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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 31, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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in new york city, times square, people are getting ready for the big celebration. >> have a great new year's eve tonight and a great 2020. >> thank you for joining us here on "america's newsroom." "outnumbered" starts right now. >> molly: a fox news alert, president trump issuing a new warning to iran amid escalating tensions. the u.s. embassy in baghdad staying under siege, dozens of protesters attempting to storm the complex, prompting u.s. troops to fire tear gas. this coming days after u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria killed at least 25 iranian backed coalition members in response to the killing of an american contractor. the militia group now calling for retaliation. >> we are warning the united states as we warned before that there illegal presence means they are standing against the iraqi people and the iraqi people have the right to confront them with all types of
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resistance. >> molly: president trump tweeting "around killed an american contractor, wounding many. we strongly responded and always will." now iran is orchestrating an attack on the u.s. embassy, they will be held fully responsible. in addition, we expect iraq to use its forces to protect the embassy." this is "outnumbered." i molly line. here today, rachel campos duffy, kat timpf, executive director of the "serve america" pack and fox news contributor marie harf and in the center seat today, brad blakeman. he is "outnumbered." a full reaction from the couch in just a moment but first let's go to lucas tomlinson, he's live from the pentagon with the latest on all of this. >> president trump's defense secretary issued a statement a few minutes ago saying he is sending in reinforcements to
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help protect the u.s. embassy in baghdad. i'm told of her 100 marines will help bolster security thereafter hundreds of iranian backed militia men break the embassy compound. the u.s. army apache gunship helicopter just flew over the embassy and attempted to disperse the crowd. it's not clear at this time of it was successful. it's past 8:00 p.m. in baghdad, u.s. officials are hoping new year's eve celebrations are a reason for the mob to disper disperse. >> we are obviously concerned by the activities of the iranian regime pursued around the world and in the middle east and we think the trump administration spoke to the iranian regime in a way in which they will understand. >> earlier today, iraq's prime minister issued the
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following tweet in english. "while we condemn the u.s. air strikes, they acknowledge that the symbolic funeral marches are an act of remembrance. iraqi security forces will respond to any act of aggression or harassment against foreign embassies in iraq and those were responsible will face the full force of the law. militias in iraq were photographed outside the u.s. embassy in baghdad earlier today. responsible for killing hundreds of u.s. troops during the iraq war. right now there is no plans for the 5,000 u.s. troops currently deployed to iraq to leave but we are monitoring the situation, molly. >> molly: a tremendous amount to unpack there, thank you very much. brad, we want to bring you in right away here. a precarious situation on the
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ground at our embassy, diplomats not feeling particularly comfortable there. your thoughts as we look now at these american diplomats and the situation they find themselves in and also politically, what and enormously tense situation we are in now. >> brad: this is true to the iranian playbook, they get surrogates and others to do their dirty work. so we are going to acknowledge who is behind this. we're not going to let them speak for the 40 million iraqis. it's not going to deter this president, if anything its holding going to embolden him to protect our embassy and our interest in that area. the iranians think they are going to influence this president, it's not going to happen. we are going to stand strong, we are going to be there and we are going to protect our interests. >> molly: i want to bring marie in right away, both sides of the political aisle can feel for these diplomats in this
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precarious situation and now we hear the iraqis themselves who we've been working with so diligently expressing that they are not happy with the united states right now, although it's been made clear from u.s. officials that their expectation is that the embassy will still be protected. >> marie: i think a couple things are true here. this was absolutely the work of iranian backed militias. we know they've been doing this kind of thing, as brad mentioned. many iraqis, including members of the government, see these kinds of air strikes but the very public rhetoric around them as an assault on their sovereignty. i think the question is, what is the ultimate goal? the israelis have been really smart when it comes to attacking iranian backed groups in iraq and syria, they've done many attacks on them but they kept it more quiet and quietly reached out to the iranians and said "knock it off." what you don't want is this public explosion like we've seen around the embassy of outrage on the ground. you want to respond when they
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attack your troops, you want to respond but i think going forward the question for the trump administration will be, you don't want to ratchet this up where you are now in a cycle where you're suddenly possibly going into a conflict, you want to send a message with the goal of it not happening again. i really want to the trump administration to think, what is the ultimate long game here? i don't think their goal is to get into a broader conflict. if there are future strikes, looking at the israeli model and doing this maybe not not making it clear to people but doing it quietly and saying, if you don't knock it off we are going to keep ratcheting it up, we don't want our embassy at the whim of these protesters, that's very dangerous for the few diplomats remaining there. >> kat: especially because this is supposed to be the safest place in baghdad. how did this happen in the first place?
