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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 7, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ leland: an american graduate student has been freed after three years in an iranian prison as part of an exchange between the united states and iran. welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington, i'm leland vittert. boy, the white house is trying to make a very clear point about the differences between the exchanges under president obama and what we just saw happen overnight. kristin: indeed, they are. i'm kristin fisher. wang was a arrested back in 2016. he was in the country doing research for his ph.d.. rich edson is joining us now live from the white house with
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more. rich, you've been tracking this all morning long what's the latest? >> reporter: senior u.s. officials say they hope wage will be back here -- wang will be back here in the united states. he's in germany undergoing a med cam evaluation. president trump tweeted: the united states will not rest until we bring every american wrongfully detained in iran and around the world back home to their loved ones. u.s. officials said last night an american team including state department of iran envoy brian hook -- he's on the left there -- they left for zurich to meet with iranian officials for a prisoner swap. they secured wage there, flew him to germany. he's a graduate student at a princeton university. he was in iran studying persian history when in august 2016 he was arrested. iranian authorities charged him with espionage, sentenced him to ten years in prison. secretary of state mike pompei grow said those were false
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charges and in a statement he says, quote: we thank the swiss government for facilitating the return of mr. wang and are pleased that tehran has been constructive in this matter. we continue to call for the release of all u.s. citizens unjustly detained in iran. in zurich the administration swapped wage for sulemani, an iranian doctor arrested in chicago for violating iranian sanctions. he was expected to appear in court next week and be released soon under a plea agreement. senior administration officials defended the swap saying the u.s. paid no money for wang, and the u.s. sanctions campaign against the iranian regime continues. the official says negotiations intensified over this over the last 3-4 weeks and that the president would welcome wage and his family here to the white house, though they've not scheduled anything yet. president trump scheduled to leave for florida in just a few minutes, give a couple of speeches, attend a fundraiser before returning. back to you guys. kristin: rich edson, thanks. and wage's release is
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spotlighting other cases of americans held prisoner by tehran. garrett tenney is here with more and, you know, anytime one prisoner is released, you can't help but think of all the other prisoners being detained and their families fighting behind the scenes to get them out. >> reporter: which is particularly difficult around this holiday season. a senior administration official says they are hopeful this will give a bit of momentum to getting the other americans held by iran released as well. u.s. officials believe at least six americans are serving long sentences on false charges so that they can be used as bargaining chips in future negotiations. they include 83-year-old businessman who was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and his son who is also an iranian-american along with an art dealer and an environmentalist. u.s. navy veteran michael white was detained while visiting his iranian girlfriend last year and is now serving a 10-year
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sentence on charges he insulted the nation's supreme leader. and there's also new evidence suggesting bob levinson who went missing in iran 12 years ago may be alive and in -- in custody. just a few days ago families came to capitol hill to urge lawmakers to apply even more pressure on iran over this very issue. here's bob levinson's daughter. >> we need the outcry of americans. we need outcry from the international community to say what iran is doing right now is not right. this is a new iranian hostage crisis, and it is not right, it is not acceptable, it is not normal behavior. and they need to end this precedent now. >> reporter: news of wang's release is prompting a bag of mixed emotions for these other families. one man says he is thrilled for wang's family but, quote, beyond devastated that a second president has left my ailing father and brother behind as american hostages in iran in a
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second swap deal. that brother has blamed president obama for not bringing his brother home as part of the iran nuclear deal. this morning a senior administration official said they understand that frustration but reiterated that no american has been forgotten and as soon as one gets home, the white house immediately starts working to bring the next home as well. kristin: yeah. president trump says he's committed to bringing all of them home. gosh, it's always tough for the families, but especially during the holidays. garrett tenney, thanks. leland: tough to see others come home when their loved ones are still away as well. all right, throughout the weekend democrats in the judiciary committee are working, meeting behind closed doors ahead of monday's impeachment hearing. this as the trump administration has ruled out participating in the impeachment inquiry. they ruled it out in pretty harsh language as well. david spunt up on capitol hill as those teams work on drafting articles of impeachment. >> reporter: good afternoon. members of the committee came to
