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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 26, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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here is a message from phil, please stop falling into the liberal trap as referring to president trump simply as trump. both you and your guests do it, it's a way to delegitimize our president, it's not my intention, sometimes we are running out of time but excellent point. send me thoughts and questions, even video questions. we want to be able to read them on the show. that's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. >> shannon: most of my questions are about lip gloss and earrings which i'm happy to answer. >> laura: you take care. >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin tonight with a fox news alert, president trump fresh off a rally tonight slamming the media, tearing into the house democrats impeachment inquiry, defending his recent controversial military pardons and we also know what steps and when the democrats plan to take on the impeachment front, what
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about democratic lawmakers and pro-trump districts, what are their constituents telling them during this thanksgiving break? let's go to phil keating live in sunrise florida tonight with details from president trump's rally, good evening. >> good evening, a rousing welcome home rally here tonight for florida's most famous brand-new resident, donald j. trump. the make america great again rally the first big public florida event for the president since he officially changed his address from new york city to palm beach, florida. [cheers and applause] more than 10,000 people packed inside to see and cheer on the president, notably happening in broward county, the sunshine state's biggest democratic stronghold. inside it was all love and support for the president with numerous crowd chants of "four more years" the clear theme of
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this event. >> americans have so much to be thankful for. the economy is booming, wages are rising, crime is falling, confidence is soaring and america is stronger than ever before. >> since trump is now a florida resident, no matter whom has democratic opponent ends up being, he can vote for himself right here in the critical largest swing state in the nation which he only won by 1.2% last time. >> on election day 2020, the crazy democrats are going down in a landslide and that landslide is going to start right here in the great state of florida. >> of the field of democrats running in 2020, only one earned a direct mention by trumped
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tonight. >> slow, sleepy joe. i don't know what's going on with joe. one sleepy joe was in charge of ukraine policy, his son -- i call him -- where is hunter? what happened to hunter? his son received millions. >> from here the president walked outside, hopped on to marine one and helicopter to his home, mar-a-lago the winter white house on palm beach island where the first family will be spending the thanksgiving holiday and very likely and likely talking 2020 election politics on the table. >> shannon: just past the stuffing. as the president makes his case in another jam-packed rally tonight, there's big news in the democrats next move.
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all the latest developments for us. >> members of congress are home in their districts tonight but when they come back to washington next week expect the impeachment inquiry to pick right back up where it left off. december 4th, next wednesday the judiciary committee in the house will hold a hearing. this is the letter that judiciary chairman jerry nadler sent to president trump today. he wrote in part i am hopeful that you and your counsel will opt to participate in the committee's hearings, consistent with the rules of decorum and with the solemn nature of the work before us. the president tweeted this morning he would support having his chief of staff mick mulvaney, energy secretary rick perry and secretary of state mike pompeo testify. this comes as the white house has refused to let officials testify in the past before congress. secretary of state mike pompeo had this cryptic answer when asked about the tweet.
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>> reporter: is that something you're considering? >> when the time is right, all good things happen. >> the president talked impeachment at his rally in florida this evening. >> the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment -- think of this. think of this, impeachment. [boos] a witch hunt. >> lawmakers are testing impeachment with constituents, brenda lawrence floated the idea of centering the president rather than impeaching him. >> we are so close to an election, i will tell you, sitting here knowing how divided this country is, i don't see the value of taking him out of office. >> she walked back her comment and now is all in with impeachment, and also tonight to "the new york times" reporting the president knew about the whistle-blowers complaint in september before he released millions of dollars of aid to
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ukraine. on december 9th in the middle of the impeachment inquiry, the department of justice inspector general will drop a report on surveillance of the campaign in 2016. there are reports that former fbi director james comey and his deputy andrew mccabe did not act with political bias when dealing with the pfizer application when dealing with carter page, there were also reports that an fbi lawyer changed and important document to surveilled trump aid carter page and it did not affect the validity of that application but one of many questions presented when this report is out, it is going to be a busy december here in washington. >> shannon: with government funding hanging in the balance, we will be working right up until christmas. thank you. lawmakers say they are looking to hear from their constituents as most polls saying impeachment hearings haven't move the needle. some democrats and pro-trump