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we spent $750 million building this thing, $2 trillion on the iraqi government security forces and they can't protect lots of all places? time and money well spent on our part, i guess. i understand that this is iran but at the same time you have to ask, all this work and all this money, how did this happen anyway? >> rachel: 100 u.s. marines were sent to the embassy in baghdad, now we are hearing the strong messages from our leaders. it's worth noting, though, american contractors, there have been a series of attacks, secretary of state pompeo weighed in on this claiming that the president has actually been patient. listen. >> this was a defensive action designed to protect american forces and american citizens in iraq and it was aimed also at at the turning around. president trump has been pretty darn patient and he's made clear
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at the same time that when americans lives were at risk we would respond. >> molly: we can't just talk about this one incident, the ongoing tensions, the iraqis feared this could lead to going back and forth with iran, it's a much bigger problem. >> rachel: secretary pompeo has a great point, in the case of the obama administration, one of the things they did was try to pay them off. in essence we are underwriting some of the terrorism and undermining our own interest with that money. that something, if you think about it, appeasing doesn't work. we see this maximum pressure campaign the trump administration is placing is clearly getting under the skin of the iranians and this is their reaction. i don't know what the answer is. i think there was a missed opportunity back in 2009 and maybe we need to start thinking
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about, how do we, short of boots on the ground, bolster those freedom fighters to go up against their own government and maybe make some changes that w way? >> molly: brad, i want to make sure you have a chance to weigh in at the end. >> brad: some of the iraqi officials are playing both sides and that's a problem. the other thing is, let's not forget, it's been underreported the kind of support we are seeing from the iraqis against iran itself. protests all through the nation to push back, there's good news thereabouts my fear is that there is iraqi government officials getting a little bit too cozy with iran. >> kat: all of our tax dollars have paid their salaries, you've got to do just a little better than that for $2 trillion. >> molly: this is a developing situation we are watching, we will wait to see if the president makes further statements on this. meanwhile, tensions in the middle east not the only challenge for the president.
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>> molly: senate minority leader chuck schumer renewing his call for mick mulvaney and john bolton to testify in the senate impeachment trial. after "the new york times" published a report with new details about the efforts to withhold aid to ukraine over the summer. >> in our fight to have key documents and witnesses in the senate impeachment trial, these new revelations are a game changer. >> molly: democrats also want
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the senior officials in the office d robert blair to testify in the senate trial. meanwhile, susan collins, the potential swing vote in the senate impeachment proceedings says she is not opposed to calling witnesses in the trial. listen. >> i am open to witnesses. i think it's premature to decide who should be called until we see the evidence that's presented and get the answers to the questions we can submit through the chief justice. >> marie: we've now seen senator murkowski of alaska and senator collins signify and all openness to have witnesses. you only need four republicans in the g.o.p. to agree to that. how do you handicap that number and that issue right now looking forward to this trial? >> brad: i think they will be
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influenced by what they hear when the decision has to be ma made. i happen to believe that chuck schumer is basically saying that "the new york times" trumps the house impeachment committee. somehow they've become an investigative arm in a constitutional process, that's crazy and it's not the senate's job to fix the broken china of the house impeachment effort. the articles are there. they haven't filed yet because apparently nancy pelosi doesn't know where the majority leader's offices but once she gets around to filing them the senate can deal with it. they cried all over the place that president trump is a danger to our nation, he must be dealt with immediately at the senate still has the articles of impeachment pending. with the people you're talking about, i think they are sending a message but clearly no decision is made. it's my opinion of the articles of impeachment are defective
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which is why i would like to see a motion to dismiss without the necessity of a trial. i don't think there should be our trial, i think it should be dismissed in a motion of 51 votes which is procedural. >> marie: there have been ways where the majority and minority leader in the senate, they agreed on how they're going to do witnesses, do it off-site, looking at this from your perspective how do you think this is playing in the country? a lot of the polling shows they want a "fair trial," whatever that means. >> molly: that seems to be the case on capitol hill. a lot of division in the nation right now. but i find so remarkable about this as we are watching this