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capitol hill about 10:00 this morning. they expect to meet until about 6:00 tonight behind closed doors discussing and preparing for hearings on monday. now, they did release a report in the last couple of hours talking about the constitutionality of impeachment. i want to read some of this report to you. it's 55 pages with an introduction from chairman jerry nadler. part of it says, quote: determined to protect our democracy, the framers built a safety valve into the constitution. a president can be removed from office if the house of representatives approves articles of impeachment, charging him with treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. speaking of the chairman, jerry nadler, we caught up with him walking into the hearing room, asked him to comment, see what he wanted to say about what today would mean. all he would say is, listen, it's going to be a long day. today's considered a rehearsal, monday the main event. that's when the judiciary formally accepts finds from the intelligence committee and other impeachment inquiry branches. a lot of different reports going on. think of it as opening
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arguments. now, on thursday house speaker nancy pelosi made the announcement publicly that she is not only doing an inquiry anymore, she's moving forward with articles of impeachment. >> the president has engaged in abuse of power, undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections. >> reporter: now, a lot of people questioned when impeachment may happen, would it be during the middle of the election, 2020? but many people now feel it's going to happen before the new year. republicans felt the president, though, has been under attack from the moment he took the oath of office. white house press secretary stephanie grisham defending her boss this morning. >> we're not going to participate in a sham hearing that doesn't give him any rights. they get to choose all kinds of things. they keep moving the goalpost, moving the rules. >> reporter: now, late friday the president's white house counsel said, as you mentioned, the white house not participate, not taking any part of the
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impeachment hearings. chairman nadler invited the white house to participate, it won't happen. counsel said in part, quote: your impeachment inquiry, completely baseless and has violated basic principles of due process and fundamental fairness. now, the judiciary committee expected to meet the rest of today in that big hearing room where you seen those -- you've seen those hearings over the past zell weeks. -- several weeks. they will hold that hearing on monday that's, essentially, like opening arguments in this trial when intelligence presents their findings to judiciary. and, leland, it's possible that some of these articles of impeachment could be written over the next few days. leland: all right. we know you'll ask some of the congressmen as they come out from their closed door meetings. david, thank you. kristin? kristin: president trump is touting the economy. the u.s. economy added 266,000 jobs in november with a large chunk of those positions coming in the education and health services and the manufacturing
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sectors. finish meanwhile, unemployment, the unemployment rate dropped down to 3.5%, matching the 50-year low set back in 1969. so joining us now to help break down these numbers is capitalist pig hedge fund manager and fox news contributor jonathan hoenig. jonathan, let's start with what president trump is saying about all this. clearly, he is thrilled by this latest jobs report. he's been tweeting about it quite a bit late he. we got another one just a few hours ago. he says while the world is not doing well economically, our country is doing better perhaps than it has ever done before. jobs, jobs, jobs. jonathan, is this jobs report as good as president trump says it is? >> it's extraordinary. this is a tremendous jobs report, and the president should take a lap for that. in fact, a lot of the areas that we've seen job growth, kristin, has been in areas where you've seen some modicum of deregulation. you mentioned health care as one example. but look, 50-year low in
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unemployment, 3.5%, and across so many different demographics of americans. so this is the a lot to be positive for. we also saw the resolution, as you alluded, for that gm strike which brought back a lot of the manufacturing jobs that had previously been gone. the president absolutely can take a lap from this, a victory lap on this. but the one, if you will, sticky wicket, kristin, continues to be trade and a lot of those sectors which have not seen jobs come back -- farming, for example, about a 24% increase in farm bankruptcies, or even steel which has seen about a 1% increase in jobs -- the trade continues to be the real iffy question mark for this economy despite the fact the market and the unemployment numbers look quite good. kristin: i mean, for folks that don't follow the economy all that closely unlike you, of course, you know, we were hearing that, you know, economists were saying that there was going to be about 187,000 new jobs added to this jobs report. obviously, we got way more than that. how do you account for this discrepancy? i mean, were you surprised by
