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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 26, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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increased taxes, the support for it does go down. >> martha: i wonder if sooner or later she will also have to show how she will pay for. nothing in life is free. thank you for spending your valuable time with us. happy thanksgiving to all of y you. >> dana: on the president's pardon and a whole lot of politics. hello, everyone. i am dana perino. with all the noise coming from our nation's capital, we are about to get a bit of a break. president trump about to pardon the national think ceiling turkey. will it be bread, butter, or maybe both? we will take you to the turkeys when it starts. even the holidays can't stop the impeachment news and where that house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff will send his report to the judiciary committee soon after the thanksgiving recess. the fight over witnesses continues with president trump now saying he would love for his folks to testify, except he's
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concerned about future presidents. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live in the rose garden on important turkey duty but of course the other news goes on too. >> good afternoon. i know that when you were here at the white house, this was your favorite time of year, when two turkeys come out. bread-and-butter this year, last year it was peas and carrots. we will find out who americans have voted as the national thanksgiving turkey. both birds will be pardon and then they will live a life of luxury and a special pen at virginia tech. by the way, last night they spent the night of the willard hotel just around the corner from the white house. how nice is the willard hotel? i have never stayed there. the president will be making the announcement shortly. the other news, this morning the department of justice filed an appeal for a stay with the d.c. circuit court of appeals of an order yesterday from judge ketanji brown jackson that would require former white house counsel don began to testify
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before the house judiciary committee on impeachment in the application for a stay, they cite a case from 2008 with the district court ordered the former bush white house counsel harriet myers to testify before congress. the d.c. circuit issued a stay in that case. the president with a lengthy tweet this morning about his rationale for preventing mcgahn and others from testifying before congress. the president saying: "the d.c. wolves and fake news media are reading far too much into people being forced by courts to testify before congress. i am fighting for future presidents and the office of the president. other than that, i would actually like people to testify. don mcgahn's respected lawyer has already stated that i did nothing wrong. john bolton is a patriot and may know that i held back the money from ukraine because it is considered a corrupt country, and i wanted to know why nearby i would love to have mike pompeo, rick perry, mick mulvaney and many others testify about the phony impeachment hoax. it is a democrat scam that is going nowhere but, future presidents should in no way be compromised. what has happened to me should never happen to another president!"
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judge ketanji brown jackson disagreeing with the president that he says he has complete immunity from having either himself or any of his officials testify before congress. judge brown riding "this court holds that executive branch officials are not absolutely immune from compulsory congressional process. no matter how many times the executive branch has inserted as much over the years. even if the president expressly directs such officials noncompliance." white house officials told me yesterday that know-how, no way is mcgahn ever going to testify before congress. dana, you will probably reminder that in the harriet myers case, the president refused to comply. she was charged with corruption -- she was charged rather with contempt of congress. that was a civil case that dragged on through the courts until january of 2009 when the 110th congress disbanded and therefore the contempt of congress citation became moot and the whole thing went away.
