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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 25, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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canada if trump was elected they will give the next day and there still here? sorghum c of joy reid stays on twitter or she uses it to attack gay people as she has so often done in the past i will let you know in the meantime we wish you the best possible night with the ones you love will be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. see then. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hannity: democrats are in most disarray is ever another batch of really bad polls for the imploding joe biden it will down with fox nation our friend piers morgan and ask about him walking off good morning britain last year will get more reaction to his recent interview with the 45th president donald trump a lot of drama and peers life lately is a small sample take a look. >> the most explosive interview of the year.
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>> let's finish up the interview. >> let's turn the camera off. >> the royal family accused phil things thing's be at least a hundred. >> cannot call her the old bag. if you continue to transfer. >> sorry no. sorry no can do this. >> but first a night billionaire ceo and innovator elon musk has now struck a $44 billion deal to acquire twitter and is in a take it private singling a return hopefully to free speech principles to the social media platform including a whole host of reforms to make twitter more transparent more accountable and more committed to freedom of expression now elon musk it said today in a statement quote, free speech is the better walk of a functioning democracy and twitter is a digital town square will matters vital to the future of humanity are debated i also
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make twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with more features, new features make in the algorithms open source to increase trust defeating the spambots and authenticating all humans. >> hannity: twitter has tremendous potential i look forward to working with the community and community of losers to unlock it and i've been saying this for years that people should be free to say whatever they want to say and free to discuss a wide range of topics in political views without just being shut down silenced and canceled just because it doesn't fit fit therefore left narrative. and this by the way goes for all the big tech that's facebook, google, twitter. pretty much all of them the of all other companies to go into one big left-wing echo chamber one big arm of the democratic radical socialist party so elon musk's decision should be welcome news to pretty much everyone other than the far left voices who appear hell-bent on
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censorship and canceling to help do the bending of the democrats and protect joe biden at all costs. the meltdown by the way it is underway didn't take long far left columnists jennifer rubin tweeting elon musk is the answer to the jeopardy question what is the one way to make twitter worse? activist shawn king took it step further saying that elon musk wanted to purchase twitter son about left versus right it's about white power and the rest the media mob will are terrified of elon musk embracing something called freedom of speech that we cherish that take a look. >> one of the richest guys in the world to go for social media platform -- is not a winning formula to me. it reminds of an old bond movie were dr. evil and guys like that goldfinger and sick of the media i just summing to tell people to some is is not great about this. >> how will this change our lives and when he's open it up to free speech does not allow
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more misinformation on the platform? >> if you get invited to summing where there's no rules in total freedom for everyone to actually go to the party or unit decide to home? >> does the weird guy and it's a big. >> i'm confused of what to do. we all use twitter do i stop to it wait and what happens? >> hannity: it was the mob who teamed up with twitter to censor the hunter biden laptop story and they falsely called it russian disinformation and was had russian disinformation all the rumps of thousand 20 election all in an effort to fuel yet another hoax to protect democrats and is always attacked donald trump. but of course the laptop guess what. it was authentic all along and revealed damning evidence of how the joe biden family syndicate use their political status to enrich themselves as a family
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and to do ink lucrative deals with foreign adversaries like in russia and china and ukraine and all the countries around the world. and get this were learning even more about president joe biden's life they never met with talk with hunter but any foreign family business dealings because according to visitor logs from the obama-biden white house viewed by "the new york post" hunter biden's closest business partner eric sure when guess what he made at least 19 visits to the white house of their official locations between 2,009 and 2015. so tonight country ought to be asking all ask it what it joe biden know and when did he know it? does he still stand by the lie they never talk to us on hunter about his foreign business deals? and that's not all. according to catherine encourage her former colleague note cbs news prosecutors have subpoenaed paternity records including tax documents for the 2019 lawsuit that was filed by london roberts
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and arkansas woman who had a child with hunter and according to a 2018 email to his brother's widow hunter pressured haley biden to getting an hiv test with the email entitled quote you need to get tested for hiv alley. if you recall hunter was reportedly having an affair with halle about a year after his brother died and before the relationship apparently deteriorated. but don't forget that the laptop story isn't just a story about hunter biden and his destructive behavior. that story is more about joe biden and the joe biden family and about the media mob and about big tech in this country and how they colluded to cover up any and all evidence of the joe biden family and the various foreign dealings and joe's lies about not knowing anything about it. it was a big selection cover up in modern history. i was immediate done their job and actually indebted the laptop how they actually made the right
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decision a year and a half later but when it mattered before the election i could've had an impact on the election? we'll let you make that decision. i think he could've. that's why so many on the left are so hell-bent on censoring conservatives and censoring stories that are bad for democrats and that's why they are incomplete panic mode over elon musk and his commitment to freedom of speech about liberals believed in freedom of speech i thought they love a guy like elon musk. here's a guy make electric cars they dream of electric cars to go to sleep at night dreaming of electric cars. the reaction now treat travis a republican congressman jim jordan they never would've done it if it was donald trump if it was don jr.'s laptop or eric trump's laptop jim jordan. weeks before an election but in unison they sang out the mantra russian disinformation yet again i guess three and a half years of that collusion just stuck in their head and they couldn't think of anything new.
