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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> thank you for braving those crowds for us. happy new year to you. happy new year to everyone else. "your world" is next. >> they are already ringing in the new year in russia as we speak. wall street investors are also celebrating as the market wraps up some big gains for the 2019 and the decade. welcome everyone. this is "your world." the dow up better than 22%. the s&p 500 up 29% in the nasdaq finishing out the year with a staggering 35% gain. and! to bull market charging into 2020. we are all over it at the new york stock exchange and how that traders are are seeing it. and how the president is seeing the benefits of it when it comes to trade.
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>> the white house sent out an email to reporters with a laundry list of items of accomplishments they say the president has achieved within the first three years of office. at the very top of that list of all the things they could have chose to highlight was the economy and economic advances that was at the top of that email today. for much of the year, we have been following the markets and withouwith it come out the whipf headlines. the big question for much of the year was, when where they'll be a deal between the u.s. and china and on this december 31st, this new year's eve, president trump took her twitter to give us the exact date. here is that wheat from the president earlier this morning writing "i will be signing our very large and comprehensive phase one deal with china. the ceremony will take place at the white house. at a later date, i will be going
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to beijing where talks will begin on phase 2. the timing is interesting when you think about january. it's possible that the president could sign a deal and have the trade deal all wrapped up next month. the same month that there could be a potential impeachment trial going on in the senate. as for this phase one deal, it addresses intellectual property protections and opens up the financial services deals with current. the details on this one still have yet to be made public. the president's top trade advisors said yesterday that it would be 86 pages in english. we should also note that china has yet to comment on the president's twitter announcement from this morning bottom line with all of this. when you look at the markets, it has been a fantastic year. even though the president said he doesn't pay attention to the
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ups and downs of the market, something certainly that they would like to highlight today. >> absolutely. i think we are all happy when that happens. speaking of fireworks and a great year, that is st. petersburg. they are ushering in the new year around the world. it's a festive time here in the united states. if the major market is up 20 or 30% of all this year. the big question is what can we expect as we look into 2020. the new york stock exchange, you have seen it all, my friends. one of the things i loved about you is how calm you have always been when the chips are down, you have stepped in and understood history. where are we now with respect to history and where this market can go? >> it has been a pretty good year as you pointed out. i'm not sure where the contrary
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and goes in this environment. i must talk to carrie. i will always be a stock picker. certainly there will be opportunities. >> charles: there is no doubt about it. over 450 names are up. about 300 are up more than 20%. unlike the year before where a handful of stocks masked the overall weakness, it was hard to find a losing investment this year. people are optimistic. it will not be this way. the composition of the market cannot stay the same. there will be new winners and new losers. >> absolutely as sure as you and i are having this discussion. with all of that good news in the s&p, i've managed to find a few of those losers. and i always do. >> charles: you are not alone. you are one of the few that it made it and i love you for it. >> i've got them.
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believe me i've got them. >> charles: go ahead, i'm sorry. >> no, no. we want all of the headlines over the years with respect to trade. i hate to say it but the financial media did an awful job this year. a lot of negative speculation and news reports on anonymous sources. the headlines were volatile. one of the key indicators of wall street that manages volatility was now 45%. the market itself ignored that noise for the most part and just based itself on the fundamentals which seem to be getting better as we head into 2020. >> it seems so obvious. i think that is why it is hard for investors to grasp these concepts. at the end of the day as far as i'm concerned, it is the economy and corporate earnings. all of the other factors play into the overall psychology of investors. but at the end of the day, it is
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the fed, the economy, and corporate earnings all of which are in this weak spot as far as the market is concerned now and has been for the bulk of 2019. and so the big question for all of us is where we going to be going forward in 2020? i would suggest without a crystal ball that as long as those major factors remain in a positive bias, perhaps we are not going to see a repeat of 2019, but there's no reason to get really too concerned about where we are going until one or more of those dynamics really change. >> charles: this year the wild card was trade headline. next year it has to be the election. i suspect in addition to a traditional october surprise, that we could surprises and july surprises. it won't stop. there is an impeachment trial. there are nuances that could change from an external point of view.
