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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 15, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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watch for the senate trial, perhaps that's why they would want him there. i'm going to have to let you go. breaking news all this hour. and i'm glad that you were here for it. ari fleischer. thank you. i am harris. "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> fox news alert, and impeachment will be in the senate hands, house lawmakers voting to send the articles of impeachment along with the impeachment managers across the capital ped hello, everyone. i am dana perino. and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ >> the president violated his oath of office, undermined our national security. he jeopardized the of our election, tried to use the appropriations process as his private atm machine to grant or withhold funds granted by congress in order to put his personal and political advantage. >> dana: as the house gets ready to turn impeachment over to the senate, the house speaker
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saying there is no doubt president trump betrayed the office and the american people. house minority leader kevin mccarthy attacking the speaker and her intention. >> by selecting these particular batch of managers, the speaker has further proven that she is not interested in winning the mayans, the hearts, or even following the constitution. >> dana: plots to get to this hour, let's become a chief correspondent mike emanuel life on capitol hill. the vote has been taken, what happens next? >> there will be the equivalent of a signing ceremony before they physically watch the articles of impeachment over to the senate in about three hours. we know who the impeachment managers are. seven members from the democratic caucus who will prosecute the case against president trump. they are lead to manager adam schiff, the judiciary chairman jerrold nadler, kean jeffries of new york, val demings of florida, and two
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lawmakers. jason crow of california, and garcia of texas. they will prosecute overwhelming beyond reasonable doubt. >> the president betrayed the country by using, by withholding federal funds appropriated by congress, breaking the law in doing so. in order to extort a foreign government into intervening in our election. >> before the vote, house leader kevin mccarthy blasted speaker pelosi and the house democrats. >> back when this national nightmare began, speaker pelosi laid bare her intentions in purely partisan agenda. she told her caucus that they needed to strike while the iron is hot. >> final vote in the house was 228-193. not much of a surprise, dana. >> dana: the democrats released a bunch of documents before this. >> from an associate to new york city mayor, rudy
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giuliani, lev parnas turning over a whole array of information, text messages, documentation and other information to house democrats. democrats calling it new evidence that they intend to send to the senate along with those articles of impeachment. >> these documents and text messages show a chilling picture of surveillance both physical and electronic of the u.s. ambassador to the ukraine. this is all the more reason why we need to have a full and fair trial in the united states senate. speak at the top republican on house judiciary called it a last-minute dump by the democrats. >> let's think about, what do they gain? none of the "new information," e the facts about what they were trying to say about the president of doing something. >> democrats are pushing back on a republican story line arguing that holding the articles of impeachment for the past four weeks was not a waste of time.
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>> dana: what should be expected for tomorrow? >> we expect some procedural things on the senate side of the capital, the oath of office. the chief justice will preside over the impeachment trial. we will also see an oath from each of the united states senators who will be sitting at their desk throughout this trial listening when they have questions, they will present them in writing. we will see some procedural things to get the ball rolling. but the trial gets going in earnest next tuesday, dana. >> dana: mike emanuel, thank you so much. one democratic defection in the vote, let's bring in chad pergram to tell us more about that. >> collin peterson is a longtime democrat from western minnesota. he has a very big rural district that runs the length of the border with north dakota all the way to the canadian border. he is the chair of the aggregation no committee, and he carried by the 35 points. there's a reason that collin peterson, who is a conservative democrat voted no pretty boudinot in december as
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well. a freshman democrat from maine, you might remember he splits his impeachment votes in december, he voted yes to send these across, and justin amash, the independent congressman from michigan voted yes as well. remember jeff van drew, he had not formally switched his affiliation in december. he voted no as well. this goes to the senate, and a lot of focus will be on the impeachment managers, they will be the face of this. they will be the make or break for the democrats in the house of representatives. and we have some new information in just the past couple of minutes. we think tomorrow morning the senate will do the usmca, the trade act with canada and mexico and get to the manic mechanical things and start tomorrow. that will be midday or the afternoon, dana. >> dana: way to step on your good news. chad pergram, thank you so much. let's bring in dan sullivan to talk about impeachment for just a moment.
