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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 17, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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machine and pull stuff out. >> that's usually rigged. >> it was rigged! >> i guess they unrigged it. like the senate. >> oh! >> hey, bret. >> bret: right down the middle, huh? breaking tonight, the fisa court is fighting back not against the critical inspector general's report, but against the fbi. the chief judge issued a rare public order, a statement that the court expects the government to provide complete and accurate information in every filing. of course one of doug mcelway following this story. >> reporter: in the order of this afternoon, the court chastised the fbi for the fisa abuses brought to light in the recent inspector general's report. they found 17 different errors
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or omissions in the applications. the chief judge of the fisa court writing today, the frequency representations turned out to be unsupported or contradicted by information in their possession and with which they withheld information detrimental to their case calls into question whether information contained in other fbi applications is reliable. today's rare response comes after james comey acknowledged wrongdoing in seeking the fisa warrant to survey carter page. >> he's right. i was wrong. i was overconfident in the procedures that the fbi and justice had built over 20 years. i thought they were robust enough. it's incredibly hard to get a fisa. i was overconfident in those. >> reporter: it's not been real hard to get a fisa warrant. the government made 1,081 requests. the court rejected only one of them. that is an approval rate of 99%.
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a concern raised that the court has been a rubber stamp for the fbi. >> many of us have been looking at this secret fisa court for years. this isn't the first and won't be the last time that the fbi misrepresents evidence before this court. >> if they're not willing to discipline people who manipulate evidence given to the court, it's going to be hard for us to say the court should stay around. >> they're ordering the government to submit a sworn statement by january 20th of what it has done and plans to do to ensure the statement of facts in each fbi application accurately and completely reflects information poessessed by the fbi that is material to information presented by the application. this is all information that may factor into the ongoing criminal investigation. >> bret: more on this with the panel. right now, the house rules committee is still holding a hearing to set up the full house debate and a vote on two
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articles of impeachment against the president of the united states. down pennsylvania avenue, president trump released a fiery letter to house speaker nancy pelosi accusing her of declaring open war on american democracy. just a short time ago, the house speaker called that letter from the president "ridiculous." chief white house correspondent john roberts has the latest. >> reporter: on the eve of what will likely be his impeachment, president trump today lashing out at democrats. >> they took a perfect phone call that i had with the president of ukraine and absolutely perfect call. you know it. they all know it. nothing was said wrong on that call, to impeach the president of united states for that is a disgrace. it's a mark on our country. >> reporter: the president was strident in person and scathing in print, sending a six-page letter to speaker nancy pelosi ripping the contest as an abuse of power by democrat lawmakers.
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denouncing the articles of impeachment as completely disengenerous, meritless and baseless. and taking aim at pelosi's faith, you are offending americans of faith by continually saying i pray for the president when you know this statement is not true unless it is meant in a negative sense. it is a terrible thing that you are doing. but you will have to live with it, not i. he adds, for due process was afforded to those accused in the salem witch trials. the president writes he sent the letter to put my thoughts in a permanent and indelible record. asked today, president trump insisted -- >> no, i don't take any. zero, to put it mildly. >> reporter: with impeachment almost certain to be handed to the senate for trial, the majority today scolded chuck schumer for making public his letter to mcconnell on how the trial should proceed before the two even had a conversation about it and suggested the
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senate process will likely be a mirror image of the house. >> i think we're going to get an almost entirely partisan impeachment. i would anticipate an almost entirely partisan outcome in the senate as well. >> reporter: today schumer kept up the drum beat. >> we have not heard a single argument from leader mcconnell as to why the witnesses we have requested should not come forward. >> reporter: a new cnn poll found support for impeachment has dropped five points from mid-november, now trailing opposition. and a new usa today poll showed president trump beating every major democratic presidential contender in head-to-head national matchups. while some aides question the strategy, rudy giuliani was out yesterday defending the president on questions about ukraine, telling the "new york times" he briefed the president at least twice on the need to remove the ambassador from her post saying she was impede ing
