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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 31, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> i don't feel like i killed an individual, i killed evil. that is how i am approaching it, that is i am processing. >> it is tuesday, december 31st. having a 4:00 on the east coast, the hero parishioner who stopped the gunmen in a texas church in the second says he is now hero at all. the praise pouring in from the law that allowed this good guy with a gun to save countless lives. >> i wonder if joe biden would consider choosing a republican is a running mate >> the answer is i would -- i'm serious.
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>> joe biden with a republican on his ticket. he is considering it but there is a catch, we are live in washington. the final countdown to 2020, more than 1 million people set to squeeze into times square as we usher in a brand-new decade. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ the final countdown ♪ ♪ the countdown ♪ >> big excitement brewing in new york city where the ball will drop and we have a live report
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from there and bring you up to date on those fun activities. have you ever been down there to see it, you should do it at least once i think. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this tuesday morning, thank you as always for starting your day or ending it with us. speaking of ending we are counting down to 2020 and we want to know what your new year's resolutions are. email us, and we will share your resolutions later in the show. get those in for us. starting with this fox news alert, hundreds of iraqis are trying to storm the us embassy in baghdad shouting down usa following the deadly us airstrikes that killed 25 year and backed militants.
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the mourners attending funerals for those killed before marching to the us embassy smashing security cameras, throwing water bottles. we will keep you updated as additional information comes in on this, stay tuned. back at home pointing fingers in the wake of tragedy the left blaming donald trump for the horrific hanukkah attack in new york, several democrats demand stricter gun control of the deadly church shooting in texas. the parishioner who took down the gunmen breaks his silence, good morning. >> reporter: several texas lawmakers and parishioners are hailing that armed worshiper the hero. jack wilson, a volunteer security guard at the church shot and killed the gunmen who opened fire during sunday service. >> i don't see myself as a hero. i see myself is doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat.
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>> wilson became the deacon of church security after texas lawmakers passed a measure in 2017 allowing parishes to have armed guards. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick says state attorney general contact and praising the law on fox news. >> i hope other churches around the country will adopt policies like this we can stop losing so many people when these incidents occur. >> if jack wilson had not taken down that killer there could have been 10 or 15 people killed before the police got there. >> despite that pray several texas democrats including congressman joe moody and beverly powell are calling for stricter gun control including background checks on sales at gun shows. the left calling for more action from donald trump after the hanukkah terror attack in new york earlier this week as the accused stab her is with several federal hate crime charges.
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eric smallwell says anti-semitism is on the rise being stoked by donald trump who won't condemn it. and steve cohen tweeting in part this contract has made an accessible conduct acceptable. donald trump condemning the attack hours after it happened, earlier this month signed an executive order to curb anti-semitism on college campuses. >> thank you, we will talk about this with guests. right now new overnight a police officer hit by a car and killed chasing after a suspect in tennessee. the master patrol officer running after a man on an interstate near nashville when he was struck by an oncoming car, two people are under arrest. colleagues in the hendersonville police department are heartbroken. >> i heard him on september 12, 2015, and i never saw anyone who wanted to be a police officer as
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much as he did. he was an example of what an officer should be. >> officer bristol was a u.s. navy veteran. he leaves behind a wife and 3-year-old daughter. two missing children are in danger after their mother apparently knows what happened, that's what police in idaho say as they desperately search for joshua and kylie ryan who had been missing since september. investigators claim they lied to witnesses telling them tightly died more than a year ago. the couple is part of a cult that is assessed with the end of the world. they left the state and are refusing to cooperate with police. lighting up social media. andrew yang supporters are speaking out after the dnc denied his request for more qualifying polls for the next
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democratic debate. garrett tenney has more on yang's argument just weeks away from the first caucus. good morning. >> these debates are getting harder and harder to qualify for. andrew yang met the fundraising requirements for the debate but only met one of the 5% pulling requirements for the 4 poles that are required. yang's campaign argues there has been almost no qualifying polls since the last debate on the server 19th but the dnc says it has been more than inclusive through this entire process with expansive list of qualifying polls including 26 poles for the december debate more than half of which were state polls. >> the dnc saying we can do nothing about it seems disingenuous because they can clearly reach out any of the
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approved polling organizations, send out for a poll to be conducted and give a timeline. >> show biden is qualified for the next debate and on monday said he would be willing to pick a republican as his running mate with one caveat. >> the answer is i would but i can't think of one right now. now now now, i am serious. a really decent republicans out there still. >> another candidate tulsi gabbard argued it will be harder for democrats to keep control of the house and defeat donald trump as a result of the push for impeachment. >> we know trump will not be found guilty removed from office by the u.s. senate. the impeachment will increase his support among voters and make them harder to defeat. >> donald trump was named the most admired man in an annual gallup poll for the first time time with barack obama who topped the list for record-tying 12th time.