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i want to play for you some sound from congressman schiff. on the need for witnesses, let's get your take on that. listen. to >> the senate that the framers had in mind a real trial with witnesses and evidence, and if mcconnell makes this the first trial and history without witnesses, it will be exposed for what it is, that is an effort to cover up for the president. >> dana: what is your understanding about the situation with witnesses, senator? >> it is the confounding delay of the speaker that is finally over to get these impeachment articles. and the senate will do its constitutional responsibility. i'm very confident of that. a fair trial. we will take it seriously, and you know, the senate, adam schiff is talking about the framers, the framers to make sure setting up not only our government, but impeachment procedures that this tenant is the place where passions will cool. partisan passions will cool.
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we are going to do our job in a fair and serious way. to be honest, this will be in direct contrast to what adam schiff and others stated when they ran the most partisan brushed and unfair impeachment proceedings in the house that we have seen in modern history. so we are going to do our job. and you may have seen that we have agreed to undertaking the exact rules that we did under president clinton's impeachment. back then it was 100 senators who voted for that. we will have a phase 1 where we hear from both sides. fairness where we will be able to ask questions. and then at the end of phase 1, we will look at whether we need witnesses. whether we need additional information. but this is exactly what we did with the senate -- >> dana: back in 1998. >> so the issue of witnesses and additional information, right now it is premature. and by the way, it would have
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been viewed as premature during the clinton trial. so we think that that is fair. we think that the american people understand that as being a fair way t to to proceed. this one i want you to stay with us. i want to get reaction from the white house. we have john roberts on the north lawn for us today. john. >> and speaking of that ceremony, that was the one that decided phase 1 of the new trade deal between the united states and china. it was quite a scene, there were a number of republican house members who were present in the east room. the house geordie leader kevin mccarthy was there until it began, and he scurried out, because he had to get pennsylvania avenue to capitol hill to give his floor speech. and the rest of the republican members of the house left en masse. to the president joking that he would much rather have them up on capitol hill then in the east room. listen here. >> some of the congressman may have a vote, and it is on the impeachment hoax, so if you want, you go ahead and vote.
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i would rather have frankly, it's not going to matter, because it is going very well. but i would rather have you voting then listening to me introduce you. they have a hoax going on over there. let's take care of it. the houseboats 190 5-0, and we have three democrats. and one of them actually left the democratic party and became republican. >> the white house press secretary had harsh words for speaker pelosi in the statement after the news conference. stephanie grisham sang "the only thing speaker pelosi has achieved witillegitimate impeacs is to prove that she is focused on politics instead of the american people after president trump signs the historic trade deal benefiting the people of this country. he will continue working and winning for all americans while the democrats will continue only working against the president." a real study and contrast as the house was voting the articles of impeachment out of the house and into the senate, the president
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was in the east room signing the trade deal with china. next week there will be a contrast throughout the president will be talking with world economic leaders at the economic forum in switzerland at the same time, the senate trial is getting underway. on the u.s.-china trade deal, it is not everything that the president wanted to get. but he said it was a good first start. being called a phase 1 deal. in part it will demand to that to that of china abide $200 billion of u.s. goods over two years including $32 billion more in u.s. agricultural goods. it protects u.s. inter-and transfers not in total, taking them steps in currency manipulation. china agreed with all of that, the president relaxed some current tariffs against china and implemented new tariffs, scheduled to go into effect -- about $300 billion in chinese goods will stay on. and the u.s. could impose more
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sanctions if china does not live up to its end of the deal. the president is using that as a strong hand if you will in future negotiations. but the president today declared victory saying what is happening is unprecedented. listen here. >> this is something that far beyond this deal, it is going to lead to an even stronger world. we now have a big investment in each other and in getting along with each other. >> the president wants negotiators to get work straight away on phase 2, one of the big thing is not covered by phase 1 was really the structure of chinese industrial policy and the enormous government subsidies that they provide for their industry. the president wants to get back to that in the phase 2 deal, and he said today that if they do complete a phase 2 agreement to his satisfaction, he will remove all of the remaining tariffs on chinese goods. >> dana: thank you, john roberts from the