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investigations that maybe beneficial to the president. but telling fox news he wasn't trying to get the ambassador out of the way. >> i forced her out because she's corrupt. i have four witnesses who will testify that she personally turned down their visas because they were going to come here and give evidence against biden or the democratic party. >> reporter: the letter to speaker pelosi is unlike anything any correspond has seen to the speaker of the house. the president will hold a campaign rally in battle creek, michigan. that rally will likely start right after the vote in the house. >> quite something. jon roberts, thank you. >> bret: impeachment is a political process. the ongoing rules committee you
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see looking live, been going on all day, setting the terms of the debate for the house floor. and it is split along party lines. chief congressional correspondant mike emanuel following the lawmakers. >> this majority has tried so hard to be like clinton and nixon and failed so miserably. >> reporter: they heard from key voices on the judiciary committee as they set the parameters for impeachment debate and votes on the house floor expected tomorrow. as expected, there were partisan clashes. >> are you implying there's another transcript out there? >> i'm implying there's more than what we have here. >> which no witness testified to. no witness -- >> understood. >> reporter: with democrats outnumbering republicans 9-4 there was efforts to put doug colt ly collins in an awkward spot. >> was it appropriate for him to
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ask another country to investigate an american citizen sent? >> there was nothing wrong with the call. >> reporter: jared nadler did not appear due to a family emergency. raskin took some heat. >> i understand that we forcefully represented that no member of the house of representatives and no member of the press was targeted with any investigative resources. >> really? i mean, i respect mr. raskin, but i'm not sure how he got that statement out without stumbling over everything. the time and the calendar are terrible masters. >> reporter: ahead of floor votes, leadership needs 216 to vote yes on each article of impeachment. michigan dingell, iowa aksney all say they are a yes. leadership has not pressured them to go along. >> we are not whipping the vote
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as it relates to impeachment and every single member is going to have to make that decision as they have been doing anchored in principle. >> reporter: at last count, there were at least 218 votes to impeach. democrats appear to have the votes they need in order to impeach the 45th president of the united states. the most unusual one, jared golden of maine who is a yes on abuse of power, but a no on obstruction of congress. we'll see what his constituents think of that. >> bret: government funding due to expire late friday night. what's the latest on the efforts to pass the funding in the middle of all of this. >> reporter: the house is moving forward with impeachment tomorrow, they passed two massive funding bills today. $1.4 trillion in spending. both bills passed. they will be sent onto the senate where we expect that will pass there and be sent onto the president for his signature with $1.4 trillion in spending to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year, through
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the end of september. it's like a gigantic christmas tree. there's something under it for everyone. almost every lawmaker can say their funding requests are being met. >> bret: the impeachment process is likely to head to the u.s. senate. there's work being done on capitol hill. joining me from capitol hill to talk about it all new hampshire democratic senator jean shaheen. thanks for being here. i want to talk about impeachment. >> sure. >> bret: republicans have criticized the house impeachment process as really nothing more than a part san exercise. do you have any expectation that something is going to be different on the senate side just with the roles reversed? >> well, we don't know yet what the process is going to look like on the senate side. but i do believe that the american people want to see a process that they don't believe is partisan. they want to see us get to the
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truth, try and get the information to say whether the president did use his office of the presidency for his own personal gain. that's what this impeachment seems to be about. and so i think it's important for us to hear from people who can shed some light on that, the people who were actually in the room, the documents that could tell us definitively what was said about withholding aid for ukraine. and i'm disappointed that the president hasn't made those folks available to congress to let us know what the documents have not been forthcoming. >> bret: the senator mitch mcconnell said today it is not the job of the senate to present the case. it is the job of the senate to be the jury. he said the house has to make the case. what's your response to that? >> well, clearly the way the process is set out, the trial is held in the senate. and so we will, to some extent, be like jurors in a trial. and the house will present the
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case. but, again, i think it would be helpful for us to be able to hear from some of those people who were -- who were close to the president who could say what exchange happened around aid to ukraine, why it was withheld, the president said what mulvaney said. that's what i think would really be helpful. and to the public. the american public wants to know what the truth is here as well. >> bret: senator, we've seen a lot of these hearings. we've carried them live, almost gavel to gavel, as the house democrats have laid out their case. the polls continue to go in the other direction, opposing impeachment and removal. if you look at swing state polls, it's even greater that disparity. why do you think that's happening? >> you know, i don't know. but i think, again, the american people want to see a process that they don't view as partisan. for me, as a senator, i need to be responsible to the oath of
