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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 20, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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conferences, and elevator television sets. neither are necessary. have a great day, see you on the "fox report." here's cavuto. don't look but goldman is sacked. welcome, i'm neil cavuto and goldman reaps the rips. >> too many market participants through short-sighted greed squandered their credibility. wall street reform must put a stop to this. >> now not a good day for goldman sachs to be reporting it made nearly 3 1/2 billion bucks making the firm a bigger tap the. not just with the vice president, in britain authorities launched a formal probe to follow up on
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washington's probe which is business with another probe, the collapse of lehman brothers and who caused it. two days ahead of president obama's trip to wall street. forget the nasty volcano in iceland, a nastier eruption is here. the billionaire and publisher ain't feeling a lot of lava. >> oh ... >> mort, welcome. >> thank you very much. >> you're kind of in that position, you're a big obviously wall street titan in your own right. financial, not just wall street. but this is our lifeblood in this city. our lifeblood keeps getting battered, for very good reasons, are you worried? >> i'm worried for new york city and state because it's the major industry in the city and state, the biggest taxpayer, the average working person who is involved in the financial
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industry makes around $75,000. it's one of the great levers of american power so i would hate to see it come apart for whatever reason, whether it's shall we say politics or fact. >> goldman provide the opportunity for the financial open season? >> you could argue that. i don't fully understand. i don't know if anybody does, the details. it does, however, seem there was an opportunity, if the government wanted to do it, so settle this with goldman. they didn't have to announce this on a friday afternoon without having some serious discussion with them at the end of the process. this i think would undoubtedly have been avoided. i think it's hard to feel anybody's innocent on this. the -- this administration has been demonizing the financial world for a better part of the
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year. the president blames everything on greedy bangers, people looking to maximize profits. there have been excesses in the financial world but the who -- whole housing mess that started with fannie mae and freddie mac as a result of the u.s. congress i imposing obligation on 55% of all mortgages having to be for people below the minimum -- the median income. people who could not afford many of the homes they bought. >> neil: interesting. so goldman, which might have seen a downturn in housing, took advantage of that and seized on investment opportunities. it wasn't a downturn the financial guys caused? >> no. i think there was a bubble in housing. if i may say so, i was one of the people who anticipated or saw this bubble in housing and acted on it in my business. i wasn't the only one. i didn't assume this came from anything other than the fact
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that we had a huge escalation in housing prices that was unsustainable, that most of the housing market was basically could not afford housing -- >> why the hearings with lehman and the former head lambasted there. we'll see more with goldman and they want to regroup the citigroup guys. on and on we go. to what he said? >> it's a way of politically finding a scapegoat, which is destructive to the financial world. a lot of people were at risk. if you want to take an example, a huge number of people signed mortgages,able indications, that is, without telling the truth about income and net worth. >> neil: how did you know you did that? >> i know how big your income is. >> neil: so that we're all to blame but we're finding a scapegoat. >> they're easy to blame. that's the financial world, they have done well and a lot of
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people have not. people have seen houses drop in value and stocks -- we have a big -- a very high unemployment rate and a failed stimulus program. >> neil: you argue be careful who you bash because in this neck of the woods, they're a cash cow for the city and state but beyond that, they're an american leader, right? >> yes. it's an important part of the american economy and the american role in the world. frankly, it's easy to pick them out and started bashing them. to some extent they earned their bashing, but not to this -- this is an ongoing process are demonizing them and saying it's their fault. >> neil: if financial reform is -- we're just getting reports that president obama has called senator scott brown of massachusetts for help on financial reform. they hope to get more republicans like scott brown to help. what do you want to see out of that? >> i do think that -- i might
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say, this is another example, chris cox, republican head of the sec, gave the investment banking if i firms leverage. the fha and fan fannie mae and freddie mac were given license to give mortgages they couldn't afford. there are a lot of people to blame. i don't see that the -- maybe it's politically advantageous. >> can you police risk? >> to some extent you can control risk. you can regulate it. you can't police all risk. people will make bad risks. home buyers did it. the mortgage market did it, the stock market did it. this is a process in the american financial world and in america. but it doesn't mean you have to turn this into a political vendetta. >> neil: interesting. mort, always a pleasure. >> mort zuckerman.
