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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 18, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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hallelujah. >> bill: i'll see you in person in 2021, okay? that's a deal. >> i'm counting on it. >> bill: thank you, cardinal. have a great christmas. see you in 2021. i'm getting some time out. hope you do the same. merry christmas. >> neil: all right. waiting for some relief. investors are getting frustrated. the dow sliding a little today. still had an up week as did the other averages. what they're focused on is what is happening in that capitol building right now. because they're having a devil of a time coming to an agreement on covid-19 relief that we're told will total just under a trillion dollars. the devil is in the details as it is. they're pushing it late and to the brink as they always do. we might get a government shut down if they don't move fast in the next few hours as they also always seem to do. hope springs eternal that eventually they'll do all of the above and in rapid fashion. they've been told apparently to
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prepare to work through the weekend, work through the night. carry it in to next week. good golly they expect twin packages. one to keep the government lights on and the other to keep the covid relief coming. welcome, everybody. happy friday. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." the world of questions about whether we are going to get that relief. everyone seems to say it's no longer a matter of if but when. waiting for the when has been the hard part here. all of this at a time when a new vaccine is being hotly debated at the food and drug administration. that approval could come later today. that's bringing in the good news. the backdrop is yet another promising vaccine that could make it to the american people in 24 hours. right now, i can not say the same about this covid-19 relief. let's get the latest right now from chad pergram. hey, chad. >> good afternoon. they're hurdling towards a government shut down unless they
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approve a stop gap measure soon. the hope was to attach the covid plan to fund the government deep into the next year. there's hold-ups. that could mean a weekend session. one senator says don't call him. >> i say to the leadership that you better get this last vote done by tonight or you will have to do it without me because i'll be with kay on my anniversary saturday and 61st wedding anniversary. >> the biggest dispute on the covid bill is a gop demand to restrict lending tools available to the fed during the pandemic. democratic massachusetts senator elizabeth warren accused republicans of trying to sabotage president biden. she called the move reckless. still some republicans say glomming all of these issues together in a massive take it or leave it bill. >> a shotgun approach, we will not have learned the lessons from our very hurried, very rushed, very massive earlier
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relief packages. just do more of the same. >> how majority leader steny hoyer told members this afternoon to keep tonight and this weekend and next week free. there's a distinct possibility that we could have a government shut down tonight. the only thing worse than a government shut down is a government shut down in the middle of a pandemic. neil? >> neil: thank you, chad pergram. kevin brady following this as well, the man responsible for the tax cuts that came to fruition three years ago this month. congressman, very good to have you. thanks. >> good to see you, neil. merry christmas and happy holidays to you. >> neil: to you as well, my friend. let's talk about where things stand now on the twin financial pushes. one spending package to keep the government going. but more importantly a lot of people are focusing on this
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covid-19 relief. on the covid-19 thing, where do things stand? >> so i feel like there's optimism here. everybody has come a long way towards this. the politics of the election and slowing the economy down for political purposes is gone. i think there's an absolute understanding that while we are beating expectations both in the economy and with these new vaccines, there's more work to be done. so i think the real focus from a stimulus is deploying these vaccines, the ppp loans to get -- keep the small businesses, airline workers and others connected to their jobs. that seamless job number 1. i think they're very close. >> neil: now, i told congressman that a lot of reluctance on the party of republicans is that the federal reserve has emerged on a sticking point. they already have vast powers when it comes to shoring up the economy from buying bonds and
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mortgage-backed securities and all of this stuff. republicans are sort of wincing at the possibility that congress could give more powers to do more stuff. are you among them? >> you know, i am. i think the fed is politicized itself, unfortunately, during the pandemic. i think it needs to stick to its knitting here. we have a lot of work to do on the economy. if congress, future congress wants to give them specific powers to engage in certain monetary actions, then we can do that. but i think the cares act made it clear, here's your role. those programs have wound down or frankly not much take upon them. so i think that's exactly right. i'm also really hopeful here that that's a sticking point, but i still think we're working through a number of the others. we just stay at the table, we'll get this done. >> all right. you'll be part of a new congress that takes over where it's