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>> former fbi agent peter stzrok thinks the fed violated his first amendment rights and he is suing the government to get his old job back. he was fired after sending anti-trump texts to his ex-lover, lisa page on government issued phones. and new document his legal team claims those texts should be considered private speech. page is also suing over the publication of the messages. military members will bring in 2020 with pay raises. the government is increasing service members pay by 3.1%, the biggest bump in a decade. annual raises are historically measured by increases in private
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sector wages. the va department will also get its largest funding boost in history, $217 billion. >> at the top of the show, we mentioned in just hours more than 1 million people will fill time square waiting for the build ball to drop. here is your new year's eve forecast. good morning. >> this is maybe the coolest on location i have ever been, the ball, i can touch this thing, almost 12,000 pounds and we are filling up time square. about 24 floors off the ground, just after 6:00 pm this will raise all the way up this tower and as we have seen all our lives just before midnight it starts slowly coming back down. about 12,000 pounds, a massive ball, 12 feet in diameter and as
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you said about 1 million people will crowd into time square to see it. what is the forecast going to be like? took the forecast graphics for the entire country and see what our new year's eve is going to look like. here in time square, only about 40 °. this is as pleasant a ball drop as you can get the winds at times getting to 15, 20 mph but the real good news, completely dry and for folks across the entire country and we will look at that next the forecast is looking really good, temperatures may be in the planes, the midwest getting a little on the call side but by and large, no big snowstorms or rainstorms, we are looking at a fantastic forecast across the country which is really good news, and good news for the million people are going to be here and as i toss it back to you, not just to million people will be in time square but 1 million people watching on tv around the world so my goal for the next 5 hours is not to break this thing. i just flipped the switch, don't
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break this thing between now and then. i will have a lot of people mad at me. >> thank you so much. we will check back with you. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and a knife attack at a hanukkah party the latest in a string of anti-semitic attacks across the us. why is this happening. our next guest says it goes back to tolerating violence against israel. carrie underwood calling it quits, big news from the country superstar for the new year. ♪
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>> as new york reels from the anti-semitic terror attacks americans are left with the jarring reminder these incidents have been skyrocketing across the country and jewish
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communities are left plagued with theories leaders try to curb the violence. to pinpoint what is to blame, the founder of the exodus movement joins me to talk about it now. let's bring up the number from the national anti-semitic hate crime incidents as of december 29th, there are 1447 and one of the statistics we were discussing is the amount of anti-semitic attacks is increased 21% over the past year. why do you think that is? >> we live in some really polarized times. people around the country feel it and historically speaking when a country goes through this people look for a scapegoat. often that is the jewish people and it is very unfortunate. in the one country we thought this history would not repeat itself it has.
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>> also 2-tier family history. >> in the soviet union, to escape the anti-semitism i am seeing with my eyes right now. heather: talk about this group you have organized. >> i started the exodus movement to empower jewish americans, so many people around the country feel they don't have the courage to vote who they want to vote for, they feel they are endowed to the democratic party like a lot of minority groups. another party supporting them, has done amazing things for them in israel and there's another option. heather: we heard a lot of blame being thrown at donald trump from bill diblasio. >> there will always be blame going around, people are getting stabbed in their own homes.
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i wish people would come together to come up with a solution before more people get hurt. shannon: we talked about the number of attacks that have happened. if you take a look just from december 23rd the latest attack as you mentioned, 5 people stabbed and -- >> this is on hanukkah so the festival of light was supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year for jewish people, wheezing anti-semitic attacks capitalist every single day. >> the discrepancy in the reactions are also something else, you mentioned giving democrats another option and making sure they know what this president stands for, the democrats failed to condemn several instances anti-semitism this year. we will bring up a couple examples from people at home, we had one, omar on february 11th,
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ilhan omar talking about benjamin netanyahu and rashida tlaib on january 6th saying they forgot what country they represent, this is the us where boycotting is a right. >> this is the party of truman and kennedy. they forgot who supported them in the first place, forgot everything basted for, forgot the reason people like my parents came to this country, looking -- for getting so many people in the process. >> what do we need to do? >> come together, realize this is an actual emergency and if we don't stop, more people will get hurt. >> people can find you online. thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. the time is 19 after the top of your, coffee cup controversy boiling over. do you remember those mcdonald's cup we told you about that had
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the word pig written on it? someone just got fired and it is not what you think? >> national grilled cheese day? >> we are literally just -- >> python and toccos. >> all you can eat "fox and friends first" but a. a look at the big moments from the to have a 19 year in our year end wrap-up. ♪ now and forever more. inside these buildings in jerus throughout israel there are many elderly jews who suffering daily. and they need our help now. as christians and jews we know we have a scriptural mandate to hungry. and here there are thousands in need. 17 years ago edna was in a horr terrorist attack.
