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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 16, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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[laughter] bret: that is "special report," the only place to get the whole story. we are going t tmith. the count down is on to o'reilly. get excited. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> this has to do with my girlfriend's unique line of work. >> it's line of work. >> it's prostitution. >> oh prostitution. >> oh prostitution. >> oh, ok. >> the guy that i am supposed to be working for here just got a shipment of 12 el salvadorian girls. they are between the ages of 12 and 15. bill: unand 15. bill: unand 15.
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bill: unand 15. bicycle, i've missed you.
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bill: if you were barack obama and you knew that acorn was pounding the pavement getting votes for snow zphoo bill: the argument that i want to continue with here is acorn could be a criminal enterprise. it could be prkted. it's broad enough now. nine states, more than 30 people and now we have the child prostitution element. >> child prostitution? you gave a seven-minute presentation that was relatively devoid of hyperbole.
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>> no, i didn't, it's a fact. >> these two actors went around to dozens if not hundreds -- bill: how do you know? >> according to their own word. they went to multiple offices and were rejected every time. if you continue to do that and you find some low-level functionry. bill: valid point, except the examples they gave are so a green bay you have to pay attention. >> the -- egregious. >> the girls are 15 to 15 years old. voter fraud. what else? >> they've had numerous inindictments. bill: but the doctor said he would vote to defund them. >> it's too messy not too. bill: i think these seven senators -- tomorrow we're going to have a report on all seven.
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they're in serious trouble. they're in trouble. because of the taxpayer anger. they're in trouble. >> plus, you're not an elected official. it is sad that they know these people are breaking the law. >> we don't know that. bill: 30 of them have been convicted. >> you look at any organize -- bill: fox news doesn't have 30 people convicted of crimes. i got to go. stand by for tomorrow's report on the seven senators. it will be big. thank you. directly ahead, an actress may sue because she didn't like a gay story line on her tv show. and later, if you k
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bill: tonight democrats in the house are taking some revenge on congressman joe wilson. they just voted 240-179 to issue a form of disapproval of the congressman for calling president obama a liar last week and megyn kelly is upset about it. here she is. along with lisa. what do you care about wilson? >> i don't care about wilson at all. i think what he did on the floor of the house was inappropriate and he apologized and the president accepted it and that was it. the reason i care is because our lawmakers have a lot of important things to be dealing with right now and instead of dealing with them, they've taken up the floor to talk about whether he needed to apologize to the people who were present for the comment. the target of the comment has already said apology accepted and asked on "60 minutes" whether he thought this would
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cause a dust-up -- see, it's turning into a big circus now. bill: and they are wasting the taxpayer's time and money. >> that's what they do best. >> there a rules tough go by and one is you cannot call the president of the united states a liar in an open forum like that. bill: so you feel it should be reinforced 10,000 times? >> not at all. he's just getting a slap on the wrist. bill: so you want your tax dollars used in this way? >> i think you have to maintain the integrity. bill: maintain the integrity? is that what you just said? seven senators just voted to continue funding an-o where a representative said, hey, i'll help you set up a whore house for kids. so we're going to maintain the integrity. >> you're talking about two different levels of bad behavior. but as you would say, you don't
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justify one bad behavior with the other. they booed him but that's not in the jefferson manual. calling someone a liar is over the brink. >> where were you when pete stark, democrat to california took the floor and called president bush a liar. others did. they were scolded and that's it. they were said, hey, that's not appropriate. where were you then? bill: isn't it different when you call somebody a liar but you don't interrupt a speech. >> hence the apology to president obama. she's referring to the house rule which says you cannot refer to the president of the united states as a liar. bill: i got to move ahead. >> you're giving offer -- her a pass on this. bill: what do you want me to go, -- do, hit her? >> what would you do? >> they should have been sanctioned as well. >> where were you? >> i would have said exactly
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the same thing. >> i don't remember hearing anybody say anything. bill: calm down, kelly, you're out of control. we have this murder wheel new yale. >> it upset me. bill: ok, ladies, i'm speaking. we have a murder in yame. for a woman, going to be married. somebody murders her, puts her in the wall. what's the latest? >> she was found the day she was to be married. the law enforcement has been talking to a guy, a lab technician. there are reports that he has defensive bruises on his chest, that he failed a polygraph. that's enough to arrest him but they're going to need d.n.a. evidence. we found out today there were bloody clothes not the victims also hidden away in that lab. bill: so they got him or somebody. that's good news. let's clean this us -- up fast. this is the dopey story of the day but fascinating. the show is "one life to live."
