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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  November 7, 2009 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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together their version, there are moderates in the senate who have grave concerns about how much this is going to cost. it will be a fight for every moderate vote over there in the senate. where you kn one more note about the house, pelosi and her team, the democratic leaders have been whipping vote farce week, counting noses for a week. they knew they could afford to lose the 39, 40, whatever they lost today. they had it down to a science. they did not want to bring this bill to the floor unless they knew they had the votes. they had them. barely. they needed 218 and got 220. >> geraldo: was the anti-abortion amendment that put them over the top? >> the stupak amendment as you talked about. pelosi could have lost a lot more potentially of her moderates -- >> was that a necessity to go
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for that or risk the bill passal? >> numerically it appears so. we have to look into who vote against it but it was key. one or two three amendments they voted on that. 's it. stupak amendment, the motion to recommit. those were the votes. it was that important, that key. pelosi kept enough on board to pass it. >> geraldo: near thing. i don't want to lose the shot, peter of the podium, but if you still have the vote for the house chamber, i said that there. i wonder if they're back-slapping -- or high-fiving or now all rushed to the train station. i guess it's a little late to get out of town now. you can see, they're still in the chamber.
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they're still congratulating each other. i haven't heard the republicans really going out there and beating their chest and saying woe is me, this awful thing happened. clearly the republicans make up the seminal issue unless the economy goes further in the tank or war breaks out in some other place. going forward to next year's election season. >> one note on the floor, there is another matter of business. the house is going to vote on the not related to the healthcare bill but they'll be voting on a resolution honoring those killed at fort hood. i don't know if they're doing it now but one more ordinary of business they'll do tonight before they adjourn. back to the healthcare bill, republicans and democrats both intend to use this issue
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as they came pain for midterm. the republicans will say it's government takeover of healthcare and democrats say it makes healthcare more accessible to all americans. this is an issue we'll hear a lot of in 2010, not just because it will head to the senate. >> geraldo: the house has just formally adjourned. after this historic night. where the $1.2 trillion healthcare bill passed by an all democratic vote. not that vote. that vote was unanimity there. but the vote on the healthcare bill itself, not that procedural vote. now the speaker of the house and the democratic leadership will come to the podium to talk about their -- i don't know if you can call it a triumph when it was so squeaky close. as it was.
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but as molly said, it was a science that speaker pelosi counted every nose and went forward knowing she would win. we have chad pergran senior producer from the house on the phone now. chad, i noted your reporting that the chamber had not been so electrified -- molly, thank you so much -- since the "state of the union" address. expand on that. >> it was interesting to go in the house chamber and see every seat filled in the public galleries. i have not seen it since the "state of the union" address earlier in year and it didn't happen when we had angela merkel, the german chancellor who was here. you had a lot of people who wanted to see what was happening, for it or against it. they wanted to come in late
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on a saturday night and watch it be passed or play out in front of them. i think people caught up in this debate about this issue, there are the two big anti-healthcare bill protests we had on the capital grounds in the past week. people showed up in droves. most of the people in the protest and the town hall meetings in august were against the bill. look at the end result tonight. squeaker, 220-215. >> geraldo: people in the galle gallery, specifically, chad, were they part of the pro bill crowd or were they the town hall crowd? can you characterize it? or was there a division there? >> it was hard to tell. they looked like average people off the street. people jeans and people dressed up. i didn't see t-shirts or anything like that that indicated you know, what they were, what the position was.
