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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 4, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- steve: welcome aboard, folks. 6:00 in new york city. thank you for joining us. brian is off. peter is here today. peter. good morning. gretchen: let's talk about bill clinton. haven't heard about him for a while. he has been dispatched to north korea to try to bring those those two americans who have been in prison. they were ordered to 12 years of hard labor, laura ling and yuna lee. now the president -- it's unclear who requested him to come over to north korea, but can he get the job done? he's known as a diplomat. the rest of the world basically loves this guy. can he make his magic work there? steve: the two women were working for a company that was owned by al gore. and al gore does have an
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association with bill clinton. i believe they worked together back in the 1990's from what i remember. >> they don't like each other, i don't think. steve: then why is he here? apparently one of the families said, remember, we've imprisoned the girls for 12 years because we think they were spies. but, you know what? we would release them to bill clinton. if bill clinton shows up, laura ling and yuna lee, we might release them so bill clinton has shown up. >> which is interesting and terrific. obviously this has the approval of secretary of state clinton, his wife, and president obama. but people were talking about this. early on, would president clinton be an ambassador for america. and clearly he's stepping out there. in this situation. gretchen: what i find highly important in this story is that the white house sanctioned him to go there.
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obviously they would have to. but to me that speaks volumes. you haven't heard a lot about president obama calling up president clinton and saying, hey, what about health care reform? what about cash for clunkers? maybe he is. i'm not sure. but i think this is an important role for bill clinton to take on. because he has had a good relationship -- let's face it. a good communicator. so if he can get this job done that will be a great thing. peter: there was an expert in asian affairs who said, listen, you can't go there not having it done already. it would be a tremendous loss of face for the former president to go there and not bring these folks home. so hopefully he is successful in bringing these journalists home back to america. steve: absolutely. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. it is a government program that actually a lot of people are excited about. maybe it doesn't make a lot of sense financially orificeically, but nonetheless -- or fiscally, but thousands of americans are
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lined up to get this cash for clunker cash. and now there are environmentalists who are really steamed. they're going, look, the senate is talking about $2 billion more but this is a stinker. these cars in some cases wind up getting three or four miles per gallon better than the new cars that are being destroyed. so if you're going to extend this program, make sure that the fuel economy is a little more extreme. gretchen: i'm not sure on its face that this program really is all that it was billed to be. how much energy does it actually take -- steve: it's a bailout! gretchen: not only that. i'm talking about the the environmental aspects of it. how much do you really save in energy when you take a tremendous amount of energy to do what this video is showing you here, which is destroy the car, which apparently didn't get that much better gas mileage than the one that was purchased. then all of those cars are going to go to a junkyard. so what does that do to the environment? not to mention that now dealers have stopped offering this deal as of yesterday because the
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senate decided not to pass or take on that $2 billion infusion of money. so dealers are left on the hook. hey, if i'm not going to get my $4,500 per car from the government, i'm not going to continue to do these sales. by the way, i did my own research yesterday. i spent a tremendous amount of time on this yesterday finding out information. in my home state of minnesota so far only two of these deals have actually been approved by the government. two in the entire state of minnesota. and you wonder about whether or not these dealers feel like they're going to get their money from the government. not so sure. peter: the plan is potentially to have about 750,000 new cars purchased as a part of this plan. and according to at least one senator it's looking like 22 miles an hour, 23 miles an hour average per car being sold. let's hear what one senator had to say. >> we were told this program would last for several months.
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as it turned out, it ran out of money in a week, prompting the house to rush a $2 billion extension before anybody even had time to figure out of what happened with the first $1 billion. when the administration comes baring estimates, it's not a bad idea to look for a second opinion. steve: there you go. tying health care and the cash for clunkers together. i was talking to my friend todd whose family owns a dozen car dealerships in various brands. he said that really it's been a bailout for the south korean auto manufacturers because when you look at kia and hyundai, those are two car lines where all of their cars qualify under this particular program. he said, i'm out of chrysler because they're simply not making any, and i've got a bunch of cars that don't meet the requirements because they don't get high enough miles per gallon. however, the key is the hyundais, the hondas and stuff like that, those are the cars that are selling. so, good job, you're selling --
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congress, you're selling a lot of foreign cars. gretchen: are you surprised that was the outcome? not to mention the paperwork you have to go through just for one of these transactions. the directions for each dealer, 136 pages. talk about saving the environment. are you kidding me? peter: i understand the global economy, bunt i would have thought somebody would have come up with the idea that it would be a greater buyout for american cars. didn't happen. steve: take a look at the cover of the "the new york post" today. "silence is goldman" that particular esteemed firm in wall street reported a $2.3 billion second quarter profit. they have made a speedy recovery from the global meltdown. and, of course, there have been a number of -- they've gotten kind of a p.r. black eye. take a look at that. ever since the meltdown, they've gone up, up and away. how is that possible? well, now the boss there is saying, hey, let's not look like we're doing really well or people are going to get really
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steamed. gretchen: you worked on it on wall street. peter: the boss at goldman is saying, hey, let's not have conspicuous consumption. people are getting kind of tired of reading about this with these billion dollar profits after the american government bailed us out. it almost reminds me of the movie "goodfellows" where robert de niro played a guy involved in a scheme to steal millions of dollars out of the j.f.k. airport. not that anyone at goldman stole money. but then jimmy burke said, hey, don't be spending this. so they showed up with fur coats and cadillacs. steve: where did you get this money? peter: then they all start getting whacked. so i think the goldman sachs people, be careful. it's a warning to you from your c.e.o., don't be spending. steve: you start with a wall
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street guy and turned into siskel & ebert. gretchen: he did tell them, look, that was only from the first quarter of the year, those profits. we have a whole year until you get paid your bonuses. so maybe it won't be as lofty as you think it might be. that was the first lesson. and also, i'm a little torn on this story. if we don't want people who actually make money right now to infuse our economy by spending it, then that's a problem, too. so i understand the p.r. spin and i understand if they earned this money on the backs of taxpayers, that would not be good. however, we do need people to spend in this economy. do we not? to try and get all of us back on our feet. so the idea that these people will not be spending money, people who have lots of money, that could be a problem. peter: so he should be telling them to spend? gretchen: i don't know. i'm just saying we need people to infuse our economy with money. peter: i think they should spend. gretchen: you do peter: absolutely. they earned it. they should spend. steve: they don't get it until the end of the year. are you going to buy a $35 million penthouse on the
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top of the trump building? are you nuts? wait until this blows over. e-mail us right now. should they be spending the money that they're entitledded to or play it on the downlow? gretchen: what happened to the times when you could buy a house without anyone looking over your shoulder? steve: that was prebailout. gretchen: a plane carrying at least 70 smashes into the control tower. there are reports the pilot has died. it happened on the ty island of ko samui. i hope i said that right. a resort island popular with tourists about 300 miles south of bangkok. there was bad weather when the pilot lost control. the plane coming from another resort area in southern thailand. we'll continue to update you on this developing story as soon as we get more information. seven men accused of home-grown terrorism are expected in court today. daniel boyd, his two sons and four other men charged with conspiracy to provide support to
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terrorists and murder and injury people. we now know the identity -- remember, there was that eighth suspect still on the loose? court documents say he's a u.s. citizen who traveled to pakistan to allegedly take part in a violent holy war. they believe that individual still there and at large. it's believed that 45-year-old amber went overboard from a cruiseship in alaska. this morning crews recovered a body. the body nottest identified but the coast guard now calling off the search for that missing passenger. she was reported missing by a friend. the holland america ship was in glacier bay national park at the time, northwest of juno. they've advanced freedom throughout the world. now they can advance their dreams. billions of dollars are heading to our veterans, mostly in tuition money for college. it's part of a new post 9/11 g.i. bill for service members fighting in iraq and afghanistan. the post 9/11 g.i. bill is the most comprehensive education benefit offered to vets since
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president roosevelt signed the original g.i. bill for developments of world war ii. your post office coulding in trouble. the postal service considering closing up to 1,000 local offices. the agency has seen a massive decrease as more people and businesses switch to e-mail and even though the price of stamps jumped two cents, the post office faces nearly $7 billion losses. who runs the post office again? oh, yeah, the government. to find out if your post office is on the list of potential closings, head to and you can see the full list. those are your headlines this morning. steve: how much is a stamp now? gretchen: is it 44 cents? steve: still a good deal. steve: they don't put the number on there anymore. why don't they do that? steve: because prices change so fast. the president promise it had wouldn't happen but now two of his senior advisors not ruling out a tax hike for the middle
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classes. major mixed messages from the white house. so who are we supposed to believe? a fair and balanced debate in two minutes. peter: then part two of gretchen's one-on-one interview with former first lady laura bush. >> i think there is a weight, you know, on your shoulders when you live there in the white house. certainly. but also on everybody that's involved. peter: what the former first lady's doing now since leaving the white house, plus who she wants to see running for office. (announcer) this is nine generations
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steve: the president said he wasn't going to raise taxes on those making $250,000 a year so why this? >> it's never a good idea to absolutely rule things out no matter what. >> i think what the country needs to do is understand we're going to have to do what it takes. steve: meanwhile, yesterday the white house press secretary got testy trying to clarify things. >> i want to just state again here clearly that the president has made a very clear commitment to not raise tax on middle class families. steve: ok. he says it's a clear commitment. but why a mixed message between the two day? could a tax hike really be coming? we have o republican political strategist and fox news contributor with us and taylor west joining us from d.c. good morning. >> good morning. steve: taylor, why the mixed message? >> i don't think you're seeing a mixed message here at all. there's not been a better stronger protecter of the middle class than president obama and
6:17 am
we're going to continue to see that commitment moving forward. we've seen the largest middle class tax cut in history this year. and the people that pushed that through were the president and the democrats in congress. and the people who stood in the way of that every step of the way were every single republican in the house and all but two in the senate. steve: the president has said he would not jack up taxes on people earning less than $250,000 but already he's hiked up cigarette taxes, financial energy tax, impacts people who make less than $33,000 and the national health care individual mandate tax hits people under 18,000. so, indeed, he has actually increased taxes on those people. >> well, i think you're seeing a lot of distortions being thrown around by republicans who frankly would rather do anything -- steve: are you calling these actual tax a distortion? >> i'm talking about the fact that this administration and democrats in congress are working to bring comprehensive health insurance reform and investment in our economy to people and republicans would
6:18 am
rather play political games and score cheap points than get health care for their own people in their own districts and actually work to get our economy growing again. steve: ok, taylor. andrea, are you going to play some political games here? >> political games? look, you hit the b-roll, the footage of them completely contradicting their message. steve, this is no surprise. everybody knew leading up to this election there's no way barack obama could do what he said he was going to do without raising taxes. and the reality is, the last deficit under george w. bush was $585 billion. this deficit projected under barack obama is $1.8 trillion. steve: so you're saying the only way he can pay -- he's got a lot of big plans. and the only way to pay for that is to jack up taxes not only on the super wealthy and very successful but also the middle classes. >> there's not enough people that make over $250,000 that he can tax to pay for these things. the reality is they have raised
6:19 am
taxes on cigarettes, on energy. there are tax hikes in the health care bill. they are going to do this. there's no way they can't do it. it's just as consistent of picking with one hand, giving with the other. it doesn't seem to matter what democrats say. they seem to be able to talk out of one side and the other side. robert gibbs said we are absolutely not going to do it. that is false. you will see the taxes go up. he promised to balance the budget. hasn't done it. he cannot bring down this deficit any other way. it's political suicide. bill clinton, we saw him ram taxes, he lost congress. >> we have these incredible deficits because of -- >> here we go. >> fiscal irresponsibility. >> i didn't know if we could get through without hearing george bush. >> we're dealing with an economic collapse created by their policies. steve: we have to end it there. thank you very much. we'll stand by. we're going to hope that he doesn't raise taxes. straight ahead, cash for clunkers running out of money. does that mean we should throw
6:20 am
more cash, $2 billion, at it to save the program? then an incredible sight. this is what neighbors saw on their street yesterday. dozens of swat officers storming a house. we'll tell who you they thought was in it straight ahead.
