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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 14, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

12:00 am this is advent season, keep it going. shannon bream from the fox news at night team, take it here. shannon: we begin with the fox news alert. another showdown in washington that will lands right in the middle of the 2020 elections, a landmark supreme court decision, major test of the separation of powers between the executive branch, congressman states, the justices announcing they will decide if house democrats can get their hands on years worth of the president's financial records.
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house democrats working overtime to deliver christmas impeachment vote against donald trump but what about the group of democratic lawmakers spot at a white house holiday event at the same time there judiciary colleagues were debating articles of impeachment. what we know about that. let's go to the house democrats efforts to oust donald trump. >> reporter: we are getting reaction about the supreme court ruling from both sides of the aisle, democrats running late today, disappointed congress will have to wait several months to get a final ruling. we look forward to getting our cases at the supreme court and hopefully court will agree with these well reasoned decisions, the president's personal attorney reporting we are pleased the supreme court granted review of the president's 3 pending cases, they raise significant constitutional issues, we look forward to presenting a written and oral arguments.
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the supreme court arguments are set for march with a likely ruling in june. first up, impeachment set to take place next week. making an entrance to hail to the chief donald trump thursday night greeted members of congress at the white house. >> we are having a very exciting month in washington dc. there haven't been too many like it. >> holiday cheer contrasted with the contentious judiciary hearing happening at the exact same time. >> we must impeach donald j trump. >> this is got to stop before it goes further. >> the committee adjourned. >> reporter: they voted on party lines to move impeachment of the fool house of representatives. >> the third time in a little over a century and a half the house judiciary committee voted articles of impeachment against the president.
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>> reporter: nancy pelosi remains confident she has the votes to reach the threshold for impeachment but there are several democrats who have not announced their intentions. aqueous reports a handful of democrats attended the white house holiday party thursday night, indicating how some might vote. these six house democrats and senator tammy baldwin, just in amash left the republican party earlier this year. it looks like wednesday and thursday, votes on impeachment on the house floor this coming week, one slice of the pie. the us mca will head to the senate, mitch mcconnell says he won't take it up until the new year. the government runs out of funding at midnight saturday morning december 21st. a lot to do next week legislatively on capitol hill. shannon: holiday breaks are motivating for people to get things done on capitol hill.
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the fate of the president's tax returns and financial records in the hands of the supreme court as house democrats barrel towards a christmas time impeachment vote. harry litman and robert ray, welcome to you both. the headline the supreme court is about to tell us how willing it is to protect donald trump, a decision for trump would give the president broad new immunity from oversight that extends beyond this one case. under existing law trump's legally arguments are exceedingly week. a decision embracing those arguments would rework the balance of power between congress and the presidency. the lower courts have not been with the president. he is hoping all of this will head to the supreme court, probably june, in the middle of a presidential election year, woodblock his records. how will the justices tackle this? >> it will be a significant decision and probably the most
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significant decision on presidential power since jones versus clinton during the clinton presidency, in connection with matters that ultimately led to bill clinton's impeachment. it raises related issues involving the president's tax returns and other financial documents and they are two different subpoenas from different house committees and the third case involves the district attorney in manhattan who is using a grand jury subpoena in connection with a criminal investigation to obtain information indirectly from the president with regard to his financial information. all of those questions raise constitutional argument about protecting the power and prerogatives of the president of the united states. shannon: this is a fishing expedition, there is no
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legitimate allegation of illegality. democrats just don't like trump. the white house should have and has -- it is all part of the broad and aggressive campaign to get the president period. i think we would probably say we have confidence in the supreme court, these are serious jurists who want to be as apolitical as possible, four vote yes to put this on the calendar, how do you think it shapes up next year? >> a couple things. what you just read will not be where the supreme court is, they were not there is no legislative purpose, they will not second-guess congress that way. another place they won't be is adopting trump's arguments. they may well give him a victory in a sort of tempered way saying for example something like congress needs to make a better showing before it can get the records. i think the vance case will be different because it involves a subpoena of a third-party.