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it, or did you think that original expectation number sounded low to begin with? >> no. i mean, i was surprised by it. i think a lot of economists were. one indication was the adp number which is another jobs indicator earlier in the week which which had missed expectations. but, you know, these -- often times these numbers are a little bit over the map, and i think this one no question, kristin, surprised a lot of economists despite because of what we talk about the trade war, but also some of those other indicators, for example, like an inverted yield curve. there have been a lot of examples and evidence that a recession had been coming over the last year. this jobs report, i think, put a lot of those fears to bed, and if we could just get this trade war resolved which have made a lot of economists previously concerned about the economy that much more sure that the good times are going to roll on. kristin: i just want to be clear here because there's been so much talk that we could be on the cusp of another recession. you think that this jobs report means we're good to go for at least a little while, right? >> well, to me, it comes down to
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trade once again. look, kristin, 2019 the trade war cost the average american household about $1,000. now, we're just a week away from those december 15th tariffs. if those are put in place, those could cost the american household about $2,000 a year. will the president find a trade deal to settle on phase one, any phase i think to give the american businessman who has thus far been holding back on making those investment, give him some uncertainty. that's what can keep the economy and the stock market rolling on. kristin: this makes that trade deal even more important for president trump. finally, the fed meeting next week. do you think this means they will keep the interest rates on hold? >> yes, that's something we can be more certain of. given that we talked about unemployment at a 50-year low at 3.5%, they want to have some bullets in the chamber, if you will, so they're going to be very unlikely to lower interest rates despite the fact the president called about the
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so-called advantages of lower interest rates. he might be fighting the federal reserve, but the data is on the side of probably keeping rates where they are especially through the end of the year. kristin: jonathan, always appreciate your energy on an issue that, to some, can seem a little bit dull. you always bring the most energy. i love it. i appreciate it. >> thank you. kristin: leland? leland: and a fox news alert. fox news can report all three of those killed in a pensacola navy base were americans. secretary of defense mark esper telling our chris wallace in an exclusive interview that there were three american victims. fox news is also learning kurt wallace, that two of those people killed were members of the u.s. navy. one family is identified -- has identified one of their sons as being killed in that attack by a saudi national who was here in the united states for flight training by the u.s. navy. jacqui heinrich now outside of the base in pensacola with more
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on the investigation. >> reporter: hi, leland. of course, a looming question is whether this was an act of terror. weaver finding out -- we're finding out what the shooter was allegedly doing in the days before this happened, hearing that he had a dinner party where he watched video of mass shootings. more on that in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ leland: fox news is learning that all three people killed by a suspected saudi shooter at the naval air stationing in pensacola early friday were americans. that's from defense secretary mark esper who sat down with chris wallace for a "fox news sunday" exclusive. we're working on turning around a clip of that interview in just
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the next couple of minutes. meantime, jacqui heinrich joins us live from pensacola with a little bit more on what she has on the shooter, on the events that transpired, especially what we knew about the shooter before, perhaps before he opened fire. >> reporter: hi, lee land. of course, the looming question in all of this is whether it was, in fact, an act of terror. the fbi would not say whether they are looking at an anti-american twitter post as part of this investigation, but they told me they are aware of that post. terrorist watchdog group site found it which was made just hours before the shooting. the user in that post addresses the american people and makes anti-american and also anti-israeli statements. now, fox has not independently confirmed the origins of the post, but the fbi is reported hi trying to confirm that the tweets came from the suspect. also just an hour ago reports from the associated press that the shooter, mohammed saeed
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al-shamrani, hosted a dinner party earlier in the week with oh saudi nationals who watched videos of mass shootings. one of the students filmed the shooting from outside the building, two others watched from a car. ten saudis are being held at the base for questioning as part of this investigation, a although earlier this morning reports anticipated that investigators believed the shooter had acted alone. al-shamrani was one of a few hundred foreign pilots who train at pensacola each year. right now the department of defense has more than 5,000 foreign students from 153 duns training with -- countries training with the u.s. military on american soil. several law makers are calling for a review in that program and its screening process. >> look, clearly, something went very wrong with the vetting that goes on between the saudis, the state department and the defense department. and this particular program and what i'm most interested in as we get to the bottom of this, was this a deliberate enation on the part of al-qaeda or isis