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>> absolutely. they will not go away. i don't want to be competitive and sound like a broken record, by the end of the day, the 800-pound gorilla in the room is going to be the fed. speaking to the vatican with a big risk for the market is not that things remain unchanged. the big risk is that when we have a trade deal, assuming we are going to get one and we have a trade deal with canada and mexico that the economy will start to overheat and that will force the feds and to raise rates. and clearly, we have become so enamored with and so use to this environment of low to zero interest rates which have been a big plug for the equity market for a number of years. the minute that smells like it's going to change, it's going to create a problem for the market. >> i want to share something. how would you have liked to
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gotten into these stocks on the ground floor? netflix and amazon close to 1300%. apple up nearly 900% in the last ten years. technology, the driving force behind all of these. can it last? i want to bring in fox business and chris robinson. you know silicon valley in that area better than anyone else. what is the buzz? new ideas or what is driving this. is he going to continue? >> that is a great question, charles. i think a lot of the competitors in the stocks of the large caps that you mentioned are out there now. we will see what develops over the next year. one thing is clear. even if you look at the market in the past decade, the stocks that have clearly outperformed our leaving a lot of investors, can it continue? speaking from this 10-year perspective.
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these are the standout stocks, communications stocks, technology stocks have led the bull market. amazon, netflix, who knows what is being worked on right now and a garage that is going to challenge all of these incumbents? we shall wait and see. for anyone who had a 401(k) or who has a pension, anyone with any exposure to the stock market, it's a pretty good decade. >> charles: it has been an amazing decade. we were showing the stocks whether it was netflix, chipotle, ulta, lululemon, any of those names up significantly in ten years. they all face challenges. you saw a big scare with the food at chipotle not long ago. netflix, everyone wondered if they could make the transition to what they are doing now. it's not easy. it's easy in hindsight to say if i had bought it and held it, i would be up 4000%.
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but it's not that easy? >> of course it was an incredible year for stocks. but think about it. it wasn't easy a decade ago. a decade ago, the world was convinced we were plunging into the great depression. just a year ago to this day. wall street was saying that we are heading into a recession. negativity was everywhere. most americans have benefited during the decade. more than half of households had some stock ownership. they took their bite out of apple with apple and microsoft. so many more benefited indirectly from the longest economic expansion in history. optimism soared. they had jobs 50 year low and unemployment. housing improved. so many things that you can't measure that are going well over the last decade compared to where we were when we came into this decade. as we cross into the next decade, it's so amazing that we have wall street and main street holding hands crossing into that
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new era together both benefiti benefiting. it's not without risk, but it's a great environment with a lot of optimism and prosperity. >> charles: we were coming out of the great recession which had jarred us. i think we were shocked as americans that we could have another massive economic hits. we lost our confidence. a lot of people fell out of the stock market and sadly have not returned. is there a sense we could be too confident again or is this a run like you keep going? >> if i knew that, i wouldn't be sitting here. i do remember that we started the decade when the dow was below 10,000. i will never forget that low right at the end of '09. we had a tremendous doubling in the last decade. are we going to double again in the last ten years? i think the concern is they miss the decade or last year. i think is to the point where they cannot stand being out of
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the market. that's when we might get a little top this year. moving into the first quarter, i would watch that had a lot of people have between now and april to put more money into their 401(k) and try and catch up. the first quarter you might see that type of push. >> charles: we will see how it works out. thank you and happy new year. an orchestrated attack in iraq. how should we react? more on that next. through ancestry i learned so much about
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my grandparents that i never knew. i'm a lawyer now, but i had no idea that my grandfather was a federal judge in guatemala. my grandfather used his legal degree and his knowledge to help people that were voiceless in his country. that put a fire in my heart. it made me realize where i got my passion for social justice. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at >> charles: 100 u.s. marines have arrived at the u.s. embassy in baghdad, iraq, to add security after protesters stormed the compound. kevin is an at west long beach florida with the very latest. >> good to be with you. an explanation, warning, and admonition from president trump on twitter in the wake of the
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protests that you and i have been talking about all day long. let me share part of what the president said. "iran killed an american contractor. we will respond and always will. iran is orchestrating an attack on the u.s. embassy. they will be held fully responsible. in addition, we expect iraq to use his forces to protect the embassy and so notified." there is your admonition. all of this in the wake of the relenting violence. the supposedly regulated green zone around the globe. i want to take you inside the numbers very quickly. the u.s. has spent approximately $1.1 trillion on the war in iraq since it's inception including over $750 million to construct the largest u.s. embassy in the world. as for the president, he has been very active not just on twitter but on the telephone.
