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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 1, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> gentleman, i have to go. i promise to bring you back. i have to go. "the daily briefing" is coming up just moments. i want to thank you for tuning in. >> dana: get ready for changes. the next time president trump and joe biden square off, the commission in charge of the debate says they're changing the rules after cleveland. hello. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the commission saying the first debate made it clear that the next two need more structure. one of the changes that they could consider, letting the moderator cut off the candidate's microphones. let's begin with john roberts. hey, john. >> dana, good afternoon to you. the commission on presidential debates after what happened tuesday night that we discussed at length after the debate was over has decided that they need to make changes in order to
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facilitate a more orderly discussion of the issues. one of the ideas that has been floating around is whether or not the moderator should have a cut off button so that if a candidate goes long or starts to overly interrupting the other one, the moderator can push the button and turn the microphone off. according to sources who have been talking to fox news, that is an idea that originated with the biden campaign. the source saying that that was a specific requestions made yesterday morning by biden debate negotiator brady williamson. that meeting was at 9:00 a.m. hours later, the commission issued their statement about changing the structure. the mute button is a biden ask. there's concerns about the president's closest allies. when the president was asked by chris wallace whether he would denounce white supremacy, he told the proud boys to stand up and stand by. he was asked about that
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yesterday and said this. >> like they have done in new york. i told you -- >> you denounced them -- >> i denounced any form of -- any form of any of that. you have to denounce it. >> still senators tim scott of south carolina, mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham among others are looking for clarity from the president on exactly what he meant over the last couple days. so i asked the press secretary if from the podium if she could issue a statement. watch here. does the president denounce white supremacy in all of their forms? >> this has been answered yesterday by the president himself and yesterday the day before on the debate state. the president was asked this. he said sure three times. yesterday he was point blank asked do you denounce white supremacy. he said i've always denounced any form of that. >> the president continues though to say that joe biden
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needs to denounce antifa saying that is not just an idea, it is in fact a group. because ideas don't create the damage that antifa supporters do. >> dana: john, i know kayleigh mcenany , the press secretary, she feels like she was very clear. do you feel like this is all cleared up now between what the press secretary is saying and your question? >> i think it's probably safe to say there's still people out there that look at the president's records. clearly the president has in the past denounced white supremacy but not long ago, senator tim scott of south carolinaas very upset with the president when he retweeted video of a trump golf cart parade in the villages in which one of the participants in the parade raised his fist up and shouted white powder. senator scott said that was wrong and the video needed to be taken down. some people that still don't believe the president has fully done this, which i thought was a
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simple question. it wasn't that simple. >> dana: twitter and retweets different than saying what you say in a debate or at the podium. they think they are clear and now you're clear to go because i'm going to the next story. thanks, john. the last ditch effort to pass some kind of relief bill as americans continue to look for help during the pandemic. mike emanuel has the latest. hey, mike. >> dana, good afternoon. much of the negotiations between two key figures trying to come up with a deal on covid relief. nancy pelosi and steve mnuchin are still talking about hopeful. the house has a $2.2 trillion package. the administration countered with a $1.6 trillion deal. even if they cut a deal on a top-line number, there's still differences in how that money gets spent. >> we're looking at it from the standpoint of a family making $20,000 a year, family of four. they're looking at it there a standpoint of $150 billion to
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the wealthiest people in our country. that's why we not only have the dollars debate, a values debate. still i'm optimistic. >> there's the ongoing battle of how much to give state and local governments. democrats want $500 billion. republicans are near $250 billion. house gop leader kevin mccarthy offered this assessment a short time ago. >> you've watched the four members all couple -- four leaders when they come together, we come to an agreement. the only time the speaker last tried to take all the power and nothing is getting done. >> nancy pelosi says the democrats will vote on the $2.2 trillion package. republicans say it's too much but might put additional pressure on the negotiations. dana? >> dana: let's bring in brian kilmeade after that report. i was just saying rudely as mike was finishing up, could it be that that deal is what president
