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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 27, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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kid, you threw him in jail. >> emily: you didn't have snow in california. >> greg: check out our thanksgiving special tomorrow, it's going to be great because animals are great, speaking of animals. >> bret: i don't have anything, i have nothing. did president trump know of the whistle-blower complaint before he released military aid to ukraine, new polls show another boost for what many thought was a long shot candidate once for president and no matter where you are headed this holiday weekend, weather could make your travel pretty tough. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, i'm bret baier, the big question on this thanksgiving eve concerns what president trump knew about the
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whistle-blower complaint back in september when he released military aid to ukraine and whether it made a difference. a published report says he was aware of the complaint before he unfurls the funds, that could be a factor as the impeachment process moves forward. correspondent kevin corke is near the president resort tonight where the trump family is spending the holiday, good evening. >> that report suggest the president's prior knowledge in late august may have had a hand in shaping his opinion to release the aid to ukraine in early september. >> they are pushing that impeachment witch hunt and a lot of bad things are happening to them because you see what's happening in the polls? everybody said that's really [bleep]. >> the president was entertaining tens of thousands of his faithful in florida, back in washington concerns were brewing ahead of next week's
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impeachment hearings on capitol hill following a "new york times" report that raises new questions about the timing of the president's decision to release millions in aid into ukraine. if the times that lawyers in the white house counsel's office told the president in late august about the now infamous whistle-blower complaint, sources say the briefing happened after intelligence community inspector general michael atkinson learned about the whistle-blowers concerns in early august, weeks later politico reported to the aid hold up on august 28th. then in september 2 days after congress was notified on the night, the aide was finally released, still well ahead of the september 30th deadline at the end of the fiscal year. the report comes as previously closed-door testimony from omb official mark sandy was released, in it he claimed two agency staffers resigned in part because of their concerns in the aid delay over ukraine. also tonight, rudy giuliani is facing questions about his work
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in ukraine following a report in "the washington post" that he was in talks to be paid by ukraine's prosecutor as they together saw damaging information about democrats. in an interview with bill o'reilly, the president tonight he sent giuliani to ukraine to dig up dirt's on democrats calling him a warrior, a corruption fighter and adding that he possibly saw something. this after the white house approach is a sunday 6:00 p.m. deadline to respond to the judiciary's invitation to provide material to the hearin hearings. a statement said the white house was reviewing chairman nadler's letter adding the president has done nothing wrong and the democrats know it. one of the main issues concerning the white house is just how much in the judiciary committee hearings they may be able to do and for that matter house republicans may be able to do unimpeded or will it devolve into what they saw in the intel
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committee, a process that a great many folks in the white house felt was deeply unfair. >> bret: the times is also reporting the russian inquiry review led by the inspector general is somehow expected to undercut the president's claim that the fbi spied on his campaign, what about that? >> i just want to make sure the folks at home understand we are talking about the times citing a source who apparently saw a draft. we don't know how much the draft will be reflected in the final report but it is also important to note that if the draft is like that final report, we are expected to learn that it suggests the fbi did not have any undercover or unnamed sources planted inside the 2016 trump campaign. that's according to the draft, according to the source says "the new york times." don't forget, december 9th is expected when were going to get that report, mr. horowitz is going to testify at
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december 11th. >> bret: in the campaign or talking to someone in a campaign, perhaps two different things. president trump says he wants to put mexican drug cartels on the government's terror list, mexico's leadership wants to keep that from happening. gillian turner looks on both sides of that tonight. >> president trump grabbed the mexican government's attention last night when he said an interview he's planning a crackdown on the country's drug cartels. first up, designating them foreign terrorist organizations. he says "i've been working on that for the last 90 days, designation is not that easy. you have to go through the process and we are well into that process." he says the move wasn't his first choice pointing out he already tried the nice guy approach with mexico's president but it didn't work. "i've actually offered him to
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let us go in and clean it out and he so far has rejected the offer. we are losing 100,000 people a year to what's happening and what is coming through on mexico." groups designated as terrorist face intense scrutiny from agencies and increased sanctions. mexico's president says it's up to his government to deal with the cartels and mexico's foreign minister vowed in a tweet today he will do whatever it takes to defend the sovereignty and our own decisions. president trump's decision to slap a terrorist label on organized crime rings is unusual but not unprecedented. both presidents george w. bush and obama considered the idea but ultimately decided against it do to trade concerns. the move also comes on the heels of a november 4th massacre in lemoore, 56 miles from the border that left three american mothers and six children dead and sent shock waves across the nation. authorities suspect one cartel operating in the area is responsible for the massacre. president trump says that attack deepened his conviction that border security is the optimal solution. >> america is winning again and america is respected again.