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districts are saying they are feeling pressure tonight. from the republican national lawyers association, harvey dillon. let's talk about this, the "washington examiner" -- dozens of moderate democrats facing impeachment pressure. they must reckon with poll numbers that show trump's popularity has not declined. impeachment, if democrats voted against a president who is popular with their constituents. do you think they are feeling pressure tonight? >> i think there is always pressure in politics otherwise what's the point, anybody can do it. polls don't move quickly in this country, people are dug in on their positions. if you like trump, you're against impeachment. if you don't like trump, you are for impeachment, things can change in a hurry as news changes in a hurry and we saw with richard nixon that when the bottom fell out for him, it fell out all at once. it's possible that might happen
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to donald trump. >> shannon: people don't seem to -- if anything, polls show that since the hearings have started people have a lesser taste for impeachment and removal. >> i think people get their news from sources they agree with and people have not really changed and looked outside of those sources. i think it's time for americans to look at the big picture and see what's really going on with the president. if they really believe in law and order they will. >> i think it's good to watch the hearings for yourself, to that point, the chairman of the house judiciary committee announced they are going to start having their own hearings and he has also invited the president to testify, and don't make any chance he does? >> i think the president is trolling these folks, jerry nadler's last attempt to try to remove the president through the russia collusion hearings was a total flop. i think adam schiff was feeling
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the pressure contrary to what chris just said one of the poles he is watching and what tv is he watching because he totally changed his tune from being all in for impeachment -- i think the democrats are all over the place, if i were a democratic strategist looking at this i would say this is a mess, there's no strategy. they change their focus from week to week and the poles as you pointed out our declining popularity for impeachment. if they want to try to do some sort of faux impeachment by doing a sensor, that is equally partisan and equally likely to be a party line vote and equally likely to be a flop for those democrats who are in trump districts. let's look at what the democrats accomplished in one year in office, nothing. they have had two failed impeachment efforts and all they have to show for it, they're going to have to show for it. >> shannon: let's talk about censure, it's something that congresswoman lawrence floated
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on something, she took a boat load of backlash -- forget the censure thing, i'm all for impeachment. the "chicago tribune" editorial board is saying the case for censure, let's talk about it. the final judgment of trump misdeeds remain where it should be, in 2020. at that time voters will have the opportunity to expel him. ari fleischer also tweeting the smart move would be to censure trump and drop impeachment, any chance that happens? >> no, i think for history the democrats need to show they stand on the side of "law & order." the president clearly was using his office to try to corrupt ukraine. he violated the -- >> shannon: clearly? >> there's a debate by republican party that is entrenched with this president and will not move from his side for fear that he will have major reprisals with them with his
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base. clearly if you look at the evidence including the transcript the president released, he was using his office to get dirt on his political opponent. that should not be allowed in our republic. for republicans not to budge on that, that's ridiculous. when you look at polls. >> i'm guessing she's going to see that differently. >> it's not so clear, what the democrats put on was a sham, there was no direct evidence, it was a game of telephone, it wouldn't hold up in a high school is a culinary proceeding, it was all gossip and all nonsense and not an impeachable offense, impeachment should not be taken lightly, one day your party will be in the white house and you don't want to be subjected to these types of dumb shenanigans and games. the democrats know it's going to fail, that's where they change their tune.
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what i was going to say is they see the poles are against them, i think they're going to move on. if there is a third option, it's do nothing, admit the hearings did not produce the evidence, move on under the people's work. >> shannon: it all fires up right after thanksgiving, have a nice one, don't get too rowdy over the wishbone. two legal battles involving president trump's tax and financial records could end up on the supreme court docket. the justices will vote on whether or not the supreme court will hear the case tied to a new york grand jury on decembe december 13th. the other case involves several house committees also trying to get those same tax records from the president's accounting firm. the supreme court put those records on hold yesterday. the court has directed the president to violate formal picking up that second case by
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december 5th. the stay will be in effect until the case is decided which is likely right in the middle of 2020. the justice department and trump's former national security advisor michael flynn filing a joint motion asking to postpone his sentencing until after the republic sees michael horowitz's report on the fbi's handling of the 2016 russia investigation, both sides arguing that horwitz report is likely to examine topics related to flynn's came that federal investigators have offered key evidence and coerce him into a guilty plea. deadly protests in iran as the country leaders blame the west for the unrest, threatening to destroy the u.s. general jack keane joins us live next. we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business.