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office that i've taken. and one of the most serious things we can do is to impeach the president. next to declaring war, the most serious decision that we will make. i believe the framers of the constitution were very concerned about whether a president would use the office for their personal gain. and that's why they put in the impeachment clause. what i'm going to do is listen to the case that's presented to the senate. i'm going to consider very carefully the facts that have been presented. and then i'm going to try and make the best decision i can based on the evidence that's been presented to us. >> bret: senator, when you were governor of new hampshire and another impeachment, president clinton's impeachment happened in 1998, you said this. for too long the impeachment process has distracted congress from addressing many important
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issues of the nation. it's time to get on with the business of the people. do you have a different sense now? >> no, i actually don't believe the impeachment is what's holding up a lot of decisions on legislation. unfortunately, it's senator mitch mcconnell who has kept bipartisan legislation, not just from the house that's come over, but from the senate from coming to the floor. we've seen a real burst of activity in the last couple of weeks. we passed the defense bill that has a number of provisions in it that are really important. a 3% pay raise for men and women in the military. parental leave, 12 weeks of parental leave for those people who work for the federal government. it's got a provision to help the spouses of members of the military, something i worked on very closely with tom cotton and karen pence, the second lady, to try and cut bureaucratic red tape for military spouses who often bear the brunt when their spouse is transferred from station to station and they have to pick up the family, they have to pack, they have to often
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change, if they are teachers or nurses, they have to change where their licenses are from state to state. this is an effort to try and reduce that bureaucratic burden. >> bret: so you don't think the people at home are saying the impeachment is taking away from the ability of capitol hill to get things done. i want to ask you how long do you think a senate trial should be? >> oh, i don't have any idea. i think that will be determined as the result of discussions around the process. i hope it will be long enough to get information out that can help us determine what happens with this situation in aid to ukraine and what role the president played. >> bret: so you don't think, senator, that the case has been made yet by house democrats? >> the case -- >> bret: against -- >> -- needs to be made in the senate. i think the articles of impeachment raise very serious concerns about what the president did, and that part of what we want to try to determine
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in the senate -- and what my responsibility is to look at that information and make a determination about whether i think -- >> bret: yeah. because, you know, democrats are -- in the house are saying it's an open and shut case. you need more and that it's not complete. so the house as a prosecutor has not -- >> well, no, i'm saying i need to see the information. the way that the process works, the house decides whether they are going to develop articles of impeachment and whether the situation is serious enough. and then they send that information to us in the senate. and we make a determination about whether we think it is true or not. and we haven't gotten to that part of the process yet. that's what i'm waiting . i think it's incumbent on me as a potential juror and all my colleagues in the senate to take that responsibility very seriously and to try and do the
3:17 pm
very best i can to look at the information that is sent to us and then make a decision. >> bret: i do -- of the national defense authorization act. as you mention, it was bipartisan. and your work with senator tom cotton, 3.1% pay raise for military members, 12 weeks paid parental leave for federal employees and the creation of the space force, which is a big deal. >> it is a big deal. >> bret: is there anyone up on capitol hill anymore who is concerned about the deficit or the national debt? >> sure, i think we should be concerned about it. you know, i didn't -- the tax bill that was passed in 2017 increased the national debt significa significantly, over a trillion dollars. much more. $3 trillion in the long term. i have voted for a number of provisions to try and reduce that. i supported the simpson-bolles
3:18 pm
recommendation. it's something that we need to begin to see how we can address. we've got to fund this government. address the priorities of the american people. as you point out, the space force is significant because, as we look at the future, the next area of combat between us and the other great powers -- china and russia -- is going to be in space. as we look at technology and the innovation that's occurring, that's happening in space. so making sure we can compete is very important. >> bret: last thing, in new hampshire, the unemployment rate down to 2.6%. employment is up overall. the annual gdp is almost double what it was in 2017. does that, the economic success of your state, make it tough or tougher to say to voters in new hampshire we need to remove the president of the united states? >> well, i think the -- having a strong economy is very important.