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the wall is happening, it's getting built rapidly and that's a real wall. >> white house sources tell fox news president trump's handing over increasing responsibility for the walls construction to his son-in-law, that's jared kushner. he's been holding biweekly meetings in the west wing to monitor progress on the contracts, funding, and the construction itself. >> bret: thank you. we are a long way from determining the big winners and losers in the impeachment saga but some international experts believe there is already a winner in the fallout from a variety of u.s., domestic, and international challenges. tonight, russian president vladimir putin's big year. >> thank god no one is accusing us of interfering in the u.s. elections anymore, now they are accusing ukraine. for almost three years russia was the talk of this town. >> at the president puts russian salad dressing, somehow that's a
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russian connection. >> there is significant evidence of collusion between the campaign in russia. >> now the mueller report seems like years ago and the impeachment inquiry into the president's dealings with ukraine is front and center. while the focus has moved to ukraine, lawmakers are warned don't forget about russia. >> the impacts of the successful 2016 russian campaign remains evident today. >> chaos in ukraine is a win for russia. >> need at janke is with the wilson center in washington, d.c., she says the winner between the united states and ukraine is russia. >> ukraine's european future is being denigrated, it means that the word of the united states is being undermined tacitly. all of those are good things for russia and a good thing for vladimir putin who wants a bigger space at the table for russia on the world stage. >> russia doesn't only benefit from ukraine, when the u.s. withdrew, boudin was waiting in
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the wings. boudin made a pricey deal with turkey's president, now he wantt of syria and russia is all in. >> why always is putin the winner? this kind of shredding of american credibility will do lasting damage. >> the president insists putin is not the winner. >> i have been tougher on russia than any president maybe ever. >> they met face-to-face in japan in june work trump was pressed in front of the russian president about election interference in 2016. developing news today, it appears if you are in russia and type in crimea on your apple iphone map, it shows the area as part of russia -- remember vladimir putin unilaterally annexed crimea from ukraine five years ago and there's still a
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war between the two countries there. russia demanded the change and apparently apple agreed. >> bret: breaking tonight, president trump has just signed legislation supporting antigovernment protesters in hong kong. the bill specifies u.s. policy toward hong kong, directs assessment of the political developments in hong kong and prohibits u.s. exports of specified police equipment to hong kong. the president sang after signing that bill "i signed these bills out of respect for president xi, china, and the people of hong kong. they are being enacted in hopes that leaders will be able to amicably settle their differences leading to long-term peace and prosperity for all." the president just signing that hong kong bill. the u.s. economy grew at a moderate 2.1 annual rate over the summer, slightly faster than
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first estimated. many analysts are estimating economic growth is weakening in the current october-december quarter to around 1.4%. as effects of the trade war with china overshadow holiday spending. if that is the case, no one told the markets. another day of record closes on wall street, the dow gaining 42, the s&p 500 finishing ahead 13, the nasdaq rose 57. ♪ some of the democratic presidential candidates are spending the thanksgiving holiday week far from home as they work in the first in the nation caucus state of iowa. one of those is california senator kamala harris. peter doocy talks with her tonight from des moines. >> the holidays are here which means the caucuses are getting closer. >> thanksgiving in iowa. >> kamala harris will celebrate thanksgiving with family in iowa
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and she did some of her grocery shopping in another early state. >> i'm literally walking through the airport last night with my bag. >> that was your carry-on to iowa? >> collard greens from south carolina and sweet potatoes from south carolina. >> she is stuck at 3% nationally in a new cnn poll tied with tom steyer, andrew yang, and newcomer michael bloomberg. the leaders now are joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and pete buttigieg who gained the most in this poll and a quinnipiac poll released yesterday. >> we felt on the ground for some time in the early states encouraging that be reflected nationally too. >> now buttigieg is pressing warren for records for her time as a private sector lawyer. >> i hope she releases them. >> she doesn't appear eager to do that. >> i've released 11 years of taxes and all my legal work i
