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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 11, 2022 12:00am-1:01am PST

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five key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol the on so much so that the entire country is consumed by war. the number of refugees in the country is promoting get up to the minute reports from tony fauci continuing our breaking news coverage. the war between russia and ukraine is now in its third week with no end in sight. the united nations believes civilian deaths in ukraine are now above five hundred with nearly a thousand people wounded means that new satellite imagery appears to show the 40 mile long russian military convoy outside the capital city of kyiv has now fanned out and is redeploying into the smaller towns, the forested areas that surround key and some
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parts of the convoy have actually turned around heading back north. it is unclear exactly what the images also show more damage to civilian areas near the city and us defensive officials say the convoy appears to be about nine miles from key. the question now is are the russian troops getting into firing positions or defensive positions? military analysts believe we will find out in the coming hours. meantime, president zelenskyy is urging russian troops to go home. but unless you can to save yourselves, if you just go home, do not commend those who say that you still have a chance in ukraine. nothing but prison and death awaits you who are taking our lives and will pay with your. and good morning, everybody. i'm chris gallagher live in los angeles where it is straight up midnight ten o'clock friday morning in the capital city of kyiv in ukraine on this the 16th day of the war.
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but the diplomatic effort to pause the war or end it went nowhere yesterday as the foreign ministers of both russia and ukraine made zero progress during a face to face meeting in turkey. vice president kamala harris is in poland and vowed the u.s. nato will continue to provide support to the ukrainian people . >> we will do everything together in partnership, in solidarity to support what is necessary at this very moment in terms of the humanitarian and security needs of ukraine, the ukrainian people. >> and as the russian invasion continues, we begin our team coverage with our chief correspondent and co-anchor jonathan. >> he's live on the ground in livy's. jonathan, good morning. good morning again, trace. >> it has been an intense night of russian air strikes here both in east and western ukraine. no coincidence that over the last 12 hours what has been
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a deep cloud cover cleared and we've had clear skies. that makes it a lot easier. obviously for russian pilots to hit their targets and they have been doing so in particular in the eastern city of nypro. we are getting video coming out of dnipro now showing the aftermath of one of those strikes we've had some indications that the target here was a shoe factory. but as you can see from this , it also appears to have hit apartment buildings and homes. we have no firm information on the number of casualties yet, but there is another devastating strike. as you can see, the russians also hit overnight ukrainian air base in the town of that is in western ukraine about 80 miles or so from where we are right now. but the ukrainians are fighting back too. i want to show you this video of a line of russian tanks, armored personnel carriers, et cetera outside of kyiv being taken on by the ukrainians. you can see ukrainian forces
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firing at and destroying a number of those vehicles. we're also getting new satellite images with the lifting of the cloud cover which show that convoy we had talked about a great deal trace north of kyiv. as you mentioned, it appears to be breaking up according to u.s. officials. they say that some artillery pieces are being moved into firing positions that might mean that they are preparing for an assault on the capitol kyiv, given that the closest units are now apparently just nine miles from the city center ,president zelenskyy of ukraine says to the russian troops, don't go an inch further because you will die. listen here to president zelenskyy fauci and nrsc you can to save yourself if you just go home. do not believe your commandos who say that you still have a chance in ukraine. nothing but treason and death awaits you here you are taking
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our lives and will pay with yours and the humanitarian catastrophe that we have talked about in the southern city of mariupol continues a couple of hundred thousand at least civilians still trapped there. we saw that terrible bombing of a maternity hospital and children's hospital yesterday and obviously while they continue to try to talk about and set up humanitarian corridors of some of those civilians to get out, it is not happening. and so many still trapped there in the most dire of circumstance and dire is the proper word. jonathan, back to you. soon the human tragedy in ukraine is immeasurable with the number of refugees now in the millions and increasing by the hour, fox news correspondent lucas tomlinson brings us the story from lviv, which if you don't know, is a major hub for ukrainians who are trying to escape two weeks into vladimir putin's
