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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 5, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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the actor's wife was by his side at their home in connecticut. he spent more than 50 years in hollywood and became the oldest actor at 82. he was 91. have a good weekend. see you on "the five." stick around for that. >> neil: all right. can't get the vaccines out in send in the troops. an aggressive move on the part of the biden administration to make sure maybe with the help of 1,000 troops that we can get the vaccinations or more of them out and faster at that. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." we'll be talking to dr. anthony fauci on the plan to get the vaccines out. there's no shortage of them. the problem seems to be a a continued bottle neck in that so-called final mile. first to kristin fisher at the white house on the latest plan to get hopping and hopping fast. hi, kristin. >> this is a big increase from the military in terms of their
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support to get as many americans vaccinated as fast as possible. the pentagon says they're going to be deploying 1,100 troops to five vaccination megasites all over the country. three of those sites are still tbd. the first in california. the pentagon says that those first troops should be arriving there in a little over a week. >> what we know is that 1,100, an initial group, one team of 222, will be deploying to california to a site in california in the coming days. we expect they will get on site, on or about the 15th of this month. >> martha: this is part of president biden's push to get 100 mass vaccination centers in a month. the pentagon has asked fema to
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provide 10,000 service members to staff the centers. today's announcement marks the beginning of fulfilling that request. vaccinating teachers, it's been a big topic in the white house briefing room all week after the director of the cdc said it was safe to reopen schools without vaccinating teachers first. but the white house press secretary says the cdc director was only speaking in her personal capacity and that that was not the official guidance. >> the guidance will come from the cdc as the doctor certainly conveyed to you. what we're all conveying and what i just did is convey that there's a lot of data that shows that it is, of course, we're looking at vaccines, that's an important part of keeping teachers and the american public safe, but we also need to look at other mitigation steps. >> martha: the big question now is, of course, when is this official guidance from the cdc
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going to come out. the white house press secretary said she didn't know. this is clearly a critical piece of the president's goal to reopen schools within 100 days. so a lot of folks, teachers, parents, kids all over the country it waiting for this guidance from the cdc to come out. >> neil: thanks, kristin. the read on this from dr. anthony fauci, the chief medical adviser. good to have you here. as you have seen here, 57 million vaccine doses have been delivered. 35 million have gotten them though. what is the problem with that? >> well, a couple things. certainly there's a discrepancy between the amount delivered and the amount that's gotten in people's office. it's not necessarily as large a gap as the numbers show. very often when you get a vaccine into a person's arms,
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it's not reported as having been done for a period of a few days. it's likely less of a gap. there's still a gap. that gets to something that you actually just announced a moment ago. is that president biden made it very clear as part of his strategic plan that came out a couple weeks ago that we're going to do whatever we can to enhance and support the implementation of the administration. that goes to everything from what you just said about getting it first, 1,100 military troops to be a part of the process of getting the vaccine into people's arms in several of the community vaccine centers out there, to ship directly to pharmacy, to use mobile units to get to not easily to access areas. so what you're seeing, neil, you're seeing the roll-out of what was originally and now in
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reality the president's strategic plan to enhance the vaccination program. that is exactly what we're seeing right now. >> neil: doctor, we just came off of one of the worst months for death even though a continued improving trend on hospitalizations. there's a disconnect there. what do you make of that? >> yeah, that's the lag that you see. we've seen it so many times. when you get an escalation of cases, you don't see hospitalizations and deaths to escalate for a lag of two weeks and 2 to 2 1/2 weeks for deaths. right now we're seeing a plateauing and deminutation a day. so they're starting to plateau and come down. the deaths will come down but
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there's a lag before they come down commensurate with the number of cases coming down. so this is not something that is surprising to see these couple of week lags between actual cases, hospitalizations and deaths. >> neil: so let me ask you a couple of dumb questions here. even if you've gotten the vaccine, you should keep wearing a mask. do you subscribe to that as well? >> yeah, the answer is yes. there's a reason for that. at this particular time we're not certain whether or not vaccination is going to protect you against getting infected but having no symptoms. we know that the primary end point of the vaccine trials that led to the emergency use authorization that showed 94 to 95% efficacy was effective in
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preventing symptomatic disease. what we need to show is that it actually prevents you from getting infected even though you tonight have any symptoms. so it's conceiable that i could get vaccinated, get infected and have no symptoms because the vaccine is preventing me from getting symptoms. but i still could have virus in my nasal pharynx. until we know, there's still some risk, likely a small risk, that you may not know you're infected inadvertently because you've been vaccinated but yet you might pass the infection to someone else. for that reason, we recommend wearing a mask even though you've been vaccinated. >> neil: you raised the possibility of recommendation of wearing two masks. is that right? >> no, i wasn't recommending it.