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trump should focus on for the next 48 hours? the proud boys things, antifa, that is not moving any voters. the top three issues are the economy, covid and healthcare. sometimes it's all three. americans know that if they need this kind of relief and if the president is the deal maker and they're this close to getting a deal done, push forward. get it done. >> i think he's pushing steve mnuchin to get more money as opposed to senator mcconnell saying that we've spent enough. the thing from that deal about the republican perspective is the $600. as much as you want people to get as much money as possible, the $600 on unemployment, there's the incentive to getting back in the work force is gone. >> dana: if he wants to change the subject, to me there's a deal on the table and an issue on the table for them to talk about. biden doesn't have a role here, this is pelosi's game. so it's a way to get around
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talking about joe biden sort of's basement campaign. >> they can get it done quick. meadows and pelosi don't get along but mnuchin and pelosi get along. makes me think something can get done. >> dana: the market thinks something will happen. it needs to happen. the economic devastation for some people, dealing with evictions even though governments are saying no. lenders are making calls saying you better pay for those things. i think there's a deal to be had. i also wonder about this. the presidential debate commission saying they're going to change the rules right now. i talked to some people today that i used to work with. they said depends on what the rules are. they would not be inclined to accent these changes. >> absolutely not. considerly rudy guliani that three weeks ago said they were coming up with final details on the first debate. who will come to an agreement in
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the next 24 hours with so much at stake? also, it's different. if you go by 2016 a town hall format, which means half the audience is undecided voters. the last time, they'll use social media. in between the moderator says okay, i want to expand on that. then they can get both involved. that's already freer. on the surface, that could be more interaction, which i don't mean interaction. i think both sides just have to be a little more plying. there's 67 times that joe biden interrupted donald trump and trump went over 100. i got it. too much. biden was doing the same thing. >> dana: everybody has a choice to make every time they open their mouth. when i step in front of the camera, you have a choice to make. how do you want to play this. if you feel like you're getting steam rolled, you can figure out how to do that. that's why debate prep is so important. i think also it's different in the town hall. when you're taking questions from an actual person, the moderator is not really there.
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you're like -- you don't care about the moderator's vote. but that undecided voter, you want to look them in the eye. the whole demeanor is different. i don't think -- nancy pelosi says that joe biden doesn't need to do anymore presidential debates. she said that today. and jay jacobs from bloomberg tv tweeted that. why? biden has said he wants to debate. makes them look weak. >> i think it's coordinated when the speaker speaks. she says no. so they touched base with the biden camp. my sense is that trump feels that he wants this badly. i would just be really hard on who is actually in that audience. i watched george stephanopoulos, his town hall with the president. they didn't look like undecided voters. i watched anderson cooper's town hall with the vice president. those are basically like the biden family reunion. so he got a lot easier questions. that matters a lot. trump doesn't mind hard questions. mccain used to embrace them. i think the questions sometimes don't have to be so why are you
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such a terrible person in three minutes or less. >> and the debate commission is on the hook for that. >> they're supposed to give an answer in the next day of what they're suggesting. the mute button to the future president or the current president? that won't fly ever. plus, you can still hear when the person talks. >> dana: also, to your point or my point, everybody gets a choice. if that's how you want to -- if you want to debate that way, the american people maybe need to see it. >> i think so. an unscripted moment with them together. one thing is clear. it's to the president's advantage to allow joe biden some room. >> dana: i know. let him talk. >> and the audience at home as well. let people hear what you have to say and counter. the traditional debate. >> dana: remember in the primary debates, joe biden would run out of steam in his questions. he had time remaining. he wouldn't fill it. he would be like i'm good. no, if i were the president in that situation, i'd say please,
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please finish your point. zip. >> absolutely. the research about joe biden's $800 billion after the economic collapse in 2008. where did that go? you were in charge of that. instead of hunter biden's drug issues, talk about his investments and work on that. that would be something if you wanted to get involved in that. >> dana: that debate is causing all sorts of things. >> absolutely. >> dana: thanks, brian. >> can't believe it. >> dana: take care. up next, the biden campaign joins "the daily briefing." this message is for spouses of veterans with a va loan. with just one call to newday you can cut your family's mortgage payments by $3000 a year. the va streamline refi is a benefit your spouse earned. it shortens the refi process so veteran families can save money by refinancing. there is no income verification. no appraisal.