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war in ukraine, no sign the flood of refugees will stop pouring out of the country. the u.n. says nearly two and a half million people have now fled ukraine, the fastest growing refugee crisis in europe since world war two. we're noticing that more people who are crossing now have less means they may just grab the bag, grab in some cases their pets or their immediate possessions. angelina and her family fled the capital after hiding in a bomb shelter for three years. we came from kyiv because of very heavy fighting happening there. now the train station in lviv has become a transit point for many fleeing the country while tens of thousands of refugees have poured into western ukraine. this train here in lviv is being loaded with hundreds of pounds of food badly needed in the country's east. dozens of volunteers forming a human chain to load the critical supplies so desperately needed. other fellow countrymen, they want to help our people. two weeks ago before the war,
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vladimir wolf worked at a bank. he now heads up this working party to deliver the badly needed aid money. people bring this food fight. >> it's mostly women and children you see at the train station. many of the men have stayed behind to fight the russian army. of the more than two million fleeing half children which are more like russia denaturalizes they simply want a better life for our kids. the ukrainian people think they're going to win this war because they're fighting for their land. they think the russian soldiers who have been killed by the thousands don't really want to be here in lviv, ukraine. lucas tomlinson, fox news, lucas , thank you . just a few weeks ago our next guest, mark savchuk was a public relations manager doing work related to public policy. now he's the coordinator of the ukrainian volunteers journalists initiative and he is very busy getting military gear for ukraine's military among other mark. thank you so much for coming on . we very much appreciate it.
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we know that you have kind of been you've had your ear to the ground and been getting pretty good intelligence where you are. i'm wondering because we have talked a lot about this russian convoy on the outskirts of kyiv and is now fanning out going into various towns, smaller towns in the forested areas. are you hearing that they are going into firing positions, mark? defensive positions? what do you know about this breakup of the convoy? look, i'm not a general i'm not a military expert. i just know that they try to encircle kyiv. they try to cut off all the supply lines, all the roads that leads up to kyiv so that we don't have supplies. that's their plan. do you know by any chance, mark, there a chance this convoy has taken such a beating? we showed video earlier this convoy because they were in such close contact, the bombing they were taking a beating. and i'm wondering if because of that they're breaking up, they're doing what old military analysts would say they should
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have done a week ago or 10 days ago and they're actually getting in defensive positions to kind of regroup because they're in disarray. those are different convoys. the big military group they are forming in the west parts of kyiv, the one that you saw right now that being destroyed is a small column of armor and was destroyed on the east part of kyiv. so then, you know, those are different groups. the group that you saw was like a dozen or, you know, maybe 30 tanks. it's much, much less. that's what they have in the west and the western group of obama is huge like it's insane . and so they try to encircle it from the north to south as much as possible to completely take over the supply routes. as you see here, the roads, the small towns around, that's their goal. and then they want to push into the cities. >> so that's their plan. yeah. and thank you for the clarification.
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we appreciate that . what can you tell me how how how you're doing, how is the city of keep doing as far as ukrainian sources, military personnel, et cetera? are you are you mounting a defense, a robust defense against whatever the russians have planned? yes, of course. and we have been incredibly successful. i mean, if you look at the footage from pinole bouchard, those are two small cities western on the western part of kyiv. they have literally columns, columns of burnt tanks and apc's like dozens of them. so we have been incredibly successful and we basically are waiting for them to finally launch their attack so we can crush them. >> we talk a lot about intelligence and the chair of our senate intelligence committee had this to say, mark. and i want you to hear it and then i'll get your response on the other side. chuck, i think russia is losing right now. they're losing on the information front. they're losing in the court of public opinion. vladimir putin is a pariah.