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we will see what happens in this case. no question this was going to drag out for a long time to come. >> dana: it will. we will maybe be back to you as soon as the turkeys take the stage. for political reaction to all of this, let's bring in charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor. while john was speaking, it's been reported that the judiciary committee will have its first impeachment hearing on wednesday, december 4. the beat goes on. >> it does. i love that schiff is going to drop his report next week. i wonder what the report is going to say which of course is part of the problem with the entire proceeding. >> dana: everybody knows what the end of the movie is going to be. >> exactly and they kind of know all the twists and turns throughout. and it's why, you know, i love the interview newt gingrich gave a couple weeks ago talking about the problems that occurred during their impeachment process
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with bill clinton. the problem was politics sort of got up with the evidence and with the case. in the case of richard nixon, of course, it was entirely driven by an investigation into something that everybody thought was really bad. in this case, the caboose is leading the train. all the politics is leading this. the evidence in the case and the outrage, or their bipartisan concern that something bad happened. >> dana: it'll be interesting. the judiciary committee announcement, excuse me for reading it off my phone. the question of high crimes and misdemeanors, of course set out in the constitution when it comes to impeachment. the hearing will feature legal experts. they will examine the constitutional grounds for impeachment. i wonder, you know, who those legal experts or when to be. because if you get -- lawyers can tell you all sorts of different things. >> you can get a lawyer to say anything. another thing that i think is
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important and obviously this is a political process and we talk about high crimes and misdemeanors. the entire phrase, what the founders meant, i think is important. it is bribery, treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors. that suggests based on the grammar the high crimes and misdemeanors that nobody knows what that means, they are at least on par with treason and bribery. if you like that gets lost. this is a terrible precedent of changing the most powerful tool in the legislative branch to go after the executive branch. and to use it for politics. that's not what it's intended for. >> dana: this is happening when it could be the democrat support is waning. brenda lawrence, congresswoman from michigan, she said this on sunday. watch. >> sitting here knowing how
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divided this country is, i don't see the value of taking him out of office but i do see the value of putting down a marker saying his behavior is not acceptable. >> dana: charlie, that was sunday and then she said this today. house intelligence committee following a thorough process and holding hearings these past two weeks. the information revealed confirmed this president has abused the power of his office. therefore i continue to support impeachment. someone got to her. >> they got to her. the most important thing and right after that clip you just showed, right after that she went on to say what i think is the most important thing which is it's an election year. why are we doing this in the middle of an election. let the people throw him out of office if they want to. to me, that's the most powerful argument you can make and that is still true. >> dana: from a real political standpoint, the democrats, is it
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in their interest to keep it going? >> i would argue it's not. think about what a stronger hand they would have if they beat donald trump at the polls. that's great. beat him at the polls with your issues. you are ten times stronger. if you do it this way, it's going, all it does is engenders suspicion and leads to, it's going to happen -- coat democrats in the white house and i will be just as horrified by that as i am by this. >> dana: i would love to have you talk a little bit about what the democrats are offering as an alternative. they are mortified that the republicans won't go against the president. go against the president for what? for socialism? >> if the switch and try to do something like a half measure like censure the president, their base, the people they have been i would say lying to you for the past three years about all these terrible things about donald trump, they are going to revolt against them. they are going to be in bad
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shape. i don't see any good way this and for democrats. >> dana: all right, charlie hurt, happy thanksgiving to you. the navy formally ending its review to eddie gallagher allowing the seal charged with several war crimes in iraq to retire from active duty with full rank. he was convicted of a minor charge on president trump's intervention kept him from keep track of -- kept him from getting kicked out of the seals. jennifer griffin. >> we expect a statement from the navy today saying it's canceling the navy trident review board for the three seals who are caught up in the eddie gallagher case. meantime, the ousted navy secretary richard spencer spoke about his termination to cbs as he left the pentagon monday. he had this to say about president trump. >> i don't think he really understands the full definition of the war fighter. a war fighter is a profession of arms and a profession of arms has standards that they have to be held to and they hold themselves to. >> spencer was asked about why he went to the white house
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behind the defense secretary's back, promising the president that if he allowed the review board to go forward, spencer would assure that gallagher wasn't punished and kept his pin. this is the reason defense secretary mark esper said he fired the navy secretary. >> i lost trust and confidence when i found the secret proposal was happening somehow the fact that we all agreed to support the process that he was willing to undermine the process. if that deal had been consummated, if you will, someone would have had to compromise their integrity in the chain of command. >> spencer is not pressed about the allegations that he offered to rig the navy seal board process. he was asked about the president's decision to get involved in this case. >> what message does that sent the troops? that you can get away with things. we have to have good order and discipline. it's the backbone of what we do. >> pentagon officials say they are now ready to move on. >> dana: jennifer griffin at