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>> dana: welcome back to "the daily briefing." let's bring in former baltimore
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mayor, stephanie rawlings blake. good to have you on the show. >> my pleasure. >> dana: let's start off where we left off. we covered the presidented comments that he made about denouncing white supremacy. he said he was clear in the date but he made additional statements yesterday. the press secretary followed up saying the same today. i'm assume that won't be enough for the biden campaign. i want to ask you to listen to joe biden when it came to a law and order question the other night. take a listen. >> his own fbi district or the said the greatest terrorist threat in america is white supremacy. he talked about antifa being an idea, no an organization. antifa is not a rationale outfit in my view. they should be condemned for their actions. but the fact is the president has gone beyond that. >> dana: obviously you ran a
11:17 am
city. you understand all that goes into trying to make sure law and order is in place. what are your thoughts about antifa and what do these two men, these candidates should be doing to try to push back against it? >> so i lost you a little bit. i'm think you're asking about what they should do about antifa and the white supremacists, correct? >> dana: i think on white supremacy i understand you'll say the president hasn't said enough. you have the floor and you can talk about the left when it comes to antifa as well. >> right. it's not really what the biden campaign feels. it's what is the american people feel. his own supporter, tim scott, is desperately waiting for the president to make clear his feelings about white supremacy. the thing is, when the president is clear, when he feels something strongly, there's no equivocation.
11:18 am
nobody has to ask what did he say under his breath? he said sure many times. nobody has to do that when he really means something. when he doesn't, when he's trying to equivocate or have it both ways, that's when you have this issue that we have now when he's giving -- he's blowing the dog whistle on one side and the white power and shouting out the proud boys. that's not a problem for the biden campaign but for the president and our country. it's un-american. >> dana: i don't think he was shouting out the proud boys. but i hear you. let me ask you one other thing on antifa. if we could talk about antifa for a moment. you're a former mayor. you think they pose a risk to cities across america? >> i think anyone that supports or encourages violence in our streets is dangerous. i also want to make it clear
11:19 am
that we should be listening to the experts. what we see on the news is clips of things happening in cities. there's experts that are -- with the fbi, with the cia, all of the things that are following the rising terrorist group in our country and they're very clear that white supremacy is -- those groups that support white supremacy are part of our national security and the risk. they're not talking about the other groups. so to anyone promoting violence should be denounced, i denounce them. we should listen to the experts about who is the real threat to america right now. that's white supremacy. >> dana: if i could move on to one other thing. we have some other issues with the mics. but i wanted to ask you about this question. it seems the biden campaign, joe biden himself and kamala harris, not clearly answering a question about court packing.
11:20 am
listen to joe biden. here he is. >> i'm not dodging the question. what i'm doing is staying focused. you know and i'm not being critical of you at all. i'm giving my word. if i answer the question no matter which way i answer it, then that becomes the headline tomorrow. that becomes the headline for the next three days. the presidential nominee says he's going to do or not do the following. >> dana: he doesn't want to answer that question because it's distracting but it's a question that a lot of people are asking. isn't it worth while to respond to? >> i think it's worth while question. the challenge is -- the answer to what? we don't know what the congress will do with the barrett nomination. so when we get that, it would be more appropriate for vice president biden to answer. right now -- >> dana: if she gets confirmed, would you be comfortable leaving
11:21 am
the court as is with nine justices? >> i wouldn't. that's the wrong place to answer, not the biden campaign. i wouldn't because we talk about the president and his term for four years. i understand that. the challenge i have is the president wasn't elected by the majority of the people of this country who has demonstrated a lack of respect for the office and a lack of leadership generally speaking. so to think about giving him another chance to shape our supreme court for a generation to come really is hard for me. for the biden campaign, they're going to wait and see. >> dana: stephanie rawlings blake, thanks for coming up. good to have your perspective. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: there's less than two weeks until confirmation hearings with the president's supreme court nominee. the latest move by democrats to
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>> dana: president trump's pick for the supreme court meeting with more republican senators today. that's as several democrats refuse to sit down with her. chad pergram has more.