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as part of a planned effort, or was this more of a one-off radical. >> reporter: one deputy who was wounded in the shootout was released from the hospital this morning but, leland, there are still seven people recovering from their injuries. leland: all right. real quick as you're down there, pensacola naval air station is famous worldwide. much of pensacola is the base, much of the base is pensacola. do you get a feeling of how the community is dealing with this, how shaken they are, how they're trying to come to grips with what happened? for so many years they've welcomed all of these foreign students into their community. >> reporter: there's definitely a feeling of just tense emotions here. last night there was really nobody out in restaurants, on the street, just a very somber feeling. the community is grieving. at a vigil today, remembering some of the victims. as you mentioned earlier we learned at least two of them were members of the navy, and
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all three who were killed were american. one victim's brother posted on facebook earlier today saying that he died a hero. he was a 23-year-old recent graduate from the naval academy, i believe. his name was joshua kaleb watson. and his brother said that in the moments before he died, he was actually able to deliver information to first responders about where the shooter was, and he believes that might have actually have saved some lives. leland: jacqui heinrich there in pensacola. we'll get back to jacqui as new details emerge. and we just turned around a quick sound bite with mark esper, the defense secretary, who spoke exclusively with chris wallace just a couple of minutes ago. chris: we know that three people were killed. were they americans or not? >> oh, i, my understanding is that they were americans that were killed. that's my understanding. leland: mac's per there -- mark esper there with chris wallace. the entirety of that interview
11:23 am
with a lot more information about this shooting and also a lot more information about the saudi connection and the u.s. training of saudi forces with the defense secretary mark esper, that airs tomorrow morning on "fox news sunday." check your local listings for time and channel. back to simi valley, california, as news warrants. meantime, there is in that has taken storm across the internet. new video taken by a bystander showing two men climbing the newly-replaced southern border fence. this video prompted some criticism, but soon after its release the border patrol said the system worked exactly as designed. hmm. the national border patrol council's vice president and border patrol agent hector garza joining us now. nice to see you, sir. appreciate it, as always. so the fence is supposed to, or the wall is supposed to stop people from coming over, and now
11:24 am
we have video of a guy coming over the new wall. what gives? >> so it's very important for us to realize that these drug cartels will always try anything to continue their drug smuggling, their human trafficking, their human smuggling. they'll always try something, so that's why it's so important to be able to have those resources like physical barriers, proper manpower. but let's talk about this, leland. this video shows only one person made ab illegal -- an illegal entry and not multiple people. so this wall actually works, the technology. not only that, the hard work of that border patrol agent made a huge difference, and we made sure that this person was apprehended. leland: this from the washington post about a month and a half ago, smugglers are sawing through new sections of trump's border wall with power tools they're able to buy off the shelf s. this a design flaw? what gives here? seems like you guys would want a
11:25 am
wall that is inpenetrable. >> again, it just shows drug cartels will try anything. what's important is these dug cartels will always try to build bigger ladders, but that's not an excuse for us to stop trying to secure the border. leland: right, you can't -- i know we only have video of only one person coming over, but you can't tell me there hasn't been some that you haven't caught, right? >> of course. there's got to be people along the entire border. but, again, just because one guy is jumping the wall or ten guys, that doesn't mean that we stop trying to secure the border. leland: nobody's oaring that it means you -- arguing that it means you stop trying, but it might argue that what was done in building this wall isn't working. >> i can tell you for a fact we're not seeing groups of 10s, 20s people jumping this wall. not everybody can climb that wall, not everybody can rappel down that 30-foot wall. i would have a hard time climbing that wall. in this case one person did come
11:26 am
across, i'm sure there's others that have tried and have been successful, but this wall is actually working, leland. leland: so we have the idea that this part of the wall is working. as you look at the border and, obviously, not everywhere needs a wall or is it practical to build a wall. what percentage of the area that can be secured by a wall has been, how much more, shall we say, is needed? >> so we talked about maybe 50% of the entire u.s. southern border. and that, those figure change depending on the tactics used by the smugglers. let's talk about the wall and the rgv valley are, we have a sector that is a very secure part of the border. but then you compare that to places in texas where we don't have a wall, and that's where all the illegal entries are coming in. these walls also show, leland, once a group commits to coming into the united states and jump that wall that's what they're going to do, guess what? one with of their strategies is