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he had a phone conversation with prime minister of iraq. he reminded him of his country's responsibility to protect american property, personnel and obviously the embassy itself. the attack is straight from the iranian playbook says john bolton. i want to share a tweet very quickly. "it is a sign of iranian control over militia groups and not a sign of anti-americanism. we must protect our citizens from irani belligerents." still a quiet day here other than what we told you about. for now, back to you. >> charles: thank you very much, kevin. we will be here. what does my next guest think about that this? he was one of the rapid response teams back in september 11 of 2012. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on.
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>> charles: the images are obviously very unnerving for various reasons. it is the biggest embassy that we have in the world, 750 million in the green zone. we wonder where the iraqi security is. how do you feel that it is going so far? >> to me, this is a real big slap in the face on the iraqi in my personal opinion. they allow the protesters to walk through multiple security checkpoints before they got to the embassy. if i was going to be anywhere being attacked at an embassy, i think that is one of the ones where i would want to be at and i've been at some of the others that i don't think i would want to be at during an attack. this one is very well fortified and the guys inside are very well protected by the outer perimeter. something has to happen against iran. if they are behind it, there has got to be some sort of retaliation against them. >> charles: it wasn't very cryptic in my opinion.
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they seemed pretty straightforward. president trump are urging iraq to do the right thing as a partner. if they let these folks stroll into -- right up into the embassy to generate this sort of attack, then what happens there? what is the next move? do we bunker down and hunker down and wait for them to respond? >> it is the job of the host country to protect embassies in their country whether it is ours or another nation. you do want to hunker down. most likely it will be more civilians than actual military guys doing a lot of the digression. you want to have u.s. marines starting to engage pretty much unarmed civilians just because they are destroying property and burning things up. they have got to protect american lives. if it comes down to it, like i myself posted if it comes down to it, make sure you shoot
1:20 pm
straight and shoot fast. >> charles: john bolton tweeting out "this is not anti-americanism, this is something else." do you agree? >> i mean i do agree. you know, it is kind of sad for a nation -- we spent trillions of dollars in trying to help them rebuild their country. every time we turn around, this is what they do to us. over there it is a lot of backstabbing going on. they should have stopped the protests. they should've had military people there when i saw the protostarting to move from the funeral. it is a good distance. it is not just ran across the street. they had to travel. they knew it was coming at the very first checkpoint. they should've had military personnel set up or even the police set up in their riot gear to push them back. obviously, they are still going to protest and riot. they should not allow them to get up as close to the u.s. embassy as they did.
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>> charles: thank you for your service to the country. we appreciate you sharing your expertise with those today. >> i appreciate you having me on. >> charles: iran would be smart not to underestimate the united states. he's next. as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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>> charles: this tweet just sent from president trump "iran will be held fully responsible for lives lost or damage incurred at any of our facilities. they will pay a very big price. this is not a warning. this is a threat. happy new year." sits on the house for relations committee. thank you for joining us. in this publication, it seems
1:25 pm
like every single day ratchets up higher and higher. iran of pushing the envelope either directly or through proxy. where we can i go from here? >> this is exactly what iran does, push it to a response. this is why the president is smart to respond like he did. the president made it clear that if you harm americans, that will incur the wrath of american people. that is what happened. iran is going to try to step it up to see if they cannot get a response by the united states and once they get another response, they will hold back down some. this is not as john bolton had tweeted. this is not the iraqi people by at large. the iraqi are protesting against irani involvement in iraq. the people of lebanon are protesting against the involvement of iran and lebanon. iran is a declining nation right now especially after we pulled after a nuclear deal.
1:26 pm
they are feeling the heat and trying to ratchet up the pressure. >> charles: what are they get if president trump were to overreact in your opinion? what exactly do they want? do they want to be seen as victims on the world stage? >> look at the blame america first crowd of that has woken up today. this is a result of trump's foreign policy with his obviously is a knee-jerk reaction to blame when america has done. what they want to do is get those blame america first people off talking. they want to do something with violence or damage and the united states not respond to make us look weak. there is in a number of things they want to do. let the big thing is they want to draw america back to the negotiating table to get the old iran nuclear deal that basically all it ever did was release a bunch of funds to iran that they did used to rebuild roads and bridges. they did it to do their foreign policy engagement in lebanon and syria and elsewhere.