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gretchen: welcome back, everyone. if you're just getting up, 23 minutes past the hour. the cash for clunkers program, you've heard about that over the last few days, winning praise for increasing sales in a sagging auto industry. but yesterday we asked one congressman if the program was simply a government giveaway. here's what he had to say. >> let me tell you why it's not a bail. this is an incentive program. a bailout is where they hand them cash for mismanaging their
6:24 am
company and saying here's u.s. taxpayer dollars, good luck with it. this is consumer-driven. if you don't want to take part in it don't. gretchen: but with cash for clunkers utilizing money from the stimulus, aren't we already taking part in this program even though some might not want to? peter: absolutely. our guest this morning from harvard university, also a senior fellow with the cato institute. good morning, professor. >> good morning. peter: so you find this to be a bit distasteful use of public money. we shouldn't be spending cash for clunkers? >> absolutely not. on the one hand the environmental benefits i think are being greatly oversold because mainly what we're seeing is a shifting of when cars are purchased from three months or six months from now to the present to take advantage of this temporary discount. on the other hand, a stimulus, it's incredibly crazy because the money for these clunkers, these new cars, doesn't come from nowhere, it comes from
6:25 am
taxpayers. this is just a backhanded way of bailing out the auto industry further dressed up to the environmental policy. but it's not convincing environmental policy at all. gretchen: it may be helping dealers in the short run but not in the long run. they have to go through a tremendous amount of paperwork to try to even just get one of these deals approved. by my research that i've done, hardly any of them so far have been approved so do you believe that these dealers will actually get paid back by the government $4,500 a car? >> i think they will end up getting paid back because the political outcry if they got stiffed would just be enormous. i don't think the congress or the administration wants that. but you're absolutely right. it's a very complicated, messy way to try to accomplish these goals. a whole new program had to be created. a website crashed. there's a huge uncertainty about whether the program was going to end last friday, today, tomorrow, whether it will be extended. it's just lots of beaurocracy
6:26 am
that's unnecessary. if people really believe in these goals, there are much better ways to accomplish the goals. peter: in terms of goals -- you work for the stimulus. you don't believe government has a role in bailing anyone out. you're for the legalization of all drugs in the united states, not just marijuana, but all drugs. you think the government should have hands off everything. so this is just part and parcel of that. right? >> absolutely. i am a libertarian. i think we should have small government across the board. but even if you set aside my particular perspective, if you say we all agree that we should try to reduce the use of fossil fuel, for example, then there's a sensible, economically valid way to do that which is to have a higher gasoline tax. it's simple. we already have the political infrastructure, the policy infrastructure to do that. we just have to change the rates it affects everyone in a similar way and it clearly would discourage depriving and the use of fossil -- driving and the use of fossil fuel.
6:27 am
this program isn't going to reduce the use of fossil fuel. so it's a crazy way to do it. gretchen: not to mention how much energy you expend by destroying just one of those cars. >> exactly. gretchen: great to hear your thoughts this morning. thank you. peter: now that she's out of the white house the first lady -- former first lady is free and clear to reveal some family secrets. like why president bush used to type all of their daughters' school papers. part two of gretchen's incredible one-on-one with laura bush is coming up next. gretchen: then get a gun for free if you buy a harley? and as always, we're going to let you decide. peter: happy birthday to president obama, the nation's 44th president turns 48 today. happy birthday, president obama. steve: a very happy birthday to president obama who turns 48 tomorrow. as a special gift, joe biden is giving him 24 hours of complete
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>> why is it off the table? not in a minute. i want an answer right now. why is single payer off the table? i want to know why single payer is off the table. i'm not leaving. >> nancy pelosi, and the rest of the people in congress and the senate are they going to be willing to be on the same plan they're asking us to be on? [cheers and applause] >> not so much looking for an explanation, not looking for an apology, there should not be any excuses. >> stop spending our money! no to cap and trade! steve: you got to love the fact that our phones have little cameras on them now. because wherever members of congress or the cabinet are
6:33 am
having town meetings talking about big projects, people are showing up and expressing their outrage. i think a little of this got started with the tea parties. now we saw this stuff. about an hour from now we're going to have a couple of people who were at one of those events who was yelling where are the answers? you don't have any. gretchen: i'm not sure you want to be a member of congress right now, especially since you're going on recess. uh-oh. you have to go home. you might not want to face some of those meetings. and some members of congress aren't used to this kind of outrage. peter, you've been diagnosing the health problem, no pun intended, or the health care reform bill. you had an e-mail. peter: we received hundreds of them. going to be talking about some of them. but i got a very important one the other day from dr. burgess in alabama.
6:34 am
peter: that's incredible. steve: if the cancer was worse they wouldn't give it? peter: he wouldn't need it meaning you would be dead and wouldn't need the implants. then the person was on a year waiting list for a aortic stipulate. he again flew here and had the procedure done at his expense so when people are talking about the canadian experience, these are the type of e-mails that we've all been getting talking about an anecdotal way of what people have actually gone through in canada. simple prostate procedure. talking about another great prostate procedure later. an aortic stint to avoid
6:35 am
open-heart surgery so you can open up your artery and breathe and not feel chest pain. steve: these right-hand experimental things. these are done every day. peter: no! people leaving canada to come to the united states to pay for the procedures even though there's a government health program so when people talk about single payer and we saw that man who was outraged, why single payer may have been taken off the table -- i don't believe it has been yet. you know it really makes -- steve: if you have a choice between living and dying, you'll pay. peter: let's hear from you. republican, democrat, independent, we all have views about this health care. we should be letting our congresspeople and senators know. steve: all right. he's going to be with us all week long. you can answer some more. right? peter: absolutely. gretchen: fabulous. we begin with a fox news alert. we see the first pictures now from that plane crash in
6:36 am
thailand, skids off the run way, smashing into the control tower. check out those photos. you can see that unfortunately the pilot died in the cockpit. it happened on the ty island of samui, a resort island popular with tourists about 300 miles south of bangkok. the bangkok airlines flight trying to lad in band weather. 10 people rushed to the hospital. the plane was coming from another resort area in southern thailand. we will continue to update on this developing story as soon as we get more information. steve: meanwhile, they wanted to kill as many soldiers as they possibly could but never got the chance. police in australia have broken up a major terror plot, launching 19 predawn raids and taking four is a malley extremists with links to al qaeda into custody. >> serious terrorist attacks on australia. so protect the loss of life is
6:37 am
very serious. steve: indeed. the u.s. has also been investigating a group of somali-americans who are believed to have trained with the same group. peter: new video into the fox newsroom. a crater left in the pavement right outside the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. a rocket falling just a few hundred feet short of the building. it was one of five rockets fired during an attack in kabul this morning. one child was hurt. a gentleman from the afghan army says the rocket had to be fired from far away because the capital of kabul is heavily guarded. gretchen: the video is like something out of an action flick. dozens of officers heavily armed in swat gear storming a house in california. you can see officers shattering windows as the flash grenades to rescue a hostage inside. the hostage was kidnapped four days before. the swat team arrest lead it people. and the victim was rushed to the hospital with just minor injuries. the lapd believes the kidnapping was connected to a drug operation.
