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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 5, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute sean: tonight, a dnc scare tactics reached new heights attacking the american people. >> they have no plan for moving our country forward so they called out the mob. >> that is what they are calling your outrage over their health care bill. >> you are lying to me. sean: americans are making their voices heard. wait until you see these videos. >> i want to thank president bill clinton. sean: bill is back. >> when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. sean: is this a propaganda victory for kim jong il? all that and much more. it seems that more and more
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americans are speaking out against the direction in which democrats are now taking the country. that is our headline this wednesday night. outrage. unlike when it was members of the wrong party, democrats are chastising anybody with an opinion. the democratic national committee has released an advertisement calling protesters "an angry mob." let's take a look. >> the extremist republican base is back. they lost the election. they lost on the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care. they lost the confidence of the american people after eight years of failed policies that ruined our economy and cost millions of jobs. now, republicans and their allies are organizing angry mobs just like they did during the election. their goal is to destroy president obama and stop the change americans voted for overwhelmingly in november.
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>> it will break him. >> i hope he fails. >> this activity is street from the playbook of high-level republican political operatives. they have no plans for moving our country forward, so they have called out the mob. >> these people are ignoring -- >> tell them you have had enough of the mob. sean: there you have it. democrats are alleging that the countless americans we have seen speaking their minds at town halls around this country are funded by special-interest groups. the latest person to be confronted at a meeting was house majority leader steny hoyer. let's take a look at this video. >> they are lying to me. i recognize a liar when i see one. [inaudible] >> i did not say what you said.
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>> i am a registered democrat, ok? >> me, too. >> why do you try to stuff a health care bill down our throat [unintelligible] [applause] sean: was that the angry mob the dnc is talking about? was that man, who is a democrat, coached by republican operatives? of course not. joining me now is the author of "cultural corruption." it will debut at number one on the "the new york times" bestseller list. welcome. are you part of the angry mob and extremists funded by lobbyists? >> well, this is the mother of all smear campaigns by the democrat national committee and the white house. this is the way they play.
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it is the chicago way. hardball politics. demonize your opponent, stifle dissent. it is laughable coming from an organization and a machine that has done nothing but astroturf state, grass-roots in support of obama care. let's talk about 1825 k street, ground zero for the soros foundation-funded operation that has failed to put people in the ground to counter a true grass- roots movement among the key party activists and counterinsurgency of taxpayer groups. sean: michelle, the top three books in this country right now, these are conservative books, a conservative manifestoes. you are debuting at number one. usually, they will attack bloggers, the internet, michelle
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malkin, sean hannity, they will attack fox news. now they are directly attacking the american people. strategically, it does not seem wise to me. what do you think the fallout will be? >> i think there will be a huge backlash because they misunderstand the roots of this movement. it is not something directed from the top down. the republicans can only wish that they could've been so competent to have seen this coming. nobody saw it coming except the people on the ground, people on the internet. fox news was treating the tea party movement with respect while others were denigrating them, using vulgar language. these people -- i have been to many of the tea parties. many of them are independent. many of them are disgusted with republicans and democrats. they want what obama promised but failed to deliver, transparency, at the, fiscal responsibility, and personal
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responsibility. if robert gibbs and rahm emanuel and the chicago machine think it will do them well in 2010 to keep smearing these people, go ahead. sean: strategically, tactically, it seems almost idiotic to attack the american people. you look at these videos. we will go through these in a few minutes. a man wearing a baseball cap and an elderly woman and a veteran talking to tim bishop. this hardly seems like a mob. it seems like they are so out of touch, that they do not recognize that this is an organic, grass-roots rebellion by the american people because we think the country is going in the wrong direction. do they not see it? >> there completely ignorant and tone deaf of the movement. again, it is classic projection from true monsters. what did we see over the last eight years by anti-war zealots
