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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 8, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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a lot of news to come. and the markets are closing on wall and broad. for the impact on businesses around the world, you know who has it. speech would he want with neil cavuto next. >> president trump: iran appears to be standing down which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world. >> neil: and for that markets, shaken but not start too much. president trump says that iran appears to be standing down after firing off 15 missiles. that had stocks moving up. the relief part of that, because when they first got wind of th that, dow futures were down more than 400 points. it turns out, much ado about nothing. welcome, everybody. i'm happy to have you. i'm neil cavuto. lawmakers are being briefed about the air strike that took
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iran's top general out. some people say telegraphed. john roberts at the white house where the president appears to be able to tap all of this down. and for griffin on how this all went down. we begin with john. >> good afternoon to you. the president choosing an off-ramp road to disk you late here. the person holding off on any retaliatory action. at that same time, upping the pressure on america's allies and other nations to put an end to iran's exportation to terror and to stabilize the activities across the middle east and parts of central asia. here's what the presidents at this morning. >> president trump: the civilized world must send a clear and unified message to the iranian regime. your campaign of terror, murder, mayhem will not be tolerated any longer. speak out the fact that no americans were killed allowed president trump try to ease
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tensions rather than escalate militarily. he is turning the screws on iran economically and diplomatically, increasing the maximum pressure campaign and urging the remaining signatories to the iranian nuclear deal to abandon and pursue a broader tough or new deals iran. listen here. >> president trump: the united states will immediately impose additional punishing economic sanctions on the iranian regime. these powerful sanctions will remain until iran changes its behavior. and we must all work together toward making a deal with iran that makes the world a safer and more peaceful place. >> the president said any new deal with iran should also have prosperity in that country. the president leaning on nato to take a greater role in the middle east. speaking by phone with the general and i read out of the call, nato spokesman saying
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"they agreed that nato could contributed more to regional stability in a fight against international terrorism. fox news has learned after the air strikes last night there was an exchange of messages between the united states and iran through the swiss who often act as intermediaries. i'm told that the message from the united states was not one amount of diplomacy, but a message to try to deter further attacks against u.s. targets. >> neil: thank you very, very much. the senators who had this briefing are now taking to the microphone to talk about what they learn including what i was just looking at a second ago. connecticut senator murphy and chuck schumer. this is in the end of this. >> that they did not answer. we did not see a plan satisfying plan for the future. we had 97 senators there. 15 got to ask questions as the questions got to get tough, they
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walked out. i've asked that they come back within a week. we have not yet gotten that commitment. thank you. >> one of the things that was very troubling as there was no indication that there was due thought given to the consequences of the action. before the action against before, we had massive protests and iran against the reigning government. and now we have massive protests against the u.s. no clarity that this was understood how it would affect the unity for the radicals and undermine -- >> neil: we are monitoring democratic reaction. chuck schumer is saying -- this goes along party lines, democrats not impressed with the evidence that was like a justify the attack on this general that started all of this. republicans by a large tinny by the president. the president is crediting an early warning system for protecting our troops. >> the iranians are known to have about 2,000 ballistic
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missiles. they now have 15 fewer ballistic missiles. ten hit outside air base. another four failed. we now have satellite images showing the damage to the base. one hanger appears to have been hit. as the president noted, at the damage appears minimal. a senior u.s. official tells us iranian officials warned iraq ahead of time about the pending missile strike because iran did not want to kill iraqi forces. iraqi officials warned their american military counterparts. by the time the iraqi warning came, the military had already known for hours that iran was planning to launch the missile strike last night. they even knew the approximate time of the attack. that warning was not a surprise to us. we already knew it was coming. how did the u.s. know? it intercepted chatter and knew when and where the missile strike would come. they just didn't know the exact magnitude of the strike. according to a senior pentagon official source, the early warning that the president
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reference in his speech included layers of surveillance that include satellites that can detect the second the missile's motor spark. infrared images that can alert your forges immediately. as between 3 to 5 minutes. four it missiles failed. they did not reach their target, crashing short due to motor failure according to this military official. some of these missiles are using decade old missile ballistic technology. these were not the most state-of-the-art iranian missiles according to the source. >> neil: thank you very, very much. we've been updating you on senators responding whether that evidence was compelling. it is not a long party line. democrats largely not convinced. republicans are much convinced. earlier in the day it was the same situation with the house including my next guest hearing the justification for taking out this general. a member of the foreign affairs
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committee. good to have you back. >> thank you for having me on. >> neil: were you commenced? many of your democratic colleagues were not. >> i'm not going to talk about the particulars of a classified briefing. i believe that soleimani was an enemy combatant. he was a lawful target. president trump had the legal authority. i would say had the moral obligation to protect american life and he had a duty as our commander-in-chief to take out that strike of soleimani. the world is a safer place. america is a safer place. that region is much safer after the action from the president. >> neil: i guess what democrats are saying if i'm hearing them correctly that it wasn't compelling enough evidence to say he was about to do something big. i know that you can't give away what was revealed in that group. why are they saying that? >> i hate to be cynical here.