6:38 am
steve: meanwhile, buy a bike, get a gun for free? that's the deal being offered up by a harley shop in washington state. customers who win -- who buy a big twin harley at east side harley davidson get a vouch tore buy a fire arm worth up to $500 at a nearby gun shop. the offer was scheduled to end in july but it was so popular it has now been extended indefinitely. so what do you think? do you think that's a good idea to get a gun for a chopper? e-mail us about that as well. gretchen: earlier we showed you the first part, that would have been yesterday. earlier, 24 hours ago, my first part of my interview with former first lady laura bush at a change of command ceremony for the u.s.s. texas nuclear submarine. here's more of our time together after the ceremony when we had a chance to sit down and talk a little bit about just life. you stay highly active on the
6:39 am
issues of today, particularly women's health. think that's so important today as we're discussing health care reform. >> i think one really important part that's come up a lot in this discussion is the idea of prevention. that was one of the things i talked about a lot, especially with women, heart health. and that is the way women can control their heart health and make sure they have a healthy heart by watching their weight, by not smoking, by making sure they get all the tests from their doctors that they would need to get to know what their blood pressure is, what their blood cholesterol level is. gretchen: speaking of women, somebody else who's made news a lot recently is sarah palin. she decided she wasn't going to be governor anymore of alaska. all the pundits went crazy and had a lot of different commentary on it. what do you feel about that situation, and being such a prominent woman herself? >> i think that's something she needed to determine and she did. everyone has to respect the decision she made.
6:40 am
she, like a whole lot of other people that get into politics, find out it's a great big world when you get into politics. i wish her the very best. gretchen: how important is it to you to see a woman as vice president or president? >> i would love to see that in my lifetime. i hope that's what we see. i hope it's a republican woman. i might add. gretchen: they're out there, right? they do exist. >> absolutely. gretchen: let's talk a little bit about your going back to texas now. i think the president has been quoted as saying "free at last" back home in texas. what has been the most freeing part of the experience for you thus far? >> well, you know, i don't even know how to describe it. but i think there is a weight, you know, on your shoulders when you live there in the white house. but also on everybody that's involved. but we're having a really great time. we're thrilled to be home in dallas. dallas is a terrific city. it's a can do city.
6:41 am
we're seeing that. we knew that. but it had been 14 years since we lived there. 14 years ago when we moved to the governor's mansion and then moved to the white house. so we're reacquainting ourselves with dallas. and, of course, we have many, many friends there so we're having the chance to be with them and do things like go out to eat. gretchen: let me talk a little about the book you're writing. i find it really interesting that both you and the president are writing them at the same time. who does a better job at cracking down on it in the morning to say let's write a couple of chapters right now? >> he does, of course. absolutely. he's always been very, very disciplined. he jump ups in the morning and works at miz his computer. a very good typist. he's typed his whole life. he used to type barbara and jenna's papers and i never really learned to type that well. so i'm talking mine, using talking and then getting a transcriber to work on it from there. gretchen: let's talk about your beautiful children.
6:42 am
jenna has been on the show with us before, recently married. do you think that either of them have political aspirations? >> no. i don't think they do. i think they have some cousins that might. but who knows? we'll see what they think later in life. gretchen: final question, you were gracious enough to come to the couch on "fox & friends" so many times. and every time i came to the white house christmas party i would say to president bush, you're invited. and he never came to the curvey couch. i want to ask you, mrs. bush, now that he's no longer president, will he come to the curvey couch and can you do anything about it? >> i'll see if i can get him there. gretchen: if anyone can get him here, it might be laura bush. what a classy lady. wow. she is a classy lady. i know a lot of people feel that way. she was so popular for the last eight years and continues to be very popular. steve: i think you got an exclusive with that, typed all the girls' papers. gretchen: that was a fox news alert. peter: and no politics. she was very definitive about
6:43 am
it. gretchen: oh, the daughters. they're both involved in many other projects. times change. you never know. but she emphatically said no way, at least right now. steve: very good interview. gretchen: thank you. steve: straight ahead, senator chris dodd announcing he's battling prostate cancer. this is what peter with a alluding to earlier. the disease affects one in every six men. but a new procedure is helping patients recover faster than ever before. we're going to talk about that. gretchen: and our own judge napolitano the featured speaker at a tea party in ohio. why 10,000 people gave him thunderous applause for arguing what the president's real job is. >> i have another one of my core beliefs. specialist, tom. now, i know the catering business but when i walked in here i wasn't sure what i needed. i'm not sure what i need. tom showed me how to use mifi to get my whole team working online, on location. i was like, "woah".
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in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz. steve: welcome back. bank of america has agreed to pay a $33 million fine for misleading shareholders.
6:47 am
the serk says the bank -- s.e.c. says the bank told shareholders it would not pay bonuses to executives but it turns out the bank paid billions of bonuses. the agreement is subject to court approval. and starting tomorrow, radio shackle be no longer. the electric giant changing its name simply to the shack. that's a nickname that employees and investors have been using for years but then again so has a guy in the nba. all right. peter? peter: thank you, steve. senator chris dodd announcing he's battling prostate cancer. doctors diagnose a new case every 2.7 seconds. so how do you make sure you don't become part of that statistic? gretchen: joining us now to tell bus a new weapon in the fight against prostate cancer is the chief of robotic surgery at mount sinai, dr. david samadi. good to see you. >> good morning. gretchen: so something called the da vinci robot is making wonders for patients who have prostate cancer.
6:48 am
right? >> absolutely. it's basically the minimal invasive procedure for removal of the prostate. and the reason why we're doing this is, number one, the advantage of removal of the prostate is that you get a tremendous amount of inflammation. you will know exactly what type of prostate cancer you have. as you know, prostate cancer comes in different varieties, shape oar forms. you can have a low risk or high risk prostate cancer. and each one has a totally different treatment. so by removing it, you will know how much cancer you have, you will get to your zero p.s.a. rate in about six weeks. but what's important is that the quality of life, the sexual function, urinary control and cancer cure rate is what we're going after. using this fancy technology of robotics, we're able to see better, bloodless procedure, they go home within a few days. and certainly less pain and faster recovery. so long-term it saves a lot of money for this health care
6:49 am
system which is a major discussion that we're having right now. peter: doctor, you are one of the most accomplished prostate surgeons in the world really. and an expert in this idea of robotic surgery. what have been the advances in terms of robotic surgery and in terms of surgery in general? you mentioned before that there's a new study that shows the cure rate is so high now with surgery. we didn't know that before. >> what's interesting is recently there's a paper published that shows 15 years lifespan after radical prostate surgery is a variable number. meaning a majority of men are now able to survive this disease this study started from 1985 to 2005. we know in 2009 not only do we have a much stronger science about prostate cancer, we are much better surgeons.
6:50 am
we have learned from our skills. we are now bringing the technology of the robotics to see better. now you have a three-dimensional view, high definitions. when you put it together, we have close to 95% -- proif you've trained in open surgery but also on this robotic surgery where you go in with tiny little holes and some people gout out of the hospital how quickly? >> 24 hours. peter: so you have the surgery and you're out in 24 hours? >> absolutely. peter: incredible. gretchen: people worry this type of technology might go bye-bye. unfortunately we're out of time but we want to bring you back to talk about that. great to see you. >> thank you very much. gretchen: first, let's talk about this. isn't at the time president's job to keep us safe? well, our own judge napolitano says no. what he says is the president's real purpose. he knows the constitution, peter. peter: yes, he does. gretchen: i think we have to listen to him. he was at the tea party. he's coming up. peter: absolutely. .
6:51 am
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steve: all right. welcome back. socialized health care. government of course pangs and talk now of a middle class talk hike. driving nearly 10,000 in ohio to converge on the state house there in columbus. the weekend tea party protest taking aim at president obama, hoping to send a message that the government needs to be reigned in and people are mad as hell. gretchen: guess who was a guest speaker at a humongous tea party over the weekend our own judge andrew napolitano. >> good to see you. gretchen: you made it back from columbus, ohio. where the newspapers reported a smattering. >> newspapers said 2 to 300. police told me 8 to 10,000 there i was in front of an enormous
6:55 am
field in front of state house about the size of two or three football fields and people are jesus christ by jawl. much more likely that the police were right 8 to 10,000 people. they are very, very angry. if i brought nancy pelosi or john boehner who is the republican who represents the district out on that stage i think there would have been a mob scene. these people believe government doesn't reside within the constitution. the crowd in washington does whatever it wants to address whatever the issue of the moment is. steve: there is the video. that's not a smattering from what i could see. we have heard a lot of anger about cash for clunkers in the last 24 hours because they are talking about extending that. cap and trade a a week or two ago. the whole health care thing as well. people are worried that what we know as being very american right now might change and taxes are going to go up and everything else. people are mad. >> people have very angry. this was a happy, passionate group. i was the last of 10 speakers.
6:56 am
the people that spoke before me generally said what this group wanted to hear. and they liked what they heard. but it was basically a message of confront the members -- you guys ran a tape a few minutes ago of members of congress. arlen specter has been in the senate for 30 years. he was confronted like a school yard bully. tell us what the government is allowed to do not allowed to do and confront members of congress when they exceed their authority. gretchen: five seconds what the role of the president really is not to keep us safe it is? >> to keep us free. and if he keeps us safe but not free, not free to make our own choices. not free to pursue happiness as we want to purr do you is. he is not -- we want to pursue it. he is not doing his job. steve: when he was in columbus he signed a bunch of copies of that man's book. glenn beck will be joining us live in just a moment to stabbed by there. steve: is that a clean t-shirt?
6:57 am
>> it's a clean t-shirt. judge: he looks 19 dressed like that. gretchen: no kidding. bill clinton in north korea trying to get the two american journalists there released. can he succeed at bringing them home? steve: is cash for clunkers being mismanaged? cars like this one was perfectly fine. that is a pretty good volvo labeled as clunkers and destroyed. we want to throw more money at the program. glenn beck with the t-shirt is up next. ♪ blinded by by the light - hi. - crowd: hi!
6:58 am
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gretchen: good morning, we hope you are having a good day. we start with a fox news alert. any time the former president is involved in anything it's a fox news alert.
