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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 18, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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changes going to transparency and all these other issues we brought up with taiwan having a seat at the table, they will keep this money frozen for the next 30 days. that is big news. we will get into more of that tomorrow night. up next, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. shannon? >> shannon: we will pick it up from there, laura. thank you so much. tonight, the president announcing he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a head against the coronavirus. critics call it irresponsible. speaker nancy pelosi even questioning whether it is safe due to a condition she claims the president had. we'll hear from the former white house physician dr. ronny jackson who joins us live next. tonight, senator lindsey graham announcing he's going to hold a vote to subpoena a school's high profile name that recognize.
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the announcement coming the same day attorney general bill barr signals the durham investigation is beating up. how democrats tell the supreme court they are not look well mcdonald for looking a potential path to impeach the president. urging the court to release grand jury material from the mueller investigation and say they are probing how they acted improperly during the michael flynn and roger stone cases. welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with corresponding kevin corke on the busy news night. >> evening, shannon. it may have shocked the room and the nation for a brief moment but the revelation that president trump is in fact taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine should tell you plenty about his attitude and the advice he has gotten. >> i happen to be taking it. i happen to be taking it. >> it hydroxychloroquine? >> i'm taking it. hydroxychloroquine. >> while the drug has been the subject of numerous studies with
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varying degrees of effectiveness, the president saying he's willing to take the risk before adding that he is not alone. >> you'd be surprised how many people taking it, especially the front line workers before you catch it. the front line workers, many, many are taking this. >> in a statement, the president's doctors said after numerous discussions we had for and against the use of hydroxychloroquine, we concluded the pendulum potential benefit out rated the relative risks. michael kincaid continues to gather announced that his committee will vote on subpoena authorization related to the fisa abuse in the obama administration. would cover documents, communications, testimony from witnesses, including from jim comey, andrew mccabe, jim clapper, john brennan, sally gates, and others. attorney general william barr says he doesn't expect attorney john durham's probe into the fbi's decision-making in the
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russian probe to lead to criminal investigations of the president's predecessor or the presumptive 2020 democratic nominee. >> based on the information i have today, i don't expect mr. durham's work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man. our concern over potential criminality is focused on othe others. >> bill barr and obviously a very important statement today. you heard coming into our broadcast tonight the president has made a very important decision. he has decided to at least temporarily freeze any additional funding for the world health organization. he said they must improve or they will now face a permanent freeze. in a letter to the leader of the w.h.o., the president reminded him back on april 14 he suspended u.s. contributions to the world health organization, pending an investigation by the administration over the organization's failed response to the covid-1 covid-19 outbrea.
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the reviews says, yes, they made the proper decision that lacking in further improvements and more transparency, the funds will continue to be frozen, recapping, shannon, money for the w.h.o., the world health organization, and frozen. president trump said they will not get another cent until they make substantive changes. back to you. >> shannon: the pressure is on and growing in the international community. thank you for keeping us up-to-date. the president catching everyone off guard tonight announcing that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for about a week and a half. correspondent garrett kenny tracking reactions across the spectrum and what we know about this drug. >> hey, shannon. despite the controversy surrounding hydroxychloroquine, medical researchers are aggressively evaluating the drug to see if it's effective in treating or preventing the coronavirus. there are at least 194 clinical trials ongoing for the
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antimalarial drug, which was initially billed by the white house to be a potential godsend after anecdotal evidence of helping covid-19 patients. one of the latest trials of the national into juice for allergy and infectious diseases is combining hydroxychloroquine with another antibiotic to treat people with mild to moderate causes of covid-19 per dr. anthony fauci said data will determine whether this is very experimental treatment will improve clinical outcomes. several studies have raised doubts about the effectiveness though, one by the va found no benefits of using it and a higher death rate among patients who did. last month, the fda warned against using hydroxychloroquine outside of a hospital setting. many medical professionals are urging the public not to use the drug for the coronavirus at all. >> we've had no evidence whatsoever and we use it and those are very sick and those who come in -- and this is used like two and a half months ago and we saw absolutely no effect.
