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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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talking about great things in america's past. sadly i'm not going to talk about america today because this is embarrassing all day long. meanwhile, i want you to stay here for the coverage as it happens. we will be here every step of the way. don't move. sean called and welcome "hannity." nutty jerry nadler circus, his schiff show is still ongoing. going to monitor this charade throughout the hour. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will join us, he'll tell us if they impeach the president what will happen to the senate, and important information. we start november 8th 2016, 62 million americans, you, we the american people, we shocked the world. you voted for donald trump. he won a whopping 304 electoral votes, carried over 30 states. and now democrats are officially trying to flush that free and fair election down the toilet based on zero high crimes, zero
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misdemeanors and zero counts of bribery and zero counts of treason. this what we got for three long years. just two made up baseless week backless charges that would never be allowed in a court of war law. this boils down to one the one thing only. that is the left, liberals, democrats, socialists, and their media mob friends, they think they know better than we, the people that voted for this president. they look down their noses at us. fine. they have contempt for all values, our views, our life and way of life, they hate us, they hate our choice for president. so for three years, three long years, they have desperately tried to undo an election and impeach donald trump. don't take my word for it, just listen to their dear fearless leader, speaker pelosi. earlier this week, this is quite revealing. take a look. >> one of the biggest criticisms
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of the process has been the speed at which they are moving. seriously, though. >> it's been going on for 22 months, okay? two and a half years, actually. >> sean: two and a half years? since he got here. rare moment of truth even for pelosi. way back in january 2017, it was the russia, russia, russia hoax in coordination with a corrupt, deceitful, propaganda state run socialist tv mob in the media, the democrats of light over and over and over again about trump, russia, collusion. the only collusion was a dirty russian dossier that hillary paid for. adam schiff said he has ample evidence of collusion. and we have the nadler show. by the way, he's running his own full schiff show and he said there was collusion in plain
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sight pit or eric swalwell. a great newsroom for the presidency, saying the president acts on russia's behalf. maybe it was hillary who bought the russian dossier. nbc news chief conspiracy theorist braswell area 51 rachel maddow calling trump -- are you hearing this? they are all lying to their teeth. they have smeared, slandered, this parchment for this is who they are, this is what they do. four separate investigations, zero russia collusion. zero. zip. huge blow to impeach the president. they thought mueller would get them to the finish line. instead of apologizing for years and putting the country through hill, they moved to plan b. let's move through a new conspiracy theory. and now the election fast
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approaching. democrats have nothing to waste now, they can't rely on the american people to do their bidding. take a look. >> we cannot rely on election to solve our problems with the president threatens the very integrity of that election. so with a heavy heart, with clear and mine the duty to our country, i support these articles of impeachment. i urge my colleagues to support them as well. >> sean: despite his heavy, heavy, heavy, hard of nadler, he's racing this thing across the finish line. of course, pelosi announced a vote will take place next week. for the past ten straight hours, again today, democrats in the house judiciary committee, they've been holding it all day, all the marathon, we've got to get it done before christmas he. we learned absolutely nothing new all day. no new facts presented. know when this is called for there's only been one fact
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witness. everything else hearsay or opinion. instead, we hear from a bunch of democratic lawmakers totally divorced from reality, living in the land of rage and hatred and psychosis against trump. one congressman them, comparing the impeachment charade to the civil rights and suffrage movements. wow, they think a lot of themselves. take a look. >> somewhat cynically argue that the impeachment of this president would further divide an already fractured union. slavery once divided the nation, but emancipators rose up to clarify all men are created equally. women rose up to clarify that all voices must be heard in our democracy. jim crow once divided the nation, but civil rights champions rose up to clarify that all are entitled to equal protection under the law. >> sean: all lies and all
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conspiracy theories have to be peddled. per usual, democrats clearly more interested in the hyping of their own which trial than actually getting to any truth or real justice because the truth is not good for the democratic party. take a look. >> this amendment strikes the reference to joe biden as the center of the proposed investigation and replaces it with the true topic of the investigation, burisma and hunter biden. officers filed a narcotics offense report listing items seized in the car including a plastic bag containing white powdery substance, a secret service business card, credit cards, and hunter biden's driver's license. a little hard to believe that burisma hired hunter biden to resolve the international disputes when he could not resolve his own dispute with hertz rental car over leaving cocaine and a crack pipe in the car. spewing cognition matt gaetz advocating for an amendment to the articles of impeachment
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which would actually include language about hunter biden and, yes, zero experience in the millions he's paid. it's pretty simple. it's a quid, a pro, a qu a bye hunter. that's the evidence of real abuse of power which they ignored. that commitment ultimately defeated alongside party lines alongside several other amendments. the american people, we know what's going on here. this is nothing but a partisan circus to undo an election. resident shrimp will never be convicted in the senate. senator graham will dismiss and senator mcconnell will dismiss these phony charges. all the other republican senators, look at your screen. look at the 31 democrats from the districts that president trump carried in 2016. see nancy pelosi? she's now making all of those lawmakers walk the plank for nothing. sacrificing those seeds to placate a radical extreme socialist.
