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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 31, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> that's right. >> thanks so much for come in. happy new year. >> happy new year for you, too. i'm heather childers in for harris. "the daily briefing" starts right now. have a great day, everybody. i will see you tomorrow. >> fox news alert as tensions remain at a boiling point in baghdad as iran backed militia supporters stormed the u.s. embassy in the capitol. setting fire to the reception area. hello, everyone i'm julie banderas in for dana perino today and this is the daily briefing. ♪ ♪ so the violence sparked by deadly u.s. ire strikes on iran iraq over the weekend. now amid an escalating showdown between washington and tehran the pentagon is sending 100 u.s. marines and two apache helicopters to bolster security there. rich edson live at the state department with more. hi, rich.
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>> hey, julie. the pentagon has just announced a couple hours ago it was sending those forces 100 additional marines to bolster security there the pentagon has now released images of those marines getting ready to be dispatched and arriving in baghdad there. it is the job of u.s. marines around the world to secure diplomatic facilities. and so that presence is being increased in baghdad because of these protests. secretary of state mike pompeo has spoken with the iraqi prime minister and the iraqi president today to stress that the u.s. are l. protect and defend its people serving in iraq. state department officials say there has been no breach of the u.s. embassy in baghdad that staff there is secure and there are no plans to evacuate. >> protesters stormed the heavily guarded green zone in baghdad the location of the bargest u.s. embassy in the world. many carried flags and banners much iranian backed militias. the u.s. ambassador to iraq matt tuler was out on a personal trip at the time.
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is he now returning to baghdad. the u.s. says these are iranian backed demonstrations separate from those protesting corruption in iraq since october. president trump tweet you had earlier today, quote: to those many millions of people in iraq who want freedom and don't want to be dominated and controlled by iran. this is your time. protest followed the prayer services for militia men killed this weekend in american airstrikes. struck hezbollah iranian backed militia group in syria and iraq. hezbollah is responsible for missile attack friday on an iraqi military base that killed an american contractor. senior state department officials say so many attacks from iran-backed groups in the area that this was finally time to respond militarily as a way to provide deterrence to iran. july have any. >> julie: rich edson thank you very much. now, i have to ask you before i let you go. the u.s. is pressing the iraqi government is there any cooperation there from iraq? >> there's a big push here
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going from the u.s. government. and the u.s. and the iraqi government have been coordinating. the message from it u.s. governments is you have to secure. the iraqi government says on all of this and this is a tweet from the iraqi government earlier today while the u.s. airstrikes on military units and acknowledge that the symbolic funeral marches for the march tissues is a solemn act of remembrance. those taking part must stay away from diplomatic buildings and compounds. iraq says its military source also make sure to protect american and other diplomatic facility as is their job. julie? >> julie: thank you, bring in rebeccah heinrichs. great to see you on new year's eve, thank you for joining us. defense secretary mark esper he is saying that the militia group behind the attack was responsible for several recent incidents and secretary of state mike pompeo saying that the u.s. won't tolerate any further
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actions by iran. when is our next step. >> if you pay attention to what president trump has been saying the last couple of years in response to iranian aggression. sanction between what the iran within as too. american life and then he has warned that that the -- risks that harms american life. in the last couple of days we saw this iranian backed iraqi -- in iraq conduct a strike against a base that killed an american contractor. our right to do. so the challenging part is to make sure that we are communicating that we will continue t compel iran not to continue these strikes. we have got to work with the iraqi host government and it's concerning that the iraqi government called those who we killed martyrs. they need to understand that they are no friend iranian backed militia group and they need to side with and
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work with the united states something i found interesting somebody on the loud speaker called them down. they got their message across. no need to continue to reenter. you remember the damage was done only to the reception area. they didn't actually fully storm the embassy which says a lot. the pentagon as you know we just reported is sending 100 u.s. marines and two apache helicopters to the embassy in baghdad. their obvious mission is to bolster security. will that be enough considering the escalating tensions? >> that's the big question. we want to make sure we are responding correctly that obviously our primary concern in this immediate moment is the scaft and security of the americans located there. and then we want to make sure this doesn't escalate. nobody wants a war with the iranian government. we certainly don't want increased chaos in iraq. we want security and stability in that country. we want iraq to have a stable sovereign nation. and so, we need to be careful that we are doing everything necessary, the