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>> shannon: iran is warning the u.s. and its allies over what it says is there involvement in deadly antigovernment protests. the u.s. is publicly pledging its support to demonstrators. benjamin hall has details. >> the american flag burned on the streets of tehran as the regime blames the u.s. for recent protests. a speaking during a pro-regime rally, the head of iran's revolutionary guard warned the u.s. not to continue messing in their internal affairs. >> if you cross our redlines, we will destroy you. >> speaking today, secretary pompeo said the u.s. stood behind the protesters. >> to the people who refuse to stay silent about 40 years of abuse, i say this -- the united states hears you, we support you, and we will continue to stand with you in your struggle for a brighter future. >> the antigovernment protests have spread to more than 170
8:19 pm
towns and cities across iran have continued for more than two weeks, estimates of the number killed range from 140 to over 400 with over 10,000 arrested. it's difficult to know the exact numbers because the government has restricted internet access. the protests were sparked by a hike in gas prices but are really about much more. corruption, poor quality of life and support for foreign wars. as u.s. sanctions take hold, it's now feared the regime may lash out. >> the way iran interprets the sanctions, this is an act of war, it causes economic damage and so iran will reach out to its adversaries and because commensurate economic damage. >> protests are also spreading across the region in iraq and lebanon, protesters have also sought to throw out their influence. the state department says it has collected 20,000 pieces of digital evidence of human rights abuses from these latest protests making it clear that
8:20 pm
the mullahs are not afraid to be brutal to put it down. >> shannon: secretary pompeo sites 20,000 pieces of digital evidence showing the iranian regime's abuses saying he and the president are following the deadly protests very closely, let's bring in fox news senior contributing analyst general jack keane. what do you make of the situation that you and i have talked about? this is so widespread, the economy is being hit -- people are taking to the streets. it's unlike anything we have seen before. >> in 40 years or has never been anything like this, there have been demonstrations over election fraud in the capital, some demonstrations a couple years ago due to the economic situation but so widespread, the economy has tanked and it's squeezing the quality of life of everybody but the elites, everybody is suffering because of it.
8:21 pm
food prices, commodity prices, high unemployment -- that's why this has taken place. it would be fine if the iranians did more than just dominate and control. they do it at the expense of the people, they aren't providing effective services and they have squandered the money that the obama administration gave, $130 billion and did it on foreign wars. people are holding them accountable for this. also having similar demonstrations in the regime and lebanon and in iraq which is stunning, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating against iran because of the influence and the government is not effective in not helping the people. it's a common theme and i believe this regime is beginning to show signs of coming apart. as a result of it. what will they do? they will use force to clear the streets, we've already seen evidence of that. this demonstration will not
8:22 pm
overthrow the regime, they will do 1 of 2 things. they're going to escalate and conduct another military operation which i think is most likely to disrupt the flow of oil in the middle east and try to affect the world economy and push it into a world recession. or they will come to the negotiating table but i don't think they're ready for that. i think we are going to see their playbook and a little bit more violence. i don't believe they will go after a u.s. target yet, i think the additional troops that we put into the area have deterred them but it doesn't mean they will not attack american troops at some point. >> shannon: given the option. this is what one iranian commander says, the u.s. and other western forces are backing and fomenting this whole thing, this is with a top iranian commander said. >> we will not leave any move on answered, we will not remain indebted to any superpower and
8:23 pm
will settle scores with all of them, just wait. >> shannon: just wait, they will settle their scores and destroy those who would support these issues. >> this is typical iranian rhetoric, they bring out one of their top killers, that's who this guy is, they blame americans, they blame zionists and blame the regional arabs for all of these problems, that has been a pattern ever since they took over in 1980 and i think it's somewhat hollow. they do not want a war with the united states, that is the end of their regime, the same problem the north koreans have. but they truly want to put pressure on the trump administration to slow down sanctions and eventually to stop them. that is what creating chaos is about disrupting the oil, that is what the military operations are about and that's what they are sabotaging about, but none of that has worked, all that has
8:24 pm
failed. we will see what they are going to do next, it's wonderful to see the administration stand up, call these thugs and killers out for who they really are and back to the iranian people. >> shannon: do you think there's this moment in history we might witness where there is actually a chance for true regime change? >> i don't think this could produce it because the iranians have the guns and the people don't. they would kill as many of them as they could before they would give that regime up. it's not a goal of the administration either, i think they are very realistic and looking at this regime. but it doesn't mean we can't change this regime's behavior and that is what the sanctions are all about. i think there is a real opportunity to do that. >> shannon: general, thank you for stopping in, have a great thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you and all your great crew here. >> shannon: progressives versus progressives in new york. governor andrew cuomo met his
8:25 pm
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>> shannon: democratic socialist squad member congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez putting level to make liberals on notice, she never wants to hear the term "free stuff" again. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has more. >> the argument being put forth by democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is that taxpayer funding universal health care, tuition free public college, and public housing among other proposals are the equivalent of roads and libraries meaning anyone who needs them should have access to them and aoc wants it noted that these programs and policies should not be referred to as "free stuff." >> this is not about free stuff. they are public goods.