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>> this is why today is so important because the left likes to be able to lie about us and were not allowed to tell the truth about them. we call that with the example you just mentioned big tech, big media democratic party all colluding to keep the hunter biden story from we the people just say before the most important election that's weather so apoplectic today the left is going crazy and as you pointed out to going crazy over an electric car maker supports free speech that shows you how ridiculous they are but that is the power they have in the power the use of 18 months ago in the run-up to the the most important election we have the decide who is he to be president of united states was can be commander in chief. that is what today is so darn significant. the left, left as a way to speak you don't agree with them and allowed to talk and if you tried they're going to attack you try to cancel you that all changes today with elon musk now owning twitter. >> hannity: i think so and this was a tweet from elon musk. hope that even my worst critics
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remain on twitter because that's what free speech means. but same us forever. when every comedian in america to finally be set free from cancel culture i'm offering up as a target. every liberal comedian take any shot you want to take say anything you want to say i don't care i ask one little favor in return just be funny about it say whatever you want because i believe in freedom of speech. comedians can even tell jokes anymore without worrying about i guess without wearing about slapped in the face in this time. >> it's a good point and let's enjoy the victory that we have as of late sean. cnn plus lit $300 million on fire and exploded. we got that judge down in florida think the lord that donald trump appointed her that she was able to end this mask
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mandate and now you have a full-fledged left wing lou check mark brigade panic because elon musk is you just read that sweet is saying hey i believe in freedom of speech and if you wondered how much of a rim job that were dealing with right now on twitter someone comes in and says i want to have content neutral policy that allows a robust and uninhibited marketplace of ideas to flourish is being attacked by the left wing in this country. they don't want an actual marketplace of ideas they don't want to debate ideas they want to cancel people and to your point sean right now comics are terrified to do their comedy many places on college campuses the most because kids come up on stage and say hey i was an inappropriate joke we didn't enjoy this and this is why we have to destroy what i believe is the two twin pillars of the democratic party right now.