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white house, let's bring back and dan sullivan. because i know that you and all of the members of congress, all consumers in america were looking at this, wanting to see the phase 1 deal done, i want you to listen to senator schumer, who not surprisingly was critical of the president and of the deal. and get your reaction. >> the united states concedes our leverage, and in exchange, china makes a vague unenforceable promises that it never intends to fulfill. we have seen this over and over again. china agrees to something, and they don't do it. president trump complained about president obama and president bush and others. when they sign these deals and nothing happened, and he is doing the same darn thing. >> dana: your reaction to that, sir? >> dana, this is a much-needed reset in our relations with china. i command to the president and his team, particularly ambassador --
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in detail, not just the purchases, but the chinese have agreed to structural changes, and this is in addition to the fact that we will be taking up the usmca on the senate floor likely tomorrow. we have been working on it in the senate all week, so this is going to be quite a big week in terms of trade. this is one of the american people want. this is what alaskans want to. there is a big provision in this agreement for my constituents on the chinese for the purchase of seafood. so with regard to next steps, china does have a history of what we call promise fatigue where they make promises and they don't keep them. they are enforcement mechanisms in this agreement that are going to guard against that, but i think the administration and congress will be vigilant to make sure if china is making promises. no more promise fatigue. they have to do what they say. >> dana: i'm going to have to jump, because we have all this breaking news. we appreciate your perspective.
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you were in the room for the signing of the trade deal. we appreciate it, senator sullivan. more reaction ahead to the breaking news in washington. karl rove is standing by. and he is next. ♪ with nine grams of protein and twenty-seven vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. >> dana: more now on our top story, democrats voting to send managers to this unimpaired karl rove, chief of staff to george w. bush and a fox news contributor joins me now. can i have you listen to congressman schiff? this is the explanation for the long delay between the house hearing and sending over the articles of impeachment. >> this time has given us the ability to show the american people the necessity of a fair trial. to expose the degree to which mcconnell is working hand-in-hand with the subject of the impeachment.
11:19 am
the president to essentially turn but should be a trial into a sham. >> dana: what do you make of all of this, karl? >> if you don't have a good case on the other guy, you would think his emphasis will be on the strength of the case that they had prepared and how the evidence was overwhelming. and they did a fine job of preparing the case and now is the opportunity to present it. that is not the case. we know that that is not the case at all. partisan will reaction to this moment as partisans will react. but my suspicion is that the long judgment of history will not be good for what has just been accomplished in the u.s. house of representatives. >> dana: one of the debates is to have the witnesses are not witnesses, and reporters are really looking at senators met romney, collins, murkowski, and gardner. a couple of those have races that they have to deal with in 2020, what leeway does the white house have and should give
11:20 am
them if all? >> they should give them plenty of leeway, the object is to keep the republican senate majority as the process goes forward and not allow the media and the democrats to cause war among the republicans. so the president has to be in my opinion restrained when it comes to commenting on republicans who might be critical of him in the senate. and there clearly has to be the ability of some of these people in tough contest to do what they think is right for their state. and for the situation at hand. having said that though, let's remember, i mean, i was taken aback by some of the language. for example, representative nadler, chairman of the judiciary committee accused the president of violating the constitutional law by not spending the ukrainian aid money. the fact of the matter is that there was a hold up. we all know that, but then the decision was made to spend that money, and that was made before
11:21 am
the legislative deadline embodied in the law. so the president put the money out in time for the law as required by the congress, and the house still wants to impeach him, because his delay was a delay even though was allowed under the law. i mean, when we have gotten to this place as a country, have we really got into this place? >> dana: it sure feels like it. one last question for you. speaker pelosi earlier today had one of the statements that she made about how she resisted the call for impeachment for so long. but this case made the most sensitive to move forward on impeachment, what about her political calculation that she has made? how will that affect the democrats in 2020? >> this delay, the urgent necessity of impeachment on the president followed by a 3.5 week delay of submitted and the chargers to the senate speaks ill of her political skills. i know that it is fashionable to say what a brilliant strategist
11:22 am
she was in how she handled this, but she opposed this in the beginning. she was forced to it by the pressures inside her caucus, when she got to a point where the vast majority of our caucus wanted to impeach, did not matter what she thought anymore. she had to get in front of that parade. and then she has handled it by taking it out of the hands of the judiciary committee and putting it in adam schiff's hands. he is a better -- he could handle this better than jerry nadler, but now we have -- a pretty pitiful case going forward. >> dana: that is the word that we will take you going to the break. pitiful, thank you, karl rove, after the break we will take a deeper look at the senate trial. u refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. newday's va streamline refi makes it fast and easy because there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. i urge you to call newday usa now.