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>> i saw her fall. i saw her fall. only god. i saw her fall and it was just disbelief. i was like, oh, my god. >> dana: the indiana grandfather whose 18-month-old granddaughter slipped from his hands and plunged her death from an open window on a cruise ship is speaking out about the tragedy. he has been criminally charged with negligent homicide in puerto rico where the ship was docked. bryan llenas joins us from new york city. >> tough interview. prosecutors are charging for negligent homicide despite his
11:16 am
family's wishes not to pursue charges. the 18-month-old tragically felt from the 11th floor window. he says it was an accident. he picked up chloe so she could stand on the railing and bang on the window glass but didn't realize that the window was open and within seconds she slipped out out of his grasp. he told cbs news that his colorblindness may have played a role. >> at no point during that whole incident denies think she fell out. it was like it was unbelievable. it was like it disappeared. like the glass disappeared. i am color-blind. that is something, it's tough. i don't know. i never saw it. i've been told it's the reason it might have happened. >> driving the prosecution's case is surveillance video
11:17 am
reportedly showing anello holding chloe above and over the railing for 25 seconds. anello blames royal caribbean. >> initially i couldn't help but blame myself. if there was a sign. if there was something. it indicated there was a chance for the window to be open, this wouldn't happen. >> you blame the cruise line? >> i do. >> anello faces after three years in prison. he said the outcome is "inconsequential" because the worst thing has already happened. >> dana: let's bring in fox news legal ns mercedes colwin. the law is what? >> if you bring about the death of an individual because of a negligent act, it seems like a strict liability statute. the focus is on whether you exercised the appropriate duty of care, in this case, the care
11:18 am
of the infant granddaughter. it's really difficult when you think to yourself he lifted her up and over the railing and leaning forward. that's where it starts to get tricky for him. to establish a proper defense. >> dana: what did you make of he says he's been told his colorblindness might've led to this. is that persuasive and ultimate prosecutors? >> here someone who has lived with this condition for a number of years. he looks like he's in his 60s. you take extra precautions. if you know that you have this limitation. take extra precautions, especially when you're watching an 18-month-old. why would you take that time of extreme measure and lift her up above -- >> dana: why would the state want to continue to pursue this case if the family itself which is already going through this horrible tragedy says they don't want to seem prosecutor. >> that's a great point. prosecutors make those tough decisions to either create a deterrent. two, it's protecting the life of that child.
11:19 am
they are prosecuting a crime. it's not so much the family. it probably will come of he does get sentenced, if he gets convicted and ultimately sentence and that could be mitigation against a prolonged period >> dana: the family has placed blame on the cruise line of and they have question why a window was left open in the first place in a child play area. could they be successful in suing the cruise line? >> foreseeability factor. they have to establish the cruise line breached their duty of care because they should have known the window would've been open, that someone would've come over, picked up a child, hung over the child above and beyond the railing. it's hard to imagine it could be foreseeable? >> dana: tough case. thank you for coming in and explaining it. alexandria ocasio-cortez blaming her critics why she never wants to hear the term "free stuff" ever again. country music star eric paslay and now he's living at helping others with type one diabetes. the presidential trip departing moments away.
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>> dana: here we are. we have the turkey pardoning with the president on the first lady. >> it's always nice to begin by saying the stock market is up again. we set another record. we should say that. very substantially up. i think that's 132 times that we've set a record from the time
11:23 am
he got elected on that very great day. it's good to know. a lot of people are very happy. we are doing well in our country is doing very well in the first lady and i are delighted to welcome you all to the white house on this magnificent autumn day. on behalf of the entire trump family, i wish each and every one of you a very happy thanksgiving. it's going to be a great thanksgiving. we are glad to be joined today by representatives david rouser and jason smith and a man who's done -- they are warriors. they have all been great warriors. mark meadows, thank you very much, the three of you. please stand up. they are warriors and great people. dam, thank you very much for being here. thanks also to the president of the national turkey federation. joel brandenburger. they are here with their families.
11:24 am
thank you very much. please stand up for what you do. also the head of butterball, the chairman of butterball. that's the biggest there is. great job and we appreciate your involvement. thank you very much. as we gather this week with loved ones across our beautiful land we give thanks to god for the many gifts he has bestowed upon us. today we also come together to honor the beautiful feathered friend, the noble turkey. that's a beauty. it is said that abraham lincoln was the first president to spare a thanksgiving turkey at the request of his son. 1947, president harry truman accepted the first annual national thanksgiving turkey. in the decades that followed, presidents from kennedy to reagan would show mercy. see?
