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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 7, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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navy at midway. so 32 pearl harbor survivors still to commemorate that battle 80 years ago today. martha? >> martha: saw a few old friends of mine there with you. thanks for being there. we all remember this very important anniversary 80 years since pearl harbor. that's "the story" today. see you back here tomorrow. >> the president made clear throughout that diplomacy has to come. we'll see. >> neil: we're watching and waiting. the president and president putin holding a video call as russia building troops. the white house warning of a strong response if putin invades ukraine. but what will that response be? the president holding calls is u.s. allies including france,
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germany and britain right after that meeting. coming up, we're going to take to mississippi republican senator roger wicker on the armed services committee on what he thinks the president has to do now. welcome. glad to have you. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." the russian media was allowed in for the start of the call. the u.s. media was not. to hillary vaughn on where things stands right now. hi, hillary. >> after that two-hour video chat between president biden and russian president putin, jake sullivan was asked if the world is any safer after that video chat. he said he could not predict that and only would say that time will tell. >> the discussion between president biden and president putin was direct and straightforward. there was a lot of give and take. there's no finger wagging. all i will say is that the ultimate metric for whether the
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world is safer or not is facts on the ground and actions taken. let's see. >> biden did threaten economic action if putin ramps up his military action against ukraine and also called for putin to deescalate. some senate democrats tell me that they don't think that that should be the only thing on the table. >> you think military action should be on the table of options to convince putin to back off? >> i don't think any options should be off the table. >> there's something new on the table though today. a 180 on russia's nord stream 2 pipe line to europe. after months, president biden defended his decisions to green light the project. he's backtracking the white house describing it as a economic action that germany could cooperate with. jake sullivan saying today since gas is not flowing through the pipeline yet, it's not leverage
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for russia but leverage for the west. biden is expected to ask germany to coordinate to stop or utilize the norm stream 2 pipeline as an economic sanction if russia invades you vein. republicans say biden rolled over on the pipeline to begin with and now is looking for germany to bail him out. >> why do you think the white house is backtracking on a policy that they defended for months? >> well, because president biden is obviously wrong. if you look at right now we have over 100,000 russian troops on the ukrainian border. that's joe biden's fault. the reason this has happened is because joe biden surrendered to president putin on nord stream 2. >> the white house will also brief congressional leaders here on capitol hill, neil, about that meeting with putin. it will be interesting to see as we talk to lawmakers here if they have a different perspective following that
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briefing. neil? >> hillary vaughn, thanks very much. to republican senator roger wicker who serves on the armed services committee. senator, we don't know a lot of what transpired in that phone call. we do know that vladimir putin still has the 100,000 plus russian troops on the border. do you think he will hold off? >> i hope he does. two schools of thought on this. one is that it's a ruse, he doesn't have any intention of going in instead of using it as a bargaining chip. a lot of other people think that an invasion could take place and could take place within weeks. i'll just say this. vladimir putin has surprised the west twice. once in 2008 in georgia invading a sovereign nation and then in
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2014 with ukraine. he could surprise us again. i hope although there was no finger wagging in the conversation from the president today, i hope there was a show of resolve that we think this would be a game changer for free europe and it's something that the united states and our allies cannot tolerate. >> neil: senator, some of your republican colleagues think we should have troops in the region. they didn't delineate how many or they would be utilized in a confrontation with russia. but their mere presence would be effective. what do you think of that? >> actually, there's over200 u.s. troops in ukraine right now under the uniforms of the national guard perhaps from california, which is their partner national guard organization and perhaps also from florida. there's american troops in ukraine now. >> neil: so you think about it,
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they're holding putin back? he has these troops there? >> but they are there and also there's nothing wrong with us getting our troops in place in nato countries that are treaty allies of ours. i would be supportive of that. i would not rule out military action. i think we start making mistakes when we talk options off the table. so i would hope the president keeps that option on the table and to the extent that he has agreed to reverse his mistake on nord stream 2, if that is in fact what came out of the discussion today, i would applaud that. i hope he doesn't. >> neil: what does military action mean, senator? >> military action could mean that we stand off with our ships in the black sea and we reign