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slowly unfold as we are talking about potential removal of a duly elected president heading into an election year and we collectively don't know how it's going to work, what is this going to look like, when will it be? will the candidates be in iowa, new hampshire, the democrats fighting it out, will there be a trial in washington? one of the ideas is that this is a stall tactic so more information can be found. we've seen chuck schumer talk about something being explosive, democrats argue there's a lot more to see here. it will be fascinating to see as we are getting more information trickling out, what it will ultimately look like. we are in this mess together as americans waiting to see what it is going to look like. >> kat: i think it is so divided that it doesn't matter what witnesses would say. especially people who have heard
9:19 am
the word "explosive" used many times over by the left and nothing has really exploded yet. i am neither a republican or democrat, i don't have a horse in this race personally but there is people who really want to the president impeached and the people who don't and we already saw all this play out in the house. i don't think i know a single person who changed their mind based on all that and i think no matter what happens in the senate, nobody will either. >> rachel: we have all the facts on the president, he released the transcript, called their bluff on that. what we don't have facts on is the bidens. let's get all the facts out. joe biden says i'm squeaky clean, you can trust me. i personally don't trust him and i don't trust his shady son and i think this might not work out the way they like just like a lot of things haven't worked out the way they thought they were going to be. >> marie: the challenge is,
9:20 am
joe biden is not being impeached. the question at hand is donald trump's behavior. and "the new york times" story does put forth some new information about -- >> rachel: that is actually more understandable. hunter sounds like a stand-up guy? >> marie: hunter is not running for president. there is no evidence that joe biden did anything wrong and regardless of that issue, regardless of this issue, the question at hand is donald trump and his conduct and his behavior and "the new york times" story i do think has new details tying the decision to hold the aid directly, personally to the president. we need more facts on that. >> kat: there's nothing that has impacted or changed anyone's
9:21 am
mind. >> brad: what was the rush to judgment? they could have issued subpoenas and the subpoenas could have been challenged by a court and lower court could have expedited i am sure a hearing on those subpoenas and come to a conclusion. is the subpoena ballad? should these people testify? the house chose not to do that, why does the senate have to fix that? it's not about that. it's about the process. the president doesn't have to put his people out there and subject other presidents to a violation of coequal branches of government and equal protection of those branches and executive privilege, that's another way our system works. >> marie: i think people on the other side of this tv looking, i get it, you're a lawyer and it all makes sense. my question is to marie. marie, you say he withheld the aid but he eventually gave the aid. do you really think that that
9:22 am
issue right there, withholding aid and giving it to them is worthy of basically undoing an election and taking the president out before 2020? just answer the question. >> marie: i am. when the founders wrote impeachment into our constitution they were explicitly thinking about the question of foreign interference in our system. when you think about the intent of the founders writing impeachment in and giving it as an option, they were thinking about foreign interference. i cannot think of something that is more of an abuse of power than a president using the tools of the united states government as leverage to get political favors from another country. >> kat: how about the democrats using the tools of the government to enact a coup on the -- >> marie: we are talking about donald trump's behavior last year. >> molly: here we are talking about the former vice president
9:23 am
potentially being called and he is responding to this idea that he could be called, should that be something democrats are worried about is we are inching closer to this trial? >> marie: as a democrat and someone who worked in the obama administration, i genuinely do not think joe biden has anything to worry about in terms of his behavior. >> molly: the idea that he's even been asked to respond, where does this trial potentially take all of this? >> marie: some democrats will tell you donald trump is elevating joe biden by making him look like someone he is scared of politically. we will see in 34 plus days in iowa. 2020 is coming at us so fast everyone. joe biden, who we were just talking about, considering an unprecedented move, saying he could put a republican on his presidential ticket.
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's >> marie: the u.s. on high alert after protesters tried to storm the u.s. embassy in iraq. tensions in the middle east are just one of the many foreign policy issues facing president trump as we head into the new year. peace talks with the taliban have been fragile and slow going. meanwhile north korea not giving up its nuclear weapons with kim jong un calling on the military to be prepared to protect the nation. the president dealing with the fallout of his decision to pull u.s. troops from syria. president trump also being scrutinized for his relationship with russian president putin.