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the ukrainian forces are taking out russian military at a rate that i think none of us could have predicted. but the overall mass of russian arms that could be brought to bear over the long haul. this could get worse before it gets better because as we've seen in russian efforts in aleppo and in in grozny, you know, the normal russian doctrine is just to bomb the heck out of people if they're military on the ground strategically it's not effective. would you share that assessment, mark? the russian military is not effective and there might be some desperate oration coming. >> absolutely. this is exactly what is happening right now in ukraine. and actually this is sort of the answer to what the west should do. they should help us with more additional weaponry that will let us fight them in the sky because if we'll take their planes out, they won't be able to do that . they won't be able to bomb hospitals with children
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in them. and that's exactly what i think. mr. alexander denuke said before me. you know, we are dealing with this threat. yes, it's a bloody war . but as you can see, they're sustaining huge losses and with your weaponry, with gloves and javelins, we have been very successful. the ukrainian forces really willing to fight. we have more volunteers that we can actually put on the line. i yes. and the motivation is very high. the weapons are incredibly efficient. so what we actually need is just additional support from the west so we can stop them in the sky and we will effectively deal with this . >> but very quickly, the white house and people in the administration say that you're not flying the planes. you have already. to be honest, this is kind of a very weird question to ask. i don't know exactly. i mean, i know our command is incredibly efficient at fighting this war. maybe they don't fight some of the planes, maybe because they know that if they will
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take to air, they will be immediately shut down. that's why they don't lift them up. i'm sorry, i can't comment on that because i'm not approaching. i'm sorry. fair enough. marks weathertech, thank you for joining us . we very much appreciate your time, sir. thank you . millions of people have left ukraine, but for those who can't, there is a scramble to find safe places to hide. we'll have more on where that might be money money news media is proud to bring you this . she's a hero moment. one day she'll change the world. i grew up wanting to go into medicine. we're trained for anything that comes out. she'll make a difference. there was no playbook so we became innovators to work endless days. i told myself i've come to the door. she'll be there when we need her . we're always working as a team. she has change the world. if you can see her you can be
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that's not a typo in the plan. that's right for you at treston welldoc. what about washington and the rest of the western world getting increasingly worried about vladimir putin's next move? white house correspondent kevin corke is live for us in d.c. with more on this. kevin, good morning. good to be with you once again, trace, there are growing concerns in washington and around the globe that vladimir putin, who is obviously frustrated by the increasing resistance in ukraine, may resort to using chemical weapons. now that is in charge the kremlin denies and it's obviously a charge that's also been kicked around here domestically. some people saying it's not true either way it raises the specter of an even deadlier escalation of that conflict. this is something, as all of you know very well, is very much a part of russia's
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playbook. if used those weapons against their own citizens, at least encourage the use in syria and elsewhere. so it's something we take very seriously. cia director bill burns speaking there. meanwhile, critics are slamming the biden administration for its, quote, cynical and easily disprovable claim that inflation in this country is soaring because of vladimir putin. the labor department letting us know that inflation is up huge, nearly eight percent since just last year and for the third month in a row, that tops a 40 year high. even former obama economic adviser steven rattner is saying i'm not so sure about that , calling out the white house on twitter. he said this about the february numbers. no, these are february numbers and only include small russia effect. this is biden's inflation and he needs to own it. meantime, from capitol hill to the kremlin, strong reactions
12:20 am
ranging from disgust to bemusement by the administration has tried to get some laugh out loud laugh out loud revisionist history. they're trying to rebrand the entire increase in gas prices on their watch. listen to this as an effect of putin's recent invasion of ukraine. now you would expect that to come from the minority leader and the senate after all, part of this is politics. but that sentiment was actually echoed by vladimir putin himself. he said that this white house is trying to blame them for their bad policies by the way, tries to top it all off. economists insist that things will get worse with inflation and in particular gas prices surging with the summer months just ahead. trace, you haven't caught live for us in d.c. kevin, thank you . let's get back now to my co-anchor jonathan hunt. what's makes me fascinated, jonathan, is the people
12:21 am