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destruction on russian military capability. could mean that. it could mean that we participate. i would not rule that out. i would not rule out american troops on the ground. why don't -- do you know we don't rule out first use nuclear action. we don't think it will happen. but there's certain things in negotiations if you're going to be tough that you don't take off the table. so i think the president should say that everything is on the table. frankly to the extent that you had democrats on the show right before me being quoted as saying we need to be tougher, i support that and i appreciate that. i think they represent the fear that we have in the congress that losing a free democratic ukraine to russian invasion would be a game-changer for a
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free europe. >> neil: thanks, senator wicker. the defense secretary for his part did seem to kind of rule out a military-type action. take a look. >> i think there's always -- until something happens, i always believe there's a chance to resolve it in ways other than force. >> neil: all right. bob mcguinness here with us on that. colonel, what do you think of that? we don't know what is going on hand thescenes. what do you make of where we go from here? >> our national interests are questionably at risk here. we don't like to see a democracy fall. keep in mind, there's 40 armor battalions lined up tag ukraine. there's 2900 infantry fighting
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vehicles, 1,600 artillery tubes, maybe more than 100,000 troops. putin is serious, this is far more than he had on the ground in 2014 when he took crimea. this is credible. however, he's made it very clear in his state of the union address back this april, he said there will be a future russia ukrainian country. he's not going to surrender to nato. he's not going to allow ballistic missile from nato to be able to reach moscow from ukraine. so he has to be assured, which i'm sure he argued with mr. biden today, you give me guarantees and maybe we can talk. >> neil: but he's going to keep the troops there whether or not they would go in ukraine. would relieve people in the west if he would draw down the troops. that doesn't a mere likely.
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i'm wondering whether the strategy of imposing more sanctions is the answer. russia is among the most sanctioned planets on the country right now perhaps saving iran. i wondering what they would do? >> i don't think sanctions will deter putin. he probably has a special deal working with president xi and regarding taiwan. i think they're collaborating, neil. they do. they've had meetings here recently, they have common agendas and they smell weakness. mr. biden, unless he comes through with something that is far more stronger, they'll take advantage of this. kind of the tail wags the dog here. if you look behind the armor battalions, the infantry battalions and troops, you see a lot of supplies building up. that communicates to someone
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like me that has faced this, they have depth. this depth is beginning to build behind the russians today. >> neil: we'll watch it closely, colonel. thanks for taking the time. we're waiting to hear from the administration, from the president himself. we do know he's been conducting phone calls with foreign leaders of the west. whether or not they have his back and whether they will make any response to his his comments. another alert to bring to you before we take a break here. the dow joins industrials sprinting up 500 pints and has everything to do with easing anxieties against the omicron variant. it doesn't appear to be as dangerous ease add lot of concerns. could improve a short life but did materialize today. easing worries that this will settle itself and the fact that
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>> neil: you have probably seen these smash and grab burglaries that are all the rage, particularly in california, where some authorities are saying perhaps we've been too lenient on this and this resolving door of getting people in to be seen and dismissed and never seen a day or hour of jail time has fed the beast. jonathan hunt with more on this. jonathan? >> neil, it's not an overstatement to say police chiefs in the los angeles area are frustrated in the wake of the fate of violent robberies here. high end stores and malls and cannabis dispensaries far getted. law enforcement has responded including arresting 14 people here in l.a. that were released under a zero bail policy that was introduced at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to reduce l.a.'s crowded and
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at-risk prison population. police chiefs claim that policy and other justice reforms are now encouraging crime. >> we're catching the criminals and the problem is we're catching them over and over again. they're being released very quickly without bail. they're not staying in prison. so we continue to deal with the same people again and again. >> the zero bail policy was produced before l.a. county district attorney george gascon took office. as the lead prosecutor here, his critics still want to see tougher action from him and a group of activists is now launching a second recall attempt against the d.a. having failed badly earlier this year. other das are heading out at gascon and other progressive-minded das for their refor-minded agendas. >> this is rampant, it's systemic and george gascon and
1:18 pm