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shutting down r.o.t.c. offices and harassing marines? we have seen the open border zealots, mobsters shut down speech on campuses. you did not hear a peep from the people who are now concerned about raucous behavior. sean: when alec baldwin referred to me as a former construction worker -- and i am proud of the fact -- it was one of the greatest like experiences i've ever had, doing really hard work -- but i thought it was revealing in terms of an elitist, liberal mentality. barbara boxer fell into the trap when she said the people at the tea parties were well dressed. did you find that as revealing as i did? >> i did. this class warfare and denigration is a hallmark of the culture of corruption and the democrats in washington who have lost touch with populist movements. all they can do is try to redefine participatory democracy
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as some sort of threat to the democracy that we are trying to save. sean: one of the things that is emerging out of this is we're seeing how cowardly some of the politicians are, as they are now canceling -- they are free to have the town halls. they are doing telephone town hall meetings rather than going there in person. barack obama, the hill report did he is encouraging democrats, and i would assume groups like acorn, to go out there and try and flood these town halls. do you think that will be an effective strategy? will they not be able to pull it back, that politicians will fear supporting a bomb and are willing to separate from him? >> they are desperately flailing. there is an arkansas congressman who hid behind ill children. he rescheduled his congressional forum at the children's hospital to try and mitigate any
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participatory democracy. you know what? it is going to backfire and the reason why is because there is not the passion as there is on our side to defeat this thing and to preserve choice in health insurance and medical decisions. these spots have been outnumbered 20-one, 50-one. i do not think the message the administration is sending will change that. sean: congratulations on the new book. we are honored to have you back. thank you. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you for your support. sean: mice president joe biden's comments about the economy seem to get more ridiculous with each passing day. we have video proof that he is living in his own fantasy world. he ran off with his secretary! she's 23 years old!
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spend 10 minutes a month with natural instincts. it's the healthier way to blend away gray how? it's antioxidant rich and ammonia-free. in fact, the more often you use it, the healthier your hair looks. natural instincts, it's all good. sean: tonight in "your america," you heard steny hoyer get an earful from citizens, but that was not an isolated incident. americans are now making their voices heard. take a look. >> this is a system that runs
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quite well. >> [unintelligible] >> over 10 years, it would create a $6 billion surplus. [laughter] [applause] >> [unintelligible] [chanting "just say no"] sean: joining me now is the "national review" editor at large. the two observations -- i am shocked the democrats skimped on the talking points and they are referring to a veteran like we saw in that as part of an angry mob.
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does that strike you as strange? >> i think it is weirder than that. the white house response is bizarre and a fundamentally on american -- unamerican act of desperation. people at town hall meetings are considered part of the mob. remember the trouble fleischer got in right after 9/11? the white house is asking people to report on their neighbors. it is a creepy situation. sean: what you are particularly talking about -- for example, if we cannot track all of these e- mails through casual conversation, you can let us know. you see something about health insurance that seems fishy, write to the white house.
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it almost sounds like a secret police. citizens are reporting on each other. >> the white house is in a death rattle on this. they realize they have gotten themselves in a corner and they are lashing out in ways that make them look bearable. the health care bill itself, the health-care effort, is a pinata. you can-it from an -- from any angle and you will get a reward. sean: usually, they will go after fox news. usually, they go after guys like yourself or authors of books or sean hannity and rush limbaugh. i find this as almost unprecedented. we just saw a veteran at the time but ship -- tim bishop town hall. let's look at these people that are the angry mobs.
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it is an elderly woman asking a question. this is all part of the angry mob. roll that tape. >> harry reid and the rest of the people in congress and the senate, are they going to be on the same plan they are asking us to be on? sean: does she seem like an angry mob? she seems like she could be my mom. >> according to barbara boxer, if you dress neatly, you are neatlyrent-a-mob -- you are a rent-a-mob. they outrage has been stirred up and they have the nerve to accuse this legal lady and the veteran and other people of being a fake. you cannot get actors that.