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could put my hands on. >> president trump is running against the whole field but focusing mostly on the bidens. >> what business are you and? bail bonds. you know hunter biden? >> one democrat is in her home away from home. >> a lot of people try to avoid talking politics at the thanksgiving table, how do you avoid that when kamala harris is coming over for dinner? >> i think it will come up but there's so many things to talk about and it's about family and friends. >> joe biden hasn't had any public events all week but after thanksgiving, he is heading here to press the flesh for eight days on the first bus tour of his campaign which his team is calling the "no malarkey post court bus to her. >> bret: peter doocy in iowa, it's good to see senator harris on fox news, she's welcome back anytime. the candidates are scrounging for votes, the people running the elections are scrambling for
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ways to secure their systems against hackers. correspondent dan springer reports 2020 is shaping up as every bit the challenge posed in 2016. >> even as ballots were counted earlier this month and local races, election officials had one eye on 2020. hackers have already started trying to influence next year's election. >> we have seen activity from ip addresses wheat suspect are foreign actors and we now are partnering with federal agencies much more actively than we were in 2016. >> washington secretary of state says there have been tens of thousands of attempts to get into the states election system with new ones daily. in nearby redmond, washington, microsoft digital crimes unit is monitoring corrupted botnets around the world. the company detected a month-long attack by iran. among the hacked victims, members of the trump campaign >> they would've successfully infiltrated these email accounts
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of these key individuals. from there they can either extract information, espionage, or they can use control of those accounts to launch attacks on others. >> election security has been a political football ever since the 2016 race when russia tried everything to influence the outcome, hacking campaign emails, spreading disinformation, and trying to change actual votes. states are gearing up for another cyber onslaught hardening defenses and adding a paper trail and boat audits. experts say systems are still too vulnerable. >> there are thousands of small jurisdiction that know for a fact they need to improve their security and improve their accountability. >> a democratic bill that would give states $600 million to help them modernize past the house but stalled in the republican-led senate. >> we appropriated $380 million to the states to shore up their election systems. they haven't even spent all the money yet. >> secretary of state mike pompeo just said america
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should leave no stone unturned to protect the next election. no system is hack proof and it will take government, tech companies, and the public together to stop those intent on undermining our democracy. >> bret: dan springer in seattle. up next, a travel nightmare for millions this thanksgiving holiday, we will go live to o'hare airport in chicago. first, here's what some of our affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in tucson as police tell "the washington post" a group of employees at ups smuggled large amount of drugs and counter vaping oils in the last ten years, the scheme took advantage of weaknesses in companies distribution system and 11 arrests have been made so far. the company says it is cooperating with the investigation. w fx are in roanoke, virginia, with the capture of a marine deserter wanted in the fatal shooting of his mother's boyfriend. the arrest of michael alexander
3:17 pm
brown ends eight weeks long multistate search that had schools and neighborhoods on alert in roanoke. this is a live look at atlanta for my daughter affiliate down there fox 5. former president jimmy carter is released from an atlanta hospital after successful brain surgery. a spokesperson said mr. carter underwent another procedure to relieve pressure on his brain caused by his recent falls. he will spend the holiday at his home in plains georgia. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back.