11:27 am
to run back to mexico and get away. in this case they're not going to be able to evade capture and, again, the technology worked. the manpower that was there, the detection technology, the fiber optic cable that we have in those areas in a 30-foot wall is very good. leland: real quick i want to ask you about the reports of the 16-year-old boy who died in custody. tragic, no doubt. nobody wants these kinds of things to happen. have there -- what has not changed, what still needs to change after we learned about depths in custody, after we learned about minors in custody, what hasn't changed and who hasn't been held accountable that allowed this to happen again? >> so one big difference right now that we have, leland, is that now our numbers of apprehensions are actually down. leland: but if numbers are down, shouldn't there be even less of an excuse for somebody to die? >> yeah, but when this happened with this boy, we were being overwhelmed. we had a lot of peoplement we were overcapacity. we could not send anybody to
11:28 am
health and human services. we couldn't send them to foster homes. we couldn't do any of that because there was no space available. our border patrol agents had no choice but to house these people in our stations which were not designed for long-term detention. again, this is the result of congress not acting and not giving us the popper facilities and the proper funding -- proper. we've been asking for funding for such a long time, and this falls squarely on the hands of congress. leland: all right. we will take that issue to them, sir. appreciate your time and your thoughts. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, leland. leland: take care, sir. kristin? kristin: mayor pete buttigieg is out and about in iowa today, just one of the several 2020 democratic presidential candidates speaking at the international brotherhood of teamsters labor union presidential forum. ellison barber is in cedar rapids with more. hey, ellison. >> reporter: hey, krisen. a lot of members, six democrats are here today hoping they can get their endorsement, but they
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♪ ♪ leland: the 2020 democratic presidential field is narrowing down, and many of the remaining challengers are in iowa this weekend looking for union votes. cedar rapidses, iowa, is the site today. ellison barber there before the candidates take the stage. hi, ellison. >> reporter: hey, leland. we have seen democratic candidates join striking union autoworkers on the picket line, we have seen them show up in a number of union-hosted events just like this one. the teamsters have over a million members, six candidates are set to speak at this forum any minute now all hoping to convince the teamsters, both leadership as well as rank and file members, that they are the best person to lead the country. in order to even be considered for a teamsters endorsement, candidates must sign a pledge
11:34 am
agreeing to support legislation that protects pensions and retirement security, strengthens the ability of workers to join a union and establishes a a new trade policy that protects working people. the six candidates here all signed that pledge. senator elizabeth warren signed it too. she's the only one not here. she is in new hampshire today. senator bernie sanders tweeting earlier today: as president, i will double union membership nationwide, end right to work laws by repealing section 14b of the hartley act and impose a mother tour rum on multiemployer pension cuts. i will be your organizer in chief. collective bargaining, trade, all of those are expected to be a big issue today. we also expect to hear democrats talk about president trump. at events like this in the past, they have tried to make the case to union voters that president trump made a lot of promises to them in 2016. some of them maybe went from
11:35 am
democrat to vote for president trump. but they say that his promises have not been fulfilled, and this time around they should come back to the democratic party. leland? leland: union voters are something joe biden considers his turf. we'll check and see how that works out. ellison barber thawed out from the iowa cold. nice to see you. check back with you later. kristin: all right. we're going to turn to our political panel, democratic strategist kevin walling and g work p at the gist eric beach. guys, thanks for being with us. >> hey, kristin, good to see you. kristin: senator kamala harris dropped out of the race, and what this means is at the next democrat debate there are only going to be white people on that stage. how big of a problem is that for the democratic party, kevin? >> yeah, kristin, it's a huge problem, right? we started this cycle with the most diverse group of people running for president, more women on that stage, more people of color, and i think that's certainly problematic especially heading into the general election. we've got to rebuild the obama
11:36 am
coalition which was truly representative of america that successfully elected him in 2008, sent him back to the white house in 2012, and it's up to our candidates at the top to rebuild that coalition against donald trump. kristin: now, eric, there are still two women that are going to be on that stage, one gay man, mayor pete buttigieg. do you agree with kevin that this is a problem for the democratic party, eric? >> well, it's a problem of their own making. they've practiced an identity politics, and i would hope they would have a merit-based primary election. the real reason camilla heifers isn't still in this -- kamala harris isn't still in this race is, one, because of tulsi gabbard and, two, no substance. i don't think they have a problem being the most diverse and all that to be on stage, but i do think they have a problem of not getting their messaging across because there's no substance behind it. kristin: mike bloomberg says, you know, hey, this is the