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there's a lot of discussion about that. that people have asked. a reasonable question, common sense, if one mask prevents you from getting infected or prevents you from infecting others, it's a physical barrier. so people have asked, if i wear two masks, would that be better? the answer is we don't have the data to make a formal recommendation of that. but it makes common sense that if it makes you feel more comfortable and more protected, there's nothing wrong with wearing two masks. so rather than have a formal recommendation because we don't have the data yet, we say if you'd like to wear one, do ahead. i have myself in the past wore two masks. >> neil: homeland security is forcing theish you at tsa, finding people that to not. up to $1,500.
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what do you think of that? >> i think the president is correct. when he first -- actually before he was inaugurated, he was saying one of his policies would be that he would have 100 days of everybody wearing a mask. that's at least 100 days. maybe more. now, in order to get the full effect, you have to get everyone to be wearing a mask. you know there's a lot of disparity about people's feelings about wearing a mask. there's some things that the federal government can have control over, that you can have a mandate to wear masks in certain places like transportation, planes, trains, places controlled by the federal government. so we have to all get on the same bandwagon here about wearing masks. if one of the things that will help us get there is buy a mandate that in certain locations that you can control,
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that you tell people that they have to be wearing a mask. so i have no problems with that. . >> neil: you know, the cdc director talked about not all teachers had to be vaccinated to return to class. many teacher's unions are saying not so fast. the president even parted company there to say, you know, let's wait, examine this. where are you on this? do teachers need to be vaccinated? is it safe for them to be vaccinated before returning to the classroom. what do you think? >> certainly if you want to look at 40,000 feet that teachers are essential personnel in society. when you get to that area, which is 1 b after 1 a of the recommended priorities, that we should get teachers vaccinated as quickly as we possibly can. the actual guidance as you were talking about running up to this
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discussion is that the cdc will be coming out with that soon. but the default should be and has been that to the best of our ability we should try to get the children back to school as quickly as we can and keep them in school. >> neil: is it risky -- if it means getting the kids back, everyone back for in-person classes even though not all teachers have been vaccinated, is there a risk to that or more risk to that not happen something. >> you're asking the question, neil. there's a risk to almost everything we're doing in this environment. so the question is relative risk. how much do you want to diminish the risk? you can't have children going back to school without necessarily having everyone vaccinated, all the teachers, all the students vaccinated. but clearly what you'll be seeing as you said correctly, the cdc will come out with
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guidance to clarify that. >> neil: you know, you've had a chance a couple of weeks in the biden administration to work with two different presidents of the task force and dealing with this. thoughts? comparing, contrasting? >> you know, i don't think it's productive to look back and compare and criticize and get into that kind of a discussion. really right now we've got to use all of our energy to look forward. right now, you know, i'm busy, fully involved with being the chief medical adviser to medical biden. we're out there doing the kind of things that i feel are important such as speaking to you and getting the message to the american public about the things that we need to do. we have a great challenge ahead of us. that really is something that i think we need to put our energies towards. >> neil: president biden, you
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know, asked people like you to run these briefings, task forces. some criticized his predecessor for doing that and then stopping them. are you comfortable with the way the task force is running right new and responding to all of this, including this latest effort to have troops help get vaccines to us? >> oh, yes, i'm extremely comfortable with how things are running. as president biden said publicly but he's also said it very emphatically to us in private, that science will determine our decisions, our policies and our guidelines. we're going to base it on scientific data and evidence. when we make a mistake -- we won't stumble when you have a certain challenging situation like that. but if and when we do, rather than complaining or blaming anybody, we'll fix it. try to fix it. i'm very comfortable with the