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monumental however you slice it but absolute authority will be off the table. probably the united states won't take those positions. >> chief justice roberts tries to be as narrow as possible about these things, he's not looking to throw out the constitution and start fresh. obviously we are going to the next step in impeachment. i want to go to a couple things. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler in 1998. >> there must never be a narrowly voted impeachment or an impeachment substantially supported by one of our major political parties and largely opposed by the other. this partisan coup d'état will go down in infamy in the history of this nation. shannon: that is what adam schiff said in 1998, it is easy for most people in this
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district, only the most -- and incumbent who put the national partisan ideological fight ahead of representing his district was a quick comments from you. do impeachment by their nature turn out to be partisan? if it is possible to avoid this and do it in a way american people have confidence in? >> the answer is no it in my lifetime the answer has been no. during the nixon impeachment i checked the vote. the vote in the house judiciary committee regarding the first two articles was 27-11. if you do the math that is over 70%. it necessarily was bipartisan and there were republican votes for impeachment of a republican president, richard nixon and of course that is anticipatory to what has to happen in the senate if there's going to be the removal of a president. the framers of the constitution designed this to require bipartisan support to overturn the results of an election. that is what jerry nadler was
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arguing 20 years ago and the opposite of what he is arguing now. shannon: these votes have been on party lines except a couple democrats who crossed over to vote now. as far as this coming out of the committee it is partisan so far. >> completely and it is going to stay that way but facts matter. yes he was arguing that before and there is always a tweet or people saying the other thing but what matters is the difference between clinton and the facts here. i would ask robert something from the hearing. take trump out of it. would you agree the conduct alleged here is impeachable? you have 0 republicans even willing to say that much and it seems obvious. of course bipartisanship is better but if you have one party saying we will not play, period, there is no way to get there. shannon: a number of people said i don't think it is great but
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not impeachable. what say you? >> the exit ramp for that, not something the democrats will seriously consider, would be censure as an alternative to impeachment. i suppose people argue impeachment without any ability whatsoever to remove a president is in some sense a censure. this is not healthy for the country. i hope we get out of the business of impeaching presidents because the opposite party has control of the house of representatives. i don't think that is what the framers intended. shannon: nobody wants to set that precedent. thank you, have a great weekend. how the media is portraying the impeachment effort in contrast to this week's inspector general report about the fbi's numerous omissions and errors, warrants to service trump campaign advisor. >> reporter: coverage of impeachment has been as partisan
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of the vitriolic house judiciary debate before this morning's vote. >> this will be the first impeachment we have ever seen that goes this far that is completely political. >> reporter: they cover the hearings live with repetitive speech and punditry. >> the only thing worse than a partisan impeachment is letting impeachable conduct go unchecked. >> democrats at least their troops on twitter haven't accepted 2016. they think impeachment would nullify that shocking loss like it never happened. >> reporter: with lindsey graham at the senate hearing on inspector general michael horwitz's report on the russia probe cnn which had blanketed the democratic hearings skipped his 42 minute statement, eight minutes by dianne feinstein. conservative commentators focus on the finding of series fbi misconduct while liberals played up the finding that the probe wasn't tainted by political bias.
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>> this conspiracy theory that the president has been pushing for years was a total lie. >> donald trump was right, the attorney general, william barr, was right, spying occurred. >> reporter: the attorney general told msnbc the trump campaign was spied upon. >> based on a completely bogus narrative largely fanned and hyped by an irresponsible press. >> reporter: drew sharp criticism for being overly protective of his boss. the president dismissing the vote had harsh words for the press. >> not all of them but much of the media is corrupt. bad people, sick people and corrupt. >> reporter: the latest media target, mitch mcconnell, for telling fox news -- worked closely with the white house on staging the senate trial. media partisanship is as predictable as next week's expected house vote to back impeachment. the next question whether the tone of the coverage shifts when republicans control the process.