that have heard on television today coming from ukraine, the ukrainian residents, the man we just spoke to there seems to be this heavy push now and they're all asking for those planes, the polish mig-29. they want those delivered. that's the thing. and very few have mentioned the no fly zone. the people that i have talked to today and heard an analyze this today haven't mentioned the no fly zone and are very heavily mentioning those twenty nine migs and i thought that was an interesting turn because i think they believe there's a chance they could actually get those planes. yeah, i think you're absolutely right. you hit the nail on the head. i think they are realizing that nato is not going to look at a no fly zone but they might somehow look at getting more aircraft into ukrainian hands. and when you see the russian air force again overnight going off to ukrainian air base not far from us , about 80 miles or so from the base in the town,
12:22 am
you see why they will need more planes. meantime, terrified families unable to flee ukraine seeking protection from this bombing onslaught. they're turning to shelters, subway, even restaurants. joining us now is sasha gulla kova. she left the u.s. to return to her native to help those seeking safety. sasha, it is incredible work you're doing an incredible sacrifice you have made to come back to ukraine. how are the people that you were talking to that are seeking shelter with you? >> how are they doing? hi, thank you for inviting me more and more people are trying to move to the rest of the country. but those people who stayed here in kyiv, they are very brave and they are ready to defend more and more people asking where we can get , you know, some weapons or how can we help? how can we join the military
12:23 am
forces? how can we join a territorial defense? so actually more and more people get used to the sounds of air aircrafts above our heads. more and more people are getting used to the sirens we hear all the time and more and more people are ready to fight. we are not terrified anymore. even kids' kids get used to those things and they feel much more protected now than they were even though it's not true because we hear air bombing closer and closer to the city and the sasha, how has that bombing appears to get closer and closer? and as we see some evidence that russian forces might be moving a little closer from that convoy that we've talked about outside of kyiv, what is the atmosphere like? do you feel the pressure tightening there or is it simply, as you say, a case of people saying, okay, bring down
12:24 am
we're ready, we will fight? >> i think that we have what are those things at the same time? so first salem, we want to live, right? we don't want to die. so every time i go to sleep i ask my friends in america to call me if something happens because i can be asleep. you know, bomb bomb starts in ukraine, in kyiv first. but the second feeling is that it's actually like, okay, you want to get out of control and people are getting more and more supplies from the rest of ukraine. people are protecting more and more themselves. so yes, we are pretty in tunnels. you know, we are ready. we are terrified. >> but and of course we feel this pressure. >> sasha, how important is the example being set by president zelenskyy here? you mean by sane human kyiv?
12:25 am
i think it's very important. i think it's very important for us to understand. i think we watched all this history movies where if the commander stands in front of the lines, there are more spirits in this army. so of course we feel more safe and more confident in ourselves . but i don't think that it makes so much difference because we we tried to be brave. it doesn't matter if the president in kyiv or no. if you go in mission or no, we are pretty independent and this say, you know, what i mean? sasha, you are a great example yourself of the extraordinary courage and bravery that we have seen from ukrainians right across the country. we wish you the best and we will be talking to you again
12:26 am
and again and we look forward to this being over for everybody in ukraine and for ukraine restoring its freedom and independence from this russian. sasha volkova, thanks so much for being with us. untraced, talking of freedom and independence, i just wanted to give you a quick update on the story of the orphans we brought you yesterday. i told you that the mother of the 13 year old yulia reached out to us , said she could breathe again having seen yulia well, overnight i heard from a reporter in the us who said a man in alabama had contacted her . he had seen his son, the son that he intends to adopt in our p.s. immediately got on a flight from alabama. he's landing in warsaw today and he is coming to get his son thanks to seeing him on fox news. so another piece of good news from such a tragic situation. let me say one thing roll tide, first of all. and secondly, that's fantastic that these that these people are actually taking
12:27 am
the responsibility to bring these these kids. that is you know, it's heartwarming of all the stuff we see that story you brought yesterday really it's just one of those things that it is at least a little bit of hope in a in a lot of doom and gloom. jonathan, thank you . back to you in moments the population of kiv was nearly three million before the russian invasion. now nearly half of the capital's citizens have left. the question is where will they go? because poland has already said we can't take many anymore. we'll have more on that story just ahead. this was when i noticed how white my son's teeth were and how yellow mine were and i needed to make a change. my smiles, yellowish or dingy and it definitely made me self-conscious. i can't magically become younger, but i can certainly look younger and i'm doing