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fact that this a science-basedsituation. i haven't seen one bit of politics come in to any discussions when we have our team, the medical team that gets together every day. as you well know, we're out there right now with press conferences three times a week. when you look and see who is there it's essentially the medical people. >> neil: so you said without politics involved. was it involved prior, doctor? >> again, i'm not going to go there. i'm not going to make comparisons. that only is -- that only makes the sound bites. doesn't help us. >> neil: finally, a lot of people are looking at this and hearing about no cruises to canada, maybe the rest of the year, limit your foreign travel, it's a real hassle. economically this goes on, we'll be wearing masks until the end
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of the year. what is your best bet and i know it's a pie in the sky kind of question, but when we're back to whatever normal was, what do you think? >> i think we'll approach normal -- it's not a light switch that you turn on. you're not normal and then click, back to normal. it will be a gradual evolution towards that. as we get more and more people vaccinated -- i had said in the past and i'll repeat it now. it's an estimate of when you of the get to the point of so-called herd immunity. you get a umbrella or blanket of protection over the community. i imagine that would be somewhere between 70 and 85% of the population. when we get there, we can think of approaching rather considerable degree of normality. when we get to march, april and
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may, a substantial number of people will be vaccinated. when we get to the summer, we'll be likely doing things that we were not able to do at a time when there was the 300,000 and 400,000 new infections a day. as the infections get to a low level and the relative risk of having a problem becomes much, much less, then you'll find yourself getting closer and closer to normality. we'll get there as we get closer to the fall of 2021. >> neil: dr. fauci, thank you for updating us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> neil: dr. fauci, the chief white house adviser. why a stunningly okay report, i
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>> neil: the markets relish any stimulus. chad pergram has more on whether it was pass. >> senate democrats demonstrated overnight they had enough support to forge ahead with the next round of covid relief legislation on their own. it's a divided senate. so vice president harris was in the chair when the senate cleared the hurdle just before dawn. >> on this vote, the yays are 50, the neys are 50. the senate being equally divided, the vice president votes in the affirmative and the resolution action amended is adopted. >> the key here is all 50 democrats stuck together and voted for a general frame work. they needed the vice president to break the tie. the reason the democrats want to move the plan is to use a
1:22 pm
special gambet for covid aid. it neutralizes the filibuster for this bill and bill only. the democrats don't need gop help. >> it is a reconciliation bill. that means we can pass it with 51 votes in the senate. would be my hope we tonight have to use it as a reconciliation bill. we want bipartisanship. >> pelosi hopes to vote on the plan at the end of the month. neil? >> neil: all right, chad. thank you very much. chad pergram following that. reaction from brian here, fox news contributor and we also have francis here. we begin with you on this market reaction. if people with worried about the spending, you'd see it in the
1:23 pm
investment world. they're not. maybe they're over it. what do you think? >> yeah, so we talk about this all the time, you and me. we talk about the fact that debt can't go on forever, but it can go on until it can't. as long as we can service the debt, wore off to the races. oddly heard and some day that will not be true. oddly heard though is that you have to have a certain amount of money in the system when the system's progress is based on stimulus. you have to keep that spigot on high in order to keep the swimming pool full. i heard why this is a bad idea. it's too much. pushing the deficits higher. until we can determine that new level for the swimming pool, you don't want to get into a situation where you have a shortage of money. it's swamped up quickly with debt. then you get into a risk for a financial crisis.
