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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 25, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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meters of lng sent to europe this year, 50 million cubic metersagely by twenty 2030. you know what is coming up this weekend? >> carley: going live saturday and sunday, don't miss a minute, great being with you, "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> we are indeed entering the fifth week of fighting. >> president biden in brussels snapping. >> that's not what i said, you're playing a game with me. >> ukrainian forces are putting up one heck of a fight. >> they have fought the russians to a standstill. it's an opportunity to win. >> were very grateful for all of
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the support, but we need much more. >> president biden of the president of the european commission announced a new deal. >> all of this is bringing the european union and the united states closer together. that is a win for all of us. >> here we go, turning now to a fox news first. president biden speaking at belgium 30 minutes ago announcing a plan to reduce dependence on russian energy. >> biden making those remarks alongside the president of the european commission and is now headed to poland where the ukrainians are scrambling for safety after fleeing their war-torn country. >> at the end of his comments he dropped his notebook. meanwhile mike tobin is live on the ground in lviv as you russian shawls but barred a second another night. it's noon or you are, what's the
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latest? >> good morning, steve, ainsley, and brian baird were all watching the president as he continues his european tour. stopping today in poland. poland is a key ally in all of this as they are taking the bulk of the burden from the refugees. 3.6 million refugees, 2.2 million of them are stopping in poland. of the refugees we spoke most of them said they had only the clothes on their back and didn't have a plan for when they get there. also when you talk about nato troops deployed to cover the bulk of them are in poland. when you talk about something fighter jets or do you cram the discussion centers on poland. weapons sent into the fight come from poland. when the president spoke in belgium he talked about energy independence and spun it to an agenda. >> crisis also presents an opportunity. it's a catalyst that will drive the investments we need to double down on the clean energy
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calls and accelerate progress toward our net zero emissions future. >> and ukraine a prisoner swap took place. ten russians for ten ukrainians. significance for ukraine is that their prisoners include the sellers whose vulgar defiance of a russian warship on snake island became a battle cry for ukraine. we talk everyday about the destruction and suffering of the people in mariupol, this is a new look at it. video shot from the refugees getting out of town. you notice they are in a personal vehicle because the buses coming to help have been fired upon so often. the buses will only go as far as the towns to the west of mariupol. the people of mariupol can flee the city when the fighting stopped but they have to get there on their own power. >> i hear the remark from president zelenskyy -- it's
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essentially -- i need some tanks. i don't have any planes. where is my antiaircraft missiles. now we don't know about supply chain, we don't get the safer obvious reasons. it looks as though if the president was getting what he wanted he would've had a much different tone yesterday. you sense that frustration of military people that you may be interacting with or reading about? >> well i do sense that frustration. you see the ukrainians really outperforming everybody's expectations, particularly with what's been happening around the city of kyiv. if you look further east the russians tried to beat them back with the russians are making ground fighting back in the eastern part of the country. clearly the ukrainians want everything they can get their hands on from the no-fly zone stair defenses, to these antiarmor missiles have been very effective for them. of course they want more because
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they have more armor to beat back. >> the president was pressuring zielinski to make a deal with putin. he already said that's negotiate a promise i won't try for membership of nato. is that even a possibility? >> when you talk about the russians what they have offered as an opportunity to lay down your arms and surrender. the demilitarized is that. that's not acceptable to the ukrainians. they've also talked about carving off the separatist regions of the country. ukrainians say that's a nonstarter as well. with the ukrainians one of courses for the the russians to just leave. and of course that's not on the table for them. see if a lot of real estate in between the two negotiating parties. it just pressure of the ukrainians to accept a deal but
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that's not going to go over too well with ukrainians with all the sacrifices they've made that so far. >> thank you very much. by the way a moment ago i said the president dropped his book, that's what it looked like at the end of his speech as it turned out there was just some awkward moments when he was trying to pull out a little stepstool. i think for the president of the io. merry up a looks like it could flip sometime today. khaki is correct but pf is pushing back. we know the capital in some areas in the russian defense minister who disappeared, he came up with this genius plan to invade ukraine said it would be easy. cito appeared briefly on television on some type of feed. then disappeared right after. he said he had a hard issue but no proof of that. is arresting people, his inner circle might just be inside his head, vladimir putin. it does show a degree of panic.
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russia is exporting more oil now than they were before the war. come on, guys, get it together. >> the claimant stated -- and they damaged two other ones. the russian navy, they were trying to take supplies off of the ships to give it to their soldiers ukraine. >> it was dumb of the russians to put it on television and that's what they did. they were gloating. the ukrainian side and blew it up. meanwhile the president of the united states, when the sanction started a month ago -- keep in mind we just enter the second month. he said give the six once a month see what happened. we said from the sky to know the ukrainians don't have a month. well, it's been a month and ultimately putin did invade in
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the sanctions have not deterred the regime because they are still there blowing up ukrainians left and right. so yesterday at a brief press availability. cvs reported whether he thought the he said that's not what i said. you're playing a game with me. he snapped at her, and he was sassy with a number of the reporters. watch this. >> deterrence didn't work. what makes you think vladimir putin will alter course? >> let's get something straight. if you remember i did not say that the sanctions would deter him. sanctions never deter. to keep talking about that appeared sanctions never eat her appearance because what is wrong with him? the anger he shows how the inaccuracy. here's the thing, we have
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videotape. we have a whole room full of videotape machines. he says his people, who speak on behalf of his administration said time and time again the sanctions are meant to deter. >> the vice president said it. >> the president believes that sanctions are intended to deter. >> the purpose of the sanctions are trying to deter russia from going to war. >> the purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence. >> what congress wanted you to then do is put the sanctions before the actual actions. he said just running abundant 50,000 troops own singer going to invade, that's enough, there were democrats that wanted him to do it to deter actions. east just says no i'm just going to threaten them. obviously he was not pro-invasion so number one what
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is with the anger? number two. remember he blew up after the vladimir putin meeting too with a question if he was leaving. >> what's wrong with our questions? why the anger? >> he would not have been and belgium yesterday had the sanctions actually work. we said from the scout for a month of the sanctions didn't work because putin ultimately opted to. here's the thing to me yesterday during his video feed into the nato summit mr. zielinski thanked the io for the sanctions. in particular he singled out germany for pulling the plug on the north rim too. but he said the sanctions didn't happen early enough. he said russia would've thought twice about invading had you done it earlier. and that's perhaps what have deterred. however, as we heard from the president yesterday that the idea was never deterrence.
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it flies in the place of everything we've heard the last month. >> well if you are not trying to please this degree new deal cohort. if you weren't trying to please the left and those progressives we would have a keystone pipeline that would be working at this point. we could crank it back up and i could work in a year. we could give some of our oil and gas over to europe and they wouldn't have to depend on russia. also they sanctions, we should have fought the sanctions on russia long before they invaded. he said of course sanctions worked. >> the other thing to add to that, the president announced 2o be putting out lng immediately to try to supplement with you by so they have less purchase -- >> than where they going to get that? we have produced enough for the united states, goldman sachs is saying that. do we have enough? >> obviously -- here's the
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thing. we loosen up regulations to do that. they can pretend they're not banning fracking. they make it impossible to drill elsewhere. texas they're willing to do more but they have to get rid of the regulation -- here's ultimately what it comes down to. what the united states agreed to today's literally a drop in the bucket. the e.u. in the u.s. new deal with liquid natural gas will supply for 15 billion cubic meters this year. sounds like a lot, but europe uses 14 billion cubic feet per day. so that's not very many also part of the deal as europe has to reduce greenhouse gases. here's the gas, >> leora is very
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eager to reduce greenhouse gases but they have to do less russian gas. right now they have said they have to drop it by 88% by the end of the air. purchases, good luck with that. if that happened immediately you see russian i really feel the heat. >> meanwhile something else to talk about rules for the but not for me. new york city's new mayor is making some exemptions to a strict vaccine mandate. but it's only for the elites is not for everybody else. that's got people steamed. >> plus president biden says he's ready for a rematch of president trump. >> but the next election -- i'd be very fortunate if i had that same man running against me. >> but aoc's is not so fast. she said president is in big trouble with his own party. ♪ ♪
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's >> new development of the 2016 murder case from two teams from towel fire me and appeared police transcripts just made public linking a inmate to a catfish social account that was communicating with livvy williams before their disappearance. currently behind bars and facing 30 counts of child solicitation, exploitation, and possession of child. a lifelike of miami beach this morning where order is said to be returning to the street, said the city's midnight curfew goes into effect. the policy also bans alcohol sales after 6:00 p.m. officials implementing the role after five people were entered into in two separate shootings
3:19 am
last weekend. and to the sweet 16 number one the tournament title hopes goodbye following the fourth seed. the 74-68 upsides -- going down to houston for the cougars never trail in the dominant 72-60 when. this has 2 seed villanova will survive is the upset against michigan well cats defense shutting down the wolverines to a 63-55 victory. meanwhile this year's cinderella come of st. peter's peacock's getting a show of support from eli manning ahead of their sweet 16 match up tonight the former giants quarterback posting this picture rocking the schools gear riding in the caption i've been cheering for st. peter's for years. they are my local new jersey basketball team. a pretty cool. i'm sure they loved seeing that
3:20 am
picture. it's a great story. >> it's such a great story. >> imagine if they can win again again, ted comeau do you think? thank you, carly. all right, so the president of the united states yesterday was asked a number of questions. we told you a moment ago how we got a little tense with reporters. here he is. we wanted to play the sound bite because actually alluded to donald trump. and in the seal will hear -- keep in mind when donald trump was president at certain points trump rallied against the nato allies saying they were not paying enough. because ultimately trump is not the globalist that mr. biden is. anyway, here he is talking a little bit and you can tell the criticism that maybe he's too old for the job getting under jo's skin. listen. >> and one of the things that i take some solace from as i don't think you'll find any european
3:21 am
leader who thinks that i'm not up to the job. i mean that sincerely. it's not like woke him of the point is when the first g7 meeting attended like i did today wasn't great britain and i sat back down and i set america's back. but of my counterparts, colleagues, head of state, said for how long? so i don't blame -- i don't criticize anybody for asking the question, but the next election i would be very fortunate if i had that same man running against me. >> america's back? emily can america get any worse? >> he said that on the first trip to nato last summer. >> look at the economy, 40 or high inflation. gas prices through the roof. now are facing food shortages.