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some of these lawmakers are starting to waffle and buckle under the pressure. >> are you ready to vote for them? >> what i'm going to do now is what i was always trying to do as a cia officer. sit by myself with a full body of information. >> sean: the question going forward is will these lawmakers do pelosi's bidding or the people to actually represent, the people who hired them because the constituents are pretty ticked off about the democrats' latest political stunt and the fact they do nothing. take a look. >> [bleep]. it's a laugh. it's all a laugh. >> hasn't done anything wrong!
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spewing americans across the country have every right to be angry tonight for joining us now, former congressman matt gaetz. people got mad at you and they got your back. there's no evidence here. just the opposite. one fact witness, everything is hearsay and opinion, matt. here's where they take the country, the three years of doing nothing for the people of this country. >> you are right, sean. democrats have attacked president trump, president zelensky, and even me in this hearing, but what they haven't attacked are the facts in the law that showed the president has done nothing wrong and should not be facing this in limited rent illegitimate impeachment. either they will lose four votes on the floor tomorrow or they will lose the majority. each and every time that they reference conduct they believe is wrong and improper about the president, we are able to show a deeper understanding of why the president is fighting against
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corruption, using different tools to accomplish american foreign policy. you know what? the results are in. the american economy is thriving, the american experienced is enhanced. >> sean: how many democrats you talking to, your colleagues, your friends, how many of them think >> remember, she, adam schiff, jerry nadler all said the impeachment would have to be bipartisan. right now, the only bipartisan support is against impeachment. not for impeachment. they could even lose more tomorrow. >> sean: how many democrats are going to say, you walk the plank alone. this is idiotic and political suicide? >> you should see! all 31 democrats in the trump districts opposing this impeachment in working with us to try to make america great again. instead, there is a pep rally environment among house
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democrats where they are going to act against their constituents, against the own political i do, though, sean, believe that democrats could actually lose more support than even previously. what's interesting about that is they told us so many times that once they had public hearings, once they put witnesses before the american people that somehow shift the polling, it hasn't. democrats are right where they've always been and the majority of the american people do not support this impeachment. you know what? they are going to hold it against the democrats who continue to advance this cause. >> sean: thank you for that report. thank you for being with us. when these bogus articles of impeachment make their way over to the u.s. senate, republicans can finally put an end back to this madness. judiciary chairman lindsey graham reportedly planning to deep six this witch hunt, let the american people decide the future of this country.