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>> several of her patients with covid-19 saw improvement after taking hydroxychloroquine. until more treatments are found, she believes it's an important tool to have in your toolbox. >> this is not a "yes" or "no" black or white. you have to look at each individual, look at their past medical history, look at the risk of exposure. are they in a high-risk vulnerable roots? you have to look at all the factors in the decision. >> the nih says hydroxychloroquine should be limited to situations where the patient can be closely monitored such as a hospital or clinical trial. shannon? >> shannon: garrett, thank you very much. so while these preventatives and treatments are still being studied, there is good news on the potential to actually shutdown the pandemic. the dharna announcing it has promising results with its vaccine candidate, and could start the last phase of medical trials by july.
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find are also working on a vaccine and volunteer for the new study says he wanted to make sure he got the actual vaccine, he was relieved when it turned out that he got the real thing. >> i started to feel flu-like symptoms. normally i would be unhappy because i wasn't feeling well, but i was actually really happy because i actually got the vaccine. another injection in a few weeks, lots of monitoring of my blood and me. and hopefully we'll get to the finish line with this really fast, because so many people are counting on this. >> shannon: pfizer said it should have analysis from mid-to-late june. if effective and safe, these timelines could provide a widely available vaccine within months. something nearly unheard of prior to this pandemic. well, some new york city bars were reportedly packed on saturday night with minimal masks and social distancing on display. they are bill de blasio threatening closure, if we have to show places down, we will.
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big trouble brewing for governor andrew cuomo over one of new york city's new york's --has that side of ty tonight. good evening, rick. >> good evening, shannon. in the early days, governor cuomo got lots of good press, great reviews for his calm and copperheads of daily news briefings for a talk about him running for president. now he's playing a lot more defense. >> weather nature, god, where did this virus come from? people are going to die from this virus. that is the truth. >> new york's governor facing backlash and calls for state and federal investigations over his handling of nursing home patients during the coronavirus pandemic. almost 5,000 elderly died from the covid-19 in nursing homes in york and two months from march 1st to may 1st. one quarter of all the deaths
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state wide. yet march 25th, formal as a administration chose a policy of for nursing homes rejecting patients testing positive for the virus but he didn't announce a reversal until may 10th. sunday, he said this. >> older people, vulnerable people, are going to die from this virus. that is going to happen. despite whatever you do. because with all our progress as a society, we can't keep everyone alive. >> new york councilman joe borelli calling for investigation of the state health department and the governor's administration. >> you don't have to be an expert realizing on its face you have a very vulnerable population and you are bringing positive cases to that close-knit, close confined circumstance population. you don't have to be an expert at epidemiology to realize this is going to be a problem. >> congressman lee stepanek has
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called federal agencies to launch probes calling it an unexceptional tragedy for new york, need answers. >> requires to test negative to be allowed for testing homes and the staff must be tested twice per week. a big question many are asking here now is why did it take so long to figure that out, shannon? >> shannon: feeling there is going to be a lot more questions. rick leventhal, thank you. we'll have more on the disturbing fact that we are increasingly uncovering and nursing care facilities. but let's dig into president trump's revelation about takings be 22, joined by dr. ryan jackson, also charles comeau see who is the author of "resisting throwaway culture." welcome to the both of you. >> thanks, shannon. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: following the president's announcement tonight, a lot of people are weighing in, many of the some
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critics, here's what speaker nancy pelosi said a short time ago. >> he's the president and i'd rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and we'll say it, say, his weight group, the morbidly obese, let's say. >> shannon: you were his doctor so i'll let you kick us off with the response to what he's saying. >> i think i'm a shannon, nancy pelosi's full-time job which is driving the country into the ground, the president's physician work with the president to decide whether or not it's appropriate for him to be taking hydroxyl chloroquine. i know the president well, i know his medical history well. i spoke to his -- i spoke to him and he's taking this prophylactically. it makes perfect sense based on what's going on. he is the leader of the free world. he is our commander in chief. if you don't have a problem with our president being driven