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the healthcare overhaul is underway and a new bureaucracy. the office of consumer information and insurance oversight. so obviously they're printing up the stationary. it has four offices underneath it. dr. griffith says this is a bureaucratic nightmare. you recall he switched from being a democrat to a republican in the height of this healthcare debate. congressman, what do you think of -- at least we're getting grids together, i guess. >> neil, i believe that anyone who had to deal with the va system, the medicare system, social security, knows what's coming. it's going to harm the people it was intended to help. i think the bureaucracies are in the hundreds and navigating those bureaucracies are not difficult for the wealthy and the near wealthy. but it's going to be very difficult for the average man on the street. >> neil: congressman i'm searched about -- normally you
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talk to any veteran in veteran affairs agency and -- you layer and layer various agencies, it slows down the response. the hope with this is the opposite, but history suggests anything but. >> it's not going to help healthcare. we know that. we know it won't reduce cost. it wasn't about reforming healthcare or increasing the average american's ability to get access to healthcare. we know we can't reform a system around a shortage. we know we're getting ready to create a two-tier system. we're going to have 20% of america that accesses the healthcare they need and the other 80% will do the best they can with layered bureaucracy having to go to washington for decisions. >> neil: i know when they billed these charts and staffing type arrangements, i think you new
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buildings. i wonder if this is going to be consumer information and insurance over sight, is it going to have its own building? i was just in washington recently. you're running out of space. where would you put it? >> well, they'll find a place to put it. if -- after two or three years, they'll want a new building and get a new building at a huge new entitlement with bureaucrats. every bureaucrat needs at least five or six attorneys. so this is going to be a huge, huge entitlement program not only for the legal profession but for the bureaucrats running this huge healthcare system. >> neil: thank you congressman. good seeing you. >> thank you. democrats are quick to label descension from the right mob tactics. why not this? >> injecting a sense of fear and financial insecurity into too many people's lives.
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>> neil: the president heckled and we're having a heck of a time finding outrage. democratic lawmakers quick to give tea partiers a lesson on civil obedience after the healthcare protests are saying nothing after this. >> she's passionate about fighting for california's families. she is -- we're going to do that. injecting a sense of fear and financial insecurity into too many people's lives. >> i'm sorry, do you want to come up here? you know, they -- [ applause ] all right. because can i just say, once again, barbara and i supportive of repealing don't say ask don't
4:14 pm
tell so i don't know why you're hollering. the problem we have here -- [ person yelling] . >> put a further strain on folks in this state forcing painful choices about where to spend and where to save and the challenge these folks are facing here -- [ chanting yes we can ] >> president obama was heckled for six straight minutes by a gay rights group last night. there was no outrage in the media. i would be surprised if you saw that. jennifer massey sees a double standard, president of the baton rouge tea party. what i remember, you or your colleagues, ever had a disruption like that, that would be everywhere. >> it would be. >> neil: what do you make that this is not? >> we have a political double
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standard. it's easy for one side when they see their issues put forward to ignore rude behavior but when it's the other side they point fingers. we need to step back and realize if we have good political discourse we need to be civil. >> what do you think of some tea partiers who the other side says are not civil, they interrupt congressmen and brow beat them. what's proper behavior? >> obviously that's not the best way to put the message forward. we need to bring our concerns out in a educated, civil american to. move our ideas forward we need good debate. yelling and screaming makes everyone angry. >> neil: i don't know. i built a career on it but you could be right. what happens now? the event in atlanta, i'm like the prior tea partyer event i covered in sacrament, it's like the tea party has talking points down or pr points down.