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i've never seen it. >> he watches it. bill: i don't understand daytime television. >> oh, sure. bill: i don't understand your show at 9:00 in the morning. "one life to live." actors been on there for 14 years. they introduce a gay story line. she says, you know what, i'm uncomfortable with this. i'm a very religious person and they fire her, kelly! >> you overstate her case. they wanted her character to react to news -- news that he son might be gay in a light hearted way and she went in and said that's not how my character would react because a latino woman would be upset. bill: she may be right. >> who voted her the director? >> if you want to act you go out and act. >> i actually spoke with the actress who said she does have
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a major problem. she had a lawyer contact her. the lawyer said you don't have an employment contract. right there she could be fired for pretty much anything. she'd have to prove they knew about her religious beliefs and she was fired because of them. she's an actress. you don't believe what they're saying, they're acting. bill: but the integrity of her character. kind of like the integrity of whatever you were talking about. both of you say this actress who was fired from one life to live, which i've never watched cannot sue. >> she said because of my religious beliefs as a catholic i cannot do this in good faith she might have a leg to stand on. but saying latinos would never react this way, the writers said, don't let the door hit you on the way out. >> there may be a pattern here with other christians being
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fired. if the lawyer can find that maybe there's something. bill: ahead, patrick swayze will be part of the great american news quiz coming up. and dennis miller on acorn, the anti-obama d.c. protest and kanye
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bill: there is a fascinating new book out by lieutenant colonel ral have peters. the central theme is a war between muslim fascists and the west, us. your book starts with i ron nuking israel and that's taken right out of the headlines because, iran they say is about a year away from getting a
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nuclear weapon and has threatened israel. do you believe that the mullahs in tehran would nuke israel? >> i don't believe that the average iranian wants to nuke anyone because they don't want the nuclear retail yags. but ahmadinejad for for them chaos proceeds their version of a messiah and he and his hard core fanaticings would be perfectly willing to jump-start arm go aheading -- armageddon. bill: anything is possible but i think it's more plausible and this is in your book, that they develop dirty dom technology. they give it to terrorists who bring it to the united states and other countries, great britain. barack obama has a decision to make and he has to make it pretty fast, on what to do with
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iran. because you have to assume that netanyahu and israel are going to give him some time but after a while israel is going to take action. do you see it that way? >> the iranians invented chess. our government plays checkers. they're well ahead. they've been stringing us along for almost a decade and they're perfectly willing to keep talking and talking. israel has the capability to badly hurt and set back iran's capability. it doesn't have the capability to totally destroy it. it's in cities, it's underground. and also the worst thing could happen -- none of us want to see a military option but if it does you have to do it right. the worst thing would be to do a half-baked version. you have no not just hit the sites. you have to hit iran so hard the intelligence, early warning, mune occasions, navy, air defense, air force so they
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can't close the straits of her mewed. this is a big, business thank you. bill: that was -- that would be an amazing reaction in the world we have today. dick chaney basically said that's -- cheney that's what he represented president bush do, go hit them very, very badly. i don't think president obama would ever do that. >> i am certainly not advocating an immediate attack on iran and dr. strangelove types of things. every time a rogue state gets nuclear weapons, it increases, and i truly believe if iran gets them, there's a very good chance that would use them on israel as a minimum. bill: i just can't see it but you may be right.
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barack obama is an interesting president because he is waging a fairly aggressive war. they just took out a big al qaeda in somalia. they're using droughns like crazy in pakistan. he's going to up the troop levels in afghanistan. so you can't say he's soft on terrorism, but this president is going to have to make a decision on iran. predict his decision. >> i predict that he'll back down and let iran get nukes. bill: he won't do any economic sanctions? >> he will try economic sanctions. russia and china will cheat and probably block it. sanctions only work if they're tough and everybody is on board. bill: a block aid. right. >> it ain't going to work. a president doesn't get to choose the dangerous that occur on his watch. bill: no, he has to react to them, smartly.
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>> obama gets credit. certainly he doesn't want another terrorist attack. post 9/11, can't blame bush. he's trying to have it both ways with holder and the c.i.a. prosecution. bill: the war in the book. thanks for writing it and thanks for coming
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment. let's get right to it. we have lots to talk about. dennis miller joins us from los angeles. he will be in chicago to help for u.s.a. cares. very nice thing to do, miller. i hope everybody comes out in chicago and helps ha -- that
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fine organization. at the top of the program we laid out the acorn debacle. seven senators said we still wants to give them taxpayer money. what say you? >> i'll say you didn't leave much left. you went after that like a flock of seagulls on a dream sickle. did you hear charlie gibson today? he had not heard of this at all? bill: i know, we used the sound bite. somehow he missed it. you know, the network news, you know how disengaged they are. charlie is a good guy and a good newsman. >> great guy. he's got to wake up, though. pay attention to the story and not put it off on the cables. if he paid attention to this like he accuses palin of paying attention to the bush doctrine he would have known about it. bill: acorn it, there are two schools of thought, that it's an organization that is a
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criminal enterprise or it does some good and has rogue elements in it. you say? >> you tell me. it looks like a griffither organization to me and this kid's evidently got more tapes he's going to roll out. it would appear that every office so far is a different office. i think it's like a competition between each of them who's griffithing is -- the system more. i'm proposeing a new realty game show to see which office is most effective at gaming the system. we'll have judges and call it american ide idle. it's unbelievable. bill: it is. >> we're talking about underage hookers, bill, and nobody's blinking an eye. these people have to be brought down. i think these two kids deserve pull litsers. >> they're not going to get them.