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shannon: thank you. new tonight a federal appeals court ruling the 15 week abortion ban is unconstitutional. the only abortion clinic soon after the strict new abortion restriction was signed into law. pro-life lawmakers were purposely passing similar measures in hopes of sparking legal battles that will take a direct challenge to roe v wade all the way to the us supreme court. donald trump picking up key democratic supporter for the new trade agreement with mexico and canada. ohio democratic senator sherrod brown voted against nafta, calling that one of his proudest legislative moments but tonight he says he plans to vote for us mca after recent negotiations with nancy pelosi. he said this will be the first time, first trade agreement i ever voted for. what is really driving the democrats impeachment push, rush limbaugh ways in next. me, get a 4-course meal
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>> i wonder how they are going to explain what you >> and i wonder how they will explain what you did when that terrible man that was putting people in cages, dividing our country, extorting our allies, please tell me what you did to stand up to that man. >> what this is really about, they hate the guy, but more importantly they have bought into a bunch of lies. it was the obama administration, cages to put people seeking asylum in when they came in illegally. shannon: new debate over what is driving the impeachment efforts against donald trump. let's bring in kevin wally and editorial director of the daily caller, good to have you back with us. they say the president left them no option, he pushed all the
12:19 am
boundaries and they are acting in the interest of preserving the constitution. >> they have been saying that for the entire presidency. feels like this was always inevitably headed in this direction not least of all because democrats and people who advance their interest in the press have been jonesing for impeachment from the moment donald trump was elected into office. there is a weird feeling around this impeachment that it doesn't feel exceptional. i don't know if democrats feel like this but this feels like the same exact level of hysteria we have experienced for every minute of the trump presidency and that is why voters are tired of it and not moving closer to democrats. shannon: people are confused, they have scandal fatigue, they don't understand the difference between molecular russia, ukraine, they are fatigued and it is too much crying wolf for them to get emotionally but in and support this. >> there has been a lot of scandal the last 21/2 years. shannon: or allegations of scandal.
12:20 am
>> the american people are exhausted, they tuned out of the democratic debates, when the president tweets, there is a level of exhaustion, they don't understand why the government isn't going to be funded next saturday, why we can't get passage of the trade deal before january 1st. as democrats have said they are reluctant to do this. this might not be a good thing for democrats if they go down this impeachment road, they believe this president has given no choice when it comes to the constitution. shannon: how does this change in the senate? >> that is a great question and thank you for asking. i think the key is whether the white house wins the fight of having the long run out impeachment where they bring in people like hunter biden and joe biden, explaining why the president thinks it is a legitimate question to ask about corruption in ukraine as relates to the bidens or whether mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham went out because it seems the leadership among republicans in the senate wants this to be over quickly.
12:21 am
they want to get this done and over with. shannon: we talked to trey gowdy, a long-established prosecutor who talked about the fact that if you think you know what the vote is going to be you don't waste time on the arguments, you don't want to lose the case and sounds like that is what the leadership wants to do, get it done and voted and move on. >> i don't think there's a willing on mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham's for to call joe biden and hunter biden. they want to move quickly down this path and the president is pushing for a longer impeachment hearing which would not be a winning strategy. i don't think he wants adam schiff testify as one of the leaders. shannon: he might want that. >> chairman schiff has been pretty effective compared to chairman nadler, making the case to the american people. shannon: he wants to ask about contacts with the whistleblower. that is the question.
12:22 am
>> adam schiff lied about his relationship with the whistleblower during the process so that made him a fact witness because there is no reason to be deceptive if you are trying to be the sober factfinder and that is not what happened. >> four pinocchios from the washington post. >> i take it his word that he doesn't. shannon: the washington post dozens, they gave him four pinocchios. the other scandal, the president tweeting, about greta thunberg being impressive the year, she must work on her anger management problems and go to good old-fashioned movie with a friend, chill, greta, chill, this is what a reporter had to say about it yesterday. >> this is a president who just yesterday called a teenager on
12:23 am
the autism spectrum a person with an anger management problem. does it make it harder to defend him? shannon: the reporter -- a statement from the press secretary saying the first lady will continue her be best initiative of these are -- spouses don't always speak for each other. >> invoking autism is manufacturing a scandal. greta thunberg has made herself a public figure and set of herself she is angry. she has used that phrase was the president ripping her as much lower offense than the many adults in washington and around the world who have chosen to turn this girl into a hero and to worship her for the activities she has an. shannon: it was smart of her to make her twitter description.
12:24 am
>> she slapped back so beautifully, playing on his insecurities was wonderful what she did on twitter and right back to him. shannon: thank you both. breaking tonight, police confirming a second suspect in custody in the brutal stabbing death of an 18-year-old college freshmen in a new york city park. what we are learning about another suspect next.