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around in an armored vehicle and flung around in a secure environment all the time surrounded by multiple people with weapons to protect him, you shouldn't have a problem with them taking this drug prophylactically. it's the responsible thing to do right now for the president. he's leading from the front. he's talked about this drug at length. he's letting folks know that he truly believes this drug is going to be an answer for a lot of folks. >> shannon: you examine ethics and moral decisions in the biomedical field and all kinds of things and there are critics out there saying, listen, people listen to the president and say, this is for him and it's for me too. critics quick to say he shouldn't be publicly talking about it if he's actually doing it. >> is it possible for us to let the signs take this where it's going to go? is it possible at this point? for many, many months now, i see talking heads on television almost gleeful that this doesn't seem to be working and that's
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bizarre to me. the nih is working on a study right now for early-stage covid-19 and let's be happy if this works. but let's let the signs decide, not politics. >> shannon: okay. good advice for everyone. i want to make sure we get to the nursing homes, but doctor can you have something on that? >> i agree with that 100%. this is something that i think the president is the most transparent in our history and he's very forthcoming with everything but like i said, my point was we do things that are above and beyond to protect the president of united states and is health, and this is in the that vein. >> shannon: his physician released a note saying that they've had numerous conversations come up that the good outweighs the bad in this case. you wrote a piece, and you've been raising awareness and trying to rise red flags about conditions nursing homes, but
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you wrote a piece in "the new york times" this weekend and talk about a fact that ppe, special training staff, with the critical-care places and not necessarily to nursing homes as this was a floating, you said nursing homes virtually got nothing for that's not entirely true. in new york and other places, we gave them patients and even nurses infected with the virus. you have gotten an overwhelming response to this. emails with people reaching out to you on facebook telling you or a story is. i had no idea. we are getting a full picture of just how horrific this has been. >> i've been thinking in the last couple of weeks what lessons we can learn from the pandemic, what can we take from this. and one thing i've learned, many of us are lending at this point, it's not an easy lesson, is that we treat the elderly in this country terribly. we've treated them terribly during the novel coronavirus pandemic. there is no surprise. two quick steps, "washington post" says 50% of covid deaths, one of every two, have been residents at nursing
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homes of long term care condition for how can that be in a civilized country? in connecticut, that's the whole gamut. two weeks ago, connecticut found it was 90%. nine in ten through these might not be the higher numbers. some of the emails i got suggest that nursing homes are altering, someone emailed me two hours ago saying that my mom died of covid-19 to her death certificates as it was of natural causes. can we say this as anything other than a chloro a culture where these people are disposable? >> shannon: when i got to say, one of the most perfect things in your report is you heard from somebody who worked in a nursing home who said the most difficult and high maintenance patients were discharged sometimes to homeless shelters. incredibly disturbing and hard to believe. keep us updated on the story that you're collecting in the things you are hearing. governor cuomo says it could be impossible to prosecute people, but i think some people have to answer for what has happened and the way people have been treated. you know too that staff are
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under incredible pressure as well and a lot of the good folks are doing the best they can. doctors can be good to have you both with us. thank you for having you both. attorney general bill barr says the way president trump was tweeted, he says the will word is "abhorrence" u.s. attorney general john jerome will hold people accountable. our legal panel live saying whether of that will happen ne next. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. that liberty mutual customizes your insurance, i just love hitting the open road and telling people so you only pay for what you need! [squawks] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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president trump and his associates. we can't allow this to ever happen again. >> the attorney general making a clear again the high-ranking members of the obama administration should be prepared to answer questions to probe the trump campaign for it senator lindsey graham taking it a step further on the vote for subpoenas like comey, clapper, brennan, strozk, page but let's bring in good to see you. >> hey, shannon. >> good evening, shannon. >> shannon: here is what john brennan has to say. i've got nothing to hide. ready to talk. here is the tape. >> i was not engaged in any wrongdoing or activities that caused me to worry about what this investigation had coming. so i welcome opportunities to talk with these investigators.
