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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 30, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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have a great one. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight". i am mark steyn in for tucker while he enjoys the day with his family. tonight's show could have been a very grim one after a gunman stormed a texas church intent on killing as many people as possible. he did kill two innocence, and then a bad guy with a gun was taken down by a good guy with a gun in just six seconds. that story is just ahead. but first, the impeachment drama has become the impeachment fast. democrats refusing to forward their two articles of impeachment to the senate for a
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trial. they distribute from democrats at central command is that can't be held because unlike their own pristine impeachment probe in the house, it would be rigged. >> there is no such thing as a fair trial where the prosecution doesn't get to put on its witnesses and documents. that is on its face a riggedir trial. it is a sham trial. >> and now he is essentially coordinating with the majority leader, mitch mcconnell in the senate to try to rig at the outcome of a trial in which every single united states contender is supposed to raise their hand, swear an oath impartiality and mitch mcconnell has already admitted he will violate that oath. >> mark: it is easy to find the real reasons democrats don't want a trial. such as protecting possible presidential nominee joe biden from embarrassment. f unfortunately for their best
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efforts, biden is determined ton embarrass himself no matter what. during an interview with "des moines register," biden would ignore a subpoena from the senate to testify about ukraine. >> do you stand by your earlier statements that you would not comply if you were subpoenaed to testify in an impeachment trial for the senate? >> correct. the reason i wouldn't is becausy it's all designed to deal with trump and what he's done his whole life, trying to take the focus off of >> mark: except that half of the justification for impeaching president trump was that he wasn't complying with house subpoena. so biden tried to walk back just days later. >> i would abate in the subpoena that was sent to me, but the point i was making, is the only rational reason and you would
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know this if -- that i could possibly be called to an impeachment trial, could i shed light on whether he committed the crime? and there is no reason to believe that i would have any notion about whether he committed that crime. every single solitary person who is investigated what happened in ukraine, including all the people under oath in his administration said, biden is as clean as a whistle. >> mark: okay, joe biden is actually better at walking back then he is walking forward. it is amazing. constitutional lawyer jenna ellis the senior legal advisor to the trump campaign and jenna joins us now, jenna, i had the misfortune to attend the last senate impeachment trial 20 years ago. since when i had been in favor of what new zealand did and abolishing the upper house of parliament entirely. essentially the democrats presenting a full's narrative here, a trial in the local county
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it's not actually. 51 senators actually if they wanted to decide to conduct an impeachment trial wearing clown suits, they can do that if they want to appear there is no essential norms of law defied here. >> right, mark, because i and the contact of the said solele power to try all impeachments is given to the senate. so they get to decide how to conduct their so a couple of things here first, complete, ridiculous and fake and phony, illegitimate argument to say if the senate dismisses this out right and doesn't have a full on trial, that somehow that is against process. that is entirely fabricated and false. and even in a regular judicial form, that happens all the time was summary judgment motion and other judgments to dismiss where no probable cause to bring the case in the first case which is similar here. so the democrats are actually
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arguing okay, this is a rigged trial so therefore impeachment exoneration and acquittal is not actually legitimate, wouldn't ir logically follows that trump has not been impeached? that was a sham partisan political process. the democrats are trying to have their cake and eat it too and control the process. that is why, mark, legitimacy and the low is so incredibly important. because when you don't have impeachment and exoneration based on facts, truth and evidence, then you make a mockery of the entire system. that is what we are seeing the democrats really after here is just impeachment circus where they want to dictate the political narrative and they want to control the outcome for their specific activism, that's what they been doing in the courts for the past 60 years. that is why they hate trump because he's putting more constitutional conservative on the federal bench and the supreme court than any other president in the u.s. history. and this is really, really scaring them for the future of
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their control of the >> mark: but the politics did sort of work for the democratsor last time out. if you recall, they didn't want to have any of the women who claimed they had been assaulted by bill clinton testify because it would disturb the so-called dignity of the senate. democrats west virginia senator j.d. rockefeller iv did not want to meet jane doe number 5. didn't want anything to do with it. those women and the pre-me too had to be invisible and could not be heard. and controlling the politics like that did help save bill clinton so democrats figure if they can control the politics this time around, they can actually scuddle trump.ha >> that is what they are hoping. and the hypocrisy where they are trying to control the rules. they think the rules play in their favor. they want to putwh
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everyone to the letter of the law, but when it does not work in their favor and preferred outcome, they want to completely throw it out and rip up and burn the u.s. constitution. that is their only control of their own concentration of power. so we can see this very clearly because in the house inquiry, they were not all about, hey, all the witnesses they denied the minority policy hearing and denied most of the witnesses that the republicans on the house wanted to testify. but now suddenly when they don't control the senate and they don't control the outcome, nancy pelosi saying, hey, we will not give you the articles until you agree to conduct the trial the way we prefer it. that is unconstitutional, blatantly against the oath of office. against the united states of america, we, the people, who voted the then officials in office, who voted for president trump and we are the only ones who should be able to dictate and make sure that they are holding their oath of office and complying with the constitution.