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take a listen. joining us now is senate majority leader. mitch mcconnell with us, his memoir is entitled "the long game," and you forward by president trump and now out on paperback. welcome back to the program. i want to find out about the new forward. i think most people don't fully understand -- let's assume for a minute that the house goes forward with this impeachment and its over to the senate. walk us through how this process works and the options available and what you see happening and how you see this going down. >> first is you pointed it out to your viewers, the democrats have been wanting to do this for three years. first headline in "the washington post" before the president was inaugurated that they were going to impede him. they finally got around to it and will assume that we see two articles impeachment, pretty
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weak stuff coming over to us. what happens then? under the rules, has no option to turn from it and the sole business until we finish. how we can impact that really is with just 51 votes, the chief justice is within the chair and i don't expect the chief justice to try to tilt the playing field either way. we will listen to the opening arguments by the house prosecutors. we will listen to the president's lawyers respond. and then we'll have to make a decision about the way forward. everything i do, coordinating with white house counsel per there'll be no difference between the president's position and our position as to how to handle this. to the extent that we can but we do not have the kind of ball control where a typical issue
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will come to the house, if we don't like it we will take it up. we have no choice but to take it up. we'll work this process in a short period of time in total coordination with the white house counsel's office and the people representing the president. >> sean: i've got to believe the federal rules for the admission of evidence would apply here with the chief justice in charge, that would mean there would be no hearsay evidence be allowed, that would probably mean, well, you might have one or two opinion people, fact experts. but when we watch this process unfold in the house, especially in the schiff show, everybody was hearsay or opinion witness. the one fact witness said, the president said he wanted nothing, no quid pro quo. that was the only fact with this that i saw a pair that would be ambassador sondland. with that be in your view how the federal rules of evidence apply here? >> exactly how we go forward i
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will coordinate with the president's lawyers, they would be no difference between us on how to do this. you raise the issue on what if you have witnesses much like the president of prosser's counsel may or may not decide they want to have witnesses. the case is so weak. we know how it's going to end. nope chance the president is going to be removed from office but my hope is there will be no single republican who votes for either of these articles of impeachment. sean, it wouldn't surprise me if we got one or two democrats. it looks to me over at the house the republicans seem to be solid and the democrats seem to be divided. >> i think you rightly point out, this is very weak. we look for example at the obstruction issue. here, the president like every other past president has exerted executive privilege. they don't like it when there is a dispute between the second of
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branch and the legislative branch, that would be to the role of the judicial branch which is to resolve the disputes between the other two branches of government but frankly they are in such a rush to do this they didn't want to give the courts any time or worse they feared what the courts would decide. >> sean>> this is a thoroughly political exercise. it's not a courtroom experience. it's a political experience. they've gone and screwed up the courage to do it. it looks to me that it may be backfiring on them vertically and swing districts that the speaker's party managed win. most of the nervousness i see on this issue with politicians since the political process is on the democratic side. >> sean: assume he comes over to the senate. you are obligated to take it up. everybody understands that. whoever the house chooses to present the case, they will present their case. however long period of time that
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takes. i could probably be persuaded on either side, which for me is a rare thing, senator, and that would be okay. a lot of people would like to bring in adam schiff, hunter biden, joe biden. i think i'm more inclined to agree with senator graham on this. it's tempting, and they do believe that all of these things must be looked into per there are a lot of real questions here. but i don't know if that would be the appropriate forum once you have the 5 51 votes to end this, very weak case but i think it would be smart to do so. where would your inclination be >> i'm going to take my cues from the president's lawyers. if you know you have the vote, listen to the arguments on both sides, and believe the case is so slim, so weak that you have the votes to end it, that might
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be what the president's lawyers would prefer, and you could certainly make the case for making it shorter rather than longer since it's such a weak case. >> are you confident -- we've talked about for example the obstruction charge and the other would be the abuse of power charge. you read the phone call. you watch, i'm sure, a lot of the coverage that has taken place in the house. do you see any evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever on the president's part as you read the transcript, i read it over and over again. i certainly don't see what we hear joe biden bragging about. you are not getting a billion taxpayer dollars unless you are a prosecutor invest getting his son with zero experience making millions. that didn't happen. >> this is a really weak case and that's why i think you are going to see bipartisan opposition to the articles over in the house. >> sean: how long are you thinking and we will move on from here, how long do you imagine after the house presents its case, that will happen in
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fold -- >> if they do this next week, sean, we will be able to have to go over christmas but we will turn about it right around the first of the year and we would stay on that until we finish. my hope is that it will be a shorter process rather than a long, lengthy process. >> you have your book and -- look, donald trump is a lot of things and i've known him probably longer than you, well over 20 something odd years. he's disruptive. he's an iconoclast. he's a fighter. he's got a lot of good things done for the country. kept a lot of promises with your help on judges, tax cuts, certainly he's got the money for the wall, ending burdensome regulation from a bitter trade deals. the alba got a caliphate defeated. what do you know now what this president three years that you didn't know? >> let me tell you what this
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book is about. the book is about the most long-lasting observation that donald trump and the senate become the republicans for the country end. putting young men and women who are stricken structuralists whose jobs are to follow the law in the courts. we did our 50th circuit court judge just yesterday. to put that in perspective, barack obama did 55 circuit judges in a coke years. we did 50 in three years. and we have a year less for sure. we are going to do one fourth of the circuit judges. most cases did not make it to the supreme court promotes complex litigation never makes it beyond the circuit court courts. this has been the most long-lasting conjugation the president could make in the future, far beyond his tenure in office. we'll have a judiciary not to make it up on the fly. obama said he wanted to appoint judges who had empathy.