7:01 am
that's bill clinton in north korea trying to renegotiate or negotiate the release of two americans those ladies in flifn flifn -- prison there. >> czars and counting in the obama administration. including this man the green job czar. the czar himself can't even tell you what a green job is. steve: perfect. meanwhile, we are hearing from terrified passengers who are on that continental plane that hit turbulence and injured dozens on board. >> people screaming, little kids crying. little kids crying 'ow, please, i can't take it. >> so bad. so scared. all the people so scared. steve: this hour we are going to talk to another passenger who was on the flight who was not wearing his seat belt and hit the floor when the plane started shaking. meanwhile our slogan at this hour comes from john in news
7:02 am
city, new york. i turn into fox with bagels and locks to start off my day with a show that rocks. thanks. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: good morning, everybody. we hope you are having a fabulous tuesday. i could use bagels and locks. we brian is on a vacation and peter johnson jr. is here with us today. glenn beck here in two minutes. there he is we alluded to this earlier, a fox news alert while you were sleeping former president bill clinton making a surprise trip to north korea. he is pyongyang to try to win the release of two american journalists there. ling and lee have been held captive there since march. two journalists convicted of spying. then sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. they work for current tv run by
7:03 am
clinton's former vice president al gore. while clinton negotiates in north korea. his wife joining him to release in iran. now confirming their arrest. >> we call on the iranian government to help us determine the whereabouts of the three missing americans and return them as quickly as possible. gretchen: iran state tv says throrts investigating whether the trio are actually hikers. joshua fattal. sarah shourd and shane baeur crossed the border while hiking in iraq. football star plaxico burress indicted on weapons charges. if convicted the former giant faces a minimum of 3.5 years behind bars. a grand jury decided not to indict his former teammate antonio pierce. pierce drove burres to the hospital after ber rest shot
7:04 am
himself. the full senate begins debating on judge sonia sotomayor. she is expected to be easily confirmed. how many will actually vote for her. the national rifle association recently stepped into the debate urging senators to vote no. first time a lobby has argued against a supreme court nominee. top lawyer at the white house in jeopardy of losing his job. craig has become a political liability for the obama administration since leading the effort to close downtown prison at gitmo and releasing national security documents from the bush administration. a white house spokesperson says there are nothing to any of these rumors. lawmakers taking up the cash for clunkers extension on capitol hill today. senate democrats are trying to convince republicans to approve not a $2 billion. a little extension for the rebate program after it ran out of money 26 days earlier. the incentives would probably
7:05 am
grinsd to a halt this week without the extra cash. afternoon speaking of cash for clunkers, let's bring in somebody who has been talking a heck of a lot about that on his program glenn beck. steve: how are you? >> good. steve: gretch was talking about how there is a lot of paperwork involved for any dealers that want to be involved in this. >> a government program with paperwork. steve: we heard as well that the web sight is a stink bomb. but you saw something on the web site, a little warning box that sounded like if you want to take part in this program essentially the government is going to take over your computer? >> they declared it federal property, which said that you could -- i don't have the exact language there. do you have it? they said this application provides access to the car system when logged on to the car system, your system is considered part of the federal computer system. it is property of the united states government and any and all uses of this system and all
7:06 am
files on this system may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, audited, inspected, disclosed to authorized cars, d.o.t., law enforcement personnel. as well as authors authorize personnel of other agencies both domestic and foreign. steve: if the car dealer uses his p.c. from the dealership to go ahead and complete this paperwork or if the guy is at home because he has got a backlog and uses home computer. the home computer can be taken over by the federal government. >> yes. considered property of the federal government. they can go in and search anything. they can intercept it. it is such an awful, awful disclaimer. i mentioned it on friday because we started this program on the show for watchdogs. i said people, there are too many fronts. the system is being overwhelmed intentionally. don't try to watch all of the news. just watch the part that interests you and dig into it. if you see something, let me
7:07 am
know. so somebody on twitter let us know this on friday. go on the air with it after we verified it. and the, of course the liberal blogs that were all concerned about the patriot act didn't see a problem with this. called conspiracy theorist, et cetera, et cetera. this is the first time anyone has held the president accountable in the media he reversed himself. i haven't been able to think of another time. the white house announced yesterday they pulled this disclaimer off. now we would like to know what about all the dealers that have agreed to this? are you going to make it retroactive? gretchen: also, glenn, do you believe that because that disclaimer is not on the screen that the government is not looking at the computer system. >> i would hope to believe that our government is trust worthy when it comes to, you know, the fourth amendment of the constitution. i mean, let's try to be constitutional here. but who knows? steve: here is a statement from
7:08 am
the department of transportation. quote: >> to unbelievably misleading here. because it opens you up, sure, it's just for the car dealership but if you have applied for anything, now all your personal information, i mean, there is a class action lawsuit just waiting to happen with car dealers. if you violated my personal privacy, i mean, ii have. gretchen: now government motors in g.m.'s case and chrysler a lot of people wouldn't be surprised that the government would have the authority to do. this they own 6 a% of the company. and they have been able to get away with a lot of things like this in bankruptcy court that was first place they got away with it. wife would they think they couldn't get away with it?
7:09 am
>> they are unbelievably arrogant. and that is the thing that we should be concerned about. when you have power, money, coupled with arrogance, you are in trouble. i mean if you look at what happened with timothy geithner friday yelling and screaming at each other and he was using expletives. these people are duly appointed and approved sheely labaird? i have no love for sheila baird. he wants to go in and shut down banks. i'm going to shut you down. we are going to take you over. sheila baird and some of the others are standing against it he is berating them. is he pushing them up against the wall. is he calling them nasty names on friday. if he is bullying people like that, what do you think he is doing to the average schmo? steve: in particular, according to the "wall street journal," that's where it talked about
7:10 am
this obscenity-laced tirade is detailed. sounds like he was there as the official emissary from the white house. he was telling the regulators look, policy does not come from you, it comes from the white house or it comes from congress. >> here is the thing that i have been thinking an awful lot lately, we're lost, people ask me all the time what can we do? what can we do? what can we do? i feel so silly for even saying this because it is too obvious. the thing we need to do is turn to our god. if we are not down on our knees praying and asking for assistance, asking for help turning back towards him, we ain't going to make it only god is going to be able to set this country straight. gretchen: also find in your voice because we have seen a lot of these constituents when the
7:11 am
politicians are going home now on recess they are speaking up. >> here is the problem with this. if you see, who was it? one of them that was really hammered hard said oh it's just these tea parties, et cetera, et cetera. these guys are going to go home, when they come back to congress, there is only going to be too responses. one is going to be i have to go live in that community and these people will eat me. they are making congressional soup back home. i'm not playing your game. one of the congressman said yesterday these are these right wing zealot crazies, tea partiers and they are going to become more arrogant and more removed. that's dangerous. >> interesting point turning back to god. what are you suggesting? are you suggesting should we turn our back -- what you uncovered here, it appears that the government was trying to exprop united states people's computers. it used to be yours and now it's
7:12 am
mine. now they are saying we made errors in terms of lang language. what should people be turning back to god. we can't turn our back on the problems. >> oh no, i'm not saying that. >> tell us. >> people -- i am afraid. i warned for over two years. i remember the first time i sat on the couch with you guys and i said there is real trouble coming our way. i have been saying it to members of congress in the senate for over two years. you cannot continue to disenfranchise people. republicans you can't say one thing and do another. democrats, same thing. you can't not listen to the people here or you are in trouble. they are not listening, there is no chance of them listening. now i fear the american people the american people are beginning to wake up. they are beginning to see what these czars and everything else, what's really coming our way. we must remain peaceful. we must remain calm. the biggest thing we can do is pray for guidance.
7:13 am
pray for our country. gretchen: that's not a popular thing in this world of p.c. >> it's too bad. you know what? get on your niece and pray to god. steve: at my perish, the monday senior told me because of the national state of things overall the receipts are down in monthly collection. interestingly enough the number of people lighting the candles, you light a candle and put in a buck that is up five times. >> i'm not praying god help me out with my finances and help me with my car. steve: they are praying for their family. >> they need to start praying for protection of our country. liberty comes from god. free choice comes from god. peter: you talk about what's coming, testimony t. sounds ominous. if you tell us when we come back what you think is coming. gretchen: he is going to talk a lot about whether taxes are going to be raised on the middle class. another thing tim geithner
7:14 am
talked about. is there a mixed message there? >>no. steve: american people mad as heck and they are not going to take it anymore. we are going to talk to a couple of them live.