11:25 am
wow. that's a strong bird. to their birds. but it was george h.w. bush who first issued an official pardon. in keeping with that tradition, today i will issue a pardon to a pair of very handsome birds, butter and his alternate, bread. period that's true. look at you. their names were chosen by the students of herald christian academy in north carolina, great state. bread-and-butter were raised in tar heel state by farmer wiley jackson news here with us -- who is here with us and his wife. thank you very much. thankfully, bread-and-butter have been specially raised by the jacksons to remain calm under any condition which will
11:26 am
be very important because they have already received subpoenas to appear in adam schiff's basement on thursday. hundreds of people have. it seems the democrats are accusing me of being too soft on turkey. bread and butter, i should note that unlike previous witnesses, you and i have actually met. it's very unusual. very unusual. in any event, i expect this pardon will be a very popular one with the media. after all, turkeys are closely related to vultures. i don't know if i like that line but there is some truth to it. today after the birds will retire to gobblers rest at
11:27 am
virginia tech, great college. where they will be cared for and enjoy a terrific life. this thanksgiving, we bow our heads in gratitude for the newfound prosperity and spirit that's taking place all across america. the country has never been more successful. our military has been rebuilt. we captured the number one terrorist in the world and killed the number one terrorist in the world, el baghdadi. i want to thank our military because there is nothing like our military. i want to thank almighty god for the shedding his grace on our nation. our nation's special and we especially send our love to members of the united states armed forces serving all over the world. we are forever thankful for those who wear our nation's and the families, the families are
11:28 am
so important. it would never be the same without those great families. because of their selfless service, millions of our fellow americans are celebrating another wonderful thanksgiving in safety and in peace and just a very special country, a very special place. the rose garden at the white house. if you are looking back here, that's the oval office. some of you haven't been here before but every time we walk onto the grounds of the white house, we realize how special it is. so now we reached the moment bread and butter have been waiting for so patiently. there presidential pardons. melania and i wish all americans a happy and blessed thanksgiving. we love you all. butter, let's talk to you for a second because i'm going to do something that you're going to be very happy about. uh-oh, that looks like a dangerous bird.
11:29 am
it just escaped. butter, i wish you a lot of luck. i hereby grant you a full and complete pardon. [applause] full and complete. thank you all very much. that's great, a lot of fun. thank you very much. [applause] >> dana: there you have it, the annual turkey pardoning. the president of the united states with his lovely wife, the first lady, melania trump, declaring that butter is the national turkey.
11:30 am
bread is the alternate. therefore the end of this, let's see if we are going to hear from him again. go ahead. okay. the president and first lady are going to head to florida for a rally. they will have thanksgiving there is a family at mar-a-lago. we of course will bring you any news and we'll be right back. ar. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa ♪the beat goes onp for heart failure look like? it looks like emily cooking dinner for ten. ♪the beat goes on it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. ♪la-di-la-di-di
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experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> dana: michael bloomberg on my campaign trail just now filing to get on the primary ballot in arizona and planning to skip the early states like iowa but that's where we find peter doocy. he's live in des moines. you've got news for us today. >> bloomberg is out where it's a little bit warmer in arizona, getting on the ballot in that state ahead of their march 17 primary. he is signing some papers with the secretary of state and that's one of the primary states where the campaign trail is going to be wide open. for bloomberg for the next couple weeks. nobody else is conceding iowa
11:35 am
like he is. the first day of his campaign, the former mayor came out to say that he's running a national campaign. even though he's doing that, he's not trying to reach a national audience on the debate stage because he admits he is not going to start seeking donations to help them qualify. >> it is up to the dnc. they can set the rules. if they set the rules where i qualify, i would certainly debate. if they set the rules where i don't qualify, then i won't. >> bloomberg is candid. he does not think joe biden or anybody else in the field can beat president trump head-to-head and apparently barack obama is down on buying these days too paid political reports on of private phone call obama had with an unnamed candidate, and there's a quote from that article that says "with one kennedy pointed out that during his own 2008 campaign, he had an intimate bond with the electorate, especially in iowa. they no longer has. then he added and you know who really doesn't have it?
