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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 6, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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waiting on the good old curvey couch. thanks, kim. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> what's up? you are hanging with the coolest show on tv, "fox & friends." i'm renaming it fox and homey. gretchen: fox and homey? peter: absolutely. steve: we have done a lot of interviews with celebrities. you will see this interview with mar lan wayans this hour. this is the funniest interview we have ever done on "fox & friends." gretchen: really? steve: absolutely. peter: he is something else. i said he was hilarious yesterday. he was more hilarious than even i thought he was going to be. tremendous. great talent. gretchen: i am looking forward to that he's also starring in "g.i. joe" which is supposedly going to be a fantastic movie. in a moment we're going to be talking about cash for clunkers and specifically how this affects the guys and gals who run these junkyards. do they like the fact they're getting a bunch of cars to crush
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or is it not a good thing for them? peter: are they paying for them? steve: they get to do all sorts of things. business is way up. you were just looking at a live picture from a junkyard. meanwhile, harry reid last night, late, apparently reached a zeal. he's got enough votes. they have enough democrats to do anything they want to. but apparently did he reach a deal because some -- he did reach a deal because some republicans were threatening to not make this go through. some speedbumps along the way and perhaps they would have to start their vacation late. nonetheless, $2 billion more for the federal government to buy cars to do that to. peter: do we think that's the end? will there be another $2 billion? gretchen: that's the $2 billion question. peter: is it going to continue if it's successful in the terms of the goal of 750,000 cars being purchased? will there be another billion, another $2 billion, anothe
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another $3 billion? gretchen: a lot of economists wonder whether or not this is a good program. is it taking demand from buying cars in the next one, two, three years? after you hand out money, du, people are going to buy cars. if you hand out $4,500 to somebody, they're going do it. will they go back and ask $2 billion more? this takes them through labor day. apparently that could fund another 500,000 vehicle sales. but then what happens when you don't get that payout? are you going to go out and buy a car? that's going to be the interesting question. the longer this program goes on, the longer people get used to being subsidized for buying a car. steve: one of the arguments in the first place to get people onboard for cash for clunkers is they said this is really going to spur people buying american cars. not so fast. it turns out four of the five top cars we told you yesterday are made by foreign brands. now, yesterday, according to
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data we had, the ford focus was number one. but now look at this. toyota corolla number one. ford focus number two. honda civic number three. toyota prius number four. and toyota camry number five. so essentially cash for clunkers has turned into a huge bailout for toyota. peter: and the transportation secretary yesterday in the interview gretchen conducted made it clear in response to our question. well, yeah, this is an american program. this was done to benefit american cars. gretchen: but under the auspice of the fact that a lot of those toyotas artoyotas are manufactun the u.s. but the p.r. message is not a good one. a very interesting point that i would like to make is -- yesterday there was one g.m. car that was in the top 10. there were no chrysler. i'm wondering if it's the emotion of the american people right now that because the government now owns those companies, is that why people don't want to go out and buy those cars? that's going to be a humungous problem for those two companies moving forward if they can't scratch the top 10 when they're
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given away -- giving away money to buy those cars? steve: the number one brand, according to data is general motors. but when you look at the particular cars, people are buying cars that get a lot of miles per gallon. also, something interesting i saw today. there are a lot of people out there who are not interested in buying a new car but instead are interested in unloading their clunker. they're running classified ads and putting them on craigslist. hey, i have this clunker car. if you need a clunk tore get $4,500 -- gretchen: you can't do that. steve: i'm going to tell you why. you've got to own it for one year. so a number of people who have gone out and bought the clunkers, they take them to the dealer and go, ok, i want my $4,500. they go you bought this yesterday. you got to hold it for a year. peter: that's a good point. beware of the clunker scam. don't be putting out $1,000 to buy a clunker because you're going to keep it you're not getting rid of it.
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peter: unless that junkyard guy wants it. that is the one rule or stipulation that they gave for just handing out cash. you had to have a one-year policy of insurance on the car. let's talk a little bit about barbara boxer who you know from california. she's a democrat. she says that all of these protesters that are coming up to these town hall meetings, this is a new spin on it now. she says that they are hurting our president, president obama. but it all has to do with their fashion? really? steve: yeah. they dress nice. she says this reminds me of back when i was involved in some other things, al gore called me up and asked me to help. yes, peter? peter: why don't we watch her? steve: we have the sound bite? >> i saw some of the clips of people storming these town hall meetings. the last time i saw well-dressed people doing this was when al gore asked me to go down to florida when they were recounting the ballots and i was confronted with the same type of people. they were there screaming and
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yelling, go back to california, get out of here and all the rest of it. until i finally looked at them and said, you know what? your hero ronald reagan is from california, you should show a little respect. then they quieted down. this is just all organized. you in the media have to look at what's going on here. this is all planned. it's to hurt our president. and it's to change the congress. steve: so that's the democrats' tactic. in light of all of these protests that you're seeing where people show up at these town halls and are saying, hey, mr. congressman, i'm not so crazy about this health care plan, well, the democrats are sitting up there stony faced like, ok, they're yelling at us. now what they're trying to do is suggest that this is manufactured outrage at the grassroots level. they call it astroturf. and so that's their spin. peter: her level of anxietiy
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is -- anxiety is kind of disturbed. i clearly don't understand it. what she's engaging in is a cult of personality. she's talking about your and then our president. well, our president is our president, and that's president obama. but an attack on president obama's health care policy is not an attack on the identity of this nation nor is it a personal attack on president obama. so this bizarre obsession with people who are well dressed. some of the best-dressed people in this country are democrats. steve: they better not show up then. peter: president obama is one of the best dressed persons in the world. i don't know what she's talking about. do you know what she's talking about? gretchen: this is a cover. to me that well dressed popped out of that whole phrase. peter: what does that mean? gretchen: it was like a cover because you're not seeing fringe people, what you would typically call fringe people, at these events. you're seeing people who run
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businesses, people who are teachers, people who sell health insurance potentially. these are people who are well dressed. they're just normal, regular old-folk american so she has to qualify the fact that they don't look weird. so that's why she said they were well dressed. and she hasn't seen any of those people for almost eight years. she saw them down in florida when al gore asked her to go down to florida for that whole chad da bockle. that's -- dabocle. that's why i think she did it. steve: if there's a town hall during business hours and you're a concerned american -- i think they're all americans showing up. you might actually be dressed for work. so it's odd that she would pick that out. peter: the president said, you know, this is not about me. that's what he said. so any attack on the health care plan or any discussion of issues is somehow an attack on, quote, our president? what does that mean? is he only the president to the
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democrats? steve: our president sent out an e-mail yesterday that urged people who are behind his health care initiative to go out for at least one event in your community this month. so, in other words, remember yesterday we were telling you about back in september of last year, he said go out and get in people's faces? that's what he is doing. he's saying the republicans are being very effective, the counterbalance to his initiative, they're being effective in getting people out. i need my team there to show up. and you better not dress too nice. peter: does that mean that we are anticipating a clash? between people? when we complain that there are bus loads of people who believe in a certain viewpoint going to town hall meetings and we say, well, i need my people to go there as well and make some noise, does that advance the debate or does that just advance
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disunity in this country? i don't understand what that advances, quite frankly. gretchen: we would like to know what you think. e-mail us any questions about health care. we'll answer them for you later in the show. if you want to twitter, i'll pass along some tweets as well. peter: we've been looking at them the past couple of weeks. send them in. gretchen: the white house touting another stimulus program. president obama proposes spending 2.4 billion to get the electric vehicle industry moving. the money would go to 48 specific projects with a guarantee the government would be a big customer. the government would also subsidize building charging stations for those electric cars. the lack of charging stations, a major stumbling block to sales. president obama plans to chair a special meeting next month at the united nations. and the agenda? well, it would be nuclear disarmament. the meeting will it's a place september 24 during the annual summit of the u.n. general
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assembly. the heads of state of the other 14 security council members will be invited. inside the mind of a murderer. this morning, the diary of that lone gunmen who killed three women at a health club revealed. and the contents are weird and chilling. 48-year-old george sodini kept an online diary. he wrote about his anger towards women and desire to hurt them. police say his writing showed he planned to attack that specific aerobics class for months. on his profile he even wrote his date of death as august 4, 2009. in a disturbing post the day before his shooting spree, this is what he wrote. gretchen: three women killed, nine injured when sodini walked into the back of a latin dance class, turned off the lights and fired 36 rounds. he then turned the gun on himself. a big change in u.s. immigration
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policy. the obama administration plans to unveil a plan today to place federal employees in the largest immigration detention facilities in the country to monitor how detainees are treated. tension has grown rapidly at the federal government holding more than 32,000 detainees each day. private contractors have been doing the monitoring since 2007. no shirts, no shoes, no baby? well no service. burger king is apologizing to a missouri mom after a local restaurant kicked out a barefoot baby. the manager told the customer jennifer frederick she would have to leave the restaurant because her 6-month-old daughter was shoeless and even threatened to call the police? >> she doesn't own shoes. she's only 6 months old. she doesn't walk so she's not touching the ground. there's no reason for her to have shoes on. gretchen: that is so true. pediatricians say you should not put baby shoes on your baby if you want to know the truth of the matter. anyway, burger king says the store went too far. obviously. they offered that mom and that
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cute baby free meals. steve: lock her up. gretchen: that adorable baby. peter: we're not wearing shoes at this point. gretchen: would you like to try mine? steve: no. peter: no. gretchen: go for it. peter: i can't. steve: straight ahead a russian sub sitting off the coast of the united states. what are they doing out there? a warfare expert says it's all part of a show of force on behalf of the russians. gretchen: and those cars traded in under the cash for clunker program are killed. junkyards are seeing a big spike in business but it comes with restrictions.