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♪ >> bret: new explosions at an east texas chemical plant where early morning blast shattered windows and bluff doors of nearby homes prompted mandatory evacuations in that area. it's happening about 80 miles east of houston. the material burning is a chemical used to make synthetic rubber, the company that owns that plant says it doesn't know yet what caused this fire, it's unclear how long it will take to put it out. three workers injured during the initial explosions have been treated and released from area hospitals. if you have not already
3:22 pm
completed your journey over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house, you may be in a little bit of trouble. some serious trouble in some parts, the weather is not cooperating at all with thanksgiving travel plans. matt finn shows us tonight from o'hare international airport in chicago. >> winter storms are expected to create travel headaches for millions of thanksgiving travelers from california to the upper midwest. states like colorado, minnesota, and michigan can be hit with up to 8 inches of snow and whiteout conditions. >> the snow is going to come down hard, it's going to come down fast. visibility will be very poor. >> at one of america's busiest airports, chicago's o'hare, flights were running smoothly wednesday. >> the airport is better than what we thought. >> arrivals and departures could be impacted at any point. chicago is under an extreme wind alert with potential gusts as high as 65 miles per hour. >> i just want to make sure i
3:23 pm
get here on time and get out of here safe. >> in northern california, a bomb cyclone -- a weather event not seen there in 20 years -- is expected to create hazardous driving conditions and impact air travel. los angeles is forecasting several inches of rain beginning wednesday into thanksgiving day. lax is urging domestic travelers to give themselves three hours to arrive and check-in, foreign travelers four hours. warning about this holiday traffic gridlock already developed on tuesday and could worsen. in denver, the airport is again bracing for nasty winter weather after just digging out, 1,000 passengers were stranded this week because of the snow. >> as long as we have good visibility on the airfield we are able to keep operations moving. >> after one of these storms sweeps across the midwest, it's expected to bring high wind events to the northeast, just in time for the thanksgiving parade in new york city where officials will be forced to decide whether
3:24 pm
to ground balloons if wins above 20 miles per hour. >> we are going to do a lot of audibles and last-minute decisions. >> right now, there are not a lot of liens. we want to give you a live look right now at the arrival and departure board, not a single cancellation up here. a handful of delays, this is a very good scenario if you're flying in or out of this airport, let's hope it stays this way. >> bret: i don't want to jinx it. matt finn live in o'hare. up next, why businesses that legally sell marijuana products are having a tough time finding a bank, will explain. first, beyond our borders -- search crews in albania are going through a rubble following yesterday's earthquake searching for survivors. at least 30 people have died and more than 650 injured in that magnitude 6.4 quake. albania's prime minister visited survivors today at a local
3:25 pm
stadium. six protesters were killed today by security forces in baghdad and southern iraq amid ongoing violence and days of sit ins and road closures. at least 350 people have been killed, thousands wounded in what has become the largest grassroots protest in iraq's modern history. the leader of britain's main opposition party is accusing prime minister boris johnson of secretly negotiating a post brexit a trade deal with the u.s. that they say would drive up the cost of drugs and endanger health care. jeremy corbyn says johnson has put the national health service in great britain up for sale. johnson calls the attack total nonsense. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. (dog barking) ♪ (music building)
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i don't make compromises. i want nutrition made just for me. but i also want great taste. so i drink boost for women. new boost women with key nutrients to help support thyroid, bone, hair and skin health. all with great taste. new boost women. ♪ >> bret: increasing popularity and commercial viability of legal marijuana use has created a conundrum for business owners and financial institutions. many banks will not handle funds generated by companies that deal in cannabis. senior correspondent alecia can you in denver tells us why. >> of the more than 10,000 banks and credit unions of the united states, only 700 currently do business with a cannabis industry. >> do you look over your shoulder? >> i do, still. i have come to be very paranoid,