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the maryland authorities saying they might arrest them. we're politely suggesting the maryland general attorney not do that. there is going to be trouble. these two -- the feds won't investigate. we have louisiana investigating buddy caldwell but the feds won't investigate. holder knows but he's not going to investigate because it's a democratic machine. so these two kids take it upon themselveses to go around -- the one thing that hill pointed out that's accurate is they went to a bunch of other acorn agencies that didn'to that kind of stuff. my question is does this hurt president obama? obama has some ties to acorn because i corn supported him and he said nice things about them. but does it hurt him? >> sure it does. just the fact he's out terd name acorn in a way that wasn't
5:41 am
disparaging. this looks really bad and mark lamont hill can talk about the ones who didn't do it. there's rumored toor -- to be six or seven. if you prosecute these kids instead of acorn, the maryland a.g. is going to have a fecal storm come down on him he is not going to believe. bill: that's for sure. in d.c. as you know, 75,000 showed up. they called it a fiscal conservative rally. there was some anti-obama stuff in it. we covered it pretty fairly. what's your impression of it? >> listen, the nazi stuff has to stop on both sides. unless somebody has systematically liquidated six million of their fellow human beings, you got to stop tossing the nazi thing around. both sides will use it to make the other side like -- look
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like lunatics. i watched these g-7 summits, there's kids throwing people through the window. by and large when i look at these people, you know who they remind me of? me. i'm a square. they look like squares to me and i feel like a square. at least fiscally too. certain things, defending the country. certain things i'm a libertarian about. if 80% to 75% likes their health care -- if you asked that many if they liked themselves they would say no. to try to fix this is mindless. everything the government touches goes wrong. i don't want them anywhere near it. i'm not paranoid, i've just seen a long record of ineptitude. stay away from the money. bill: i think the protests are from genuinely fearful people of the direction the country is going in.
5:43 am
are you fearful, miller of the country or are people whipping up the fear in a way that's irrational. are you, dennis mifrl, fearful of the direction of the country? >> i'd have to say that when i hear there's a group who consider themselves to be patriotic taking photos of interrogators at guantanamo bay to turn them over to the enemy, yeah, i'd have to say part of me is fearful to this country. that's crazy. bill: it is and holder better get on that. kanye west, do you know him? have you ever met him? >> no, i haven't. i've met that type. the type that's raised in this generation and that's -- thinks the world revolves around them. you see a lot of kids like that nowadays. i'll try to sneak my answers in here in between his apologies, but he knows it's hit the fan and he can only be thankful
5:44 am
that it's hit the fan in this generation because a guy like him can rise to the top because it's the diminished expectations of the off the top culture. that was a horrible thing to do. she's a 17-year-old kid in the moment of her life and he plays the bully part there. in the old days he would have been shamed. we would have shunned him, put him on a list or something, you're shunned from the pack. we don't do that anymore by. so i guess he can feel bad if he really does. but this guy has done this before. he ought to start buying some preemptive credits before he goes up a red carpet because this seems to be his m.o. he's pretty insecure. yes, we heard the apology. but zip it for a while. it's boring. even you must know at this point you've gone too far. bill: we have something else to
5:45 am
say about mr. west in the pinheads and patriots deal. dennis miller in chicago on thursday. he's doing a good thing. in a moment, the great american in a moment, the great american news quiz starring patrick achoo! (announcer) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo! (announcer) benadryl is more effective than claritin at relieving your worst symptoms. and works when you need it most. benadryl. you can't pause life.
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bill: great american news quiz where we test your knowledge of current events. recent study showed the factor audience the smartest news audience in america. here now to keep the tradition alive steve doocy and martha maccallum steve playing for paul who lives in charlotte. martha playing for fran craig who lives in texas. if you would like to get in on the action sign up on bill o' here it is. you guys have been off for a few weeks. we are expecting a dismal performance. here is question one, the justice department gonna
5:49 am
investigate why charges were dropped against some black panthers hassling voters at a polling place last november. >> i think you might be a little bit intimidating that you have a stick in your hand. you know? >> who are you to decide? >> i mean, that's a weapon. that's why i'm a little worried. >> who are to you decide? >> i mean, i am a concerned citizen. i'm just worried. >> so are we. that's why we are here. >> ok. but you have a nightstick in your hand sonchts what? you've got a camera phone. >> i have a camera phone which is not a weapon. bill: now, in what city did that confrontation happen? philadelphia, baltimore, chicago, boston? the answer is a, philadelphia. correct. quiz kids one for one. here is question two. the squeal to the 1987 movie wall street began shooting last week in manhattan. >> we, for lack of a better word, is good. greed is right. greed works. greed, in all of its forms,
5:50 am
greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge, has marked upward search of mankind and greed you mark my words, will not only save paper but that other malfunctioning corporation called the u.s.a. bill: notice the gel in the hair. i love that who is directing the sequel? a ron howard, steven spiel b rg, martin scorecese oliver stone. answer oliver stone. two for two for the quiz kids. now going to get hard. general electric has been supporting president obama because it stands to make big money from a: bill: where does g.e. stabbed to make big money? cards up, please. steve: i watch the factor.