9:29 am
>> the meetings with the two leaders have produced very little in regards to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. now we find russia is starting to operate with iran, with china, people who are enemies of the united states. they are trying to bring down our system of government. we have to treat their threats very seriously and make sure we protect our national security interests. >> marie: as we head into 2020, what do you look at at the biggest foreign policy challenge? >> brad: all roads lead to china, the trouble we are experiencing with north korea and the world is through china. nothing can happen in north korea without the approval of china. china also is a threat to us militarily. they are expanding their influence to south america now, we see what they are doing in africa.
9:30 am
>> marie: how do we tackle this problem? >> brad: do what president trump has done and that is taken to china. i've been to china eight times with presidents and vice presidents, nobody has ever taken it to china like our president has taken it. i'm sure he says, you're a dictator, i'm not. you can't wait me out. that's where you see china caving on phase one. president trump needs deliverables now, he is holding china's feet to the fire, something other presidents have not done as aggressively as this president has done and also on human rights, there's a lot of things donald trump is doing quietly. also in taiwan, quietly so there isn't an escalation. >> marie: i am and 100% agreement with brad, they are our number one challenge and that's why i've found this whole impeachment things are troubling. on so many other levels, this is
9:31 am
a bipartisan issue. precisely the time that we need to be strong and united and need to give our president the most leverage possible. the democrats, who used to be concerned about are used to do a lot of concerned about china and china's growth and the way china undermines our trade and economy have done everything they can to undermine him in these negotiations. this is a time to be united as americans, nothing has angered me more than what has happened with regards to china and the democrats doing nothing to lift a finger to help the president. >> molly: when we talk about china we also cover china's war games with russia and iran and now here we are watching around and all the talk and it seems like we are shifting on a dime to this new thing where we are looking primarily at what's going on, i was around playing out factor but it is all linked together. north korea, china is also a big player talking about north korea so it does show how everything
9:32 am
is looking there. >> marie: i've heard you talk a lot about american military overseas and how much money we spend. syria, afghanistan, people can fight in afghanistan today who were born after 9/11. how do you look at this issue heading into the new year? >> kat: reading the material for this segment bummed me out, to be honest. that's a lot of countries we are involved in and we keep doing this, we keep having this approach to foreign policy and i don't know why because not only is it expensive, not only is it costing lives but we are not very good at it, right? we've seen our attempt at making things better make things worse and create new problems. i just look at this list of places and people will call me radical on this issue but i look at it as something, why are we still in all of these places and why, instead of getting more
9:33 am
involved we need to figure out how to be less involved. i don't know why we need to be the policeman of the world. >> rachel: we should be looking at trying to get ourselves out of these places. but he needs going into 2020 is for the economy. >> marie: what you never know in foreign policy is a crisis is something no one can plan for, they often happen in election years because the bad guys often don't care about our political time frame. >> brad: donald trump sees the world the way it is, not the way he wishes it to be. >> marie: the justice department to court over the leak of his anti--trump text messages. why he says the government violated his first amendment rights. ♪
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>> molly: former fbi official peter strzok now suing the justice department. he claims his anti--trump text messages were protected by the first amendment. oin a court filing, arguing "firing an employee for the content of his or her of her nonpublic communications is unconstitutional irrespective of any balancing of interests. about the last month that he and lisa page never should have had an expectation of privacy since they were using fbi issued phones. i want to bring you in first, chomping at the bit. >> kat: the way he's trying to spin this is so ridiculous to me, it was a government-issued phone which is fancy way of
9:39 am
saying a taxpayer-funded phone. if i paid for the phone, i get to read what's on the phone. that's what my mom told me in high school and what i'm going to tell you right now. there's no expectation of privacy. saying he was fired over private communications, it wasn't any kind of communication where it was an appropriate communication, this specific communication, the reason he was fired is because it was basically him admitting he doesn't have what's required of him for his job which is that he was able to remain unbiased. he's admitting that he is not fit for his job. that kind of communication you can literally and should literally be fired for that. >> rachel: this guy was orchestrating a coup to undo the 2016 election and is whining about his constitutional right to privacy on an fbi phone. this is -- you talk about the death of shame. this is the death of shame, this is outrageous.