3:22 am
everything is more expensive. we have an open border. our adversaries are really pressing, they're getting more and more aggressive. china's watching taiwan -- looking at taiwan after everything happening in ukraine and russia, biden is looking so we can it's embarrassing. for him to say america's back. >> it's one of the stories that may be never would've happened if we -- the only story that we verified this morning we know that happened to. it's but he talks about this -- if you look at foreign policy and look at the iran deal i don't think democrats can even believe were having russia. then under his watch russia invades ukraine. the last time they did that president obama was president. they come and we watch the biggest crisis in europe since world war ii. so it's amazing the people think
3:23 am
that. but when the president of the united states sits there and talks about taking a leadership role in that everybody -- you wouldn't find a european leader that feels that way. i'm curious about that because the one that got everybody to spend more about nato and was president trump. >> absolutely. speaking of paul's while ultimately chose talking about the poles between him and donald trump, the poles between joe biden president of the united states are terrible. majority of americans say joe is made the economy worse and blamed them for gas and inflation. here's the thing -- no aoc was talking to new york one yesterday. she was talking essentially about joe biden's low poll numbers. she she said he's going to lose the young voters and this is
3:24 am
another chance for her to push the administration to get rid of us called out. that is her thing. that is what you talking about when she says unless the white house gets rid of this cold that joe's could may lose come of the young people who put them into office. here is aoc. >> we need to acknowledge that the stresses and about of middle-of-the-road and increasingly narrow bands of independent voters, but it's really about the collapse of support among young people come on the democratic base, feeling like they are not -- that they worked overtime to get this president over elected and they are not being seen. >> she said he's risking the collapse of their vote. we'll see, they do want $10,000 expunged from the their data. maybe the listener and will be happier. front cover of the pulse this morning. tale of two cities. look how cities dispelled, like citi field. he of the lady of the left, she's a worker. she went to orientation the other day, they sent her home.
3:25 am
she said she was on the verge of tears when she was talking to the post reporter. on the right side you have the picture the picture for the mets. he's able to go back and play because the mayor has said that if you're not vaccinated it's okay if you're one of the players. if you're an athlete or a performer. >> this is something he had inherited the bossy outside of europe private sector employee up to get vaccinated, really? so sanitation workers, cops, all got fired. 1500 people lost their jobs. when they were unvaccinated players like kyrie irving who sam not getting vaccinated. that means you couldn't -- that's no problem in 49 states, but there's a problem in new york. every time he'd want to play at home he couldn't play. he could only play on the road. we have not unveiled how many
3:26 am
players are not vaccinated like aaron judge, their biggest best player. he says upon further ado i'm lifting the mandate on entertainers and athletes. listen. >> new york city is in a low risk environment. today we take another step in the city's economic recovery and support local businesses, entertainers, and performances. those performance venues across the entire city. just ask any player, some people will blew us, but they are are also those who would be employed and would cheer us. that's not only of the game of baseball, but that's the game of life. we have to be on the field in order to win in both the game of life. >> here's the thing -- we talk about this yesterday. as a gigantic double standard in the cost to the point that ainsley was talking about at the
3:27 am
very beginning. the waitress is going to work at the chophouse out in city hall and yield the multi-million-dollar picture. according to the mayor of new york if you're rich and famous you get a pass. in other words, rules for the amount for me, you know how it goes. there are 1400.00 invisible workers who have been fired. the private company mandates are still in effect for this building and for all of the private people but if you are famous and you're a ballplayer you a pass. why would the mayor have done this? it all comes down to baseball. baseball starts here in new york city in two weeks. a lot of people are sick why would the mayor do that? would it have anything to do with the fact that steve: was the owner of the amounts donated $1.5 million to have mayor adam stack when he was running.
3:28 am
it's funny what a little money will do for people. speak of this late in the front, she is 43 years old and has won 2-year-old child and she wants more kids. she said she's had two miscarriages and doesn't want to take the vaccine for that reason even though that has been proven a lot of by the experts. she said they don't care about little ami who pays taxes. by the way, you can come to work here is unvaccinated commuters have to go through testing. patrick glances the pba spokesperson says that because so many cops and firefighters have lost their jobs. celebrities were on lockdown. new york city officers working without adequate ppe. in many cases contracting and recovering from covid themselves. they don't deserve to be treated like second-class citizens.
3:29 am
their school workers 953 school workers were told to go home don't come back. i'm not saying they are athletes who shouldn't be out there but you played baseball outdoors. you don't need to baseball if you don't want want -- 's it's entertainers and athletes, they say bring revenue into the city? that is nothing to do with that. what about people who save lives? the athletes shouldn't be hellenized, neither should private workers. it was a dumb move i had dumb mayor. why eric adams is slowly reversing things instead of just doing it is beyond me. >> it also applies to performers so the people on stage get a pass. but the people ripping the tickets and pulling the cases -- doesn't apply to them. if you're going to have a role
3:30 am
have a role for everybody. if you're going to get rid of it for baseball players get rid of it for everybody. >> they were our heroes during the pandemic. >> how many nurses were told to go home. he can't do it anymore, so you're not vaccinated. imagine the stress of not getting a paycheck. not being able to continue the life they do have. >> of one of those nurses were a picture for the mets could could be a different story. all right, still had we are approaching the peak season for illegal border crossings. this year the numbers are already overwhelming. border patrol is releasing migrants into u.s. cities now. a texas congressman on the consequences of biden's failed policies next. >> plus hours of cpac's latest conference wiped away from youtube. >> that one right there, wiped away on youtube.
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3:35 am
united states because of our capacity he joins us right now from florida. good morning, congressman, what's going on, why did you put these pictures out? >> good morning, steve, i want to show the world what's happening. i get that there is a lot happening in the world. ukraine is certainly important. but this border crisis is not stopped. we saw haitians overwhelm del rio only thing that is that it's not asians it's cubans and venezuelans. were also coming to eagle pass, they've essentially spread out the influx here and now the administration is talking about doing away with title 42, literally the last bastion that's holding things back. it's insane. republicans are fought hard to keep title 42 in place. as bad so does this this goes
3:36 am
away and it turns into a nightmare overnight. >> sure, it allowed our border control and protection officers to say because of the covid emergency you can commit because you might've covid. if they get rid of that there will be whole bunch of people. in the lead time you just think the border patrol it so you can come in because you're not a citizen because there's a bunch of laws of the books were enough they keep you from coming in. do you think they would use data but instead the administration is essentially saying our policy right now it's working great. >> that's exactly right. i mean step one is enforcing the policies that are already in place. it starts with this administration holding the biden administration accountable. back to 42, 40% of all encounters oh five for title 42. what does that mean? these historic numbers are about to double overnight if this goes away. the other part i did mention as the agents on the ground, their
3:37 am
working their tails off in their mental health -- they are beyond the broken. there are suicide rates are historic. you know last week and del rio there was a 4-year-old little girl that drowned. imagine if you're an agent having to deal with all of these deferent deaths in your in these processing centers all day come of this administration is not taking care of the border patrol agents at all. speak of the other news yesterday about immigration was this administration is going to invite a hundred thousand ukrainians into the -- but nonetheless, they are being invited. they will do it the legal way. our southern border is just another case, isn't it? >> that's right. meanwhile here we are dealing with fentanyl crisis. i ask can we afford to not secure the border? the answer should be no. we should be securing the border because fentanyl is coming over at record numbers and killing
3:38 am
americans all over the united states. his coming to the southern border. everybody should be focused on securing the border to stop this fentanyl crisis. >> it is a killer. thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you, steve. >> coming up on this friday dakota meyer is going to weigh in on ukraine president zelenskyy's claim that nato is not doing enough. to cut i just got back from there. he's just one of several medal of honor recipients joining us today along with these four heroes as we mark national medal of honor day. on fox & friends. 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection
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3:43 am
congressional medal of honor society. as well as sergeant first class melvin morris. welcome to all of you. i know it's a special day every day. it's great to have all of four of you together would like to get your story if i can. can i start with you? what incident was cited to help you get the medal of honor. >> we were in afghanistan going after a high-value target. as we were clearing this compound myself in the ranger behind me got shot. we got pinned down but bind us one building of started throwing grenades over us. as stated one of the grenades
3:44 am
landed right behind those two guys and i reached over and i grab it and as i was going to throw it away it exploded and took my hand off. he continued to work on my guys until they got me out of out of there. >> what was it like getting -- being the recipient of that honor? >> it's a very humbling experience knowing that it's not about you, it's bigger than yourself. it's about continuing to be selfless. we serve and help others. >> joe marmol, december 19th 1966 you were given the medal of honor for your actions on november -- what can tell me about that? >> it was a very intense file -- we were outnumbered 7-1 by the north vietnamese and we had a lot of assets that the north vietnamese didn't have. we had air support from the air force marines, we had a b-52
3:45 am
strike on the first day. but after three days of intense fighting we had 79 american soldiers killed in action and a hundred and 21 kelvin -- wounded. we were trying to get to a pool or two that was trapped on the side of the mountain. i took out a machine gun position that was stopping my specific platoon. i shot a bazooka into the bunker and charged the bunker and put a grenade over the top and used my m-16. it was a pretty intense day and i get wounded after that. >> you will recognize dead. i would say had tenses. you are awarded the medal of honor for your actions. july 13th 202008. tell me about what happened on
3:46 am
afghanistan. >> we were going out to go set up a new forward operating base for the unit coming in to replace us. there were about 50 american paratroopers on the ground and we were attacked by a hundred 50-300 enemy fighters that idea never element of surprise on the high ground. that is outnumbered. i was rewarded for my role in helping repel that assault alongside my other brothers. we lost nine paratroopers that i have never more than 25 wounded. >> my goodness. melvin morris in september 1969. you got your little of honor near trailing, what can you tell me about that day? >> my involvement in taking out the wounded and recovery they killed in action we went up against a major force. everyone in my element was wounded except two of us.