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almost 50/50. everyone is focused on what will happen with this georgia run-off race and whether republicans can keep their grip on the senate. lost in the sauce is runs gained in the house to make, as i said, almost a 50/50 body. you think that will change what president-elect biden can do next year? >> you know, it should. it was -- it was a monster night across the country for house republicans. certainly we made up more than 2/3s of the gap to take back the majority. if we work hard and work together, we will do that in two years. i think the haven't ought to recognize and speaker pelosi that if they go the same route the speaker did the last two years, which is go it alone, don't work together, just a lot of extreme policy, the public will reject them even further. i hope they recalibrate and look at what we can do. we have to defeat the covid and
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get the economy back on track, because independent from china. a lot of work we can do and do together. >> neil: congressman, looking back at the tax cut that you help shepherd through three years ago, seems like just yesterday, the fear seems to be that if there's anything to worry about it's what is happening in so many states. texas not among them. but a lot of these blue states, like new york, california are looking at sur taxes in the like and new jersey. they've already implemented millionaire's tax that is retroactive to the beginning of this year. so is it ironic to you that even dodging the possibility a federal tax hike that the economy could still be tested with so many states raising taxes themselves to get needed revenue? >> yeah, it is -- it's almost
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economically illiterate to -- you wouldn't do that in good economic times. it's wrong to do it and harmful as we're trying to recover from a pandemic. surely the whole country has seen when you make america more competitive, lower tax rates for families and businesses, you not only grow the economy you get wages going again, you begin to strength then the income gap. we stopped sending our jobs and headquarters overseas. the states that are looking at these tax rates are the ones that are struggling the most economically and whose millennials, not just millionaires, millennials are fleeing their state. they're seeing the future drain go away from them. i hope they reconsider, especially coming out of this pandemic. >> bill: all right. kevin brady, thank you very much. the house ways and means committee ranking member. we'll let leave you for a
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second. the house republican leader, kevin mccarthy is updating us right now where stimulus stands, where this whole battle over money stands including keeping the government open. let's listen. >> >> were you aware of the report or concerns about the allegations in the report? >> i haven't read the report. >> this is an example to all lawmakers that they need to be on guard from china. >> remember, we have -- we were hoping to get a bipartisan task force on china. you read from the intel director, john ratcliffe, the expansion from china and others. all members of congress. action we found in the public reporting here in this case, the mayor, city council men and others. china is an add very --
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adversary in shapes and forms. i think everyone needs to be aware. the intel committee is special. they keep our secrets. a committee that knows our secrets. they have a lot of information that members of congress do not. i just think there's 200 other democrats feel the same way. thank you. >> one last question for you. will you -- do you dispute the election results? >> we're watching. >> neil: we're watching. kevin mccarthy. republican leader in the house. when asked about the election results, he's one of many republicans and a ranking one that has not referred to joe biden as the president-elect. mr. mcconnell has all but said
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that that is the case. he's been reluctant on that with the back and forth legal challenges that continue as we speak. one interesting development in that concerns investigations into california congressman eric swalwell and his alleged dealings with a chinese -- considered a chinese spy. they're still looking into it. whether some more punishment should be needed or special counsel called in for this or swalwell himself should be taken off of the house intelligence committee as this is debated. that has not happened. they have run into -- his -- we'll watch that closely. we're also watching the progress or lack thereof on the stimulus front and keeping the government from shutting down. they can still cobble together something. whether that would affect the keen relief that they're looking at as well or delay it, as far
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as i know they're joined at the hip on this. rebecca wallser join us right now. what wall street is waiting to see on this. rebecca, if you think of how far we have come on thinking it was impossible to get a covid deal going in a lame duck session, to now expecting one and being disappointed if we don't see one, what do you think? >> i think you're exactly right, neil. the market is waiting for that $900 billion. you know, they were trying to do unanimous consent in the senate. ron johnson is the sole opponent of that. that has to be unanimous. didn't happen today. i know that that had a $1,200 direct payment and a little concern. so you know, still going to be a christmas miracle if we can get one this year. rear running out of time. these businesses with the additional shut downs imposed in a lot of states, these businesses -- we lost 10,000 businesses this year already.