3:19 pm
but we need to make sure that economy works for everyone, not just people in cities. not just people who are in high-end jobs, but people in rural areas, farmers, people who are in wage jobs and that's what i'm interested in. i hope we're all going to work together to do that. >> bret: we appreciate your time. >> thanks very much. >> bret: up next, the democrats running for president can officially book travel to the west coast. we'll explain. first, from some of our fox affiliates around the country. one person was killed in louisiana, one in kentucky, two more killed in alabama. south georgia and north florida remain under tornado watch tonight. officials are warning of dangerous freezing temperatures after the storms leave those damaged areas. fox2 in detroit where ford is adding 3,000 jobs at two factories in the area. the motor company is investing $1.5 million to create the next
3:20 pm
generation of trucks. hiring will begin next year. and this is a live look at new york from our affiliate fox5. one of the big stories there is across the river in new jersey where thousands of police officers lined the streets of jersey city to honor the detective killed last week in what officials are calling a domestic terrorism attack. he was killed at a cemetery about a mile from a kosher market where two shooters killed three other civilians. that's the live look throughout the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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for democrats competing for the party's nomination, thursday's debate is back on the schedule after the union dispute at the host site is solved. we're in las vegas as the candidates head further west. >> reporter: now candidates can start checking in for flights to l.a.x. >> i'm looking forward to it. are you kidding? i'm going to dance my way onto the debate stage. >> reporter: democrats don't have to worry any more about crossing a picket line to get to the debate stage thursday. >> democratic debate scheduled for thursday, december 19th, in
3:25 pm
los angeles is on! >> reporter: bernie sanders arrived in california early as a new fox news poll finds socialism rising in popularities. 31% of voters see it favorably. still less popular than capitalism. >> it costs a hell of a lot less money to send that kid to the university of california than put that kid in jail. >> reporter: sanders is now the only 70-something that hasn't shared a medical history yet. joe biden finally sent out a summary of his, which does not include assessment of biden's cognitive abilitieabilities, bu says he hasn't dealt with the effects of brain aneurysms since the late '80s. he has melt with melanoma, he doesn't drink or smoke, but he does exercise five times a week.
3:26 pm
the doctor concludes biden is a healthy, vigorous 77-year-old male who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency. a few weeks ago, there were doubts about it. he decided to run against him. that's proven to be tough. >> he's still the frontrunner and you have not yet been able to make the debate stage. how's it going? >> it's going great. first of all, if you're asking about the polls, i don't think polls at this stage mean much except name recognition. he does have that. >> reporter: when patrick walked into a tiny cafe to greet voters about 15 minutes away from the vegas strip, there was already a really famous former nfl player having a quiet lunch inside. but somehow patrick never managed to shake hands or even interact with a man who played for the new england patriots while he was the governor of
3:27 pm
massachusett massachusetts. >> bret: anything in the casino going on there? >> they're all candidate casinos. >> bret: got you. peter ducey live in vegas. thanks. another day of record highs on wall street. the dow rising 31. the nasdaq finished ahead nine. again, records all. up next, the growing and dangerous trend of one black market vaping product. we'll explain. first, beyond our borders, pope francis abolishes the use of the vatican's highest level of secrecy in clergy sexual abuse cases. cases will not become public, but any excuse to not cooperate with legitimate legal requests from prosecutor, police, or other civil authorities. new satellite imagery shows signs of refurbishment at a rocket station in north korea. a retractable cover has been pulled back from the engine test
3:28 pm
stand, perhaps signaling a post-test refurbishment. at least 16 people are dead after air strikes and artillery shelling in northwestern syria, including six members of the same family. intensifies violence in rebel-held areas of syria. it seems to indicate that the syrian president assad is considering a ground offensive in the coming days. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it,