3:47 am
i get wounded three times myself. but i continued to march -- i need to make sure that everyone was medevac to the killed in action was medevac too. they were both standing up and doing what we had to do. >> shot three times five and went back and forth between two enemy lines with american casualties. he did what he had to do and not many people can do it that's wasted out among the best of the best. if i could talk to you all what you've already sacrificed for this country and how much the red, white, and blue means to you about the current challenges we have right now, let's go with you, leroy. you could ten with america's role in it know it seems to be a first major battle in europe since world war ii. >> am sorry, what was the question? >> are you content with america's actions with nato currently? helping ukraine?
3:48 am
>> i am very sympathetic to the crime people and what's going on there. it reminds me of our colonists for the life they wanted to preserve and the freedoms that they loved. it shows their country has true patriotism. they stood upon their own gear they reached out and they said they need help at all we can can do is continue to support them as best we can. >> over 60% of the country's they were not too enough. do you think were doing enough? >> that's a personal decision -- i think our forces are ready to do whatever needs to be done to help ukraine -- we have great great troops of all the
3:49 am
services. i live near an air force base, seymour johnson. they have great airmen there fort bragg is not too far away from where i left. they've been deployed to poland. they are ready and willing to do whatever needs to be done. >> ryan pitts, d you see this as a national security issue even though ukraine is 6,000 miles away from us? >> it's a test i made it's an opportunity that she has, it's absolutely a test. all those national security issues can be. >> melvin morris, finally since the fall of the wall in the cold war we have cut back our defense. we've gotten almost a piece with 33% of our gdp. you see around in nuclear power started to emerge around the world do you think it's time to put more money in defense or are
3:50 am
you contend with our current levels? >> i'm satisfied with our current level. you know i was in the cold war era and i know that we need to prevent the domino effect. this was all about. we have nuclear deterrence they have nuclear deterrence. i was there in the military downing cuban missile crisis. my heart goes out to ukrainian people. there fighting for freedom. >> melvin come i hear you. guys think you so much. if you guys fall can stand up in korea proxy mowers over.
3:51 am
thanks for everything you guys have done. it's been an honor to be able to talk to you today. thanks for what you've given to the country. goodbye, guys. more fox & friends in just a moment. i think he likes them. create a season full of celebration. your happiest spring starts at lowe's. where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln? does it float off into the clouds? daddy! (frustrated grunts) you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go.
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3:55 am
>> we are back with fox whether officials find three bodies submerged under floodwaters in alabama. they say it was a group of adults they were trapped in a car believed to have been swept away during the torrential rain on tuesday. that brings the total number of those killed in the storm 25 now. plus more than 1300 foams have been destroyed and parts of texas or louisiana. adam? >> good morning, ainsley. it's that line of storms we are continuing to track early on this friday morning. probably no more flooding but let's dive right into our satellite and radar from across the country. all of that right now hovering just along the east coast and moving out into the atlantic ocean still the northern portions and some of the interior new england areas. as a result there is some winter advisories across northern maine
3:56 am
into this afternoon. that's what's happening on the east coast but if i take you out west potential record highs running in from the large running into triple digits. also your letter your headlights. >> thanks, adam. california drivers are feeling pain in the pump. in oceanside police is offering a solution. they are handing out a $50 bills to unsuspected drivers. giving away $1500 in total. locals were quick to share their gratitude watch. >> is hard to afford everything. just getting around getting her to day care and all that stuff has been difficult. >> i get like 8 miles per gallon so i'm playing like $300 per week. >> it's going to help in so many ways. i'm very thankful. thank you very much. >> so sweet. those police officers join us
3:57 am
now. well come officers. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> so i'll start with you, why did you do this? >> well i love doing this job. i started it to help people. our acts of kindness we started out oceanside police department gave me an opportunity to help people in different way than i do on a daily basis. pete people don't call their police and the best days. >> waited to get the money? >> it came from the trauma intervention program incorporated which is ran by wayne horton and the horton thorton family, which we are very grateful for. >> that's wonderful. jennifer, what were some of the touching stories? what are people tell you when you are handing out $50 bills? >> we had a lot of tears, hugs, handshakes, fist bumps. hearing people's individual stories was really rewarding. we caught a mom coming back from picking up her daughter at the
3:58 am
hospital. they had been through some medical challenges and were struggling financially. we ran into all the young lady underway for a job interview. we were grateful they catch her and be able to help her in that moment. a lot of people are struggling right now with challenges so it was a really rewarding experience to be able to give back. >> and alina, how did you do it? you are just walking up to drivers as they were getting ready to pump gas? >> absolutely. i work in the middle of the night so i tried to catch people on their way to work. we all have to work at with the rising gas prices it was the perfect opportunity to catch somebody on their way and make their morning. >> that's great. jennifer, do you plan on doing this again? >> we are very fortunate to have received a $20,000 donation from the thorton family. officers have gone such a bad rap guest lately which breaks my
3:59 am
heart because i know your heroes. i make sure my daughter always says thank you for your service when we see an officer. this is such a great opportunity. >> that's our goal at oceanside police department. we try to work hard and be nice and change alive so i really hope other departments do the same clash. >> where are you located? god bless you both, stay safe on the street. thank you for what you do. >> thank you. it is 59 minutes after the top of the art. the second hour of fox & friends starts right now. >> president biden warned of a global food shortage. >> both russia and ukraine have been the breadbasket of europe.
4:00 am
>> in the suburbs ukrainian forces are putting up one heck of a fight. >> of the first full-fledged prisoner of war exchange took place. ten russians for ten ukrainians. president biden and the european union -- we are determined to stand up against russia's brutal war. eliminating russian gas is going to put us on much stronger footing. >> good morning again about 10 minutes ago president biden got on air force one and they left brussels next stop warsaw, poland. >> on the final stop of the european total the president is expected to reaffirm the u.s. commitment to the polish as he continues to welcome thousands of refugees.
4:01 am
we begin the sour in poland where jacqui heinrich has more in the president's trip, jackie? >> good morning, ainsley. russia supplies more than 40% of the use gas and more than a quarter of its oil imports. but the u.s. is right now at near capacity at protection of liquefied natural gas. most of this announcement is going to support europe's need for is going to have to come from experts that would've otherwise gone to other parts of the world. >> putin is issued russia's energy -- that's how it's it. he's used the profits to drive his war machine. that's why earlier this month i announce the united states would ban all imports of russian energy to make it clear that the american people would not be part -- >> yesterday's teresa method not produce the kind of announcement we were collecting.
4:02 am
a unified response in the instance there is a chemical it could pack in it was a and make smaller announcements like saying the u.s. what they can hundred thousand refugees and also sanction members of the russian parliament. this announcement to deliver the e.u. is along the lines of what we are expecting. president got testy when answering one of only five questions that he took yesterday about what the allies are going to do next. >> sarah, deterrence did not work. what makes you think vladimir putin will alter course based on the action you take today. >> let's get something straight. i did not say that in fact the sanctions would deter him. that's not what i said. you're playing a game with me. i know -- the answer is no. what happens is we have to demonstrate. the most important thing is for us to stay unified. >> that is of course not what the administration has been saying all along.
4:03 am
>> yes our intention is to have a deterrent effect. >> we want them to have a deterrent effect. >> the allied relationship is such that we have agreed that the deterrence effect be sanction. >> the administration's new line is that maintenance of sanctions will ultimately stop vladimir putin. >> and, jackie come are you on the nicaea street in north sub poland. when the president comes to poland is obviously going to be meeting with poland officially but i've heard that -- i was reading on line there was a possibility he's going to meet with refugees and he might actually go to the border with ukraine. is that true? >> we haven't heard any announcement from the white house for the president to go to the border. he's in a town -- his first topic for it comes to warsaw's going to be in a town close to
4:04 am
ukrainian border, where a number of refugees have been coming across. but the bigger refugee centers are actually here in warsaw and that is for the president is going to end up. however a bilateral meeting with the president and we expect remarks after that event. >> i know you have not been there very long statement not about attempts to hear some of the stories but i was talking to a polish lady and she's all of her friends have taken refugees from poland. she stands auto train station with a sign that says i can five is have you heard any of the stories? >> to be honest with you we got in here add to 4:30 in the morning and we got our bags and we had maybe an hour or two to sleep before we had to start working in today's reports again so we had to haven't had a chance to go around and talk to people. however, these are the kinds of stories we've been hearing all along from reporters on the ground which is really what drew the president of this location.