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permanent loss of these businesses. this can't continue. we need the stimulus or we need to reopen. it's one or the other. hopefully with the vaccine and moderna getting a proved maybe still today, hopefully we'll get back to what we need to do, which is reopen. >> neil: you know, you mentioned the $1,200 stimulus checks from the last go around. the last time we had big stimulus pegged to the ongoing pandemic. now the best scenario seems to be $600 paychecks and fewer americans getting them that they got last time. the cut off would be $75,000. the unemployment benefits, which had been $600 a week during the pandemic would have best be $300 a week and limited for ten weeks. what do you think of those features? >> you know, what happened was -- this is what we refer to is the law of unintended consequences. you pass something and something else happens. when you have a high federal
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bump up, people that were at certain types of jobs were making more. so when they were recalled and said i got ppp loans and come back, ppp requires businesses to keep so many people employed and not laid off. employees didn't want to return because they were doing better under the higher bump up. this is why the federal bump down. you can see, we need people to go back to work. we want to support them while they're not working. once they're able to go back, we want them to go back. we need to get the economy going. we need people to be there to welcome people into the restaurant if it's open, which we hope that it is. that's why you saw the changes, neil. >> neil: i got you. rebecca, thanks for taking the time. great reads on the market and the economy. the relief for businesses that
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she alluded to is so far in this package that they're working on. it would be about $315 to $330 billion for small business relief and apparently includes upwards of $260 billion for the paycheck protection program. you often here to it referred to as ppp. they're working on the details, a long way of resolving them. as mitch mcconnell said, we're working through the weekend. no one leaves until we have a deal. pressure on eric swalwell, the california congressman that allegedly had a relationship with as the i think spy. republicans say we need a special counsel to look into this and get him kicked off the house intelligence committee. so far they're not making any end roads. after this. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow!
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>> neil: all right. what is happening with eric swalwell and his alleged ties with a chinese spy. i talked about looking for a special counsel, a prosecutor to look into this. that was concerning hunter biden. i'll clarify that in a second. i apologize for the confusion. it's been a long week. the fact of the matter is, this is getting a good deal of
1:20 pm
attention, whether swalwell should sit on the house intelligence committee. so far he's not leaving. kevin corke is following this closely. where does this stand? >> you touched on a couple things. first, i want to catch up everybody at home. twice the house minority leader kevin mccarthy asked the fbi for a briefing on the interactions between eric swalwell and fang fang. the briefings were swapped by the bureau. nancy pelosi and mccarthy did meet today. swalwell has said listen, i did everything i was supposed to do and very limited comments about
1:21 pm
this. he said i was thanked by the fbi after their briefing in 2015. there's a number of republicans that are questioning how swalwell landed a high stakes assignment in the first place. there's others that are questioning the voracity of his claims about fang. here's kevin mccarthy not long ago. >> i had questions that need to be answered. >> [question inaudible] >> the appropriate think, he shouldn't be on it. >> that's the key there, neil. a not of leaders on capitol hill on the republican side that feel like given his exposure to an accused spy, there's to reason for hall well to be on the house intel committee. as you know, the howest most sensitive level of level is shared on that committee. so far speaker pelosi has been
1:22 pm
backing him. speaker pelosi, adam schiff, the chair of the intel committee and hakeem jefferys have said the same thing. we have confidence. where this will go from here is anyone's guess. but when the drum beat gets going, sometimes it's hard to hang on. we'll see what happens here. back to you. >> neil: thank you very much, my friend. kevin cork following that. i want to go to a former fbi special agent. john, thanks for joining us. where do you see this case going? democratic leadership does not take him off that committee, what would it take? >> well, perhaps leadership doesn't want to take him off the committee because now they think he knows whatnot to do. the reality is that this was basic 101 trade craft by the
1:23 pm
chinese. the house intelligence committee, it's a dangerous play for anyone to be that puts themselves in front of our national secrets. >> neil: so john, what do you look for here? a lot of people say all right. they would not be just looking at one u.s. congressman, right? the fear, the concern, the worry is that maybe more were involved. the chinese were much more active than certainly we were giving them credit for than what russia was doing. what do you think? >> the case of swalwell, they looked at him before they became a congressman. he helped them along to where he was able to join the congress as a representative. they target persons in positions of power or future power. so they might look for status or those this they want to cozy up