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>> shannon: the stabbing death of shannon: the stabbing death of a college freshmen sending shockwaves through the community as one of her accused attackers, reportedly a teenager testified in court he handed a knife to his friends. david lee miller has the story. >> reporter: this is a tragedy that shocks endangered new yorkers, for some reminiscent of the city of troubles past. the victim, tessa majors, had only been in the city two
12:29 am
months, she was attending an all women's college associated with columbia university, one of the country's most prestigious schools. she was stabbed to death just off campus while watching in nearby morningside park. a park that was once considered the most dangerous in new york city but in recent years had an improved reputation. during an attempted robbery majors was stand multiple times despite massive injuries managed to climb a flight of stairs. a security guard for the school called 911. majors died at a local hospital. in the wake of the deadly attack the nypd has beefed up security but the finger-pointing has already begun. some critics blame city hall for an uptick in assaults and robberies. bill diblasio defending his administration policy saying there would not be a return of the high crime rate new york experience decades ago.
12:30 am
as investigation continues, tessa majors's family mourns her loss with her brother posted online, quote, rest in peace, the best sister and friend someone could ask for. shannon: the virginia national guard responding to calls for democratic lawmaker to potentially step in to enforce the state's nuclear legislation if need be. the virginia democrats as governor northrom might have to bring in sanction -- second amendment to jury counties across the commonwealth tweeting we understand and respect the passion people feel for the u.s. constitution and second amendment rights. we will not speculate about possible use of the virginia national guard. a man on death row was supposed to be the first executed by the federal government in more than a decade but his punishment is on hold tonight. matt finn explains why. >> reporter: inside the death chamber at this federal prison
12:31 am
the first federal inmate in 16 years was scheduled to be executed this week but 72 hours before the supreme court blocked the trump administration's plan to execute the inmate by a pulled the lower court's day. the prisoner is one of 5 different inmates william barr announced are set to be to put to death under the administration's return to capital punishment. >> the issue is how the execution will take place, the three drugs versus one drug. that is operative here. >> reporter: at the heart of the legal battle is lethal injection substance. william barr has approved a new single lethal injection replacing the previous combination of three chemicals that caused botched executions,
12:32 am
sparked outrage among death penalty opponents. >> every time the government comes up with a method of killing people they say this is a better method of killing people. >> reporter: this up in court denied the trump administration's emergency requests to lift the holes but the government will ultimately prevail in the execution explaining in part, quote, it is preferable for the district court decision to be reviewed on the merits of the court of appeal for the district of columbia circuit before executions are carried out. the prisoner this week, daniel the wesley convicted of killing a family of three including innate-year-old girl, and dumping them in arkansas buyer. the supreme court wrote it things the lower court to make a decision in 60 days. shannon: could conservative's big election blowout be a harbinger of things to come in the us? we will look at what it means for the 2020 election next. or more on car insurance." i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five years of savings and service." what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that.
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>> ♪ >> shannon: conservative in the
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shannon: conservatives in the uk dramatically flipping labor party strongholds across the nation. in london this was met by protests and clashes with police. leland report on the message this election is sending american voters. >> reporter: angry protesters took to london street upset with the british election results but they are a vocal minority. voters in northern england and wales gave conservatives a majority not seem since the days of reagan and margaret thatcher with 365 seats and labor's worst defeat since before world war ii with 203. working-class voters rejected the promises of free stuff by labor leader jeremy corbin. >> it is a huge defeat for corbin's form of marxist socialism. they are doing it over the issue of brexit. whatever corbin tries to do with his hard left agenda in the end they said no, it is brexit.