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>> dana: fox news alert just coming in, military officials say three people are in custody at pearl harbor in hawaii after a life mode around was found in their vehicle. military base is on high alert after the shooting at pensacola air station in florida. the story just crossing the wire, and we will monitor it. three people in custody, after a live mortar around was found in their vehicle, we will bring you more as the story develops. with the articles of impeachment heading to the senate, starting
11:27 am
to emerge about how the trial will unfold. chad pergram is back from capitol hill to tell us. how do you see this unfolding, what should people expect? >> the one thing that we don't have an answer to, and i answered this in the press conference this morning, whether or not they might try anything in the senate trial or any type of procedural efforts to say, okay, we will have witnesses. they don't have a lot of say. all they can do is present their case, and if they don't go for it, say, this is what we were talking about. that they wouldal in favor of the president. the public will learn a lot about these seven members who are in the impeachment managers. a very different group with the 13 managers, the impeachment trial back in 1999. it is interesting that there are two freshmen there. and hakeem jeffries, the chair of the democratic caucus is
11:28 am
pretty clear that he had aspirations to move forward into the leadership. this is where you get a sense of where the democratic leaders are. adam schiff, his credibility has gone up in democratic circles doing this. there has been talk of him moving of the leadership after nancy pelosi moves along, and running for senate in california. but let's go back to what they did today. they approved the resolution to send this over to the senate. the vote was 228-93. only one democratic defection, that was collin peterson in minnesota. but let's start with kevin mccarthy, the house minority leader. >> speaker pelosi laid bare her intentions and partisan agenda. she told her caucus that they needed to strike while the iron is hot. this was always an exercise it going back exercise in raw partisan politics. contrary to her leaders in the last month, we saw the last
11:29 am
justification for running the fastest, thinnest, and weakest impeachment in the american history crumble. >> the otis is on the democrats to make their case and see if they can move the meter politically and try to surprise some senators on the republican side, or at the very least, this is where people talk about maybe being a tactic to put republican senators from swing states on the record with tough boats in the senate. here is house speaker nancy pelosi. >> placing the blame elsewhere, this is a serious -- as serious as it gets for any of us. owning the vote to declare war would be something more serious than this. we take it very seriously. it is not personal. it is not political. it is not partisan. it is patriotic. >> the articles go to the senate later this afternoon. there is a ceremony at 5:00, and we just learned that to the senate is probably going to actually receive the managers
11:30 am
and read the articles allowed. there probably will not happen in the morning, midday or midafternoon tomorrow. >> dana: if i can ask you one last question, we know that the president's lawyers will be there. are we expecting any republican members of congress to be added to that list? >> that is a good question, you can see where the president and his team would say, we need a better match up. in sports a lot of times you look at the other players on the field and essay, maybe we put somebody else out there, that is unclear at this stage. it will be a little bit different to have republicans from the house of representatives, but you can see jim jordan or steve castor, the council who was brought over to the intelligence committee with him, that is an unanswered question, but it is up to the president what they decide to do. >> dana: we will keep an eye on that. we will have some legal analysis with our trusty lawyer jim trusty after the break. ♪ hey, saved you a seat.