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identity politics, and he cancel culture, the combination of those two elon musk is opposing them i think we all need to be celebrating with great glee what is going on. >> hannity: i think you will that statement was pretty powerful i hope my worst critics remain on twitter keep attacking me. i thought that was the best line that he made all throughout this attempt to purchase. now we know jim jordan that joe biden lied when he said over and over again he never had a single conversation about hunter's foreign business deals we have pictures with joe biden and hunter and some of those partners. we have all the text messages that point to joe biden's direct knowledge now the question is if elon musk ran twitter at the time and stay true to free speech it incense "the new york post" and let's say facebook didn't do it and instagram didn't do it and let's
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say 200 and cancel donald trump but allow the most of a rant to keep their accounts for wire would that have impacted the election in your view? >> course it will look at how the left crazy over one platform. the controls higher education and hollywood. they control big corporations to controls the white house the senate and the house and they're going crazy because i can lose one part of one of those just twitter that shows you the monopoly they have and we still almost want imagine what would've happened if the truth of gotten out there to the american people were joe biden senate debate i sent a note dealing with companies with connection of the chinese communist party. there are so many reasons why that's wrong because that's where hunter biden got paid to the chinese energy company cl would emit a huge difference. >> hannity: your huge take on at this can be deep and profound. all we were asking for was for people to take a look at it and
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make a decision, the media deplete such a a defense clay they wouldn't even ask the question they came up with one talking point it was regurgitated by everyone of the democratic party, everyone on the news media, everyone in all these big tech companies and that this look like russian disinformation, 51 highly ranked former intelligence agents agency they said the same thing too with no evidence they just lied to us outright. >> this is what we need jim jordan and all the republicans back in power in the house representatives this is why we need the senate back in republican control. because i believe that if twitter had allowed "the new york post" story to go out first of all everyone probably wouldn't have blocked it because what we know that all these big tech companies collude and as soon as one decides or they want a band donald trump everyone did. as soon as one said you couldn't read "the new york post" story everyone did. sean even with the numbers that
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are out of 20,000 people had changed their vote in 2,020 in wisconsin and georgia, and in arizona that's one nhl arena, that's one mba arena the entire country 20,000 people in those three states donald trump as president of united states right now. you cannot convince me that twitter's decision was in its right collusive benefit to the joe biden campaign that echoed across all social media and this is why it's so big i was overcome and under show and all the democrats watching her watching him instead of msnbc the set of cnn and that's what the data reflects. there are desperate demand in truth and authenticity in this country and fox news serves it and i hope that elon musk for purposes of big social media can serve that same marketplace that is desperate for truth and honesty and i think if he sticks to his guns this is gonna be a monumental moment the biggest
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win for free speech and the 21st century is elon musk buying twitter in my opinion. >> hannity: it's can be interesting to watch for sure, jim jordan the last question. we know that you can't make threats against individuals or threatened violence on social media nor should you be able to. now for you go through my speech? would he do overtly racist people anti-semitic language that people use? which of the rules be in your view? >> you err on the side of the first moment with the first amendment it is served our nation while you err on that side right there this is one thing that were looking at it is in fact the people of this great country that gives the majority looking at how we change and execute how we reform it would be do? but if you can air you err on the side of the for the moment free speech is five rights under the first amendment let's honor those rights. >> hannity: jim jordan thank you both. the president trump is telling fox news tonight that while he
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supports elon musk in the twitter deal he will not return to the platform and will soon be using within the next week truth social who said rock on on twitter mostly on truth beyond bias twitter because who make improvements to it is a good man but it would be staying with truth social and her to explain trump media and technology group former chairman of the house and committee devin nunes is with us. you read and you are okay there was start-ups and some pickups will et cetera on the other hand this conversation with you and you said that you are beyond your target levels may be people's expectations for the behind the beginning when you stand now? >> will sean what we've done here is miraculous. just a few months since we started this company and she was social which is now open to go on the app store you get it. we are on cancelable. so starting saturday we opened it wide open we had attested in beta test because were not using
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any of these will companies. none of the tech tyrants. if you look just during our beta test were already getting more engagement than most people get on twitter and instagram for that matter. so it's amazing how we get her sean? donald trump didn't need a new company. at a perfectly good job work on my good friend jim jordan i need a new job. we do this from reason and one reason only. we got censored we got canceled. and in some cases people got completely kicked off of all the platforms including the president of the united states. so we had nothing else to do what was left open internet back up to give the american to voice back. what happened today is really incredible. i think if it wasn't for donald trump stepping up and saying i'm scuba my own company i'm to go for the internet back up ice elon musk stepping up to take up one of the pigs and were sick times there has been