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american government, our american military can overwhelm anything that the iranian government and their militias can do. we know that but we don't want to go that route and so if the iranian government that needs to stop this messaging that the problem is iraq. the problem is them. and they need to call off these protests. >> foreign policy expert ian bremmer calculated and this is what he said the noteworthy thing about iran has been how long they waited after u.s. nuke deal with drawing and started sanctions to start lashing out. this has been calculated step-by-step escalation. if the president's sanctions on iran aren't working, okay, because that's the insinuation here. what's the next step. >> i would push back on the original premise that the attacks have only begun recently. as a matter of fact, even as we close down tout obama iranian deal the government escalate production of certain types of missiles it backed. it continued to harass american navy ships. all of that was continuing
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expeditiously iran deal. it is a myth that the iran deal rolled back the nuclear program. in fact, it bank rolled iranian and continued these attacks. the iranian government is going to lash out. at least we starved them with some this nic they would havincome they wouldhave . >> ben reeds here is wha rhodeso that i want to present you this. this sort of criticism at this time is not good for the united states. let's be clear. and if you look at the u.s. troop levels and here they are on the screen, notice this. the withdrawal of u.s. military forces from iraq, they began in december of 2007 with the end of the iraq war troop surge of 2007 and was completed by
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december 2011. there are currently only 5,000 troops in iraq by the way. so it was under the obama administration go from over100,000 troops down to 98,000 to 5,000 did. we open the door to iran by withdrawing too quickly and allowing this to happen in the end? >> yeah. think there should have been a sofa agreement. should have been a better agreement that was clear and terms were clear before we started doing anything like withdrawing troops the obama administration was unable to do that before it started withdrawing troops. i can point to all kinds of problems even in the bush administration. there is plenty of blame to go around about why we are here. one of the problems is we had too high of aspirations for democracy and what the iraqi government was going to be able to achieve in the short-term. the truth of the matter is now, this trump administration is reorienting american policy in the middle east. we no longer look to align ourselves with the iranian government to try to do different things. we are trying to counter iran and the trump administration rightly sees iran as the primary
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destabilizing force in the region. so now at this point we are trying to counter iran. contain iran and support our traditional allies in the region and try to get iraq to be a stable government to push out the influence effects of iran. >> thank you so much for coming on and happy new year. >> happy new year. >> the u.s. and china trade agreement. president trump tweeting that he will sign what is called the phase one deal with high level chinese representatives during a white house ceremony on january 15th. the president will then be headed to beijing where he will begin talks for phase 2. kevin corke is live in west palm beach, florida with more details. hi, kevin. >> julie, hello. can you call this a skinny deal a partial deal a partial victory even. but by any measure this is progress in what was clearly the major economic story of the year. iit could further propel the u.s. economy into 2020.
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take to you twitter you talked about the president's reaction to this upcoming phase one signature event coming up in january. he said this: i will be signing our very large and comprehensive phase one trade deal with china on january 15th. the ceremony will take place at the white house. high level representatives of china will be present at a later date i will be going to beijing us just mentioned where talks about begin on phase two. the heavy lifting to this pointed has been done by china's lead negotiator and bob lighthizer. the two men are expected to continue their work until phase one is over the finish line. a major victory say white house officials for both u.s. consumers and american business. >> it's huge because what it does is it puts a floor in for a really strong fiscal stimulus that will also strengthen our defense industrial base. so that's all good. and then with our terror policies and because this is the strongest economy in the world, we are going to be attracting a lot of investment here, building things like auto plants and
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steel plants. 2020, it's going to be great. it's basically low unemployment. rises wages. happy new year. >> the president will meet with his counter part some time after the 15th. huge issues, julie still remain separating the two sides including forced transfer of technology and obviously intellectual property no. date is set as yet. and no sun set for a great number of those tariffs of course you and i have been talking about over the last several months. we will keep an eye on that. for now back to you. >> kevin corke thank you very much. so as countries around the world ring in 2020. woulwe are taking a look what is being done to keep you safe in the u.s. where you are this new year's eve. every american wants their dollars to work as hard as they do. however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now
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>> wildfires burning across australia as a heat wave continues there. about 3 million erics of lan13 million acres haveburned . some residents were forced all the way to the beaches as winds pushed an emergency level wildfire toward their homes. so, back here in new year's celebration underway overseas not just here but over the world. tokyo and australia already ringing in 2020. take a look at their sites. wow. the decade not over here in the united states. turn to the big apple the new york city police department saying times square the center of our universe here in new york city is going to be the safest plates on earth tonight with extra security measures in place ahead of the ball drop.