1:24 pm
to. that's why it's important that people in high office like representative swalwell recognize these threats are out there. they have to be careful with what information they're being exposed to because the chinese will hear it after they have been compromised in any way. >> neil: all right, john. thanks very much. a former fbi special agent. again, we have made multiple calls to check with eric swalwell. so far none returned. we'll keep you posted on that. also posted on hunter biden whether he knew and e-mailing and when after this. ♪
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>> neil: all right. when it comes to hunter biden, the issue is not what is going to be done now to address some of these concerns, business and other ties to places like china, what have you, but what would happen when his father takes control on january 20th. andy mccarthy, fox news contributor, former u.s. attorney. i know republicans are asking for a special prosecutor to get into this. but what happens to special prosecutors? can a new president just say all right, you're now done, special prosecutor. or have his attorney general do that? >> yeah, the special counsel regulations, neil, may apply to the attorney general. those are the regulations that limit the amount of interference that can be. they limit the amount of interference that you can have
1:30 pm
with a special counsel. that do not apply to the president. so under constitutional law, all executive power in the entire government goes to one official. the president. nobody else in the executive branch really actually has any power. they are all delegated to act on the president's authority, which is why the president can remove people at will. a special counsel is just a subordinate prosecutor. he was an inferior executive official. the president can fire him. legally there's no problem with that. i imagine politically there would be a big price to pay. >> neil: so can the attorney general, whether one is appointed now, you know, do that or under joe biden his attorney general do that? >> yeah, certainly the attorney general could do it either now or the next attorney general. i would imagine, neil, and i
1:31 pm
don't have any insight information about this at all. it would be a favor to the biden administration -- i don't think they would see it that way, but it would be a favor for the current justice department to do it rather than the next one because otherwise, if you remember what happened with janet reno and connection with al gore and the fund-raising in the mid 90s, she was badgered day after day after day about are you going to appoint a special counsel and became a bigger story. it would be a favor to them if the current justice department just did it and the next attorney general not only could say that ship has sailed already, it's been done, it would give senators, republican senators on the judiciary committee more of a solid basis to get a commitment from the next attorney general that he or she will let that investigation wherever it goes. >> neil: if i can switch gears for my own education. on the eric swalwell thing, how
1:32 pm
far can an investigation go? does that require some entity to look into it? to find what he might have known, when he knew it, whether other spies were contacting the other congressmen. where legally would that investigation go? >> yes, neil, this is interesting because it's really two different things that i think are important. first of all with swalwell, the main thing is probably a counter intelligence appraisal. not so much a criminal one in order to try to get to the bottom of what his communications were. i'm sure that they have done this and are probably continuing to do it. what his communications were, what the relationship was, what if anything could have been compromised. on the other hand, i'm need to focus a swalwell fan by any means, but you can't bounce somebody off of congressional committees just because they get
1:33 pm
targeted by a foreign power. you have to show that they have done something worth taking them off a committee. i don't know if he has or hasn't. if we got into the practice of just taking people off of the intelligence committee because they get targeted by a foreign power, then it would give the foreign powers control over who was in the intelligence community. they would just have to target someone and try to approach them. so the real issue is what did swalwell do, what was the relationship and was nothing compromised. that's what they're looking into. >> neil: so there wouldn't be any special counsel to focus on just the argument for doing so was to expand an investigation? >> if he committed a crime, there would be a criminal component and criminal investigation. if he was suspected of committing a crime. that would be the parameters of
1:34 pm
that of whatever he was suspected of committing. beyond that, there's a counter intelligence aspect to it. that is not limited. the question is did he wittingly or unwittingly act as an agent of a foreign power. the dark side of that is was he a clandestined agent? i don't know that anybody is alleging that. i think they're accusing him at the moment of being careless rather than something worse than that. >> neil: got it. andy mccarthy, thanks very much. if i don't see you have a very merry and safe christmas. >> thanks, same to you, neil. >> neil: we're learning that the house appropriations committee has filed a stop-gap funding bill to keep the government essentially going through just shied of midnight sunday night. maybe this is an early sign that they're working against the clock, trying to get something done and avoid what could be otherwise a shut down tonight at
1:35 pm