11:36 am
joe biden. so now we are trying to figure out who this unnamed democratic candidate is, joe biden. our team asked mayor pete if it's him. >> what i will say is our message is resonating. i think i windsor looking for gold future oriented vision and a readiness to do that. a way that unifies, not divides. >> kamala harris is here in des moines. we will try to ask her if she's the one barack obama talk to about joe biden. again, she's one of the candidates that's all in iowa. estate michael bloomberg is all out of. >> dana: think you, peter doocy. let's bring in ed henry, fox news chief national correspondent. the political reports that obama said that biden doesn't have it. how do you think the biden people take it? >> they don't like it obviously. they've been playing the stands and peter doocy was there the beginning when biden first got off the amtrak train and was
11:37 am
getting in. he said i don't want barack obama's endorsement. i want to earn it on my own. give me a break. if barack obama had gone behind from the beginning. just a wink and a nod. to be fair, former president george w. bush. stay out of primaries. if there is a wink and a nod, this guy was with me for eight years at my side, i like him a lot. instead, it sounds like according to politico barack obama same the opposite in private. there's another part of that story that caught my eye which is in private, barack obama has been telling top democrats basically "i'm going to stay until the end i can listen looks like bernie sanders gets -- is cruising to the nomination and then i'm going to speak out." interesting because it shows that obama and other senior leaders in the party, very nervous about the socialist wing of the party. taking over and then potentially losing to president trump. you're going to stay on the sidelines and not get involved, even with the former
11:38 am
vice president, your loyal ally? but if bernie sanders is involved. >> dana: i wonder if that extends to elizabeth warren. >> the political story didn't quite aggressive and obviously she's not a socialist democrat butter policies, $52 trillion from medicare for all, pretty close. >> dana: let me ask about bloomberg. kevin sheeky, he said this. >> we have a campaign will retry to pick a nominee. then you largely have a front runner. the rest of the countries left out. >> it's about the momentum. >> no it's not. you can say it's never been done before but you also have to say don't try to before. >> dana: really tried it. rudy giuliani tried. >> rudy giuliani tried it in 2008. he wanted to build out around florida.
11:39 am
he had transplanted new yorkers and he thought that would be the strategy and it didn't work. he largely skipped new hampshire. instead of momentum, i think the bluebird camp wanted to be -- bluebird camp, money, not momentum. he poured money into gun causes and climate change causes. they flipped seats at the local level. a former advisor to barack obama said he's basically, bloomberg is playing this air war, going to dump money in. unita groundwater. of course you need money for ads but you need it in places like iowa. organize, organize, organize. grassroots. elizabeth warren has been doing that for months, as have others. warren we here is good about the groundwork. bloomberg doesn't have it. >> dana: can you buy it?