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that makes great sense if you are a lytic kit before the judge before whom the judge has empathy, not so good if you are not. >> sean: let's say somebody were to retire at the end of this year, leading into the summer. you have been very clear if the president had supported somebody, you would follow through on that nomination. >> we definitely would do that. and this paperback we were just talking about, the president's forward is about judges, the afterword catches us up what's happened with the trump administration on judges because my memoir came out three years ago before the president was elected. what we did here, the president and i did with this paperback that he was showing on the screen, talk about how the judge project came about, how it went forward. if you recalled, sean, the most important decision i made in my entire political career was to not fill the supreme court
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vacancy when justice scalia passed away. that was the beginning and we have the exclamation point here three years the public would be interested to read about, that's why the president and i collaborated on this paperback. >> sean: i was surprised president obama left so many vacancies and didn't fill those vacancies. >> i will tell you why, i was in charge of what we did the last two years of the obama administration. >> sean: i will give you full credit for that and take a bow. congratulations on the boat. we will be watching very closely in the senate. do you see any possible affections? >> i doubt it. there is zero chance the president will be removed from office and i'm hoping we'll have no defections at all. >> sean: senator mitch mcconnell, thank you for being with us. when we come back, eric holder. he's actually saying bill barr is unfit to lead the doj. we have his history. obama's former attorney general
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may want to take a real hard long look in the mirror before making that comment. we will remind you. the great one mark levin is fired up. you joins us live as we contin continue. it's not just a cold f you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure.
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>> sean: the blake tint
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hypocrisy, dilution, hitting the extreme democratic socialist party especially with formal obama general eric holder. he's attacking bill barr. really? accusing him of being unfit for the job? at this, running political interference for the president. the hypocrisy knows no end, the disconnect with reality stunning. shouldn't shock us. but it's not the first time holder has taken a cheap shot at the current attorney general. take a look. >> has he ever reached out to you? >> no. he talks about me. he keeps saying, where's my roy cohn, i want my attorney general-like holder was to obama. which is true. barr doing the best to protect him. he's broken through some of those norms that we talked about. he's too close to the president. there has to be a wall between
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the justice department and the white house. >> sean: the last person we need a lecture from him is him eric holder. that same guy, literally called himself obama's "wing man" back in 2013 while he was the attorney general. "i am enjoying what i'm doing, still work to be done. i'm still the president's wingmen." want to talk about a institutional norms? remember back in 2012, eric holder actually held in contempt of congress in a bipartisan house boat. why? he failed to provide key documents related to the fast and furious gunrunning scandal. if you recall, fast and furious, that was the failed obama era gunrunning operation under holders doj that led to the death of the border agent brian terry. and others. those weapons were used numerous times. obama and his atf or actually so dumb that they let the guns be r
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is connected to cartels and they lost track of the weapons and people died. and holder was caught stonewalling congress for the key details about the failed program. how about those institutional norms mr. holder? your conduct was repulsive, dumb, as graceful. it was obama and holder, they were the ones responsible for the most you might number former fox news reporter james rosen, named as a coconspirator to commit espionage in some of the leak investigations? eric holder prosecuted more people under the espionage act than all previous attorney general's combined. by the way, the same espionage act that hillary clinton clearly violated and every subsection with that secret server with top-secret and classified information on it. oh, the irs scandal of which
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there was never any real accountability for, despite overwhelming evidence -- what, they targeted key party groups, guess who's in charge of that investigation? that guy, eric holder. when he was in office and since he left, holder has continued to sow division and push the political instability that he claims to be, again -- here's just a small sample of the sanctimonious, self righteous hypocrite in his own words. >> this country has thought itself as an ethnic melting pot. into many ways, essentially of cowards. they say when we go low, they go higher. no. no. they go low, we kicked them. i listen to these things, let's make america great again. when did you think exactly america was great?