11:17 am
laura ingle is following it for us. she is in the center of all. >> look at this, we have had people lining up since very early this morning. they arrived early. they got into location. they got into thes pins and reay to go. nice sunglasses ready to go for 2020. now, you mentioned that it is going to be the safest place on the planet. that is what we have been told. that's what they say every year. this year no exception. lots of extra measures being put into place for the big countdown at midnight as we usher in the 2020s. checking every person's bag and item coming through these crowded streets that. in addition to those roof top snipers we see and heavy weapons teams on the ground and canines. the nypd will deploy its drones to help with security measures for the very first time this year. last year the drones were grounded due to heavy rain. and every year tens of thousands of people some say
11:18 am
close to a million come to be part of the celebrations rain or shine. this year we are expected to get a nice break from the frigid cold and wet conditions we have seen from the last few years expected to bring even more people to times square for the big ball drop. we talked to some of these folks in the pen this morning about their strategy about how they are going to make it through the night. >> luck. >> luck. >> pray for us. [laughter] >> finding people that we can lean on. that's all we can do right now. >> i came early like i left out of the house at 7:00 to get here at 8:00. because i knew the nypd was going to start scanning people at 11:00 in the morning. >> i think the adrenaline of being here is going to make me stay here all the way to midnight. i really do believe that i'm excited. it's my first time here. i'm going to make it. i'm going to make it through. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. happy new year. [applause] >> and there it went. we watched the test of the big switch to make sure all
11:19 am
systems are go. the waterford crystal new year's eve ball made its way up the top of the 130-foot pole. that new year's eve partiers keep their eyes on each and every year. as we mentioned these folks have been lined up. nypd in force checking everyone. once you get into the pen you can't leave. so everyone here has to have some kind of a plan because there is no bathroom breaks. there is no enn.s and outs. saw. so musical acts arrive and sound check about to begin. the party is on right here for 2020 tonight. julie? >> julie: and no alcohol. i guess that helps a little bit with the no bathrooms. these people are standing there since 7:00 in the morning. and once they get in those pens no, bathrooms. i don't get it but more power to them. at least it's nice weather, right? better than yesterday. >> that's right. beautiful definitely better than yesterday. pouring here. >> 47 degrees. that's probably one of the warmest. laura ingle, thank you so much.
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so seattle taking a strong stand against anti-vaxers. what the city's public school system is doing when classes resume next month. >> comes to school on the 8th. records aren't up to date they will be held aside. their parents or guardian will be contacted. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i
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>> julie: in a brand new interview jeopardy host alex trebek opens up about his fierce battle with cancer. admitting suffering with bouts of depression. claudia cowan has more for us. >> hi, julie, alex trebek has made no secret of his battle with stage 4break cancer diagnosed back in march and shortly thereafter as trebek made videos telling his fan that's was undergoing cheney treatment, he even joke they'd had to beat this cancer because he needed to fill out the rest of his three-year contract and, indeed, he went back to work and began taping the 36th season of the beloved game show in february. in may he announced that his tumors had shrunk by 50% but his health took a downturn in the summer. he and his wife jean are talking openly about how his
11:25 am
illness has impacted their lives. in an interview airing thursday night on abc trebek admits he has been fighting moments of depression while his wife of nearly 30 years says it's hard for her to see her husband suffer. >> one swhat toughest part for both of you. >> i say for me it's when i see him in pain and i can't help him and when he doesn't eat right. when he has too much diet soda. [laughter] >> back off, michael. >> i'm not saying anything. >> i'm 79. if you get to be 79, and be in as good as shape -- wait a minute, i'm not in that great of shape. darn. blew that one, trebek. >> trebek confessed the outpouring of love and support sometimes makes him emotional. he says he is realistic about his illness, given the low survival rates and reflecting on his mortality said he approach thes all the well-wishes for fans
11:26 am
while he is still alive. and even as he battles cancer, trebek continues to work. in fact, a week from tonight, he will begin hosting a brand new jeopardy tournament. julie, alex trebek has hosted nearly 8,000 episodes of this widely popular game show and he says he will continue to work. he is considered a national treasure and millions of us are pulling for him. back to you. >> julie: he is very loved. i can see why he would be so touched by the affection he gets. thank you so much, claudia cowan. we wish him the very best. seattle cracking down on anti-vaxers. it's just one of many states, actually, in this nation doing the same. refusing to allow students who don't have their immunizations up to date back to school after winter break. >> unfortunately, by state law, we have to exclude them, they will be excluded here. they would be excluded at any school district and we certainly want to avoid that. >> julie: joining me now dr. debbie, associate professor of medicine.