5:51 am
bill: c. maccallum, man. you should have gotten that one correct. doocy leaps into the lead. here is question four. actor patrick swayze died from cancer yesterday at age 57. he first became very famous in the movie dirty dancing. ♪ i've had the time of my life ♪ and i every open door ♪ and i owe it all to you ♪ bill: i'm going to do that on the factor tomorrow night. i'm going to leap into the camera. mr. swayze's co-star in that film is the daughter of what famous actor? cards up, please. the answer is c joel grey. >> i won except for the third
5:52 am
one. bill: that's like saying hey, it was sunny except for the rain. >> i'm the weather guy. bill: doocy leads with one to go. this is the hardest one. question number 56789 oprah winfrey previewed a new season of her show with an interview with espn erin andrews. >> i'm sure have you heard people say it could have been a publicity stunt because you apparently look so good in it that who looks that good walking around, you know, naked. how do you feel when you hear that? >> disappointed. >> yeah. >> especially when it came from females as well. i would never do this to myself. bill: ok, now, how many years has oprah been on the air? bill: the answer is d, doocy wins. >> d. you get two chances, right? bill: paul in north carolina gets more stuff.
5:53 am
don't worry fran craig, fair observation, ranch, texas. you will get stuff too. not as much. thanks to martha maccallum. >> i'm sorry, fran. i will make it up to you, fran. bill: see you next week. pinheads and patriots tonight starring taylor swift replying to kanye west. right back with p and p as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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bill: time for pinheads and patriots as you may know tyler swift was embarrassed by hip hop guy kanye west at the awards. here is what miss swift said about it on the view. >> i think my overall thought process went something like wow, i didn't believe i won. this is awesome. don't trip and fall, i'm going to get to thank the fans. this is so cool, oh, kanye west is here. you know, i'm not going to say
5:56 am
that i wasn't raveled by it. i had to perform live five minutes later, so i had to get myself back to the place where i could perform. bill: all right. for handling this very well miss swift is a patriot. on the pinhead front mr. west showed up on lenio. and asked his mother recently passed away would have thought of his behavior. what do you think she would have said about this? >> um,. >> would she be disappointed in this? would she give you a lecture? >> yeah, you know, obviously, you know, i deal with hurt and, you know, so many, you know, celebrities they never take the time off. i have never taken the time off to really, you know, just music after music and tour after tour and tour, i am just ashamed that my hurt caused someone else's hurt. bill: of course the hurt from his mother's death should have had nothing to do with his intrusion on miss swift.
5:57 am
is he a pinhead. we are not buying that bold fresh 445 weeks on the best seller list. get a bold fresh tote bag free if you buy something else for 19.95 or more and the tote is yours. the letters. bill: it's not going to happen, dawn. no huge federal health insurance set up. bill: common denominator among the protesters was a dislike of the president's policies, rose lind. thus the description. bill: i have got to tell you, the factor has never taken any protest out of context, sir. ever.
5:58 am
bill: i didn't know there was a tank, don. but thanks for pointing it out. [ laughter ] bill: you know, i did the same thing. how about the web site?'reilly. talking points tonight is on acorn deal. if you missed it, i'm telling you you are going to want to see this talking points. email us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. o' name and town if you wish to opine. and, please, when writing to us, the word of the day, do not be a poll ran -- poltroon when writio the factor. i love that word. factor continues 24/7 on bill o' please check it out. pick up great gear. i will see all of you bill o'reilly premium members on the
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post game show coming up shortly. i'm bill o'reilly. hope to see you next time. remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. [captioning made gretchen: good morning, everyone. we made it to hump day. it's webs. september 16th. another acorn video. another example of shameless corruption. >> it's prostitution. >> oh being ok. >> is that ok? >> it's ok with me. i think it should be totally legalized. gretchen: but where is the yowts rage on capitol hill? steve: we're going to talk about that new video from the lines of afghanistan. >> those individuals are where the id is suspected. >> the kid appears to be carrying something over into the vicinity. steve: an inside look at the spt


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