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>> dana: more on the historic vote sending articles of impeachment over to the senate. let's bring in doj partner, and one of the things that happened was they released documents on lev parnas who was the business associate of rudy giuliani. a lot of democrats saying that they are smoking guns all over the place. how did you read it? >> not quite as exciting as that. what it does is implicates the kind of wallow in self-pity story of ambassador yovanovitch, and maybe draws rudy back into the limelight, but it does not move the needle on any significant way towards actual removal. >> dana: will it increase the calls for rudy giuliani to testify? >> the witness thing is crazy. it is so far removed from a criminal or civil trial that we have people horse trading, give us this witness and we will give you that one. so rudy could be in play, but i think he is such a wild card that he has potential blowback on everybody. he will ignore the rules. he will say anything he wants to
11:36 am
say and probably heard some democrats and adam schiff in the process in the house. he could say things hurtful to the president. >> dana: you had a thought about the idea of trial testimony versus moving to dismiss the articles. i thought it was interesting what you thought some of the senators could consider doing when it gets underway. it can >> this is on the principle of the matter and not the physical assessment. the idea that he should be impeached for obstruction of congress is laughable. mr. schiff was anything but judicious in his approach. it's interesting to hear him talk about fair trials when everything that happened in the house was unreliable and suspect from an evidentiary point of view. it would be very helpful in a sense for the senate to say, let's take a look at this impeachment of congress, i'm sorry, the obstruction of congress and just point out the fact that you are allowed to resist an unlawful process or a suspect process. you are allowed to assert privileges and fight back against the. that's all that happen.
11:37 am
that's the kind of stuff that should not lead to the president of impeachment. just protecting yourself. >> dana: just trying to dismiss the congress impeachment, will that work? >> there is no proven ground here for anybody. but i do think it is worthy of consideration to say, we will have a trial and we will keep going for it. we will allow for everyone to have their voices heard, but this thing as a matter of law, effectively, just like you would have any civil case where you have a motion to dismiss, you kick it out before you see testimony. >> dana: mike flynn who is a national security adviser is considering withdrawing his guilty plea, how does that usually turn out? >> badly. it is usually not a great move. because what happens is you are essentially saying that the judge got it wrong when he took that guilty --
11:38 am
you are not going to get acceptance of responsibility, you will not get cooperation benefits, so you tilt to the punishment and much further off the scale then you would if you had not tried to do that. >> dana: does he have any grounds to ask for a dismissal? >> just because the prosecution this waffling on how much to benefit his cooperation or how much he has been dishonest is not usually the grounds for overturning a guilty plea, he has had an active attorney who came in for spoiling a fight with the doj. i would be surprised if it did here. >> dana: you are a trustee lawyer. jim trusty. thank you. >> see you, dana. >> dana: the impeachment trial and what it means for the white house after the break. ♪ as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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>> i have a constitutional duty. i am going to perform that duty. there can be anything more important. >> dana: senator amy global char saying is putting her obligation in the impeachment trial ahead of her ambitions that would take the 2020 democrat off of the trail in a pivotal moment in the race. the remarks in iowa in the last debate before the caucus there. the first contest in the battle for the nomination. peter doocy is in des moines, iowa, to tell us what it is like. we are 19 days away, peter. >> and senator klobuchar told us last night that she was going to try to build a relationship with iowa caucus goers during the impeachment trial. but it sounds like it will have to be a long-distance relationship. >> you know, i am coming up with innovative ideas that will be escaping in, sending my husband. he has a good campaigner.
11:44 am
my daughter. >> is this something where you will be flying at night after the trials to get to iowa? >> i cannot imagine that, but it might have been paired i have to get back here. here. new hampshire, nevada, south carolina. i am a mom, i can do two things at once and i can win this. >> so the senator, klobuchar, sanders, and bennett need to change their strategy, while candidates without a job stone, like joe biden and pete buttigieg. >> my strategy does not change, because my values have not changed. my message revolved around values that we share as americans. our belief in democracy. >> but for joe biden, the primary fight is focused on a general election fight, so he is arguing continuously that he is the most electable. >> look, you know, i understand how these guys are in this republican party, they have gone after savage and surviving my
11:45 am
son. and the things that your networks do not even carry on television, because they are flat out lies. i did my job, the question is if he did his job. and he has not done his job. >> with that, and just about everything else joe biden said last night, he spent a lot more time talking about president trump than the other democrats on stage. the other democrats on stage did not spend a lot of time talking about joe biden either. >> dana: peter doocy, you need to go for a warm up. thank you so much could we have it covered on all side, let's bring in democratic adviser, and author of the new book "elizabeth warren, how her presidency would destroy the middle class and the american dream." and juan williams, my colleague from "the five" fox news analyst as well. kevin, i want you to listen to something from joe biden last night that was not about division. take a listen. >> i cannot hold a grudge. i have to be able to not only fight, but heal. and as president of the united states, that's what i was sent to do.