11:27 am
this is a very difficult decision for the schools. and unfortunately there is nothing they can do. this is seattle law. the district posted a notice on december 20th, informing parents of a decision they have to make. vaccinate or your kids don't go back to school. do they have enough time to safely administer all these vaccinations before they return to school on the 6th of january? >> they should be. also the school district is offering free up mine moonization. that takes out a lot of different factors. sometimes people can't get the time off work. they can't get doctor's appointment. the costs are high, et cetera. this takes care of that group of folks. there is going to be more resistance basically to the folks more opposed to vaccines. i think that's kind of where, you know, it's tricky because the kids are the ones who are sort of caught in the middle depending on what the parents think versus what they think. >> if they miss school, it's going to be considered an inexcused absence. kids are the ones suffering here. here is seattle's vaccine law. students must be in compliance with laws by january 8th. if they're not in compliance
11:28 am
with washington's vaccine law they can't return in-to-school. and seattle as you mentioned is hosting free immunizations. they have got three clinics over winter break to basically allow for these kids to come in and get their immunizations. this bill that was recently passed. it basically removes the personal and philosophical options to exempt children from vaccinations. a lot of people would use religion as a reason. >> does this violate any rights whatsoever? does it seem a little unfair? >> it's aggressive, right? so i think the reason seattle is taking such an aggressive stance is because washington state had an outbreak earlier this year. so, of course, i mean all of us value personal freedom in this case whether you get vaccinated effects not only you but the people around you. with this vaccine the measles vaccine something called herd immunity shared group immunity. the idea is that if you get the vaccine maybe one dose will give you 93% protection not complete protection but a high chance. two will -- two dozens will
11:29 am
give you 97% protection. if you are surrounded by people who have got the vaccine, then virus can't get ahold. so basically you might have even more protection and there are some folks who can't get the vaccine either because they are too young, because they are in too poor of health or other reasons. and they need protection too. >> >> the state of washington, recently passed bill basically mandates measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines. what about all the other vaccinations that we receive or give our babies since birth, you distemper and so on? a lot of these kids are 10 years old. 10 years of vaccinations. many of which have had none. >> exactly. they are focusing on this because of the outbreak and because of the dangerous complications of those illnesses. you are right. it would be worth looking at some of the other viruses that we can get. >> here in new york state passed a law went to effect in may or june. that meant all vaccinate since birth had to get all these vac sib nations that
11:30 am
is a concern for a lot of anti-vaxers that say oh now i'm going to pump in 10 years worth of vaccinations in my children. do you believe there should be a compromise because that is a lot -- i mean, i spread them out when my kids were young. but to get them all at once, that's a lot. >> i think it's reasonable to spread them out vaccinate for most at risk right now. >> happy new year to you. this new year will bring changes for some owners of electric vehicles, for example. we look at some of the new laws expected to go into effect at midnight. not just these vaccinationing laws. listen for it, next. es you more.