7:15 am
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peter: two senior obama officials hinting that taxes on the middle class are a definite possibility. but during the president's campaign he made a lot of promises not to tax the middle class. >> i want to give 5% of working families the tax relief that they deserve. >> if you make less than a quarter million dollars a year, then you will not see your income tax go up, your capital gains tax go up. payroll tax go up not one dime. >> we don't need to raise taxes on the middle class. >> it's time to give the middle class a break and that's what i will do as president of the united states. gretchen: why the mixed message from washington. we're back with glenn beck. author of the best seller common
7:18 am
sense. if you used common sense on this, glenn, you would think to yourself that was the main part of president obama's campaign. no tax for 95% of americans. >> clear, read his lips. gretchen: no way he is going to raise taxes on the middle class. >> yes, there is. there is no way you can pay for all of this. the question is, will the american people decide that, you know, you have got to stop lying to us. you have to start telling us the truth. what happened over the weekend though with geithner on television was not aimed to the american people. the reason why the mixed message coming out. treasury bonds last week had a hard time selling. that's our debt. hey, will somebody loan us more money? they were having a hard time selling it. that was him on television saying hey, china, we're not crazy, really we are not. yeah, we are. steve: we should point out that robert gibbs yesterday in the press briefing said we are north going to raise taxes. we are not going to do it. >> the question is who are we really enslaved to? are they enslaved to the american people because they
7:19 am
fear the american people or do they fear china more than the american people? i say they fear china more than us. gretchen: that's an extremely interesting take. that's even digging further beneath the surface than anyone else has. >> they are our bankers. steve: tell us about the green czar. >> the self-acclaimed communist. steve: van jones is a communist? >> went to the rodney kings riots. not like it's a picnic. he went to the riots. he was thrown in jail. he went in i think it was april. by august he came out and he said i was a radical before but i met real, real radicals. he came out according to his own words, a communist, a black nationalist, radical anarchist. steve: this is the green czar. >> this is the green czar. this is the guy who now is for some reason or another has a whole bunch of respect. he came out and he helped start something called the apollo project. because he learned, wait a
7:20 am
minute, the green movement actually will help in social justice. can i move wealth around. so he took unions, the green movement, and social justice, combined them together throughout apollo group, that's where he has been serving. the apollo group by the way, the ones who wrote the stimulus package. gretchen: interesting thing, none of these czars have to be approved. questions come out whether he could answer what a green czar. >> here is what americans need to do. demand the white house answers, are these people? do they have power or are these just your drinking buddies from college give them a job and make them go away for me. steve: glenn beck has something that will make you thinking all day long. join him at 5:00. >> good stuff today. gretchen: this is so frightening if you are a white nuclear ler flier like i am. this came out of nowhere. the passengers were terrified. >> people screaming. little kids crying. people screaming help, 'ow,
7:21 am
please. i can't take it. >> it's so bad. >> so scary? >> so scared. all the people so scared. you are one person, but you can move a nation. you can walk with a purpose to end alzheimer's... by joining us for memory walk. [ man ] you invite three people. [ woman ] and they'll invite three people. and before you know it, you have a team. more than 5 million americans... may not be able to stop the progression of alzheimer's. but we can. step up. move a nation to end alzheimer's. start a team today. go to
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7:24 am
steve: anything more than $100, those are the receipts that ruth madoff must report to the court on a monthly basis. she is the wife of imprisoned ponzi schemer bernie madoff. investigators are still hunting down her husband's remaining assets, anything over $100 she has got to tell the court about if she is going to spend it next, $1 million that's how much house weighs and means chairman charlie rangel has paid to lawyers to defend him against a wide ranging investigation that includes ethics charges and possibly misusing funds for trips to the caribbean. and finally 61.
7:25 am
that's how many times 86-year-old ella orko has been arrested. most recently for shoplifting and anti-wrinkle creams. that's the news. >> i hit my head on the light above. it broke the light out and was showered in glass. i was lucky though. there were people on there whose faces were cut up. it was terrible. >> one lady, she just came out of her seat and flew over the middle row. hit her head on the wall and landed on her back like this. >> it's so bad. >> it was so scary for you. >> so scared. all the people so scared. gretchen: well, that was some passengers from that continental flight, peter, 128. it was going from rio to houston norrissed to make an emergency atlantaing after severe turbulence injured 26 passengers passengers. peter: joining us from texas was another passenger who was injured on that flight donnie builtup. >> good morning.
7:26 am
peter: what happened? were the seat belt signs on or off? tell us what you saw. >> it was about 3:00 in the morning. and everything was smooth sailing. it was such a smooth flight. that a lot of us probably didn't have our seat belts on. i know i did not. and as soon as the turbulence hit, which i was actually asleep, but i was woken up by it i flew out of my seat and hit the aisle. i heard a boom. a loud boom, which was coming from the back end of the plane, come from the gally. that's what scared me the most probably. i didn't experience the turbulence. i didn't hear the screaming. i was spared that did i hear the boom. and i woke up and i was in the aisle and i looked around. there were people in the aisle in front of me and people in the aisle behind me. and after the boom, i thought it was an explosion. so i was scared of that for about 2 or 3 seconds i was really just bummed out, you know. i thought wow, so this is what
7:27 am
it is like and what's going to happen now? so i didn't hear screaming but i started hearing moans and people crying oxygen masks hanging down overhead. you could see where they were broken up. housing for oxygen masks were shattered. plastic laying around on the floor. and i know from what i heard from people speaking about it, because i didn't really experience the turbulence but from i heard it was about a 10 to 15 second drop. and that, i'm glad i didn't experience. i think after that drop, i think when we hit the bottom of that and we came back up, i think that's when this cart that in the gally came up and hit the deck. gretchen: talking about 6 injured people here. four seriously injured people in this incident. you were spared the actual drop so you don't have to remember what that felt like. >> right.
7:28 am
gretchen: describe the scene for us of these people now seriously injured. was there panic on the airplane. >> i would not say there is panic by any means. people were, i think, because it was 3:00 in the morning. people were already -- most of the people were asleep. i think they were just in shock. the continental crew was great. flight crew was. they passed the word for -- if there was a doctor or eminent on board. we did have one emt on board. did he a great job. he was making his rounds. getting to the most serious people which the most serious person was the person in the gally that was probably underneath that cart when it came down. gretchen: that's horrible. >> they were hurt pretty bad back there. gretchen: we have to wrap it up, unfortunately. but the lesson here is that people should have their seat belts on, i guess. >> exactly, exactly. i know that's probably the first time i have ever flown without my seat belt that's what happened with me. >> we're happy you made it thank
7:29 am
you for that description. glad everybody is alive. happy flying in the future: >> thank you very much. peter: a plan to fly gitmo detainees to kansas. the mayor of leavenworth says housing isn't the problem. she is going to join us live. gretchen: all he wanted to do was help these geese cross the road just to get to the other side. for being a good samaritan, he gets a ticket for jay walking. common sense? peter: looking at kennedy space center. mission to start at the end of august. ??ç@ w wúwúw
7:30 am
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on a new, more fuel efficient chevy. your chevy dealer has more eligible models to choose from - more than ford, toyota, or honda. so save gas... and money... now during the chevy open house. go to for details. steve: now 27 minutes before the top of the hour and a fox news alert. the white house has just released a statement on former president bill clinton's surprise trip to north korea. he is trying to win the release of two captured u.s. journalists. the white house writes: steve: clinton is in pyongyang to try to wish the release of
7:34 am
laura lang and euna lee. they were convicted of spying and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. they work for current tv which is run by bill clinton's vice president al gore. gretchen: another fox news alert for you this morning. new video of the plane crash in thailand it was landing on a popular resort island when the pilot lost control in bad weather. slid off the runway. the pilot reportedly killed. at least 34 people injured. seven severely. including the co-pilot. the bangkok airway's flight was coming from another resort in southern thailand. peter: massive protests are expected today before president mahmoud ahmadinejad is sworn in for four more years tomorrow. this comes on the heels of a former endorsement from supreme leader ayatollah co-meany. he kissed his robe not his hand or cheek which he did four years
7:35 am
ago. this apparently signalled a loss of respect. steve: meanwhile, a surge of troops could be heading to afghanistan. we are getting reports, top military officials just met in secret to go over the idea because it's not secret much longer. including defense secretary robert gates and joint chiefs of staff chairman admirable mike mullen. we are hearing anywhere 12 to 27,000 additional troops could be deployed to afghanistan as soon as next year. that's on top of the more than 20,000 troops already approved by president obama. gretchen: 100 people rushed to the hospital because of a chemical leak trash disposal facility. people falling in and out of consciousness. the facility is in bedford, massachusetts. >> we have obligation as public safety officials to try to find every piece of evidence that we can to provide the medical community with that to help them in their recovery. >> investigators believe the fumes came from a truck dumping construction debris.
7:36 am
peter: feeling the pinch as the federal tax revenue continues to fall badly. an a.p. report shows that uncle sam will take in 18% less from taxpayers this year. while the federal deficit soars to a record of almost $2 trillion. the report comes as president obama and congress push for expensive health care overhaul and several new costly programs. economists say if the recession doesn't turn around, there will knob way to pay for the big tab. steve: mean meanwhile actor douglas's son cameras -- cameron has been busted for having huge amounts of meth. upscale hotel here in new york city. sings the arrest, it is not clear if cameron is still in custody. he is also an actor who has been in trouble with drugs before this mugshot is from his arrest for cocaine possession back in
7:37 am
2007. he looks a lot like his dad. gretchen: a florida city will keep flying american flags on town property after locals expressed outrage they were being taken down. clearwater officials claim they were removing the flags for budget reasons. council members criticized bill horn for making the decision without legislate anyone else know about it he has since apologize but it's not enough for everyone. >> my actions was never intended to offend veterans. i am a veteran. >> for you to try to justify what you did doesn't make any sense to me. you have embarrassed the city. gretchen: officials say now they may add more flags to city property. steve: all right. let's talk a little bit about. this remember a couple of years ago that terrible bridge collapse in the twin cities on the 35 w bridge. well, authorities, federal investigators blame the collapse on poorly designed connector plates that held the steel beams
7:38 am
together. they said why did they have all of that resurfacing equipment on the bridge as well? it was a lot of weight. now we are learning that apparently two of those companies involved with the bridge collapse apparently now since that terrible catastrophe, have gotten $50 million in new contracts. they are still in business and business is good. gretchen: one of the politician up there in minnesota says certainly it looks odd to the public that you have the state suing these companies on the one hand for doing a lousy job and on the other hand you keep giving them business and i guess, peter, that would be the legal part of this. peter: two companies. progressive and urs getting $50 million in new contracts. we are just about two years to the day when 13 people were killed. 145 injured in that terrible, terrible calamity. but i have got to tell you. >> this goes around in counties and cities and states across the
7:39 am
country. we even had situations in new york city where people were being investigated for corruption and there is no alleys of -- allegation of corruption with regard to these companies but there are allegations with regard to the workmanship in the past potentially where they continue to get city and county and state contracts. the bidding process in the government is crazy like that. you know, there has to be provisions where people say, you know, listen, there maybe a little bit of a problem here. until we resolve that problem. until we resolve the lawsuit in which we are suing you, you are not on the bid contract. you are not on the bid list. steve: apparently to get on that we are not going to do business list you have to be involved in criminal activity which they are not. violate antitrust laws which they're not. commit errors serious and compelling i think on the last one the federal investigators blame the collapse on a poor design. peter: we don't know if these folks are liable but we do know
7:40 am
that their work has been implicated and a matter of question and controversy. steve: it's not settled yet. peter: not settled. gretchen: i thought part of the allegation of what made that bridge collapse was also it had to do with pigeons and what they do to relieve themselves. peter: correct. truth be told. one of these companies had made recommendations about repairs on the bridge and one of these companies was actually repaving the bridge at the time the collapse took place. we don't know what the relationship is between their conduct and the bridge falling down but we do know that there was a relationship. somebody should be looking at that and saying, you know, maybe there isthese are good companies but it just doesn't look right. that's all. gretchen: like a lot of things in life. one thing that's pretty clear is there is this guy in fairfax county, virginia who just wanted to help some geese cross the road. he found himself in a precarious situation. all that incoming traffic on a freeway going fast. then these little critters get in the way of things.