8:30 pm
i don't want to hear the term free stuff ever again. >> she also goes after those including liberals who she believes are trying to "flip the script," meaning those who point out her so-called public goods are paid for not by the government but by taxpayers. of course she has endorsed bernie sanders primarily because he supports medicare for all, student loan forgiveness, and the green new deal. in return, if he's elected president ocasio-cortez will play an important role in his white house. meantime it's unclear exactly what role the new york congressman played an amazon deciding not to build a giant headquarters in queens. we know she was against the project but new york governor andrew cuomo says she had nothing to do with amazon pulling out. try telling that to new yorkers. our corporate cousins at "the new york post" sent
8:31 pm
thousands of letters to cuomo, and there's clear evidence he got bested by a bartender, referring to aoc's previous trade. all the other new york state political self serving hacks are an embarrassment looking forward to putting you and new york in my rearview mirror. amazon also came out saying she claimed they were paying starvation wages, she was just wrong. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you. a day of rage in the west bank, thousands of palestinians protesting u.s. policy on israeli settlements. [gunfire] >> the israeli military is firing tear gas and in some cases live ammunition at palestinian demonstrators gathered along the city entrance to the west bank town of ramallah. today the palestinians are
8:32 pm
calling for a day of rage in response to a decision by president trump to legally recognize israeli settlements in the west bank. clashes erupted throughout the day injuring 70 palestinians and at least one israeli soldier. as tear gas ran from the west bank sky, palestinians below protested against president trump and u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo saying the americans are now supporting a violation of international law. >> this decision makes the american administration participants with israel and violating international law. >> pompeo made the announcement monday, it drew harsh criticism from neighboring jordan. warning of dangerous consequences. in 2014, the united nations security council passed a resolution calling settlements flagrant violation of international law. since then israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised
8:33 pm
to extend israeli settlements in the west bank taking the region another step further from a peace deal between israelis and palestinians. the american government recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel and recognizing settlements as both nonstarters for palestinian leadership when it comes to the trump administration's "deal of the century" peace plan. this fact did not stop secretary pompeo from claiming the announcement could help find political solutions for the conflict, there is no evidence to support his claim, fox news has spoken with all of the major factions in both gaza and the west bank. the day of rage did extend to gaza where two rockets were fired into southern israel this evening. >> shannon: thank you. chicago tops the cities of compass getting the most guns. that despite the toughest gun laws in the country. >> chicago police say they have seized 10,000 guns so far this
8:34 pm
year, an uptick from last year and its recent annual average from about 7,000 guns, now averaging one gun recovery every 48 minutes. >> that is ridiculous to me. >> chicago's top cop tells fox news gun runners are going to neighboring states with convenient gun laws like wisconsin and indiana are bringing back duffel bags of guns, he says weak sentencing grates a hotbed for gun crime. >> on the books it may say it's a felony but at the end of the day when it's all said and done, that guy is treated like a misdemeanor until about the third time we catch him. >> chicago's police union says officers seize as many guns as possible from suspects but they aren't fully prosecuted. in a statement, cook county state attorney's office pushes back against a criticism writing our office has approved 92% of the illegal gun cases brought to us and has convicted over 7800
8:35 pm
offenders since state attorney fox has taken office in 2016. fox news submitted freedom of information request to compare chicago's gun numbers to other cities. chicago police seized more than 10,000 guns in a city about 2.7 million people. nypd reports during the same time it seized 3,953 guns in a city with nearly four times the population. l.a.p.d. in a city with at least on1 million more people than chicago seized about half the guns. chicago police are slamming the case of a suspect just released last month on a $500 bond for assaulting a police officer, now the suspect is in charge of murdering another man with an illegal gun. >> shannon: are republicans giving president trump a pass or is the democrats impeachment push one big deep state hoax? a former senior national security official from inside the trump administration joins us with the scoop next.