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for less a lot. get our special tv offer a four week trial plus postage and a digital scale. go to, slash tv and never go to the post office again and over forty five you have a frequent urgent need to at night. i have good news for setting your lips just an outpatient treatment that simply reflectance a channel to increase flow with no cutting. yes, no side effects are much more serious bleeding and infection and a unit that can call eight hundred three two oh thirty three hundred and find out if your list is right for you. bottom of the hour. our top story continues. the russian invasion is causing massive damage in ukrainian cities and a major humanitarian crisis. let's get back to jonathan hunt on the ground in lviv jonathan
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pryce, a little over four hours ago, russian aircraft were back in the air over the eastern city of dnipro and we understand that they struck hard there. we have some video coming in of the destruction left by that airstrike. we are told that particular airstrike hit a kindergarten, an apartment building and a two storey shoe factory. now the russians will say again that these were military targets. but from looking at this video and this these buildings, it appears that some of them certainly would have housed civilians. that was also overnight with the skies clear a russian air strike, it looks, because that's about eighty five miles from where we are now in western ukraine. that is the home base for the 204 tactical aviation brigade. we've talked a lot about the migs that the ukrainian air force needs and wants. that is home to some of those
12:34 am
mig aircraft. clearly why the russians targeted that particular air base makes sense. jonathan, back to you in a moment. some areas of ukraine have just been pulverized by russian artillery and missiles as jonathan was just alluding to, damage estimates in the tens of billions of dollars and more than two million people are refugees having left the country. ukrainian journalist sergey popov, who has shown us some of the damage inflicted on his country is back with us tonight from gitomer. thank you again, sir. for joining us . we appreciate it. it's always great to see you. could you give us an idea of where exactly you are and what you want to show us this evening? this morning. good morning. good morning. i'm thinking this night here in gitomer was the most quiet night for since the beginning of the war. just a couple of fire sirens, but that there were no explosions. fortunately right now i'm near
12:35 am
the wall of the apartment building that was damaged by by russian building a couple of days ago. it's my look quite well. but actually this house is no more sb54 for a living ghetto. it is not allowed to go inside because of fear, because it can ruin any moment. and there was a direct hit by the bombshell that the bomb hit little behind this building and all this damage was caused by my explosion. well, it is the steel trying to fix the consequences of previous events like there was some damage in the stations that provide water to the trauma and the authorities warned us to to store as much
12:36 am
water as possible as it is still the danger of repeated strikes to trustafarian to to leave the city without water drinking water. i mean also another area that was hit here in st. is already fixed like a public transport was restored to like neuborne and heat is okay. electricity is okay. so now it seems quite well here today. do you know the city in the people who live in this apartment complex, gitomer are they have they been forced to leave? did they willingly leave and do you have any idea of where they might have gone? but i think we just lost sergey . sir, he has been with us. if you don't know, we're going
12:37 am
to try and get him back . but he has been with us now for the past nine, ten , maybe eleven nights almost since the war began. he is a world class runner. he used to be a television journalist and he has been going each night to a different location in and around normally close to a key area to show us a different aspect, different perspective of some of the things, the damage that he's seen as he had journeyed round he was supposed to when the war broke out move on and go to a running mate where he was expected to rank in the top five , possibly the top ten again being a world class runner, he decided that he wanted to skip that he came back , he grabbed his camera and he has been documenting all this . we are going to try to get sergey back with us . meantime, we are continuing to analyze the satellite images coming in of that russian convoy and why exactly it broke up and went in disparate directions and what exactly is
12:38 am
the plan? is that a defensive posture? it is it offensive? are they mounting some sort of strike in the hours ahead? we'll continue looking at that and we'll be back . continuing live coverage, day 16 , the war on ukraine next . we love being outside, but the sun makes deck and patio too hot to enjoy now thanks to our new sun set a retractable awning, we can select full sun, for instance, in just 60 seconds. it's 20 degrees cooler under the center and we get instant protection from harmful uv rays . sinclair for racing starting in less than eight hundred dollars. transform your outdoor living space into a shaded retreat. your family will love. when you call, we'll rush you a special two dollar discount certificate with your free an idea can you'll get your sunset or for as little as five
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i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou foe consultation call 800 five zero four five seven zero seven. the russian invasion rages on . europeans are debating their options on how to stop vladimir putin. let's get to our senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg. she's live with us of this morning in london. amy, good morning. hi. and also a lot of discussion about russia's accusations that ukraine with western backing is experimenting in weapons of mass destruction and of course that perhaps is an indicator many say that russia may be planning to use some sort of banned weapons and then of course try to blame it on the west. so that scenario perhaps happening in ukraine and that is going to be the subject today. trace of a special meeting at