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sean: what is the net result? i think i know the answer. if you try to smear the american people, as far as i recall, we are still "we, the people," if you discredit them, what is the net political fallout of doing something like that? >> i think the net political fallout is this is an act of desperation. they see this thing slipping away between their fingers and they are lashing out without thinking about it. the wonderful thing about angry american citizens is that when you try to slime them, they do not go away. they come back. it is a very "don't tread on me" type of culture. this will bite the administration for the rest of the summer. congressmen are trying to dodge town hall meetings. no matter what robert gibbs says, the congressman going to these town hall meetings know who the people in their districts are and they know they
9:19 pm
are not fake. sean: i am not trying to interrupt you, but does that change the political configuration? i do not think blue dogs in districts that voted for republican presidents get away with voting for cap and tax, get away for voting for the stimulus, that was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%, and now get away with voting for health care and be able to define themselves as fiscally conservative. do you think they are willing to separate from barack obama because they do not want to go down with that ship? >> it looks that way. you have to go blue dog by blue dog. we have seen -- we have heard sounds from henry waxman and those guys saying, did we lose the public? they will bolt. obama is between two sides of democrats and i do not see how he gets out. sean: appreciate you being with
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sean: pro-life groups are up in arms at a provision in the health care plan. lois capps was the author that would allow the insurance program to cover abortions. the house legislation says that no federal funds will be used. abortions would be paid for by beneficiary premiums. a spokesman for the national right to life says they are not buying that explanation. he said "it is a sham,.
9:25 pm
it is a bookkeeping scheme." republicans have been saying all along that the cap and tax bill would raise energy prices and cost jobs. the house democrats who wrote the bill commissioned a study to see if this was true. "the washington times" said the study, produced by the government energy and information administration, found that half and tax "increases the cost of using energy, which reduces real economic output, reduces purchasing power, and blowers aggregate demand for goods and services." the manufacturing sector will lose 2.5% of its jobs by 2013. a great job, liberal democrats.
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tonight's "meltdown" is brought to you by california. "the l.a. times" says the national resources agency issued the country's first planned to adapt to heat waves, rising sea levels, flooding, and wildlife to die-offs. these scenarios have already been played out in hollywood and hollywood has come up with innovative solutions. take a look. >> it is popping up all over the world. >> i will put this as simply as i can. everyone on earth is dead. >> the spinning core protect us from the radiation. >> radiation will create super storms. it will cook our planet. sean: those actors sound like the democrats. >> here is a projection of 24
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did you know just one sheet of bounce outdoor fresh gives you more freshness than two sheets of the leading store brand? wow! who knew? bounce... sean: a two american journalists returned to the united states after being detained in north korea. the airplane touched down in los angeles. laura lee and euna ling were reunited with their families. the trip to p'yongyang was described as a private mission. was bill clinton's presence in north korea and his meeting with kim jong-il the propaganda victory north korea was looking for?
9:33 pm
was a quid pro quo likely exchanged? i am joined by a former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. could to see. you said this comes close to negotiating with terrorists. explain. >> what north korea did in holding these reporters was an act of terrorism. they did not represent a threat to north korea, but were incarcerated after a show trial and i think were being used as pawns. we're happy they're released and the president has a responsibility to try to protect americans, but he needs to do it in a way that does not endanger rather americans in the future by making it look profitable for terrorist groups or rogue states to grant other americans and get ransom. sean: i want to go through this with some specificity. you said we should be trying to -- that we would be encouraging
9:34 pm
bad behavior. >> of the terrorists think that by grabbing americans they can get ransom of some sort, increased political legitimacy, economic benefit, you name it, it becomes a lot more attractive to kidnap and hold americans hostage. this is not a hypothetical. we have a situation in iran where three american hikers have been taken by the iranian security forces. you can bet the authorities in tehran are watching what has happened in north korea carefully. this is the question looking forward. what americans now are not important enough for bill clinton to secure their release? sean: i like you -- i am like you and i am happy for the families. we are glad they are home. there are significant questions, not the least of which -- do you think there is any way bill clinton would have been sent on this trip had it not been
9:35 pm