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better behaved, seemingly better organized, more focused. very little crazy stuff. or was i just imagining that? >> well we didn't have any incidents at our tea party in baton rouge. but there's always one or two people in a crowd that want to make a ruckus and we need to let them know -- >> neil: you hit on a key point. those one or two people at one of your events are all the rage in the news. from sacrament to atlanta, it's that person -- usually a single person -- gets all the attention and yet is properly, as it should be, put in perspective here. an incident like what happened to president obama last night becomes a nonevent. that's weird. >> it is weird but people are quick to point the finger when
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it's the other side. we need to do everything we can to make sure our events do run better, we're putting forth a good message and we get the word out. we can't focus on what the media says or points out about negative qualities because we know who we are and we're proud of it. >> good seeing you. thank you. >> the volcanic cloud cancelled more flights. instead of the airlines, bailout lindsay lohan. yyup> ya know, i'm really glad we finally decided to see where raisin bran crunch is made.
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>> neil: chaos, britain opening air space within the hour but as for the iceland volcano, it's grounding half of all european flights. airlines are losing millions a
4:21 pm
day and they want the government or somebody to pay. the next guest says no way. eric bolling, cohost of happy hour, not so happy considering his views on this. it's weeknights at 5:00 p.m. on the "fox business" network, which if you don't get the ... >> demand it. >> these are private companies. >> neil: the government told them to shut down. >> what the government did, if you want to do business in the european union and you're an airline and have passengers stranded, you have to, by law, assist them. all of a sudden, we didn't see the volcano coming to give us a billion dollars. they want -- >> neil: but no, in the case of heathrow, if you're british air you couldn't fly. you can't. >> they knew the rules going in. british aairway have a war chest designed for this.
4:22 pm
interruption of service. >> neil: i sound like allen, taking a liberal position. i'm not the one not wearing a tie. >> that's true. >> neil: i think this is a force beyond their control. it's a volcano. >> right. so if it rains hard, hot dog vendor on the street says, it rained so many, i need a hot dog bailout. >> neil: that's not a bad idea. i'm all for it. it's very different when you have something of this size and spewing all this stuff is in the air. >> too big to fail? >> neil: too explosive to ignore. >> what's to big to fail or explosive. >> neil: bailing the airlines out after 9/11. >> absolutely not. i don't think anyone should be bailed out for any reason. if you're not healthy enough to survive a volcano or hurricane, move over, someone else will. that's the way the free market works.
4:23 pm
it sounds brutally but it works. someone else will say we're a low-cost carrier and don't have bonuses and c.e.o.s making $10 million a year. well, we'll fly that route. there are bus routes, ferry routes who all of a sudden are doing well. should they pay a windfall profits tax on the good fortunate? >> neil: we just finished lent. i want you to repent. >> i'm repent. >> neil: no, you are consistent on this. eric bolling. >> you know who is flying? al gore, flying that plane through the middle of the ash thing. whatever. >> neil: a 90 minutes on "fox business" network, the president of iceland will be joining us. that volcano in his tiny country is causing -- it's not tiny -- it's causing a mess for everybody, including the airlines for whom eric cold shoulder boling wouldn't lift a
4:24 pm
finger. it's on. >> a battle is brewing over drilling. a climate bill forcing washington to share drilling dollars with the rigs. the president's plan to do more drilling. the next guest says the money should go to washington to tackle the deficit. senator dorgan joins us. good to have you? >> hi, how are you? >> i'm fine, sir. the border states that are -- offshore drilling and others that expect to reap money off this, you're saying it ain't fair unless everybody gets it. is that right? >> well, first of all i offeredded amendment in the energy committee that opens the eastern gulf of mexico for drilling. i got that done through the committee anyway. and the border states, coastal states say they want a portion that have money to come to our states. outside of the first nine miles,
4:25 pm
they get everything in the coastal states. outside nine miles, that belongs to the united states of america and all the people. i want to use that to reduce the federal budget deficit. >> you're leaving washington, senator, after years of service, but do you think in all your history, have you ever seen money that was targeted for deficit relief going to deficit relief? >> well, ten years ago, we had a federal budget surplus. so clearly some of that revenue must have been for deficit relief ten years ago. if we expect $40 billion from those royalties on the outer continental shelf which belongs to the american people, i don't want to reduce federal income by $40 billion to give that money to the gulf states. >> neil: but isn't that money -- i understand. isn't that the net positive that have money, would be if energy prices stabilize, they would