midnight if nothing were to materialize. we'll keep an eye on it. more after this. ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ you can count on me ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ if only in my dreams ♪
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♪ >> neil: all right. our tree outside. fox head quarters in new york. i actually think it's far better than the rockefeller center tree. it has a lot more color. it picks people up. the other one, are they still requiring you to get tickets? you don't need tickets. go up there and look at it. won't charge you for it. if you're new and you don't know what you're doing, i might change you. welcome back. i'm neil cavuto. the big day is a week away, christmas. if you're planning on going anywhere though, obviously you've organized and coordinated things with your family but you
1:40 pm
might want to check in with your boss. pretty soon the boss might just say, you know, you better not travel anywhere. we're watching you. we have kristina partsinevelos following that. it's all the covid reason, right? they don't want you wandering. >> right. i love the jolly mood. 'tis the season to stay home. normally this time of year, we're itching to travel, see family. penn station would be bustling with people. people are scaling back because of an increase in covid cases as well as new travel restrictions. however, the big question is, should you travel? should you tell your boss? or what would happen if you didn't tell your boss? the answer may surprise you. >> when they tell us you're going to be allowed two weeks a year or four weeks a year, totally off, that is a gift in
1:41 pm
essence. it's not a legal requirement because it's something they're offering to us by right, a purely legal basis, they can also take it away. >> they could take it away. that's the case. employers can cancel your travel requests if they deem you too risky to your work environment. they can take it up a notch. they can fire you if you hide you traveled, you come back and break a new safety or travel protocol. in order to avoid future disputes and hope it doesn't end in legal disputes, wrap the gifts, pack the car, check with your boss or at least read the travel policies. back to you. >> neil: don't come back to work with a tan. the first thing they'll say. how did you get the tan? >> exactly. >> neil: makeup and all of that. i don't know, neil cavuto. christina, thanks very much. great reporting in the big apple this week. we're following a lot of
1:42 pm
developments right now including that emergency covid-19 relief. they might have a plan to keep the government lights on through the weekend. rather than having them go out tonight if they don't have a deal, the covid thing could be another matter. we'll see after this. ia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ subway is open and serving footlongs contact-free. order in the app for quick and easy pickup. or, get contact-free curbside pickup! staying home? get delivery! so many ways to get footlongs contact-free! subway. eat fresh. here's to the duers. to all the people who realize they can du more with less asthma thanks to dupixent, the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma.
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>> neil: all right. it's progress. we're hearing the full house will vote on this stop gap bill to keep the government running and open at least through midnight, late on sunday night. otherwise, things would all shut down tonight at midnight. they're trying to avoid that. obviously the talks are continuing. the progress is looking hopeful. i'm not only that but a separate measure to provide relief of the covid-19 situation. better than $900 million measure. senator roger wicker here with us now. very good to have you. thanks for coming. >> good to be back. >> neil: senator, where do you think things stand first off on the covid-19 relief measure? >> well, first of all, we're not going to shut the government down tonight. there will be a two-day extension. we're closing in on a deal. details have been a little harder than i expected. so i think maybe -- i'd say by tomorrow morning, we'll have the
1:47 pm
outlines 0 a deal. it will take another day to get it on paper. you have to write it up in bill form. i'd say we'll be finished sunday afternoon. i'm looking at a two-day extension of this short-term continuing resolution. >> neil: all right. we're hearing that unemployment benefits for ten weeks, probably closer to $300 a week rather than the 600 at the height of the pandemic. is that accurate? >> you probably have accurate information. i'm not in the room on that negotiation. i'm talking about broad band expansion during this pandemic about the airline piece and the paycheck protection plan, things like that. >> all right. on the paycheck protection plan, obviously that is one of the things that clearly works. i know much of the relief of the $300 billion will be in the form of the paycheck protection
1:48 pm
program. is that a must-have to you? in other words, if it does not feature that, you would be a no vote on this? >> well, there's no need in me talking about that. the ppp program has been a huge success and it has bipartisan support. so just as we enacted that in the cares act in march on an overwhelming bipartisan basis, that has support. and there's no danger of it falling out of the package. >> neil: senator, would you be open to more relief, assuming you get this through a lame duck session once joe biden takes over next month, next year and he's entertaining more relief, still more stimulus, are you on board with that? >> we'll listen to reason. i think it has to be driven by the data. by what the unemployment rate is at that point. how job creation is.