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it's surprisingly painless. a judge today sentenced former trump campaign official rick gates to 45 days in prison despite his help with the russia probe. it can be served on weekends or any schedule worked out with the probation office. he was hit with a $20,000 fine, three years' probation and community service. he did cooperate with the justice department after he pleaded guilty in 2018 to charges relating to political consulting work he did in ukraine. the centers for disease control reports 80% of vaping lung injuries nationwide have come from smoking thc products. this, as the drug enforcement agency tells fox news that the availability of the black market thc products has increased
3:33 pm
dramatically. >> reporter: the drug enforcement agency is sounding the alarm about an emerging nationwide crisis. criminal organizations making and selling illegal vaping cartridges infused with thc, the chemical most responsible for marijuana psychological effects. >> when you have a product that is so powerful and so dangerous and you have a technology that can push it right into your lungs, that combination is deadly. people aren't aware. >> reporter: ray donovan says they're marketed to teens. >> this is a black market cartridge. >> yes, it is. there's no quality control. you don't know how potent the thc is here. >> reporter: the number of illegal thc cartridges seized in new york has grown from just 38 in 2017 to more than 200,000 in 2019. >> it's either being manufactured here in the united states in the west coast, being manufactured in asia or mexico and smuggled into the united
3:34 pm
states. >> by air, land, sea? >> you name it. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says thc oil cartridges may be driving a nationwide outbreak of vaping product use lung injury. more than 2,400 have been hospitalized. 80% of patients reported using thc-infused products. >> how long was this patient's vaping? >> for a very short period of time. maybe a few times he said. >> reporter: these are the lungs of one the patients. >> these are abnormalities. >> this is blood vessels. the thing that alarms me the most is, unlike cigarette smoke, this seems to be one-off. your first time could be the time you get sick. >> reporter: in new york, fox news. >> bret: up next, a panel joins me to look ahead to the impeachment vote and the breakdown of that fiery letter from president trump to house speaker pelosi.
3:35 pm
first, as we head to break, the house rules committee continuing its debate of the procedures ahead of the full vote tomorrow. right now, the congresswoman from florida talking as we head into the break. keep it here. >> -- vice president biden that they actually colluded. the deputy assistant secretary kent testified that there was "broadbased consensus" among the united states, our european allies and international financial institutions that mr. show ken was "a typical ukrainian prosecutor who lived a life style far in excess of his government salary who never prosecuted anyone known for having committed a crime and who covered up crimes known to have been committed." that's a nice way to say that... otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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now it's up to us to decide whether the united states is still a nation where no one is above the law or whether america is allowed to become a land run by those who act more like kings or queens. >> all this is backwards. what's up is down and down is up. we're more alice of wonderland than house of representatives. >> he believes his conduct is pech perfect. we know therefore it will take place again and again. >> the whole impeachment thing is a hoax. we look forward to getting onto the senate. we're not entitled to lawyers. we're not entitled to witnesses. we're not entitled to anything in the house. >> bret: the house rules committee is in the process of setting up the rule for the debate on the house floor tomorrow. meantime, democrats one by one are putting out statements, especially in trump contradicts -- 31 of them -- of how they'll vote. 28 of them so far have said they are going to vote to impeach
3:41 pm
president trump, including jared golden, democrat from maine. he has said he's voting yes to impeach on article i, but voting no on article two, obstruction of congress. don't know if that's to deal with his district or how he thinks about the case. let's bring in our panel. okay. mara, it's a foregone conclusion, this will go to the house and be debated tomorrow. likely along party lines. >> yep. we expect no republicans to vote yes and some democrats to vote no. like jared golden, there might be some that split their vote, feel that obstruction of congress really wasn't proved. the house did not go to court to enforce those subpoenas in a lot
3:42 pm