4:05 am
that's one you can see all over this season. i think it also speaks to the pressure on the allies to deliver some results more so than just the sanctions that feeling tangible the people in this area. >> in the past the president has been very critical of poland to put them in the same breath as hungary and belarus. i guess that's kind of good god. there might be some -- -- >> the two countries freeing ten prisoners of war each in what's called the first full-fledged swap of the month-old conflict. >> mike tobin's live to the
4:06 am
ground on lviv after russians shells bomb for another night as the warrantor is the second month. michael? >> good morning, steve, ainsley, brian. there have been some small prisoner exchanges up until this point but the deputy prime minister of ukraine is calling this the first full-fledged exchange of prisoners of this war. and of particular for ukraine is that they include prisoners from snake island. in the first day of the where the sailors from snake island were ordered to surrender to a russian warship. they're vulgar, defiant responses become a battle cry for the ukrainian people. you have ten ukrainian fighters and time russian fighters in the swap your 19 civilian sailors and 11 russian civilian sailors. video out of mariupol, this is from a drone operated by the absolved brigades but they've been folded into the ukrainian national guard and they are a significant part of the ukrainian fighting force in
4:07 am
mariupol. the video shows a strike of an armored vehicle and three trucks, part of the resistance that is still hanging on despite the been barred men of mariupol. we now have a follow-up to that strike on the theater that was being used as a bomb shelter. it took a direct hit from a russian bomb despite the fact that the word kids was spelled out at russian on the front and back of the theater. we hadn't been able to get any word out of there because radio we just couldn't make it into the theater. while an independent journalist has made it into that location and size that an estimated 300 people were killed there. there were a number of survivors in the basement but you have some disparity with the depressed because it was estimated that some 1500 people were in the theater at the time of the strike. this is the first word that we have from the theater. in the meantime we have a new look at the destruction in mariupol. this was shot by refugees as they were leaving the area come of this bombarded town by the refugees are shooting it from their personal vehicle because
4:08 am
the big rescue buses are not making it into mariupol any longer. they've been shot at, they been detained, the drivers have been arrested. so now they stopped and tells like began tinned which had this to the west of mariupol. but the president of ukraine says only hundred thousand people remained in mariupol come at the town of 450,000. steve, ainsley, brian. >> thank you very much, mike tobin. in the eye of the storm. now let's go to south korea where the former vice president of the united states is. mike pence tried this again. mr. vice president, this much to talk about where you're at but you met with president speed 19 one-on-one peter doocy this type of potential and valor? because some of the ron johnson did came out and thought i really wish the president trump had a chance to meet with president zelenskyy at a time,
4:09 am
who was the guy that you saw? >> it is a great memory. this is someone who had come of age is a comedian and a television star. i didn't really know what to expect but when i was in poland in 2018 and had the opportunity to sit down with president zelenskyy i must tell you that i was extremely impressed. i sensed his commitment to the people of ukraine, i sensed his determination to lead from the standpoint of principal. i miss inspired by the -- the people if you crack shown. but i cannot say that i'm as surprised as many here because i sell those qualities early on in all the time that we served. at the same time i saw those qualities manifested in his leadership in ukraine. >> mr. vice president, boudin is
4:10 am
invaded ukraine. we're expecting a shortage of corn and meat and other things. nickel, platinum. the president, while he was in brussels said there is good to be a worldwide food shortage. listen to this. >> yes we did test talking about food shortages. and it's going to be real. the price of these sanctions has not just imposed upon russia. it's supposed including european countries in our country as well. because both russia and ukraine have been the breadbasket of europe in terms of wheat for example, just to give you one example. but we had a long discussion in the g7 with both the united states, which is the third largest producer of wheat in the world, as well as canada,
4:11 am
which is also a major producer. we both talked about how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages. >> and mr. vice president, is a fox pool out to asking about if inflation is under control. 52% say the rising gas prices are major problem for the family. what are we expecting in the months to come? >> i think it all depends on how america leads in the world stage, and slay. we need to meet this moment with american strength. look, i'm glad president biden has increased the sanctions. the administration was frankly slow on that. and they did failed to provide even a threat of a significant deterrent. but right now what we ought to be doing is redoubling our effort to give
4:12 am
president zelenskyy and the ukrainian military everything they need to defend themselves. we need to continue to increase economic pressure. that was one of my messages in seoul, south korea. i met with many members of the congress here and leaders and i called nominations across the asian pacific to stand with america and our allies had continued to economically isolate russia. but the last thing that we have to do, and my wife, karen, and i were in poland two weeks ago. we went to the border and went into ukraine with franklin graham in we saw the incredible heartbreaking images of women and children by the thousands coming across the border. the first thing we need to do, ainsley is fake sure were providing humanitarian assistance not only in the countries the refugees are fleeing to come about that we
4:13 am
provide humanitarian assistance within ukraine so the 40 million people who remain in that country are able to sustain the fight. i truly believe that the ukrainian military has demonstrated they've been able to turn back the russians, hold them back. we need to put pressure on russia and economic terms. more every day. we need what i said last week we need a berlin airlift for the 21st century. we need to be marshaling the resources of the free world and making sure that a beleaguered people the ukraine suffering under this invasion have the food in the water in the medicine they need to prevail. >> mr. vice president, when you say the united states should provide everything he needs camino he would like a no-fly zone. he would like those russian makes that his foot pilots know what a fly. but you've heard -- the pentagon says they've got everything they need at this point and we do
4:14 am
want to provoke a third world war. >> if you gave them the miggs and if they made a no-fly zone, wouldn't that be a step too far? >> steve come in the biden administration should transfer those makes out of poland to ukraine, do it immediately. they've got pilots in ukraine and notify them. but just as important, we need to continue to provide the kind of ground-based antiaircraft systems that can take out russian aircraft that are doing the high stratosphere bombing. you know when we landed in poland before we drove to the border we saw u.s. patriot missiles all raiding that airport. and to protect poland and protect our nato ally. now the ukrainians don't know how it operates a patriot missiles, but they do know how to operate these old soviet era antiaircraft missiles as three hundreds and others. we need to be shipping them in.
4:15 am
we need to be redoubling our efforts. likable is a lot of people who a month ago thought this thing would be over in a month, but the ukrainian soldiers using the arms that are administration provided to them -- and they were suspended in the biden administration. the obama administration only sent them here at and blankets. biden finally lifted the ban and started to warm them again. we have to give them the tools to be able to defend themselves. we have to isolate russia even more than what was announced today. and we need to launch that massive western humanitarian effort for the people of ukraine, that is the pathway to victory. as people talk about food shortages, the way that we have hurt food shortages that's what affect the wider region and the world is to give ukraine the ability to win. >> wright, mr. vice president
4:16 am
when you say you want to get that aid in right now is on the ground. would you say i'm coming with aid on the u.n. plane? the airlift was there because nobody was shooting at us. how do you get the food and everything? >> brian just look at 1948. that was 18 months with the berlin airlift. the soviet union tried to cut off berlin from the rest of the world in the western world came together and said no. thousands of plans -- it was all worked out. i'm talking bout humanitarian aid -- i'm talking about. i believe it's an idea whose time has come and with president biden in poland today i hope he sees i never thought
4:17 am
in my lifetime i would ever see thousands of women and children, all their earthly possessions drive behind them fleeing from the kind of mindless evil that putin is inflicting on the people of ukraine today. we have to make sure the people of ukraine have the tools, that we isolate russia and that they also have the humanitarian support that is going into the country today. i must tell you, samaritans doing the incredible work on the ground. but there is other relief organizations working but more is needed and i truly believe that now is the time for american leadership. with american leadership and strength the people of ukraine can prevail. >> of the president is heading to poland. it should be lending a little bit more than an hour from now. in the meantime you are in south korea. north korea yesterday launched its biggest icbm -- intercontinental ballistic
4:18 am
missile since like four or five years which can travel something like 700 miles. here in south korea does not freak the people of south korea out? >> the people of south korea are strong people. the fact that for the first time in more than four years kim jong un fired an intercontinental missile that went into space and landed in the sea of japan is a great concern to. south korea responded strongly with five different short-range missile launches but it's important to remember this stopped happening under the trump and pentz administration because we stood up to cape john lin, we brought a maximum pressure campaign on him. when he realized that there was no give in our administration he came to the table for those historic summits in hanoi and in
4:19 am
singapore and for four years no nuclear testing and no intercontinental ballistic missile. i honestly but believe that as you see the biden administration, literally begging iran to reenter the iran nuclear deal, i think that is sent the message of capitulation that they are hearing in north korea. so they are back to their old cycle of provocation. again i have said many times peace comes through strength but weakness arouses evil whether it's here in the asian pacific whether it's eastern europe, whether it's in the middle east we need american strength and will of the best pathway towards peace and security for the american people and our allies. >> mr. vice president, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you all, good to be with you.
4:20 am
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4:24 am
>> do you think russia needs to be mowed down mike removed from the g20? >> my answer is yes. indonesia and others do not agree. we should in my view have both ukraine and be able to attend the meetings. >> the host doesn't agree, bring ukraine. president biden calling in russia's membership to be revoked from the g20 saying ukraine should be brought to the table. what could this mean for moscow in the world stage? further isolation. new to react strategic and
4:25 am
analysis jack keane. great to see you. all of the yellow areas, they are the biggest economies. that is the g20 beer they go to a central location and they meet often beards or they be kicked out? despite the size of their economy? >> these organizations are put together to maintain economic stability in the world certainly. putin is done everything possible to violate that kind of economic stability. it's one of the reasons why he was booted out of the g7 back in 2014 because of his incursion into eastern ukraine. and certainly this is more than justified. about i'm assuming it takes all the members to do that. absolutely -- listen, after his humiliation of the collapse of the cold war, putin really wanted to climb back up onto the world stage as a world power as opposed to a second-rate power, which the world regarded him as
4:26 am
in the 1990s. he's always wanted that prestige. he sells it at home in terms of who he is as a world leader. so this -- i mean it isn't going to hurt him like sanctions are hurting. but it's an account think. it's a statement about his behavior here in ukraine. i think it's an important statement. >> i hope they do it. let's just talk about the actual nato as together they all made yesterday. as we take a look at the brought blast met by the fighting is actually happen. in kyiv there seems to be some success pushing back in the suburbs, should they have a right to feel somewhat secure there? >> i don't think so, the russians are trying to put together number another offense of pier they've never given up on the fact that the capital city is crucial. what the ukrainians are doing.
4:27 am
they know the russians become defensive to protect themselves to resupply and reinforce. in doing that they are conducting counter attacks and retaking towns that were lost. pretty significant. it tells you also the leadership the ukraine military has bear their generals have a real feel for war. they get the russian well is broken a little bit, take advantage of it. that's why they are attacking. >> there were so upset yesterday. you promised me tanks i don't get tanks. i've been asking for missile defense system we don't we know it's happening. general, something has to change here but tactically i have to ask you this. as part of the reason that odessa has not been paid yet is because they need so much energy and troops here? in a perfect world it would've been able to focus on kiev and take odessa, but they can't do both, is that what this is show
4:28 am
showing? >> the troops they committed in the south are the best troops that they have. there are cohesive and they've been working together in that area in and out for seven or eight years. certainly they wanted to take odessa by now but because it's been such a struggle and the don bass region and marry a pole in the towns around it they have not been able to make progress west towards odessa. they just can't get there. they pulled all their amphibious ships away and they took their naval infantry on those ships that were supposed to go ashore at odessa and put them into mary a polo so they can sew the campaign for odessa's offer sure. they are too committed in terms of what they're doing in the vicinity of mariupol in the don bass region. >> just real quick what's the problem with getting them harpoons to be able to shoot the ships and let them know you cannot come close. why are we hesitant?