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steve: welcome back. russian sub spot the off america's east coast. can you believe it? what could they possibly be doing in? and what can we expect? right now we are joined by naval historian. good morning, norman. >> good morning. how are you up there? steve: i'm doing ok, though that headline that i saw -- you know, a couple of atomic russian subs not far off the american coast. what are they doing out there? >> it's just like the cold war. what they're doing out there is trying to impress their own government that they can operate anywhere in the world and they can be a factor in international relations. during the past few years the russian military has been just starved for funds. the navy is in miserable shape. by putting a nuclear cruiser in the caribbean last november and a carrier in the eastern mediterranean a few months ago and now these two submarines, they're garnering headlines. and the headlines go running into their leadership in the kremlin and say, hey, we can
6:18 am
play in the big boys' game. steve: so you're saying that by them driving a couple of subs 200 miles off the coast of georgia that it's publicity rather than actual strength. >> well, it's totally undertaken for internal publicity, in my opinion. obviously it's a good training exercise for them to send two submarines 7,000, 8,000 miles from the peninsula. and one of them, i understand, is en route to havana right now. steve: i'll be darned. isn't this similar to the russian air force send something planes to do some recognizance in alaska? >> exactly. there are flights over alaska, their flights around great britain, totally to demonstrate again to their own leadership their capabilities and then behind it they say, hey, we need more funding so we can do more of this. steve: when was the last time they pulled a prank like this?
6:19 am
>> i wouldn't call it a prank. but the last time they operated submarines off our coast seriously were in the late 1980's just before the end of the soviet union. steve: interesting time. >> they haven't been off of our coast in any numbers in 15 years now. steve: interesting. norman, we thank you for joining us with your historical perspective. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: all right. meanwhile, take a live look. that's a live picture of a truck with a bunch of junk in the back. clunkers helping fuel a business fuel for junkyards. with the increased inventory comes restrictions on what they can and cannot sell. they can't sell all of that truck on that flat bed right now. and he's the star of the new "g.i. joe" movie. marlan wayans is here debuting his new action figure and literally flying off our set. it's an hilarious interview. >> was he speaking? he started speaking --
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peter: we're glad you're back here on "fox & friends" at 23 minutes after the hour. here are some of your headlines. almost half of u.s. homeowners with a mortgage will owe more than their house is worth by 2011. this according to deutsche bank in march of this year 14 million homes were mortgaged for more than their value. this number jumps to 25 million in 2011. their predictions for some parts of the country are even more severe. las vegas and parts of florida and california will see 90% or more of their loans under water by 2011. and will victoria beckham join the "american idol" judges now that paula is off the stage? producers are report lid talking to posh who was part of the
6:24 am
spice girls. one of the biggest girl groups in music history with record sales nearing 66 million worldwide. she was also discovered by simon cowell. gretchen: thanks, peter. junkyards are seeing a big spike in business since the cash for clunkers program debuted last friday. they're seeing a record influx of those cars to be scrapped from auto dealers. with the increased inventory comes restrictions on what parts can and can't be sold. the owner of king parts auto records in monmouth junction, new jersey joins us live very early this morning. good morning, dave. >> hi. gretchen: so you are seeing on average 50 cars a day, these clunkers coming to your junkyard. you used to see only about 10 cars a day. you're going to give a thumbs up to this program at least right now. right? >> yes. i think it's a really good thing at the moment. when it's all done and over, i don't know if we're going to be getting really slowed. but it's a good thing right now.
6:25 am
gretchen: do a lot of saving in the bank account i guess for the next couple of months. >> absolutely. gretchen: this program will go through labor day. let's talk about some of the restriction that some other people may not sob happy about. you cannot resell the engine block or the drive train. is that true? and those are the two most desirable parts to sell. >> yes. that's the main thing we sell, would be the engine. and you can't sell a motor. we can sell the body parts and everything else on it. gretchen: what about the fact that there will be a bunch of -- well, less clunkers on the road after this program so then down the road you won't have any customers to sell these parts to. will you? >> yeah, that's kind of true, too. that's a thought that's going through everybody's mind in my kind of business. there probably will be a downfall. gretchen: so what happens in your mind, when the money for cash for clunkers that $2 billion extra, runs out?
6:26 am
how are you preparing yourself for a possible downturn then? >> well, we're just trying to save a lot of parts and hope to make a lot of sales with parts and things like that. but it is definitely going to be a downturn. when it does end. gretchen: so when the dealers call you up, i bet you've just been flooded with phone calls. you have to pay how much -- >> absolutely. gretchen: how much money do you have to pay for one of these clunkers to come to your junkyard. >> it is not that much at all. it's a very low amount. but like, you know, what's going on now, we are getting flooded with calls from everybody. gretchen: let me ask you about how you actually junk these -- clunks. what do you have to do and how much time does it take? >> there's a lot of paperwork that has to be done. we have to drain all the fluids, the air-conditioning has to be drained, the gas. we have to take off the tires.
6:27 am
it takes us about a half-hour per car. gretchen: all right. dave, you are rolling in the dough right now. that's the good news for the economy right now. we hope you can continue to do great business after labor day when this program is all over. thanks for being my guest. >> i hope we do, too. ok. thank you. gretchen: remember what was happening yesterday during this show, bill clinton? well, he was coming back home with those two american prisoners. but was it a hollywood blockbuster? how a movie producer who's worked with tom hanks and a hollywood p.r. firm joined forces to orchestrate the former president's homecoming with euna lee and laura ling. and a baseball fan tasered in the middle of a game. all of it caught on a cell phone camera. why police took the guy out. and happy birthday to gerri halliwell. ginger spice 37 today.
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>> this is true. president clinton flew to north korea under the cover of night to rescue two beautiful women from the clutches of an evil dictator. and what's amazing is that the exact same alibi he used on hillary last week.
6:32 am
[laughing] steve: bill clinton providing fodder for the late night guys. about 24 hours ago he was over the pacific, heading toward burbank. and a lot of people were going, now, why are they returning to burbank? why aren't they going to a military installation? and why are we getting all of these press releases from these p.r. firms? this seems to be awfully well orchestrated. well in fact, as it turns out, the guy who bankrolled this whole return, the triumphant return, his name is on that airplane is steve bing a hollywood producer. he's done a bunch of movies. he's a pal of the clintons. he's been a fundraiser for them. he's the guy who put bubba back in the front seat. gretchen: he spent about $2,000 of his own money as well as donating the plane apparently president clinton called him once he knew that he had secured these two young women and said we'll be there in about 15 hours. they set everything up. i guess he's going to make a
6:33 am
documentary from all of this footage. peter: his company produced "polar express" and a couple of other big movies. steve: wait a minute. is bill clinton hugging al gore there? peter: that is a long time coming, i guess. that has not been the best of relationships lately based on press accounts. there was rogers and cowen a high-powered public relations firm. so you're right. they basically pulled into a hangar. but it was a hangar that was maybe also a sound studio. steve: indeed. when the plane landed about 20 minutes before 9:00 yesterday morning, they stopped just short of the actual hangar, hangar 24 there at bob hope. we thought, oh, they're putting down the stairs. maybe they're going to get off right there. now, they were just downloading some equipment and had a knew people get off. and then to a very dramatic opening, the doors opened.
6:34 am
you could see the mountains in the background, and up pulled the white jet it made a little turn to the right and off stepped the girls. it was a beautiful and very emotional for their families. peter: francis ford cop la, they couldn't do -- coppola, they couldn't do it better. it was a production. steve: bill clinton had had help from the past, tv producers made some of his films, "the man from hope" and stuff like this. he got another hand from hollywood yesterday. it was made for television. way to go. gretchen: and it was a great moment for those families. peter: happy moment. gretchen: a couple of the headlines. the senate now poised for a historic vote this afternoon barring a surprise. sonya sotomayor will be the first hispanic supreme court justice by the end of the day. 30 to 40 republicans plan to argue she will bring a liberal bias and personal sympathies to the high court but they do not
6:35 am
have enough to stand in the way of the confirmation. steve: meanwhile, the wife of the guy who went to north korea, secretary of state say s the mission was not a breakthrough but could help get back to the six-period of time talks. right now the secretary of state is in kenya where she sharply criticize the leadership for corruption and failure to follow-through on power sharing. later this morning she will meet with somalia's president before leaving for south africa. she's busy. peter: and the trial featured a freezer full of foil-wrapped cash in alleged bribe money. the guy accused of hiding the cash guilty. a federal jury in virginia found former louisiana congressman william jefferson guilty of bribery, money laundering and nine other corruption charges. jefferson, who is 62 years old, is facing 150 years behind bars. steve: so i guess the democratic
6:36 am
congressman knows what he's going to be doing for the next little bit. peter: don't put cash in the freezer. steve: isn't that why they call it cold cash? peter: excellent line. steve: we had some storms move through the delmarva and south jersey. some lingering showers. also out west. but for the most part much of the land is nice and dry. a little shower activity across the gulf coast. meanwhile, the current readings, actually a little cooler today than yesterday. 69 here in new york city. we got 70's from the mid-atlantic down south. 83 already in orlando. once again, it's hot in phoenix. but it's summer. and that is the desert. 94 degrees. what does your thursday look like temperature-wise? well, thank you for pushing that button. it's going to be hot in the southern plains. warmish in the northern plains, along the atlantic. temperatures in the 80's. out along the pacific if you're up at the 36 minutes after 3:00. 60's and 70's. and just hot in the southern
6:37 am
plains. that's a quick look at your fox travelcast. gretchen who is in those stands? gretchen: a baseball fan in oakland cries foul after getting tasered in the middle of a ball game. it was all caught on this cell phone video. you can see police trying to remove the guy. witnesses say he was being loud and obnoxious. when he wouldn't leave, officers tasered him once, then twice. the fan falls out of his seat to the ground. we are waiting to hear what charges were filed. peter: that's not a luxury box. i don't think. gretchen: that's one way to get him out of the stands. obviously that will be debated. i believe it will be debated. let's talk about health care. detail of president obama's health care reform are coming to light leaving more and more americans a little frightened at what the prospects might mean for their health care. steve: we are joined by dr. mark siegel who has compiled a list of treatments that will be in
6:38 am
jeopardy. in other words if this goes through, what's the number one thing on your list that we might not get anymore? >> there's no such thing as a red or blue pill. we talked about waiting lines a lot. but what we haven't talked about are things that may not be available at all because they're deemed not to be either the red or the blue pill. the first example i have of that, by the way, are pills. lipitor is the number one prescribed brand name drug in the world. right? steve: right. >> there are six in the category of drugs. as a physician, i need to be able to choose which of the six is best for my patient. remember, i'm not a politician. i'm a practicing physician. in my office sometimes i get muscle aches. sometimes one drug isn't tolerated. i got to go to another one. steve: you need plan b. >> same with blood pressure medicine. if they start looking at the studies -- there's a big term called comparative effectiveness. let me explain what that means. that term means that some study shows that one treatment is better than another. i'll tell you what's wrong with that. one, those studies don't usually look at enough people.
