled from the seals, according to the to the secretary of defense, top brass while the military justice system should resolve gallagher's case. president trump ordered something different. >> i spoke to the president on sunday, he gave me in order that eddie gallagher will retain his trident. >> do you consider that in order? >> yes. >> and the president's view... >> sticking up for the armed forces. >> it's the right thing to do. >> we will protect our war fighters.
8:42 pm
>> the fire navy secretary. >> we have to have good order and discipline. >> of the president does not know what he's talking about. >> a war fighter as a profession of arms and a profession of arms has standards that they have to be held accountable to and they hold themselves to. >> tonight, it is official. the navy is ending their review of gallagher's case, a brand-new statement from an 80 minutes ago. a spokesperson tells fox news that navy has canceled the naval special warfare designation review board for gallagher. he will retire from active duty last we heard, he said to retire this weekend and of the month. >> shannon: thank you, ellison barber. he said he doesn't understand the definition of a war fighter so let's get reaction from a former wife fighter. thank you for joining us. >> good evening, thank you for having me. >> shannon: i want to read something from house armed services committee chair, congressman adam smith, democrat. he says if a member of the armed
8:43 pm
services believe they don't have to listen to their immediate superior because they can go over their head to the president and pundits on fox news in order to get out of trouble, that is hugely problematic. your reaction? >> well, what is so funny about this is that you have a secretary of the navy who is literally getting fired or asked to resign because he jumped the chain of command, and now he's pontificating and bloviating about how good order is so important. what has been troubling about this all along, i don't know what eddie gallagher did or didn't do, what i do know is that the navy was so bad at trying to prove their case, that they had to cheat to do so, and in doing so, eddie gallagher was only convicted of 1 of 7 charges, which was posing with a dead body. the only thing they were able to prove without hacking computers are breaking the rules are providing evidence that was an admissible or looked at as unsatisfactory by the jury. so when you look at the military justice system, if you are putting good order and discipline on the same pedestal as justice, you're doing it
8:44 pm
wrong. good order and discipline is an ethos and a culture. justice is a moral thing that we do in his country, and we have a process for it. to come out of the eddie gallagher case, and he's been found guilty on something, he served his time, he served the punishment, then president trump comes back and promotes him back, that is obviously more of a political statement. i don't understand where the navy is coming from here, especially the secretary of the navy, looking at this and saying that somehow this is going to inspire the hundred thousand troops that we have in afghanistan to break all the rules. that is not the case. i don't know one marine boot on the ground who would do something they think is wrong because they think it would be that easy to get the president of the united states to pardon them or overwrite some sort of conviction. >> shannon: as this whole thing was playing at this weekend, from what we understand, that a different secretary esper had conversations within the military branches, they were talking about their strategy moving forward, but they were going to do. he goes on a trip to asia. he says while he was gone, navy
8:45 pm
secretary spencer went and communicated with the white house or the president, like, let's make a deal behind the scenes. you let this may be review board thing proceed and then at the end, i will make sure he gets gets to cheat, keep the tr, gallagher , and in the meantime, you can stay out of the process. he was furious. he went on to say this about how this whole thing actually happened. here's a bit of what he had to say. >> contrary to the narrative that someone put forward in the media, this dismissal is not about eddie gallagher. it's about secretary spencer in a chain of command. >> essentially what he was saying is that this wasn't about the case itself. it was about the deal that spencer tried to make with the white house, and going behind his back. he said it's just not a way they can operate. what do you think? >> sometimes they say the cover-up is worse than the crime. when you have someone in such a key position, and the pentagon, looking to circumvent the secretary of defense, that is a problem. that is a big problem. for whatever his reasons are,
8:46 pm
they were completely just in his mind, or another's mind for doing so, then the military, ths not how you do it. the same as you don't pose with dead bodies after you've been in a battle against the enemy. so it's important to be to point out, a little bit of a tangent, the reporting is the navy was looking to take away eddie's trident. the process should be, an objective for a very panel of his peers, other enlisted navy seals would look at this and make a decision. from there, the commanding officer would look at that decision, usually uphold it, maybe go against it, and it could go all the way back to admiral greene, who is already a partisan or objective figure in this. so the problem, the concern was, even if his peers told him, keep your trident, the admiral or even commanding officer below the admiral could still pull it. that is why president trump would you read. the point is, the navy has got more important things to do. if you don't think that the smoke from his fire affects the
8:47 pm
military more than what eddie did and if he was prosecuted for it, then these people are so honed in an air bubble, that they will lose a string of their power to their own boss. it really makes no sense. it is nothing good for our military for the entire rigging admirals, for bureaucrats to be fighting the president on something like that. >> shannon: esper said it will not go to the review board because it would be blasted anyway, and he got the order from the commander in chief. there we go. joey, thank you for your service and for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> shannon: we are about to make your day a whole lot brighter. you do not want to miss tonight's "finding the bright side" segment. get your tissue is ready. if you need some good news, that's next. [ slurping ] must be hot out there, huh? not especially. -[ slurping continues ] -what you drinking? gasoline.