1:24 pm
>> neil: you know, looks like this is the democrat's liking, ryan. in other words, they would love to have republican support. maybe they targeted who gets the stimulus checks. but it's a democratic plan and a democratic stimulus package. and i wonder when the president referred to i'd rather err going too big than too small, is that your view as well? >> look, neil, we have gone big on covid for a very long time. like 3 1/2 trillion big. so we talk about the swimming pool and whether it's full. it's full of cash right now. the risk we have is that we're not going to get the productive capacity back in this country next year with all the new regulations, with potentially a new higher minimum wage standard. that is where you start talking about inflation. the markets want to ignore the
1:25 pm
inflation story. president biden wants to ignore it. congress wants to ignore it. the fact is that is a real issue right here. we shouldn't go big. we should go smart. we need businesses open. we've gone big and hasn't moved the needle that much. getting people back to work with. being focused is the right move, not being crazy about our spending. >> neil: could be me, francis. you get the virus under control and more vaccines out there, you solve a lot of problems. that might be the most important development of all. what do you think? >> brian is completely right. the thing is what people don't ups is the swimming pool is constantly draining. so if it's full today, the debt service is what continuously drains it. so until we have the shots in people's office and until we're fully reopen, we have to be mindful. it's better to err on the bigger side than the less large side. if you err on the bigger side,
1:26 pm
yes, you get inflation. if you err on the other side, you get defaults and at risk for a credit crisis. >> neil: any lock downs could torpedo anything the government is doing right now, right, brian? >> yeah, that's the risk. we have to stay focused on what matters here. the last jobs report, the private sector is still too closed. pumping government money into the system is not going to help. the savings rate has been up. people are ready to spend. the economy is ready to grow by 4%. but you have to go at the right issue. dr. fauci talked about politics being in the conversation. politics is the entire conversation right now when it comes to 1.9 trillion. we can be smarter than that. it wasn't the first 100 days, we wouldn't have this conversation. we would look at the real issues. >> neil: brian, want the thank you. francis, thank you.
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>> neil: all right. yesterday along the south china sea. the u.s. military presence with the u.s.s. john mccain making sure the chinese know these are not just your waters. more after this. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference.
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>> neil: all right. there were security breaches like the one that happened at joint base andrews. that just falls under the category of bizarre. jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. jennifer? >> hi, neil. we just learned more details about the adult male intruder that breached security at joint base andrews, home to air force one outside of washington d.c. the man that the air force says had several warrants for his
1:32 pm
arrest was seen leaving a c-40 plane. he was caught yesterday afternoon. the 737-style plane has an exterior that looks similar to air force one. we learned that the air force has launched an i.g. investigation and worldwide review of security measures apartment air force bases following this alarming incident. in the south china sea for the second day in a row, the u.s.s. john mccain, a guided missile destroyer conducted a freedom of navigation operation has gotten the attention of beijing. china immediately denounced the u.s. move and sent air and naval units to follow the ship and warned it to retreat. all interactions were safe and professional. this is the first freedom of
1:33 pm
navigation operation since president biden took office. >> we're in international waters. we like every other nation has the right to operate, to sail, to fly in international maritime space and airspace. >> a spokesperson for the seventh fleet made it clear that china was the target of this onner raise. said "as long as some countries assert maritime claims as reflected in the 1982 laws of the sea convention, the right of freedom is guaranteed to all states, the united states will continue to defend those rights and freedoms. that according to the seventh need spokesperson. beijing is watching the u.s. navy. china will continue to maintain a high level of alert at all
1:34 pm
times, respond to all threats and provocations and defend national sovereignty. it's the hope that the united states will play a constructive role there peace and not the other way. the islands are a contested area with china, taiwan and japan each claiming sovereignty. >> neil: what could possibly go wrong there? jennifer griffin, thanks so much at the pentagon. meantime, you heard dr. fauci say in an ideal world everybody should be vaccinated before they can get back to doing anything like a normal life. that is not happening right now. a lot of teachers are refusing to go back until the vaccinations are assured. what happens next? after this.