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so we should be able to dictate whether or not they remain inat authority and whether they remain in congress. hopefully, 2020, we will hold them accountable to our votes because that is for, we, the people, to determine.. >> mark: you couldn't actually get away with that at a district call house either. essentially, this is a prosecutor as it were in the form of nancy pelosi saying she will not prosecute her case unless the trial, the trial judge wants the trial her way. you wouldn't get anywhere with that in any winky t dink little courthouse in the land, would you? h >> not at all.. i've been in trials as a prosecutor, as a defense attorney, there is always coordination in terms of the process, but the judge is the one who makes the determination for the findings of the law. and so you could not come in as a prosecutor and simply say, i'm not going to prosecute this case unless you do it in the way that i prefer. and i'm putting you, judge as hostage.
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the judge would say, fine. >> mark: joe biden scoffing at subpoenas. is -- just to be clear, the president has the presidential privilege. that is the basis on which he can refuse the subpoena. what is the basis on which joe biden refuses the subpoena? >> he is scared. that is his big thing. that is his only basis for saying, hey, let's not have a trial. i don't want this to come out. for him to say, hey, can i know idea anything that is factually helpful to these charges, well, then why were all of these other witnesses who had no idea and pure speculation. they were not even on the phone call. they didn't listen in. why were they hurried and in front of the house? this is, again, complete hypocrisy and dte joe biden is simply scare the truth is going to come out.on and if he is called an subpoena to testify, he absolutely has no way to
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>> mark: thank you for that, jenna. the former disgraced lovebird peter strzok is trying to get his job back. and peter strzok making the argument that text messages for his lover got him fired were, in fact, protected free speech and he had the right to send them. and if you sort of think about it, perhaps he has a point just the fact that he sent those text messages to another fbi agent who was also his lover and ignore that both of them were on investigation into donald trump and his associates and ignore that and some of those texts, they discussed their secret imagination to stop trump from becoming president, while in others they discussed going easy on hillary clinton because she was almost certainly going to be their next boss. and ignore the strzok with countless security violations by discussing fbi on his personal
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phone. ignore all of those things and but, democratic presidential planets have their way, the shooter will be enabled to kill with impunity. that is next on "tucker carlson tonight." ♪
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♪ ♪ >> mark: and the act of remarkable heroism occurred on sunday in texas. a gunman attempted to storm the west freeway church of christ. he killed two members of the church's security team, and might've killed many more, but he was fortunately stopped by security guard and firearms instructor jack wilson who took the shooter down with a single shot from 50 feet away. it was all caught on camera. afterwards, the guy described the scene. >> he stood up, turned and released the shotgun. at that time, richard and i were
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already drawing our weapons. richard did get his gun out of the holster. he was, i think i'm able to get a shot off, and it ended up going into the wall. the shooter had turned and shot him and then shot tony. and then he started to turn to go to the front of the auditorium, when he first shot tony, i didn't have a clear look at members going chaotic. i stand it up and waited a half second to get another shot too, get my shot. i fired one round and the subject went down. it is between four and six seconds from start to finish from the time he got up and fired the gun until he was down. >> mark: mr. wilson's heroism was enabled by recent texas law allowing people to bring guns into houses of worship. just a few months ago, joe biden claimed that that law was idiotic. >> it is irrational, with all due respect to the governor of