11:26 am
>> a busy dance card for judge amy coney barrett. 11 meetings. that will bring the total to 30 senators by the end of the week. let's take a look at today. here's a window into that. >> it's been a great treat to meet so many senators. >> it's great you're doing. i know it's a lot of work and you're going to be busy. i appreciate the opportunity to visit and i do want to say at the outset, i think that you're an excellent candidate for the supreme court. >> it's rare for barrett to say much for the cameras during these meetings. barrett is talking with john members of the judiciary committee today. among them, ben sasse, marsha blackburn and more. some other democrats won't meet with the nominee. but dick durbin says there's a reason they won't take a meeting with barrett.
11:27 am
>> it's an individual choice. let me tell you, we're all still very sensitive over the treatment of merrick garland and the fact that the republican senators wouldn't meet with him. it's the reason why some democrats today are not meeting with judge barrett. it's the reason why i am meeting. i see it differently. >> democrats on the judiciary committee, they wrote to the chair of the committee, lindsey graham asking him to tap the brakes on this. they believe he's moving with a break-neck pace, their term. >> dana: i'm sure he will take that under consideration. thank you, chad. an apparent setback for the convaccine. moderna says their vaccine won't be ready until the spring. here's jonathan serrie. >> a vaccine cannot come fast enough, this particular moderna vaccine is one of the leading candidates and recent studies show it produced robust immune
11:28 am
response, not only in young people but also in older adults. moderna's chief executive tells the financial times his company will not be able to apply for emergency use authorization with the fda until late november at the earliest and that approval for widespread public distribution is unlikely until next spring. sources tell reuters the fda has expanded their investigation into another leading vaccine candidate being developed by astra zeneca and the university of oxford. human trials of the vaccine have been on hold in the u.s. september 6 after a volunteer in the u.k. became seriously ill. reuters sources say regulators will look into data from earlier trials of similar vaccines to see if there were any related side effects, but added the fda is doing this to be thorough, not because it necessarily suspects any safety issues. dana, widespread studies, it's
11:29 am
common because of the vast number of people statistically, some of them will get sick but when they do, you have to investigate whether it's related to the experimental vaccine or if it's just coincidence. >> dana: thanks. jonathan serrie, thanks for the update. we're learning more about the ex-convict that's been charged in the ambush of two l.a. county sheriff deputies. william la jeunesse is in l.a. with the latest. high, william. >> murray pled not get -- guilty to two counts of murder. he cannot own a weapon. in this case, it may have helped lead to his address to his arrest. here's why. two weeks prior to the deputy shooting, murray stole a car. police later spotted him driving, gave chase prompting him to throw the crime gun out the window, which police recovered. it matches the one used to shoot the deputies. his parents and dna are on the
11:30 am
gun and ballistics bullets fired from the weapon match those retrieved from the victims. >> deante murray is a campton resident. he has felonies for sales and possession of narcotics, two separated convictions for firearm possessions by a felon or addict and terrorist threats. >> detectives have video of murray in the stolen car, a black mercedes before fleeing the crime scene. sheriff says tips from the public were crucial in this case and he expects the reward money, over $500,000 will get paid out if murray is found guilty. dana? >> dana: thanks, william. new reports of voters finding problems with their mail-in ballots. how concerned should we be? we have 33 days to go until the election. follow us on instagram at "the daily briefing." we have an instagram story that
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>> dana: it's the bottom of the hour. time for top headlines. a fire in california has killed four people and forced thousands to evacuate. and in wine country, firefighters say high winds could fuel the massive glass fire. american and united airlines set to lay off more than 32,000 workers today. congress fails to reach a deal on coronavirus relief. >> this has to get done in terms of just human kindness and also in terms of realities that the funding and the requirements to keep people on the job. >> the noneconomic things that the airlines can't support right now. >> dana: texas officials say it could take months to clean a water supply after a brain-e brain-eating amoeba killed a