6:39 am
two, they usually only look at death rates. but i'm interested in quality of life. it's not only about who lives longer. it's about how they're living will and number three, it's operator dependent. who's the doctor? what's the treatment? where is it? is it the cleveland clinic? a lot of talk about the cleveland clinic, but the cleveland clinic is not everywhere. peter: i've gotten e-mails from people who say what about my knee replacement, my hip replacement if i'm older? will the government say you're too old under this plan? >> great point. i think they will say that 2/3 of the replacements are medicare patients. my elderly patients need to walk. it's not about whether they live longer. it's about how their quality of life is the same is true with cataract operations. 18 million people go blind in the world every year from cataracts. we do a million per year here in the united states. president obama may say that that's a lot, but i have to tell you something. i had a 93-year-old in my office last year. she had severe heart failure.
6:40 am
she couldn't walk. she was severely depressed. i gave mer a cataract operation, suddenly, you got a great tie on! her whole face lit up. steve: life changing. >> how is the government going to regulate that? gretchen: very good point. let's talk about cat scans and m.r.i.'s. people use those tests as preventive measures sometimes. but will that be still allowed? >> that is a great point. as a physician, i need to know something before it spreads. so even if somebody lives just as long what kind of life are they having? they needed chemotherapy. if i do a cat scan in the lungs air smoker, i believe can i get the cancer before it spreads. studies show 60% of the time if i do a cat scan rather than an x-ray, i can. but even if i don't get it the patient may live as long. but with chemotherapy. i want early diagnosis. peter: your concern is under these so-called comparative effectiveness plans, under the obama proposal, under these imac things, under these boards that
6:41 am
are going to be set up that are similar to canada and great britain, there will be a determination based on age, based on health conditions, based on chronic health conditions, underlying health conditions that the government may say to you can't have that operation. is that the concern? >> that is so true. peter: about cardiac stance and cataracts and hip and knee surgeries, that our whole medicare system, our whole way of life in terms of health care will go out the window? is that the concern? >> completely. look at cardiac stints. there's a million done every year. studies have not been able to prove that they actually extend life. most cardiologists think they do. we can't prove it. so that's comparative effectiveness again. they're going to say this procedure is not necessary but i know plenty of patients with angina, that get heart attacks, they need the stints. i don't want it taken away. peter: so someone who has chest pain, the government might say a stent is very expensive, but if we give you some other medicine,
6:42 am
you can live with it? >> exactly it should be done on a case-by-case basis by the physician. how is the government go fog decide whether pain is worth it in one patient versus the other? gretchen: you got five more things to tell all our viewers about. and that's going to be tomorrow. >> you got it. gretchen: tune in tomorrow. thanks so much. >> thank you. steve: thanks for the couch call. straight ahead, the government now planning to just assume all the toxic loans from freddie and fannie. what? did we really just erase their debt and should we be taking on that kind of risk right now? peter: and expected to be the big summer block bust eastern the guy flying through the air in the new "g.i. joe" movie here on the curvey couch boasting about his new action figure and some other things. don't miss the hilarious, incredible marlan wayans.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
peter: what of all that toxic debt by freddie mac and fannie mae went poof? a dra mat yaik makeover being floated by the feds. -- dramatic makeover being floated by the feds. what's this about? is there going to be a new organization to replace these? >> that's the idea. this administration has been really in love with this good bank, bad bank theme. i don't know when they're going to implement it, but the idea is to somehow sweep away this toxic debt and start from scratch, which is really -- you know, it's sort of silly, far-fetched. also the notion is that somehow private banks will get involved with lending, with the u.s. government. and we've seen all of these public-private initiatives so far haven't amounted to anything. gretchen: didn't they bail them out to begin with?
6:47 am
>> that's the thing. we pledged, our government, $1.5 trillion. the federal reserve bought $1 trillion of bonds from the mortgage-backed assets. we directly gave them $85 million. and still it was not enough. steve: that was just to keep them running. >> exactly. steve: we are probably on the hook for $1 trillion, $2 trillion, who knows what the money srgs real money. for it to disappear is crazy. >> it's like let's find a mountain, stuff this in there and start from scratch. here's the other dilemma. whoa got them in this trouble in the first place? a lot of people -- you don't hear about it because the blame has been dump on wall street. fact is, if it wasn't for the community reinvestment act in 1977, carter passed it, then clinton expanded it, put pressure on banks. you've got to make these risky loans. guess what. if you make it, we'll buy them from you. gretchen: oh, come on. you're looking too far back into history. we just want the last couple of years. >> the last couple of months. gretchen: exactly. good to see you. the star of the new "g.i. joe"
6:48 am
movie has his own action figure. and marlon wayans says the most useful thing about that is the fool-proof pickup line that comes with it. he's coming up. peter: and it turns out congress is about to spend $200 million on luxury jets for themselves. steve: air pelosi.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
>> coming through! >> what happened to you. >> i went through the train. what happened to you? >> i jumped over it. >> can you do that? >> yeah. i told you to read that manual. >> there's a manual?
6:52 am
steve: action fans can rejoice as "g.i. joe" gets ready to storm into the big screen this weekend. peter: one of the movie's stars, most talented guys around, funnyman marlon wayans is here. >> where is he? peter: how are you? >> i'm good. you said "the rise of cobra!" that was great. steve: congratulations. you are not only a movie star but a action figure. >> i'm a dl, baby. mama, i made it. for real. this is like i feel immortalized now. i'm a doll. there's only been like a couple of black dolls. there's been mr. t. and now me. peter: who's got more moves you or the doll? >> i got way more moves but the doll looks better. it looks a little bit like eddie murphy. that's close enough. right? steve: if i'm a action figure, i would put that right on the front of my car so everybody could see it. >> this is going to be my new pickup line. hey, baby.
6:53 am
steve: that's me. >> that's all i'm going to say. >> this is a really cool doll. i think he's going to -- we're going to mush ken. he's going to call barbie and be like why don't you call the bratz and strawberry shortcake. peter: did you have a doll like that when you were a kid? >> if you grew up a few blocks from me, you understand that i was too poor to have dolls. now they call it the meat pathing district. before it was the ghetto. like it was the meritime hotel. no. now it's a gated community because they gated the projects in. kind of cool, huh? steve: you're a movie star. you've been a movie star for a while. how cool is it to be part of this thing that is the "g.i. joe" franchise, that has been part of american history for, i don't know, 50, 60 years. >> it feels great. it's like making make-believe. i remember when "g.i. joe" was on tv. me and my brother used to run
6:54 am
home from school. my dad would be like, do your home work. yeah, yeah, after ♪ "g.i. joe" g.i. joe was there ♪ it's a dream come true, man. steve: that's cool. peter: remember g.i. joe with lifelike hair? >> you're aging yourself. that's a little bit before my time. i was around -- i hear about it. my dad told me about the kung-fu what is it? walk around like this? steve: something like that. >> it's like the arnlg rities grip. what -- arthritis grip. what dough with that? chop. steve: when we go to see you in "g.i. joe" what are you going to be doing? >> i'm playing rip cord. and rip cord actually wants to be in the air force and fly planes. but instead he's in the army with duke, and we get into this whole g.i. joe situation. and eventually i help save the world and fly a plane. it's actually this plane right here. how cool is that?
6:55 am
steve: so cool. >> take this over a g-5 any day. i guess you ride on top of it. like this. steve: like a broom. >> where is your mind? he's like, hey, hey, hey. what am i doing? where is your mind at? sick puppy. you get down from there! you put that plane down. peter: what day does the movie open? >> the movie opens this friday, august 7. it's a good time, man. it's got action, comedy, adventure, romance. peter: in english? >> pretty much. it's got some explosions. everybody understand it. steve: not only is it a movie but he is a doll. he's a big doll. look. oh, you're a little doll. [laughing] >> which one you want me, him or him? steve: marlon wayans, thank you very much. >> you're great, man. steve: you want to ride that home? >> yeah. bye-bye.