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>> julie: president trump saying iran will be held fully responsible for orchestrating this morning's violence at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. supporters of iran backed militia group stormed the compound smashing the main door and setting fire to a reception area. the chaos erupting after
11:35 am
these eric strikes iranian backed militias in syria. attacks that killed an american contractor and wounded four of our service members in no, your honor iraq. today's attack though could just be the beginning. watch. >> i'm sure that iran has more in store. they want us out. we have 5,000 troops in country and that's a threat to iran's efforts to influence this iraqi government. >> i think iran wants us to attack further to give iran a pretext for mobilization units to target us. >> former fbi special agent tim gallagher oversaw crimes in the middle east when it managed the field office in washington. he joins me here on set. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> the national iranian american council has issued a statement accusing the trump administration of conducting and i quote a reckless and needless maximum pressure campaign that threatens to turn iraq into a battlefield between the u.s. and iraq. this is once again iran
11:36 am
trying to flex its muscle and show house is boss. i think they have forgotten who is really boss here. >> from my standpoint coming from the fbi background, fbi agents are on the ground in 60 countries around the world. they are there on sight. they are working with the local law enforcement to try and capture who these people are, collecting evidence, physical, digital, d.n.a., make identification and get those people across the pond justice july president saying iran is going to be held responsible for violence at the embassy. what's iraq's accountability? when they stormed the compound, there were u.s. troops on the roof armed with weapons they did not shoot. iraq's military positioned outside and they did nothing. marco rubio tweeted this and the government of iraq which has enjoyed billions of dollars in u.s. aid and the help and protection of our military needs to remember they have an obligation to protect all diplomatic facilities. is iraq doing enough? >> right.
11:37 am
area set one rings of protection where you have a pressroom tempt outside perimeter is going to be the local forces. local forces were clearly breached here whether they were overpowered or they stood aside and let et protesters in. that will be to determine. the u.s. marines are holding the inside perimeter. and that's where we are at as we speak. >> julie: are americans safe there? i mean one contractor has been killed. is this just the beginning? >> these employees, civiller is vantds, active duty military heroically representing the interest of the united states and they are holding firm inside. and you know, we are lucky to have them as american citizens abroad representing our interests. >> julie: i want to talk about this hezbollah group. it's katab hezbollah backed by iran. they storm the compound. they set fire to the reception area. then they stopped short which i thought was interesting. somebody over a loud speaker told them stop we are good we have gotten our message across. what message is iran trying to give to us in the united states. >> whoever is organizing this group, they had
11:38 am
marching orders. when they achieved what they had set out to achieve they were told to stop at that point. where those orders came from is something that the fbi will definitely be digging down on. >> julie: the pentagon is now making a decision to send u.s. marines, 100 of them and two apache helicopters to the embassy in baghdad, obviously, to bolster security there do you believe that is enough and how does, you know, the gradual troop withdrawal from 2007 to now with only 5,000. we had 170,000 troops there at one point. how is that sort of fanning these flames? >> i will tell you what, coming from a law enforcement background i don't feel comfortable talking about troop strength. you are talking about the largest embassy in the world. >> julie: should we have more troops there then? >> it's lot of area to protected. trust the folks at the pentagon they have their finger on the pulse that they have what they need to hold firm. >> do you feel 5,000 troops is enough in iraq nor kind of violence. >> we will continue to keep tabs on it developing intelligence and see what's coming next and be able to meet that threat. >> julie: all right. tim gallagher, thank you very much. >> thank you.
11:39 am
>> julie: happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you, too. thanks for having me. >> julie: democratic race for the white house. where senator elizabeth warren has seen a slip in the polls and dip in donations. what's going on? today she looked ahead of what her administration would look like though. listen. >> on day i couldn't know we will start to make big structural change to end the rigged economy. and to create a new set of rules, rules that give everyone a chance to succeed. [applause] >> ellison barber joins us live in boston. hey, ellison. >> hey, julie. elizabeth warren announced her exploratory presidential committee in boston exactly one year ago today. she marked that anniversary giving a speech at the historic old south meeting house. warren was introduced by congresswoman ayanna pressley. she represents the 7th congressional district here in massachusetts. she is also a member of the so-called progressive squad.