all of these week district attorneys across the country, they're doubling down. >> george gascon's office refuting that and says of the recent spate of robberies "we will hold those responsible accountable." also we should point out that robberies and burglaries are mainly down compared to 2019. but that of course cold comfort for all the recent victims here, neil. >> neil: thanks, jonathan. get reaction to this from karl rove, fox news contributor, former white house deputy chief of staff. best selling author. karl, this crime issue has galvanized voters across the country no matter the party. i'm wondering if these type of incidents especially when we see them again and again have already changed the complexion of the 22 race. what do you think? >> well, i think that's right. rightly fairly or unfairly a lot
1:19 pm
of people place this on democrats, mayors and city councils that want to defund the police, high profile figures like representative talib of michigan that supports a bill that would empty out federal prisons in a year. there's not a lot of data on this regarding the national scene, but there was a very interesting poll june 30th, abc "washington post" poll asking people to rate president biden on his handling of the issue of crime. approve 38%, disapprove 48%. so etch though we had this spat of high profile of smash and grab property crimes that hit particularly on the west coast, the leader of the democratic party was upside-down on this issue and probably got worse. >> neil: i'm wondering as we progress here, a lot of people and ordinary reluctance to return to in-person work and cities and the like and a good many of them where i am right now, new york, it's crime that
1:20 pm
has got them concerned, not necessarily covid. what do you make of that? >> i think that's probably accurate. we're all learning to live whether we like it or not with covid. i think you see this again reflecting this whole belief that we have to get on with our lives and what are the impediments getting on whether it's government regulation, whether it's education, virtual education or crime or whether it's just a general sense that our society is somehow upside-down. you see this in the president's approval and disapproval. the lowest approval rating of any modern elected president with the exception of donald trump. part of this is this. people think only 28% think the country is going in the right direction. 62% think it's off on the wrong track what that happens, we're in a deep recession or depression. you can look at these cultural issues like how do you feel about crime?
1:21 pm
what do you think about the quality of your schools? you think that people are getting ahead? what do you see when you go to the grocery store or gas pump. crime, recovery from the pandemic, education are all conspireing to give the president a deep hole in which he finds himself. >> neil: you remind me that sometimes you have to be careful with snap shops of how the electorate feels. i'm reminded of that in "the washington post" talking about where ronald reagan was in 1983 and people were beginning to doubt that he could be re-elected. the recession was still dragging on, inflation was coming under control. the benefits would still be off. he turned that around, of course. i know there's some great differences here. do you think republicans risk getting ahead of themselves on this? >> well, i think you need to go back and take a look at what that history was. what was the reason that we felt badly? why was this country in a funk
1:22 pm
and why was the president as seen as failing? it was the economy. people said we don't have enough jobs. there's not enough prosperity. he took the tough medicine in 81 and 82 and suffered a defeat in the mid-terms. but the policies were right. but 1983 it was turning around around 1984 it was roaring. i'm not sure it's analogous here. it's not just the economy. it's inflation which the administration doesn't acknowledge, and crime that they say they don't have a responsibility and concerns about the border. it's a sense that our education system is warped by critical race theory and educators that don't want to pay attention to families and students and who want to put the benefits necessary and demanded by teachers above the necessity of teaching our kids to read, write and add and subtract. so i think it's a more complex picture than in 1981 and 82.
1:23 pm
we had a sense back then on the international front that america needed a boost of confidence and we got that there ronald reagan. we're not getting that from president biden. >> neil: i thought you would remember differently. i was too young. i thought you could offer insight there. thanks, karl. good seeing you again. >> thank you, neil. i'll check in with you from the old folks home later on. >> neil: and karl was wrapping up, the cornell law professor critics that claimed was a communist pulled her nomination to be the controller of the currency and president biden accepted that with regrets. they're back to scratch to see the controller of the currency. big news in new york. we told you about crime. right now it's about to covid mandate instituted by a mayor that will be gone in three
1:24 pm
weeks. what's going on there, madison? >> neil, there's so much going on. businesses are confused in what implementation will look like because mayor de blasio is not announcing what goes in to that for over a week. a lot to unpack here. a lot that businesses and people that live and work in new york city. i'll bring you all of that coming up. ♪ my songs know what you did in the dark ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ i'm on fire ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em... ♪
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>> new york's major outgoing parting shot at new yorkers even in the private sector to get vaccinated, every single one of them in the next three weeks. what? after this. as a professional bull-rider i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record.