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>> sean: when we go low, we kicked them. like a nation of cowards. every democrat, the accused trump and guilty of what it is they accuse the president of. what they are caught doing. every he ran political appearanc intee for obama and brag about it. attorney general bill barr, he's actually the one whose holding those who abuse power accountable. he's draining the swamp. he's trying to literally weed out the dirty cops who abuse their power and have free reign during the obama years. weaponizing intelligence against political opponents. facts? they no longer matter to the left. truth doesn't matter. reason, common sense doesn't matter. it's all trump derangement syndrome every second, our, 24-hour day, levels are shocking and disturbing. look at this, ahead of tonight's appearance, look at governor mike huckabee. he's got a great sense of humor.
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he posted this on twitter. i will be on sean hannity tonight and will it's plain how president trump will be eligible to a third term due to the illegal attempts by comey, dams and the media attempting to oust him, that's why i was named to head up to 2020 for reelect reelection. liberals on twitter had a full on meltdown over a joke. look at susan rice tweeting out, wtf." i tweeted out, it's like alka-seltzer and water. the bubble and phase. what's the name of don jr.'s book? that's right, they are trigger triggered. mike huckabee alongside the author of the best seller "witch hunts," fox news legal analyst jeff jarrett. governor, it's an obvious joke. and -- >> it wasn't a joke, sean. i'm serious.
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>> sean: you been appointed? speak of the president is going to get a third term because the first one didn't count because he was so mistreated by congress and the press. this is hilarious. by the way, wtf means well, that's fine accordingly. >> sean: may be in arkansas. but in new york it means something different. >> it's hilarious and i had a lot of fun watching people on the left just have their heads explode. some of them were never trumpers, they'd went crazy. you have the media types. but honestly, the fact that susan rice took the bait? i've got to be honest. that was funny. i've had a fun day. >> i will be honest. because they are so psychotic, this has gone on for three years. at this point, it has no real impact. it's, like, whether it's, you know, a tree falls in the forest, nobody is there. they are like, okay, they wake up and they hate trump. now we are going to hate him
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this way. one conspiracy theory, we don't admit we got it wrong, mov moven to the next light. >> eric holder, bless his heart, his record as ag was abysmal. he turned the department of justice into a political organization for barack obama. so to accuse bill barr of partisanship? that is rich. let me point something else to you. when he was held in contempt of congress for defying a subpoena, he rushed to the white house to hide behind barack obama begging for executive privilege. and obama did it. but nobody accused obama of obstruction of congress and impeachable offense. but donald trump invokes the semis negative privilege in response to congressional subpoena, it's obstruction of congress, impeachable offense.
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it's rank hypocrisy and stupidity. but democrats in congress are excellent at that. >> sean: last word, governor huckabee. where does this end? >> to accuse bill barr to be unfair and go out there and protect the president, anybody who knows him knows that he's just a protectionist of the law. he loves the constitution. he's not a trump guy as much as he is a constitution and law guy. good for him. for eric holder to say what he did, it's nonsense. it's like asking jeffrey dahmer to teach is nutrition. just simply does not fly. >> sean: thank you. author of "the new york times" best seller, "freedom of the press." i called the great one. he hosts "life, liberty, live- live-in." also syndicated radio host, this send a he has a very special
6:36 pm
guest, me, for the full hour. great one, there's a lot of seriousness here. when we get to the heart is this, this is your wheeled whee. our framers and founders never imagined this. >> let's take a look at this. first of all, let's take a look at the committee chairman. what do they have in common clicks make a lot of things but they talk about the rule of law. they come from sanctuary cities sanctuary cities that nullify a federal law and the support that. they obstruct ice and law enforcement. they reject the immigration laws and they are talking about the rule of law. they do not believe in the rule of law. the constitution is the law of the land. not these they are not nancy pelosi. it's the president's duty to uphold the constitution, not the rogue house with the democrats
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in control. literally every president who crosses the house represented it was in the future under the standard list procedures they have in place with abuse of power and obstruction of congress is subject to potential impeachment if they do not bow to the will of the majority of the house of representatives. first of all, obstruction of congress, they say, right? has the senate done anything yet? house the obstruction of justice? its obstruction of a rogue faction of radical democrats of the house of represented in spirit when they won the majority, they ran for impeachment. the president of the united states has no obligation to them. abuse of power, they talk about. when the president of united states like every past president even since george washington has fought to protect the office of the presidency against a congress that is out of control, that demands the innermost information from his innermost witness is, individuals who report to him. he goes to court and they say that's obstruction.