4:29 am
>> i have no idea. i mean the end to ship missile should've been there from the beginning. i get it -- in the beginning without listing the was gonna be over in terms of our intelligence services in three or four days. i understand that. the weapons we were giving them more for more of an insurgency than a conventional war. but this has turned into a conventional high-end combined arms war. we should take the wraps off everything. yesterday zielinski said to the e.u. stop being too little, too late. you still pleading for these weapons he needs to find a conventional combined arms war. antiship muscles and air defense systems are absolutely essential. find the countries that have it and get the stuff in there and forward full-time speed. he wants urgency and he wants the valuable equipment that he needs. it defies me that nato did not
4:30 am
make a declaration to this yesterday and their public statements, how committed they are to helping ukraine win this war. because everything is changed in this last month in terms of the opportunity. >> generally will be on with me tomorrow and were going to work on how they when and how to work your way backwards from there. thank you so muchan a journal, have a great day. >> have a great weekend, brian. >> meanwhile hours of cpac's latest conference wiped out youtube and the rest of fox & friends weekend crew, who directed his speech being -- and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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4:34 am
>> no surprise here, big tech censorship strikes again. youtube removing cpac speeches by 19 members of congress. mark levin and even the speech from our own pete hegseth. >> i want to say that is come over here to talk about conservatism. first of all you only have conservativism if you have something to conserve. conservatism is the understanding that you are preserving the things to make your culture -- in our case our judeo-christian western values, special and preserving them. >> right, that is so offensive,
4:35 am
unbelievable. the statement youtube explains that is, we removed content from the cpac channel for validating our election integrity policy. our policies are applied to everyone regardless of the up letters, political views. really? for marla spring and the weekend crew. "fox & friends" weekend cohost rachel cain, and the recently censored pete hegseth. pete, we don't need you to because we have your life. what you make of their excuse for taking your video down? >> not only did we not need any stinking youtube commute can watch it all on fox nation where it's not canceled or deleted pair they covered all the speeches. go to fox nation you can watch them they are. what is it about? it's about strata political censorship. what they said -- this is about election integrity. not a word of my speech was about election integrity. not a word of most of the speech as were about the 2020 election. by the way, look at what mark zuckerberg and others have done editing up to the 2020
4:36 am
election. there's plenty to talk about if we wanted to talk about the 2020 election. it's called political discourse. but they want to shut down conservative viewpoints, including donald trump. he spoke and they shut them down. this is happening at twitter as it pertains to gender and whether or not somebody is a man or woman to. dr. which all of which have been censored by twitter. basic common sense and basic conservatism is not acceptable peer they have to censor it. it is it is politically targeted censorship. >> if you look at the left, dozens and dozens of people -- they didn't really mention an election integrity -- but why are dozens and dozens taken down off of youtube? >> i'm an american and we want to talk about election integrity and interference of big tech on the selection. we ought to be able to do it. i say shame -- they should depend on youtube -- had fox nation and they could've streamed it out there. they also had rubble, which is a free-speech platform. youtube is not about
4:37 am
free speech. youtube is a chinese style capitalist company that doesn't believe in free speech. doesn't believe in free enterprise, they are monopolists largely. and also they hate conservatives. as cpac should be leading the charge of making sure the conservatives understand that we have to stop giving money to the companies -- and by the way also universities, that hate us and want to undermine our values. i don't think it -- they should not have given youtube the opportunity to sponsor them, they should have been on rumble and fox nation. >> well? >> pete, you really didn't seem to think about election integrity? not a line, sentence, or a paragraph? >> no, nothing. i should have but i did not. >> you know it's fascinating about that or why i asked that question? this entire censorship conversation has been the nose of the camel and the ten where it started with election integrity -- it started with
4:38 am
hunter biden. p dimension transitions, it's expanded beyond -- i just made a quick list. obviously if you question the vaccine's effectiveness or masks -- if you question the election, if you question january 6th, looking at whether or not donald trump's campaign listed by the pumping of this segment now is in jeopardy. of course now if you say rachel will be in this man of the year. at the camel on the nose of the dash and it just keeps expanding on the things -- you cannot just forget free-speech. quite honestly, this is about free thought. you're not allowed to have certain thoughts, read certain things -- you're not allowed to think for yourself. that's where we are. >> hey, welcome i've done some research to repair for this segment. i found out your for the content but do like the idea of him being banned from youtube. why's that? >> the reason, brian, save for
4:39 am
about 18 months, the length of my tenure here at fox news have been lobbying the producers to limit the mud of time pete can talk. >> i tell you what -- because we are short on time today. breaking news out of europe. that sensor. right now. well, what's going up this weekend? >> your learning -- be learning from youtube. we have lawrence jones, kayleigh mcenany, congressman peter meijer and congress from an brian lindstrom paired i did my research as well. >> did he mention you, brian? >> rachel you do next, please. speak well, you forgot john duffy is going to be on this weekend. >> look at that. everybody gets a promo. >> thanks, everyone. >> pete stocking but is
4:40 am
pretending we turn down the audio on him. >> all right were going to turn the audio up watch starting at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> straight-ahead the national medal of honor museum breaks ground on tribute to fish they are going to join us next. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes. without worrying if it's too late or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy and learn how abbvie can help you save. it's 5:00 a.m., and i feel like i can do anything. we've been coming here, since 1868. there's a lot of cushy desk jobs out there, but this is my happy place. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land.
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this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion,
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4:45 am
it is ground breaking dates today on national medal of honor day. here with a preview of the site in arlington, texas, medal of honor recipients, major general patrick brady and lieutenant colonel louis witts along with the museum's foundation -- he is the president, who the ceos name is chris cassidy. good morning to all of you guys. >> good morning. >> chris would start with you also a former navy seal, you are an astronaut, why do we need a medal of honor museum? >> well you know it's our nation's highest honor for valor in the battlefield and care mom writing these two general men in their court recipients is something we're very excited to do and were proud to represent this country and bring this up and to life. >> their stories are amazing. we want to know their stories forever. >> we sure do. we absolutely do. we want to know their stories
4:46 am
and commemorate them and you know that's what's remarkable, is their stories. each and every one of them is unique and we hope to inspire individuals to connect in some way to a story in an individual and one of these heroes. >> sure, absolutely. major general patrick brady, you had in the 1970s perhaps the most terrifying job on the place of the earth, you served as two years as a helicopter ambulance pilot in vietnam. how many missions did you fly? and why did president nixon honor you without medal of honor? >> i flew about 2500 combat missions in two years in vietnam we were asking 5,000 people but when you think about the entire war, the helicopter ambulance
4:47 am
people who rescue it a million souls, men, women, and children, an emmy as well as friendly. it was a great resource for that war and the people in that country. >> tell us about your time when you served in iraq and afghanistan. >> obviously i come from younger generation, but we follow the line of those who we looked at their stories and we were coming up to the military and we did that sacrifice we applied it to our own craft as we were overseas fighting on behalf of our nation. for me in the younger generation we fought bravely and battlefields over around the world. today were telling our stories to the next generation. that is what we are inspired to do through this museum. >> absolutely. major general brady what does it mean to you to know that your story will be commemorated forever?
4:48 am
>> i think the most important thing is that we realize that this model doesn't make us special. it does allow us to do special things. there's nothing we've ever done this more special than this museum. it's going to be unique and the fact that it's going to emphasize the value side of valor. courage, sacrifice, patriotism these are the things we want a young woman to walk in to that museum -- he is going to see some incredible people. they're not going to be wearing capes, they're going to be wearing dog tags. but they've done as much as citizens of ever done on the battlefield that person is going to walk out of that museum knowing that he can be a hero -- he can be a great citizen. lieutenant colonel william swenson -- and ceo navy seal astronaut chris cassidy. thank you very much and good luck with the groundbreaking
4:49 am
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4:53 am
>> the drug enforcement administration warning parents about how their kids could be using the moji's and their phone to buy drugs. the dea drug decoder shows how dealers will use blue hearts -- that means math, dragon would mean heroin, and even the school bus means onyx. so it should parents know to protect their children? dea special agent in charge bill buckner is here to break it all down for us. good morning, bill. >> good morning. >> good morning prayer this is extremely scary. he pick up your child's phone and it looks completely and send. how are you using these symbols to catch these criminals are these drug dealers? >> it is terrifying. there's a whole different language being spoken out there. us as adults and parents are not necessarily educated, we don't speak that language. it's been a process of catching up. we put this document come of
4:54 am
this aid to educate parents. they have to be informed about what's going on in their house. if you saw a school bus and they are do you think you take my child is excited about school and love school appear to mean something really very different. it's difficult when these things are on social media, smartphone has kind of made everywhere an open-air drug market. when drugs are delivered right to your door come all of these things have made it more difficult the police will close on in our homes. we've done this in an effort to help parents get front of this problem at home, because that is where the solution starts. >> i know you've been doing this for 30 years. what is the drug that worries you the most? >> without a doubt it is fentanyl. it's terrifying because what's different about it is the way it's being marketed. it's being deceptively marketed. children are especially vulnerable to that. it's getting people who are recreational drug users and
4:55 am
killing them. it's getting people who are experimenting with drugs, some for the first time, and killing them. we've always had a problem in this country with substance use disorder. these people suffering from substance use disorder who are succumbing to fentanyl and dying from overdose deaths. that's part of the problem. but it is kind of exponentially grown now, this incremental increase in overdose death is not people using drugs recreationally who don't know there is fentanyl and the drugs and people taking what they think is a legitimate prescription drug. in reality it is a counterfeit bill that has no prescription drug and appeared to you not to some extent i take issue with that because there is no pharmaceutical ingredients in these pails. people need to know that they illicitly manufactured, clandestinely manufactured -- they are fentanyl pills. they are made in a filthy lab. you have to understand these pills are not real. when you buy them on the street are taking a tremendous risk.