6:56 am
gretchen: what a character he is. well, these tapes are very chilling. an accused homegrown terrorist planning to wage jihad seen practicing to kill right on tape. and if you see something fishy circulating about health care, send it to the white house. is president obama asking you to turn on your neighbor? more on this story at the top of the hour. and with each new day it seems that more and more americans are speaking out against the white house. . >> you're lying to me. >> what are you waiting for? >> i recognize a liar when i see one. >> i didn't say -- >> you didn't say it was the bush administration. i'm a registered democrat! ok? >> me, too. gretchen: it appears it's not just republicans. but that's what the administration wants to you think. we'll will have that story in two minutes. . how does jell-o sugar free pudding fit all that rich,
6:57 am
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gretchen: we hope you are having a great thursday morning so far. it's august 6th all right. thanks for sharing your time with us today. remember when congress blasted the big three automakers for using private jets? humiliated them? congress spending $200 million on luxury jets for themselves. we will explain that. steve: oh goody. meanwhile, here is another double standard. this one from democrats? [cheers and applause] steve: liberal students mob admin man in 2006. and that was no problem. but now some american citizens being told that they shouldn't voice their concerns about health care reform. they should not. well, we are going to report and you are going to decide if it's fishy. peter: you know how the former gitmo detainees were sent to live in paradise. now they are spending time at a luxury golf course. we're going to explain. our slogan this hour comes from
7:01 am
bob in florida. bob tells us i get up yawning and stretching and rubbing my eyes, got to wake up to watch gretchen and the guys. good morning. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute steve: welcome aboard, folks. it is a thursday telecast. brian kilmeade still on vacation, living it up somewhere, we hope; and in his place, we have wall street's peter johnson jr. i say wall street because. gretchen: i thought you grpg to say legal eagle. steve: he has an office down on wall street at one of america's most prestigious law firms and somehow you ended up on the curvy couch. peter: america should know these people are fantastic. they really are. steve: there is something fishy you just said. peter: are you going to turn me in? where? the white house? gretchen: new address you can do that. steve: that's right.
7:02 am
a couple of days ago on the drudge report, drudge had this thing that had a bunch of sound bites of president obama talking about over the last number of years what he would like to do with health care. well, then because the white house felt that that -- it was taken out of context, it was a miss mash and it was deceptive. they have now asked all of us if we see deceptive, fishy stuff, essentially to nark on your neighbor. a directive went out on august 4th. if you get an email or see something on the web -- you hear that drudge -- about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag at white gretchen: what does that mean? somebody who has questions about health care reform. someone who doesn't agree we dare say about sections in that 1,000 page bill? i'm not sure what they mean by
7:03 am
"fishy" but senator john cornyn had something to say about it. he sent a tears letter to the president yesterday: gretchen: let's ask the lawyer in the house whether there is any violation here. the first thing that comes to me is the first amendment. peter: well, are you an enemy of the state? did you send an email critical of health care? did you tell your neighbor that the health care plan was not for you, that you had concerns about it? you know, you should really send in information to the white house so they can collect that data. you go back to a book called 1984, something called a tele telescreen. the telescreen was that the government could watch everything you were doing. as they were watching what you could do you could watch a video called two minutes hate or two
7:04 am
minutes of hate. so there is a person in the white house, and she has a title, i believe, director of new media. gretchen: is she a czar? peter: i don't know what she are. i don't know what the precedent is but when you hear about directors of new media. is this a ministry of truth? so you ask me the legal question is, when people send in email addresses of other people that have sent them information, when people say john and mary and jane down the street, they were speaking in a way that was not supportive of this plan, where does this go? is this counter intelligence programs we had in the 1960's under jay edgar hoover? do we have the ability in this country to speak out in the political fashion and not become an enemy of the state? steve: peter, it's chilling. we should point out that barack obama's campaign did stuff like this during the campaign they said, you know, if you see
7:05 am
anything that's not right, let us know. that was from the campaign and also from the dnc. the big question is, if you are essentially narking out your neighbor, my neighbor sent me this and it's highly critical of the plan and i don't think something is right here, and it winds up in the white house database, because that is a white house address, a white house email, how long are they going to keep my email? what are they going to do with that? am i going to wind up on a list of troublemakers? or disinformation people? gretchen: he asked that exact question, steve. he says this: gretchen: i can only imagine the outrage that happened with that as well. peter: i have no doubt that we will be attacked for raising this issue and bringing it to
7:06 am
your attention. steve: for everything. peter: dispassionate and objective way this is unprecedented. we should send to the federal government addresses and email about people who have disagreed with a proposal made by the white house it's incredible. it's astounding. steve: not only is it unconstitutional -- well, i'm not a constitutional lawyer, but it's intimidation. maybe i better not email that thing because i'm not positive that the information in this spam i got from my uncle is true. i don't want to wind up on some list in the white house floating around as a disinformation person. peter: it's more than a legal issue. it's more than a chilling effect in terms of free speech. and you know, it brings to mind, you know, we have watched movies about this.
7:07 am
brazil, thx, 1138. blue thunder. i mean, this is all -- it's a matter of concern. i don't want to be over the top about it, but it's not good. gretchen: let's hear from that senator's mouth when he joins us on this show. he will be live to talk to us about that letter that he wrote. senator cornyn joining us coming up later on on this thursday edition of "fox & friends." steve: email us. what do you think? do you think it's right they are doing it or a great idea? look, with the internet there is a lot of disinformation out there and stuff that is wrong. peter: let's make it clear they have not wrongdoing in that regard. they have not provided information how they will purge these email addresses and identities of that are being sent in on the snitch list. gretchen: take a look how president obama is doing with regard to some of these issues that have come up. health care reform as well as the comments that he made about that police officer situation up in cambridge. so, this is the latest approval
7:08 am
poll by quinnipiac. the one that came out on august 3. do you approve of the job of president obama? this is the first time that it has been to 50% and disapproval rating at 42%. i believe it was one month ago that that approval rating was seven points higher. two things you can point to race comments and health care reform, i would assume. steve: according to the data we got from quinnipiac. over half of you said the president acted stupidly regarding his comments regarding the arrest of his friend professor gates up in cambridge. so, there you go. tumbling. is he going down. peter: 57% a month before. steve: seven points in one month. peter: 7 point tumble. steve: another number for you. $200 million. remember, the president of the united states said we are out of money.
7:09 am
yet, the house of representatives, the very body that excoriated detroit's ceos "how dare you show up here in private jets," they have just bought themselves three new private jets for $200 million. oh, the hypocrisy. gretchen: exactly. i'm not sure, it's one of those jets i believe only one was sanctioned by the pentagon. the pentagon said hey, we need one of those jets which they intend it use for the new africa command. here is the interesting thing. two members of congress from georgia where gulf stream is manufactured. these two members of congress have received campaign funds from the company that makes gulf stream, they were behind trying to get these jets for members of congress. somehow they slipped this in in that lingo of a big bill like the 2010 defense appropriations bill that was passed on july 30th. i wonder if they will hear from this from their constituents when they go home for their august vacation.
7:10 am
peter: what about the older jets can we do cash for clunkers? steve: cash for corporate clunkers? peter: is there a new government program with regard to those jets? they say yeah these folks should have these jets. they should be able to fly. steve: for security. high ranking people, you don't want them taken hostage. peter: nobody wants anybody flying in an old plane. i don't want to fly in some nasty old plane. it seems like a lot of money. steve: i remember when i used to live in washington i would occasionally travel up on to the so-called eastern shuttle between washington and new york. i would every once in a while see a member of the cabinet flying up commercial. why don't these -- you know, these congress people have got great, it's for congress people. it's for military, it's for administrations, part of the air pool out at andrew's air force base. why don't they fly commercially. peter: you may have touched on it in terms of air pelosi.
7:11 am
remember there was a real controversy during the bush administration that somehow she was not being provided the opportunity to fly in the airplanes. steve: peter, maybe they don't want to end up on airplane with people yelling at them at town hall meetings. peter: do the federal judges get their own planes too? gretchen: we will continue to debate that in the commercial break as you can at home. the cash for clunkers program is one step closer to revving back to life. scheduled to vote on $2 billion extension. expects it's expected the cash for clunkers extension will pass the senate. she was a devoted follower of charles manson and convicted of trying to assassinate gerald ford. now annette squeaky from set to be released from prison this month. she was 26 which when she aimed a gun at president ford in 1975 before secret service agents were able to wrestle it away. new developments in north carolina terrorism case that resulted in the arrest of seven
7:12 am
men last week. prosecutors releasing nine seconds of cell phone that one suspect took of another suspect firing a.k. 47 at a lake near the raleigh area. the suspects will stay in jail for now because they are considered dangerous. eighth suspect believed still be at large in pakistan. big change in u.s. immigration policy. the obama administration plans to unveil a plan today to place federal employees in the largest immigration detention facilities in the country to monitor how detainees are treated the tension has grown rapidly with the federal government detaining each day. they have been doing the monitoring instead of the feds. judge to approve a $23 million settlement between bank of america and the securities and exchange. lied to shareholders about agreeing to pay bonuses to merrill lynch employees. the bank bought merrill lynch
7:13 am
last fall. 250 feet of wet, slippery fun. about 100 people took the plunge down the vinyl sheets covered with soap and water. doesn't that look fun? i used to do that as a kid. what's new about that? we did that 30 years ago, didn't we? steve: slip and slide. steve: just got an email from somebody who is sending something to that white house where you are supposed to send in people who are causing disinformation. they are turning in joe biden because of the disinformation regarding the swine flu. gretchen: that's one email they will probably delete right away. from town hall to town hall across the country. average americans speaking out against the president's health care plan. local politicians are taking the brunt of it. they are not happy about it michelle malkin tells us about it coming up next. peter: hollywood star is hanging with different entourage these days. jeremy piven hanging from the top road.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
steve: thousands of people opposed to the health care overhaul plan making their voices held across the country like this guy. >> you are lying to me. i don't have sophisticated language. i recognize a liar when i see one. >> i didn't say what you are saying it was. i said it hasn't changed. >> no it wasn't. listen, i'm a registered democrat. ok? >> me, too. >> why would you guys try to stuff a health care bill down or throat in three to four weeks when president took six months to pick a dog for his kids? steve: some democrats labeling these americans vigilantes, even thugs and mobs. gretchen: weren't some of those tactics used by democrats to
7:18 am
push bush administration policies than town hall protests. michelle malkin joins us from denver with her thoughts this morning. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, gretchen. it's always an interesting process, depending on who is in the white house. i guess we see this on both sides of the fence from time to time. i have to say this looks a little bit more odd because these are just regular american citizens coming to voice their opinions. according to barbara boxer out of california, they are even well-dressed. >> i guess if they dressed like the new black panther party then that would make them more legitimate, i don't know. it's quite interesting. i just had to laugh when i saw so many of these democrats and liberal operatives screaming about mob rule when that's all we have had the last eight years from the left. i saw that during the tease you showed the problem at columbia university shutting down speech of somebody who believes in national security and strong borders. we have seen that everywhere with the antiwar fraudsters,
7:19 am
intimidating marines in recruitment centers across the country as well. if you want to talk about civic vigilantism, let's talk about acorn and their tactics, their bruit tactics of breaking into homes in the name of social justice. where was the left to decry that? peter: you are not suggesting though michelle that people should emulate what was happening at my alma matter at columbia university that protesters of health care should act that way, are you? >> no. of course not. in fact what i'm doing is pointing out that the true mob rule has been on the other side. what is mobbish about people coming to public forums, congressional town halls and being very insistent and persistent about challenging the talking points of the people who are trying to sell obama care? that's participatory democracy. steve: sure. let's face it, the mainstream media tried to diminish the tea parties that happened and now they are trying to do the same thing with this as are the
7:20 am
democrats as well. michelle, stand by, because, coming up after a brief timeout, the deal is done, cash for clunkers is getting big bucks to stayen 00 road. the question is does it really help the american auto industry or the japanese? peter: new health care overhaul includes $50 million for sex education reform. it won't be based on science. instead, it appears to push a political agenda. what your kids may be taught coming up. gretchen: plus a 7-year-old behind the wheel of a car going 70 miles per hour. not only did his dad put him there. he also videotaped it from the passenger seat. oh my goodness. steve: father of the year. that's not 70. u5+.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
steve: she has got a little bit of a smile this morning. perhaps it could be that michelle malkin is joining us now from denver.