7:41 am
he gets out of his car and he jay walks across the freeway putting his hand out to all these cars saying stop, stop. he was given a ticket. did he cause or key have caused much more damage? let's listen to him explain himself. >> i happened to be driving on the parkway and outside lane. i saw 1, 2, 3, 4, so many, 11 of them. it just surprised me. i think most people would do the same, i hope so. steve: so anyway, while he was there on the fairfax county parkway which is not a real busy road. it's busy but it has four lanes. but it is certainly one of those things where you would see a lot of geese because it's very grassy. i could see somebody doing something like that out there. an officer saw it and he thought he saw a bunch of cars having to slam on brakes. southbound lane and then ran to the northbound lanes. he wound up in court. he was charged. yesterday the judge said if you keep your nose clean for six months i'm going to throw this
7:42 am
out. the judge said your heart was in the right place. peter: you know, it's the call of the wild. he seems like a nice fellow. look at the guy, seems like a nice guy. his heart is in the right place. wonder if there had been like a 20-car collision. steve: then it would be bad. gretchen: what if the cars would have hit the geese you might have had the same. peter: that's a federal crime. kill a canadian geese a protected animal. you know, the judge had some discretion. he cut the guy a break. if we were on the road we would probably be angry as heck if we had to slam with our kids in the car. steve: look at that nut out there stopping. peter: what are you doing with the geese. >> aflac. steve: that's some really clever product placement. can we get a commercial fee for that? peter: somebody took biology. steve: did he do the right thing or should i have stayed in the
7:43 am
car. they went to a town hall to have their voices. why they are so mad. they will tell us next. gretchen: imagine seeing your own child for sale on the internet. it happened to one mom. 9 month old son for adoption on craigslist. she and her husband and children join us next hour to tell us their terrifying story. peter: speaking of aflac. it's the trivia question of the day. when this hotel added aflac to compliment their benefits package aflac! it made a big splash with the employees yeaaaahhhh! find out more at aflac!... (laughter)
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7:47 am
>> medicaid is broke. medicare is broke. social security is broke. and you want us to believe that a government that can't even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run 1/7 of our u.s. economy? peter: senator arlen specter and health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius getting an earful of constituents at a health care town hall. the crowd of more than 400 people clashed over plans for a complete health care overhall. evidence is going to be a tough one to push through congress. so our guest this morning are john and carol o'brien who oppose the plan and spoke up at the town hall. good morning o'briens. >> good morning. >> good morning. peter: john, can i go to you first? you have a pacemaker. what's your concern about the health care plan? >> well, immediately, i thought of what i have heard about the
7:48 am
plan, doctors will not have the final say as to what a patient may or may not get. what kind of care they will get. and i'm going to need a battery in a couple of years and i just wanted to make sure that as things are today my doctor will decide that and not someone in washington, d.c. peter: carol, what's your concern? do you have any health issues that keep you up at night along with your husband? >> no. basically i'm healthy. my concerns are mostly surrounding john's health. my concern with this whole issue is that they will be flooding the insurance rules, 47 million people. we have doctors, hospital beds to accommodate these people. you cannot fit 40 gallons of water into a 20-gallon bucket. it will not work and neither will this. peter: why did you go to this town hall meeting? >> that's a very good question. we got an email from senator --
7:49 am
actually carol got an email from senator specter's office. and the funny thing is that the national media is spinning that the groups we were part of a group, which we were not. we were just independent people who got the email and decided to go and voice our opinion. and consequently that's how we got there. peter: were you happy with what you saw between the health and human services secretary and senator specter in terms of their understanding in terms of what is being offered in terms of health care reform by the president and congress? >> not at all. peter: why? >> i think they were -- well, personally, i think they were very unprepared for that meeting. i think they were asked questions and they did not have a valid responses. they stayed on message. even though part of my question i asked them please not to insult my intelligence by staying on message but to give us an honest answer. they did not do that. and i think if you look at their facial expressions, during the
7:50 am
town hall meeting, you could tell that they were not happy with the response of the crowd. peter: brian, we are alling will for honest answers. we thank you for representing americans. we hope that other americans get out there and voice their opinions. let's check in with you as time goes on and see what kind of progress we are making. john and carol o'brien, thank you so much. >> we thank you for having us. peter: thank you. see you soon. gitmo detainees could be coming to a town near you like leavenworth, kansas. having alleged terrorists that close to home, is that sitting well with the mayor? the mayor of leavenworth joins us next. first, our day in history. on this date in 1977, president jim jimmy carter signed legislation creating the department of energy. on this day in 1996, everyone was doing the macarena. number one on the music charts on that day.
7:51 am
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steve: rudder clemens is the answer to the question. congratulations. meanwhile, the obama administration is considering transferring prisoners from gitmo to in military prison in kansas or a maximum security prison in michigan that is scheduled to be closed. that is too close to home for a mayor. she joins us from kansas city. she is a university of kansas graduate. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: why do you not want these gitmo guys coming to the kansas
7:55 am
area? >> we have two primary concerns. we have the concern of security for our citizens. we also have a concern for the potential economic impact that this would have on our community. steve: why are you worried about the security of your citizens? with any luck, they do not get out. >> that is our goal. we are very good at keeping guys on the inside at both the federal penitentiary. our concerns are the followers and sympathizers of these detainees and the potential threat that the cost to the community. steve: you are worried that guys who are sympathetic are going to come in, camp out, protests -- those of the ones you are worried about? >> not just the protesters, but really the followers of al qaeda and the taliban who are willing to risk their lives to make a statement. that is a statement we do not
7:56 am
want to have made in our town. steve: are you worried that if they were transferred, it could somehow impact your schools? >> i had not thought about the schools other than as part of the economic aspect. we have people who quite frankly do not want to live in an area close to where these detainees would be held. i anticipate that we would be losing families and of course losing economic incentives that those families bring to our community. steve: i understand you have suggested that the president, who has pledged to close gitmo, even though he does not have a firm plan -- the president should take a look at the area and if he were to come out there, are you sure that he would say, you are right, this is a terrible spot for them. >> i do believe that he would. when you come to our town, the mission is has the intellectual
7:57 am
center of the army. i think he would immediately see that we need to continue with that mission and not let potential detainees overshadow that. steve: we thank you very much for joining us live today. developing story this morning, a plane trying to land on an island resort skidded off the runway and slammed into the control tower. while you were sleeping, bill clinton made a surprise trip to north korea. that is right. he is trying to bring to american journalists home.
7:58 am
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: in very good tuesday morning when you. we start with a fox news alert.
8:01 am
former president bill clinton is in north korea right now trying to negotiate the release of those americans imprisoned there. can the former president bring those ladies home? we certainly hope so. steve: the clunkers are out of cash and the government wants to use your money to run the backup. a good idea or a big bad waste of your cash? peter: imagine seeing your own child for sale on craigslist. it really happened to one mother. she is going to join us live with her horrifying story. could it happen to you? "fox and friends," americas morning wonder and the evening show of choice in the land down under. >> here is my edition for "fox and friends." ♪ news you can use again and
8:02 am
again ♪ gretchen: we have made it to prime time, guys. peter johnson is sitting in for brian kilmeade today. president clinton makes a surprise visit to north korea. mike emanuel joins us live from the white house with the latest details. the white house has no comment on this right now. it was a sanctioned trip by the white house, was it not? >> you are right. good morning. the white house and the obama administration has been tight- lipped about the whole thing. press secretary robert gibbs released a statement. while the solely private mission to secure the release of two americans is on the ground, we will have no comment. we do not want to jeopardize the success of former president clinton's mission. the former president was greeted
8:03 am
by a handshake. a deal has essentially been worked out. he is going to put the final touches on it. state media reports the former president's arrive fall eight hours ago. it is not clear how long he will be there. the two american journalists have been held since march 18. they were sentenced to hard labor back in june for illegally entering north korea and engaging in hostile acts. relations between the u.s. and north korea have been extremely tense for the nuclear program and also for their habit of firing of rockets and basically alienating their neighbors. it has been a tough time. steve: i'm noticing that apparently one of the people who greeted the former president is
8:04 am
the chief nuclear negotiator for north korea. that suggests that perhaps his mission is broader than just getting those two gals sprung. >> that could be. it will be interesting what he will be able to gather when he is there. he might be able to get a sense of the dear leader's health. he is said to be very ill. perhaps he will get a sense of how ill he is. it may be a multi-faceted mission. while he is there, the white house is not saying much. gretchen: no doubt president clinton is a good communicator and was pretty much like around the world. another fox news alert this morning, a bus carrying about 20 special olympic athletes has flipped over in wisconsin. fortunately, a guard rail prevented the bus from heading down a steep embankment. it is not clear why the bus driver lost control.