11:40 am
and she was very well received by the crowd coming to hear warren in boston today. senator warren in her seat she asked voters to try and imagine what she sees as the possibilities for a better america. she asked supporters to have the courage to help her fight for it. and send her to the white house in 2020. the speech, comes on the same day that there is an fec deadline, fourth quarter fundraising deadline. right now senator elizabeth warren is expected to fall short of what she pulled in last time by about 20%. she says though she is not worried about that at all. listen here. >i decided from the beginning i was going to build a grassroots movement. i'm deeply grateful to all of the people who have made contributions. it looks like we are closing in on about a million people who have pitched in two bucks, five bucks, 25 bucks. they are giving money. they are giving their time. they are making phone calls. that's the heart and soul of
11:41 am
you who we are going to win come november 2020. >> so warren is aiming to hit $20 million by the end of today. last time, last quarter, her campaign raised a little over $24 million. julie? >> julie: and so another 2020 contender, i understand, is making headlines. and that is mayor pete buttigieg, yet again. what's he doing? >> yeah, he has been taking swipes at former vice president joe biden. the past couple of days. in a if you interview with the associated press, he did it again. buttigieg talked about biden, his son hunter, and criticisms in their relationship as it relates to ukraine touching on a criticism that republicans often make against biden. buttigieg said he would not have wanted to see his son on the board of a ukrainian gas company while he was leading anticorruption enforce in ukraine as was the case when biden was vice president his son hunter sat on the board of burisma. buttigieg said his campaign would do everything we can
11:42 am
to prevent even the appearance of a conflict. >> i would not have wanted to see that happen. as we see, it can create a lot of complications. even when there is no wrongdoing. >> at the same time, buttigieg said that he believes this issue is being used by opponents of biden as well as other democrats and supporters of president trump to try and distract from the issue of impeachment. julie? >> julie: ellison barber, thank you so much. with a new year comes new laws. at the stroke of midnight. hundreds of new state laws will go into effect including a few controversial ones. jonathan hunt has more from our west coast bureau. california is at the forefront, jonathan, of new laws as usual. so run them down for us. >> yeah, it is. california's 2020 vision, julie, is that consumers will be able to see a lot more clearly exactly what personal data companies are keeping on them. and allow those consumers to
11:43 am
ask the companies to delete their personal information and not sell it. it's the nation's most far-reaching data privacy law aimed, obviously, at social media giant like facebook. but also at any large company based anywhere in the country and doing any online business with california customers. california is also wading in to the growing gig economy. making it more difficult for companies to treat workers like contractors instead of employees who would be entitled to minimum wage and other benefits. such as workers' compensation. uber and post mate are already challenging the law in the courts, seeking an injunction to prevent that law going into effect, julie, at midnight tonight. julie? >> all right. and plenty of other states introducing new laws as well. why don't you tell us? >> yeah. a lot of those focus on highly divisive issues. gun control is one of them with mass shootings so prevalent in 2019, colorado
11:44 am
is introducing a red flag law that would allow family members or law enforcement officers to petition a court to have guns seized from people deemed a threat to themselves or others. colorado governor jared supporter of the law. it has faced push back from some of those who would have to enforce it. immigration, of course, also set to be a major issue in the 2020 presidential election and arkansas and tennessee will now both withhold state funding from any so-called sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities. among other notable new laws, recreational marijuana use will become legal at midnight in illinois and if you are in vermont throw out your uneaten party food at precisely 11:59 p.m. >> after midnight composting will be mandatory in vermont. >> that's a lot of work
11:45 am
composting. thank you very much. happy new year, jonathan. >> same to you. >> julie: moving on now, the victims of a deadly church shooting honored as we learned the identity of a gunman. we will learn the very latest from texas coming up next ♪ g ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-seven vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. new tide power pods one up the cleaning power of liquid. can it one up spaghetti night? it sure can. really? can it one up breakfast in bed? yeah, for sure. thanks, boys. what about that? uhh, yep! it can? yeah, even that! i would very much like to see that. me too. introducing new tide power pods. one up the toughest stains with 50% more cleaning power than liquid detergent. any further questions? uh uh! nope! one up the power of liquid with new tide power pods.