11:36 am
little boy. those are your headlines. new concerns about mail-in voting after ballot problems were reported in a couple major cities. laura ingle has more. hey, laura. >> hey, dana. none of this is what anybody wants to hear when it comes to the integrity of an election, especially this one. a mistake that was made by a vendor here on long island contracted by the new york city board of elections shows that 100,000 people in brooklyn received the wrong envelope with their ballots that would lead to problems down the rode. the boe said the board is sending out a second ballot package with the corrected address. mayor cuomo said mailing out ballots again could be a bigger problem. in washington d.c., there's a confusion over drop box
11:37 am
locations after some voters said designated drop boxes were installed. the dcob said they will put new ones in next week. you can always follow what dr. anthony fauci is doing. he told a radio show that he plans to vote in person. most polling places if they follow the social distancing guidelines, everybody wears a mask, it will be safe to vote in person. dana? >> dana: that's the idea. laura ingle, thank you. let's bring in our panel, richard fowler and katie pavlich. i want the cover two topics. one is the incompetence here in new york and i also want to talk about the impact. let me start with you, richard. obviously there's some states that have done mail-in voting for a long time. there's about seven of them. they worked out the kinks. that's not the case for all states. how concerned should we be about the integrity of this election?
11:38 am
>> i think every american should be concerned about the integrity of this election, which is why you should vote early. once you get your ballot, fill it out right away and turn it right away. i think in d.c. you had some voters that are trigger happy, so they voted and tried to return their ballots and the boxes are not even installed yet. the only way we'll make our democracy work is if every american voter votes, either in person or vote early or by mail and make sure their votes are counted and follow the tracking number on it. this system does work. we're the ones that require -- we need to be involved to make it work effectively. >> dana: katie you're in virginia. i know early voting has started there. like curbside voting. give me a sense of what it's been like? >> well, early voting in virginia has been going on for a very long time. there's early -- in-person voting, which seems to be going smoothly in virginia and then
11:39 am
people can request an absentee ballot, which has been the status quo in virginia for quite some time. you gave the example of the new york city council election. in new york, we saw a congressional primary not decided for weeks on end due to incompetence. we had the issue in pennsylvania with the military ballots thrown in the trash. that was an issue with someone not being trained properly. we're a month away from the election. people should be trained properly to handle the ballots. the safest way for people to make sure that their vote counts and the integrity is sound is to vote in person. dr. fauci is voted in person. joe biden voted in person early. voting in person ensures the chains of custody is with you and you only and watch it count in front of you. >> dana: let's talk about the numbers here. republicans and democrats asking for absentee ballots. i want to show you the numbers.
11:40 am
of all -- if you take republicans and democrats, this is on the screen here how many more democrats have asked for ballots in these very important states. pennsylvania, 984,000. florida, 761,000. north carolina, 339,000. it does seem like gotv is now sotv, sent out the votes. the democrats have gotten this message out. are you not worried that their ballots won't be counted? >> listen, i'm not worried that they won't be counted. i'm happy that democrats are voting in record number. the reason is that there's a big momentum on the democratic party side. you're seeing that up and down the ticket. just take what is happening in south carolina. lindsey graham was winning that senate race handily for a long time. recent polls show that jamie harrison is closing the gap.