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>> shannon: time now to find the bright side. after a long day of work come at the time of night where we highlight the positive stories you might have missed, and don't we all need that? was bringing former press secretary, rochelle ritchie, and making alexander from inside edition. she's got a brand-new children's book out called "one more hug." it made me cry every time i looked at him. so sweet. thank you both for joining us. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: tell me your positive pick for today. >> my positive pick is miss willie murphy. i absolutely love the story. i don't know if anyone has seen this but it's an 82-year-old woman in rochester, new york,
8:52 pm
she had a guy break into her house and she pretty much beat him up. the thing is, no one knew, especially the intruder, that she was actually a world champion power lifter. this is a woman who started doing this in her mid-70s. the reason why i love the story so much is because it really dispels all these rumors about aging and that as long as you have air in your lungs, you can do whatever you set your mind to. >> shannon: she says this, "i'm alone, at a mold but guess what, i am tough. he picked the wrong house to break into .9 fitting in with the broom, and guess what, he wanted to get the heck out of there. she was pouring shampoo on him. rochelle, i love her. she's a great example. so megan, got to tell you, we got to play this played a young woman who is looking to find out about her bar exam. she's had a number of challenges. i literally cried when i watched this. let's play this for folks at home. >> the bar exam results, july,
8:53 pm
2019. i am so nervous. >> really nervous. >> we are all really nervous. >> i passed! [excited screaming] >> shannon: megan, tell us about her. >> that is alexa, and in that video, she is finding out that she passed the california bar. as a toddler, alexa was born with spinal muscular atrophy, told she did not have a lot of head in her life possibly. she is been confined to a wheelchair for most of her life. she has never left that -- let that stop her. she is pursued acting, television and commercials, graduated college, graduated law school, and yes, just a couple days ago, posted that she passed the california bar. i found the story on the website inspire more because they love alexa's quote. "it's not for my inability to move my muscles, i would not hae
8:54 pm
focused solely on my brain. every hardship is a blessing in disguise. god is good all the time." >> shannon: wow. why do people think that we are so hungry for these stories and why i'm crying over everything? >> we have a lot of built-up emotions. it's been a rough year. we need some good news. we need to positivity, and to show the human spirit that is still out there. >> shannon: megan. >> thanks for doing this, shannon. keep it coming. >> shannon: i want to show indiana junta martin paraded 97-year-old woman who is part of a all women's african-american group that served in world war ii, years ago, they actually have a task of going to do -- they were sent overseas to undo a huge pile, 17 million letters and packages were just stuck in a pile, and they were backlogged. this group of women went in there, she said she joined the army, she said i wish i had done it sooner because if i had known how much it meant, i love the idea of serving my country.
8:55 pm
so she actually, and her team, within a matter of the time they were assigned there, and birmingham, england, able to get this whole thing undone. 97 years old, one of the only surviving members. she inspired me. we all need inspiration. so thank you guys for joining us, some positive stories today pra.>> thank you for having us. >> shannon: great to see you both. we'll do it again soon. so every dog has its day. check this out, our midnight hero tonight has four paws on today, it's conan's day. a white house welcoming the now famous military dog who was injured while helping in the raid that took out isis leader last month. president trump awarding him a well-deserved medal for participating in this successful raid. he, she, we don't know. we were told she but it sounds like a guy's name prayed so beautiful. the president joking around with reporters, saying, you do not want to get into a fight with conan. i think that is true. the president has conan's in his prime, and is not retiring. so to our lucky friend and patriot who actually went in
8:56 pm
there and the worst possible situation, and has been involved in other successful raids, you, conan, are our midnight hero, and all the other canines of serving in the armed forces and with law enforcement as well. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend your evening with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you have fast-acting power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain?
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for you. for all of us. that's for me. navy federal credit union our members, are the mission. tucker is up next in d.c. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." democrats have been talking about impeachment since the very day that trump was inaugurated, but until recently no one here in washington took that idea very seriously. maxine waters would rant about a trial and then pilates moms in santa monica would fantasize on twitter about removing trump by force. the adults in the party, nancy pelosi, for example, the speaker, opposed impeachment on the grounds that it was bad politics. it might boomerang on them. then, in what seemed like a day, everything changed completely. suddenly we had impeachmentve hearings playing out live on tv. nobody explained why. looking back, what exactly happened? well, part of the answer is


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