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bicycle the twitter sewer so this is an amazing day a flick of what's happening to truth i we've only been open for just a few days, were adding people just in droves. were already climbing, climbing, climbing. the what were trying to do sean assumed a little different. i think twitter is a global p.r. wire on the internet porch and a look at all the social media companies were building a community untruth. look here is what really matters, the two big companies are our tick-tock, chinese owned and instagram. those of the company's that are actually, facebook truth is already above facebook in terms of on the apple app store. that's where the eyeballs are at and we have 95% of the news being fake out there being funneled through the social media companies it's very, very dangerous for america and democracy. earlier guess that it really well we wouldn't be where we are at today if they would've
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censored the hunter biden laptop from story. >> hannity: do you think that this is a positive development even though you're developing it completely autonomous their own platform. the president saying he's not going back to twitter this is now competition in many ways? or is very different? >> quite the opposite those trying to explain the twitter socially different platform were completing were building a community all the social media companies. i look i think the numbers don't lie right. writing more, and more people every single minute. move over at a before. so you can see what's happening right now and we can be happier for my perspective i quit tweeting two or three years ago. and sean you were one of our early testers. you are getting 10-30 times the engagement and are getting on other platforms. that's if you sean for the summer so the people are having
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the same is happening. people are so excited to be on the platform. >> hannity: we saw a big difference i give it about even ml password anymore my staff takes care of it used almost 90% supportive comments was cited percent by hannity comments like why am i wasting my time i could just have another twitter fight with alec baldwin or jimmy kimmel. wishing you well devon is great to have you back in a people want to get on how to the son of? >> it's real easy run the app store wide open for beginning beta testing would be rolling out the so anyone can get on any device in the next month. stores wide open we appreciate the business. he's coming on yet, he is coming on. thank you. >> hannity: coming up is yet another round of terrestrials polling i made a disaster worse
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: more voters celeron as job performance new issues and inside poll released today found that only 19% of voters surveyed chose a president joe biden as the preferred democratic nominee in 2,024 by the way they put him nearly ten points behind i'm not sure, meanwhile more recent studies and surveys show that he is losing ground with key demographics that helped elect him in the first place particularly suburban voters
6:26 pm
when mpr poll conducted in february found his approval among suburban voters who dropped from over ten points from the end of 2,021 a 12-point drop among suburban women his approval with young voters one of the strongest groups in the 2,020 election that's a mystery to me. now sits in a near 41% and despite the abysmal poll numbers white house chief of staff did a pretty bizarre victory lap after the french president reelection this weekend despite their served 36% approval rating seemingly implying that president joe biden can win in 2,024 with a poll of 33% anywhere here was his reaction outnumbered and the author of the soon to be released suppression deception snobbery and bias why the press gets so much wrong and just does not care. by the week that first edition copy on or fox news contributor is with us kaylee
6:27 pm
let me start with you. it's every demographic and dependencies down to 26% hispanic americans down 26% he's down with suburban voters, african-americans the youth vote, every single demographic is down dramatically and i'm looking at the policies he putting in place and i don't see any movement at all towards making the adjustments that one might make if they want to turn things around. >> no, he's taken the advice of senator warren who says he needs a double down these progressive policies and make good on them is not the answer sean. but the reason he's doing this kind of all of branch on student loans, the rolling back of title 42, there's some reporting that all may be he's not can roll it back. he always was. if there's a problem sean he's losing the aoc lead of the party, he has to keep them so he doesn't have time to try to
6:28 pm
establish his independent suburban moms because what is having to do is appease the radical left and sean i just have to say that that chief of staff tweet he severely delusional but those are the kinds of things that joe biden is hearing the oval office his advisors, his main years are saying you're doing great don't listen to what they're saying i don't cable knows. your winning mr. president is an echo chamber of bliss and euphoria that sibley does not exist. >> hannity: will respected democratic poster these economic blows are not just one element in a cascading set of problems all coming at the same time combines a nuclear anxieties of the 50s and 60s with the inflation third of the 70s the crime wave in the 80s and 90s and the tensions over illegal immigration in the 2000s and beyond then he says this. this is not experiencing lisa's jimmy carter once said to
6:29 pm
proclaim but instead formed a deep national fissure ready to blow like a geyser the next election if the leadership does not move will relieve the pressure. now as a democratic poster that's a pretty deep profound prediction on his part and i agree with every word of it. >> it's very in touch with the man on the street. the woman on the street all these years now were just fed up with everything that's going on nothing's going better and then joe biden came along and made all these promises fumbled, and fumbled through everything. luke let me break down the numbers are two different ways for 2,022 the midterm election nothing was in a change it. historical tide against parties in the first term of a presidency combined with all of his problems in the nation's problems it's already the kiss of death by the democrats. history tells us that presidents who lose and get clobbered the midterm can't come back as bill clinton did and barack obama did.