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i think that the democrats especially those on the really far left are putting their hatred for the president, their disdain for this administration, they are putting their party above country. we should all be celebrating the death of a terrorist. somebody who had the blood of countless americans on his hands, someone who spread chaos and violence alter that region. everyone should be celebrating this and cheering this as a win for our country. unfortunately, the democrats can't help themselves but they criticized the president and second-guess our intelligence and the actions of our military. >> neil: nancy pelosi had originally pushed back this vote on limiting the president's war powers. now, we are told possibly as soon is tomorrow. what you think of that? >> it just got emailed to me a few minutes ago. for me, i'm not going to be convinced. we have the authority of
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self-defense. we have basis in iraq. let's not forget that just days ago, the shia militias were attacking our embassy in baghd baghdad. i sat right across the state from that embassy in baghdad. the shia militias were firing rockets into u.s.-iraqi basis in iraq pier there was a threat there. we have the ability to defend ourselves. when an iranian general, their top dog comes over to plan further attacks on u.s. diplomats, u.s. service members and iraqi allies, we have the right responsibility and legal authority to take action. >> neil: congressman, thank you very much. it has been a crazy day for you. you know the rule of thumb on wall street. they hate uncertainty that they got yesterday when we first had wind of the iranian attacks on this iraqi military base. futures were selling off big time. everything recovered. some records were scored today. why is that?
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>> neil: of fox news alert for you. we got word a little while ago that there were sirens going off presumably in baghdad that seem to herald the possibility of follow-up explosions. way too soon to tell. it'd take a little bit of that seem out of the markets. just that report of sirens. they've got scott martin, christina. if this doesn't prove the pros and cons on the back and forth of what is happening in iraq and iran are dictating where the market goes the last 48 hours, and did it again, didn't it? >> exactly. if we had done this show at 10 minutes before the top of the hour, i would've been a lot more bullish. sold off exactly on that news
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down 100 points in five or 7 minutes. it is kind of that world on edge kind of thing. i think trump did a good job this morning of placating the market. it's business as usual. i think if things stay at that even keel, neil, we will see probably further upside. >> neil: the issue for the market is sirens. the market trainers are hoping that it was resolved today. with the way that the president presented it, iran standing down in a essentially united states standing down. this is what the guys went to see. >> they liked what he said tod today. friday, the news broke. there was barely a reaction in the market. why are you seeing all of this? right now in the united states, we are such a strong producer of oil. that's allowing the president to
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move ahead with progressive policy. i do think it is helping in this case. that's why you're not seeing that much reaction. the other major factor is you have the giants fear of missing out. we would call it the melt up. the stocks people are familiar with, apple 300. tesla is climbing higher as well. microsoft, the typical names are doing quite well. >> neil: i assume that bells are trolling where you are, scott. >> i will tell you, neil. if iran is up to more hijinks, maybe they are trolling for them. gary brought up some points about the markets and the reaction. this is a market that through many phases of the last several years has loved what the trump economy has done and loves what the administration has done. as such a rare things these days when you can get someone or something hundreds of billions of dollars and they can still hate your guts. to me, that is why we should not trust iran whether they are
1:16 pm
calming down or executing some diplomacy here. the markets are going to be jittery as this progresses. >> neil: let's go on his alarms of sirens. he joins us from baghdad. you know anymore about more about what that's about? >> we do, neil. good afternoon. the possibility of these iranian and shia militias firing rockets to thdespite there was some pro. a loud explosion came outside pete you could hear sirens around baghdad's green zone indicating that there was incoming rocket fire. the sirens saying incoming very loud throughout baghdad's zone. there was an additional rocket that landed farther from where we are at. local reports that there were no direct hits. we are still trying to confirm exactly where the rockets landed.