11:46 am
notwithstanding that there will be more division after he is defeated by me, the next time. >> dana: biden wanted to do no harm last night, how did he do? >> i think he did great,.lament dana, his whole program has been to do no harm. and it is older, it is wider, and with the longing of barack obama when things would get done and bipartisanship was the name of the game. he is making a smart play. by talking about taking on a republican as a running mate in a play for these builders that want some return to normalcy. >> dana: but can you imagine if biden were to say that he would take on a republican now for a running mate, what would that do t to the progressive ba, with a stay home? >> i think they would be alarmed, but the fact that he said it is a real gesture and signature in terms of most democratic voters. remember, he has a big lead on the national team, he does not have it in iowa. he is within the margin of error, same thing in
11:47 am
new hampshire. and he is saying to iowa voters who may be undecided. and there is a large cohort of iowa voters that are undecided. if you are serious about defeating donald trump, which is the number one agenda item for democrats. here's someone who is saying, i can reach out to those independents and moderate mack republicans. >> dana: and everybody, david, you just wrote a book about elizabeth warren, everybody was looking for that tension between warren and sanders, they got it later in the debate. take a listen to what she said about women winning elections. >> look at the men on the stage. collectively they have lost ten elections. the only people on the stage who have won every single election that they have been and are the women. [cheers and applause] >> so true. >> dana: how will that play, david? >> there is nothing more impressive than a democratic
11:48 am
woman winning in massachusetts. but i think that moment played well. some of the follow-ups were a little bit more awkward. my look at her performance last night was the not going after biden. i'm not sure what she has done going after bernie this week has helped her at all. the whole thing about bernie saying a woman cannot win is backfiring on her. but you have to go who is in first place. that's what i learned in 2016. time and time again i saw the third-place guy going after the fourth-place guy. biden is in the lead. they are not getting a glove on him. >> dana: i want to ask you about this, kevin, somebody else running for president not on the debate stage, but very much in it. listen to michael bloomberg who was on tv last night. >> did not learn anything paid he said, she said. i suppose that is good theater. but not addressing the issues of the country and what they would do. they were not really debates. they are precanned sound bites.
11:49 am
everybody wants to say thing that does not get them in trouble or does start a controversy prescripted. and they think is good. still not able to debate, because he is not taking contributions. so he gets to stay above the fray? >> yes, he gets a free ride prayed i would like to see mike bloomberg on the debate stage. i hope that they take out the financial requirement in terms of grassroots donors. we know that he is willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars every week on this campaign. and he should be able to face some of the criticism on the debate stage. >> dana: he is asking, juan, he is asking the dnc to change the rules after the game is started. >> i don't think that the rules will change, and you have to remember there is a lot of anger mike bloomberg who say hey, -- billionaires, get out of our way for the campaign. he is at five or 6% because of the power of advertising, it's not because of personality or ideas. to speed on your book about the
11:50 am
middle class, so the economy byt every metric, doing well. so how can any of the democrats try to fight against it? >> that is a bad idea, you know from 2004 when john kerry tried to make economy an issue for president bush, and it did not work, people did not feel that the economy was bad. if they are going to try to run off of the middle class is hurting. the middle class is like, the stock market is doing well, our wages are going up, there is room within the economic category to go after, but the macro story is too positive. i don't think that narrative that warren got popular on is going to play. >> dana: what do you think about that? you are a strategist. how do you -- what do you talk about if you cannot talk about the economy? >> i think that is a good point. we can't talk about it on a macro level, but in communities and states that we need to win back in the midwest, you look at wisconsin and pennsylvania. he states that have been ravaged in terms of manufacturing for
11:51 am
example, lower levels than we were under barack obama in terms of manufacturing. i think that they can work on that in democrats. joe biden touched on that. >> dana: that's where the fights will be in those states, we have to keep that in mind. i love having you here, kevin, david, and juan. the juan, i will see you in a couple of hours. a fox news alert from earlier, three people in custody after military officials say that they found a life mortar in their vehicle on the gate to pearl harbor pearl harbor. describing the device as a deadly weapon. the base gates were shut down to traffic while bomb squads inspected the scene. they say a security officer first smelled marijuana coming from the suspect's car that was not authorized to enter the base. the security guard said he saw the explosive device. they say that they are not sure what the suspects were going to do with the device. of course pearl harbor is home to a naval shipyard where an active u.s. sailor fired on three civilian employees in
11:52 am
december. we will keep an eye on this. we will be right back.