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let me tell you something: every past president who will be subject to impeachment under the current articles being debated under the house of representatives, john adams would be impeached. he shut down newspapers and imprisoned reporters but abraham lincoln would be impeached. he shut down 300 newspapers. he imprisoned reporters. thomas jefferson would be impeached. the louisiana purchase without budget approval from the congress. woodrow wilson would be impeached. he re-segregated the civil service and he put political opponents and reporters in prison. he would be impeached. the great fdr would be impeached. internment of japanese americans, italian-americans. german-americans. took the property, took their homes. use of the internal revenue service against the "philadelphia inquirer" owner against the connect use the irs against political opponents like you belong. fdr would be impeached 25 times. john kennedy would be impeached,
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used in the irs and fbi against his billable opponents, leaked information against them. lyndon johnson would be impeached, used the irs, the fbi, and the cia, to protect and tap into his belittle opponents into civil rights leaders. by the way, became a multimillionaire while he was a senator. we have a lot of impeachment going on under these bogus rules that this rogue house democrat leadership has put in place. let's look at the history of the democrat party. it's an ugly history with some gaps of goodness. the party of slavery. the party of segregation. the party of jim crow. and when the democrat party does what it does like that, it needs to be slammed down. and it needs to be slammed down now! the next democrat president of the united states must be impeached. not to get even, not because we are at a low level.
6:40 pm
but because the republicans can't live under one constitution when the democrats live under and other constitution. it's the only way we are going to stop them. one party cannot be allowed to abuse the constitution, waited around around, while the other party since there and takes it. the democrat party must be slapped down. the next democratic president, if they vote for impeachment for donald trump, must be impeached and we have the blueprint. it's the pelosi project. she said it today, we've been at it for 22 months, two years. what you mean we are being fast here? we have the plan. endless unconstitutional subpoenas. no resort to judicial review. no due process. accusers protected from scrutiny paired phone calls upon leaders must be released. the president a pot of closest advisors must testify. tax returns. business records. business associates! all subject to congressional
6:41 pm
access and demand the appointment of a special counsel. that's the pelosi project. it must become the republican project when there is a democrat president. one other thing. look at this damn thing. this is the mueller report. it took them 9,000 pages to say that the president of united states is an innocent man who did not commit any crimes. 500 paces, $40 million. that's that. another one that's 500 pages long. look at this. what is this? this is an inspector general porch that says, what, the obama administration -- are you listening, mr. holder, spied on the trump campaign! tampering with evidence! repeatedly lied to this p26 report to get bogus wards four times renewed! used a dossier paid for by the clinton campaign.
6:42 pm
they use all of this, lies and crimes to get this! a special counsel report that says you are president of the united states is an innocent man. donald trump is upholding the constitution. donald trump is the victim! it's the members of the house of representatives, the democrats! they are the ones who need to be impeached! that's it. >> sean: great one, thank you. life, liberty, levin, i will be marc's guest. regular on fox. i hope you watch. i have questions for james comey and i'm going to lay them out. that straight ahead.