1:17 pm
that breaking here in baghdad tonight, at least two rockets fired into baghdad. this follows more rockets being fired in a similar location. last night when those 15 ballistic missiles were fired by the iranians toward that base in western iraq that does house western forces, the concern tonight in earlier today as we were reporting on the show this afternoon, you could hear american apache helicopters circling the green zone. they were trying to look for potential threats to american officials that are currently operating out of the u.s. embassy there in that location. and no threats like we have seen tonight, rockets that have been fired by the militia groups around baghdad. >> neil: thank you very much. the latest from baghdad on the sirens. it might not be anything to worry about. for the time being, people are antsy about it. it is still a tense environment here. seemingly is a sense that people
1:18 pm
are returning to the news that this is all back to pretaking this general out kind of environment. >> exactly. over the years, neil, since you and i have been following the news and the war on terror, we have become -- i don't know if it is good or bad. the american public has become inoculated to terrorism, to threats of terrorism. we take it more in stride now. i'm not saying the threat is mitigated by any stretch. if there was a terrorist attack in new york city, it's a completely different reaction. overseas, it is oh, okay. it's business as normal. and again, trump is playing his cards correctly at this point. we don't want to see the warmongering twitter trump at all. >> neil: i want to thank you all. i apologize of the brevity of this given the latest inside of baghdad. we are going to hear from a general and what we have to look for now and what we are worrying
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>> neil: a pack to capitol hill right now. at the utah republican senator mike lee is addressing what he learned at this briefing from what prompted the attack on the general. next up is rand paul. let's listen to this. >> military involvement against the government of iran. now, i find this insulting and demeaning. not personally, but to the office that each of the 100 senators in this building happens to hold. i find it insulting, and i find it demeaning to the constitution of the united states to which we have all sworn an oath.
1:23 pm
it is the prerogative of the legislative branch to declare war. article one section 8 makes it very clear. this was in sharp contrast from the form of government that we had prior to the revolution. a form of government in which the executive, at the king had the to take us to war. he did not need the parliament to weigh in on it, to support it. that was the parliament's job after the fact after you got into war. this he explains the reason why this power was put in article one section 8. the branch of government. when we send our brave soldiers, sailors -- >> neil: we continue to monitor this. every senators coming out and giving us their take on all of this. we have the former general to weigh in on this. general, what happens now?
1:24 pm
>> well, i think that your report is a good indication of what we are going to see. i said this on this network yesterday. i don't think we are going to see any more attributable attacks certainly not in the short term out of iran. i think that you are going to see the shia militias and some other groups that have been supported by iran -- i think you will see them doing exactly what trey was describing there. they will be firing rockets. this is more of the same. this is not new. that is what you will see. what you will not see is a cessation of the friction between the united states and iran. this has been going on since february of 1979. the first time they entered our embassy. in november, they entered our embassy and took a group of hostages ultimately 52 of them. in fact, i was there on the
1:25 pm
night of the 24th of 1980 when we tried to rescue those hostages. we lost eight good americans. eight great heroic americans died in that desert trying to rescue our hostages in the embassy in iran. this has been going on for 40 years. this is not going to end just because it is de-escalating right now. they will continue to be tensi tension. >> neil: i don't want to make a general statement. the senators and a lot of the congress -- democrats not convinced that the efforts to take out soleimani, he's a bad guy. they acknowledge that. the democrats that there's no compelling evidence to say that we had it taken out now. the republicans just the opposite. would he think of that? >> think about this. if the president knew -- even a reasonable probability that this
1:26 pm
guy was about to perpetrate an attack that would kill americans and he didn't do anything, he didn't make the call to take them out, what would that have been? i would have called that malfeasance. i would've called irresponsibility on the part of the commander in chief. he has that responsibility first and foremost is the president and the commander-in-chief to americans. >> neil: let me switch gears very quickly. there is the notion that this ukrainian plane that crashed, originally the ukrainians and the iranians were saying it was engine fire or engine trouble. we are going to have to wait and see. what do you think happened? >> i have no idea, neil. i've heard the reports that an engine overheated. that was not as a result of any american operation or activity that brought that plane down. i suspected it was probably
1:27 pm
explainable in terms of some kind of malfunction of the aircraft itself. america did not do that. >> neil: the iranians are not saying that. they did say that they are pretty convinced it was essentially a boeing issue. it was not even accidentally hit by iranian missiles. obviously, the drama is building up around this thing. >> given where the democrats seem to be right now and terms of giving donald trump credit for anything, you know, it is only a matter of time until he would potentially be blamed for that, too. but the reality is, the president has played this very well. it's de-escalating rapidly now. i think he has called the shots exactly right. >> neil: general, thank you very, very much. a slightly different view than the general report on this issue. he was not a fan of this action. let's get to this.