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she's still in excruciating pain and she can't even afford her m. i've lost my will to live. all the time i suffer alone wit and pain. your help is urgently needed. please call right now and make $25 that will rush food and essentid to an elderly jewish person str survive. every gift helps keep them alive and show's your love to god's p. for over 35 years, the international fellowship ofs and jews has been bringing christian and communities together. and it's only with your help that we can meet this challenge basic essentials like food boxes to the elderly t most. inside each food box we put a hanukkah holiday note letting t recipients know that this is a gift from christ jews who love them.
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it means so much to me. your help will bring food to th and much needed peace into thei whether you can help one time o month you will recieve god's blessings when you bless these children o. i pray that god will speak to y now. we need your help more than ever before.
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what are you doing back there, junior? since we're obviously lost, i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. ah, relax. i got this. which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. he knows exactly where we're going. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. >> we are back with health alert. the fda green lights new treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer. it is used by a very and breast cancer patients is a new study
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finds the drug can help people fighting pancreatic cancer if they have the gene mutation. 46,000 americans die from pancreatic cancer every year and we reported congressman john lewis and alex to back among others are fighting the disease. 2020 hopeful bernie sanders healthy enough to be president, that is the word from his team of doctors two month after he suffered a heart attack. the sanders campaign releasing medicine 3 physicians who all agree the vermont senator is mentally and physically fit to campaign and serve. bernie sanders is 78 years old. speaking of getting older 2019 was a huge year for "fox and friends first" for impeachment which lap to washington to under predictable weather across the country and lots and lots of national food holidays in between. let's look back at the year.
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you are watching "fox and friends first". >> you are watching "fox and friends first". republicans fighting back on capitol hill following the first public impeachment testimony. >> available go down in infamy your history depending which side of the all you are on after the votes to impeach donald trump. >> we have been in this rest for an hour. it is unbelievably difficult terrain. right where i am, the illegal crosser was laid down. >> 2500 migrants barreling toward the southern border. >> the north korea delegation staying put, no deal, just moments ago. >> expecting the president's arrival. >> a dozen democrats descending. >> the light of the us military on full display in a series of videos that show how the raids went down. >> this town is on a curfew placed at 9:00. you can see how strong the gusts
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are. >> they will run into lower manhattan in all that gear and that is something else. >> a way to bring our neighborhood. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> nice job. >> you can hear and feel the energy as if it were in dc. >> you are 97 years old. what used to work? >> i enjoy working. >> can you tell me about world war ii? >> dangerous, very dangerous. >> did you think you would make it home? >> know. they shot my plane down. >> this bridge is so big. >> this book you see on your screen right here, mostly sunny. >> i was honest to ask to write a memoir. >> are you a married woman? over the weekend. >> yes? >> who needs a meal when you can have that package?
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it changed my life. >> cheeseburger day. >> hot fudge sundae day. you know it is national grilled cheese day. >> python and bug tacos. >> it is call the triangle. three people hold each other's arm and jump at the same time. >> what is baby shark? right there. >> throwing cheese it babies. >> a massive trend sweeping social media. the product of hair-raising temperatures right there. >> something about my favorite pants. >> attached like that all day. >> have a good day, "fox and friends first" starts right now.
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>> it has been a fun year, lots of food and the thing we started - >> hoping the new year rob won't feed me. >> i had a feeling we were going to continue with this. >> one of the best parts i think. what was your favorite part? >> the food. >> not the bridge? >> i liked the bridge. >> a group of people. i like that. and we will be right back, speaking of breaking news which we also cover, hundreds of protesters trying to storm the us embassy burning flags and chanting down with the usa. with the latest from that story up next.