4:56 am
our labs do testing of these pills when we seized them. 40% of the pills we test have enough fentanyl to potentially cause a death. that's a terrifying number. so if that is what is out there on the street that is what the way these pills are being sold that's what terrifies me so much about fentanyl. >> thank you, bella, for that lesson. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. distinctions work or not? president biden snapping at a reporter claiming his administration never believed that punishments would deter putin's invasion. reaction coming up next. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family
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so you get more out of it. >> russian shells bombard ukraine as the war is entering the second month. >> ukrainians will not surrender. >> what the ukrainians are doing is nothing short of remarkable. >> conducting counterattacks and retaking towns that were lost. >> ukrainian forces are putting up one heck of a fight. >> president biden in brussels snapping -- >> that's not what i said. you're playing a game with me. >> now is the time for american leadership and with american leadership and strength the people of ukraine with prevail.
5:01 am
>> president biden leaving brussels about an hour ago on his way to warsaw, poland. >> the president is expected to reaffirm the u.s. commitment to poland as poland welcomes hundreds of thousands of ukrainian refugees. >> mike live on the ground in ukraine with the latest on the russian invasion. we begin this hour in poland. more on the president's trip today and where he might visit. jackie. >> good morning to you guys. good morning, brian, steve, ainsley. we are awaiting more details on the president's trip. he's going to meet with some humanitarian workers, possibly visit with some refugees, and maybe also visit some american troops who are stationed in poland with nato before he heads to warsaw this afternoon. he'll have a meeting with the polish president, we believe, tomorrow. still working out details of the president's trip. yesterday's meeting in brussels,
5:02 am
it just really did not produce the kinds of announcements we were expecting. in accordance, what nato's unified response would be in the face of a chemical attack, for instance, on ukraine. it was a chance for the allies to, you know, reach out together in unison, condemn what russia is doing, and give a warning to china, also give their smaller announcements, like plans to take in ukrainian refugees in the u.s., also stepping up humanitarian aid and sanctioning members of the russian parliament. this announcement this morning to supply with eu with liquefied gas. it's going to take two to five years for the united states to replace russian liquified gas. there are green initiatives in the meantime to replace. >> we're going to excel rate energy efficient technologies and equipment, like smart
5:03 am
thermostats, work to electrify heating systems across europe. >> russia supplies 40% of the eu's gas needs. right now u.s. l & g production is near capacity the u.s. is basically going to divert some that would have gone to asian buyers out to europe. there's been no pledge to ratchet up military supplies to ukraine. the president got testy a lot of what has come out of the trip has not met the overwhelming demand for the u.s. and allies in the west to do more. nato is unified, but they are not going to impose a no-fly the zone or protect humanitarian corridors. they haven't delivered a coordinated plan to respond to a possible chemical attack. the president admits these new
5:04 am
sanctions are not going to deter vladimir putin and of course reliance on russian gas is going to be a problem for the foreseeable future. >> jackie knows what it feels like when the president of the united states, you asked why are you waiting on putin to make the first move? he said, what a stupid question. that was not a stupid question. >> peter doocy asked how inflation affects pocket books. he called him an sob. we're going to play another sound bite of him snapping at another reporter for asking another legitimate question. jackie, thank you so much. >> high self-esteem. >> ukraine and russia exchanging 10 prisoners of war. >> dozens of civilians freed in that exchange. what ukraine is calling the first full-pledged swap of the war. >> mike is live on the ground.
5:05 am
there's also a story out that ukrainians are accusing russia of removing 400,000 people from ukraine and taking them against their will to russia. >> the russians don't dispute that number. what they dispute is the against their will part. the russians have the opinion they are liberating the people of ukraine. that was the backbone for vladimir putin's argument for why he wanted to go into country. back to the prison swaps. the first full-fledged prisoner exchange of the war. very significant for the people of ukraine. it includes sailors from snake island. in the early days of the war, the sailors were on snake island, they got a command from a russian warship and their response to that russian warship was vulgar and it also became a battle cry for the ukrainian
5:06 am
people. so ultimately the prisoner exchange involved 10 ukrainian fighters for 10 russian fighters, 19 ukrainian civilian sailors, sailors for 11 russian civilian sailors. now, ukrainian president zelensky marking a month of this invasion, says the russians never would have invaded if they knew it would have taken this long and been this hard. >> we cannot stop even for a minute because each minute is about our fate, our future, about whether we'll live. a month has passed. if russia had known what expected them here, they would definitely be afraid of coming here. >> an example of the resistance, video from mariupol from a drone operated by the brigade. they have been folded into the ukrainian national guard and they are a significant part of the ukrainian fighting force in mariupol. a strike of an armored vehicle and three trucks.
5:07 am
a follow-up to the bombing of the theater in mariupol that was used as a shelter. we now have from an independent journalist who is quoted by the city council in mariupol that 300 people were killed in the strike. the theater was marked that there were children present and it was indeed being used as a bomb shelter. there were some survivors at the bottom. some 1,500 people were in the shelter and this independent journalist who was able to make it to the shelter, which most couldn't because it was difficult to get there with the fighting in the area, is that there were survivors in the basement, but 300 people were killed in that strike, unfortunately. we also have video out of mariupol shot by people who were evacuating the city. the reason you have individuals shooting this video and they are not shooting from the evacuation buses is that the buses have been fired upon. the buses have been stopped and the drivers along with civilian aid workers have been taken into custody by the russians. so the buses are now stopping in
5:08 am
towns which are just to the west of mariupol. you have the civilian shooting the video, shows what a wasteland this town has become as the russians have opted for long-range fire and they have been pounding the city from the sky for three weeks now. steve, ainsley, brian. >> so much going on. >> thanks so much. trying to cover a whole country that's at war. seven minutes after the hour. senator joni ernst, army combat veteran, member of the armed services committee been all over this issue. when president zelensky addressed nato, he said, hey, i asked for -- you have 20,000 tanks. can i have 1% of that? he goes, i asked for fighter jets. i haven't seen anything yet. i asked for some missile defense system. where is it? i asked the baltic nations do you have space in article -- faith in article 5 because we had faith in the budapest in
5:09 am
1984. start producing something for them, right? don't just get it. get it to them. >> that's the issue that we have right now. we have passed $14 billion aid package. part of my trip last weekend, i took a group of 10 bipartisan senators to poland and germany. we did talk with ukrainian leaders. it was to discover what have you received, what haven't you received. they said it's trickle in. we're not getting what we need. so immediately this entire group of bipartisan senators when we got back to washington, d.c., we started pushing those questions out to dod, to the state department. we have not gotten a response yet. this is the issue. we can't deliver these goods two weeks, three weeks away. they need them now. we have approved it. >> people are dying. >> it has to get to ukraine now. prepositioned equipment is already in the european theater.
5:10 am
why are we not transferring that? >> they have got to find a way. >> that's it. the thing is, we should be able to tell them execute this and it should get done. no excuses. get it to the people of ukraine. >> senator, you know it was just a month ago that the hostility started with the not-so-minor incursion. our president said, you know what, i'm going to wait until after putin invades to levy sanctions. we heard from people in his administration, this is going to deter him ultimately and maybe he'll pull out. yesterday he was asked about that philosophy. he snapped at the cbs reporter. listen to this. he now -- the president now says these sanctions were never going to deter people. we're going to watch her expression on her face when she watches joe biden say just that yesterday in brussels. >> sir, deterrence didn't work. what makes you think vladimir putin will alter course based on
5:11 am
the action you have taken today? >> let's get something straight. if you covered me from the beginning, i did not say that in fact the sanctions would deter him. sanctions never deter. you keep talking about that. sanctions never deter. >> well, then, he should tell his staff. watch this. >> unbelievable. >> the president believes that sanctions are intended to deter >> the purpose of the sanctions is to try to deter russia from going to war. >> the purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence. >> i believe that sanctions can deter, but the thing is you can't wait for an invading country to roll through, kill a bunch of people, and then say, oh, we're just going to implement a few sanctions. now, i was very aggressive before the invasion on putting sanctions in place as a deterrence. i think it's extremely
5:12 am
important. and then you keep ratcheting the sanctions up. >> would russia be in there right now had they imposed all these sanctions that they have done so far, before the invasion? >> i can't answer that they wouldn't be. but they would have a hell of a lot -- excuse me -- they would have a heck of a lot less money in order to fund their war machine. and certainly the people of russia will start feeling those tensions. they are at some point going to start pushing back against vladimir putin and the oligarchs. but it should have been done much sooner. >> are they doing this because they see president biden as weak after afghanistan? we saw the invasion of crimea when he was vice president, then they didn't invade while donald trump was in office, now they are invading again with joe biden as president -- >> i do believe that. i think if you watch china, they are watching to see how we handle the situation with ukraine because obviously it gives them an opening with
5:13 am
taiwan. if we are weak and not showing leadership, the rest of the world takes notice. that can be very bad for our own national security and stability. >> i watched mitch mcconnell -- general, nonpolitical, he says there's enough here to put together a winning strategy. why are we not doing that? you know the art of politics. is there a downside to making that collective message about ukraine winning? and winning is surviving? >> winning is important. after what we witnessed last weekend, ukraine has the will to win. that's why we as leaders around the globe and our nato partners need to step up and make sure that that lethal aid is getting into the hands of their military. they can win if they have the means to do so. >> senator, you represent the great state of iowa where i was
5:14 am
born. it's part of the bread basket of america. so much corn. it's the number one corn producer. the president yesterday was talking about how there are going to be ripple effects not only through the europe but around the world because of the short supply of wheat coming out of ukraine and now russia. watch this and then comment from the senator from iowa. >> with regard to food shortage, we did talk about food shortages. it's going to be real. the price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon russia. it's imposed upon an awful lot of countries, including european countries and our country as well. and because both russia and ukraine have been the bread basket of europe in terms of wheat, give one example, but we had a long discussion in the g7
5:15 am
with the -- with both the united states, which has a significant -- third largest producer of wheat in the world, as well as canada, which is also a major, major producer. and we both talked about how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages. >> the thing about iowa farmers, the farmland is so rich there and it's so productive, but it's maxed out. with iowa farmers, we have been talking to farmers, what all the farmers are facing are sky-high prices for fertilizer, round-up, seed. >> input costs have gone up tremendously. again, the president will try and point to the war in ukraine as the reason for inflation, for fuel prices -- >> they are going to blame everything on putin. >> i want to remind folks that all of this started with his horrible policies when he first came into office. so, again, going back to the
5:16 am
food issue, those costs have been going up for quite a while. >> we're going to pay it. >> it's not putin's fault right there. but we're going to have to pay it. the war exacerbates it. it is going to be very tough. >> right. senator, when you go back to work, there's going to be an iran deal on your desk soon. is there any democrat going to stand up and say this is a travesty, i'm not going to vote for it? >> i don't think so. i don't think that they would -- >> russia negotiated iran nuclear deal. would they get the nuclear -- >> i'm with you. i am with you, brian, because this is outrageous that here we have russia invading ukraine, yet we're allowing the russians to negotiate an iran nuclear agreement that we know they are not going to abide by and maybe lift sanctions off of their oil production as well. so this is a horrible deal. i think the president needs to run away from this thing. >> he made it. he's not running from it.