8:22 pm
i have nothing to hide. >> he sounds pretty confident. >> we may not have done anything criminal. we are waiting for john durham's investigation. they are in trouble and the reason why there are only a four weeks left in the administration, where are they listening in on the phone calls of the incoming administration. can you imagine what would've happened if the bush administration had put wiretaps and all the incoming obama people from the campaign and started looking at thousands and thousands of their phone calls? even if it's not criminal, there is going to be repercussions and i would think the framers would've wanted at least the people would pay some price at the ballot box and joe biden one of the guys listening on the phone calls will be on the ballot this november. >> the attorney general said today and you are rightfully due as attorneys all the time, you make the point that behaviors that people don't like does not equate to something criminal.
8:23 pm
those are two very different things. and our buddy writing in the the "national review" says it seems clear to me had there been nothing worth investigating, durham would've close shop a long time ago. shocking regularities would be close i would be surprised if no criminal charges were filed. bradley? >> i guess that meant there was always something for robert mueller to be investigating since its took him two years, we are going to see where the durham thing goes but i want to respond to something john said there. can you imagine if there wiretaps on the obama transition? to be clear, while that has been released or is that the russian ambassador and various foreign government officials had their communications intercepted, which is something that always happens, it runs under different executive orders, it runs under uss i.d. 18, and it's always done that way. they are allowed to do it. all that happened here, we still don't know the full details because the president hasn't
8:24 pm
declassified the large majority of what went on. all we know is that they were unmasking requests, and according to the dni and nsa they just released, it was all done properly. if there was something criminal done, something improper done by john brennan, by mr. clapper, let's hear about it. i haven't seen it yet. >> shannon: to respond to what john said, there are things done that are legal but we know about listening to conversations, recording conversations with foreign entities. for you, what you know so far, is there something that has crossed the line or raise red flags for you? >> first of all, flynn is not an isolated incident. everybody acknowledged are faulty by the applications to surveilled people like carter page, george papadopoulos. flynn is the latest in a series of them, and that's where you really want to get at is where facts made up? where is steele dossier fax use when people knew they were false
8:25 pm
to get wiretaps approved on the trump campaign and flynn would be part of this pattern and practice of what looks like efforts to use the great national security powers of the government to surveilled the operations of a presidential campaign and major political party? that's exactly what all those laws were put into place after watergate to stop them from ever happening again. >> shannon: there are questions tonight about whether the senate judiciary committee will actually move forward with what the chairman lindsey graham is now -- i wouldn't say it threatening, advising that he's going to push for a vote on a number of things. saying the subpoena operation will cover a number of documents, communications, and testimony from witnesses including james comey, andrew mccabe, james clapper, john brennan, sally gates, and others. i would note that lisa page and peter strzok on this list with a lot of other names that people would recognize out there. do you think he does it? do you think the committee has the u-boats to move forward with something like that? >> sure, i'm sure he will.
8:26 pm
great political headlines leading into the election. it certainly at the president's behest at this point to keep it in the headlines and make sure that the base members the story as if we haven't already gone over this time and time again, as all these people having to testify the time and time again. if you want to go back too quickly something john said, george papadopoulos not wiretapped under fisa. carter page according to the president wasn't irrelevant nobody per that's who they messed up thereby the warrant on and nothing about that came out until after the election. if this was a coup, this was the most incompetent whoever. >> shannon: will wait for the durham investigation or reports -- whatever it's called, we will wait till late summer. all right. for the second time in as many weeks, former president obama is taking thinly veiled shots at his successor who is, as you know, not afraid to fire back.