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>> you can have children going back to school without having everybody vaccinated. >> neil: you know, that's been the opinion of a lot of folks, including scott walker, the wisconsin governor. governor, you've been pounding this issue. it's never going to be a perfect world to dr. fauci's point. that is not and should not get in the way of getting kids back in class. what do you think? >> it's exactly right. the biden administration's own cdc director came out and said that you don't have to have every teacher vaccinated to safely go back to school. the white house quickly said those were her opinions and not official. but the fact of the matter is, the american people and scientists should be making these decisions, not the ununion bosses. you're not an essential worker
1:40 pm
if you can't show up. >> neil: it's like a quasi lock down. we're also seeing in canada the multiple lock downs have all of a sudden stopped and now impressive job growth. i'm wondering if the same can happen here. that is an extension of a lock down, bottom line. >> it is. you leak at chicago for that matter and places like new york, catholic schools have been open since the fall. so there's no reason why in new york, chicago and elsewhere that they can't be open. it's damning for the children that are suffering. we've seen any number of reports that show that learning is being depressed as well as we saw in las vegas, for example, where they went back to school because they saw suicide rates going up. you're right. there's a economic impact as well. parents can't go back to school, particularly low income or minority families can't go back to work if their kids aren't in
1:41 pm
school. that is a real issue. one of my former cabinet members run as school on the south side of milwaukee, a hispanic neighborhood. she sade last year, that i were going back in august because if she didn't, the families would be losing their homes and they couldn't have that happen. they did it and did it safely. >> neil: you know, we had a jobs report out today that was pretty good. showed jobs at 49,000. less than we thought. they revised the prior month's data down more jobs than what we thought. still 6.3% unemployment rate. the biden administration said we have to go big on stimulus to turn this around. what do you think on that? >> i think the bottom line is, you want to get the economy going, get people back to work. a lot of folks watching and a lot of folks in the country with while collar jobs, working from home using zoom and other technologies don't see this as critically as those that work
1:42 pm
with folks in blue collar jobs. they have to show up. if their places of work are not open, they're get getting a pay check and affecting the lives and others in similar industries out there. so the best thing we can do -- i'll be in florida for a young americans freedom foundation conference. sadly places like new york and california have consistently switching back to lock downs that is hurting small businesses, restaurants, taverns. we need to get america back to work rather than pouring money into people's hands. get the economy back open in our cities. >> neil: governor scott walker. enjoy the warm weather there. looks beautiful. thank you. former governor of wisconsin. disney world in florida, open
1:43 pm
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>> neil: all right. what doesn't be long and why when it comes to disney? in florida, disney world has been open. mask wearing, all the stuff you have to do working out fine. disneyland, no signs yet that it will open any time soon. and that got this california democratic assembly woman mad as you know what to try to change that. she says she's introducing a bill to speed up disney and other amusement parks in the state. assembly woman, good to have you here. explain what you're doing. >> yes. thanks for having me, neil. i am eager and wanting our theme parks throughout california to move in to a more moderate phase as far as our tiered system. we know the road to recovery is bringing back thousands of theme park employees back to work safely. >> neil: so what reaction have
1:48 pm
you gotten from folks? i'm sure disney had their druthers would want to. we have reached out to them but haven't heard. what is still stopping them? the case count, hospitalization count in california? we reached out to governor newsome. haven't heard back. what is the problem? >> first of all, we've had wonderful reaction. we have had many, many not only employees but patrons that want to get back out. we know that most of the attractions are outdoors and we know that the surrounding businesses around our theme parks. we're also talking about the historic knoxbury farm in my district. so people want to get back in a reduction as far as capacity. we have been talking to the governor's office. they're listening. we brought this bill forward knowing that we have an increase in vaccines, knowing that our numbers are starting to go down.
1:49 pm
so it's time to look for a pathway to recovery. >> neil: but there's no pathway yet. seems like it's shut and no indications to open any time soon. you might jar some people to try that. what are your thinking in your gut will happen, assembly woman? >> i'm a legislator. i'm elected to do the people's work. so this is one of our avenues, which is to put forward legislation. that's what we're doing. yes, we want to encourage not only the governor's office but the health department to relook at not only what is happening across the country but also to look at other venues that are open like our parks, like golf courses, indoor gyms and to look at the tiers, to adjust the tiers allow disney to open up and other theme parks in a speedier fashion. >> neil: it's not a bad idea. i wish you well. a great idea.
1:50 pm
i don't know why they can't do that. thank you, sharon. disneyland right now is essentially still closed. opening itself up to help with vaccinations and the like. the same thing going on in new york right now at yankee stadium of all places and a host of other spots. that's where you'll find bryan llenas on making that a mass vaccination site. bryan? >> neil, that's right. the iconic yankee stadium, home of the bronx bombers now a mass vaccination site. this is a real concerted effort by the city and the yankees to reach out to minority communities. 15,000 appointments every week but only for bronx residents that is because the bronx is the hardest hit borough in new york city. this is home to black and hispanic families that are also disproportionately hit hardest by covid-19. when you look at the numbers in terms of vaccination rate, they're low. in new york city, 29% of the
1:51 pm
population. but hispanics make up 15% of the vaccines. it's the same thing nationwide. these disproportionate numbers in terms of minorities being undervaccinated. the man reasons are, accessibility and distrust in the government and the healthcare system as well as a digital divide. not understanding how to go through the logistics of having to make an appointment online. the yankees and new york hope that this site will make a difference in that stark racial divide in terms of vaccinations. it's not only baseball, neil. the nfl writing a letter to president joe biden letting him know that 32 nfl stadiums are ready and able to serve as mass vaccination sites, but the big thing now, the real hurdle, is we just need doses. the supply issues nationwide are what mayors and governors is holding them back, neil.