1:28 pm
>> was at all of them? was at this specific cabinet member? >> before i comment on that publicly, i would like to have a conversation with the president so i can make them aware of what we were told. i will say that the messages we receive did not get any pushback. but we were told over and over again it was this action was necessary. this was a bad guy. we had to do it. we can't have division. we can't have dissension within our ranks, within our government, or it sends the wrong signal to the iranians. i think that is completely wrong. they were asked to repeatedly, what, if anything would trigger the need for the administration to come back to congress for a declaration of war or an authorization for the use of military force? at one of the point, one of the briefer said i'm sure we could think of something. but they struggled to identify
1:29 pm
anything. they were asked specifically, what about if you concluded -- it is not my point to get into that here. i don't want to accidentally say anything classified. my point is, they were asked a number of hypotheticals about situations in which they might have to appropriately, and asked for authorization for congress. not once did they say "yes, we need to do it in that circumstance." at one point, one of the briefer said something like don't worry, we will consult you. well, with history as our guide, consultation isn't necessarily the same thing as authorization for the use of military force. a declaration of war is what the constitution requires. a drive-by notification or after-the-fact lame briefings like the ones we received aren't adequate. >> they carried out this attack
1:30 pm
on soleimani -- >> i'm still agnostic as to th that. i still haven't had their questions answered that i came into that briefing expecting to ask. they left after 75 minutes. i understand these are busy people. they've got a lot of demands on their time. they are appearing before a coordinate branch of government responsible for their funding, for their confirmation, for any approval of any military action they might undertake. they had to leave after 75 minutes while they were in the process of telling us that we need to be good little boys and girls and run along and not debate this in public. i find that absolutely insane. i think it is unacceptable. and so, i don't know what they had in mind. i went in there hoping to get more specifics as far as the factual legal moral justification for what they did. i am still undecided on that issue in part because we never
1:31 pm
got to the details. every time i get close, they would say, well, we can't discuss that here because it is really sensitive. we are in a secure underground bunker where all electronic devices have to be checked out the door. they still refused to tell us. i find that really upsetting. >> was there a sense that they were not taking it seriously and didn't want to be there? >> the fact that they were here shows that they were taking it seriously. some of the underlying questions -- >> neil: there is an exception to the party rule. senators mike lee and rand paul were not pleased with the evidence they got to argue for taking out soleimani. they are also in favor of that measure that would rein in the presidents of war power responsibilities and check first with congress. they are an exception to the republican party rule which by and large have been in lockstep
1:32 pm
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>> neil: it looks like congress is going to go ahead and move on this war powers resolution to limit the presidents action in the future when it comes to do to anything without congressional consultation. it is divisive. more after this...
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1:36 pm
>> neil: all right. too remember that plane crash in b7. the ukrainian airliner that crashed in iran due to technical malfunction, not from a muscle. other reports say that it was flying just fine for the first . and then the crash. all 176 people on board dead. aviation expert rob martin joins me right now. on the phone, i'm curious what you make of that. others because the iranians are not interested in sharing with anyone. this was unusual. everything seemed normal for the first 2 minutes than this catastrophic event and then it crashed. do you know anymore? >> we don't know anymore really than that, neil. an airplane on departure climbing at a normal rate at a normal airspeed that just
1:37 pm
suddenly takes a nosedive into the ground -- you know, was pretty catastrophic. something went on instantaneously with that. i'm sure that crew had absolutely no time to react. >> neil: it brings out all sorts of helicopter thoughts that maybe this thing was accidentally shut down not by us because the iranians were not figuring us but during the missile attack itself, one of the muscles at the plane. >> i don't know the time frame. i know that they were close. again, it would take something unbelievably catastrophic to knock -- essentially it knocked the airplane out of the sky. it sounds like it did right at this point. i know there were reports of engine problems. we can apply a 737 on one engine. the chances of both of them quitting are pretty slim.