11:37 am
voters' problem, right? he said this field started out with quite a bit of diversity, and he says, you know, it's not his fault, the voters' fault, for, you know, winnowing down this field before all of these debates can finish taking place. but cory booker had some pretty choice words for mike bloomberg. let's pay the clip, and i'm going to get your reaction on the other side. watch this. >> voters will determine the outcome of this campaign, and black women voters in particular will have a very large impact on our ability to win. and so i'm just going to say it plain, it is a problem that we now have a overall campaign for the 2020 presidency that has more billionaires in it than black people. kristin: more billionaires than black people. eric, your response. >> well, i think, you know, mr. booker is struggling to find his footing in this. here you go back to michael bloomberg, you know, his entrance into this race tells you that there is not a clear
11:38 am
front-runner in the democratic primary, and i also don't think we've seen the last candidate come out, whether it be hillary clinton or michelle obama. i think that the democrats have a real problem when they're, you know, going away to the progressive side talking about medicare for all. a, a messaging problem and impeachment's not going to help that. kristin: kevin? >> yeah, to eric's point, i think a number of our candidates are neck and neck with the president, so is i am hopeful that any one of the top tier candidates can taken on this president and win. we saw a flash of kind of anger from joe biden, for example, on the no malarkey bus tour that wraps up today -- [laughter] kristin: really did. >> it was kind of wild to see. but i think voters want to see that kind of tenacity when it comes to their nominee, especially getting in the fight with donald trump. kristin: so as we look ahead to next week, what does somebody -- let's talk about mayor pete buttigieg, right? he has been doing incredibly well in the polling in iowa. what does he need to do to
11:39 am
really have a breakout moment and solidify his lead in iowa at this debate? >> yeah, kristin, it's a great question, right? you know when you're on top and you start to get all the incoming, right, attacks from senator warren on transparency in his business practices. you seeing some attacks from bernie sanders on his college affordability plan. so you're going to start to see the slings and arrows coming in. you'll notice that as ellison said in the reporting he's in iowa today as part of that labor convention. he's going to have to have another breakout moment on the 19th which is our next debate in los angeles because the pressure 's on him to perform. kristin: eric, the pressure's also, of course, on joe biden to perform. he is still the front-runner. he may not be at the top of the polls all the time in iowa, but he is still the front-runner in this race, right in so what do you want -- well, you don't necessarily want him to do -- [laughter] perform all that well at all -- >> actually, i would love him to perform well. i'd love to see him in the
11:40 am
general election, to be quite honest. >> me too. >> no, i think mayor pete's playing this very smart. he's looking at it and saying, look, we're not going to veer so far left to progressive policies that don't exist for our electorate, and he's going after joe biden trying to occupy that space. so if joe biden falters, who's going to pick up that pieces? mayor pete's, i think, been playing it smart. but if he can't perform on the stage, and it's a big stage, you're going to see someone else entering the race whether it be hillary clinton -- kristin: wow, you're dropping clinton. >> well, i happen -- she's dropping herself, right? she's been out there talking and giving some hints that she might -- kristin: she has. >> and i don't blame her. kristin: we're going to -- it's hard to believe we've been talking about this for so long. iowa caucus closing in -- >> two months to go. kristin: two months. talking about it nonstop between that and impeachable. never a dull day here in d.c. all right. kevin, eric, thank you. >> thanks, kristin.
11:41 am
leland: deadly shootout in florida raising some serious questions about how police handled a hostage situation. who died in that hail of gunfire and what the fbi is saying about it when we come back. ♪ ♪ ( ♪ ) at chevy, we're all about bringing families together. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family. man: that's why our chevy employee discount is now available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more. family is important to us. and we'd like you to be part of ours. so happy holidays. and welcome to the family. the chevy family! get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you
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kristin: pg&e announcing a tentative $135 billion settlement with victims of several deadly northern california wild phis, the deal expected to cover damage from fires ranging from 2015-208. those fires killed dozens of people and destroyed tens of thousands of buildings. in several cases the utility was blamed for outdated equipment and negligence. the deal is now pending court approval. ♪ ♪ leland: well, the fbi has now been called in to investigate a high-speed pursuit that ended quite literally in tragedy. miami area law enforcement officers fired a barrage of bullets into rush hour traffic.