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you're not allowed to have any paraphernalia to protest or make a political statement -- >> geraldo: did they cheer or jeer? >> say again? >> geraldo: did they cheer or jeer? >> they did not cheer or jeer. i was expecting a little rowdiness from the crowd at different points. there were a few rounds of polite applause when members on both sides might have made a particularly compelling speech as the chair admoni admonished the crowd saying you can't make statement of approval or disapproval of what is said in the house chamber here. but overall, i was surprised, considering how intense the debate was that those in the public galleries, we didn't have any incident or anybody dragged out or anybody try to protest. considering just how revved up people were against this bill, town hall meetings -- >> geraldo: chad, here is the speaker of the house, here is nancy pelosi. >
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>> geraldo: that is steny hoyer alongside her, the democrat cannic leadership. john dingle on the left, the longtime democrat from michigan on the crutches. murphy of california to her left. your right. screen right. so the democratic leadership. >> oh, what a night. [ applause ] isn't that something? >> geraldo: here is the speaker. >> i and some of my colleague just received a call from the president of the united states, barack obama, congratulating us on a great victory for the american people. i thank the president for his tremendous leadership because without president obama, this
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would not have been possible. he had the vision and momentum to get it done for the american people. for that, we're very, very proud. proud of our success plowed of the members of congress who took very, very intense interest in the legislation. they know what we accomplish for american people and it would not have been possible without tremendous leadership of our committee chairs, mr. waxman and miller and mr. rangel. i have want to congratulate the leadership team a. it's becoming more and more of a partnership. we hear from all of them. hoyer and mr. larson and mr. befarous, mr. van holland, the cochair mr. miller and congresswoman deloro has been wonderful. now we'll hear from the chairman. but we all promise to be brief. i'll save the rest of my remarx for another night and
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talk to you later. i know i speak for all of them when i say how proud we are toto stand here with john dingle. he brings the history and prospect for the future to the debate. how proud when we opened the debate this morning and how appropriate he closed the debate for our side to bring home a winning majority. [ applause [ applause ] >> for all of my friends in the press assaulting me in the hallway asking me if we have the votes, the answer is question. america and the american people won today. it was about them, not about us. it was not about party, but
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people. this was about making sure every american in the phrase we use so often has access to quality affordable healthcare. has assurance they'll always have it. i'm proud of the democrats, proud of the congress. this was as you -- i'm sure you observed a bipartisan vote. working together. to achieve with a we promised the american public we would do, and what president obama said needed to be done, what every democratic candidate running for office said need to be done and what john mccain said needed to be done. not specifically this bill, but to give americans assurance of healthcare security. we have done that tonight.
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much work remains. i want to congratulate speaker pelosi, without whom this night, this victory would not have achieved. [ applause ] her focus, her vision, her tenacity, her energy, her commitment to achieving this objective for the american people and for the children around which she was surrounded when she was sworn in as speaker of the house, and she convenes the house on behalf of the children of america. they, this day, they have been benefitted. i'm now pleased when i said, "we have the votes," actually the man who counted the votes who made sure we had the votes who has been a leader in this effort. our whip, jim clyburn, south carolina.
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[ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you, madam speaker. the other distinguished leaders of this cauccaucuscaucu. you have heard a standard line from me for the last couple of days. we are getting there. i can say now we have gotten there. he this process is really, really strengthens our c focus. i think with the passage of this bill tonight, we witnessed a very significant threshold in our caucus. there's nothing more personal to people than their healthcare. it involves the ultimate in privacy rights. and for us, this caucus to coalesce around the
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legislation that we have just passed this evening, bodes well for the future of this caucus and it bodes well for the future of the people of this great country. with that i'd like to yield to chairman waxman. >> the victory we experienced tonight was a team effort. but there is only one leader of the team i want to single out. that is speak aer nancy pelosi. i have never seen anybody like her. and when the president spoke to our caucus, he said she will emerge as one of the all-time great speakers of the house. she is already at that point as far as i'm concerned. [ applause
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[ applause ] but this is a team effort by those of us here and our colleagues to do something for the broader public interest. and that's to make sure that we live up to the standard of providing every child and person with an opportunity. you can't have an opportunity to go forward in life if you don't have access to healthcare when you're sick. and to provide a safety net. we don't protect people's human dignity if they don't have access to affordable, good quality health insurance coverage to allow them to get the care they need. i'm pleased now to yield to the chairman of the ways and means committee, the indefaticable charles rangel. [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you, henry. and thank you, mr. president, for having the wisdom of making our speaker the one
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that not only blends bills but blends people. she has really done a fantastic job. even though history will record her as one of the best certainly to have the chairmans of the three committees to work together gives you somethisomething. this is just the beginning. we have a lot of work to do. under nancy pelosi's leadership, she was able to spend so much m hours, so many weeks, so many months around this nation. miking certain we stayed on target. we didn't have time to think about the jurisdiction. to be honest i don't know where the line is. we were dedicated to make certain that nancy pelosi was able to do what she promised the president and the american peoppeople. so it gives me great pleasure to bring behind me george miller who all of you know the staffs of all three committee worked the one staff.