1:27 pm
>> charles: what roles we play with the uprising that's going on in iran? their government admitted how many people died in a recent process. i was shocked at a number that iran would admit that. i thought it would be much higher than that. there were opportunities over the last several years that america could have done something to help the grassroots movement in iran to push through. it feels like the people there now are tired of this experiment i would like to go back to some form of democracy. >> they are. the iranian people are moderate. a lot of them are secular. they have been controlled by this iron grip. that extremist government. in 2009 when they rose up against the government, barack obama had an opportunity to just give moral support to them. he failed to do it. that uprising was crushed. now this is starting again. not to the level that it was not
1:28 pm
'09, but the people are saying we could do better. we could lend moral support to this spirit that makes a huge difference. i think the president is on the right track with this. >> charles: you started out by saying that you been frustrated at times. we have to admit that in the middle east, president trump to a large degree is between a rock and a hard place. endless wars and the lives and trillions of dollars we've lost. it's a complicated job day in and day out, isn't it? >> it is. this is where we have to go back and leaders that we explain what we are doing. it is not our choice to fight terrorism. it's a terrorism choice. we either fight them in the united states or over there. whether it is iran spreading its government every way. it is a difficult decision. i wish we had better choices. we just don't, unfortunately. >> charles: it is always a pleasure. happy new year. as folks get ready in time
1:29 pm
square to watch the ball drop for the first time in history, the nypd will be keeping them safe from above. more on that next. teen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential. you have potential. you have-oh boy. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> charles: in just a few hours, there will be fireworks and drones. we will take you live in a few minutes to explain the new world, drones, new year's, times square. we will be back in 60 seconds. (vo) this holiday, you can gift america's most reliable network
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>> charles: you are looking live at times square. those are the folks that will be ringing in 2020. laura ingle is in that crowd. authorities are going to keep everyone safe. >> hey there, charles. we are standing in america's most famous spot to ring in the new year. of course this is a big one as we and 2019 heading into 2020. all of the people that you have seen here, look at the amount of law enforcement. every single person has been screened one way or the other. it's a multilayered approach. the nypd checking every persons bag and item of every person coming through the crowded streets. that's in addition to the snipers and weapons team on the ground and k-9 units as well. ensuring the public that they have gone above and beyond this year to make sure that the entire operation goes off without a hitch. for the first time ever, the nypd will apply its drones to
1:34 pm
help with security measures. a lot of people say, i thought we already did this. last year, the drones were grounded. the threat of terrorism does not change from year to year especially with the new york and new jersey areas seeing two recent domestic terrorism estimates. >> 2020 is the beginning of a new decade, absolutely. you have to be. why not? it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. you have to be here. >> get that feeling of a new year. to me and focus on the goals. >> we also heard from nypd officials again today saying that they believe that this is the safest place on planet earth to be tonight. it is something they take very seriously. they've got thousands of police officers here on the street.
1:35 pm
we have been out here watching sound checks go down. ll cool j was just on stage. it's going to be a great night. we've been talking to people from all over the world from spain, from japan, from portugal. even someone who came on a plane by herself from kansas. i take her style. she said there's no way she wanted to miss it. she spirit behind me. >> charles: ll cool j. if you have told me that earlier, i would've change my plans. on the eve of all of this, what are authorities actually looking for? commissioner, thank you for taking the time. >> good to be with you, charles. >> charles: in times square right now, they said the safest place on the planet. do you agree? >> i do. there are no guarantees, but nobody does this better than the nypd. they've been doing this for
1:36 pm
many, many years. they know how to isolate the crowded screen people. there will be no backpacks, large bags, no liquor. if you go in and leave, you can't come back. they know what they are doing. the men and women of the nypd are better at this than anybody in the world. >> charles: let's talk about the use of drones particularly in a day and age where drones are now starting to get that double edged public relations. we know the benefits, but more and more people feel that they are in basis and perhaps dangerous. what other benefits you feel for using them tonight? >> you can get a high-level view and a quick view and get to any location. those drones can see what is going on and send the proper resources. there are under covers, heavy weapons teams that are involved therapeutic drones are a great force multiplier to make sure that they know what is going on. they can see it right away.
1:37 pm
when you're in times square, as far as legally and privacy is concerned, you have no expectation of privacy when you are in a crowd in times square. >> charles: i think that we are losing expectations of privacy in all facets of our lives. we would go into the next year, how are you feeling overall about where we are? new york city has had some real ugly incidents recently. anti-semitic attacks, having people worried and concerned. >> they should be concerned. unfortunately, the legislature has passed this crazy bail reform act where people assault somebody, they get let out on bail and assault somebody else. they get let out on bail again. honestly, i can say this because i'm not working there anymore. i don't think that mayor has given the support to the nypd that he should get. the men and women of the nypd are the best in the world, but they had to be supported, and
1:38 pm
they have to be told that if somebody commits a crime, they are going to stay in jail. >> charles: i think the citizens of new york city agree with you 100%. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you at all the men and women of the nypd. stay safe. >> charles: the future of the working classes next. i use rakuten to get cash back in-store and online. or anything i want to buy is going to be on rakuten. rakuten is easy to use, free to sign up and it's in over 3,000 stores. i buy a lot of makeup. shampoo, conditioner. books, food. travel. shoes. stuff for my backyard. anything from clothes to electronics. workout gear. i even recently got cash back on domain hosting. you can buy tires. to me, rakuten is a great way to get cash back on anything you buy. rack it up with rakuten, sign up today to get cash back on everything you buy.