7:24 am
her new book, culture of corruption debuts at number one on the "new york times" best seller list and michelle, that has got to drive the "new york times" absolutely nuts. congratulations. >> probably. thanks. i have been so grateful for all of the support that fox news has shown and readers and viewers. i think it really shows that the winds of change are blowing and the fact that there are so many conservative and alternative voices now on the "new york times" best-seller list. gretchen: one thing not changing too much on capitol hill is spending a whole heck of a lot of money. >> that's true, gretchen. gretchen: looks like the cash for clunkers program just another 2 billion add it in there through labor day. i know you have thoughts on that. cars selling, they are not really american cars. they may be made here but toyota is all over the top 5. >> that's right, they top the list it calls into question both the economic and environmental benefits of this program which
7:25 am
are pretty much nil. and the idea that it is sold as some sort of government success shows you just how knee deep we are in this idea that central planning is the way that this economy should be run. it a straight subsidy. it is an auto welfare entitlement program. it's nothing less than that. and, of course, yeah, the senate is preparing now to dump another $2 billion into these cash subsidies, especially at a time when we should be encouraging americans to save money, not spend it and take advantage of this government cheese. peter: if we save money, how is the economy going to get out of the doldrums that it's in and then the second part in terms of the environmental friendliness, isn't there a very high mpg in terms of the average of these cars that are being sold as a result of this like 25 or 26 miles per miles per gallon? >> well, actually, folks have looked at the cars that are being bought and the consequences of the program. and one thing that's happening
7:26 am
is that completely usable cars are being destroyed and, you know, even some of the lefties are casting doubt on the environmental benefits here. in fact, if people were not buying cars and buying something else entirely, that probably would be better for the environmental bottom line. steve: yeah. interesting stuff. all right, michelle malkin joining us today from denver. thank you very much. do you think you said anything in your two segment blocks here that will result on you being flagged to the white house today? >> i have probably got 100 flags by my name and you guys have 50 today. peter: i have put a call in to the truth police and they will be contacting you very, very soon. the truth police are on the way. do you hear the sirens? gretchen: michelle, great. always great to sigh. >> thanks, you too. gretchen: stimulus spending was supposed to keep americans at work. unfortunately the unemployment number keeps rising. where is all the cash going? steve: you know how the former
7:27 am
gitmo detainees were sent to live in paradise. now they are spending time at a luxury golf course. what? the weidger story straight ahead. lver.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
morning. easy confirmation is expected today for sown i don't sotomayor had will become the first hispanic supreme court justice. she has enough votes to be confirmed. and then a floor vote is expected later today that won't happen before several republicans argue against confirmation on the grounds of liberal bias and personal agenda. the confirmation vote needs two thirds and sotomayor has all democrats voting for her along with ten republicans. steve: meanwhile, billions of dollars in government money flowing to homeowners to hold down the foreclosure rate. it all passes through middle men called mortgage servicers that take a percentage. the a.p. says 30 of these people are being sued for harassing borrowers, imposing illegal fees and forcing buyers to purchase unnecessary insurance policy. this includes bank of america, wells fargo, citi, and chase. gretchen: instead of dialing 911 you could text your emergency.
7:32 am
iowa, first city in the nation to accept text messages to 911. new service will help people deaf and hard of hearing it could help kind victims. imagine if you could still get to your phone, peter and be able to text that in. peter: canadian father who posted this youtube video of his 7-year-old son driving the family car now says he regrets letting his little boy get behind the wheel. steve: do you think? peter: as you can see the dad rides in passenger seat with his camera and proudly delivers play by play as his son cruises down a country road. here is his so-called apology. peter: police in quebec are still proceeding with investigation of unsafe at any speed event. gretchen: maybe the driving age is different.
7:33 am
peter: it's down now. gretchen: 7? steve: i should point out, i have three children and my youngest daughter sally last night i took her over to the church parking lot near her -- our house and i let her drive for the first time. do you see any gray hairs right there? because it was scary. [screams] steve: can i put my foot on the gas and other foot on the brake, daddy? peter: sally will be incredible driver. peter: driving school shows up on friday. it's mandated in new jersey that you go to one. don't worry, sally is going to do fine. i worry about myself though. i was having a maalox moment. widely scattered showers from the mid-atlantic up through the new york city area on this thursday morning. also, some thunderstorms just moving off the gulf coast. and some rain as well in portions of the south dakota area. right now temperatures very, very nice for a thursday. in august, in the summer.
7:34 am
50's and 60's across the northern half. 70's and 80's down south. hot in the desert. really going to be hot later on today. out in phoenix 109, 102 in dallas, 90's and a lot of humidity along the gulf coast. 80's for the most part up the atlantic and across the northern plains. if you are lucky enough to be in san francisco today, look out for the cable cars. it's going to be nice, just 67. all right. now some show business news. gretchen: jeremy piven may be most feared on television but in the wrestling ring is he definitely in need of entourage. the actor was in connecticut to take on wwe star. he tries to dive from the ring's top rope but he winds up catching piven in his arms like a little baby. things get comical from there. i guess we should say don't quit your day job, jeremiah. is he out of cash or something or why we do this? peter: he is a big star.
7:35 am
he bowed out of the broadway show he was in. he had mercury poisoning and he couldn't get up out of the bed. he got on the turn buckle there. reminds me of andy calfman. movie made jim carrie played him he went into the wrestling ring. steve: a lot of publicity. let's talk a little bit about the stimulus. congress voted $787 billion to make sure that our unemployment did not get above, you know, at that point it was, i think, at 8%. now up to 10%. not working so well. there is an item on "the huffington post" this morning that takes a look look obama administration promise the stimulus assistance will go unemployment so essentially it won't get any higher. yet, it doesn't seem, according to their analysis to be any relationship to an area with high unemployment and the amount of stimulus money getting to that area. gretchen: are you talking about trig county kentucky where
7:36 am
unemployment is 15.8% at least in t. was in june after the auto industry crippled the people there. will he grange county, indiana hasn't faired well at all. this is just completely not a scientific study but when i have driven up and down the east coast this summer, i see a lot of those signs on the highway that say this construction project is being funded by the stimulus money. when you go to the midwest, i don't see any of those signs. left me know if you see them in the midwest because maybe the particular areas i was in i am not seeing them. steve: according to, this the biggest winner of money going anywhere, there is the sign that gretchenson talking about. $12,000 per resident is a lot of money and that money is being pumped into nebraska where the unemployment rate is 4%. yet, very low. about half the national average yet they got $12,000 per person. gretchen mentioned trig county kentucky. the unemployment at 15%. they got about $2,400 per person. but then in lagrange county,
7:37 am
indiana, i believe the area where the president visited yesterday, 15% unemployment, identical to trig county. yet, they only wound up with $33 per person in the county. in other words, one person with 15% gets 2400. another county with 15% gets 33. why isn't it a little more equal? peter: i think this is easily fixed. don't you think? gretchen: how? peter: we have just given numbers. we have just given the counties. let's see what happens. gretchen: we are dealing with bureaucracy, peter. this will take another five years to figure out how we can equalize these numbers. peter: we have given these in a very public fashion. we know the truth police are watching. this should go straight into the bloodstream. gretchen: keep waiting right in that pose and i will let you know when it happens. peter: strike a pose. gretchen: meantime another story that's brewing and this one has rahm emanuel involved in it has he been exerting pressure on
7:38 am
some members of congress to act in a certain way? well, one member of congress, a republican darryl esa from california he says back off, rahm. paws off. keep away from me as far as trying to strong hold me on the way i feel about certain issues. steve: it all goes back to a couple of sundays ago when senator kyl was on one of the sunday chat shows and painted the stimulus program as we were just talking about as being a dud. and then suddenly, the governor of mr. kyl's state got a couple of letters from cabinet secretaries and said well, i'm going to paraphrase but this is the main idea. so we understand that you don't think the money is being well-spent. if you don't want the money, we can take it back or we don't have to give it to you. so, in other words, it looks like they are intimidating. after kyl said that it looks as if the cabinet secretaries that
7:39 am
are going well, then give the money back. your senator there was shooting his mouth off. peter: there is always horse trading in congress and the white house. there is always kind of subtle political pressure. rarely is it demonstrated in such an obvious way and apparent way. rarely does it come to light. and a lot of people don't like to bring it to light because they are always concerned about, perhaps, further retaliation in that regard. steve: right. and gretchen mentioned congressman isa from southern california. he said in this letter to rahm emanuel, who he feels that rahm emanuel was coordinated. he said while this type of scare tactic may work in chicago it will not work to intimidate me and other members of the u.s. congress. have you have unfortunately reacted once again resorting to the play book of the chicago political machine. he wants -- its is -- isa's
7:40 am
information where coordinated this language of the different cabinet jobs is identical in a couple of situations. it doesn't seem as though they wrote the letters independently. gretchen: very interesting. let's talk a little bit about these weidgers. brian, if you are watching, this is one of your favorite topics. apparently, you remember four of them were released over to bermuda. well, now they are working on a golf course at the port royal golf course. apparently this is a temporary job. we are all wondering what jobs they would end up with over in bermuda. peter: there they are. gretchen: members of caddie shack. uighur shack. there is a tournament over there. they are getting the course ready five filipino workers. they quit. the uighurs moved on. in they say the new hires are doing very well in their jobs. peter: did bill murray have explosive experience in caddie shack?