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♪ >> dana: brand-new fallout from shot down by two missiles and iran. the top diplomats finally conceding the first time irani and slide to four days by claiming the crash was a result of a mechanical failure. national correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with this issue, jennifer. >> dana now what we know through the reconstruction of the incident by the apn "new york times" who pieced together publicly available videos, many shot on a rainy and resident's cell phone and security videos, to missiles filed about 20 seconds apart bue plane caught fire and attempted to turn around before crashing. for the first time as you mentioned, iran top diplomat who negotiated the nuclear deal had a shocking admission. >> the last few nights, we have had people in disputes. demonstrating against the fact
11:57 am
that they were lied to for a couple of days. >> lied to by iran revolutionary guard corps. iran president and a rare cabinet meeting had a message for europe. >> today the american soldier is in danger. tomorrow the european soldier could be in danger. let's correct the security. we do not want insecurity in the world. we want you to leave this region, but not with war. we want you to go wisely. it is to your own benefit. >> saw a not so veiled threat in germany triggered this security mechanism of the defunct nuclear deal, dana. >> dana: on another story, there was movement on the space for spirit a lot of people interested in that. what do you know about that? defense secretary mark esper, the secretary and new headspace force raiment who swore and as the new leader of the six u.s.
11:58 am
military branch yesterday by vice president pence at the white house right now to brief president trump. the meeting started 2:15 p.m. and they will brief him on the new insignia for space for and to discuss uniforms for the thousands of air force personnel who are moving over to join this new command. they still haven't decided if space force will be based in colorado, florida or alabama, dana. >> dana: colorado, i got it. have a plug for them. thank you so much, jennifer. fox news alert, a judge and veal -- and rebilling page warrants and the connecticut man murdering his estranged wife. laura ingle has been digging through all of those and live in the newsroom, laura. >> dana come investigators released 469 pages of search warrants in the case of missing mother of five which police have kept under wraps until today. but you are right, we have been tearing through this. some of the new information with details of surveillance footage and hartford. and showing her estranged
11:59 am
husband and his then girlfriend michelle, she previously admitted to the police she was in the truck throwing the bags of trash into dumpsters which later tested positive for blood evidence belonging to jennifer. and she maintained she was on her cell phone the whole time, didn't know what she was doing but however search warrants rebuild that surveillance and doing much more than that. the warrant states hpd the hartford police department video shows caucasian male wearing white colored shirt and black pants, a caucasian female reddish brown hair exiting the pickup truck and dumping multiple into the dumpsters. they are showing dumping garbage bags into multiple trash receptacles. that's the first time we've heard that, the nanny told the police about a couple of potential incidents between jennifer and voted us when were married, he tried to run her over. more to come on this, dana. >> dana: laura ingle thank you
12:00 pm
for following that story and we appreciate you joining us, i'm dana perino and i will be on "the five" for two hours from now but meanwhile. >> dana come a live look on capitol hill, the set to deliver the articles of impeachment to the senate today and speaker nancy pelosi announcing the manager to prosecute president trump at his trial, but the white house calling the whole thing a sham. also the president signing phase one of the trade deal with china. we will look at what it means for all of us and any minute now, both parties coming together to honor former nfl player for his heroic light off at the field. i'm trace gallagher. fox news reporting begins now. >> reporting begins with the house to formel


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