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>> does anybody think you'll be able to stay in the middle class in the 20s and 30s of the 21st century without better education? anybody if you go down 300,000 feet in the mind could learn how to program. >> joe biden said that minors could be trained easily.
1:42 pm
here with me now to discuss strategies is laura frank. joe borelli and susan li. i want to start with susan. first of all, do you think this idea that joe biden has was going to work? >> it is all touristic but i'm not sure how viable it is. coal mining employment peaked in 2011. at the peak, 92,000 americans were employed by the coal mining industry. at 2018 it was half of that at 50,000 or so. these are a lot of jobs. we are talking about the 92,052,000 jobs. at the most important part is the politics. a lot of these coal mining jobs are in swing states of west virginia, montana and the like. there's a reason why they are paid six figures. it's not an easy job. >> i did my own research. we know that joe biden is against the entire industry. he said that he would wipe out all of those blue-collar jobs and the entire fossil fuel
1:43 pm
industry. the blue-collar jobs, he said it over the week that -- you wondered why the executives weren't in prison. in the most recent data he made $165,000 a year. your average computer programmer it makes $84,000 per year. it is not viable that someone is making $165,000 was to put their kids through college and snatched out of the job and somehow talked to code and make half of that money. >> let's talk about what all that's about. creating viable transitions. the evening with the regulations, we still have the coal sector. there has to be viable transitions. sometimes he doesn't get exactly right. will it always be programmers? no. we've not seen the transitions happen under the trump administration's. democrats can appeal to coal miners who have lit up our
1:44 pm
country with energy. we need to correct that. >> charles: with all due respect, i don't think that's what he's saying. i'm all about climate change. we are going to have windmills and solar panels. i'm going to force these people today -- not tomorrow. it's a natural transition that will take 100 years to occur. what is really saying is that i'm going to put you out of a job. >> this reminds me of a 2016 hero, the big red sweater wearing man that came up in the second debate. he asked a hillary clinton and donald trump about the energy policy. hillary clinton was dismissive about real people and real jobs in the industry that is quite frankly suffered under the obama administration. that was one of her biggest gaps in the campaign. even she said it in her recent book that coal miners should get new jobs. >> it is a wonder because we know what the jobs are leaving. >> charles: the promise are
1:45 pm
you talking about? >> they continue to lose their jobs. mine after mine is closing. let's get real. >> i will have to argue with that. put out on the street? the best job market in 50 years? if you have a college education and see the unemployment rate -- you are talking about being put on the street. >> charles: what you're talking about the results of the things that have happened under obama. when you shut down -- when you tell power plants they can't use coal, those coal plants closer year after after your out of office. >> how can you blame obama? >> charles: because he closed them. big government is deciding when something will happen. naturally occurring, we might all end up driving electric vehicles. right now americans don't want them. joe biden is saying that he is going to force us to do these things and find a way to retrain
1:46 pm
people to lose their job. >> i hope he funds it too. on its own, if we were in a free market system, that would cost a lot of money. >> charles: have 30 seconds and i have to give joe some time. >> it's one of the biggest accomplishments that the trump administration has. this is what the clinton campaign was dismissive of real people. the tech industry is not what it used to be. they are not clamoring for new people to come in. >> charles: computer programming jobs according to the bureau of labor statistics will decline by 7% from 2018-2028. maybe joe will use a different example next time. where they are going to go when he kicks them out of these well-paying jobs. happy new year. senator chuck schumer seizing on a new report and pushed for impeachment trial witnesses.