8:05 am
we just spoke about bill clinton. hillary clinton is under way to africa. the secretary of state is due to land in kenya this morning. it is the start of an 11-day seven-nation trip. she will be trying to strengthen u.s. ties to african nations. she will be talking about everything from the economy to stopping islamic extremists on. new video of that plane crash in southern thailand. the pilot apparently lost control in bad weather, skidded off of the runway, slammed into the control tower. the pilot reportedly killed and 34 other people injured. a bangkok airways flight coming from another resort in southern thailand. remember this story a couple weeks ago? seven men accused of being homegrown terrorists. you will see them in court today. daniel boyd and his sons are
8:06 am
accused of plotting to murder and injure people overseas. they were arrested in north carolina. remember there was that a suspect that we now know the identity of ta. they believe that he is still there and at large. "jon and kate plus 8" is back. they featured them as single- parent, spending time raising their kids in their pennsylvania home. and last night's return, the couple did on-camera interviews at different times. i do not think they can call that can"jon and kate plus 8" any more. peter: have they been on dates
8:07 am
yet? gretchen: there has been a lot of talk about that i admire you for knowing nothing about that. steve: laura, you do not follow that show, right? >> i like the introduction. it is familiarity. steve: we're joined by the world famous radio host [trumpet fanfare] steve: you finally have a government program down there that people are really excited about. people love it. a lot of people hate it. where do you come down on it? >> let's say that we get helicopters. we love our helicopters in the nation's capital. we just drop bales of $20 bills
8:08 am
out of the helicopter. do you think that people would run to the bales? of course they would. i think cash for clunkers is a good way to explain the obama economic policies. our cash for their clunkers. ba-dum-ching! now i can take this car that is kind of rattling and making a bit of a mess. i will get $4,500 credit. the question is, is that prudent policy? i would say it is not. that is not how to grow or sustain economic growth. as a former treasury secretary, i know. gretchen: by the way, they are buying foreign cars. people have not really reported on. it is supposed to be an american thing. what is going to happen for the
8:09 am
demand for people to buy cars when these car companies come out as reinvented companies? people are not going to buy the cars. >> i think that is an excellent point. i was looking at the poison that they pour into the engine block that you cannot use the car again. do you feel that we are all interesting that poison? do you feel that we're the entities who are no longer going to work anymore and we are going to be sent to die in the economic doldrums? a lot of these cars actually are pretty decent cars. i know a lot of people would like to use them. college kids probably would like a car or people in an inner-city who did not have access to an automobile. peter: why were you surprised by this subsidy? there is one subsidy after another that is part of our american culture.
8:10 am
we subsidize farms, we subsidized suv's that people are getting $4,500 for. >> with a second. those suv's -- you raise a good point, but i think there are various tax breaks in the tax code for things that you buy, whether it is weatherizing your windows, but a lot of that stuff is gone. now we're talking about $4,500, leaving these car dealers on the hook for millions of dollars. a lot of these car dealers are having a difficult time. we will see how this plays out. i think the senate is going to shut this thing down. gretchen: you do? a lot of people think that the $2 billion is going to be passed. >> maybe the $2 billion will, but [unintelligible]
8:11 am
steve: all lot of green being handed out. the green czar, van jones, was asked if he knew what a great job was. he could not define it. the question was from a ""newsweek" interview, he said, we still do not have the unified definition and that is not unusual in a democracy. it takes awhile for all the states and the federal government to come to some agreement. we know what a clunker is, but we do not know what a great job is. >> every time the president says, we're going to create good jobs in america, i always found that insulting. what about the people who have jobs that are not related to the environmental movement or related to greening america. that is one thing that bothered me.
8:12 am
with a green jobs things, it is very interesting. the bureau of labor statistics has no idea how to quantify this or define it. we have had enough of the czars. he seems to be in over his head. this should terrify americans across the country, like my clavicle -- you should fopost this and make sure that people in justice. we have someone in charge of greening the economy who seems very lost. peter: if you read the biography, it appears that the man has got a lot of experience in terms of prison systems, lot of experience in terms of socialist organizations. a specialist in the abuse of civilians, allegedly by police
8:13 am
officers. is there some relationship to green jobs? >> he is a left-wing activists. so, he is basically a community organizer for every ad hoc left- wing cause. one thing that we know is whether rescission efforts in indiana, which he cites in his article, that is not going to be a growth opportunity for the american economy. wind power, blowhard. ba-dum-ching! gretchen: american citizens are calling out their representatives. peter: a woman finds her own child for sale on craigslist. how in the world this could happen. what every parent needs to know. what's up, smart?
8:14 am
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[outbursts of rage] >> why is it off the table? why is single payer off the table? steve: the democratic strategy's plan is to demonize the insurance industry because they make a lot of money. as our politicians go out and meet the voters and the people of america to talk about the health care thing, it turns out effectively, voters are angry at washington. perhaps we are going down the road that we should not be. >> the latest is that dick durbin is claiming that the insurance industry is the driving force behind the crowd showing up at the town hall.
8:18 am
they are trying to connect the insurance industry with these crowds. i like the fact that people are voicing their concerns. you have not seen arlen specter this nervous and is upset since there was a run on a grecian formula. ba-dum-ching! arlen specter and i, we're really close. you guys, they are so uncomfortable when they are round constituents when they have questions. is that interesting? i was thinking about that. this is their job. gretchen: exactly. they are not used to that. i'm talking about both republicans and democrats. >> what they are used to is going to the gym in the morning, then they are used to having a breakfast meeting, then they are used to having some committee meetings, going to lunch, going
8:19 am
back to the committee meetings and going back to their town house on capitol hill. what they are not used to are informed voters to watch fox newshahahahahahahahahah -- are actually covering the substance of these bills and they are caught off guard. i think it is a great moment for the american people and not such a great moment for the politicians who are saying, can i buy a vowel? steve: our radio show kicks off 41 minutes from now on radio stations across the country. thank you. peter: listen to this. imagine being in severe pain and not being allowed to get painkillers. that is what is happening with government-controlled health care in the united kingdom. could it happen here? will it happen here? a member of the european parliament is joining us next. gretchen: he does not mince words the former first lady can
8:20 am
reveal some family secrets like why president bush used to -- i'm not going to tell you. what did he do with their daughters? u5+. [ female announcer ] new swiffer wet jet cleans so deep, you'll love it. your old mop will just have to get over it... [ engine rattles ] [ man ] love stinks!
8:21 am
♪ love stinks! ♪ yeah! yeah! [ female announcer ] new swiffer wet jet is redesigned. it cleans deep in corners. its solution penetrates layers of dirt and its absorbent pad locks it away to clean better than a mop. the newly redesigned swiffer wet jet. ♪ love stinks!
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8:23 am
gretchen: bank of america agreeing to pay a $33 million fine for misleading shareholders. the sec says the bank told shareholders it would not pay bonuses to executives. they doled out billions to the firm's funds. ruth madoff'spents is being curtailed.
8:24 am
a study in the archives of general psychiatry says that between 1996 and 2005, use of antidepressant almost doubled. a study from the national institute of mental health says that kids as young as three years old can suffer from depression. steve: people call it a pain in the back. some patients in britain can no longer receive cortisone shots to relieve back pain. why? the decision has been made for them by their health care organization. the government has decided they cannot get cortisone shots. peter: these are decisions made for you by the government in a socialized health-care system. is britain still the system to go for america? joining us is a member of the european parliament. steve: there is a myth out
8:25 am
there that people love the national health-care system. >> it is true that people are cutting to the familiar and they can be easily frightened -- easily frightened of alternatives. if you're not very rich, you are left on a trolley. if you ask a relevant question and you ask people a question, would you go private if you could, 90% will say yes to that question. steve: absolutely. peter: is it a two-class system? if you are middle class or poor, you are stuck with a national health service? >> the national health service is so big that it has squeezed out the independent providers to the very fringes. a tiny number of people, maybe 10% of the population can afford to go private. steve: effectively a black
8:26 am
market. all you are doing is buying -- you say, i need an operation on my hip. they say, we will fit you in 11 months from now. you then have the option of going to a private provider that says, we can do it now, but it will cost you a certain amount. steve: they have to walk around in pain for a while. in the introduction, we talked a little bit about the pain in the back. they are rationing cortisone shots. if you have awful pain, you would like it right now. >> the rationing is intrinsic in the system. they do it because if you have a system where it is paid for out of this general taxation and nobody can pay for it out of their pockets, you have to have some way of distributing resources. the only way of doing that is rationing. peter: if you go to more
8:27 am
advanced or necessary treatment, you are at risk of losing your health insurance. >> if you want a drug that they will not provide and you then say i will pay for this out of my own pocket, they will withdraw the lead -- the rest of the cost of treatment because they do not allow you to supplement. there has been such an outcry about this. it shows you the mentality. a friend of mine broke his ankle. he was waiting in the emergency room he said, can i at least some painkillers in the meantime? he said, i will buy something. they became very aggressive. that is what you get when you go down this road of saying that the state will provide for everybody and it would be unfair to let richer people by services for themselves. steve: thank you for a great preview of perhaps a coming
8:28 am
attraction. >> given what is happening in this country and the way the state is already encroaching into the private sector, this is the last thing you can afford. steve: absolutely. call your person in washington. straight ahead, terror high is getting a whole lot bigger. this school for extremism is not overseas. it is right in the state of virginia. why is it being allowed to expand? steve: she saw her baby boy up for adoption on craigslist. she did not put him there and he is not for sale. could this happen to you? yes. the mother of the boy tells us her horrifying story in the next half-hour. peter: how to cut costs by 40%. the ceo of safeway up next.
8:29 am
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>> president obama has just announced he is considering transferring prisoners from guantanamo bay to michigan. the idea is to scare the prisoners into revealing information by showing them a bus ticket to detroit.