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texas, irrational, but they are doing. in a day, you see a mass shooting and i guess on the plane the last two and half hours, five killed and we are a talking about losing access to have guns and take them into places of worship. i mean, it is absolutely irrational. >> mark: julian castro, meanwhile claims heroic armed civilians are fictional. as fictional as his presidential campaign.ol >> more guns are not the answer. more guns don't make us safer. this idea that a good guy is going to stop a bad guy with a a gun, it doesn't work that way. >> mark: well, it seemed to work that way in texas yesterday. ryan cleckner, an attorney andn' former army ranger. he joins us now. ryan on the sniper side of you, when you look at the matching firepower here, the distance the hill would you what mr. wilson
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did in this church yesterday? >> a+. where do i start except to thank god for mr. wilson and his handgun, practicing at the range for him to be able to make that one shot and save all of those lives. >> mark: well, let me put it to you the joe biden point, fellas like him need armed security details. he is the secret service detail. i believe he swims naked in front of most mornings, which is not something i would want to see personally if i was secret service agent. but that he needs armed security and everybody else can do without. and can just call 911. >> you are right. this is exactly why we have a second amendment to defend ourselves against those who wish to do us harm. to talk about how great the governor abbott for passing this law, which he is and he was, but
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it bothers me that we have to celebrate the fact that he passed a law that gave them thee right to carry guns in church, no, guys, our constitutional rights belong to us before the governments. the government gives us the right to carry in church and it is so sad to me that we have to have a law in texas that allows them to exercise the fundamental right to defend themselves in church. if we look at the anti-gunners, joe biden, he is wrong. he was dead wrong. if he has his way, there would be a lot more people dead ins that church. and we have some anti-gunners like sharon watts who said this only happened because it wasle allowed to happen by governor abbott who allows guns in church. criminals aren't allowed to do anything with law. and we talked about this before, the very definition of a criminal is they don't obey laws. no law allowed that bad guy to walk into a church and kill people. it is sad that we have to have laws allowing to defend against that. >> mark: there is a line of homeland security used.
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if you see something, say something. but in fact, a lot of the political leaders keep telling s us there is actually nothing to see here that we are being irrational when we are scared of people. in this case, a fellow walks into a church, wearing a wig, he's wearing a false beard, and somebody did see something and reacted immediately. is there really the way we are going to have to be in the future? >> no, not necessarily, but i'm glad they did something. you see, i have a problem with see something, say something. i'm glad these guys did something. the police are 15 minutes away, seconds count, and they are heroes and i'm glad we have them but we are responsible for our own safety until they get there. a statistical argument might seen this come out of the woodco work, again, the bad guy was stopped by a good guy with a gun but how do we attack now? we will argue statistics, you probed on people crazy too worry about this.?