11:46 am
they killed the hostage and an innocent bystander. christina coleman following this case and, boy, has this developed over the past couple of days. hi, christina. >> reporter: it sure hasful four people are dead including the ups driver who was reportedly held hostage. the fbi is looking at the outcome of the deadly shootout. the ups driver was identified as 27-year-old frank ordone or g. his family says police in florida were trigger-happy after he was killed in a dramatic exchange of gunfire between officers and a pair of suspects who allegedly hijacked the ups truck on thursday. the two suspects, 41-year-old lamar alexander and robbie jerome hill, are accused of trying to rob a jewelry store in coral gables late thursday afternoon. they opened fire inside the store, then ran off and car jacked the ups truck with the driver still inside the vehicle. police say he was held hostage by the robbers while they led
11:47 am
police on a wild televised chase that ended in a shootout at a busy intersection in miramar, florida. according to "the miami herald", as many as 18 officers from four different agencies exchanged gunfire with the suspect, and both suspects, the ups driver and a bystander sitting at a stoplight were killed. police say they are not to blame for the civilian deaths. >> the people responsible for this action, for this result are the two gentlemen that decided to enter that store and commit this violent crime within our community. >> reporter: the family of ups driver describes him as a loving father who leaves behind two daughters this holiday season. his brother blames law enforcement for the deadly outcome of the police pursuit. it's unclear if his family plans to take any legal actions, but one of his brother is raising money for a hour and to cover funeral costs as they mourn his loss. >> he was of the type of person
11:48 am
always looking for the good side. i know for a fact, 100% sure, that probably he told them get out. but the way the police handled this situation, it was a nightmare. >> reporter: now, both of the suspects have criminal histories and, again, it's still very early in this investigative process and an fbi special agent in charge said thursday that there's still a lot of up answered questions here. -- unanswered questions here. leland? leland: as you said, many, many unanswered questions. we wait for the fbi's report as well. christina, thank you. kristin? kristin: you're looking at live pictures from the reagan national defense forum. desense tech share mark esper is just one of the mill dare leaders -- military leaders there today, and our own bret baier will be sitting down with him for an interview later this hour. more next. ♪ completely different. unlike most other cold medicines, zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds.
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♪ ♪ kristin: lawmakers on the house judiciary committee are working through the weekend as the house appears even closer to drafting articles of impeachment against president trump. fox media analyst and "mediabuzz" host howard kurtz.
11:53 am
>> you don't get to interrupt me on this time. >> tempers are growing short this time both with the woman leading the impeachment and the man who wants to replace the president. >> do you hate the president? >> i don't hate anybody, so don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. >> nancy pelosi unloaded on sinclair tv reporter james rosen, formerly of fox news, who was trying to ask about republican criticism. the house speaker drew both media praise and scorn across the political spectrum. >> standing up against hatred as her catholic religion has taught her to do -- >> it was sort of an indelible moment. and i will say as a catholic seeing her invoke her catholic faith in that moment at the apex of that con upon thation was sort of -- confrontation was sort of a heart-stopping thing. >> the speaker today losing it -- >> the media are less divided over joe biden who erupted after a voter accused him of selling
11:54 am
access to president obama to help his son in ukraine. with even sympathetic voices saying he mishandled the moment. >> you're a damn liar, man. that's not true. no ones has ever said that. >> he went off on an 83-year-old voter, an unhinged rant. >> it turned into a bit of a rant. >> anger can be a useful tool in politics, a way of riling up your supporters. but in the polarized politics of impeachment, media detractors will invariably say you went too far. kristin? kristin: thanks, howie. and for more on the impeachment inquiry, be sure to catch "fox news sunday" tomorrow. chris wallace has an interview with rhode island congressman and member of the house judiciary committee, david cicilline. check your local listings for time and channel. leland: simi valley, california, they're a little behind schedule there. secretary of defense mark's per set to deliver his -- mark esper set to deliver his keynote address. then there's going to be a q&a
11:55 am
session with bret baier. we will bring that to you as it happens. ♪ wow!
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leland: live pictures there of the reagan library for the reagan national defense forum as the ceremony and program gets underway. we're waiting for the defense secretary to come out for a speech and a kentuckiana a q & . podium. chris wallace has an exclusive he interview tomorrow, saying it was three service members who were killed by the man in pensacola. kristin: we have bret baier going to be doing a bit of the q & a with the defense secretary after his remarks. so we'll be watching for that as well. and president trump speaking with reporters as he's leaving the white house, just moments ago. so a lot happening. leland: a lot to stick around for. the president's on the road and
12:00 pm
he's got two speeches tonight. kristin: yep. for right now, that's all for us here in washington. stick around for bret baier's interview with defense secretary mark esper coming to you live from the defense forum. i'm kristin fisher. eric: there are growing questions this weekend about a high speed chase near miami that ended in tragedy earlier this week. a pair of armed robbery suspects hijacked a ups truck and took the driver hostage and led law enforcement on a chaotic highway pursuit. welwelcome america's news headquarters. i'm eric sean. arthel: i'm arthel neville. it ended with officers firing a barrage of bullets, killing suspects. >> reporter: four people are dead including the ups driver who was allegedly held hostage


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