8:27 pm
correspondent jackie henry takes a closer look at all of this. good evening, jackie. >> good evening, shannon picked it wasn't billed as a campaign event, but president obama's commencement address hit president trump hard as he is former vp aimed to knock trump out of the white house. former president barack obama issued a formally >> doing what feels good, what's convenient, that's how little kids think. a lot of so-called grown-ups, some with fancy titles and important jobs, still think that way. which is why things are so crude screwed up. >> i think president obama was one of the worst presidents in the history of our country but i think he was an incompetent president. he left us a broken military. by the way, there was a great division in our country with president obama. >> obama has been more vocal in his criticism of trump since his
8:28 pm
former vice president joe biden all but locked up the democratic nomination. monday, biden piled on, blaming trump for a slow coronavirus response and an uptick in hateful acts against asian-americans amid the pandemic. in january, trump band travel from china where the virus began. >> has unleashed unfamilia famir focuses of hate and fans the flames but we got bought bald-faced lies, that anybody we test can get it. it wasn't remotely true. >> while biden campaigns on what he calls bfi's missteps on dealing with china, some progresses because biden's messaging in that anti-chinese and racist since it didn't distinguish between his chinese people the chinese government. since his endorsement, obama comes off the sidelines more to advocate for biden, but his feud with president trump happened amidst trump's aims of obama
8:29 pm
gate as the previous administration aims to undermine his incoming presidency. shannon? >> shannon: jackie live in new york, thank you very much. california prepares to pay out millions of dollars to the people in the u.s. illegally. the same time the governor threatens to fire first responders over lack of funding. that's next. so, for a second time we're giving members a credit on their auto insurance. because it's the right thing to do. we're also giving payment relief options to eligible members so they can take care of things like groceries before they worry about their insurance or credit card bills. right now is the time to take care of what matters most. like we've done together, so many times before. discover all the ways we're helping members at
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subaru and our retailers are donating fifty million meals to feeding america, to help feed those who now need our help. its all part of our commitment to our communities through subaru loves to help. love, it's what makes subaru, subaru. >> shannon: breaking tonight, governor gavin newsom easing some of the lockdown rules. chief breaking news trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight and some of the new moves we understand by newsom are surprising, raising up controversy. >> than you really the trump administration and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it's dead on arrival saying the federal government should not bail out states you are having financial problems prior to the pandemic.
8:34 pm
california governor gavin newsom say if the feds don't help that stat, they'll be hurting those on the front lines. >> they say it's dead on arrival. i hope bill reconsider it. when they want to salute and celebrate our heroes, first responders, firefighters, consider the fact that they are the first ones to be laid off by cities and counties. >> shannon: a "los angeles times" op-ed says newsom is picking winners and losers in his budget by cutting aid to the most vulnerable quoting, it was no surprise last week 11.2 million californians who are aged, blind, or disabled and living on the age clinging to the government for sustenance got whacked again, this time by governor newsom. as newsom cuts funding for the disabled and talked about cutting out first responders, he's offering $75 million in cash relief to illegal immigrants. new york is also in desperate need of money, but the editorial board of our corporate cousin
8:35 pm
"the wall street journal" asked if florida should bail out new york, pointing out that florida now has a larger population, no state tax, and almost half the budget of new york, quoting again, democrats in albany are claiming to be victims of events that are out of their control, but they have increased spending by 43 billion since 2010, about 570,000 for each additional person. florida's budget has increased by 28 billion while the population has grown 2.7 million among 10,400 increase per new resident. it's also notable that new york spending on worker retirement benefits has nearly doubled since 2010 and is six times greater than florida's. california also has tens of billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities like retirement benefit. shannon? >> shannon: another big part of the conversation. trace gallagher, thank you. great to see you.