11:41 am
he's up one point, neck and neck. same with iowa. joni ernst was winning that race. now she's neck and neck. democrats have big momentum. >> dana: should republicans suggest vote -- obviously voting in person is ideal. are you worried about this? >> no, i'm not. if you look at the numbers from 2016, all of the headlines going to election day were hillary clinton sees boost in swing states due to early voting and turnout from democrats. so i'm not necessarily concerned about it. i know republicans have registered a number of new voters in swing states. so early voting numbers much like exit polling aren't always a perfect indicator for what is to come. >> dana: a newly registered is almost 99% likely to cast their ballot. there's that. thank you both. >> exactly. >> dana: next, a lot to talk about when it comes to undecided
11:42 am
voters. what if there's not many of them? i'll tell you what about a new podcast of chris stirewalt. we debate the debate. we don't talk over each other. what you should look out for in the vice presidential debate and we have an answer to the most pressing question of the day. u in the middle of the darkest night it's true, i will rescue you oh, i will rescue you
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>> dana: we heard a lot about undecided voters and how important they are in this election. according to the numbers, most voters have made up their minds. many were not moved either way by tuesday night's debate. >> i was hoping to see more from both candidates. honestly didn't really learn anything that i didn't already know. >> i'm sort of a disposition that the vast majority of americans have decided who they're voting for. the question is the body of americans that are deciding whether or not to vote at all. >> dana: kristin anderson is here. great to have you. she's makes incredible salsa. i hope to get some. undecided voters in 2016 at this point was about 5%. now in this election, about 2%. does that match what you've been hearing and seeing? >> very few voters have still not made up their minds. as the clip before i came on mentioned, more of them are trying to decide do i vote at
11:48 am
all versus those that know they're going to vote, they haven't picked which way they're going to go. people have strong feelings about the president and joe biden one way or the other. so the portion of voters undecided vanishingly small. in my data, i tend they're younger. higher proportion of latino voters. still an extremely small piece of the electorate up for grabs. >> dana: is there anything that either of the candidates can do that can push and undecided voter or someone thinking of not voting into their camp at this point? >> at this point, one of the best things president trump could do to win over the remaining undecided voters is to make sure action gets taken on covid-19 economic relief. the economic is consistently the president's best issue. some voters on the fence about whether they like him personally, they like how he handles the economy. so if he does more action on that to stave off further job losses, et cetera, that could be the most important policy that he could do to win over more
11:49 am
undecided voters. >> dana: what about biden? what can he do? >> i think in biden's case, he has to be careful about doing anything to upend this race. polls tend to show him in the lead. he's been playing a defensive type strategy. do no harm. so for him, winning over the last remaining undecided voters may come down to anybody that is luke warm about him but just really doesn't like president trump, casting doubts about the president's ability to handle the economy and specifically the response to covid-19. that's an issue that joe biden be in polls tends to have more of an advantage over donald trump. focusing on that can give him access to the last bit of undecided voters. >> dana: several up the uppest midwest states and new hampshire, it was a razor thin margin where was trump was able to win. so when it comes to winning, if the states are really that close, 2% of the undecided that could make a difference? >> it could. certainly you saw that in 2016.
11:50 am
in many of these blue wall states, it was third party voters, you know, folks that maybe they would have leaned to hillary clinton or donald trump but decided i don't want to vote for either and voted for jill stein. that may have been very decisive in many of those states. this time around, you can see far fewer people saying that they're going to vote for a third party candidates. you can still have in places where they're up for grabs these undecided voters. if they're deciding do i bother going to the polls and if so, who do i vote for? that could make a difference. >> dana: so interesting. i know that you have a lot of insight to like -- i was looking at the names of people -- of the debate the other night, the words that they used regarding biden. these are people watching the debate. like politicians, predictable. nice guy. compassion. coherent. for president trump, puzzling and bully came up. so obviously you have an
11:51 am
interesting look into all of this. appreciate you being here. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: tyrus is up next. attention veterans, today's all time low mortgage rates just dropped even lower. veterans who refi now can save three thousand dollars a year. with newday's va streamline refi, there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $3000 a year. $3000! that's a big deal.