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>> simply put, and our fight to have key documents and witnesses in the senate impeachment trial, these new revelations are a game changer. >> charles: senate minority leader chuck schumer renewing his call for witnesses in an impeachment trial after the new york times published new details about the effort to withhold aid to ukraine. does it mean that republicans will also get there witnesses? every time a new piece comes out from "the washington post" or "the new york times," the democrats are calling for different rules or to have these witnesses. it is a double edged, isn't it? >> republicans would also like
1:51 pm
to call some witnesses is democrats do. joe biden is not even sure if you would actually comply with a subpoena. he first declared that he would not comply with the subpoena saying that there would be no grounds. after a bipartisan criticism, even people in his own party, he finally did a 180 and said of course i would comply with the subpoena. what is he got hide? he has less reason to resist a subpoena than the people in the administration that have because they are claiming executive privilege from the president. that's not forget that if democrats really wanted john bolton, mick mulvaney and others to testify, they could have gone to court. they decides not to because they were in such a rush to get impeachment done. they did not try to go to court. >> charles: the urgency factor because the republic is on the verge of crime like at any moment. it became impeachment, two articles of a litany of things
1:52 pm
that we were told in the build up were easy to approve. and now, delay tactics and nancy pelosi trying to impart her will on how the senate is going to handle this. where does it go from here? >> it is a little bit bizarre. if they actually use the words national security to say that they needed to get trump out of office because he was a national security danger to the country. apparently that danger has passed. people like adam schiff have declared his intelligence committee meeting, if this isn't impeachable conduct, i don't know it is. basically saying it is obvious. what is it that new information is such a game changer? the democrats have been saying that it is obvious from the beginning. >> charles: and then of course there is the idea that mcconnell working with the white house or any republican suggesting that there's not enough evidence out there is undermining the process that it
1:53 pm
is to be a solid process. i guess everyone should wear black and sound whatever. that me ask you something else. nearly half of all states are doing something. i'm sorry, we didn't have time. happy new year. >> happy new year, charles. we want more after this, folks. we will be right back. n. really? can it one up breakfast in bed? yeah, for sure. thanks, boys. what about that? uhh, yep! it can? yeah, even that! i would very much like to see that. me too. introducing new tide power pods. one up the toughest stains with 50% more cleaning power than liquid detergent. any further questions? uh uh! nope! one up the power of liquid with new tide power pods.
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>> ♪ >> charles: this just being reported. north korea leader kim jong-un says the world will witness the north's new weapon soon. more as we get it, we will share it with you. in the united states 21 states will ring in the new year with minimum wage hikes. gary says stop with the mandates and let private companies decide what to pay. 24 states are differing and 72 are hiking minimum wage next year. what was the unintended
1:57 pm
consequences of that be? >> well, look, you are dealing with bureaucrats mandating to the business owners that put up their risk capital, time and sweat, higher expenses. they won't be a punching bag. they will react. they always react the same way. less employees and less hours and with restaurants, robotics. we are seeing that in a lot of places. the shame is that other people who would get hired at $10 may not get hired at $15. that's the other side of the coin. i don't get it. you are raising expenses with no productivity gains for the business owner. >> charles: to your point there was a good study a couple of months ago saying at $15 job losses will be 1.3 million jobs losses and perhaps as many, many
1:58 pm
as 3.7 million jobs lost. that's a massive tradeoff. >> i deal with the real world, charles. i don't think these bureaucrats do. there will be job losses. they continue to go higher on wages. it's troublesome. when you get $15, they will ask for $17.5 and then go to $20. it will be a shake out in industries. we are seeing it in cities. when i read about another restaurant that shuts down that's the real world and not the people that sit in little commissions deciding on all of this thinking they are geniuses. >> charles: or politically driven. in 3 years preceding this year they created a million plus
1:59 pm
jobs. this year they lost 6,000. that's crazy. it's got to be because of this kind of stuff. >> it is. listen, again, businesses should be able to decide on their profits and expenses and who they pay and how much they pay. and not somebody behind a desk in a political office or a commission. most of these people have never run businesses and win a paycheck. they don't understand the consequences of this. it's a darn shame. i am worried. they won't be satisfied with $15. they will go higher and go higher and higher because they have the ability and they keep being elected to their jobs. that has to change and i hope it does. >> charles: the consequences have been worse for the people they are trying to help. gary, have you been on fire all year long. thank you very much.
2:00 pm
>> happy new year. >> charles: speaking of on fire. less than hour to go in today's trading we were down. the market soared into the close. check me out on fox business 2 p.m. eastern. happy new year, everyone. >> ♪ >> i am dana perino with emily, marie hart, lawrence jones and it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> happy new year's eve. fears gun control debate after an armed security guard took down the man whoa opened fire in a texas church. joe biden under fire to testify in the senate impeachment trial and how "the five" will ring in


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