6:30 pm
but joe biden cants. and the reason sean i say that with such assurance is of the democrat party is not can want 80-year-old in decline to lead the party particularly after they lose the house and the senate and when he saw him unpopular. even if things turn around two years in the economy seems to get strong things change joe biden will not be at the helm of the democratic party it just will not happen. >> hannity: if you look at "the washington post" last week kaylee they had joe biden one a fee is the lead. the repeat who pete buttigieg ahead of kamala harris and then a list of people that i don't think inspire confidence in anybody but i think the one thing that makes arteries prediction correct more than one thing is the fact that there are incapable of giving into the radical base and saying something like bill clinton so
6:31 pm
the error of big government is over and end of welfare as we know it. that doesn't exist within this radical party. >> no that's a bygone era even president obama knew when to speak up for himself at some point disagree with them entirely but however by at least some issues he knew that we needed to track a little bit towards the middle that's gone though. you're deafly right that when you look at that tracker is very interesting sean the reporting that in the west wing there's whispers, common law is done people who judges the guy were looking to but what i'm interested in as i that you put up sean that not sure is more popular then joe biden is joe biden and kamala harris did not score. there is no bench of this party sean look at the republican party your standard-bearer pair residents. he also a huge deep amount of people ron desantis if some degree people they have not sure that's who they have. >> hannity: let's see if
6:32 pm
donald trump decided to run every single day with every fill policy and every bad decision that joe biden makes that his hannity keys back to donald trump. if i was donald trump i mostly like joe biden i do my rallies i would do interviews with nonhostile media wagon into a fight with media that hates your guts. it doesn't seem to matter i would prosecute the case versus joe how bad his policies are remind people what he did tell people housing to get us out of the mess that joe created and say god bless you, god bless america and good night. >> i think we should also bear in mind how successful america was under president donald trump's policies particularly for child poverty rates on appointment dates and for hispanics. so many economic indicators people talk about for years that if all people from the bottom rise up there all kicking into high gear and then covid hit. it's a huge success story the
6:33 pm
issues that they having its donald trump is that they love to hate them. so they get a boost and turn up if donald trump is that gets any other candidate. but i'll think it really matters for joe biden. none of that plays into it. i think joe biden it's inevitable sean for an early 2,023 shortly after the mid turn shellacking he's going to succumb to the pressure that's built up inside the democratic party and announced that he is not running for reelection. the democrats are chomping at the bits to get out of the starting gates right after the november election. this is just six months from now a little over six months from now. this could be upon us real soon. >> hannity: i don't know if polls indicate their not sure if you'll even finish the first term and idea of a second term i was not buying it. r.e.m. looking forward to your book thank you it's great to see you kaylee it was good to have you think you will become back piers morgan has a new show on fox nation air the first episode with a contentious interview with the president donald trump.
6:34 pm
he got in trouble there he got in trouble on his morning show in britain he got into it with bill moore will ask about all of it straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: he's out with a brand-new show that debuts on fox nation it's called uncensored and celebrating big headlines piers morgan joins us now with more how are you sir? >> sean how all you comic congratulations under 25 years a beating larry king one amazing achievement. one of the all-time greats of our business. i was an amazing thing. >> hannity: i didn't really think about it i still don't.
6:39 pm
i got a lot a game in may put it that way. i got lots in the basement. [laughs] the funny thing is that we've known each other for years and we've been friends for a long time at one point we were competitors but it's never really bothered us in any way. everywhere you go you get in trouble already starting trouble you barely started at fox we have big headlines let's start with a promo for your interview with president trump let's play it. >> okay peers i'm ready. >> him a very honest man much more honest than you actually. >> really? you lost. >> only a fool would think that. >> excuse me. >> the most explosive interview of the year. >> let's finish up the interview. >> piers morgan versus donald trump. >> hannity: do you get the feeling that
6:40 pm
president donald trump stormed off and a half at the end of the interview his people came out i responded that this was supposed to be a 20 minute interview, they have on tape one of his or the people around him saying for you to wrap up four times, and then they have this on the other side claiming that this was edited in a way that was unfair take a look. >> fixes we don't see how it looks. i guess one every three terms. >> i have seven this is the seventh. this is my seventh which is in that have a number believe it or not. i think the record is 49. i don't know but it certainly will be happy to. i don't drink no. >> did you do that? [laughs] [laughs] >> i'm sure it happen.