prearranged, in other words, all he had to do was show up? >> absolutely. it would of been foolhardy to deploy and without the release of the two hostages -- it would have been foolhardy to deploy him without the release of the two hostages. of course, the former president was briefed before he left. that is not something to be embarrassed about. it would be embarrassing if the administration had not done that. i do not understand what they're concerned about making public now that the women are released. sean: let me ask you this. we have talked about the agreed framework of 1994. this was a bad deal for the united states and bill clinton was president. it made me wonder if this might be why he was chosen for this. we give a number of concessions. the north koreans made a number
9:36 pm
of promises, that there would stop their nuclear program. we gave them technology and money. we got a series of promises, all of which were broken. do you think that is why they wanted bill clinton back? >> absolutely. kim jong-il has wanted high level, direct negotiations with the united states. that is what he had during the clinton administration and he made fantastic deals to north korea's advancements. at the end of clinton's administration, there was talk he might go to p'yongyang. kim jong-il has finally gotten that visit. he got three hours with the former president and husband of the current secretary of state, pouring out whatever message you wanted to give to president obama. even if there is nothing else behind the scenes, i judge north korea to be the victor. sean: is a ludicrous to suggest he went as a private citizen? is it wrong that -- here is the
9:37 pm
moral dilemma. the 12 years of hard labor were given to the girls, but we have to give legitimacy. they got the u.s. to agree with one-on-one negotiations. if it was my family member, i would probably want the u.s. to do this, but i kind of think that is probably a bad precedent. >> it is a difficult discussion -- difficult decision for the president. as commander in chief, as president, he has to look at the bigger picture. the bigger picture is the security of all americans, not making millions of tourists overseas more advantages targets for terrorism. kim jong-il has an advanced nuclear weapons program. when you look at this circumstance, i think the answer
9:38 pm
was to put more pressure on china. if you have to, send somebody else, even vice-president gore would have had the figleaf that he was the one. sean: is it likely we will find out the u.s. gave up much more in all of this? is it likely this will be perceived as weak as by our enemies? >> there is a lot we do not know. i think kim jong il strongly wants direct, bilateral negotiations with the u.s. the obama administration might be prepared to get into that, even in the context of the six- party talks. the administration can say that they're open hand might be about to be reciprocated. we will have to keep our eye on that. sean: i wonder what this does for the holding of 100 japanese and the other americans being held in iran and elsewhere. do you think it will impact of those situations?
9:39 pm
>> it is bad news for all of them and bad news for south korea and japan. they do not have a count of the hostages. sean: thank you for being with us. appreciate it. the great, great american panel is ahead. a tornado hits,
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9:44 pm
she is a former adviser to george w. bush, leslie sanchez. she is an assistant professor of political science at occidental college. she thinks there are 20% conservatives there. caroline heldman is here. obama is withholding the date on the cash for clunkers. most of that money is going to foreign car manufacturers. that will help the american car industry. >> you and i go at it and i think obama is great for the country. i think he is turning out to be a great leader. compared to what we had, he is a truly great world leader. i like the way he handled himself. let me get it out. the one thing i do not understand how about cash for clunkers, the name is bad. you were embarrassed to go to the car dealer with that name. sean: i do not want to talk
9:45 pm
about cash for clunkers. a quadruple the deficit. he has weakened our national defense is. what has he done that has inspired joe piscopo that you're sounding like chris matthews? >> image-wise, the country needed a leader. i am not going to go overboard. sean: a socialist leader, by everybody a car. >> i think we are getting out of this recession. did the president have anything to do with that? sean: there is no evidence of anything. unemployment will go out -- go up later this week. we have more debt, lower revenue than we have ever had. unemployment is higher than he said it would be. where's the evidence? >> i talked to my guys in vegas. credit seems to be loosening up.
9:46 pm
i am not drinking the kool-aid here. sean: do you want to respond? >> back to cash for clunkers, if you look of the numbers, a car buying service did a survey. 22,000 additional cars were sold. it is costing more than $4,500 to taxpayers. they will not release data on that or how banks that got the financial bailout, how they're using those dollars, who is visiting the white house. there is a litany of issues. sean: the biggest issue we are now seeing, and this stunned me, here we have with all these town hall meetings, you have veterans, you have the elderly, you have people that are well dressed. apparently, that is a sure sign that you are in mobster. angry mobs are showing up. do you think it is a smart strategy to attack the people
9:47 pm
that do not believe that we should nationalize health care because the country cannot afford it? >> i think the obama administration is responding to a very real political and burn it. it does the same thing we saw in 1993. we have 40 million uninsured americans. we have public support for health-care reform. the insurance companies stepped in and lied to the american public. they used scare tactics. sean: every poll shows that americans do not support it. >> it is the same thing. americans did support to the couple of months ago before the insurance companies -- more people know about more insurance and the more they want reform. sean: when the cdo scored this thing, we found out that 30 million people will not be injured. 20 million people will be forced into government care.