1:38 pm
but even then, the airplane doesn't drop like a rock. like a glider, it has to come down pretty quick. they still have control. it doesn't sound like they had any of that. >> neil: we did try to get a timeline ourselves. it was an eight minute time frame that did paralleled the missile attack. we don't know that for sure. they are trying to look into that. there were warnings that did for bid commercial flights around iran, iraq. i don't know when that was put into place. presumably after this crash. is that still advisable today? >> i believe the faa has the notice the airmen to essentially the go mike warren the pilots of western european and u.s. registered airplanes to stay out of the area.
1:39 pm
primarily, that comes from going back to the action from years ago where an airliner was shot out of the air by mistake. they are trying to avoid that. why they were doing what they were doing is beyond me. >> neil: i know we threw a lot at you there. you went line by line through it all. we will see what happened. aviation expert in commercial pilot. just in case you thought that any of this was holding off impeachment, think again. more after this... erience of a lifetime. it's "progressive on ice." everything you love about car insurance -- the discounts... the rate comparisons... and flo in a boat. ♪ insurance adventure awaits
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>> neil: all right. you would think with all the fuss that's going on in iran and whether things have actually calm down i was a real sports of sirens going off in baghdad that it will be a slow push toward impeachment. but no, the calendar says it's on.
1:43 pm
fox political analyst joins us. democratic strategists. i will begin with you. what is your sense about the timeline here? no matter where people are in this debate of where we should have taken out this irani in general or not, it is not dissuaded those who are seeking to keep the impeachment process going even in the senate to get it happening and get it done. would you you make of that? >> we honestly know what this push has been all about. and it's been a vehicle and the democrats p.r. messaging campaign for the 2020 election. i would imagine they would hold those articles as long as possible and get it done as close to the election as possible. it's all about public support. to change the public's opinion about this presidents, the accomplishments -- >> neil: think about it. i will take this up with you. the senate could just as easily
1:44 pm
say we have a lot more pressing front burner issues like what's happening in iran and iraq right now. he had not done that. maybe i'm reading into that. they have what they have. they are going to proceed with it. there might be witnesses, likely not. that is still on. if they want this done. what you think? >> i wanted to go back to the point about democrats wanting this to be in the public spotlight. after the uxo of republicans not -- democrats lost every election except for 1976 until 1992. after clinton, republicans impeach clinton. they lost the popular vote every single election cycle except for 2004. the idea that impeachment improves your chances of winning an election are ridiculous. that's not why this is happening. it's a front burner issue whether or not's -- >> neil: i'm sure i don't have to remind you that the
1:45 pm
republicans in the midterms and you saw obviously what happened to richard nixon. >> it led to the reagan revolution -- >> neil: we will go there. my only issue and i respect all of you guys and robert as well. i think the damages to the party that pushes it too far here. where do you see this going? >> as he said, the senate and the house have been focused on impeachment even with iran. i do speak to several members this week. they have said that iran is still the number one issue that everyone is paying attention to. they do want to wrap up impeachment as soon as possible. that is certainly what this and it wants. >> neil: you say that both sides want that? the point earlier to try to get it done. >> i think now from people i have spoken with on the house side as well, speaker nancy pelosi is holding
1:46 pm
onto the articles. a senate trial cannot happen until she does the point house managers and transfers the articles into the senate. i have spoken to people today that said that she's still not prepared to send the articles over until she knows exactly what the rules will look like in exactly what a trial will look like. of course, we did see senate majority leader mitch mcconnell lay out much clearer that he has the most to move forward with setting up these rules without consulting democrats and agree to some sort of negotiation with chuck schumer. >> neil: i'm sorry. on that, you could argue right now that mitch mcconnell this wants this to go forward. he will take up the issue whether their witnesses, whether john bolton testifies or what have you. your fear here that there might be just enough republican senators to push for hearing for bolton for example. all that you need is 51 votes for that. >> even with this plan, you have people that are there wild cards
1:47 pm
like mitt romney and susan collins. you have senators that are in line with mitch mcconnell on this plan that move forward as he sees fit. for democrats like nancy pelosi to be trying to dictate to the senate, the united states senate how things should go or let me hold the articles until you tell us what your plan is is pretty ridiculous. at this point, they've had their opportunity. i think it was chuck schumer who said just that yesterday that phase was done over in the house. at this and this turn. we should move forward and move forward quickly. we are talking about the presidency of the united states of america. >> neil: thank you very much. cutting this short because we are getting so big news out of her majesty's kingdom that prince harry and meghan markle want to sort of get it at the wave after this. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first
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>> neil: could it be prince harry and meghan markle are saying tata for now? the duke and duchess of sussex announcing plans to step back as senior members of the royal family in an instagram post saying they will work to become financially independent. spectator green joints on the phone. what does this mean? what is financially independent mean? >> it depends on who you ask. it's completely impossible if you are harry and meghan. this scale can only be accomplished if you are an extremely successful businessman or movie star or if you have an enormous amount of family money supporting you. if they are really going to do without the family money, they are going to be stuck. >> neil: what are they going to do? why now? >> they want to make a difference, which is admirable.