9:40 am
>> kat: if you want privacy, buy your own phone. >> molly: any merits, a leg to stand on when he goes forward with this? >> kat: you just made a great legal argument, she'd make a great lawyer. it's a government issued phone. he is a bad employee who was biased in investigations, he's communicating with his lover on a government issued phone. when i was working in the white house and i'm sure when you worked in the state department, you were told the ethics of using government communications and using your own communication. we had our private phones and we had public funds and if we mixed it are private communications suddenly become discoverable by the government. the crux of the matter is he had no expectation of privacy, he was using government issued devices. the government that has control
9:41 am
over all of his messages and by the way, his messages were biased against the very people he was investigating. >> molly: inspector general horowitz did not find evidence, that was the ultimate finding. a lot of people disagree with that. marie, go ahead. >> marie: i agree about the government phone. what bothered me about the text messages was when the department of justice spokesperson selectively gave reporters only certain text messages from lisa page and peter strzok and that's been publicly admitted now by the department of justice, they picked out the ones that would look the worst politically and gave them to reporters. i don't think that was appropriate for a person in the doj to do. i don't know if that's a legal argument or a first amendment argument but i think it was inappropriate. >> brad: having said that, i would like to see all the messages. >> marie: also to molly's point, though, there was a lot of talk about horwitz before his
9:42 am
report came out and every single employee of the government has bias. you are born with it. we have political opinions. >> brad: we are political people. >> marie: every american has some sort of bias. the question is whether it impacted their work and look, if these people working on the trump investigation actually wanted to try and influence the election they would've leaked it to the press and they didn't. they kept kept their mouths sh shut. it doesn't mean anything if you don't want it to mean anything. the only rights violated where the voting rights of 64 million people who voted for donald trump that this guy decided to undermine. >> marie: how about all those voters that people across the country prevented from voting by ridiculous regulations? >> molly: a republican on the democratic ticket, joe biden, is
9:43 am
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9:47 am
potential running mate in new hampshire yesterday, saying he'd be open to having a republican being his choice for vice president. >> are 21-year-old sons of the other night, i wonder if joe biden would consider choosing a republican as a running mate. >> the answer is i would but i can't think of one now. there is some really decent republicans out there still but here's the problem right now, the well-known ones. you've got to step up, you know what i mean? >> kat: no modern presidential campaign has featured a bipartisan ticket. he also said he's considering a woman or an african-american as his pick for vp. >> there's a lot of qualified women, a lot of qualified african-americans, there really, truly are. whoever i would pick where i'm fortunate to to be your nominee,
9:48 am
i would pick someone who is simpatico with me. >> kat: he didn't say which republican he was thinking of. maybe mcconnell? biden-mcconnell 2020 in the future? >> molly: wherever they are, they are getting questions thrown at them, they want to be respectful of the voters question and say, i am acknowledging this. what's interesting about the way he answer the question which i think was a fairly dental, not a terrible idea is he had lived through many errors in politics, he'd seen when things were not s partisan. as we mentioned, the potential mccain ticket that never came to be, that was an era where it didn't seem impossible. here we are today. i think he was just trying to acknowledge where that motor was coming from. >> kat: marie, you are a li
9:49 am
lib -- a lot of democrats on twitter were saying, what's he doing here? what's your take on this as a democrat? >> marie: this is why twitter, it's not the real world. this is part of joe biden's appeal. in a state like ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, a lot of democrats say, we need to win over some of those moderate republicans who cross party lines, this is joe biden's appeal. i also think it feels a little bit out of touch with the political moment we are in because a republican party molly mentioned is from a different political era. it's not what many voters, they don't remember, though john warner's of the world, it feels a little bit out of steps. he did say, i can't even think
9:50 am
of anybody right now. >> kat: is it a good strategy or not so much? >> brad: i can't think of one socialist republican who would join that ticket. >> kat: devin nunes, maybe. >> brad: the party joe biden knew has long since passed joe biden by and the fact of the matter is that even if he were to pick a republican, find a republican, his party would never accept it in the year of the socialist. if i were a democrat, aoc or one of her gang or squad, i would not accept joe biden's remark. >> marie: statistically, though, more democratic voters consider themselves moderate. on twitter they are not but a lot of democratic voters in a state like iowa or new hampshire i think would be responsive to the concept. >> brad: you're going to select somebody from the current mold of democratic socialist
9:51 am
thinking. the selection process -- >> marie: he's not a socialist. what he said was, the second part he said "i would pick a republican if they didn't like donald trump." that would be mitt romney, good luck with that. i think the chances -- which no republican, republicans don't like mitt romney, they are in some other ecosystem. i would say that chances of joe biden picking a republican running mate are about as good as donald trump giving up his twitter. it ain't happening. >> kat: president trump and former president barack obama likely don't have much in common but they do share the top spot in a recent poll among americans. what honor both men received, up next. ♪ hurt, i felt gross. but then i started cosentyx and i haven't really had to think about it. real people with psoriasis... look and feel better with cosentyx.