of cases. >> bret: do we see political repercussions, can we see the crystal ball yet? >> we haven't seen a big ground swell for impeachment and we haven't seen a big backlash to impeachment. even though big majorities thought what the president did was wrong, the question whether he should be impeached and removed because of it is evenly split. now we're seeing a little change, no impeachment numbers going up. we know that trump's base has become more energized and upset about impeachment, but i don't think there's been a big move in public opinion yet. >> bret: matthew, the focus now goes to the senate. mcconnell and schumer battling over whether witnesses should be called in this case in the senate. >> this is a political process. there's not anything judicial about it. impeachment is a political decision. >> i would ask every one of our republican colleagues, do you want someone who proudly says
3:43 pm
they are not impartial to be on a jury judging high crimes and misdemeanors, serious charges? leader mcconnell, i'm asking you, come to this microphone and give an explicit reason why mulvaney or bolton or blare or griffin shouldn't testify. one explicit reason. >> bret: on the senate floor, he says it's the house's job to put forth the prosecution, according to the constitution, the senate's job to be the jury. schumer felt differently in 1999. >> they're certainly not two-thirds for impeachment. what we ought to be doing instead of this is doing what the american people want us to do, which is make the schools better and preserve social security and rein in the hmos. >> bret: you could play tapes on republicans and democrats back in different positions. >> i like chuck schumer's agenda
3:44 pm
back then. that would be nice if that's what congress was up to. what the senate minority leader clearly wants is a do-over. he acknowledged in his letter to mcconnell that the house case is unpersuasive. it hasn't affected public opinion definitively for impeachment. in fact, we see some movement against impeachment in the polling numbers. what is schumer's strategy? reopen the case by getting as few as three republican senators to flip over on questions of rules. and then reopen the case by introducing witnesses, new evidence that might come to light. the danger for mcconnell, this possibility of republican defection. mcconnell has little room for error. so far, i think he's managing the process well. >> bret: the president, while he said it's all a hoax, he was very explicit to a letter in-house speaker pelosi which she said was ridiculous. he said our founding fathers
3:45 pm
feared the tribalization of partisan politics. you're bringing their worst fears to life. he goes onto say that he has a problem with -- that the speaker is saying she prays for the president when you know that statement is not true unless it's meant in a negative sense. it's a terrible thing that you're doing, but you'll have to live with it, not i. >> it's a letter that seemed like it was very likely dictated by the president. i appreciated the salem witch trials reference on page 5. i think that he got a parenthetical in of -- >> bret: this wasn't pat. >> no, no. >> could have used more exclamation points though. >> i think there were six of them. >> more is better. >> the over and understood for me was 12. it was a bit of an upset. as soon as nancy pelosi came out weeks ago and said we're moving forward with the impeachment inquiry and then the articles, she had the votes. i know there's a lot of breathlessness in the media tonight, we now believe we've
3:46 pm
done our bean counting. of course they have the votes. what's interesting in, the two sides as we saw from 20 years ago and today are switching sides. just over the last week, the house republicans were talking about fairness and process to no avail. now senate democrats are going to be harping on fairness and process. >> bret: what's not being covered is this order and statement from the fisa court which is pretty rare -- i'll just say very rare to ever hear from the fisascrew ed up. >> there has to be an overhaul of the process. that's what came out of the ig's report at the same time he said the investigation into the trump context with russians was legitimately started, but still there were tremendous problems with the way the fbi goes about doing this. >> i do think the report is affecting the impeachment debate. it undermines the credibility of
3:47 pm
figures like schiff and nadler who spent two years pushing the russian narrative, but also going after carter page and looking at the fisa abuse. makes a lot of voters wonder what's going on now. >> bret: and you don't think that james comey will ever come back in the studio. >> james comey sat just about here on sunday morning and tried to claim again that the ig report was vindication. he was shredded by chris wallace. this statement from the fisa report further undermines that assertion. >> bret: i will do a quick update of the state of the democratic race. create your own ultimate feast is back at red lobster. with new creations to choose from; like rich, butter-poached maine lobster and crispy crab-stuffed shrimp rangoon. how will you pick just 4 of 10? it won't be easy. better hurry in.