8:33 am
gretchen: comedians having lots of fun with that particular topic that is not so funny in reality. let's bring you some other headlines. yesterday, we showed you the first part of my interview with former first lady laura bush. after the ceremony, had a chance to sit down and talk with her about a little bit of everything, including whether the first daughters will ever get into politics. use a highly active in the issues of the day, particularly when it is health. i think that is so important today when we are discussing health care reform. >> i think one import tent discussion is the idea of prevention. that was one of the things i talked about a lot, especially with women's heart health. that is the way women can control their heart health and make sure that they have a healthy heart by watching their weight, not smoking, making sure
8:34 am
that they get all the tests from their doctors that they would need to get to know what their. -- their blood pressure is, know what their blood cholesterol level is. gretchen: someone else who has made news is sarah palin. she decided she was not going to be the governor of alaska. all the pundits went crazy. how do you feel about that situation? >> that is something that she needed to determine. everyone has to respect a decision that she made. michael lot of other people that get into politics find out that it is a great big world when you get into politics. i wish her the very best. gretchen: how important is it to you to see a woman as vice- president to be president? >> i would love to see that in my lifetime. i hope that is what we see. i hope it is a republican women, might i add. gretchen: they do exist.
8:35 am
let's talk a little bit about your going back to texas now. i think the president has been quoted as saying, free at last. what has been the most freeing part of the experience for you thus far? >> i do not even know how to describe it. i think there is a weight on your shoulders when you live there in the white house, certainly on the hill. we're having a really great time. we are thrilled to be home in dallas. dallas is a terrific city. we are seeing that. it has been 14 years since we live there. we're awaiting ourselves with dallas and of course, we have many friends there. we have been going out to eat. gretchen: let me talk about the books that you are writing. now, who does a better job at
8:36 am
cracking down, saying let's write a couple of chapters. >> he does. he always has been very disciplined. he jumps up in the morning at work -- and works at his computer. he is a very good typist. i never used to type might very well. i get a transcriber to work on it from there. gretchen: let's talk about your beautiful children. i know that jenna has been on the show before recently married. do you think that they have political aspirations? >> i do not think they do. i think they might have cousins that do. gretchen: the final question is, you were gracious enough to come to "fox and friends" so many times. every time i came to the white house christmas party, i would say to president bush, you are invited.
8:37 am
now that he's no longer president, will he come to the curbvy couch? >> i will try. gretchen: keep trying, mrs. bush. thank you so much for granting that interview. she is such a classy lady. steve: it was a rainy day. gretchen: now on to a couple of quick headlines. they wanted to kill as many soldiers as they could, but never got the chance. police in australia break up a major terror plot. >> potentially, it would have been the most serious attack on australian soil. the potential loss of life is very serious. gretchen: the west has been a bit of investigating a -- has
8:38 am
been investigating a group of somali americans. steve: it has been called terror high. a saudi school has gotten the ok to expand its supervisors in fairfax county voted to allow the islamic academy to grow. critics say that it is say hate training academy. they can now expand to another facility that could house up to 500 people. peter: we have heard from passengers of that continental flight that hit major turbulence. it had to make an emergency landing in miami. 26 passengers were injured. one of the passengers described his terrifying experience. >> i heard a boom that was coming from the back end of the plane. that is what scared me the most, probably.
8:39 am
i did not hear the screaming. i was. the turbulence. i did hear the boom. peter: he complemented the crew on a great job. gretchen: play a game to strengthen your rain? researchers are finding that mental exercises can help to slow the memory loss linked with dimensiementia. they're seeing if these activities can completely prevent dementia. let's take a look at our weather. steve: as you can see, we have some widely scattered showers through portions of the central plains at this hour. it is dry across much of the land all the way from maine down to through -- counter florida. go ahead and hit that space bar. those are the career readings. it is 72 degrees in kansas city.
8:40 am
we have 85 degrees in orlando. one more map is going to show you -- it is quite to be caught in the middle of the country. it is going to be 88 degrees in new york city. 93 degrees in orlando. president obama, we wish him a happy birthday. peter: take a look at mount obama. the island of antigua naming its highest peak, mount obama. they pledged to change the name shortly after president obama was elected. there is. it is a beautiful mountain. gretchen: speaking of the president, he says that health care costs are way too high to keep current system in place.
8:41 am
one company has figured out to lower health-care costs by up to 40%. not only that, the program is making employers -- is making employees healthier. we're joined by the ceo of safeway. >> good morning to you. gretchen: you have not done a lot of interviews on this. i happened to catch an interview that you did on the "mike huc kabee show." you are talking about a program you have put into effect. what was the key to cutting costs? >> i think the key was making a discovery that about 7% of health-care costs were driven by the eight years. if you could help your employees become healthier suit -- through a series of incentives, you could actually contain or lower your healthcare costs.
8:42 am
gretchen: you reward healthy behavior with things like this. you focus on tobacco use. healthy weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. families can save more than $1,500 a year if they do better on those scores. give us an example of how that is working for employees. >> what we did -- our entire health care plan is very holistic. this is a unique feature among companies in this country. we have a series of standard measures. if you meet those standards, you get a reduction in your health care premium. safeway has maintained its health-care costs, both the employee and the employer portion. the rest of industry has been up about 38%. for people who have healthy behaviors, their personal cost
8:43 am
is down about 25% from where it was in just four years ago. gretchen: i would love for you to stick around. i want to continue the conversation. our lawmakers listening to him? this boy was being advertised for adoption on the internet. the only problem is, he was not for sale. how did his photo appear on craigslist? the mother joins us just moments away.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
gretchen: we're back with the ceo of safeway. he is incorporating a health- care program that is working in his company. i'm for you were aware of the fact that we live in a politically correct society where personal responsibility is not always at top of the list. he decided to make personal responsibility on the top of the list.
8:47 am
you reward employees who decide to live their lives healthier. you testified on capitol hill. as anyone listened to how your plan has worked at safeway? >> i actually think that we're making some progress. i concentrated my efforts on the senate side of congress. i am talking with both republicans and democrats. there is a provision in the health committee bill that would allow companies like safeway who designed their own health care plans to create more differences between premiums offered to employees based on behavior. gretchen: that would be good news for you because you have a health care plan that has reduced costs by 40%. do you fear that this health care reform because of the fact that you have come up with an ingenious idea that is working for you and that may be taken away from you? >> i fear that if health-care
8:48 am
reform is not done correctly, there will be no ability to control costs and we could create in even bigger problem and we have today. what i'm advocating is that we introduce market forces that seem to work well throughout the economy in always improving quality, but at the same time, reducing cost. gretchen: here is what you found out with your employees. 74% of all costs are confined to four chronic conditions, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. those are the areas that have to be targeted to reduce costs. how? >> well, that is correct. when you think about those diseases, about 80% of cardiovascular disease is preventable. about 80% of type 2 diabetes is preventable. the vast majority of all obesity is preventable you decide
8:49 am
incentives in your healthcare plan that encourage people to have behavior's that prevent those diseases. magically, health care costs begin to decline. gretchen: it is an amazing concept. i applaud you for incorporating this. if people are not going to listen to their constituents, maybe they will listen to you. thank you very much for being my guest this morning. >> you are welcome. gretchen: somebody put this sweet baby for adoption. the problem is, his parents did not put his picture on their permit the parents tell us their horrific story live next. . let's check what is going on in the top of the hour. megyn: live taser demonstration here rn "america's newsroom." the rocket pack meets the jet ski. you will not believe your eyes on summer fun. he was a two-time boxing champion of the world. now he is dead.
8:50 am
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>> yesterday we told you about the shocking story of the massachusetts parents who found out their baby had been put up for sale on craig's list. >> wow. >> the person who posted the ad responded to emailers who were interested with a picture of 9-month-old jacob brennan which was listed from the family blog. the parents jenny and josh joining us life from boston with that beautiful baby jacob. good morning. >> he's a little squirmy now. >> good morning. >> so you posted the photo of this beautiful boy on your family blog.
8:54 am
and then some how the picture came back to you from the cameroon after you responded to this phony craig's list ad which you had been told about by a friend. >> that's right. >> and yes. it was a stranger that told us about the ad. she had respond to the ad on craig's list and was sent an email for a child available for adoption. and the properties of the photo linked back to our personal bog. that was how she got in touch with us. >> so when you dept the photo back from the cameroon in africa and showed young jacob allegedly as a canadian or fan in the cameroon, what went through your mind? did you run into the baby's room at that point? >> fortunately he was right there with us, so he knew he was safe at the moment. i think at first we were really shocked that out of all the pictures -- and all the blogs
8:55 am
they some how found our personal blog and then we became really angry and wanted to try to get to the bottom of it and make it stop. >> and josh, i understand you guys started emailing back and forth under the aassumed identity and got the person who supposedly had the baby for sale, paged them, and then you reported to it one of the internet service providers and said you got to do something about shuting this down. craig's list haven't done squat for you but what did the other people do? >> yahoo was the main internet service provider for the scammer's email addresses and were able to shut downal all the different email addresses they were using pretty immediately actually. >> so you filed the complaint with the attorney general's massachusetts office and the f.b.i. so the f.b.i. is on this case, correct? >> well, yes. i don't know what is being done, we reported it to the
8:56 am
localal police and they advisedtous make a formal complaint with the state attorney general and the f.b.i. so they have the complaints. what they are about it i'm not sure. >> what do you think of craig's list? >> well, it's hard to believe they allow home the publicize adoption i am a social cork worker and to do an adoption you need to go through a rep taliban lawyer or agency and craig's list is not an appropriate place and i'm surprised they have that as an oongsd don't delete those postings. >> thank you josh and general yip and brennan and -- >> together and happy in boston. >> back in two minutes. (music plays)
8:57 am
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