1:52 pm
>> neil: this could help pave that way. we'll see closely, bryan. thanks. bryan llenas following all of that. well, you know, the tampa bay buccaneers are underdogs in the super bowl this weekend. that didn't stop one fellow from forking over close to $3.5 million betting on tampa bay to win it. that is the largest wager yet on this super bowl. what is he thinking? after this. you packed a record 1.1 trillion transistors into this chip i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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♪ ♪ >> neil: you know, there must be a lot of money in mattresses and furniture, the furniture store owner known for making some huge sport bets has just put down close to three and a half million dollars on the underdog tampa bay buccaneers to cover the spread and then some in this super bowl but he's got them i needed to do it, the largest ever so far for super bowl 50 and he joins us right now, go to have you have you. >> nice to be on, thanks for having me. >> neil: all right, right now as things stand, 3.46 million on tampa bay, they have to cover the spread, doesn't matter how much they win by that anymore than, let's say, three points and all of a sudden you are out the money, are you worried about that? speak i know, i'm not worried
1:57 pm
about it, we have a promotion where if a customer buys a tempur-pedic mattress and tampa bay wins the big game, they get their money back. not a lot of customers excited about the big game, hopefully tampa will win and the customers win and that's the best deal of all. >> neil: you are a big brady fan and that's part of the wager math here, you think he's got the experience to pull it off. >> i do, i'm a big tom brady fan, some friends of mine that played football with them before tell me what a great guy he is so obviously he's got a lot of experience, patrick holmes is a great player, it's going to be a great super bowl, something the entire country needs, we been a malaise malaysia last year obviously so hopefully this will pick things up and turn it around. >> neil: you realize that brady is like 84 years old, does not hurt your math? >> he's 26 years younger than me so he's our youngster.
1:58 pm
>> neil: [laughs] you did something similar with the world series, you had houston over the nationals to win seven games but it didn't go your way, obviously you are a wealthy guy and you can afford to lose a lot of money but does a get you nervous when you see something like that, oh, my gosh, i'm out? >> against my wife nervous, i don't worry about it much, i worry about the customers, you'll make another dollar tomorrow so i'm not worried about that. i'm worried about making retail viable, retail is buying all over the country, we remain very viable with our customers and relevant so that's what we're trying to do. >> neil: you have to sell a lot of mattresses to wake up for that. >> were going to sell lots of them. >> neil: you've already crunched the numbers, you are a pretty good businessman, you've crunched the numbers on this and
1:59 pm
you're going to come ahead aren't you? >> neil: either way the best outcome is very tampa bay to a win and to get all the free mattress, going on for decades just when i gave away $9 million when seattle beat the denver team, we are looking forward to an exciting game and hopefully the bucs will win and customers will be sleeping free for decades to come. >> neil: you are shrewd, you are on this show, you must've done something right. thank you very much. close to three and a half million dollars, single-game, single outcome, not the first time. he's had good luck with these things, the prior big bets maybe not but overall he's made more money than he's lost on these things. speaking of the super bowl, we've got joe namath joining us tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m. eastern time as we look ahead to the big game and what's at stake, mississippi republican senator roger wicker and then the city attorney of
2:00 pm
san francisco's doing his own school district because wait a minute, kids matter more than teachers, why can't we all get on the same page and open things up? he's suing to make the point. tomorrow, we will see you then. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello everybody, i'm jesse watters along with juan williams, dagen mcdowell, greg gutfeld and martha maccallum. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it's another day and yet another example of hypocrisy from democrats. joe biden and his white house have preached endlessly about how we have to follow the science and listen to the experts. and they promised that they always will, you may remember this. >> i think it's important to follow the science, listen to


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