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>> julie: vigils held throughout texas. a member of the church's volunteer security team shot and killed the attacker. the minister urging his congregation to come together. >> and i love this community. i love this church. i love this state and i lo our country and i love our freedoms. i'm not going to let evil take that away. >> julie: jeff paul has more
11:50 am
from white settlement, texas. >> in a true showing of strength and resilience, many members of this church crowded outside to send a message that this shooting does not define them. for some worshipers, it was the first time they had been back since the shooting that left two of their fellow parishioners dead. the senior minister of the church telling those who gathered they will not give up and they will not be silent. >> i lost two great men, friends, men that i consider putting above myself who did the same for me. >> we're also learning more about the two men who were killed. at the time of the shooting, when the gunman initially pulled out his shotgun, security volunteer richard white had reached for his gun to stop the threat. white though was the first to be shot by the gunman. his family wrote to us saying that he was a devoted man to the church and constantly putting others first. the other victim, tony wallace, was a communion server and was shot shortly
11:51 am
after white. his family spoke about the life he lived saying he was a very selfless man. >> uncle was always the mediator and would calm us and bring us back to focus on that we are family and that's the always thing that matters. a little fight shouldn't get in the way of our love for each other. >> he taught me everything. i'm going to miss him being here. and him just being in the house. >> what remains unknown right now is what exactly motivated the shooter. the senior minister here at the church says that he had met with the shooter before, had given him food and even said that he became angry when the church wouldn't give him money. investigators did search his home but seemingly no closer to finding a reason why any of this happened. in white settlement, texas, jeff paul, fox news. >> julie: the holidays are almost over that means your credit card bill is on the way. ahead, how to spend in the spirit of the season but
11:52 am
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>> julie: first comes all of that holiday shopping and then the hangover the credit card debt putting you in the red. how should you get your bottom line back in the black? tina fey is the author of napkin finance and author of the book "napkin finance, a visual guide to money." all right. so we have all survived. hopefully the season of giving. now try to get us back on track. we are now -- let's say many of us in debt. >> sure. consumer debt is at its peak. even higher than it was at the financial crisis and after the holidays credit card balances are up. so people feel very overwhelmed. but the best strategy is to break it down into small manageable steps. things like paying off higher balances first or tackling smaller balances and closing accounts. building momentum. >> julie: tell me about the
11:57 am
emergency fund and show people these lovely illustrations to try to walk us through it all. >> emergency fund is critical. it's the corner stone of financial security. and 40% of americans wouldn't have the funds to pay for $400 emergency. so an emergency fund the best way to plan for it is like any savings goal is to future on auto pilot. set up automatic withdrawals and make sure you are funded for three to six months of living expenses. >> okay. and then you want to talk, about you know, budget and that's something that people need to do not just now but year around. this might be a good new year's resolution to set and stick to a budget. maybe you can tell us how to do that. >> new year's a great time to get started. we think of it as, you know, setting your house in order and figuring out a financial plan and a budget is a great way to put some structure on spending and saving. and so we use the 50, 30, 20 rule. 50% secialtion, 30% for flexible things like shopping and leisure and 20%
11:58 am
for retirement and savings. >> julie: we have to continue to spend. not like life stops after new year's. there are credit card dues dos and don't. you still have to use your credit card. dos, pay bills on time. pay full each month. check credit reports. accept increased credit limit if offered, really? >really? does and don't approving your credit score. your credit score is like your emergency fund. there is nothing significant as and people don't realize until they apply for a mortgage. so there are dos and don'ts and quite simple and those in the long term can help you manage actively increasing your score. >> julie: thank you for putting this list together for us. we have got your don'ts. missed payments. do not miss payments. late fees are the worst. used more than 30% of your limit. and close old credit cards. apply for new credit unless
11:59 am
necessary. what's that all about applying for new credit? >> if it's unnecessary, it can lower your score. if it's unnecessary opening new accounts. >> some people do it because they are looking for lower interest rates. a lot of credit card companies come in and say zero percent finance charges for a year and so a lot of people will take those maxed out credit card bills and they will transfer the balances. are you saying that's a bad idea? >> no, that's definitely not a bad idea. always to have a plan and make sure you have a good credit -- diversified credit mix. and that you are paying your bills on time and that you are very actively checking for your score, your credit history. i.d. theft and so on. >> julie: tina hay thank you so much for these tips. napkin finance. need to have these at your dinner table as your paper thick book napkin. thank you for having me. >> >> hyped video from the new orleans saints. watch this. ♪ >> you are amazed at this moment.
12:00 pm
why are we here? 1, 2, 3. >> win. >> julie: you pumped? kids of saints players pumping up the fan base sunday afternoon. air on local fox affiliate 1:00 p.m. eastern. thank you for joining us. i'm julie banderas and herely molly line. i was getting a count down i thought i was out of time. how are you liking new york city on new year's eve. >> molly: i am loving it. i like christmas. lights and sparkle. >> julie: fabulous. >> best time to come to new york. i like the city all year around. >> julie: awesome. very magical this time of year. happy new year to you and your husband. you will be celebrating. >> happy new year to you, too. good luck with the party. >> julie: thank you. >> molly: thank you, julie. we are counting down to the big new year's eve party that's in times square, of course. tell you why police say it may be the safest place on earth tonight. things may not be so safe on


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