4:26 pm
rely less on oil from abroad or the middle east and we all benefit from that. every american, regardless whether you're in coastal states or not. >> you can't win a debate we're not having. we agree there should be drilling. the point is the royalties should gym to the federal government to he do you reduce e deficit. >> neil: so you wouldn't give any to the states, everybody share, share alike with the federal government. >> the states get all of the royalty on the first nine miles off their shores. any drilling in that area, they get all of that royalty. 100%. outside of the nine miles that, belongs on the outer continental shelf and belongs to all american people and that includes not just the people in coastal states but people in states that aren't on the coast and it should come to the treasury to reduce the federal deficit. >> a lot of people argue if they put up with the headache of rigs
4:27 pm
going up and digging and drilling going on, that there should be reward for that but the net reward is going to be hopefully lower energy prices that benefit all americans. it comes back to that. >> absolutely. that -- by the way, that's why they get 100% of royalties on anything nine miles from the shore. >> neil: let me ask you about that deficit. there's serious concern that as you leave washington, the red, ink is highlying high and there's -- piling high and there's no way out short of raising taxes, maybe you can get a handle on spending, you tried to address that. but republicans and democrats have a poor track record on this. is it a given, senator, that tax rates, particularly upper income tax rates, have to be prohibitively higher? >> i don't think that anything is a given except it country
4:28 pm
cannot continue to provide a level of service the american people cannot afford to pay for or won't pay for and we cannot fight wars and not pay for that. we have to address this because the current budget deficit is unsustainable. going forward if we have a healthy growing economy we all want, we have to address this problem. it's serious. >> neil: we don't, right? republicans and democrats, they just don't. so i wonder if we can figure out by addressing entitlements but there's an idea for a federal sales tax, a value added tax. are you for that? >> well, i'm not going to prejudge what the commission -- they're talking about all the issues. but look, whatever it is we have to do as a country, we have to own up to doing t my point is, we went to war in two wars now.
4:29 pm
afghanistan and iraq. and we decided not to pay for the cost of any of it. that doesn't add up. the fact with we have to begin paying for things we spend money on. >> neil: including stimulus and a lot of other things this that we haven't paid for. >> in the middle of the steepest recession since the depression, revenues will decrease, unemployment insurance, food stamps -- >> neil: is this a necessary deficit? >> it's not surprising when you see the steepness of the recession but we can't allow that to continue to exist. now as we come out of this, we have to fix our fiscal policy. >> thank you for joining us. when we come back, charles crist may go independent in a battle with marco rubio. is senator jim demint worried? >> lindsay lohan out of cash and
4:30 pm
wracking up $600,000 in credit card debt. why dave ramsey is not surprised. [ man ] ladies and gentlemen,
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this mother's day, get 50% off all messaging phones after mail-in rebate, like the pantech reveal, only from at&t. >> neil: in florida it's looking more likely charles crist is about to dump the grand olde party. >> i'm listening to people and advice because that's the smart
4:34 pm
thing to do. i want to do what's right for the people first and i'm looking at this through that lens. >> crist signaling he may go independent in this fight with marco rubio. it comes as a survey finds independents outnumber democrats an republicans in nine states. thanks in part to the tea party movement. florida not one of them yet. but does this spell trouble for the g.o.p.? with us, senator jim demint, an early rubio backer. if this comes to pass it wouldn't be a shock but it would be a problem for republicans, would it not? >> it would. i'm convinced marco rubio would eventually win that race pretty easily once people focus on how much charles crist has changed, if he's gone the independent route. one thing that she remind us, when some in the republican party say its about numbers and not principles, we got the same
4:35 pm
with arlen specter, when his numbers didn't look good in the republican party, he switched to the democrats. apparently charles crist is not about the principals of limited government as he is getting elected. he hope he bows out and endorses rubio. >> marco rubio has been could cy could i on this issue. >> there's a concern on the crist rumor. his staff denies that this is just what the left wants to see, that more conservatives eat their young, divide themself and democrats whack walk in, are you concerned about that? >> i'm more concerned about making sure the next senator goes to washington, d.c. and offers a clear alternative.