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you can have it both ways. it is either so rare and it will never happen, we don't need guns to defend ourselves, or it is an epidemic, and we need to take i guns away. arguing both sides does not make sense. >> mark: and there is no police department on the planet to get there in six seconds which is the time that mr. wilson took to it. >> exactly right. >> mark: ryan, thank you very much for that. meanwhile in muncie, new york, a man with a knife and a machete attacked a hanukkah party at thy house of a rabbi injuring five jewish people there for hanukkah. fox correspondent molly line has more information on that attack. >> this was really scary. the federal hate crime charges against the suspect, and as youu mentioned machete, a knife attack happening at the hanukkah party at a rabbi's house where congressman gathered together to celebrate the seventh night of hanukkah. new documents revealing the anti-semitic sentiments were also discovered and journals
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found at this man's home. 38-year-old grafton thomas of greenwood lake is accused of storming into the residence on saturday. dozens of congressmen, members of the pacific community gathered there. an fbi agent reveals in a complaint that thomas was wearing a scarf concealing his face. before pulling out a machete and stabbing people, five victims hospitalized and one in critical condition with a skull fracture. the new charges with five counts of obstruction related to theeo free exercise of religious belief involving an attempt to kill with a dangerous weapon. >> times that individuals understand that new york state is a state anti-semitism or any other types of hate will not be tolerated by anyone. period. and in fact, if you engage in any form of hate whicy results in the injuries of any individuals, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and your freedoms
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will be taken away. >> in handwritten journals, law enforcement no references t made to adolf hitler and nazi culture but on the same page is drawings of the star of david h and the swastika. court documents show the phone said it court documents show the phone said it was used nearby jewish temples. the lawyer's request that he be allowed to take medication for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. thomas' family claims that he is mentally disturbed, not anti-semitic. >> in speaking with him, he wass able to explain his behavior with reference to various sources hallucination and one might say demons. and his explanations were not coherent. >> he has always been a gentle giant with mental illness. >> regarding the federal hate
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crime charges for an attempt to kill, he could face life in prison or the death penalty ifl one of the victims dies in this case. f >> mark: that is interesting these federal charges. because that suggests that they don't buy the mental ill explanation for what he did. >> they have been going through quite a bit of evidence regarding the documents and the photographs, the journals. >> mark: that is interesting. we will keep watching. thank you, molly. saturday's attack was terrifying, but you can already guess who new york's top democrats are blaming it on, donald j. trump. that is next. ♪
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>> mark: democrats have total control of government in new york state. so naturally, they say saturday hanukkah stepping attack was volt of president trump you're the president has a jewish son-in-law and speaks well of jewish americans constantly. he move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, but according to bill de blasio committee as his hateful speech that cause this attack. >> it is not a time for a partisan discussion, but it is a time to say, some of the most hateful speeches emanating washington, d.c. what we need our president to do is be a unifier, a calming, positive voice reminding us of what we have in common as americans. that is what presidents both
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democrats and republicans have done for generations. we have missed that. and the hateful speech, even if it is not inciting specific violence, let's face it. we have seen these violent forces emboldened. >> mark: yeah, that doesn't really play here. government andrew cuomo spent his tenure in office demonizing pro-lifers and supporters of the second amendment with the same point of view. >> what should anyone make of president trump's tweet? this is how he plays to his partisan base by demonizing democrats. democrats are evil. democrats are bad. democrats have lost their mind. they are anti-american. that is hate. and then you are shocked when you see these episodes of hate all across the country? >> mark: while we are cementing, rashida tlaib who
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once blamed white people attacked by black israelites also decided to weigh in against the president. "folks don't see the connection with his work and how it ignites violence. he fuels people's anger and misguided hate. instead of leaving with compassion can be simply gas lights and laughs about it." deroy murdock with a contributing to national review, and this white supremacy is him is really ramp attaining out of control and the new york area. >> it is interesting. we look at the people involved in the recent attacks, and i know we've seen the last of them, but more plausible that president trump is appealing to white supremacist until we look at the people who engage in these sorts of things. tiffany harris who allegedly went up to three jewish women, slap them across the face, and said f you, jews. and then we have grafton thomas,