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>> sean: the revealing stunning horwitz report, cemented james comey's legacy of
6:48 pm
failure. we now know with certainty, comey lied a lot about fisa abuse claiming, that's a bunch of nonsense, claiming that the dossier did not form the basis for the warrant against carter page, 1-2 step into all world trump. still has a lot of questions to answer, questions that would expose him as overseeing a derelict, amounting to an upper echelon of corrupt fbi so-called leaders. for example, how does jim comey, how do you justify signing a warrant that how do you justify in this whole process doctoring key materials, still using it to keep in the phony investigation going? verified. remember, you signed a three of them. how do you justify and probably
6:49 pm
proudly proclaim your vindication when you look at 15 failures, inaccuracies, and failures relating to this warrant? how do you justify signing a warrant when the materials, the vast majority of information in the application is unverifiable? there is no so-called evidence. how do you justify, then use the clinton dirty russian dossier she paid for as a central and essential part of a fisa application. you didn't have the dirty dossier, you weren't getting the fisa warrant. how do you justify renewing the fisa warrant, still no verifiable information and the available information corrected? how do you justify in between finding one, two, three, you tell trump it's unverified but salacious. by the way, can we get a straight answer? when did you first learn about
6:50 pm
the dossier? did you ever take any steps at all to verify the dossier? it seems you did nothing. do you still believe as you've been telling us, that dirty clinton bought and paid for russian dossier had credible intelligence in? if you do, you're the only one believing your own lies. we know the fbi, we know you relied on the dirty clinton bought and paid for dossier to get the wards to spy on carter so you can 1-2 step into the trump campaign transition and deep into his presidency. when everything suggested the opposite. you have lied repeatedly. will you ever admit that the fisa process was abused and you abused it. it all happened on your watch. how did the steele dossier wind up in the intelligence committee? did you talk to brandon? did you talk to clapper? i'd also like to know what did barack obama know? what did joe biden though?
6:51 pm
what did susan rice know or what they did any other top official in the obama administration? what did they no question mike that they hide exculpatory evidence and use unverifiable evidence with the fisa court application spying on americans? and this wrapping abuse and illegal surveillance, it all happened on your watch. you act like you've done nothing wrong. why do you refuse to take responsibility? by the way, a lot of people that lack of candor like horwitz say that you did, they light a course and go to jail all the time. why do you get a special pass, get out of jail free card? day of reckoning is coming, mr. comey. i've been warning you. you have the right to remain silent. i suggest you use it. joining us, dan bongino, sara carter, jason chaffetz. jason, i say i would not want to be james comey's lawyer today. >> that's a good question.
6:52 pm
i would add a few did that. where would people go to get a refund on that book? i'd also like to know when he said he doesn't do sneaky things, he doesn't leak, he doesn't do weasel moves. how can he justify that? i want to know how he handpicked to the team, the same people who worked on the clinton email team, they are 110,000 people at the deponent of justice, how come he handpicked those people to work on this for trump? he's so dirty, this guy. i hope he ends up in handcuffs. >> sean: sarah, i will let you go next but let me tell you something, this is even worse than we thought. the level of deception and lying, just outright lie to the country. no, this is -- that never happened. he's lying through his teeth. then he goes and tells trump something totally different. >> that's right. even when they are caught, they don't admit to the truth. this is not the first time and this is the same james comey
6:53 pm
with robert mueller accused stephen hatfield in the anthrax case. they accused an innocent man, went before a judge and said i'm absolutely certain that this is the guy. absolutely certain this is the guy. this is the same man who told roberto gonzalez and made a big speech about how he rushed to the hospital -- b1 higher loyalty. >> that he was going to save america from this unwarranted surveillance. guess what happened? he did the same thing but worse to carter page. >> sean: dan, only for the constraints of time. >> sean, listen for the most devastating jim comey take away, no later than january of 2017, jim comey's fbi those with absolute certainty that christopher steele's dossier sources are bogus because they talk to the sub sources who tell him this information is garbage. it's beer talk.
6:54 pm
comey's fbi authorizes the spying on an innocent american citizen three more times. not only that, the seven misstatements in the initial fisa? they add in those lies and they add to ten more allies in three renewals! >> sean: i'm hoping at this point, we have a real criminal investigation with serious people. that would be barn door. when we come back, you will not believe what's happening on capitol hill right now next. woman: my reputation was trashed online.
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>> sean: continues on capitol hill tonight, nadler and company and thusly debate the bogus fact free articles of impeachment. this is a national embarrassme embarrassment.
7:00 pm
they are hurting this kid for their casing and grandkids bear this madness has to stop. you have the power. we help you set your dvr. never miss an episode and will never be the media mob and let not your heart be troubled. see you tomorrow. >> >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingraham angle. by going delman before we begin this analysis of this farce of impeachment -- i'm coughing because i can't believe it's still going on in capitol hill. it's going until four in the morning, another event that shows the enduring power of the movement donald trump created. economic nationalism. sovereignty. independence from international bureaucracies. and controlling one's destiny. that movement is sweeping through the u.k. tonight. where the anti-brexit label


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