11:40 am
it's like mercenaries versus your own army. >> what barack obama had, to bring it back to him, and what pete buttigieg is trying to get, you can't buy it. you have it or you don't which is what obama was saying about biden. you can try to force people to buy the dog food. you can buy it and give it. after wanted. >> dana: can't buy me love. ed henry, thank you. president trump holding a big rally in south florida as he had time for thanksgiving. phil keating is alive in sunrise and broward county, sounds like a lovely place to be. >> the weather is spectacular in south florida the past couple days. people have been standing out here for hours. the people planning on coming to the big arena, 20,000 seat capacity. we will see how many they get through president trump's "make america great" rally and is being billed as a homecoming rally because president trump will be leaving the white house
11:41 am
at joint base andrews to fly down to palm beach international airport where he will then take marine one and helicopter on down here to the arena in western broward county in sunrise color to the rally. helicopter back to palm beach and that's where he will spend thanksgiving weekend as he does every year with his family at mar-a-lago. president trump's winter white house. got here early this morning, take a quick listen to one of the very eager supporters. oh, i guess we didn't have that sound bite sorry, no sound. people really tried to camp out here overnight that the police and let them so they have been here really since like 4:00 a.m. just hanging out in the parking lot, enjoying live music. the 45 rally of course because president trump is the 45th
11:42 am
president of the united states. he recently changed his official residence to florida from new york city. that's why it's welcome home. back to you. >> dana: you've got some great weather and obviously having a really good time. phil keating, thank you very much. alexandria ocasio-cortez says she is not just promising free stuff. that's next. with va mortgage rates near 50-year lows,
11:43 am
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>> people say it's about free stuff. this is not about free stuff. it's the public good. so i never want to hear the words or the term "free stuff" ever again. [applause] some of these folks who are trying to flip the script and
11:47 am
say like we are talking about tuition free public college or public housing, they say i don't want to pay for millionaires too go to college. >> dana: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez slamming critics who attacked her. joining me as miranda divine. i'm not sure why she means -- what she means by neoliberals. >> i think that means anyone to the right of her and bernie sanders. >> dana: she talking about public good, like what elizabeth warren says. if you became a billionaire, you didn't do it on your own because if you crossed a bridge the public help to get there because you had a bridge. >> the way ao c things about life, everything is a public good. they are bribing voters into thinking they are going to get they are going to get everything for free. there is no such thing as a free lunch and someone has to pay for
11:48 am
it and unfortunately she had her socialist policies are driving wealth creators out of new york. there will be no one left to pay for that free stuff. >> dana: did you see in "the new york post" today they had a cover, if you can see he here. "you got outsmarted by a bartender." these emails went to cuomo got released about how mad new yorkers were that they lost the amazon deal because of all the jobs. it would've brought a lot of revenue, opportunity. people being able to build other jobs. stick it was 25,000 jobs and that was amazon's headquarters and in the post with more than 2,000 letters we got through freedom of information from cuomo's office. new yorkers just slammed him because it was such a stupid. he was a gift for new york. all of that money, all those jobs. and yet aoc, who was all about free stuff, she won't even allow
11:49 am
their wealth creators to create the free stuff. eventually there will be nothing left and how much longer do we have to look at the failed experiment around the world in communism? i know that anything before 2018 doesn't exist in aoc's world. but look at venezuela. right now you can see the failed state, so she's trying to bring that to new york and so far, -- >> dana: taking care of people at the margins is important but we have to figure out a way. >> to pay for it. >> dana: pay for it. it's not free. thank you. happy thanksgiving. up next, country star eric paslay joins "the daily briefing." special treat for you.
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>> dana: millions of treeferls taking to the skies this holiday season. many of them families wondering if the parents and kids will be able to sit together. there have been dozen of complaints in recent years families are splitting up
11:54 am
families to don't pay a fee to reserve seats together. chuck schumer is demanding airlines change that policy. rick leventhal is here. lots of people traveling this weekend. >> some parents don't want to sit with their kids. let's be honest. the little kids, yeah. senator schumer says the feds were supposed to fix this problem in 2016 with the passage of the faa extension family safety and security act. sought guidelines for airlines to keep families together. schumer says nothing has been enacted to prevent carriers from putting parents many rows away from their kids. he sent a letter to the transportation secretary urging the department to establish a policy to keep kids under 13 seated next to their parents. >> separating families without their permission is against the law. the airlines keep doing it because the department of transportation and the faa have not put out regulations. they should do it asap. >> trace: right now some families are paying extra fees to secure adjoining seats. in some cases they are split