12:38 am
>> reporter: getting the united kingdom out of the eu is with working class voters in northern england, the industrial heartland not unlike america's rust belt. it has been 31/2 years and uk voters stunned the world saying they wanted out of the eu. then candidate trump backed brexit. boris johnson's campaign, with signs reading have brexit done. >> i want to congratulate boris johnson, it might be a harbinger of what is to come in our country. it was last time. >> reporter: two donald trump's more moderate challengers appeared concerned. so biden said look what happens when the labor party moves so so far to the left. michael bloomberg was more blunt. >> maybe this is the canary in the coal mine, a catastrophic warning to the democratic party that you have to have somebody
12:39 am
that can beat donald trump and that is not going to be easy. >> pierce morgan explained bernie sanders and elizabeth warren both shared jeremy corbin's socialist agenda and both appear to be as popular him on twitter but twitter is not the real world. with that admonition in mind consider this week's news of donald trump's trade deal with china and renegotiated nafta, both campaign promises designed to help white working-class voters in manufacturing jobs, the same voters who gave the world brexit and donald trump. shannon: problems for the upcoming presidential debate, candidates threatening to boycott next week's event in california. one candidate not in a debate plotting a different path. allison barber has more. >> reporter: 24 hours ago the
12:40 am
dnc announced four more deviate in each of the early states, in january and february. on the books for weeks is in jeopardy. next week democrats are supposed to debate in los angeles, california. workers at the university hosting the debate are on strike. now every major candidate and then some say they will not cross the picket line even if it means missing the debate. elizabeth warren calling on the dnc to find a solution that lives up to our party's commitment to fight for working people. michael bloomberg doesn't have to pick a side. he won't be at the la debate, bloomberg is unlikely to qualify for any future primary debate because he does not have individual donors. his campaign is self-funded. bloomberg is one of the most recognized former mayors, arguably only one new york city mayor with more rain -- name recognition right now, rudy giuliani, they are poor
12:41 am
opposites, one worked for donald trump, the other desperately wants donald trump to lose his current job. for all their differences the bloomberg 2020 campaign seems to mirror the giuliani 2008 campaign. giuliani focus on florida. >> portable aside the next republican nominee. >> reporter: did not spend much money building a ground game in early states like south carolina and new hampshire am approved to be a mistake. bloomberg said he is difficult four early states instead focusing on the delicate rich supertuesday. >> president obama told me he went 89 times to iowa. >> reporter: experts say it makes for difficult but not impossible path to victory. >> of super tuesday were first, if it were held in isolation, the strategy would be a good one but it is not happening in isolation. it is happening after four other critical contacts base through the month of february. they will have created some kind
12:42 am
of internal momentum. >> a spokesman with the dnc said their party chair would not cross the picket line that would never expect their candidates to. they are working with all parties to try and reach resolution. mayor bloomberg in alexandria, virginia to avail a climate proposal he says would cut emissions in half by 2030. reporting in alexandria, virginia, allison barber, fox news. shannon: donald trump and china look to be making a deal, phase i. how do foreign leaders view negotiating with the president when he is caught up in the middle of impeachment? let's turn to the center for chinese strategy at the hudson institute, good to have you back. bill mitchell, one of the president's support is tweets no one cares about impeachment, major media outlets not even polling on it, stocks are going up, china is ignoring it.
12:43 am
you know how these leaders work in their society, what is their view with the attack by the opposing party in the middle of negotiating major trade deals? >> 10 or 20 years ago the chinese would have thought impeachment was a really good thing to weaken the president but they have gotten very sophisticated. there top people have american college degrees, 11 jinping's daughter graduated under a false name. when i visited china not long ago they specifically made comments, you think a single republican will defect in the center will he be acquitted? they don't take this very seriously. that may explain why they made a quick deal and had enough of the tariffs, donald trump has carefully held out other things could be done. more pressure on china,
12:44 am
providing access to credit markets. $3 trillion over the next two years, that is a lot of money. the president has power without anything from congress to cancel a waiver that president obama gave in 2013. the waiver let's chinese companies, $1 trillion worth of stock now on the first 3 stock exchanges, allows them to not give their results if there's some problem like an anomaly. the only country that gives this treatment is china. >> the president can take it away. senator chris murphy says the china trade deal appears to be a total capitulation, the trade war cost america 300,000 jobs and in exchange china made 0 hard commitment for reform, what a disaster. >> it is similar to chuck
12:45 am
schumer's tweet. the impeachment it was became so poisonous a lot of democrats were supporting donald trump explicitly. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer sent several tweets, chuck schumer even criticized the president for being too soft on china. today he called it a sellout, this is what you have to keep in mind, they don't know what the deal is beside the small group of people, 86 pages, 9 chapters, very detailed, took a long time to negotiate so i would say if this were not going on we would have some congratulations. nancy pelosi and senator schumer, his story breakthrough that will benefit a lot of democratic workers.