6:41 pm
>> congratulations thank you. >> thank you very much. >> that was a grade interview. thank you very much. >> turned the camera off. >> hannity: i guess my main question for you which is supposed to be 20 minutes? did he go much longer? were they telling you repeatedly this has to end? did it end amicably in spite of what the promo suggest? >> i say yes, yes, yes, no. i think the honest truth about what happened with me and the president and the first part of the two-part interview is part of the u.k. here and erring on fox nation i think rc portrays donna donald trump and a good light. i got 70 odd minutes with him. as opposed to 20. i think you would be on and say when he interview president trump you get as long as he wants to give you. suggest we agreed to do 20 minutes but he gave me well over an hour in the end because he wanted to.
6:42 pm
he wanted and that he could've gone off and walked. but things got a little bit fractious we got around to this issue of the stolen and rigged election he puts it and generally. he got pretty angry sir to give me a little bit of flak calling me a fool and that i haven't done my research i did know it talk about i held my ground i don't agree with them on that but i disagree with them about many other things in the interview. i felt like in the context the whole interview was terrific. however he had an exception with the way that we did the promo, i would simply say i did that promo exactly how he would've done it. the reason i know that because when i first met him on "celebrity apprentice." [laughs] that's what he did to me every night. so i try to make the promise exciting. >> hannity: you won the apprentice number one, look you are very clear i don't care that you guys have a disagreement over this issue or that issue. the present even said to me he was proud of the interview.
6:43 pm
he wants people to watch it i asked him directly about it. all right i got it, two different sides you have in our, look if i'm interviewing someone who's very good and they offer me 20 i'm a keep going as long as i can and there's people in the background doing all this news keep going so i got it. but ending on a friend they know. you guys disagree but it ended on a friend a note. >> it seem like it did from the audio but when you watch what happened on camera which would in a show in its entirety on tuesday actually it doesn't because he still simmering from anger that he had earlier at the suny berks turn the cameras off and walks off saying very dishonest about me. i've never had that experience with him. i think was partly to do with the interrogation about the stolen rigged election as he puts it and partly because by then he kind of convinced himself he shouldn't of given me so much time and thought he did
6:44 pm
i think president donald trump watch the whole interview actually will calm down i suspect to give me a call and i'll thank me [laughs] from one of the best interviews he's given in a very long time. >> hannity: i'll tell you one big difference that he can sit for an hour any talk about any topic at length with great specificity and i would argue our current president cannot. that to me has now become very apparent of the american people. let the audience decide. coming up part two of my interview with piers morgan now i'm and ask him what he was really thinking when he walked off the set of good morning britain and why he got mad at bill marr coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: here is part two of my interview with piers morgan. i texted you the morning that you walked off the set of good morning britain and by the way the audience should know since you left that show the ratings have gone like this, they totally went into a nosedive which is a credit to you. and i told you whatever you do to member what i said? >> reminded me what did you say? >> hannity: whatever you do don't quit. >> yes, you did say that. >> hannity: lets you show this i was just surprised, i understand how you feel about meghan markle and prince harry, i get it. i'm in full agreement with you. but let's show it and i'm curious why your reaction this strongly to that. >> i understand that you don't like meghan markle made it so clear a number of times on this
6:50 pm
program, a number of times. and i understand that you've got a personal relationship with meghan markle or had one, and she cut you off. she is entitled the cut you off if she wants to. as she said anything about you since she cut you off? i don't think she has we get you continue to trash her. >> okay i'm done with this. sorry. >> no, no. this is absolutely diabolical behavior. >> hannity: i don't think it's diabolical i think your post often as their being for stuff on tv i'll come back out later. best of doesn't bother me everyone acts all offended do you have any regrets at all about that? >> it's funny because he said to me i think you overreacted with the weather guy what is you bother with him? and i agree the president was right. i did overreact and deed i did come back into the studio after i walked out about 10 minutes later and finish the show which don't think many americans realize. i didn't storm off into the
6:51 pm
sunset, but what was interesting about it was there was this weather guy who i asked to come in that day given me this personal trashing wasn't really a space given that he was on my team. but as he was doing it is like what samet meghan markle ever done to you? ask her the night before after i delivered my verdict on that which i thought was so disingenuous, so full of lies. i actually discovered later that meghan markle had written to the chief executive of my company demanding that she fire me. i was then told on the tuesday after that show that you just showed a clip from right here's the deal you either apologize for this leaving her honestly hold opinion. knowing her a long time. strong principal. i think you'd ever apologize some you generally felt. i think you then if that was the option and that's why walked.