3:30 pm
why wouldn't they? >> sandy heads one of the first credit unions that allow marijuana companies that otherwise allow companies that operate in cash to deposit funds. marijuana is a $6.5 billion industry. most financial institutions avoid publicity because the drug remains illegal under federal law. >> the definition of money laundry of taking proceeds from illegal activity and making them appear illegal. the acceptance of a deposit by a bank does that. >> why take the risk? under federal guidelines, cannabis companies could seek a bank account if they found a willing institution. most banks refuse. there is no guarantee against prosecution and any guidance could be rescinded with the new administration. >> the process of invalidating every single dollar is complex compared to normal consumer banking. >> she trains other credit
3:31 pm
unions and banks and also works with cannabis businesses on how to not get on the fed's bad side. >> no business should have to pay its employees in cash or pay its taxes and cash. they should be able to pay just like anybody else. >> the house of representatives agreed when it overwhelmingly passed the safe banking act which protects financial institutions. it now awaits action by the senate. in the statement, the senate banking committee said all of this could be delayed should there be an impeachment trial. in denver, alecia, jr., fox ne fox news. >> bret: army major matthew goldstein is trying to get his special forces tab and silver star medal returned following his pardon from president trump, stars & stripes reports that he has filed a request from the secretary of the army, he was stripped of his metals when charged with the murder of a death of a man in afghanistan, the president pardoned him two
3:32 pm
weeks ago. iran is accusing the u.s. of promoting a conspiracy to foment violent confrontations between protesters and government forces, we are learning tonight just how widespread those demonstrations have been. trey yingst corresponds from our middle east newsroom. >> according to amnesty international, the country's supreme leader the ayatollah is blaming the united states for the uprising. >> it was a deep, extensive, and dangerous conspiracy that cost the u.s. so much money and effort. >> the iranian regime says they arrested eight cia linked agents during the protests but gave few details about their identities. with iran's internet restored, the world is getting a glimpse into what happened during the crackdown against civilians who were protesting the government's plan to increase gas prices. security forces were firing live
3:33 pm
ammunition, also there are new images of citizens being arrested and processed in a detention facility. the protests are different from the ones it took 1979 because -- the regime has a tight grip on civilian population making it difficult for the antigovernment movement to gain widespread support. iranian leadership is holding meetings with superpowers like russia and china as well as groups like the taliban and hamas to display their influence across the region. >> iran wants to show it can talk to the russians, it can hold a naval exercise. all of those things are in iran's interests. >> last week's protest on the first to consume iran in the past decade but they come in the context of regional instability. despite thousands taking to the streets there are no indications that civilians pushing for
3:34 pm
regime change will be successful. >> bret: trey yingst, thank you. if president trump knew about the whistle-blower complaint before he released military aid to ukraine, how does that possibly affect his defense, does it matter to those senators possibly getting to be the jury? we'll find out what the panelists think when we come back. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with... increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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3:39 pm
it means? it means we did zero, nothing wrong. they take this perfect call and they want to impeach your president. >> bret: president trump at the rally in florida talking about the impeachment, we've seen a number of polls since the hearings over the past few weeks. one of them by quinnipiac asked the question "have the public hearings changed your mind about impeachment?" "the new york times" with a story out about the president and the whistle-blower and the aid and the timing of a tall saying the president had already been briefed on a whistle-blowers complaint about his dealings with ukraine when he unfurls military aid in september, lawyers with the white house's counsel's office told mr. trump in late august about the complaint explaining what they are trying to determine their legally required to give it to congress.