1:52 pm
they want to lecture us about how we are terrible about the environment and racism. they want to use their status as a soapbox and wished to hector is from. this is what they said they wanted to do. they want to be having their cake and eat it. you can't have it both ways. if you are the duchess of sussex, you're meant to be in sussex, not malibu. >> neil: the expression, i don't know where it started. that cake, you might eat it. was this run by the queen? some reported that it was not. >> i got the memo here. it says the discussions with the duke and duchess are at an early stage. we understand the desire to take a different approach. these are complicated issues that will take time to work through. in other words, you are not going anywhere, kids. no one leaves the royal family. the only way out is via the guillotine or a state funeral. >> neil: hopefully that will not be necessary. concerns here. it's a big family obviously in
1:53 pm
many respects a dysfunctional one. the lifeblood of britain. if they were to take this distant role, what would it be like? they can't sever all relations with the royal family. how do you envision it? >> they can't sever them. you're right. they are talking about exchanging a lifetime contract with the world's greatest soap opera with a day by day reality tv spots. they can't have it both ways. you're either in or out with the royals. once you are out, you're fully exposed to the press. remember what happened to harry's mother. princess diana was hunted down by the press. this is a very risky move for them to make. >> neil: i'm also curious about what happens to the rest of the family. does it put pressure on the rest of the family to pick up the publicity clock? >> is definitely does appear that they want to make the royal family progressive. you can't have a progressive
1:54 pm
royal family picture you can if you get rid of it. that's what it means. the rest of the family are now going to be put under pressure and criticized for not being progressive enough. the queen is in her 90s. she is progressive by the standards of the 1940s, and that is understandable enough. it's a crazy thing to ask. >> neil: thank you for educating us on all of this. you put us to shame on the soap opera part. green following all of this. more after this. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >i spend a lot of time sin my truck.y?
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get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola - all for just $10.99. hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. >> neil: all right. updating you on the story that warning sirens are heard and had around baghdad. tre, is this with the latest. >> we have updates for you. we confirmed that two rockets landed in baghdad's green zone. not striking the compound. one landed by the river behind
1:58 pm
me. the other hit a building under construction. no casualties are reported, but officials believe they are rockets likely fired by iranian backed shi'ite militias operating near baghdad. this is not the first time this week this happened. earlier we saw five rockets land in baghdad's green zone. tonight we heard a large explosion and sirens blairing in coming, indicating there was an attack to the green zone. this paints a larger picture if what the region is dealing with. it's important to differentiate between the rockets tonight and last night. last night they were ballistic missiles fired from iran into iraqi territory. the rockets tonight are not missiles. they are fired by militias. it's a smaller type of an attack but still an attack that could threaten u.s. forces in baghdad
1:59 pm
and the surrounding region. >> neil: do we know where the iranians indicated what they did last night was it for the time being? >> well, what we saw last night appeared to be finished for now. the large response by the iranians avenging the death of their top general soleimani killed outside of baghdad's international airport last week after the president made that decision to order a drone strike. the issue of the militias in the area they received direction funding from the iranian regime. sometimes you will see ayatollah khomeini say they can't control actions of the militias on the ground but most of what happens
2:00 pm
here is linked to iran. >> neil: thank you very much. tomorrow they are still going to take to the floor the war resolution effort to limit the president's powers here. "the five" is now. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> hello. i am juan williams with katie, brian, shannon bream and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a big moment in a showdown with iran. president trump addressing the nation today after iran launched more than 2 dozen missiles at u.s. troops in iraq. it was retaliation for the killing of their top military commander. iran's supreme leaders calling it a slap in the face to america. here is the president responding


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