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and george, it's been a pleasure working with you. >> thank you. [ applause ] it has been an honor and pleasure to work with everybody assembled here. our leadership, our staff, our sub committee chairs the members of the committee and the entire democratic caucus. to work with what i think is the great e greatest in the his of the congress. i'm a fan. it's simple. the three of us, the three chairs have been through a lot of legislative battles in our time in the congress of the united states. we know that without speaker pelosi, this would not have happened. it's no more complicated than that. it would not have happened. madam speaker, thank you for the honor and the privilege to be associated in the battle. when you run for office, you wonder if you'll ever make a difference. you set out to do it 35 years later. the president of the united
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states when he visited with the caucus this morning said, "let us all remember why we ran and why we're here." and today we delivered on a promise that so many of us have made to our constituents year after year about the opportunity to have access to affordable healthcare. many of us, myself included have listened to so many painful stories from families in our districts and families that visited us if washington and people who come to the town hall meeting about them, the neighbors, the children, the grandchildren, their spouses. how badly things can do for them when they lose their health insurance. to me, the most important words in the whole debate is never again will americans be without health insurance when this becomes the law. never again will they lose their health insurance if they should happen to lose their job. thank you, madam, speaker for the opportunity. [ applause ] >> excuse me. i had the privilege last
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night of sitting 6 1/2 hours in the rules committee answering questions, but someone who is back there a lot longer to guide the rules and the procedures that given us the success we've had in the congress is chairwoman slaughter to the house rules committee. thank you, you, louise. >> geraldo: as the democrats continue to congratulate themselveses the white house released a statement. president obama saying tonight in an historic vote the house of representatives passed a bill that would finally make real the promise of quality affordable healthcare for the american people. the affordable healthcare for america sackett a piece of legislation that will provide stability and security for americans who have insurance, quality affordable options for those who don't and bring down the cost of healthcare for families, businesses, and the government while strengthening the financial health of medicare and it's legislation that is fully paid for and will reduce our long-term deficit. this is the statement from the white house. the president continuing
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saying thanks to the hard work of the house we're two steps away from achieving health insurance reform in america. now the united states senate must follow suit and pass its version of the legislation. i'm absolutely confident it will. and i look forward to signing comprehensive health insurance reform into law by the end of the year. we are lining up some congressmen to speak with as we continue to watch the democrats' press conference. i also want to give you a heads up that we expect a pro-life cadre of congress people to hold their own press conference to congratulate themselveses on the passage of the stupak amendment. representative bart stupak is the person who penned the amendment, which outlaws the federal funds going to abortion. he's one of the so-called blue dog democrat. a democrat from michigan. many believe and i think
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tomorrow's analysis will reflect but for the compromise in which the democrats agreed that no federal money would be used to pay for abortion, insurance, that compromise gave them the necessary 218 majority that they needed. let's listen again to the speaker. >> i'll introduce healthcare legislation every term that he was in the congress. mr. dingle followed that great tradition. he dabbled in medicare and enacted into law. so across america, everyone is now does not -- if our bill prevaprevails, chi'm certa it will in these respects, that being a woman is no longer a preexisting medical condition. if you have a preexisting medical condition, you cannot be denied insurance. you cannot have a rescissions, you cannot lose your insurance. just because you've become ill.
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the list goes on and on. if you're a senior, the doughnut hole is closed. if you're a young person, you can be on your parent's policy until you're 27th birthday. if you're a consumer, you're protected by the public option. the list goes on and on and some inspired and built on the tradition of the -- >> geraldo: to summarize, the provisions of this bill, as the speaker continues her victory lap. it requires most americans to purchase health insurance or pay a fine. it expands healthcare coverage to 36 million more people over the course of the next decade. it requires employers with payroll over $500,000 to provide insurance to their employees. or pay a fine. it prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage, because of preexisting medical conditions. it ends premium disparities between men and women. that was a sore point among
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many women. it imposes that as i mentioned earlier the 5.4% income tax surcharge on any individual making more than half aal many. any family make more than 1 million a year. so it's only the most, the wealthiest americans who pay the additional tax. it establishes a government run option. plan to compete with the private insurers that does not begin until 2013. it cuts medicare spending by more than $400 billion over ten years. many observers say let's sew how that happens. i believe the congressman john dingle, the longest serving member of the house maybe ever is speaking. >> and the cost of healthcare will crush in 2080. that will not now occur. so we're about to go forward and we do want to thank our young members who come from close and difficult districts.