4:36 pm
>> maybe so but it comes back to whether republicans play the divide game and democrats conquer. >> i think it's important republicans have healthy primaries with clear choices. marco rubio is hardly a right winger, he's a conservative with a record of getting things done and looking at new ideas. i think that's what americans expect right now. the people of florida clearly have shown that in -- given in good choice they'll pick marco rubio. we're seeing the same with pat too too tume in pennsylvania and marlin stutsman in indiana. >> the president's approval ratings, while still in the 40s, they have not free fallen since healthcare became law. are you surprised at that?
4:37 pm
by the same token, neither was there an uptick but the fallout has been subdued. >> there's a lot of political fallout about the continued overreach the government we're seeing that on financial regulation as they move ahead with a package that does not address the too big to fail bailout issue. by november, americans are going to add it all up, connect all the dots and they're not going to like the direction the obama administration's taken the country. >> neil: all right, thank you very much. when we come back, lindsay lohan in money trouble. when you have diabetes like me, you have questions.
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new reports lindsay lohan is $600,000 in credit card debt. that's a lot of spray tan. but is she proof celebrities are
4:41 pm
like everybody else, charging up a storm and living beyond their means. dave ramsey, you can catch them on the "fox business" network 8:00 p.m. and as you reminded your viewers, doesn't matter what you make, if you spend more, it's generally not good. >> you just did that interview with the senator, didn't you? >> that's a good point. [ laughter ] >> neil: man, this surprised even me. >> i mean lindsay, she's 23-year-old, bless her heart. she's been thrust in a world she's not handling. i have a 23-year-old daughter and what she's facing emotionally and things she has to carry, it's out of control and she is obviously not got anybody in her corner that's loving her well and helping her establish boundaries where she can prosper. it's really sad.
4:42 pm
we have ended up being crisis counselors to the stars. we reach out to them or sometimes they reach out to us, pam and ed mcmahon when through the for example. >> why does that happen? they say if i made $100,000 or a mill or more, i'll be on easy street. then they start living that lifestyle and then some. >> the list is amazing. from michael jackson to mc hammer and nicolas cage. you're right, it doesn't matter what you make. it matters what you spend. what happens so often in their lives is they're very good at this one little segment of their lives, their talent, boxing or acting and they think they can delegate the management 6 of -- of money and they get ripped off because someone else controls their life.
4:43 pm
it's sad but it's irresponsible in a way. to make that kind of money and not do a better job as a grownup adult managing t when they come talk to us, that's how we talk to them. you're going to have to manage your money. i talked to an nfl team explaining it means not for long. the guy says i got me a man. i said no, you don't got you a man, you are the man. don't get you a man. mc hammer had a man and ended up with nothing. >> good point. always we get questions, here's this week's. >> dave, this is jeanie from west virginia, i'm saving for my kids' education through a roth ira, is this my best option? >> no, it's nor retirement. you pull money out for college, the only portion you can pull out without a penalty is what you put n you need the
4:44 pm
educational savings account, esa, will grows tax free like the roth ira and put it in a good mutual fund, up to $2,000 a year, and control where it's invested. >> all right. good stuff, dave. dave ramsey,. banks, automakers, homeowners, traveling is a human right. so now he wants the government to subsidize vacations for people who can't afford them. the next guest says that's so dumb. mel gardner from the heritage foundation. go ahead and have the government pay for vacation. what is going on? >> well, it's another completely loopy idea from the european union. in this case, it's unelected italian official responsible for the industry that saying textiles should be subsidizing
4:45 pm
vacations of perhaps the elderly or less fortunate. they're calling for the socialist redistribution of wealth in europe costing hundreds of millions of euros of taxpayer's money. vacation is not a right, it has to be earned based upon hard work and it's not completely crazy idea from the european commission in brussels. >> neil: is it being well received? are people saying you're on to something? >> certainly the british press have made a great deal of fun of this and have seen it as yet another crazy measure from brussels, trying to force the british to pay more money so that the european bureaucrats can practice their socialist dreams on the word stage. i don't think it's gone done well in britain but we'll see vast cannotties of european
4:46 pm
union money used for a social engineering scheme. and i think it's a crack pot idea which i hope the british government fights tooth and nail. >> neil: i don't know. i don't know. i see that whole continent going one way. but who knows. things could chang in change --n in the election. >> i.r.s., omg, why is it all of a sudden more popular? ion. the lexus rx. ♪ at your lexus deal.