8:36 pm
a real news roundup, college campuses are no longer a place where students can openly share ideas. students at one university got a play depicting the kkk as villains shut down because actors would actually have to appear in the kkk costume. daniel payne in an opinion piece writing these activists gripped by zealotry and inflexible dogma are taking pains to avoid even thinking about thoughts with which they disagree. first lady melania trump booed at a solo event while speaking at a youth opioid summit in baltimore. president trump has a strained relationship with the city calling it a rodent infested mess. a pennsylvania man accused of stolen valor falsely claiming to have been an navy seal and a silver star recipient.
8:37 pm
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if you're 65 plus, don't settle for a standard-dose flu shot. influenza...going down. move up to fluzone high-dose. see your doctor or pharmacist and ask for it by name. >> shannon: as the president's supporters say the democrats impeachment push is the work of a disgruntled deep state, former advisor to george w. bush michael garrison says republicans need to wake up writing in "the washington post," loyalty to trump is approved by the loosening up all of their loyalties, to truth, honesty, and the national good. whatever the reason, the results have been galling. the infrastructure of american democracy was essentially bombed by a foreign power and the president has responded by giving the attacker and alibi. joining us now, michael anton. what do you make of that
8:42 pm
assessment by michael garrison saying that republicans are excusing all kinds of things in the name of supporting the president? >> i want to make mike very happy by acknowledging on air that he really hired me, he wants that out there. needless to say, i don't agree with it. i would challenge him as i've challenged others to say in writing can you please specify exactly with the president did wrong, what the crime was? we heard it's a bribe, it might've been extortion, obstruction of justice, it might've been a quid pro quo, they are vague on this, they can't pin anything down. was it asking about the 2016 election meddling, was asking about the bidens, was it delaying aid, was a time one of the other to a white house visit. i don't actually know, i know that they think some part of it and all of it is very bad and they want him gone. but if they are going to move forward they're going to have to right articles of impeachment. they're going to be very specific, the hearings didn't help establish any of this, i'm
8:43 pm
curious to know how this goes forward. >> shannon: the assistant secretary of state for european and eurasian affairs, we now have the transcript where he says we've been called obama holdovers or deep state whatever which is offensive having done this through 27 years from one administration to another being nonpolitical. the foreign policy of the united states regardless of who the president is. you come after these people who stepped forward to testify, people referring to them as deep state or never trumpers, it discredits them in a way that's not fair. >> it's partly fair about some people and partly unfair. i know him too and i have been in that government is a deep state myself, twice my total federal service comes to almost six years. i got to know lots of military officers, foreign service officers, intelligence officers who are career people, they are patriotic, they are trying to do their job and a nonpolitical way. you inevitably come across other people who don't see things in the same way.
8:44 pm
let's go back to what was on the hearings. i saw a lot of people go up at the hearings and have a difficult time specifying to democratic questioning what they thought trump did that was illegal or specifically wrong. they were easily able to say where they disagreed with the president on policy. everyone is going to have a private opinion but if you are in one of those subordinate jobs and get a reputation for being nonpolitical, you need to be nonpolitical and not express disagreements with your boss in the chain of command, and take pride in doing so. that seems to me to be a lot of people's real beef with trump, not that you did something wrong but i didn't like ukraine policy where i thought it was going in the supreme irony is the ukraine policy the president pursued was the one they wanted him to pursue but they still didn't like him anyway and wanted him out. >> shannon: what do you make of "the new york times" reported tonight that there is evidence the president knew about the
8:45 pm
whistle-blower complaint when he released the aide. for a lot of people that would be a connection that is important in this case. >> i haven't seen the report, it you're bringing it up to me is the first i've heard of it. >> shannon: would it matter if he knew about the whistle-blower complaint or not? >> i would need to see the details. my conclusion having looked through this is you mention deep state cabal before, clearly it's more than a deep state cabal because there are a lot of people who have made it plain they want trump out but it seems to me they are also working with people who you might call deep state or career officials who feel the same way and also want him out. the shallow state, the overt state and deep state are working together toward the same goal. that's the way it looks to me and the democrats have not cleared up in any way, they wouldn't let republicans ask questions about the fact or details that apparently before the whistle-blower filed the complaint, he was up on the hill talking to committee staff
8:46 pm
including schiff's staff, that looks a little engineered to me. >> shannon: schiff said he's not going to testify. do you think we get any more details about the contacts between his staffers in the whistle-blower? >> if there's a senate trial, i would expect republicans in the senate to pursue it hard, i think it will be obstructed every turn but once it moves into the other chamber which they don't control it will be harder to hold these things back. >> shannon: what we've been told by chairman schiff and it looks like eric swalwell is that if you do not show up, the perception is of guilt. we'll see if it works if they get subpoenaed. i have to ask anyone who's a former trump worker, you're not anonymous, are you? >> no. >> shannon: the president continues his post to win over minority voters, what do the polls say? our panel weighs in next.