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heather: thousands of iraqis try to storm the us embassy in
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baghdad shouting down down usa. embassy staff in the us ambassador have been evacuated. this follows the deadly us airstrikes earlier this week that killed 25 iran backed militants. the protesters seen smashing security cameras, throwing water bottles, some of them reportedly hanging millis have banners outside the us embassy. the demonstration follows funerals for those killed in those airstrikes and we learned they set fire to the wall outside the embassy and we will have more on this breaking news story, hundreds of iraqi mourners trying to storm the us embassy in baghdad at this hour. but back at home turning to a
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live look at time square hours to have a brand-new year, more than 1 million people expected to watch the ball drop it midnight and the nypd says it will be the safest place on earth. ray bogan has more on the preparations for this new year's eve. >> reporter: the ball for the ball drops and the confetti rained down officials in charge of the new year's eve celebration in new york prepare the world-famous time square ball as we get ready to ring in 2020. on monday officials flipped a giant switch to test a crystal sphere. >> 3, 2, one, happy new year. >> reporter: eliminating the ball's 32,000 led lights it descended to its starting position atop one time square. the celebration centerpiece measures 12 feet in diameter, made of 2700 crystal triangles
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and ways 11,875 pounds. the ball has been ringing in the new year since 1907 and who will be flipping the switch tuesday night to start the ball drop? >> we saw the dominant theme in the news globally with climate change. this year we are honoring science teachers around the globe and the students and young people they teach who are the key to climate change in the future and addressing it. >> the nypd says there's no credible threat to this year's celebration they are beefing up security around time square and urging revelers to remain vigilant. more than 1 million people are expected to be in times square to assure in the new year with over 1 billion more watching on tv worldwide. >> a major winter storm is dumping snow and coding parts of the midwest to ring in the new year covering it with ice. the minnesota state patrol responding to nearly 200 crashes
1:35 am
since monday morning. this trooper sliding on an icy road and then over north dakota this police truck needed to be pulled out after getting caught in the snow. the winter weather stretching all the way to the east coast. in new york city a wind turbine collapsed and fell onto a car. much more on your weather forecast. from snow and ice to raging wildfires down under thousands of people in australia are being told to evacuate their homes, some people jumping into the ocean to escape the deadly fires. look at the scene in australia. the sky turning bright red as strong winds make the flames harder to control. 12 deaths have been linked to the wildfire crisis. look at the red glow.
1:36 am
900 homes have been destroyed. 2019 was a big year for donald trump from securing the border to foreign-policy progress and boosting the economy but you wouldn't know it by watching mainstream media coverage. >> the economy doesn't look so great. what is meant to be a really hot economy people are struggling. >> some other problems still remain. the average us worker hasn't seen an increase in wages. >> the president never even pretended to care about good governance. >> the world is a better place without this guy in it. >> here to break down the unsung accomplishments this year's the chairman of the committee to defend the president ted harvey, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. it has been a pretty good year looking back for donald trump and his level of accomplishments
1:37 am
but from the mainstream media we are not hearing a lot about these things and as we put them up what was the biggest accomplishment? >> i'm shocked the media is not reporting on how good the president has been doing but probably the most important thing the american people voted for is his efforts to secure our borders and if you look at the fight he had with the democrats and the left to secure the borders and all the legal fights in the courts i think his ability to change the way we do allow immigrants to come into the country and seek asylum come a we have now because of donald trump. they have to go to the mexican side of the border and go through the legal process before they can seek asylum and that is closing down the border because before they would come across, we would have the ability just
1:38 am
to say come back when you're court hearing is up and they would never come back and we would never see them again and that allows millions of people to come here illegally. now that they have to get the asylum court on the mexican side of the border that brings it down to a trickle. shannon: it is working as a deterrent, border crossings down 70% since may, keeping people safe on both sides of the border, those attempting to get here illegally and those seeking to get here and head back. what about number 2? >> if you look at what the president has done on oil and gas, during the obama administration on federal lands,
1:39 am
since trump got in here not exploration on federal lands, we have seen natural reserves at a point we are a net exporter of energy, pretty big number. 80 quadrillion btus down to 0.1 quart trillion btus being imported. this president has had amazing impact on energy resources, imagine the jobs being created, high-paying jobs in the energy sector as well. heather: unemployment and a 50 year low. median household income at an all-time high, we are talking trade, the usmc a trade deal. and the first in the process for the trade deal with china has been and is about to be accomplished. >> we can't forget what the president has done on judicial
1:40 am
appointments as well, 187 judges, two supreme court judges and circuit court judges and put more in place than all the other presidents in the history of our country. that has a generational impact on america, the way they interpret the courts for years and years to come because they are lifelong appointments. heather: the dow closing, quite a year. >> have a happy new year. heather: we will be right back.