7:41 am
with that poor little creditor? steve: i don't know that they had explosives training i did read one report they did. you know what would be great and a real hollywood ending to this uighur story, since there is this 1.35-million-dollar purse, wouldn't it be great if one of the uighurs won it? enough of the grounds keeping give me that stick hole in one. peter: uighur pro am. like the bob hope classic. why can't there be the uighur classic in bermuda. gretchen: next to the driving range. peter: too late. next year we could do it. gretchen: let us know what you think about that email or twitter us. here on -- one texas town has hd enough. they don't want landlords renting out to illegals. we report and then you can decide. peter: being called a healthy teen initiative. $50 million included in the health care overhaul for sex education. is this new education based on science or ideology? steve: right now the aflac trivia question of the day:
7:42 am
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with the mr. clean magic eraser. peter: after dealing with health care the president will look to tackle immigration reform and could make it easier for illegals to become citizens. but in farmers branch, texas, they are doing the exact opposite. they are making it harder. in 2007 the city created a law that band all land lords from renting to illegals. that ordinance was overturned as unconstitutional. now the city is trying to get it reinstated. our guest this morning is chris cobach, a lawyer for the farmers
7:46 am
branch and a former department of justice official. good morning, chris. how are you? >> fine, thanks. peter: tell me what's going on down there and this lawsuit. >> a subsequent law was passed and the law bands the willful harboring of illegal aliens in apartments. it's in court right now and we are awaiting for a ruling in district court. regardless of what happens it will go up to the court of appeals. a lot of cities are trying to do something to stop the illegal immigration in their jurisdiction. and the main reason is that illegal immigration is so expensive. it's about $89 billion a year at all levels of government that it costs us taxpayers. but most of that 89 billion falls on the cities and states. so you are seeing a lot of city and state action to try to do something about it. peter: this is your expertise. you teach this at the university of missouri. you worked on this for several years in the department of justice in washington. what do these laws do? they say you can't rent to an illegal? is that what the laws basically
7:47 am
say? >> that's what the law says. but the way it actually operates in practice is that the illegal alien or every renter in the town has to get occupancy license. in the process of getting the occupancy license the city checks with the federal government over a period of time to determine if that occupant is actually an alien lawfully present in the united states. peter: argument against it, i guess, is it's not a good law because that should only be the right of the federal government to regulate immigration. why is it a good law? >> well, that's what the other side, the aclu will typically sue in these cases and they will say no, the cities can't help the federal governments. the federal government is the only player on the field. actually, the answer to that is that congress itself in defining the laws governing illegal immigration and immigration generally carved out a role for the states. this is one of those roles, helping the federal government to determine who is entitled to benefits and also helping to enforce the existing federal laws. it's been a federal crime for many, many years to harbor an illegal alien. that includes knowingly providing an apartment to an
7:48 am
illegal alien. peter: just translating it to the local level. >> writing local efforts on top of federal efforts. peter period consistent with the federal effort. >> exactly consistent. peter: other issue people are interested in in terms of illegal immigrants is health care. we haven't heard a lot about it there has been a lot of information, there has been a lot of misinformation. there has been no clarity on that issue. what kind of language should be in those bills with regard to illegals in this country? >> that's a great question because a lot of people have been worried about the fact that there is nothing in the health care bill right now that clearly prohibits illegal aliens from receiving our taxpayer funded health care if this thing were to happen. what has to be in there -- the best way to do it is to put a requirement in the bill that says every person receiving health care has to be checked through the save system. systematic aid for violation
7:49 am
requirements. make sure that alien seeking driver's license is lawfully present in the united states. this is just the system they run it through. make health care providers run it through the same computer system make sure the alien is legally here. peter: don't illegal aliens receive health care now from the united states? >> not throughout normal mechanism. we have a law in place that says when you walk through an emergency room, no matter how are, ability to pay you get emergency care. what happens the emergency room becomes a one-stop shop for illegal aliens to obtain health care either at the taxpayers' expense in the county or indirectly the cost is pushed on to the other insurance pairs in the system. peter: thanks for being with us. you explained a lot of things well. >> my pleasure. peter: good to sigh. you are teaching my child, what? our next guest exposing exactly what your child is learning about sex education get, this tucked into the health care bill
7:50 am
federal money to pay for it. first, on this day in history in 1945 the first atomic bomb used in war was exploded over the japanese city of hiroshima. in 1998, monica lewenski appeared before a grand jury to explain her relationship with president clinton. and, in 1975, "one of these nights" by the eagles was the number one song. let's hear it ♪ one of these nights ♪ . . taking its rightful place
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7:53 am
steve: the answer to the question of the day it is soleil
7:54 am
moon frye. gretchen: a provision in the health care reform package gives $50 million for comprehensive sex education reform. steve: dr. grossman is the author of "you are teaching my child what." you are talking about how it is a coalition of planned parenthood groups and stuff like this. this outfit is the lead organization. we need to know about this organization. >> yes, absolutely. you need to know that comprehensive sex education is not comprehensive. it is not science based.
7:55 am
it is definitely not what parents want their kids to be getting. gretchen: why? >> because it is driven by a social agendas and not health. steve: what does siecus stand for? >> it sounds like a government organization, but it is not. steve: they are politically driven? >> they are sociall agenda driven. they want children to end up being open and except into nearly every kind of sexual behavior. gretchen: let's give some examples. some of them seem to be outrageous. for example, the basic just that it is ok to be questioning whether or not you are the gender you were born with three
7:56 am
out to whole life. that is not mainstream thinking. >> this is not science based education. science based education would bring kids of today on the latest research that shows the boys and girls are different from before burst. -- before birth. these are permanent differences. steve: i am glad we know who would be in charge of this monday. yester day we were talking about a company that has started marketing in europe a breast feeding doll. we were talking about how weird that seems to us. what do you think? >> i guess you're asking me because i'm a child psychologist. i have been digging about this. i watched the show yesterday. i think the people that came up
7:57 am
with this idea -- they have been probably been eating at some of those psycho doughnuts. gretchen: my little girl has one of those dolls that goes to the bathroom. i think that is fine. i'm not sure she wants to be holding a baby against her breast. it is a little weird. >> it is a little weird. gretchen: maybe it will not sell well here. steve: dr. grossman, a thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. gretchen: you want to go inside the mind of a killer? probably not. the gunmen who killed women at a gym kept an extensive dirae on the internet. what it reveals is sickening. steve: no shirts, no shoes, no
7:58 am
baby service? that is right. >> she does not own shoes. she is only six months old. she does not walk. she is not touching the ground. steve: her child was kicked out of a burger king because she did not have shoes on. we report, you decide. this is the year you take the trail less traveled. the year you do a little team building with the team that matters most. check out the bass pro shops fall hunting classic. it's 17 days of great deals plus free seminars this friday through sunday. it's the chevy open house. and now, with the cash for clunkers program, a great deal gets even better. let us recycle your older vehicle, and you could qualify for an additional $3500 or $4500 cash back... on top of all other offers..
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gretchen: good morning, everyone. we hope your having a great thursday. the deal is almost done. another $2 billion getting pumped into the cash for clunkers program. it is supposed to help the american auto industry. most of the cars that are being sold are japanese. what is going on? what are we paying for it? peter: the government is asking you to spy on your neighbors. if you know someone who does not agree with obama's health care plan, the white house wants you
8:02 am
to turn them in. more on what is behind this snitcheh list. steve: poor, homeless, or able- bodied? these are some of the words of the liberals are trying to take out of our kids and textbooks. the list does not stop there. tucker carlson will join us. "i start each morning with "fox & friends" because they are no slouch." they held me wake up. >> hi, this is kid rock and i love "fox & friends." gretchen: cash for clunkers
8:03 am
deal -- a deal is going to be reached now. it means $2 billion more of your dollars will be going to fund existing through labor day. steve: some democrats and a lot of republicans said maybe this is not such a good idea. it is supposed to go for a couple of months. we ran out of money in four days. harry reid threatened to keep them past their vacation break. something was brokered last night. one of the things that undercut the whole rationale for having the federal government take another $2 billion is the fact that lawmakers initially said, this not only will get more fuel-efficient cars on the streets, but we are going to actually jack up the number of cars that are sold by american manufacturers. that is not the case.