11:55 am
up anyways citing "consumer reports" which found 136 complaints filed against airlines for separating parents from children between march 2016 and november 2018. in seven of the cases kids as young as 2 were split from their folks. and in two case the report found families traveling with 1-year-olds were broken apart. the doj claims that less than one complaints involve family seating. airlines should put families first over profits and fees shouldn't be allowed to force patients and their children to sit apart on planes. we will wait to see. >> dana: also for their own liability sake you would want parents to be with their kids. >> comfort and piece of mind. >> dana: deign get your parents to buy you things from the stewardess. we thank you so much. we appreciate you being here. happy thanksgiving to you. >> same to you. >> dana: there are 1.5 type two americans living in the united states. using his platform to help advocate for others also
11:56 am
living with it. he also joins me now. big fan, eric, thanks for being here. i saw you have been living with this since you were 10 years old. even on stage to this day you have to constantly monitor your own blood sugar. >> it's good to be with you today, dana. yeah, i was diagnosed when i was 10 years old. it's a scary thing when you are a little 10-year-old kid. i probably each more so for my parents when i was diagnosed with diabetes. it's just a difficult thing to live with every day. buff you can do anything you want. i get to tour around, play shows all the time. and get to wear a cool devices. there is all kinds of cool technology out now. i get to wear a thing called a decks commo dexcom. i'm at 112 right now. literally tells you my blood sugar level. so when i'm on stage when i'm touring, it's kind of amazing just the technology. >> dana: your red solo cup not necessarily beer a
11:57 am
little oj to help you out. i talked to a friend of mine who has a child at 8 years old who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. and it's been quite overwhelming for them. one of the things they wanted me to ask you is what do you know now that you wish you had known when you were 10 years old? >> i always knew technology would progress and i hoped it would. juvenile diabetes research foundation great organization leading in research. just the leaps and bounds we have made since i have been a diabetic is amazing. i would tell every kid and every family there is hope. and you are loved and there is a lot of people looking out for you. always trying to help get costs down. you know, with insurance, without insurance, a bottle of insulin is $400. it's very, very expensive. i'm very, very, very lucky that i somehow can tour around and afford to pay for insulin for me which lasts for three weeks. it's very expensive to be a
11:58 am
juvenile diabetic. >> dana: i read you said you be -- >> -- i would say to all those kids can you do anything you want. i will be here hopefully getting costs down for you to be able to afford to live with diabetes. >> dana: my friend also wanted to know how did your mom ever get anything done? there is a big emotional toll on your loved ones as well. >> yeah, i mean my wife, when i'm traveling on the bus, she is really afraid and now with the dexcom she is able to watch that i wish i had a dexcom when i was a little kid my parents could have watched my blood sugar when i was sleeping didn't have to wake me up and patriotiprickmy finger every da. any diabetics watching and want to check your blood sugar it's amazing technology with the dexcom. amazing with jdrf if anybody feels led to help with research and kids with diabetes. it can hit anybody. dana, migrate uncle was
11:59 am
diagnosed in his 40s. my wife's grandfather was diagnosed in his 30's. my wife's grandfather died when he was 60 from complications. it's a very serious disease. and it can hit anyone at any time. it's just not when you are a kid. it can hit anyone, so, any funding we can get to help cure this terrible disease is amazing. you can go to and come see me on the road and we will hang out and i always love meeting kids back stage that have type 1 diabetes they show me their dexcom and insulin pump. can you do anything you. don't let it hold you back. just be a light to the world and do good with what god gives you. >> dana: you certainly have done that eric paslay thanks for being on the show. i hope to meet you soon. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: heavy snow forcing hundreds of flight cancellations in denver. more on the way. my sister sent me pictures this morning. 1,000 travelers stranded spending the night camped out at the airport.
12:00 pm
forecasters 6 to 8 inches by midday. 100 flight delays cancelled. collect in with your airline if you are heading to the airport and be safe. arrive early at the airport too. thanks for joining us. i'm dana. see you on "the five." here is trace gallagher. >> trace: 12 noon in l.a. and 12 reasons to keep it right here. a florida man kicked out of college accused of plotting to blast the deans to shreds. mystery sickness spreading through an entire school system keeping classrooms closed. a bar owner says teachers have no business buying booze now outraged families say their next round is on us. getting to grandma's could be tricky this t-day. and the weather is about to get worse. scientists saying it could already be too late to fight climate change and warning just one solution remains. they spent the majority of their lives in prison. today walking free because they never committed the crime. at one more thing to the


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