3:40 pm
let's bring in our panel, byron york, chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner." susan page bureau chief of "usa today" and "washington post" columnist mark t7. it does the timing, considering what we've seen in the fall out of these public hearings had before we get the articles of impeachment that the house judiciary committee will move forward with, does the timing affect the defense of the president? >> it does, democrats have an arguing that there was a quid pro quo in the release of military aid to ukraine and republicans have argued that it was released in september and therefore citing that as evidence that there was nothing amiss here. democrats will argue this shows the reason the aide was released is because the president in their words had been caught, he knew a whistle-blower complaint had been filed against him, was going to be pursued that alleged
3:41 pm
he had demanded a quid pro quo. with that as his motivation, they will say he released the aiden. it undermines one of the defenses that the president has made. >> bret: byron. >> it doesn't seem to be that convincing because "the new york times" says the president learned about the whistle-blower complaint -- we don't know at what level of detail he knew about it. he learned about it in late august. we know he releases the aide on september the 11th, he waits at least 12 days to do something. it doesn't really support that he got caught theory. we need to remember all come on the morning of september 11th, the president got word the house was going to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government going that basically would include a provision to force the spending of the money. later that day, the president got a call from senator portman, the republican in the senate who
3:42 pm
was the cochair of the ukraine caucus who said the president did not have any support for continuing to withhold the aid to. he knew he had zero support in congress on this, he was about to get shut out and he gave, he gave in. >> bret: when the president knew, we have a compilation comf chris wallace talking to kellyanne conway. >> he didn't release the eight until the story was out. >> you are trying to make that causation. >> i find it an awfully interesting coincidence. >> they got their aid and that's important. >> the president decided to release the aide won his cover was blown, he was caught. >> what are the president say to you on september 9th? >> i said what do you want from ukraine? i may have even used a four-letter word. he said i want nothing. >> i want no quid pro quo, i want nothing, tell president president zelensky to do the right thing.
3:43 pm
>> do it he ran on or words to that effect. >> bret: mark, again, it comes down to math, first to get out of the house. >> i think it's pretty clear that he did do this, that it was after the whistle-blower came out and it doesn't matter because the fact is i think the american people have already baked this into their calculations. going into these impeachment hearings, polls showed that something like 70% of the american people think trump did something wrong but only a minority thought he did something that was impeachable that required his removal. after two weeks of hearings, has the needle moved at all in the direction of convincing the american people that he ought to be removed? the answer is no. you look at the polls, all the polls show there is almost no movement in favor of removal. the quinnipiac poll shows support for removal going down from 48% to 46%. in wisconsin, the opposition to impeachment at the start of the hearings was opposed by seven-point margins, now if it's
3:44 pm
a 13-point margin. the democrats have failed to make the case, americans understand the president did something wrong but i don't believe it's an impeachable offense. >> bret: i want to ask a question about rudy giuliani, the president sat down with bill o'reilly after he wrote that book recently and o'rielly said what was rudy giuliani doing in ukraine on your behalf? the president saying you have to ask that to rudy. rudy, i don't know, i know he was going to go to ukraine and i think he canceled the trip. rudy has other clients other than me, i'm one person. bill o'reilly says you didn't direct him to go there on your behalf? no, he's a warrior, rudy is a warrior. rudy giuliani told "the new york times" my only client is the president of the united states, he is the one i have an obligation to report to, tell him what happened. you wonder whether rudy is being repaired to be thrown under the
3:45 pm
bus. >> he sounds like a hand grena grenade. as john bolton memorably dubbed him. this is a mysterious story we aren't finished learning about, we have reports in "the new york times" and "the washington post" that giuliani was seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts with the ukrainian prosecutor at a time he was meeting with the prosecutor to try to dig up dirt about joe biden and his son hunter. this seems pretty swampy territory. >> bret: i want to play this sound bite, i will take time from the next panel. its concerns about rudy giuliani and where he is in the big picture, take a listen. >> i don't know how he knows these people. what? than they are clients, he's got a lot of clients. i don't know, i haven't spoken to rudy about it. [reporter questioning]
3:46 pm
>> i don't know, i haven't spoken to rudy, i spoke to him yesterday, he is a very good attorney and he has been my attorney. >> you can assumed i talk to them early and often and have a very good relationship with him and all of these comments which are totally insulting -- i've seen things written like he's going to throw me under the bus. when they say that, i say he isn't but i have insurance. >> bret: he's told people since then that that was a joke, byron, last word. >> we've all been trying to figure out what that insurance is. i don't think there's any doubt the president is changing his tone about rudy giuliani. in the past, including an interview that i and some other people from the examiner did with him on october 31st, he defended rudy giuliani entirely, saying he was a great mayor, he's an honest man, he's a corruption fighter. now it's like he could have other clients, i'm not sure what was going on, this is not under
3:47 pm
the bus territory but it is some distancing. >> bret: next up the democratic presidential race, the prethanksgiving version. whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage.