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elliott. you came back! and while lots of things have changed... wooooah! -woah! it's called the internet. some things haven't. get ready for a reunion 3 million light years in the making. woohoo! -yeah! this agreement is also an important reminder of our values as a democratic party. every single democrat running for president believes in the importance of collective bargaining, believes in the importance of the labor movement. >> the idea of doing something that continravenes the rights o working people is not something i'm willing to compromise. >> we believe in the trade union movement and the rights of workers to join unions. >> the workers of unite here get
3:52 pm
in the fight and they will. [ cheers and applause ] >> bret: okay. so the debate after all that controversy is on. the union has solved their issues there. and the debate, seven candidates have qualified for that debate out in california. meantime the real clear politics average national iowa new hampshire hasn't changed much. biden, buttigieg in iowa and bernie sanders in new hampshire. state of the democratic field, guy, bernie sanders is surging in a number of different places. the guy has a heart attack and just keeps on ticking. he -- in california, he's leading big. >> there's been a comeback from bernie sanders. warren and a few others have slipped. bernie has a very stable base of support. some people may be saying, okay, he's in his late 70s, he had a heart attack, and he's right back out there like nothing happened. he's moving up. the story of the race for me is
3:53 pm
joe biden just plunking along every single day. people come up, come down, oh, he's a little shaky, he's not great on the stump. people think he can beat trump. that's his top message and it's so far working. >> bret: elizabeth warren is fighting a two-front war against bernie sanders and joe biden. >> and bleeding votes to pete buttigieg. she's in a very complicated position. she had to keep bernie -- no daylight between her and bernie. that's one of the reasons she came out for mandatory medicare for all. the votes she lost have not gone to bernie. a lot of them have gone to pete buttigieg. those are the reform minded progressive democrats. i think anything that hurts warren helps biden. >> bret: at this time before christmas in presidential years past, we've kind of have a little bit of a blueprint how it was going to shape out. i don't know, do you? >> not this time at all.
3:54 pm
there's a possibility that you could have four candidates, each win one of the first four contests. you have mike bloomberg there, like a low pressure system waiting for super tuesday. his money is already beginning to have an effect. this year has shown that issue positions and perceptions of electability count for everything. more than debates. more than whether we fit into a particular lane. if it comes down to issue positions and electability, joe biden has the advantage. >> bret: and the president is touting the usa today poll that has him leading these candidates. that's the first across the board poll we've seen across the nation. >> he's still in the mid-40s, which is not terrific for an incumbent, however, he's leading every single one of those people head-to-head and up eight, nine, ten points against warren and buttigieg and others. it's a good poll for president trump smack dab in the middle of impeachment. >> bret: when we come back, a
3:55 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight. home for the holidays. [cheers] >> bret: first grader in new jersey given quite the surprise when his father came home early from deployment in the middle east. sergeants powell wasn't supposed to return until january but he made it home before christmas. we love seeing that also in the garden state military mom getting her christmas wish when her son lieutenant michael nahas returned home over the weekend the local fire department actually where he volunteers led him home with lights and sirens and mom was very happy. so, two very happy jersey families tonight as the military families come home for christmas. love seeing those. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report," fair, balanced and unafraid. the story hosted by martha mccallum starts right now. we have a big day tomorrow with all the goings on on capitol hill once again. >> martha: indeed we do. thank you, bret. breaking tonight, take a look. there is a live shot the house rules committee still at it tonight. that vote could approve the guidelines and it could come at any moment now. so we are watching that. house is readying to impeach president trump. he sent speaker pelosi late today a blistering letter expressing his, quote: strongest and most powerful protest against this move. says it's unlawful and that it is a partisan crusade by democrats. also, another big story breaking tonight. the fisa court slapping back at the fbi. good evening, everybody, from new york. i'm martha mccallum and this is "the story." the country remains d


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