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1:29 pm
two or more workers and he wants it done as soon as possible. let's go to madison with how that is being received. madison? >> yeah, this was shocking news for everyone yesterday when it was announced. this is by far the strictest vaccine mandate that have seen in the united states. the businesses i have spoken to say they were blindsided when this came through. because it is so far reaching. there's a lot of questions that i've been hearing from these business workers and owners. that's because when it comes to enforcement and penalties, none of that is yet understood. the major is not announcing information about that until december 15. so here's what we do know about the mandate as it stands right now. so effectively with these new mandates, anyone 5 and up that is unvaccinated will be barred from going to restaurants, gyms and entertainment spaces. if you work in new york city, you have to be vaccinated by
1:30 pm
november 27. if you're not vaccinated, you're barred from working in new york city. the owner of this salon said this is another blow to their recovery. watch. >> we have to prepare for everything. but what we can't prepare for is something that is thrown on us last minute. coming off of very difficult two years to begin with. we have -- we're in the midst of the holiday season. to tell my staff january 1 that they may not have a job is a difficult thing to do. >> this is not just happening during the holiday season. there's other timelines that add to that uncertainty, this goes into effect at the end of december and then just five days later, de blasio is out and eric adams takes office. he has yet to say whether or not he will be enforcing this mandate. >> neil: incredible. madison, thanks very much. to mercedes colwin.
1:31 pm
i don't understand this. this takes effect before he formally leaves. can he do this? >> always great to be on with you, neil. yes, he can. understand the umbrella of public safety and public health, it gives tremendous power to the local government. that's what he's doing here. frankly, the mayor in the final weeks is putting in an extraordinary mandate in place who has been tried not in this expansive scope but several of the lawsuits seeking similar mandates. the nypd tried. they failed in state court. another action was brought in federal court by another group of individuals that felt that the vaccine mandates violated their right, their religious beliefs. that was also defeated by the second circuit, which is the court of appeals. >> neil: isn't this different in that we're talking about private
1:32 pm
enterprise? isn't that a little different here? >> well, the one in the federal courts was a private group that brought it under the mandate saying the fact that these vaccine mandates are physically not giving a carve out for religious beliefs. that's problematic. that was defeated in the court of appeals. so yes, there's no doubt there will be i'm sure some class action, something will be brought to the courts saying businesses like this business that you profiled just moments ago, would this be really devastating to the smaller businesses if this vaccine mandate is required. we'll have to see what the courts say. courts are agreeing that the mandates are permitted and permitted to be enforced. >> neil: sometimes they can be justified if the numbers justify the sweeping action. in new york ironically things
1:33 pm
have been improving on the whole virus front and the number of vaccinated hit an all-time high. would that mitigate that or provide fodder for those challenging it? >> there's cases similar to that. there's been arguments exactly like this. they're talking about the numbers being so small, the fact that there's precautions taking place in the environment. there knorr some extreme measures like these vaccine mandates are not required. we still see over and over again the judges are saying and courts beyond just the local courts saying the vaccine mandates under this huge umbrella of public safety during a health crisis is permitted. we'll have to see what ends up happening ultimately. so far all of these challenges, not just in this jurisdiction in new york but jurisdictions around the country. they're giving in to these mandates and saying it's permitted because of the health crisis. the overall world health crisis
1:34 pm
that ran under covid-19. >> neil: why now is the only question. thanks, mercedes. meantime, back to omicron. the variant that has everyone worried. what we discovered is it is indeed very contagious. here's why stocks were racing today. it's been deemed not remotely dangerous. are they right? after this. [uplifting music playing] ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪ ♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪
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♪ ♪ >> neil: you know, maybe new york's mayor was looking at norway here and contemplating the vaccines for everybody, private businesses as well in new york. the norwegian government is limiting the number to ten individuals at most that can be at a home through the christmas holiday. if you have more than that, you have the police looking at your door, i guess. be that as it may, it's going to be closing restaurants to
1:39 pm
serving any liquor after midnight. again, the deal with this spike in cases. that seems tame. but may be a sign of things to come with omicron if it gets out of hand. so far the new variant doesn't seem to be worldwide the problem some feared it would. it's contagious but as for whether it's dangerous, not so much. that's the early read. to dr. kevin campbell. doctor, what to you make of what norway is doing right now, not as sweeping as the measures like austria is taking but taking them nevertheless. >> i think they're responding to a spike in cases which is different with regards to new york city. i think they're assessing the situation, responding to it and that's what we have to do on the local level. making sweeping mandates is the wrong way to approach this virus. >> neil: with omicron, that's
1:40 pm
the read you get on it. you're the medical expert. i'll defer to you. i'm going on what the markets were doing today. responding to this notion that maybe seizing on what is happening in asia and europe where this is something to watch out for. are they getting ahead of themselves? >> i don't think so. i think that many of us advise watchful waiting as omicron emerged. we talk about we need to see what it looks like and how transmissable. in the early phases, we can see it's transmissable. people don't seem to be getting as sick. the unvaccinated, they are getting sick. very sick. those with vaccines, they seem to be doing pretty well with very mild symptoms. >> neil: you and i talked about this before, doctor, about the number of people unvaccinated that are not moved by these
1:41 pm
omicron developments instead proving that vaccines don't work. they say the hell with it. what do you say? >> it proves the opposite. vaccines do work. instead of everybody dying from a new variant, we're seeing we have some immunity to it. vaccines aren't there to make sure that nobody gets sick at all. vaccines are there to prevent severe illness and debilitation. they're doing their job and doing it quite well. >> neil: doctor, great catching up with use. we'll see you abreast if other countries besides norway take more aggressive moves. right now it's limited to a couple of countries doing that sort of thing. meantime, the president's push to get somethingist history that he really wants but increasingly
1:42 pm
looks like he's going to have a really tough time getting it after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. experience the power fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style.