9:33 pm
the hanukkah attack which is discussing with a machete. he happens to be black and that awful attack in new jersey city with a market to shoot up that facility and kill a bunch of people. those people francine graham as well. so it is odd that you don't see the white supremacy sort of suspect in the anti-semitic attacks. >> mark: get real, deroy. before the mug shots. >> that must be what has happened. >> mark: listen, it is quite disgraceful what is happening here. and the jersey city attack, the media were interested in that when they thought it was some guy going nuts on. the minute they found out it was not helpful for the narrative -- >> the whole thing fell into this particular attack in it we would not be talking about jersey city attack. in the media are very, very good
9:34 pm
about not covering the numerous examples of president trump speaking about anti-semitism. that attack in california, san diego. he invited the rabbi, hugged him in public, asked him to get up and say a few words and before he did that president trump said we will fight with all of our strength and everything we have to defeat you anti-semitism and to conquer all hate. the rabbi said i would like to thank you mr. president for -- guess how much coverage that got on abc, cbs, nightly news programs? zero. if you are a with anti-semitism, gentiles pro-jewish and disturbed about this, the president of the united states, be comforted. we love you and also don't be anti-semitism, that is about thing. those messages don't get out and covered up by the media playing in the hands of white supremacy. >> mark: actually, a fascinating series of tweets by aaron bieber who is a fact-checker of all things at
9:35 pm
nbc news who says that this is all very "complicated relations between the two communities between blacks and are complicated". basically, if you guys would just put down for machetes, we could all get back to hating trump as one united, happy rainbow coalition. how long are people going to put up with this nonsense? >> it is just awful. the media needs to be honest about what president trump has done. he had a hanukkah party. if you are trying to film hatred against jews, you don't throw a hanukkah party. you don't let your daughter, marry an orthodox jew, which is what she did, and jared kushner the closest advisor, hated so much he would say get out of my way, get out of my family, goodbye. but exactly the opposite. jared kushner and ivanka trump >> mark: but actually something creepy and wicked about governors and mayors and
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congressmen misrepresenting. basically, bill de blasio, he even does this kind of mayor of "sesame street" stuff where haters know home in our city, 12-year-old intern. all we have, he actually blames it on people who have nothing to do with the event. how long will people put up without? >> i live in new york city and we are sick and tired of bill de blasio. never pointing the finger at himself. he does so in this case as well. he is saying homelessness is the fault of president trump as well. >> mark: okay. >> and some shortage of hanukkah candles in this country. >> mark: that is him, stealing -- thank you for that. and the mayor blames the president for any and all violence in the state. the mayor himself is actually doing everything he can to encourage anarchy. a video released last week shows a man sucker punching an nypd officer.
9:37 pm
>> get off, get off, get off! >> mark: the guy in that video is already back on the streets having been released without bail. other convicts are walking out of custody with free christmas goody bags from the mayor's office. under a new program and bill de blasio's new inmate from the care of the city, get gift cards and preloaded subway cards. according to the new york, even considering giving convicts free cell phones as well. seth barron is an associate editor of the city journal and he joins us, listen, free cell phones, anybody that knows anything about criminals knows that is actually their preferred means of communication. why would taxpayers be expected to fund it? >> it is a good question and it
9:38 pm
makes sense for people released from prison after ten or 12 years to get a bus ticket, some spending money. these are people who have been in jail for record violence. they don't have that much to do to get back home or get reintegrated into the community. the problem is, i'm not sure that is their goal necessarily. you know, these are generally people who have committed crimes and are, you know, bad actors. but what this speaks to, mark, a problem in new york city where we've emburdened the priority that kept for 30 years. it used to be that we would focus on the law-abiding citizens trying to keep the communities safe and prosecute the bad guys. but now, the priorities are reversed, and we seem to be worrying about the bad guys and helping them, making sure they are not put in jail and leave law-abiding citizens to their tender mercies.
9:39 pm
>> mark: it seems to me unwinding a quarter of a century of effective policies since giuliani introduced the broken window to the new york policing. and going back really to almost cliched policies of the '70s and '80s the democrats were with the criminal class. >> it started in the '60s, really, the people that we need to worry about are the people who are committing the crimes and going to jail. and that the communities that they prey upon well, that is a natural state of affairs. the city became a city because we focused on keeping communities safe, keeping lawbreakers from doing graffiti, littering, you know, hanging out. being drunk.