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9:56 am
former president barack obama according to an annual gallup poll of americans. this is the first time president trump has topped the list and the 12 time for obama, both receiving 18% of the vote. former president jimmy carter, elon musk, bill gates rounding out the top five with 2% each. a distant ending there to that. support from republicans this year, netting 45% of the vote from them. up from 32% last year. hence we are looking at this, what does this tell us? not surprising we are in a political era where people are so deeply divided. >> i said for a while i think donald trump is going to be harder to beat than many democrats think. we look at the headlines and we look at the tweets and some of the really awful, terrible behavior of his. there is a large segment of the population who still admires him, according to this poll, who still support him. politically a look at this and
9:57 am
say democrats need to get their stuff together before we head into 2020 because i think he's more popular than we on the left would like to believe sometimes. that's what this poll is really telling us. >> it's not just that they like him. it was 32% last year. 45% this year. democrats have thrown everything they can at him. >> republicans just like him more. >> they like him more. i think republicans are really appreciating the fighter. they have taken the abuse for a long time and donald trump, they love that energy. >> it's another reason why i i don't think impeachment has been working out very well for democrats because it is made president trump like a murder to the people who already supported him. they support him even more hard-core now. would you might not of thought would be possible. >> marie said something, democrats perhaps think the president would be hard to beat. i've been to the rallies when he
9:58 am
was in his first race and they are packed to the gills, to the ceiling. he is filling airport hangers to this day. does this poll speak to what marie is talking about? >> it doesn't harm him makes him stronger. 24/7 news cycle bashing him, congress abusing the constitution to get rid of him. you can't hate a president out of office. you have to elect him or not elect him and that's our job. it's not anyone else's job. the fact is donald trump is delivering. with all the bluffs and blunder, and braggadocio, because he does. that's part of salesmanship. he's under promise and over delivered. promises made our promises kept on the economy, foreign policy, the military. you can't beat a record apparently democrats feel that way. they try to use every other method to harm him, that he will not be electable in november. it's backfired. >> some of that record will be
9:59 am
on the ballot. tariffs have cost manufacturing job losses, made prices higher. the fed this week said that. but we will see starting in a couple weeks in iowa is that we are heading into this election season, the next presidential race after 2016, an election not decided by that many people. the actual numbers of voters who put trump over the top, it wasn't that big of a margin. >> donald trump won the election fair and square. if your people didn't come out, that's your problem. our people are coming out. >> i agree with you. my point is in the 2018 midterms, democrats took the house and now heading into 2020 thinking okay, what does this gallup poll mean, the polls out of the swing states. democrats having this conversation about who they think can win in the whole political atmosphere. this is the interesting question heading into 2020. >> these polls are fun to look at but the voters will be the
10:00 am
real poll going into an election year. thank you, brad blakeman. what are to. -- wonderful to have you. "outnumbered overtime" starts now. >> thank you, we begin with this fox news alert. 100 koreans were called in to bolster security after an attack on the u.s. embassy in baghdad. this is "outnumbered overtime" and i am heather childress in for harris faulkner. protesters storming the embassy in baghdad today, smashing windows, setting fire following u.s. air strikes that killed 25 iranian backed militia fighters in iraq and syria. u.s. troops firing tear gas in response to the violent protests. president trump putting the blame squarely on iran, tweeting "iran killed an american contractor, wounding many. we strongly responded and always will. now iran is orchestrating an attack on the u.s. embassy in iraq.


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