12:46 am
i suspect these voters will go for donald trump because he delivered the campaign promise, democrats may be making a mistake, instead of saying congratulations we all wanted this, some of these democrats are bitter because it used to be a democratic party issue, labor union workers issue, trump stole the issue from them so a big breakthrough and instead of saying congratulations they say this is a sellout. >> this is not the time on the when there's a lot of bipartisan congratulating of the president and we know houston talking about china for decades and we will wait for the next step. have a great weekend. night court convenes next, walmart facing threats of a lawsuit over a sweater depicting a santa snowman with cocaine.
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>> ♪ >> shannon: time for night court. check this shannon: time for night chorus. columbia says walmart should pay for associating the country with cocaine, the retail time causing a stir when a christmas what it depicting a santa snowman in front of what appeared to be
12:51 am
white lines but the product description really got them in trouble which reads grade a colombia snow. they are threatening a lawsuit. let's bring in the legal eagles, welcome. in advance of the ugly christmas sweater parties we thought this would be a good night for it so thank you for joining us, let's start with exhibit a. this is the product description that went with this was we know how snow works, white, powdery and the best snow from south america. that is bad news for jolly old saint nick who lives in the north pole. that is why santa likes to savor the moment when he gets his hand on some quality, grade a colombia snow. what was walmart thinking? >> this was from a third-party site, featured only on their website in canada. they took it down.
12:52 am
walmart and other retailers have hundreds of thousands of products sold by third-party retailers. they normally that them but they can't control every product. this is not an officially licensed walmart product. i don't think colombia has a claim but they are changing their image to be more tourism related and trying to get publicity by threatening this lawsuit. shannon: walmart's apology, these sweaters so by a third-party seller do not represent walmart's values and have no place on our website. we apologize for any unintended offense this may have caused. they say mea culpa, it is over, we shouldn't have done it. >> let's change walmart's name to ebenezer scrooge. instead of santa claus in
12:53 am
colombia delivering toys they are delivering razor blades and powder. this is crazy. this clearly is what is called liable because that sweater is a statement, a written statement and it is false, accusing colombia of running drug cartels and propagating cocaine throughout the country. clearly they have a claim. walmart ratified the selling of the sweatshirt on its website. this is what is called liable per se because they're calling colombia a bunch of crooks and there are damages in this case. shannon: for the legal defense of the state, walmart sweater is an offense that generates damage to the legal product of colombia and damage the country's reputation was all the walmart apologize the damage is done. >> the damage is done but the
12:54 am
reason there is a causal connection between colombia and cocaine is the history of colombia, something that has a basis in fact. colombia is never trafficking cocaine, white people get the joke which was implicit in the satirical headlines. the idea you would have a legal claim out of a third-party item sold on a website in another country based on a satirical quote won't hold up in any court room. now court will say there is no connection between colombia and cocaine. it is what colombia is known for but it does not get to the legal claim in this case. shannon: give us your final argument. >> i don't know what they are drinking their eggnog at walmart, a bunch of dingbats marking the program. two years ago they had a firearm, a sign, back to school. they were selling on the website
12:55 am
impeach 45. somebody needs to have some heads turning. shannon: we will watch and see if it, needs any fool on lawsuit. in the meantime, thank you both. check this out. a midnight hero, johnny mathis, not that johnny mathis noticed a cute dog as he stepped out of the elevator in his apartment complex, then realized his neighbor had gotten onto the elevator but the dog was left outside when the doors closed so johnny quickly sprang into action, he freed the dog just in time before the leash snapped. the dog is grateful owner was already in the elevator thinking the worst happened but because
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johnny jumped in everything was safe, happy ending, save the dog, everything turned out well, you are our midnight hero. have a great weekend. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. nce: focus, accuracy, memory, learning, and concentration. nce: neuriva.
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thank you for watching, everyone. watch a talker every single day he is counting on you. ♪ >> sean: hi, welcome to "hannity." we cap off a busy night. what a disaster tonight has been for the democrats, the deep state, the mob and the media. tonight we have a lot of breaking news. netty jerry nadler's, his own impeachment circus is chugging right along after her idiotic, b.s. hearings. most americans want it to stop, they see it for what it is, poll numbers for this which trial are tanking. here's something i think is the biggest barometer, ratings for fake news cnn, area 51, roswell rachel


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