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>> neil: all right. somewhere between our after the settling the debt ceiling thing is the build back better thing. right now the build back better thing is looking like a dicey
1:46 pm
thing. i don't know. chad pergram does. where are we on this. >> right now there's an agreement between senate majority leader chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell on raising the debt ceiling. democrats will do the heavy lifting and provide the votes itself, but democrats needed a gop green light. >> we want a simply majority without a convoluted risky lengthy process. it looks like the republicans will help us facilitate that. it's not done until it's done. >> gop members won't vote to lift it but will assist on procedure that helps the senate reach the debt limit vote. mitch mcconnell said the gop would not assist but here they are. >> what do you say when you drew the two red lines and now you're helping indirectly raise the debt ceiling? >> well, the red line is intact. the red line is that you have a
1:47 pm
simply majority, party line vote on the debt ceiling. >> we don't expect actual votes on the debt ceiling until next week. the deadline is december 15. democrats are also crashing to complete their social spending bill. there's concern about inflation. >> i'm just basically a realist. there's a lot there that is at a time when we're vulnerable in our economy. >> democrats home to finish the bill by christmas. but that will be tough. neil? >> neil: thanks. to roy blunt, what he thinks happens in the next few weeks. what do you think, senator? >> i think it's impossible to get to this big spending package by the end of the year. frankly the longer it's out there, the more time people have to think about it and look at it and wonder how all of the things the democrats are saying could be true. they say they're going to
1:48 pm
totally remake the economy. they're going to transform american society and it's not going to cost anything. so nobody believes that. i think people will begin to look at this more closely. frankly i think time is on the side of the people that would prefer this not pass, that we try to stay with the tax policies and regulatory policies that we've had for the past four years that were producing really good results before covid hit. clearly see the economy heating up and on the way back. maybe heating up too quickly. >> neil: so if there were to get pushed back in to the new year, it just seems unlikely it happens at all at that time. >> well, i think very unlikely. i'm not sure i'd say that. i think it's less likely that it happens. let's say you get to -- in to february or march. if you get to january it's
1:49 pm
pretty hard to imagine if you come back and start again in january that you get done before february or so. i think you're exactly right. i think it makes it much harder for them to get this done than it would have been six months ago. every day people have a chance to look at this and try to add up the things that don't add up i think there's less public support and every day democrats get closer to the next election, some of them will have to decide do i want to stay in congress or do i want to vote on this purely partisan bill that nobody republicans, house or senate, will be voting for. >> neil: that's still the way it stands. no republican votes are likely. so these reports that some democrats are trying to arm twist some members in your party have not going anywhere, right? >> i don't think it's going anywhere. i think the arm twisting is going to be them having to twist arms on their own side. again, you know, we get into some of the earliest primaries
1:50 pm
by march. people begin to think about the election. they look at the president's numbers. they look at the inflation numbers. just wonder if they can add one more thing to that that they can explain and have a chance to come back. it's certainly likely that we have a republican house and probably a republican senate anyway, but the size of that margin could be affected by how democrats that are currently here decide they're going to vote on this package after the first of the year. >> neil: what do you think -- while i have you here, what do you think about senator purdue taking on a primary governor kemp in georgia apparently at the behest of president trump? you think this was a seat that was a give-me for republicans that might not be now? >> i don't know how that will work out in georgia. i can barely handle missouri politics and figuring them out. in particularly primary election
1:51 pm
politics. again, a lot will happen between now and what is that fairly late primary in georgia. we'll have to see. we thought senator purdue did a good job while we are here. we'll have to see about georgia republicans. >> neil: senator row blunt, thanks. >> great to be with you. >> neil: remember dave neeleman? he's had a number of successful airlines. breeze airways is getting a lot of attention if nothing, some fares that start as $39. the jet blue founder is here next. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> get ready for some more packed prices at holiday season, if thanksgiving was any hint, and jetblue founder neil ehrman is out expanding rapidly across the country with some fares starting as low as $39. the jetblue founder with us right now. it's very good to see you. >> thank you, neil, thanks for having me on. >> neil: i have learned to never doubt what you are doing, and it can be a frustrating one for many travelers who equate air travel these days with going to the dentist, so what do you offer them? what do you tell them?