12:44 am
the un at which russia will be taken to task over those accusations. now this as the war enters its third week with the bulk of the destruction in ukraine coming from upwards of seven hundred missile strikes by the russians. the former nato secretary general says no options for trying to stop the bloodshed should be definitively taken off the table. >> this is indeed heartbreaking to watch the images of russian bombings of civilians. so at this stage i would not exclude anything. i think it's a mistake that western leaders, sbc excluding these and that action . we are confronted with a political gangster in the kremlin and in defense against gangsters should not exclude any action while western soldiers are not in theater in ukraine. the kremlin has said that the
12:45 am
west has already declared economic war on russia and a response to that will come though vladimir putin and his spokesmen will not say what that will be. and in the meantime, trace, people i speak to in russia say that there's another war going on , a silent one silencing one and that is the war being waged by the government of russia on its very own citizens ,depriving them of their freedom of expression when it comes to particularly their feelings about this war. they tell me stories such as one where a couple a young couple was just walking in the snow the other day and wrote no war down with war in the snow. they were arrested by police questioned for three hours in the police headquarters and they've been given a date to appear at trial just for that writing in the snow. a young couple in the near future, putin is definitely trying to shut down communication within that country. amy kellogg, amy, thank you .
12:46 am
meantime, let's go back to our chief correspondent and anchor jonathan hunt. who is live for us in lviv. and really that is part of the problem is that they you know, facebook has shut down their social media, shut down in russia. there is really very few ways for people to get information and clearly to share information has become a very big task. right. and very difficult for us to for us trace as journalists to get accurate information coming out of russia. so we don't know the thinking of vladimir putin. so it's very hard to predict where this is all going. but as the russian invasion of ukraine now enters the third week, the capital city of tv has seen nearly half of its citizens run for their lives, according to the city's mayor. we now go live to maria savea. she's a member of the ukrainian parliament, servant of the people. maria, you're joining us from strasbourg right now at a meeting of the european parliament.
12:47 am
what is your message to european countries? belarus strongest and first message is to continue working with the member states and their support for our full membership, which was submitted as an application by president zelenskyy support it with the vast majority by the 27 member states in the european parliament. and we will further to the consideration of the member states and the meeting we've seen yesterday of the european council well broughton's different thoughts, but it doesn't mean that ukrainian parliamentarians will stop here because we are working on european integration every day delivering european law to the national law. more than that , we are now talking about different mackinnon's which are dealing with refugee crisis as it was rightly mentioned, more than two million people are now crossing the border, mostly men, women, disabled people and elderly people.
12:48 am
therefore you have to reconsider some mechanism to make ukrainian people lives easier so that children can study in schools and there can be a normal life going regardless of this . this practices we keep on talking about military support, about humanitarian aid. we have witnessed an enormous house already numerous, numerous are now at the border going through the border with ukraine from different member states, mostly from the eu but also beyond. and we want to continue. that's why it's very important to have coordination at the eu level as well. therefore we have suggested to have such coordinator in every member state. yup. on maria, tell me a little bit about your thoughts on the military aid. we're seeing a lot of the humanitarian aid, but what about the question of
12:49 am
europe or a european nation, poland perhaps provide these fighter jets? should that is that something that the european countries should do right now in your view? well, you know, yesterday we spoke to a swedish member of the european parliament and he said this is the first time sweden's providing weapons to a third state after the second world war . and we know that the unions such as eu or council of europe, which works with human rights, which conference discuss the new weapons and such support, are actually all in favor of helping. this comes to technicalities like the foamer blockade in december 21 to one by germany, some of the purchase by nato mechanisms. this has to be discussed at the highest level. we continue to work at this parliamentary assembly of nato to for the further discussions. but you if we are not getting
12:50 am