9:48 pm
obama had to face the realization that there were details. >> the people that are most alarming are the ones who have insurance. they are wondering what will happen to them. the ones without insurance are saying it is great. sean: why would you insult american people and call them angry mobs because they do not like the bill? >> it is an organized campaign and it works. this is an organized campaign. we have had thousands of town hall meetings in the past decade -- >> i am not saying -- sean: they are all sincere people. >> we pay twice as much for our health care as other developed nations. we have a lower life expectancy. we have higher mortality rates. sean: you want to weigh in. >> i agree with you. sean: thank you.
9:49 pm
>> they said, this angry mob. >> one of the people sent out a tweet tonight. it is real. there is real opposition. it to insult the american people, how dumb is that? >> they are doing it to get on you to the. their old people. they do not know what you to biz. sean: he says, i am a veteran, i'm a democrat. barbara boxer says, but they are well dressed. >> mr. hannity, we agree. you need insurance reform. you need catastrophic health care reform. sean: if we give tax credits to people who need it, you are down 15 million people. why ruin the whole system?
9:50 pm
>> that is exactly right. i signed the petition in west virginia. i said, i support it. what is the change? they could not tell me. . quality and reliability...
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sean: as we continue now with our great american panel, all right, not only are people a bunch of angry mobsters going out to this thing, now we have the white house that once every american to snitch on each other. when we cannot keep track of all of the misinformation about health care, so what we want you to do, if you get an email, and there is something in there about health insurance and that
9:55 pm
seems she, send it to the white house. i am assuming that hannity as at the top of the list. -- that seems fishy. >> you are a fishy person. they are trying to get misinformation. this is a bad way to do it. it should never be put out. i know. what time is it? sean: is it not kind of frightening that the government wants to establish, like, and enemies list? >> turn in yourç mother's, your father's, your sisters. -- your mothers, your fathers, your sisters. >> it does sound like an enemies list. >> i'd like theç word "fishy." >> there is a tactical hit squad, like at the convention.
9:56 pm
sean: any american that dares to oppose -- it seems to me that obama is overly sensitive. now, think about this. he has attacked a fox news relentlessly, talk radio relentlessly, little old me relentlessly -- he has attacked fox news. >> if george bush did it, they would have called him hitler, and what really upset m&a, there was the remark with rudy giuliani, and they called him mussolini -- what really upset me. mr. hannity, as much as it pains me, i agree with you. sean: am i right that he does not accept criticism, and he gets such fawning treatment in the media? >> you are correct. sean: is he, in the spirit of
9:57 pm
transparency and openness, you know what -- if he, why would he not have an interview provesç - have an interview? hello will freeze over first. -- hell will freeze over. what do you think? >>ç when thing that is very clr is this administration never got out of campaign mode. -- one thing that is very clear. >> that is a good point. >> we have to move to the governance stage. the next to a hundred days, that is the difficult part. sean: i agree with you -- the next hundred days, that is the difficult part. now, look. his poll numbers are going down. support for health care is going down. there is been so much attention about people going after these
9:58 pm
officials at the town halls, and they send bill clinton, "come on. i am saving the day. get on the plane, girls." is that a distraction? >> if he was able to do something hillary clinton was not. there is a lot of backstory. i think it is a very important effort. i think we are very grateful that these journalists were released. sean: is this becoming perilously close, as john bolton says, of negotiating with terrorists? >> this will lecturing the sign that americans. there are some image problems here. -- americans. >> like you have been harping on, sean, you know why i am hoping the way they handled this, and i thought this was so good? it must have paint the right
9:59 pm
wing to see what clinton did, and that al gore came out. ç-- and then al gore came out. sean: if it were my sister or daughter, i would be a static. i mean that, seriously. >> -- i would be a static -- ecstatic. >> as long as they do not hilug bill clinton. sean: i have this strange idea that we should not be negotiating with resignations. you do not think this was a predetermined deal -- with rogue nations. did we give up anything potentially? >> we opened the door to negotiations or at least to discussions about their nuclear program. >> at first, they did not talk about nuclear, and now, they are


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