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.. heather: a police officer resigned after claiming a mcdonald's worker wrote pig on his coffee cup. the harrington kansas police
1:44 am
chief says the former officer faked the incident thinking it would be a joke. >> i hope he understands the magnitude of the black eye this gives the law enforcement profession from coast-to-coast. heather: a mcdonald's owner proved his workers did not write the message by showing restaurant surveillance video to police. the chief says the former officer only worked at the department for two months. at the stroke of midnight, under new york justice reforms, criminals given access to the contact information of victims and witnesses involved in cases against them. what do you think? california will become the first state to offer medicaid coverage from low-income adults, 19-25 years old regardless of immigration deaths. 90,000 people expected to sign up. in illinois, marijuana found by
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tsa agents would no longer be confiscated at airports but it will still be illegal to take the drug over state lines. she has been the host for 12 years with carrie underwood is ending her epic life. the country music star saying it's hard to imagine, it is time to pass the hosting torch. underwood cohosted the award with dolly parton and reba mcintyre, their exciting things ahead in 2020. that is a good one to end with. youtube will limit data collection on videos seen by your kids. tracy carrasco talked about the federal privacy crackdown. >> the change takes effect.
1:46 am
youtube will, and in children's video content. and they change their policies. this comes at a time when you are watching a children's video, youtube must assume the child is watching that and that is what is going to be limited to and youtube, the content is geared toward a broader audience. even if the child is watching it. the ftc allegations youtube has been tracking online activities. heather: red lobster debuting a drink for national hangover day. >> that is right and it is
1:47 am
perfect for national buddy mary day on january 1st, and not only is it buddy mary but all sorts of things, cheetos, vodka, red lobster, spicy chipotle, jumbo shrimp, and cheddar baked biscuits. heather: what did you -- >> drinkatiezer. heather: thousands of angry iraqis storming the us embassy in baghdad right now. we are live with breaking developments up next. when a criminal has your personal information, they can do all sorts of things in your name. criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware to gain access to information like your name,
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>> we are back with the fox news alert. thousands of iraqis. and shouting down down usa. the protest follows deadly us airstrikes that killed 25 iran backed militias. garrett, what have we learned? >> according to reuters. and storming the embassy today, backed by iran. those airstrikes kill 25 fighters and according to the associated press the crowd made their way after attending
1:52 am
funerals, and smashing security cameras as they shouted down down usa and death to america as they try to push toward embassy grounds. they are retreating to the inside of the embassy and according to reuters the us embassy staff and ambassador have been evacuated. and and the iranian backed hezbollah brigades. and the millicent that vowed revenge. that is what we are starting to see. >> they are protesting in the
1:53 am
streets, and the consulate there was storm dan us ambassador and 3 other americans were killed. our prayers with everyone there, we continue to follow it. eight minutes until the top of the hour. what are your goals for 2020 as we step into the new year? our next guest encourages everyone to dream big and set your sights high. find out the secret to make them stick next.
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>> they are setting up habits in the new year. and what is the resolutions and 2020. the last day of the year. let's bring up the top five new year's resolutions, exercise more, everybody talks about that and making it a priority. >> these are the top resolutions, this is my thing.
1:58 am
it can't hurt to talk about it more. and the quitting smoking part. this might be your year and also those people who vaping, think twice about that. also talks about connecting with others, something that is overlooked. i wanted to talk about putting these phones down. and scheduling regular checkups and set your goals high, avoid comparison and embrace changes. >> we are coming into a new decade, let's go for the gold. >> avoid comparing yourself to other people. your journey is your journey. give yourself timelines. think about how you are going to
1:59 am
accomplish these. >> it is kind of exciting. heather: you seem very excited. >> a start to turn over a new leaf. heather: i like connecting to others i live. they have the perfect life because no one has the perfect life. >> so glad you said that, happy new year. more in the next year. we have a lot of viewers with their resolutions. donna taking free time for myself, time to be nicer to me and jeanette on instagram saying be more available to family and friends. thank you for joining us. happy new year, everybody. have a safe one. "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: this is a fox news alert,
2:00 am
hundreds of iraqis storming the us embassy in baghdad shouting down down usa. >> is believed to be us airstrikes on iran backed militants. >> i don't feel like killed an individual, i kill evil. that is how i am processing. jillian: a good guy with a gun breaks his silence. kim jong un law that saved countless lives, democrats teeing up on gun-control. jillian: the final countdown to a brand-new decade. rob: we are ringing in the new year in the new decade. "fox and friends first" continues right now.


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