this sorry if we are not doing this no fly zone over ukraine at least over a nuclear power plant and those devastated cities like for instance, marianne, when hundreds of thousands of people are being hostages for a week already deprived from food and water and normal life that we have to talk about separate separate supports on the prestaged including these houses are maria maremmas and say i'm sorry to interrupt, but we are very tight for time here. thank you so much for your time and trace that is the thought we're getting from ukrainians everywhere. they're grateful for the help they're getting, but that could always be more on the way tristam and the president has echoed that several times. jonathan, great to see you. meantime, forty two republican senators want the white house to reverse course and allow the transfer of polish warplanes to ukraine. the white house rebuffed the offer saying transferring
12:51 am
the fighter jets to a us military base in germany could escalate the war. but some lawmakers ask what's the difference between the planes and the stinger missiles already set? >> watch. could you explain as an intelligence officer how vladimir putin might be okay with us transferring missiles that turn their tanks into burning piles of rubbish or shoot their jet down in the sky? >> yet transferring tactical aircraft is going to be unacceptable with a stop. >> jordan, former naval intelligence officer and overseer at stanford's hoover institution. i asked you the same question last night, john. i said, listen, what's the difference between not exactly what's the difference between a stinger missile? right. and an airplane in russia saying one's going to shoot down planes from the ground, one's going to shoot down from the air. and i haven't really gotten a great answer on what the actual difference is when it pertains to the white house saying no, go well, you're not going to get a great answer from me on that because they're
12:52 am
both tools of war . what's really important about this is that this deal was scotched by president biden himself or at least in the white house. and this is hugely important because it signals to putin that he is he hasn't successfully intimidate president biden into allowing the russians to dictate the terms of what we can and cannot send and what we will and will not do and what biden is effectively communicated here is that we will limit what our aid to to ukraine to what we've already sent, which is javelins and man portable surface to air missiles and that we won't raise the price and we won't raise the risk to russia any further. so now president biden has communicated to president putin there's a ceiling to what the united states will do and there's probably a ceiling to ukraine's endurance now as well. so this is a particularly dangerous sort of thing from a game gamesmanship point of view and very dangerous for ukraine and puts them probably more of a disadvantage than
12:53 am
they would have been had it had vice president biden at least kept the options open or at least to send them the fighters because vladimir putin has committed war crimes nilly. i mean, you know, there every day, every day and there have been zero consequences. the white house keeps saying, you know, we have responded to everything he's done. yeah. with financial sanctions. but the war clearly is still going on . and the question is where is the red line on this? right, john? where's the red line? is it chemical weapons? is something more ? we don't know where that is now. and president biden has signaled weakness and an unwillingness to raise the price to the russians. the russians have made it very clear by their actions that they're very concerned about casualties and losses, which is why you saw the dispersal of a lot of that convoy wasn't willing to attack positions. it was to minimize casualties further, you see the russian reliance on missiles, artillery and airstrikes, things do not risk large numbers of casualties or a lot of their soldiers surrendering or disobeying orders.
12:54 am
so when we have when we when we allow the basically allowing the russians to run this war in a way that minimizes their risk and that will embolden putin and force him to hold out longer and basically just encourage him to commit war crimes because basically we're giving them a pass on that. yeah, i just want to quickly just go back and what you said there. so you're saying this russian convoy has kind of fanned out because they're in a defensive posture not because they're about to to fire into keith? yeah. i mean those those are those are those tank guns don't have that kind of range. they're too far outside of the city and you don't use tanks for indirect fire or bombardment. use them for front on assault to take ground. and right now they're dispersed in such a way as to minimize the casualties inflicted by by ukrainian missile teams if they were in an attack posture, they would have what's called the tight fist and be ready to move in mass because that's
12:55 am
what armor is built to do down joe biden. it's always great to see you. thank you for staying up with us, sir. we appreciate it. thank you , jake. well, it is day 16 russian troops are on the move. we don't know exactly what position they're getting into. diplomatic efforts have gone absolutely nowhere. and those mig jets from poland appear to also be going nowhere. i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. continuing coverage, fox and friends first tell you about the rescue right now. are you kidding me? i want to go to you to know where money i get like day in and day out like >> kayleigh:
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the brand i trust is qunol. >> carley: devastating airstrike pummel two new regions of ukraine. bombs levelling cities far from russia main objective. our reporters on the ground. you're watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. check nothing with our teams on the ground. first, the value of the u.s.
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