8:47 pm
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>> african-american unemployment has again just reached its lowest rate ever recorded in the history of our country. african-american poverty has reached an all time historic l
8:51 pm
low. >> shannon: president trump says the best is yet to come, continuing to make his case to african-american voters, a key voting block always. richard fowler and deanna caldwell talk about that. when it comes to how the president is doing in his polling, there were a couple pulls out this week talking about african-american support for the president. rasmussen at 34%. zero chance this is accurate, this must've been conducted in the homes of ben carson, kanye, that sheriff's guy with the hat, your reaction. >> that was funny but certainly not true, when you think about president trump -- let me be very clear. from a policy standpoint, he's
8:52 pm
the most impactful president for african-americans and generations and i say that because of a policy standpoint, look at what he's accomplished. thousands of people released from jail, 90% of them being black, reversing the draconian effects of the 94 crime bill, the low unemployment rates, opportunities and marginalized areas, you talk about hbcu funding and the list goes on and on. if this is a president who happens to be a republican who a lot of black folks didn't support but he continues to deliver policy solution after policy solution -- i'm in the city of chicago right behind me, talk about in 2016 if you are an african-american man between the ages of eight and 20, the dynamic is changing under the trump presidency. >> shannon: charlie kirk tweets -- a big supporter of the president -- support for impeachment for black americans
8:53 pm
is 24%, now 37%, a 21-point drop. democrats at two weeks to make their case for impeachment and even their most consistent base isn't buying this shift. how to say that carefully? what do you make of the trump campaign's continued outreach to this particular group of voters, do you think it's making headw headway? >> did you say he's investing in generations? >> that's exactly what i said to. >> i think lbj would attest to that record to. >> you mean the civil rights act republicans passed in the senate? that's exactly what happened. >> shannon: one at a time. >> i did not interrupt you, i was just getting some clarification. >> i wanted to correct. >> the facts are this. if you look at generations, he has not been the best president for african-americans, only he has upheld and propped up neo-nazis and the kkk but he is attacked black members of
8:54 pm
congress and democrats. >> shannon: let's stick to the facts. >> he said there were good people on both sides of charlottesville. >> shannon: we can replay that whole thing and parse it into everything else. but we are talking about tonight are these advances that we have cited, but i will say there are overwhelming numbers that show a massive switch away from democrats. you think it's worth his time to try to appeal to specific voters? >> i think these numbers are out stated, these numbers are overstated and are probably incorrect, 34% of african-american support this president, there's never been an election where we seen 34% of african-americans voting for republicans. beyond that point, i think it's a wake-up call for democrats. i think democratic candidates to a better job of their outreach
8:55 pm
to african-american men. his are going to be some overwhelming african-americans in line voting for this president? that's highly unlikely. will there be african-americans lighting up for republicans? we'd never seen that in recent history in an election. >> shannon: ten seconds we got to go. >> i'm going to mentor richard really quickly, if you recall african-americans have been previously in history the party -- the republican party. >> that's in the 1940s and 50s. >> you said it never happened. >> i said in recent memory, how about my lifetime? >> shannon: let's continue this conversation off-line because it can be a very lengthy one and we have an important story we want to tell. our hero tonight, a wealthy businessman who bought nearly $700,000 of memorabilia just to make sure it didn't fall under the wrong hands.
8:56 pm
he bought the items including hitler's top hat, typewriter, all kinds of things, he said he did it for humanity, he's donating them to jewish organizations. he is our midnight hero, thanks for watching, we are back tomorrow. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7? (announcer) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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if you don't love what you are doing. forg ♪ >> tucker: the president has been rallying supporters in sunrise, florida. we will have highlights from the scene coming up. but, first, good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it was supposed to be the most cheerful holiday season imaginable for the democratic party. for three years they fantasized about impeaching donald trump, lurid visions of trials, convictions, the helicopter lifting off from the last time from the white house lawn to the sustainedhe applause to the press corps here in washington. big orange gone forever. banished to mar-a-lago. the left back in power. order restored. it would be like the 2016 election never happened. like it was all a bad dream. that's01 what the democrats thought they were getting for christmas this year.


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