9:40 pm
>> mark: right. are we headed for a baltimore situation where effectively the police become so demoralized by the city hall that they basically say screw this. i'm not going to take this from you. >> we are not heading in a good direction. we have a long way to go before we unwound where we are baltimore. new york city is currently running 300 homicides a year. baltimore is about a tenth of the population and has many more homicides. but things are looking good. i would say the pendulum has yet to reach its climax, and it is only at that point, that i think we will really reverse things. >> mark: well, we will keep an eye on it and see how that develops. thank you for that. the u.s. military is once again escalating towards a possible war with iran. who will benefit from that besides washington's defense lobbyists and the conservative
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talking heads? that is coming up next. ♪ ♪
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some things are too important to do yourself. get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. ♪ >> mark: america's middle east wars have cost trillions and produced no benefits to the united states. but as candidate trump like to point out on the stump may never end. on sunday the u.s. carried out air strikes air strikes against iraq he militia group tied to iran. the strikes came after u.s. civilian was killed in a rocket attack. the iraq he government objectedn the iranians have responded. could this be a step towards the war with iran that so many of washington's fallen policy establishment are for?
9:46 pm
douglas macgregor is a retired army colonel and wrote the book "margin of victory". he joins us now. colonel, off of a 19th century imperialist to take lord thomas' position to the great citizens killed with immunity, impunity, and expect to remain ungreat, but what is the broader, strategic objective in this current military action? >> well, good evening, he was a smart man. he said that gladstone would end his political career in a man house, and he was not far from wrong. i think if americans look at this, the first question, what are we doing in syria, iraq, with troops on the ground? what is the purpose to beginin with? i don't think that has been fully explained. what we have heard routinely, we are coming out, we are coming out, we are coming out. the president seems to be subverted, and we end up with a
9:47 pm
few more troops left.. i think that is what has happened it may explain what was done on sunday. this contractor was killed in this rocket attack in the vicinity of a place called kirikuk. now, if you look at the five targets, three inside iraq and two in syria, these targets are 250 miles, 300 miles away from kirikuk. so we are not striking anything in the vicinity where this event happened. secondly, all of these targets, yes, they are part of what we called the pmf popular mobilized force, they are iranian trade, shiite militia, and they have been killing isis. and al qaeda. they have actually liberated and protected christians from our friends in isis. isis is largely gone, but they are still digging them out in lower syria. for some reason, we chose to strike all of these targets instead of looking for something
9:48 pm
in the vicinity of kirikuk. it seems suspicion is probably accurate. it looks like an attempt to drag us into something. >> mark: let me just ask you about that because you basically said that these guys were fighting isis here the last time any of us gave any attention to them. so they were the enemy of our enemy. but it comes out that they are also our enemy. we are just tourists in the heart of darkness staggering around from one barely understood faction to another? >> i think staggering around from one misunderstood perfection to the next is a damn good description. i don't think we have any idea what we are doing there, and i think the president is skillfully misinformed. i think he is being walked into another ambush as much as he was last summer when all of a sudden he was presented with what shot down a global -- we have to attack iran.
9:49 pm
now we have attacked iranian, forces, the iraqui government i think we'll try to throw us out in the parliament has voted unanimously for us to leave, so i think the next step is for the iraq he is to say get out. i don't think the iranians or iraqis will necessarily respond in the way that they would hope. >> mark: president trump has always said he thought these wars were a complete waste of time. they have gone on for generations, but in effect, the question is, has he become captive of the bush era foreign policy and who wanted in and out of this administration? just quickly. >> if he is not the captive, he certainly looks like it. he is the only thing standing between us and another pointless war.ot he is the one can say no and he does.