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>> dana: the nfl postponing its first game due to the coronavirus. todd piro has more. >> dana, we knew this was a possibility heading into the season and now it is a reality. sadly the nfl postponing sunday's game between the tennessee titans on the pittsburgh steelers until later in the year because of a covert outbreak. the first time in the young season that a game has been delayed because of the pandemic. the game was initially postponed until monday or tuesday after four players on the titans and five team personnel tested positive following their victory over the minnesota vikings this past sunday. following wednesday testing, and other player and another staff member tested positive, forcing the titans to close their
11:56 am
facility and cancel team activities until further notice. the titans head coach telling reporters that some of the players who tested positive are showing flu-like systems, adding it's a very unfortunate situation but when we are confident we will be able to handle safely with the football team and the player's best interest in mind. as of now minnesota's game on sunday against the houston texans is still on. the vikings had no positive tests following their game with the titans, and their facility reopen today. meantime in the home of the falcons, mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta, using drone technology as part of its disinfecting process. all in an effort to "sanitize key areas in a more efficient and effective manner." this technology will be used to welcome fans back to the stadium for the falcon's upcoming game against the carolina panthers. >> dana: pretty cool. love the camera work. thank you, todd. let's bring entire us and get your thoughts on reaction to the fact that we do have now some
11:57 am
positive cases in the nfl. >> well, i think we knew that was going to happen. we are still in the pandemic. we are still seeing upticks across the country. i think professional sports overall have done a tremendous job. the nba i think has done really an outstanding job. they were in the bubble. major league baseball, nhl, and hnfl. they're putting players first. i think they're doing a fabulous job. it's too bad we have to deal with the virus at all but when it's hitting us, they're not taking any chances. i commend them. >> dana: they tried. they were -- there was a problem. the testing identified it so they could make sure everyone was protected. the president announced the bag effort to try to get some of these back into schools, these tests into schools as well to give people some comfort. i want to ask you about this,
11:58 am
major league baseball says maybe some fans are going to get to go to some games, including the world series. that would be fun. >> i think that's great. like i said, we are taking things. the sports world is taking things, baby steps. their model is starting to be used with schools and some of our bigger factories as far as working conditions go. if we are able to let fans safely enjoy their pass time and get a little break from the division of the craziness in the country right now, why not. i'm all for it. >> dana: i am to you and i think the players are. i know they wanted to play. what do you hear? do they feel like they're in a good position, pretty safe? >> i think at the end of the day everybody wants to play. everybody wants to do their job, not just the athletes. americans across the board.
11:59 am
they are doing that and doing it safely. it's a pretty good thing to see considering the circumstances we were dealt. >> dana: tyrus, always good to see you and your fish. looking good. thank you. thank you for joining us. i'm dana perino. see you at 5:00. bill hemmer, you have a big show. >> bill: we have a few things cooking. how about that aquarium? might be the best zoom chat we've seen. >> dana: i think tyrus should win a prize. maybe we should all contribute a little bit to the fish food. my dog jasper loves fish so much that if we had that in our house, he would never pay attention to me for the rest of his days. >> bill: i'm assuming that that background is real. is it? >> dana: yes. i don't think people realize tyrus knows a lot about the fi fish. he is a renaissance man, bill. you didn't know that? >> bill: i am figuring it out.
12:00 pm
thank you. i hope the nfl figures it out. major league baseball has done it so far. playoffs continue. the reds cannot score a run. more on that later. >> dana: i think the reds are baseball. >> bill: see you at 5:00. let's get rolling. good afternoon. i'm bill hemmer. followed over this week's debate continues. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace will join me fo fa postdebate interview. he will take us back inside the room where it happened. the white house doubling down on president trump's claim on universal mail-in voting even though it's proving to be mostly safe and secure the five states that already use it. the press secretary kayleigh mcenany on that today. >> last week in pennsylvania you have balance found in a ditch. that's a fact. in wisconsin, seven military ballots all marked for trump were found cast aside. there is problems with mass mail-in voting. >> bill: we found some here in
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