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they're the ones who really made this night possible. we owe them a special vote of thanks. to you, madam speaker and the colleagues, congratulations. as winston churchill said when a group of ladies came to complain about the amount of whiskey and brandy he drank, they pointed to spot on the wall and they said, you have drunk enough of those things to fill this room to that point. winston looked at them and he looked at the spot on the wall, and then he said, "so much to do, so little time." thank you. [ applause ] >> geraldo: congressman, my blackberry has been buzzing off the hook. i want to read you one e-mail i have that headlined "where is senator reid? reid is hiding. he knows we in nevada will throw him out now. the first step to socialism and the rule of illegal
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thieves." it goes on to add "don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive." signed bugs bunny. molly, i wonder will this -- up until this point, aside from the obvious profound attention we've paid to the near repression, depression, the economic, the various a stimulus packages that were passed, all of the political dialogue, almost all the air in washington has been consumed by this healthcare debate. do you expect that that will happen going forward? or now that the house has passed its version of the bill, will there be a hiatus as they catch their breath and the senate begins grinding toward the process of ultimate reconciliation? >> maybe a little bit of catch your breath the rest of this month through the thanksgiving break. but decembdecember, that is whee expect the senate democratic
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leader stros the final bill, their version put together. we get a look at that, the members will. we'll hear debate back and forth about that. will it include public option? what kind of mandate will it have for individuals and businesses. what taxes and fines and how many, how will it cover the uninsured that kind of thing. this will ramp back up again and then they go home for the christmas break, holidays, more debate and probably a vote in the beginning of 2010. don't forget, it's not just healthcare. once 2010 rolls around. we'll start to hear more about the cap and trade and other controversial pieces of legislation pushed to the back burner for healthcare. they'll start to move to front burners again. healthcare and many other topics as well. >> geraldo: do you believe -- it's almost impossible to tell. but the private meeting when the president went over to capitol hill, first to the extend that you know, can you describe the setting and do you believe it made any difference what so so ever?
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>> majority whip clyburn was asked about that and he said i'm not sure if the president changed minds but anytime the president comes to capitol hill on a saturday and talks to the member of his own party it leans on the wavering democrats you would think. whether or not he put votes in the yes column, i'm not sure. a lot more had to do with the stupak amendment and how it went down. the president was involved in this and came on a saturday and his presence was felt as they made the last-minute decisions. an interesting thing about the press conference, when they had the majority leader steny hoyer, came up and said this is a bipartisan vote. there was laugher in the room from the members of congress and the journalists, you could tell because they got one republican vote. but because they got one republican vote, they can claim bipartisan vote.
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even if it got a bit of laughter. >> geraldo: good for a laugh. good for a laugh. i think that this whole bill preventing the federal tax dollars from funding abortion, i think that will be a sub headline and i think it will cause real internal dissent within the democratic party. what say you? >> well, you know, it depends what the conversations were behind closed doors. you have been talking about this earlier in the show and michael steele was talking about it and other republicans have as well. does the stupak language say in whatever final bill comes out of the conference committee -- ultimately the next vote that the house is going to take on healthcare is going to be that reconciled bill that comes out of conference committee. will it have that language in it? that could be a problem for moderate and pro-life democrats down the road if it doesn't. >> geraldo: i think there will be real reverberations.
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hearing now from the american cancer society. they have released a statement in an historic vote, the house of representatives tonight passed legislation that the american cancer society the cancer action network believes has the potential to take the fight against cancer in this country to a new level. acs, can working to advance the commission of the cancer society announced support of the house legislation and will advocate for a final bill twhoosh for families affecy cancer. as far as i know, molly, t the -- i'm a member. what is the elderly group -- aarp. aarp never did come around to endorsing the bill, did they? >> i don't think. so it'm trying to remember now. rack my brain this second because there was a lot of back and forth. they might have. i'm not sure. >> geraldo: i don't believe they did. the pro-choice group
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announced in their statement the stunning last-minute anti-choice amendment to the healthcare reform is an outrageous blow to women's freedom and privacy. and nancy keenan the president of pro-choice america is vowing to fight to remove the provision as the process goes to the united states senate. molly henneberg, thank you for your yeoman's service. yeowoman's service. thank you for your reporting. ladies and gentlemen, thank you, as we watched history in the making here. they say sometimes the legislative process is like making sausage, you don't want to see how it happens. maybe we didn't see how it happened behind closed doors but we were present for the vote on the house. and the democrats carried the day along with the help of single republican from new orleans, louisiana. thank you very much for watching. that's it for us. see you tomorrow. or later today.


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