8:04 am
unfortunately, right now, the top five cars under the cash for clunkers program -- take a look. there's only one u.s. brand and is therefore focu ford focus. gretchen: one of the main reasons for that is that the cars that they make get higher gas mileage. that was supposed to be the point of this program. it is kind of missing the point. this was supposed to potentially bring gm and chrysler back from oblivion. is there emotional outrage among next americans right now because the government now owns those companies? will they come back to buy in those cars? it remains to be seen. where will those car buyers be in the next couple of years? what will happen to the car market when cash for clunkers goes away?
8:05 am
peter: there is some concern that once the program ends -- it appears to be in the now, but who knows? i think we are way off the pace as it stands before the cash for clunkers program in terms of auto sales. the average had been 10 million per year. i guess we're on the track of about 6 million per year. the goal is to pick up more. the question is, at what cost? you interviewed a junkyard owner of this morning with his perspective on how it is affecting him. >> we are just trying to save a lot of parts and hope to make a lot of sales with parts and things like that. it is definitely going to be a downturn. gretchen: he was talking about how great his business is right
8:06 am
now. it is great business. peter: it is a very profitable business. you almost kind of wonder why isn't the federal government trying to get some money out of these junkyard folks? steve: if the federal government is effectively buying this car for $4,500, of why doesn't the federal government say we will sell you this car for $300 to the junkyard guy? they cannot sell the motor because the motor has to be completely destroyed. they can sell the other stuff. it is weird. their business is booming. shouldn't we be getting a little something? peter: 50 government is going to act like private industry, then act like private industry. gretchen: let's talk about barbara boxer. she was trying to discuss how protesters were showing up at
8:07 am
town hall meetings. a lot of people are upset. are they from the mob? are they vigilantes, as some people have described them? barbara boxer has a new description. >> i saw some of the clips of people storming these town hall meetings. the last time i saw people doing this was a month al gore asked me to go to florida when they recounting the ballot. i was confronted with the same type of people. they were screaming and yelling. i finally looked at them and said, you know what? ronald reagan is from california. you should show a little respect. and then the quiet down. this is all organized. you in the media have to take a look at this. it is all planned.
8:08 am
steve: i do not know what she's talking about. i think she is insinuating that it is people from washington are organizing this. from the clubs that we of shown, people are wearing golf shirts and shorts. i do not see this well-dressed crowd that she is talking about. peter: when you see someone wearing a pair of doctkers and it is a dark alley, you have to be careful. gretchen: i took a different take. but also popped out at me that she signaled well-dressed people. to me, that felt like a cover. we have seen democrats on the other side of the fence that have gone after people in a much more violent way. to me, it seemed like she was trying to disguise the fact of why these people looked so normal.
8:09 am
peter: she is also engaging in this idea of the cult personality. something about how people are trying to do a disservice to our president. our president is the president of all the people. to have this proprietary interest that by somehow opposing the health care plan, you're doing harm to the president or the presidency -- that is wrong. to create a notion of fear -- steve: it is about life. peter: clearly, they are impassioned. am i going to be cut off at 70? steve: in fact, at the end of her sound bite, she talks about people just trying to her to the president. there is a new poll that shows that the president has perhaps hurt himself.
8:10 am
his approval rating is 50%. it has tumbled seven points in the last month. about half the people who responded said that the president was wrong to say that the police acted stupidly to arrest his friend. peter: it is not republican and independents, it is all americans. gretchen: we are getting an inside look. this morning, the diary of a lone gunman who killed several women at a fitness complex. george sodini said the last time he had a girlfriend was 1984. he was angry. he said women never looked his way. it also revealed he targeted the
8:11 am
specific aerobics class for months. on his profile, he broke his date of death, august 4, 2009. this is what he wrote on the day before his shooting spree. gretchen: 31 men were innocently killed when george sodini walked into the back of that dance class and fired 36 rounds. -- three women were initially killed. nine other women were injured. hillary clinton's begin now about her husband's rescue mission. she says the mission was not a breakthrough, but could help get north korea back to the six- party talks. the secretary of state is meeting with the president of
8:12 am
somalia. the fight against swine flu. in saudi arabia, the health ministry is asking religious pilgrims to show a certificate that shows that they do not have h1n1. >> the kingdom of saudi arabia is doing all that it can to prevent the spread of the h1n1 virus among pilgrims. even in the best of times, it is impossible to do that. imagine with over 1 million people converging from all over the world onto the two holy cities of mecca and medina how difficult that will be. last year, a record number of people showed up. this is required of all muslims who can't physically make the trip -- who can physically makes the trip. the peak of the season will be
8:13 am
november 26. they will start arriving from around the world. iran has said they will ban them from traveling during ramadan, which begins later this month. as we know, the vaccination is not yet ready. willit will be a race against time. saudi arabia is providing infrared devices to screen people for fevers as they get off the airplane. gretchen: thank you very much for that report. the swine flu will be a big story on the domestic front this fall. coming up, should the politicians pushing for a public health care option deforest to use it themselves? peter: and they pounded c
8:14 am
eo's for using private plans, and now congress will be flying high. for dazzling white teeth, give toothpaste the brush off. you need listerine® whitening vibrant white™ rinse. the mouthwash that gets teeth four times whiter than the leading toothpaste. and kills bad breath germs. listerine® whitening vibrant white™.
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8:16 am
8:17 am
steve: last week we showed you words the liberal groups want banned from kids textbooks because there were gender based. will not believe the worst have a problem with the now. tucker carlson joins us from washington. >> do you ever notice how certain words are fine and then out of the blue, their verboten? the people who write textbooks are behind this. committees get together and decide which words are correct and which are politically incorrect. it is amazing the worst that are now considered offensive.
8:18 am
poor is now off the table. steve: if you cannot use the word poor, you are supposed to say living in poverty, or living below the poverty line. >> also, deaf is an offensive word. steve: the word minority? >> it is absolutely wrong. "historically underrepresented groups." steve: i have two teenagers at home, but now i cannot call them that. >> adolescence is the term. steve: i have two teenagers and one able-bodied 22-year-old.
8:19 am
>> able-bodied is also over the top, discriminatory, wrong. a person who is non disabled is now the term we must use. you may consider yourself an american. no longer do that is geographically chauvinistic. people of the united states, or persons of the united states. it is very hard to convince people that their political point of use are wrong. it is much easier to sell propaganda it to children. that is what the people who are making the textbooks are doing. steve: i wish you were kidding. i know you're not kidding. thank you. straight ahead, they want health care for all, but themselves. why some congressmen are not so sure about the building about to pass. also, jenny garth will join us
8:20 am
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the blow dryer, the curling iron,
8:23 am
peter: the trial of former louisiana congressman jefferson featured a freezer full of cash in alleged private money. jefferson is 62-years old. he faces 150 years behind bars. will victoria beckam joined " american idol" judges?
8:24 am
gretchen: that would make sense. that would be the connection. the president and democrats in congress are in a frenzy to pass health care reform. are they excited about signing up for the public option? oklahoma congressman tom coburn joins us. you actually proposed an amendment. what did it say? >> it just said any plan we have that the members of the senate will participate in whatever the plan is. the reason we offer that amendment is because if we do what they want to do, we will see rationing. we will see the government stand in between the patient and the doctor. if the members of congress are participating in that, that will stop. if we are going to have the federal government taking over
8:25 am
health care, they ought to take care of all the members of congress so they can experience what we think is just right for everybody else. gretchen: by the way, it is senator coburn. i said congressman. talk about what that would be like. a lot of people in america say that if you think it is so good, you take it upon yourself. how did the vote turned out? >> all the democrats say the chairman was one proxy voted against it. all the republicans say one of our members voted for it. it was interesting to hear the argument. the democrat from new hampshire said he would not put his dog in that program did all the rest of them were against been in the program.
8:26 am
senator dodd was in a position where he could not vote any other way. gretchen: a lot of members of congress, house members, and members of the senate -- or do i say this gingerly? they are getting up there in years. the elderly people would have to go before a government panel to decide whether or not they get cataract surgery or hip replacement. how do members of congress feel about that? >> let me correct you. there's no government panel that they would have to go before. the plan is bad enough without us making it worse. the fact is that they would set the standards on rationing care that would not have anything to do with your individual health, only your diagnosis. they would say to end at what age could get what. gretchen: that is exactly what i mean. >> they will determine whether
8:27 am
or not your life is worth the value of putting additional resources into you to keeping you alive. there could be nothing more counter freedom than having the government decide who lives and dies. gretchen: that was my point with members of congress not all being young whippersnappers. they find themselves in that situation. >> that is why i offered to that. gretchen: it was a very interesting political move. tom coburn, thank you. gretchen: if you know someone who does not agree with obama's health care plan, the white house wants you to turn them in. senator john cornyn has a strong message for the white house. the gitmo detainees sent to bermuda spent a lot of time at a luxury golf course. we will explain that. no shoes, no shirt, no service even for babies.
8:28 am
>> she does not own shoes. she is only six months old. she does not walk. she does not touch the ground. gretchen: a mom was kicked out of a burger king because her baby did not have shoes on ♪ ooh, yeah wiggle your day with jell-o sugar-free gelatin. ♪ ooh, yeah it's 10 tasty calories... loved by lips and hips alike. ♪ shake it, shake it, ooh, yeah ♪ jell-o. because every diet needs a little wiggle room.
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steve: i have got to get the neckline slimer.