9:50 pm
but he needs to understand that is not enough. he has to move the people around him who are part of the problem out. >> mark: thank you for that, colonel. thank you. it is a very important issue. tucker will be back after the break for this shows the final segment of the year. don't miss it. ♪ - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos,
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♪ >> mark: hey, welcome back, here's tucker. >> tucker: if you paid any
9:55 pm
attention to the leadership of the republican party in washington over the past 30 years, and in particular if you pay attention what they havee done when they have power, it is clear what they care about. they care about cutting taxes for higher earners and owners. they care about helping americao company ship their jobs overseas to foreigners here to work for lower wages. they care about launching wars in far-off places. they have done all of those things, and as they have with help of the democratic party, the american family has decayed. the middle class along with it. the republican party has also decayed at the same time. if democratic leaders didn't repeatedly make it clear how much they despise this country and people who live in it, the republican party would be dead by now. they have been saved by the extremism of their opponents. but does it have to be this way? what would it look like if the republican party embraced a new agenda, helping american families form and thrive? johnny burtka thought of a lot about this question the executive editor
9:56 pm
of "the american conservative." he joins us tonight. johnny, thank you for coming on. so republican party that had american families at its center look like? >> tucker, for the past 30 years, as you noted the republican party has paid a lot of lip service to families, especially around election time, to win votes, but they have done very little to support the bedrock institution that holds our country and our economy together. america cannot be great unless the institutions that support us from the bottom up are strong. these include churches, schoolss institutions of civil society, but most importantly, the family. what happens in the family determines the course of what happens in someone's life. it determines the course of the culture and the course of our country and the family in america today is under conservatives have rightly pointed out a number of areasda for many years, like the pernicious influence of hollywood, the impact of -- o
9:57 pm
growing impact of silicon valley with the addictive products that are marketed to children including pornography. today, conservatives are finally starting to wake up to another threat, which is malignant, market forces that are undermining our families. now, there are many of them, one of them i like to point out is crony capitalism. crony capitalism, as i defined it, is collusion between big government and big business at the expense of the american people. it is pretty easy for someone like pete buttigieg to graduate from a top school like harvard and get a job for a management consulting firm in washington making powerpoints for a faceless bureaucracy like the postal service. or maybe if you are lucky, you know, designing powerpoints for a foreign dictator or pushing pills for big pharma to make six figure salary. but really what is going on is the jobs are being sapped the
9:58 pm
heartland to pad the pockets of a few connected people in washington, d.c. middle america is not going to tolerate that anymore. n >> tucker: middle america, the parts most wounded by these economic changes that the country has gone through? republican areas, mostly or reliably republican are dying and the republican partyti washington which is supposed to be represented and it doesn't seem to notice. how does that work? >> well, they have deliberately ignored middle america because they counted on their votes until this recent election when wisconsin, pennsylvania,le michigan finally flipped to the republicans. they are starting to realize, oh, wow, the new constituency is a fundamental part of the base if we want to maintain power. the trade deals have decimated the economies and the places. republicans are taking them seriously, which is why i'm encouraged that ivanka trump in the white house is putting paid family leave front and center at the agenda for the white house. they will be hosting a summit on the topic this week. other members in the senate like
9:59 pm
marco rubio have introduced bills, bill cassidy, and talking about common good capitalism. starting to look how conservatives can support the family from the bottom up. they will need to find a way to do this if they want to be a party that wins at the ballot box. >> tucker: you are absolutely right. and it is because of and the and the publication that you and the publication that you run that the path forward is clearer than it has been a long time. thank you for that, johnny, great to see you. >> thank you for having me, tucker. >> mark: that is very sobering, as tucker said, rural america is reliably voted republican is dying on the republicans watch. that is it for "tucker carlson tonight." and indeed, for the year. tune in each night
10:00 pm
at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. and don't forget to dvr the show.ha if you haven't set that up already. i good night from new york. that is it from auld lang steyn. have a swinging day. tucker will be back next year to launch the roaring '20s. here is gregg jarrett in for sean. >> gregg: i am so old i remember the last roaring '20s. mark steyn, great show. welcome to the special edition must be 25: the." i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for sean tonight for the hour. we will expose the destructive democratic agenda and assault on facts, fairness and the american dream. tonight, we began with the blundering joe biden, whose biggest 2020 opponents continues to be himself. as he clings to his so-called front runner status in the 2020 primary. you know what, voters don't seem to be buying any of this because old joe was again heckled on the caai


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