8:36 pm
okay. so what about governor newsom's equivalency that his state's ability to continue to pay first responders is contingent on the massive coronavirus package here in washington? let's analyze it with harmeet dhillon, who we should mention has several lawsuits pending against the governor. she's been very busy during her quarantine. harmeet, welcome back. happy to be here, shannon. thank you. >> shannon: experiencing massive deficits due to covid-19, not a red or blue issue. we cannot do this alone. the federal government has a moral obligation to support state so we can support our heroes on the front lines. says it's not political. >> this is classic manipulation. almost like one of those hostage movies where there is a gun held to the head of somebody if they don't do x and then reality california has been suffering from deficit spending for the last couple of years. governor in cutting money to disabled people
8:37 pm
and dependent people, also slashing the budgets of the courts, threatening the jobs of these first responders. he is also keeping alive this $100 billion boondoggle bullet train project. he spending money on all kinds of other boondoggles and things that do not return and a lot of the state's problem is not due to the covid disease and crisis, it's due to his response to it, him shutting down our economy, imposing economic misery and 18% unemployment on california. it needs to stop now. i think he's getting it for but making threats to the president is not fair to the states that are more fiscally responsible than california. >> shannon: i want to ask you about breaking news in the this case we are following, earlier today a lower court judge said the governor kate brown had gone too far. a number of churches suing, i know you are involved in some of the religious liberty case is too. the lower circuit judge in the state of oregon had said, listen, you can't say people can
8:38 pm
be safe in church if they can go to big box stores and other things but they immediately appealed to oregon state supreme court's which sided with the governor so the stay-at-home order and her restrictions for now are back in place. >> what's really interesting, shannon, as a lawyer following this is there is a circus being set up in an even state split, a lot of courts in the midwest and in the south like south carolina over the weekend have ruled that religious liberty is not suspended during a constitutional crisis like this -- health crisis like this. other states in california, three cases that i've been involved with here, they have held that religious liberties can be suspended in this time. it looks like the oregon state court's ruling that way as well. over time as the disease continues to play out it'll be harder to sustain that position. the supreme court is going to have to rule on this issue, shannon. >> shannon: we are going to be standing by for that. in oregon, a temporary pause,
8:39 pm
until they get to the merits of that case. we'll see. but harmeet, you are brilliant and probably right we will see this decided at scotus eventually. great to have you back with us. state in touch. attorney general barr says each criminal charges from the durham investigation are likely. off the hook making the headlines tonight. fox news senior political analyst brit hume joins us live next. but next, are re-roundup, officers in volusia county florida a massive block party with an estimate of 3,000 people. the crowd turning violent pelting police with glass bottles. please calling the gathering dangerous and senseless but now we're urging for a 21-year-old ashley degraff accused of violating quarantine orders. she'll wipe down the there is a 14 day quarantine there. she then canceled her stay and is not responding to efforts to reach her. and in ocean city, maryland,
8:40 pm
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>> i think obama and biden knew about it. there were participants. so i'm a little surprised by that statement. if it was me i guarantee you they be going after me. in his case, they are not, so i think it's a continuation of a double standard. i'm surprised by it. >> shannon: the president reacting to attorney general bill barr throwing cold water on the idea of the russia probe leading to a criminal investigation, and with former barack obama or vice president biden. let's discuss the so-called latest obamagate development with fox news senior legal analyst brit hume. always great to have you. jog my memory that today i read a piece that said if you're referring to things as
8:45 pm
obamagate, it's the new birth the birtherism. >> obama kate carries will encompass president obama and former vice president biden. the evidence that a point towards the direction is not exactly overwhelming and it's not surprising to me at least to hear bill barr say today that he didn't expect it would encompass those guys in any criminal inquiry which means everything they did is proper, he doesn't think it's criminal or apparently criminal. i don't think that's a great surprise bird but president trump is not exactly an authority on criminal law and you know, he thinks that wrongdoing equals criminal and i'm not surprised to hear him say that because anything he think that's unfavorable to him is criminal per that's just the way he is. >> shannon: the attorney general, he's got a different legal standard putting together and prosecuting a case. he did say there could be other
8:46 pm
people who could be on the receiving end of that as the durham probe comes together for "the wall street journal" editorial board saying this, the 2016-2017 spying on trump officials and leaking to promote a false narrative of collusion is one of the dirtiest tricks in the history of american politics. it is not "perfectly legitimate and the public needs to know the full story behind it." it sounds like we are going to get more of the story, brit. >> i think we are and for them to say it's a dirty trick i think is probably true, for sure. based on everything we know. it's certainly leaving open the distinct possibility that there may be others, other than biden and obama were charged with crimes and all of this which would be a striking turn of events at long last, would it not, after all we've been through when president trump and others who worked around him were under criminal investigation for a long time, nothing ended up really much coming of that in terms of them. so now that she was certainly on