8:32 am
that is very cool. [laughter] anyway, time for some headlines. almost half of all u.s. homeowners with a mortgage will own more than their house is worth within the next two years. that is according to deutsche bank. in march, 14 million homes were mortgage for more than their value. that number will jump to 25 million in 2011. the predictions are some areas of the country are even more. parts of california and las vegas will seek 90% of their loans under water by 2011. that is a terrifying number. steve: this is a fox news alert. the labor department is releasing new numbers. there were about 38,000 jobless claims less than the week before. peter: there could be a break in
8:33 am
the search for madeleine mccann, the little girl who disappeared two years ago and portugal. an international hunt is now under way for the woman in this image. private detectives believe she hold vital clues about mccann's abduction. they learned she spoke to a renaissance spain just after madeleine mccann disappeared. >> in the witness his own words, if she was described as a bit of the victoria beckam look- alike. she possibly had an australian accent. peter: details have not been revealed, but investigators say it is enough to spark a surge. steve: executives at the big three automakers blasted by congress for playing on private jets. now congress thinks it is ok if they do this. members of the u.s. house are spending $200 million of our money to buy three luxury debts
8:34 am
for their junkets -- three luxury jets for their junkets. the pentagon just wanted one. the house decided to add two more. it is uncertain who exactly added to the additional expenditure of all the money. gretchen: they have gone from guantanamo bay prison to bermuda's version of "caddy shack." there were known as the uighurs. now they are attending a beautiful public golf course. the four chinese muslims are helping to prepare the course for the pga grand slam of golf. past winners include tiger woods and phil mickelson. the pentagon says they do not pose a threat. peter: a mother is kicked out of burger king because her baby did not have shoes on. that is right. the manager told the mother if she had to leave the restaurant because her six-month old
8:35 am
daughter was barefoot. then he threatened to call the police. >> she does not own shoes. she is only six months old. she does not walk. she is not touching the ground. there's no reason for her to have shoes on. peter: burger king apologized to the baby and her mom. they offered the mom free meals. steve: a 53-year-old man who claimed to be engaged to miley cyrus is being charged for stalking the singer. police say he ignored warnings to stay away. he was arrested one month ago for breaching eight security perimeter, but he was released because of overcrowding in jail. gretchen: 25 minutes before the
8:36 am
top of the emirate. we ask you before about what could happen to health care in this nation if the president's health-care initiative passed. many of you e-mailed. peter: beginning with an e-mal from karl. tort reform, malpractice, caps on recoveries, and the ability to bring certain malpractice actions. the answer is this. about 90% to 95% of the contributions that trial lawyers make an american go to the democratic party. i am a trial lawyer and i have tried both sides of the aisle.
8:37 am
the truth is that the political lobby is very strong. there are a lot of people, republicans and independents, who have said for a long time that this promotes an additional 3% terms of our health care cost. why isn't there a reform? i think, have provided to the answer. terry asked this question. this is unclear, but it is a matter of concern for a lot of americans. these are held savings accounts which are low premium, high deductible accounts that you set up. in some sense, he paid for your own health care coverage over time.
8:38 am
there's a belief that there will be billions of dollars in taxes on these plans. the fear is that over time, hsa's will not be considered a qualified health-care plan. there will be a change in the fsa's, those flexible spending accounts which are provided by employers. right now, there are tax free reimbursements of prescription and nonprescription the medicine. under the plan, you will not be able to have the benefits with regard to nonprescriptions. thank you for your questions. steve: and keeps them coming. if you do not like the health- care plan, the white house wants you to tip them off to anything that seems fishy on the internet. gretchen: texas senator john
8:39 am
cornyn had a big problem with that. he said this is the obama administration created an enemies list and the strangulation of free speech. he joins us from capitol hill. good morning. this was an amazing thing that the administration wanted people to basically noarc on their neighbors if they saw anything fishy. that would beat someone who was not going along with the obama health care plan. how do you see that? >> i see it the same way. it is a pattern of intimidation we have seen by folks in washington who do not want people to speak up about defects and problems in the proposals from capitol hill. as long as we are identifying fishy statements, i would propose a couple of them. one is the white house's claims that you will be able to keep private health insurance if we go to a public options.
8:40 am
the second is that it will not raise taxes. those are the fishiest i have seen so far. steve: drudge had this link of president obama in 2003. the obama administration did not like that. they said it was disinformation true then they put all of this blog on august 4. here's the thing. if you are going to squeal on your neighbor -, the neighbor tn would forward it to the white house. here you are just exercising your freedom of speech, and your identity and some information you e-mailed people will be in
8:41 am
some data base. how long will they keep my name as a troublemaker? >> that is exactly the reason i wrote the letter. that answers to those questions have not been given. there are a lot of legitimate privacy concerns. no one expects that when they exercise their first amendment rights to ask questions or complain about a proposed government program that they're going to be listed on a database in the white house. what other uses will this be put to? you do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to see the potential for serious abuse. peter: is there a white house watchlist? what will they do with these names? will they pass them on to the fbi or the secret service? who are they pass in these names to? and what does that say about the climate in this country? >> i do not know what they're
8:42 am
doing with it. i look forward to the president's response. it does not take much imagination to see that this could be abused. some of the demonization, the name-calling, that we have heard from the white house about people who disagree with the president's health-care reform proposals because they do not want a single payer system and they do not want a government takeover of the health care -- they like what they have now. they would like us to bring the cost down. those people should not be demonized and criticized for exercising their first amendment rights, nor should they have to fear that their personal private information will be compiled and misused by the federal government. gretchen: do us a favor and let us know when you get that response. we would like to report it immediately. >> i will be glad to do that. gretchen: thank you. steve: we got an e-mail from somebody who said, you want to
8:43 am
know who is spreading disinformation? joe biden spreading information on the h1n1 virus. i wonder if joe biden will be in trouble. gretchen: imagine your suffering from severe pain and the government will not let you get help. that could be a reality under the universal health care plan. we will meet a man who came to the u.s. from canada to get hit price went -- to get hip replacement. peter: actress jenny garth and what it is like a duck on "90210" hey, it's me, water. did you know that when you filter me at home i'm pretty much the same as i am in a plastic bottle? except that you'll save, like, $600 bucks a year.
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[ dog ] oh hi girls, nice day, huh? i am an iams dog. [ female announcer ] learn more about prebiotics at from post party sickness syndrome? there's a revolutionary cure. it's called cascade all-in-one actionpacs. and it's like adding the ultimate button to your dishwasher. because it has the power to pre-wash... dissolve... and rinse the whole mess away. so in the morning your dishes will feel like new again. and so will you. cascade complete all-in-one actionpacs. for money-saving offers, visit peter: imagine suffering through a painful medical problem and having to wait six months to see a specialist. that is a reality in canada. 74-year-old richard newman could not wait that long for his hip
8:47 am
replacement. the pain was too much to bear. so he came to the united states, where he says doctors saved his life at a cost. richard joins us from calgary with his son, roy. good morning. you needed a hip replacement in canada and you could not get it? >> we could have gotten it in 18 months. peter: 18 months? tell me about that, roy. what did you feel? >> it was frustrating because i saw the pain he was in. he went in to the specialist. it takes six months to get to a specialist. then it takes another six months to get a surgery.
8:48 am
the specialist did not think he was a candidate at the time because there were people more urgent than him i guess, and then he had to wait another six months if he wanted to see the specialist again. peter: so you contacted an insurance broker in the united states. tell me about that. is that something that people in canada do? >> i do not know if it is an insurance broker, but it was a company that would help facilitate you to get to take doctor or hospital that can help you. you cannot really do that in canada. it is a one system policy here. peter: what did the broker do for you in terms of finding new care in the united states? >> they looked at four or five different hospitals in the u.s. and we made a choice of which one is closest to the major airport so we could get home as
8:49 am
soon as possible. and cost. we ended up in wichita, kan.. we found it was close enough. peter: richard, luckily you have the resources to actually pay the $14,000 for the operation. there are a lot of canadians who do not have the resources. >> right. they just go on suffering until they get in through the system, which i think is -- if somebody has money, they should be able to pay its. peter: you were not even offered a colonoscopy, and it could eventually discover prostate cancer. richard, we're glad you're doing well. we wish you well. thank you for that valuable
8:50 am
information as it relates to what might happen in the united states. >> thank you. >> thank you. peter: you knew her as a teenager at west beverly high school, but now kelly taylor is all grown up and back on "beverly hills 90210." joining us is actress jenny garth. she will join us in the studio next. first, let's check in with megyn. megyn: karl rove has some thoughts on this. the president says he will sign a health care bill without republican support, but to the american people want that? he says his miami tv station devoted him for being gay and not manly. a letter he wrote to his therapist was leaked. that is in kelly's court. .
8:51 am
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steve: meanwhile, she used to walk the halls of west beverly hills high as kelly taylor, but now and jenny garth is back in the role of kelly, playing a guidance counselor. >> i am not jealous. i am trying to be a friend. i am not interested in you anymore. steve: look who is all grown up and joining us today. >> happy to be here. steve: was it strange that you are one of the high school kids on fox, and a couple of years
8:55 am
later, you are back as the guidance counselor? >> it is kind of weird. we all get old, don't we? gretchen: so many people loved this show. to see it move ahead in real time must be so much fun for you. >> it really is fun to support the new show. it is a young cast and they're doing so well, the launch of their career, just like us. steve: you are doing something for save the children today? >> yes, i am here to launch a campaign with tj maxx and save the children. it is a reusable bag that you can buy for 99 cents, and they
8:56 am
will donate a basic item to save the children. there're so many kids out there in the country that are not provided with basic need to go back to school. >> you are a mother of three? >> yes, and i know they need a lot of stuff. i am going to need a few of these bags. steve: is that your husband? gretchen: what a good looking couple. steve: we are going to get to the bottom of her marriage. (announcer) your doctor knows tylenol doesn't interfere with certain high blood pressure medicines the way aleve metimes can. that's one reason why doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. it sticks to your teeth so well... you can even drink water with it on. crest whitestrips advanced seal. get a dramatically whiter smile...
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gretchen: we are going to learn about your life, as well as her husband's life, after the show show. steve: thank you for joining


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