6:52 pm
>> hannity: at that point you were handed an apology that they wanted you to read and i agree with you and i think it's a lot coders to say i would never that either because you're entitled to your opinion and the whole idea that you have a government agency that is hovering over you and moderating you is the antithesis of free speech. all right one last question. >> here's the irony of that the government agency five months later found in my favor. a record number of complaints, and off, rejected all of them and said it would've been a chilling infringement on my free speech in which it was. i was very pleased about that we shouldn't have a regulator like that in the u.k. but the x he my favor. >> hannity: last question has to do with your on with bill marr and i would never refer to them as an old bag i would be more respectful like no, ma'am, yes, ma'am. you and i would joke every time
6:53 pm
you were on and you took over for larry king and you were lecturing americans on the second amendment and guns i was like, that's only good for me because it's a part of american culture that i can totally understand you might not understand. if our to go over and do a show in great britain and how it started saying why are you calling royal family your highness? your hat majesty? i would be respectful to the queen she's been there 70 years, i think she's been a force for good in terms of world events. as an american i just don't get the whole royal thing and i'm not calling anyone your majesty all your highness except god and jesus. [laughs] what about me sean? [laughs] >> hannity: i know you're friends with them. do you understand why americans
6:54 pm
look at that with skepticism? >> yoon made in very good point there about cultural differences. i got a little irritated but when he actually said that i had to defend my queen against us because as a cultural thing in our country to really love, we absolutely revere and love queen elizabeth. you mention the gun campaigning i did at cnn. i would do differently if i had my time again. because i think they give to be mindful if you're a brit in america. america has its own culture and has a strong govern culture as someone they feel comfortable coming from a country with no guns, but i do think perhaps in a very overbearing way. try to tell americans how to lead their lives and you're right. if you try to do that with our royal family -- you be run out of town. i respect that i think there are interesting debates to be had about issues in america but it
6:55 pm
should be respectful of americans right to lead their lives how they wish to lead. >> hannity: last note i went to great britain i was there and there is an anti-trump protest going on with about 3 minutes we had a near riot on her hands i guess people are very familiar with fox news. which i didn't expect. [laughs] and we we wish you the best of luck with the show, we've always loved having you taser being with us. we have more hannity and that's also a true story i didn't think anyone up great britain was going to know me so we go down to the anti-trump protest then some guy that a kind of hit-and-run item move away from him and then all of a sudden all the cops were like get out of here. true story. more hannity after this. ♪ ♪
6:56 pm
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♪ ♪ 's. it's always fun to have piers morgan on. he is an interesting guy. i have known him for a long time.
7:00 pm
we were competitors when he took over for larry king. he does a great show. it's interesting. as soon as he walked off the stat, wouldn't do the apology. that show went from first to last. that's all the time we have left this evening. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. thank you for making the show possible. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled her laura ingraham is up next. see you tomorrow night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingraham angle from washington. losing your voice, that's the focus of tonight's angle. it's been a very bad week or so from the woke media. you have disney standing with the radicals and no. >> looking at disney stock. it is down another 1%. losing 50 billion in market value of the month of march.


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