8:47 pm
the other foot and i think bill barr is following through with this i in a way we should've expected and our right to expect of him. so these people on team obama and team biden are not out of the woods yet. >> shannon: okay. so let's talk about the response to the covid response by the administration. here is what the president said today about the matter what he does, there are going to be critics. >> they've criticized you in the matter what you do. if you have too many ventilators, g.e., he has too many ventilators but if you don't have enough, no matter what you do, between them and te partner the fake news media, they'll find something. >> shannon: i've got to say, when i read "the washington post" headline it did make me chuckle for a second because the headline is "as coronavirus testing expands, a new problem arises: not enough people to test." many states no log report supply shortages, and your problem has
8:48 pm
occurred, even republican charlie baker has been frustrated and the lack of interest in testing. baker chastised baystate residents for refusing tests. after we have heard nothing but six or seven weeks of this administration have fallen short and a number of states have come forward and said we can't test anybody who wants to test, we need more testing supplies, that's a legitimate concern. now the headline is "too many tests, not enough people." >> also tells you that people are trying to get on with their lives as best as they can under the circumstances. if they don't have any symptoms and don't suspect they are ill for any reason, they probably don't want to go bother to be tested just to find out if they might have it or might have had it. i think that's kind of where we are. the other thing, shannon, we look at the new data to come come come the data that came out of texas that there has been something of a spike in infections. the trouble of those numbers are this: the problem with those
8:49 pm
numbers is who are they, what age group do they fall, these newly infected people? are they 60 and over, or are they 60 and under? 60 and under, the risk to people is very low. 60 and over, it's much higher. the other thing we don't know about them is whether the new infections are simply the results of newly discovered cases because of testing. for those things, a lot of the numbers being thrown around that tend to make the coronavirus to be as bad or worse than ever are useless. >> shannon: the good news to take from that is apparently in a lot of states, if you do want a test, you have a much better chance of getting one now pit whether people will or not, we'll see. always great to have you with us. thank you so much. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: churchgoers in illinois defying state orders. that story coming up. i am robert strickler.
8:50 pm
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>> shannon: as churches across the country to fight for their right to worship, northern california authorities investigating after someone who attended a mother's day service north of sacramento about 180 10 people later tested positive for covid-19. correspondent matt finn checking in to see how houses of worship trying to find the right balance. good evening, matt. >> churches across chicagoland are holding services and defying
8:54 pm
the orders to limiting nonessential gatherings to ten people or less. at one church, there were roughly 75 parishioners which is just about 10% of its congregation. people attending were asked to meet at 13 requirements, including not having symptoms and being less than 55. parishioners were told to social distance and were separated by two pew roles rolls. health services for about eight weeks now and calls them essential. >> i love these people. they are my family, okay? i want the best for them. i want them to do well, be happy. i don't think the government will allow them. >> we talked parishioners and staff who feel they are being safe and smart. >> we want to meet in the church. we have a lot of hurting families but we thought about it, prayed about it. we have peace in our conscious
8:55 pm
about it. >> police showed up on palm sunday and again this past sunday, mostly to enforce the city's temporary parking ban outside certain churches to prevent mass gatherings. here is chicago's mayor responding to the weekend services of more than ten people. >> what we saw yesterday is again continue to try to educate people into compliance. we had folks that were out there because there was some concern about counter protests. luckily none of that materialized, but certainly there were some churches that congregated in excess of the allowable number. and we will be taking action. >> chicago religious leaders tell fox news they feel if big-box stores can be trusted to open at a reduced capacity, so can churches. dozens of chicago pastors have banded together demanding illinois governor pritzker meet with them so they can share what they consider are there common sense solutions to holding reasonable services of more than ten people. various lawsuits have been filed a against governors including
8:56 pm
here in illinois that people argue the religious freedoms are being violated. shannon? >> shannon: thank you so much. most-watched, most trusted, most brief. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. so i listen to audible almost any time that i can. it's my own thing that i can do for me. since i don't have time to read, i mean i might as well listen. if i want to catch up on the news, or history, or learn what's going on in the world, i can download a book and listen to it. i listen to spanish lessons sometimes to and from work. yea, it makes me want to be better.
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