1:56 pm
>> well, you know, we circle meeting at airports and serve where people want to go, and all of our flights are nonstop coming don't have to make a connection to a hub. we say let's get there attached half as fast. and 30% of our customers are repeat customers. and we are getting them with the great survey mps course. >> neil: new york, west palm beach, what are some of them that you are focusing on? >> we just announced yesterday, services from no folk and to charleston. and it's great city, it seems like everyone is down there, so it's great. and it's let's go somewhere this weekend, and 39, 49, 59,
1:57 pm
whatever and come back on a sunday or monday, and it's great change of scenery, you can eat good food, live music, all of the things we want to do to get back to normal life after the miserable time in the last year and a half. >> neil: mask requirements will stay through till march, do your customers not like that? and if so, the hassle of flying in general, i'm sure is a different experience, but you have heard the legendary stories on the rest of the people, they are frazzled? >> i started the notion that we are seriously nice, and we really wanted to be the nice airline, because some we can deliver on. i think, i have tried to convince people that you come to work nice, you treat people nice and they are nice to you and you like your job better. so when i was happy about the mandate they did not extend for six months, it was just from the middle of january to the middle of march, and hopefully we will get to the point where those
1:58 pm
that are concerned and worried come we and in n95 mask, a medical grade mask and everybody else can go back to their normal life. i would like to see that with vaccines out there. and hopefully we are getting some good news on the omicron virus. so maybe it's the natural vaccine we have been looking for for a mild version, we will see how that plays out. >> neil: that could play out as well, you know that foreign travel, may be a little bit of data, but looking at trips to brazil back and forth, do you worry that it hurts at the industry, but breathing the airway is feeding into the demand for safer domestic travel? >> it does. more so a little bit, there has been a pullback from a lot of flights to smaller cities. if that's what we do. we fill in the gaps. we have 40 routes in every single one of them saying one or two have the nonstop competition.
1:59 pm
so we are still in the gaps where the big guys, if you live in cities like charlston and norfork, usually you have to make a connection before -- to go anywhere. so we just said, we don't have to make a connection, it's greener, you can go on the stop and get there quicker and it costs us less money to invest the savings alone, so that's a win-win for everybody. >> neil: let's hope so, stay calm, stay calm, with the airline, finally on this day, remembering something special. ♪ ♪ you know, there is been a lot of remembrances of that day, the japanese attacked pearl harbor and if i can relay a story from my dad on that day watching that day has a young kid, the very next day signing up to join the service, i can remember as a stupid teenager having the nerve to ask him, dad, did you ever
2:00 pm
think of going to canada? of course that was at the time of the vietnam war and everything else, watching that into orbit, he left it at that, you did what you had to do. i had to do it, and he did! and so did the generation known as the greatest ever do just that, remembering them this special day. good night. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody, i am jesse watters along with katie pavlich, harold ford jr., dana perino, and -- it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." liberal bail reform policy is wreaking havoc all across the country and the radical district attorney's and politicians who helped put in place the returns, don't think there is anything wrong with what is going on. take l.a.'s prop meant top prosecutor george pascoe


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