5:17 am
if you guys don't stop it, they are going to do it. >> 50/50 senate, there's going to be a lot of pressure on those democrats to support the president. it's a bad deal. >> maybe that will -- >> if it comes to congress. >> senator, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> carly is right behind you, senator. she has headlines for us. >> good morning to you. it's great to see you in studio. got an update on a tragic story we have been following. the six high school girls killed in a crash with a semitruck this week in oklahoma reportedly came to a rolling stop at a stop sign before entering the highway. that's according to witnesses. the teens were riding in a car with only four seats when they collided with a big rig at an intersection. country music star blake shelton who owns a ranch telling people magazine the community must, quote, wrap our arms around the family and friends that are hurting the most. a live look at orlando's iconic
5:18 am
park. -- icon park where a 14-year-old boy fell to his death from a trip. officials say the teen slipped out of the seat as it was rising up 400 feet. riders traveled to 75 miles per hour. in 2020 an employee died fixing a different ride at the very same park. an investigation currently under way. it's unclear if the boy was wearing his harness at the time he died at the hospital. a fire breaking out in parts of denver broncos mile high stadium yesterday. check out that footage. entire rows of seats left charred by the blaze. the stadium's sprinkler system slowed the fire until first responders arrived to extinguish the blaze. the franchise saying the fire started in a construction zone. thankfully, no injuries were reported there. and this driver narrowly
5:19 am
escaping monday's tornado in this video will soon be cruising town in a brand-new red chevy truck. the viral video prompted the owner of chevy in fort worth, texas, to give riley leon a car to replace his totalled pickup truck. he was driving home from a job interview at whataburger, where he starts work on monday. what a week. near-death experience, new job, new car. >> whataburger, what a story. >> i feel so sorry for those girls -- high school students -- >> six young girls. it's a total tragedy. absolutely. so much going on in the u.s. sad stories to follow. >> thank you. still ahead a new york college professor quitting after the school invited a convicted cop killer to speak to the students. why he says the anti-cop event was the last straw, next. when we found out our son had autism, his future became my focus.
5:20 am
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>> a new york college professor and a former police officer, a chief actually, stepping down in, quote, disgust after the school invited a convicted cop killer to speak. suny brockport will host anthony bottom this april. he was convicted of killing patrolman waverly jones and joseph in 1971. the school also told students who may be, quote, traumatized by a large police presence on campus during the engagement, that because there were going to be so many cops, they didn't have to go to class. the professor who stepped down, daniel varrenti, joins us right now. dan, what was it about this event that you just said, i have had it up to here, i can't take
5:25 am
what the school is doing? >> good morning, steve. it started in 2020 when the college president disseminating e-mails where she drew conclusions about law enforcement actions that had taken place in the country and even in rochester, new york, where she was condemning law enforcement for their actions without having any of the facts. then fast-forward to now, inviting a convicted murderer to college, wanting that individual to speak to their students goes everything i have worked for and believed in. that was enough for me to say i have had enough of teaching at this college. >> i get your frustration. in the calendar, the way they describe this event, it would be an intellectual conversation on his time with his black panthers and serving nearly 50 years as a political prisoner.
5:26 am
whoever wrote the description thinks that you are a political prisoner if you wind up in prison for killing two cops. >> i don't know. i can't speak for that individual. all i can say is when you wind up in prison for murdering two people, you're considered a prisoner of the prison system and that's where you belong and, in my opinion, should have stayed for the rest of his life. >> dan, why were there going to be so many cops on campus for this event? it's unclear from what i read -- it was unclear whether they would be there as security or they would be there to protest this guy. >> that's a good question, steve. i don't know. i have no idea. i can't speak for the college or the conclusions they are drawing. but i don't believe that law enforcement would be there in any way, shape, or form certainly to harm the students. if anything, if they were there as they have been in the past
5:27 am
doing some local protests, they would be on the right-of-ways of the proximity to the college and would certainly not be there to harm the students. >> i think, given what has happened now, they are going to do it virtually, i think it's going to be a giant zoom or something like that. what does it say dan, about the state of america's colleges when the university is so concerned that the kids are going to be traumatized because, oh, look at all those cops over there, they are triggering me, i can't believe it, i have to take the day off? what does that say about where we are and what we're teaching our kids? >> in my opinion, it shows the true lack of values that exist in some of the colleges today and obviously exhibited by that statement, i think they have their priorities all messed up. >> we did reach out to suny brockport for a statement. have not heard back from them. what are you going to do now,
5:28 am
dan? >> i have been retired from law enforcement for four years. i truly loved teaching. the interaction with the students didn't end in the classroom. i loved meeting them after class. i loved meeting them on weekends, helping them decide where to go with their life. i'm truly going to miss. so whether i teach at another college will remain to be seen. but i know that brockport, even though it's my alma mater from my graduate days, i just can't be affiliated with a college that wants to promote a murderer to their students. >> thank you very much for your service and thanks for stopping by today to tell us your story. good luck. >> you're welcome, steve. have a great day. >> you as well. coming up on 8:30 in the east. from an immigrant at 6 years old to a proud marine, now the first black female lieutenant governor. how she's inspiring other women to follow in her path, next.
5:29 am
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been offering ride-share without including new york city's famous yellow cab. uber is agreeing to add the cabs to their platform after a driver shortage drastically increased ride wait times. uber is teaming up to have a beta version for taxis this spring and to reach the general public this summer. next, four days. that's how long you have to wait to get your hands on new maple syrup cola. the flavor is available by posting a picture of pancake stacks with the hashtag show us your stack. the sweepstakes ends on tuesday. finally, elite 8. that's how many teams will still play in march madness after number 1 seed gonzaga fell to number 4 arkansas. arizona also lost to houston. the cougars never trailed in the dominant 72 shoot win. shut down the wolverines in a
5:34 am
63-55 victory. ainsley. >> all right. thank you so much. in honor of women's history month we have been celebrating the brave female leaders breaking down barriers. this morning we're learning more about winsome sears. she's virginia's first black woman lieutenant governor. fox news correspondent jillian turner has the latest. >> i don't know if you have had the chance to meet her, but you would love her. winsome sears is really a trailblazer, she's the first black female lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of virginia. she's also a wife, a mother, a grandmother. take a listen. >> want the little girls to see me and say, well, if winsome can do it, i can do it too. >> at a young age winsome sears realized success begins in the classroom. >> educate lifted my father. educate lifted me. >> born in jamaica, the marine veteran moved to the united
5:35 am
states at the heights of the civil rights movement. >> came to america with only $1.75. there's only one way to go but up. it depends on you, on your initiative. as a kid, everybody would say, say something, because they loved the american accent. >> she admits there was a learning curve. >> you have to find new friends necessarily. you have to figure out this music is different than what i'm used to. the foods are different. but adjust and move on. it's life. >> sears recalls being teased about her name. >> i tell you, high school was murder, you know. it's a cultural name. yeah, oh, i was called everything. win song. everything. it is a known name in jamaica. i come to america, it's a different culture. >> sears prides herself on being the ruler of her own destiny. >> life will call your bluff. nobody gets out of here
5:36 am
unscathed. you can either curse the darkness or you can light a candle. and i believe that to curse the darkness is to be a victim. i'm not a victim. >> this is why she's optimistic, she says, about the future of of the united states, despite its past. >> yes, we understand that america has done certain things, but she ain't what she used to be. and i'm proof of that. >> i think coming out of that conversation it was my first opportunity to ever interview her. i think what i admired about her the most is really how tough and no-nonsense she was. but sticks with me coming out of the interview, we did this to honor women's history month. i asked her a slew of questions about the challenges she's faced in her career as a woman. she really wasn't having any of it. she said, look, i have challenges, you have challenges, we're human beings, everybody's got challenges. it's about adaptability, it's about perseverance, it's about how you approach the specifics set of challenges you're give no
5:37 am
one your own life. it is not about anything that defines you from birth. i really like that. >> we interviewed her a lot during the election when she was running and youngkin was running. i love her positive attitude. thank you for honoring her. >> of course. thanks for having us. >> have a great weekend. coming up, ukraine's president president zelensky claims nato didn't doing enough to help. medal of honor recipient dakota meyer responds to his latest request for aid, coming up. cias shine. grab a jersey mike's sub on march 30th. and all sales will be donated to the special olympics usa games. i look back with great satisfaction on my 32 years of active duty. i understand the veteran mentality. these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out,
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5:42 am
president zelensky renewing his call for help, pleading with the west to deliver just 1%, small percent, of the world's military equipment to aid in their fight against russia. >> nato allies are set to provide more anti-ship missiles after the ukrainian declared a >> medal of honor recipient dakota meyer. when you heard the president talk about the frustration he has because nato won't get back to him on stuff he needs to survive, what's your reaction? >> look, you know, before i went over to ukraine, i was 100% against getting involved in any aspect unless they got into a nato border. after being over there, i mean, this is something that's not going to go away. we can sit here and hope and we can sit here and try to justify how this is not our problem. and strategically it might not be our problem yet. but at some point this is going
5:43 am
to become our problem. this is not going to go away. you're seeing the secondary and tertiary effects of us not doing anything, us sitting on our hand and incompetency of leadership. you have north korea saying they are fully ready for us. >> you mentioned you had been to ukraine. you were part of the save our allies humanitarian team. that's the organization that actually got our man ben hall, who was injured significantly in an attack on a vehicle, out of ukraine to safety and to a hospital that is dedicated to saving him. we had on earlier on the channel -- we're going to ask you about it here in a minute. but the trauma doctor, bronze star recipient and a member on what it was like when they got to ben hall's bed in kyiv and what they faced.