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♪ >> from thanksgiving to caucus day, does anything change?
3:51 pm
>> we are just pushing through and we have a lot of events coming up over the thanksgiving weekend. >> bret: peter doocy is really tall but kamala harris is in iowa, she's in there for the long haul. she is not on the top of the polls come anywhere near them. take a look at the rcp average, she doesn't make the top four and there you see in iowa, buttigieg with a decent lead of almost six points and leading in new hampshire as well. we are back with our panel. it is time when it's crunch time, we're looking at february 3rd for the iowa caucuses and the candidates essentially want to live in iowa to try to make a go of it. >> we have seen a big four emerge now and the story certainly in iowa is
3:52 pm
pete buttigieg but also in the national polls, he is climbed into this big four. what you have is biden, sanders, warren, and buttigieg. another story is joe biden continues to have a strong lead in the national polls. in the first week of october, a lot of a lot of people including me were pointing out that he was essentially tied with elizabeth warren, that has gone away. he has an 11-point lead over bernie sanders in the national polls with warren and buttigieg all in double digits, everyone else's way down at three and 2%. it appears to be a four person race and what is striking is the difference between who is leading in iowa and new hampshire and who is living nationally. >> bret: then you add the factor of michael bloomberg and the money he's spending around the country. as i looked at that and people say what is the path for bloomberg especially if he is not playing in the first four states, is it possible because he's a numbers guy and crunching
3:53 pm
the numbers that he looks to the possibility that democrats will not get a nominee of the time they get to a convention and what we always talk about, the contested convention happens and he has spent money all over the country convincing people he's the guy democrats should go for? >> this is the strategy that president jerry brown followed and the president that rudy giui followed as well. i can't tell you how many times i've seen that michael bloomberg ad already on tv but it hasn't happened before. the first contest tend to shape the field. pete buttigieg was now living in iowa wins in iowa, that could have the same effect that obama's victory had in 2008 where it convinces people down the road that here's a guy,
3:54 pm
ground breaking candidate who can win in a heartland state and that propelled him after a hiccup in new hampshire to the nomination. anything is possible, there is no model for mayor bloomberg to be following here. >> bret: mark, last word. >> joe biden has the right mod model, he's trying to reach out to voters who have trump exhaustion with a moderate message who is not scary, he's opposing medicare for all and he has succeeded in that effort and knocking elizabeth warren down because her support has declined by the same number that support for medicare for all has declined. he is the wrong candidate. he is old and tired and fragile and democrats are getting worried. so both bloomberg and deval patrick seem to think there's an opening. if candidates are an old man, two socialists, and a small city mayor with no experience, there is no reason why they can't come in and take the mantle. >> bret: and they all walk into a bar.
3:55 pm
thank you so much, happy thanksgiving. when we come back to my thanksgiving tradition that started by mistake. ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new sizzlin' entrées. now starting at $9.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across
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i am all about living joyfully. the united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded. learn more at the explorer card dot com. >> ♪ >> bret: on thanksgiving eve from strangers to family. in 2016, wanda meant to invite her grandson to thanksgiving dinner. she was not great with the cellphone and instead of texting her grandson she texted jammal a stranger by accident. he asked if he could still come over for thanksgiving dinner and she said of course you can. that's what grandma's do, feed everyone. this is the 4th year in a row they will spend thanksgiving together. that is a great story.
4:00 pm
happy thanksgiving. thanks for inviting us into your home. that is it for this "special report with bret baier." the "story" is next guest hosted boy ed henry. >> i am in for martha maccallum. this is the "story." house democrats may already be feeling the heat even before the oven is turned on for the thanksgiving bird. speaker nancy pelosi pushing forward on impeachment without the bipartisan consensus she promised. pundits have speculated what might happen when the democrats face the music back home. we don't have to guess anymore. the heat is on. look at this town hall hosted by a democratic woman and


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