1:49 pm
i hope that hand and hand with what we do, governors and mayors will choose to open up the economy more. now we're seeing that restaurants in the district of columbia will have to shut down completely to in-house dining two days before christmas. that ban is going to be in place indefinitely. we need those restrictions lifted so that people that want to get out and participate in the economy and run their businesses have an opportunity to do so. that will determine to a large extent what the economic situation is come january and early february. >> neil: got it. senator roger wicker of mississippi. merry christmas if we don't chat gang. thank you. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: meantime, the read from the national institutes of health, the director, the big
1:50 pm
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1:54 pm
this is playing out across the country. we're hearing the fact that the pfizer vaccine, we're going to have a moderna vaccine and could be approved in minutes. we've been teasing you with that all day long. people say neil, it could be within minutes. the fact of the matter is, the rumor that johnson & johnson and astra zeneca and other players could have offerings of their own. let's get the read on the person that heads up the national institutes of health, the director, dr. francis collins. thanks for taking the time. >> glad to be with you, neil. >> neil: how do you like the way this process is going? >> i think it's actually going extremely well. first of all, it's been an amazing triumph of science bringing together all the experts from industry, academia, from the government and making it possible for us to have one vaccine that has received emergency use authorization, pfizer and another that as you
1:55 pm
say, may be minutes away from approval by the fda. that's phenomenal. we want to get the doses out there and as you said a minute ago, there's four other vaccine trials that are just a little bit behind. the more of these that actually turn out to be safe and effective, they're better because the lower doses that we can get to people and get this covid-19 thing behind us. >> neil: incredible, doctor. not everyone is so keen on this. because of the rush because of 11 months or whatever to get in to the public, i guess that breaks all records. among them was colorado republican congressman ken buff that chatted with me earlier. he's main concern is it can't be great if it took so fast to get out. this is from earlier today. i want you to react to this. >> i'm an american and i have
1:56 pm
the freedom to decide whether i'm going to take the vaccine or not. in this case, i'm not going to take the vaccine. >> neil: can i ask you why? >> yeah. i'm more concerned about the safety of the vaccine than the side effects of the disease. aim healthy person. most americans are healthy. i think what we should do is focus on the at-risk populations in america, make sure those are the people that get the vaccine first and healthcare workers get the vaccine get the vaccine as soon as possible. i am not going to take a vaccine. >> neil: when you hear that, doctor, he's just leery. i'm sure many people are similarly leery. what do you tell them? >> well, i understand that people are wondering how can they really trust this. the data is up there and we've discussed it in an open meeting yesterday for moderna and the week before for pfizer. i encourage people to look at the data. both of these vaccines tested in 30 to 40,000 people with very
1:57 pm
detailed information about what happened to the people that got the vaccine versus those that got the placebo. it's not hypothetical. we have the information. it was not rushed in terms of the safety and efficacy. that's about as rigorous and has ever been done. i'd love to talk to the congressman and walk him through this. the other thing that he said, he suggested because he's currently healthy that this particular virus is not a risk to him. that is not true. even young people that get covid-19 get very sick and some of them have even died. there is this other issue, that if you get covid-19 and you're not that sick, some people don't seem to get over it. there's long horror thing. nobody should imagine this is something that they can slug off. all the more reasons that we need too get everybody to consider the vaccine. look up the data, make up your mind. if i had a chance to spend a half an hour with the congressman, we might have an interesting discussion and me
1:58 pm
might change his mind. >> neil: he's a smart guy, too. his office is just trying to clarify his remarks that he made earlier on fox business network. his communications director is saying to be clear, the congressman believes it's a remarkable accomplishment and encourages at-risk individuals and healthcare workers to get the vaccine. on the side effects, the congressman was referring to some of the more asymptomatic cases generally, again, he believes that those at risk should receive this vaccine. to your point, doctor, there's a good number of people, particularly young people that -- i remember this age, centuries ago. you think you're superman, bulletproof. so since very few young people are adversity affected by this even though they could infect adults, parents, what have you, doesn't really matter. they'll be a tough crowd to win over. >> they are.
1:59 pm
they're at risk. not as much risk as somebody that is 75 in a nursing home. but they're not free of risk. one other thing, neil, if we're going to get past covid-19, it's essential for 75 to 80% of americans to be immune. we're not going to get there if americans say i'm not going to take the vaccine. the virus will then continue. covid-19 could go on year after year after year. unless we can get to that magic 75 to 80%, we're not done with this. so it's partly for yourself, maybe it's partly for the county to recognize this is an opportunity we shouldn't pass up. >> neil: that's what i tell my teenage sons. do it for dad. well, we'll think about it. dr. collins thank you for all of your hard work. it's been very little sleep and little else. but we appreciate it. thank you. >> thanks. nice to be with you. >> neil: all right.
2:00 pm
meantime, we'll be exploring this tomorrow on our live show. we might know what progress they are making on the stimulus front. we have a who's who of players involved in this including where the goes, if we get stimulus and if we keep the government lights on. >> jesse: hello. i'm jesse waters with juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld and dagen mcdowell. it's 5:00 p.m. in new york city and this is "the five." joe biden has spent the last week dodging tough questions about the federal investigation in to his son, hunter's taxes and foreign business dealings. last night he sat down for a hard-hitting interview and finally addressed the scandal in great detail. just kidding. he went on the late show with stephen colbert. >> people that want to makeay


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