5:44 am
watch this. >> get worse under rough conditions, getting out of a bad situation and the bad situation was -- or could have been made worse just by getting in the wrong kind of evacuation situation. so we worked hard at putting together the right scenario to get him out safely. i would really want to -- my hats off to the guys i was with who put that all together, save our allies had us in the right position to be able to do for ben what he needed, which is a safe, easy recovery. >> that was the hard part, was the safe, easy recovery. he tipped his hat to you guys because you guys made it possible. he was so injured, it was hard to move him. >> yeah, i was on the mission. when we got the call about this -- i got to tell you the save our allies team is second to none. you know, rich, all of them who
5:45 am
were part of it is just -- these people left their normal lives, they left the comfort of their home in the united states and -- i got to tell you, going in and not knowing what -- you know, what this was going to look like, but just knowing that there was, you know, someone who needed us, who needed the team and just seeing the willingness -- there was zero hesitation when this came up that we were going to go do this. i got to tell you, hats off -- when i say that i'm a man amongst giants, that's how i felt when i was around the save our allies team and watch them perform this with literally, you know, no time to even think about it. >> well, thank you for saving him. >> he's a bronze star recipient. you're a medal of honor recipient. you're a hero. >> the a team. >> he was teaching a lecture in tennessee and got the call, hey, we need you, because he's the
5:46 am
most decorated combat doctor off iraq. so they wanted him over there. what was your story? were you in the middle of your everyday working or what were you doing when you got the call? >> look, i was -- look, i was just fortunate to be around such great people like that. but, you know, everybody who was on the team at that point, it was all kind of the same story. hey, i just got this call and i couldn't say no. if this wasn't a cause that was worthy of going to help and be part of, then i don't know what is. i mean, everybody on the team, you know, from chad to -- i can't say all the names of who was involved, but every -- there was one guy who left his house after five text messages, he was on a plane headed over to go help. that's the type of people you've got performing with save our allies. these people are literally not worrying about money, not worrying about anything other than just going over there and trying to help out where they
5:47 am
can. i'm telling you, going into kyiv, you know, when they went into kyiv and it went on a lockdown and all this, there's literally nothing they wouldn't do for someone who needs it. >> well, he has three kids, dakota, and he is going to be safe and we just wish him all the best. but he has three children. you safed his life. you got him out of -- saved his life so that he can go back to his wife and kids. >> i was just part of it. >> you were a big part of it. >> what does it mean to be recognized today, have your honor recognized as medal of honor recipient day? >> i didn't know it was medal of honor day until you told me right before this. but i'll be honest, just being a medal of honor recipient, being able to know that i wore the nation's cloth and what that represents as far as america, as far as the men and women who serve -- that medal is not mine. that medal is all the stories that were untold, all the men and women who went over and who believed in this idea of
5:48 am
democracy and who believed in this idea of freedom and even bigger than that, they believed in the idea of protecting good against evil. it's the only thing that stands between that. we're seeing that right now. we're going to need more people to stand up against that because this is only going to get worse before it gets better. the only thing that is going to stop the evil from going across the globe and spreading like wildfire is going to be good men and women who believe in good and who are willing to die for good. >> dakota, thank you very much for your service. thank you very much for telling us about save our allies. if people would like to donate, the website is thank you very much. >> thank you, dakota. isn't that amazing when you think about it? a civilian is in harm's way trying to bring the story, works for fox news and is in trouble and our troops go in. we'll get you out. >> 12 minutes before the top of the hour. more on "fox & friends" in a moment. let's check in with dana perino with what's on her show. >> i love that interview with
5:49 am
dakota. >> save our allies -- didn't you interview the lady who -- >> i did get to interview sarah. but i didn't know that dakota was part of that. of course dakota meyer was part of that. president biden is in poland today. so are we. what can the president deliver to help the ukrainians keep up the fight and -- manage the influx of over two million refugees. representative sparks will be with us. should governors be sending stimulus checks to help cover the cost of higher gas prices or will that make inflation worse? our friday money team will debate. helping me understand the march madness and the cinderella story of st. peters. a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose.
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5:53 am
>> a few weeks ago we took you to new orleans, right, where rap superstar master p has made it a point to share his success with the community in which he came. it's no surprise that when two tornadoes touched down in southeast louisiana this week, killing at least one person, destroying homes, master p was back in action. persy miller joins us now. no doubt about it, when it hit, say to yourself how much does
5:54 am
this area have to put up with -- two tornadoes, one hit an area of 17 miles, the other 12 miles. what did you do when you heard? >> you know, we just started praying, man. new orleans is strong. we know now it's time to clean up and bounce back and move on. i mean, so many volunteers with team hope came out. a lot of veterans came out. family members and friends just getting together through this process and just rebuilding. so it's a blessing, man, the ones that got another day of life. we're thankful for that. >> you don't look around and say to yourself, man, all my stuff is gone. you say i'm thankful to be alive. what is the natural disaster like growing up in that community? >> it happens so much. you don't want to get used to it. but it happens so much, that new orleans is a place we have to keep getting back up and being
5:55 am
thankful for every day of life. anybody else across the country that -- experiencing any type of thing where you say to yourself, well, i'm not where i want to be at, i don't feel good today -- new orleans a place that one day you could have a house, the next day it will be gone, all your stuff will be outside on the road somewhere. so it's a blessing, man. it's all about family and we're thankful. we are bouncing back. >> right. so you're going to be out there and the team hope to help out. you're also out there with your soldier snacks, right? and some of your food. you're much more than music. you're helping people on the front lines and people that don't have food right now. >> everybody needs food. we need water. it's a blessing to have soldier snacks, l.a. great water, just to have the community come together. like i said, we are stronger together. we're going to get through this and we talk about soldier
5:56 am
snacks, we are america's snacks. it's all about giving back. the more we make, the more we give. it's a blessing to be out here, especially with the elderly. with team hope, we're making sure the elderly have wheelchairs, glasses, making sure they have food, water. it's a blessing to have a brand that we can give back with. so thanks -- i want to thank everybody for supporting us and getting out there and volunteering because without us coming together, this wouldn't happen so quick. >> i was shown pictures of the day i was able to spend with you in the senior center. you set up a supermarket. a lot of times they don't have the money to hop on a bus and they have a supermarket in the area. a lot of people saying, at least they have insurance. is that true? >> a lot of people we was able to help that don't have insurance. nobody knew this tornado was
5:57 am
coming. some people were trying to get prepared, get into a better situation. i want to thank the government and -- for coming out, helping also, the firefighters, the police officers, everybody that's on the front lines. we all need everybody now. >> we all got to know these names like train -- jefferson parish. were there alterations done to the terrain for the next tornado, for the next flood that was going to happen? because it's happened for hundreds of years. did they make foundational changes? >> yeah, we're constantly making changes. i don't think we could ever get prepared for this because we never know when it's going to happen. so we have to start over again and be thankful, like i said, and just keep realizing that, you know, we put god first and we thank god and thankful for the prayers people are sending to new orleans. thank you guys for that. >> absolutely. i know this is a big deal to you in particular. did you -- is there anything in
5:58 am
particular they need in that area right now? >> yeah. well, it's going to be rebuilding. we're going to need construction. we're going to need water. we're going to need power. and we're going to need prayer. >> right. absolutely. around where you grew up, was it affected? >> well, mostly the night -- area -- it's on the other side where i grew up. i think that's what's so great. the people from where i grew up at, they started volunteering and going down there. it's a blessing. >> absolutely. for you in particular, you have a big event coming up in a couple of weeks, right? >> yeah. we have concert in new orleans. we're going to make sure the proceeds from this concert go back to helping these families. we know it's tough times for a lot of families that lost everything that they have. i mean, when the tornado hit, it
5:59 am
just takes the whole house. so it's a blessing that we didn't have that many debts, but we have so many people that has to pick back up and start over, so we're going to take this concert on april 22 and make sure we're able to help families. >> nice. all right. persy miller, giving back. always great to see you. thanks so >> thank you. >> all right. talk to you soon. meanwhile, if you don't have anything to look forward to this weekend or saying to yourself, i need some time -- >> don't go eat at the restaurant on saturday night until 9:00 eastern time. wait. no. >> we've got the show saturday at 8:00. but at 10:00 on sunday we're going to expand who is zelensky.
6:00 am
>> 10:00 on sunday -- before the special on sunday. >> right. i answer the question who is brian kilmeade on saturday. zelensky, we focus on him on sunday. >> i'm still trying to find myself. >> thank you for joining us. the weekend crew is going to start early tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. >> while he finds himself, stay within yourself. >> thank you. >> day 30 of russia's war on >> dana: i'm dana perino. trace has been with me all week. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. this is "america's newsroom." the president visiting poland as it struggles to accommodate more than 2 million refugees. the u.s. has pledged to take up to 100,000. meantime at yesterday's nato summit in brussels the president announced a plan to reduce europe's dependence on russian gas


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