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>> neil: apple is out with earnings and man, oh, man are they off the charts. surging 90% in the latest quarter, making $3.07 billion in just one quarter. it works out to $3.33 a share.
4:50 pm
the estimate -- one of the more optimistic, was for $2.45 a share. blew that away. furthermore, sales totalled more than 13 1/2 billion bucks, the estimate was 11 billion bucks. it was buoyed by ipods, 11 million. a lot of iphones and imacks. this period does not cover the release of the ipad, the tablet device that's all the rage. apple, who's stock is halted in after-hours trading, on fire. this is all pre-aye pad from the i.r.s. is getting a popularity pop. a poll shows the agency, had a 47% positive rating following reports 47% of american households won't pay federal
4:51 pm
income task. phil turpin is with americans for prosperity. what you do you make of in a? >> ettes more than a coincidence the number of folks happy with the i.r.s. are the same as the people with no income tax liability. if you're used to getting a check from the government, a refundable credit where they refund money you never paid, which is the situation for millions of households, it's not surprising you have a positive view of the i.r.s. but we need to look at that in the overall poll findings, which are low level of trust in government and high dissatisfaction, high anger. >> neil: but phil, i hear you, but what blew me away is things are such in washington right now that the i.r.s. has a a higher approval than congress and the majority party in congress, the minority part in congress and the president. what does that say?
4:52 pm
>> well, i think it says that people separate some of the bureaucrats that carry out the laws with the folks to make them, which is who here angry at. it's interesting on the heels of healthcare with so many angry but the duties the i.r.s. is going to have that they seem to separate the lawmakers from the -- from the government employees that are tasked to carry out the laws. for the most part people have priorities right. problems are in congress and the administration when bureaucrats gets out of line, there's a problem but people who make the laws are who we need to folks on. >> neil: do you make sense of it jumping nine points? >> in the 90s there was a high level of dissatisfaction. it was raging between the flat tax and -- there's been improvements, making sure the forms match up before you get an
4:53 pm
audit. we've made progress -- >> neil: kinder, genter i.r.s. thank you very much. good seeing you. back kevorkian knows about dying so why was he electricker -- lecturing me about living? >> i don't find life to be -- >> you're well set, you have a good position, make good money and you're healthy. >> neil: two out of three. >> i didn't tell him something i should have. i made a promise to myself and you that i would say it just in once. just now. today. and i will next. [ male announcer ] whose idea was this?
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why would you need 60 days, really, who is that indecisive? the dodge "you won't need 60 days to decide but we'll give it to you anyway" event. hey what's going on? doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flarate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh-ing. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >> neil: finally, dr. death doesn't think much of life. i know everyone is focussed on out jack kevorkian helped so many die. i was much, much more
4:57 pm
interested in why he was so down on living. he said it was tedious and often painful and lonely. the not so good outlook doctor said it was over. you're dead. hard to be happy, kevorkian told me, when so much in life is none, especially with those dealing with illness and pain. i disagree and said life is not miserable and i wasn't remotely miserable, he smiled saying i didn't know jack, i couldn't know, i wouldn't know. easy for me to smile, he said. i had so much for which to smile. some of you agreed. kevin in new york city -- "listen to dr. death, mr. good life. get out of your perfect world and feel some papain. it would do you good not to feel so good." sarah -- larry, from lebanon, missouri --
4:58 pm
>> neil: you're wrong, larry, and sarah and kevin, and you, too, jack kevorkian. you are all wrong saying your woes to define the attitude about life. you're all wrong assuming i'm a sheltered life, unaware and unsympathetic to those in pain. i'm not here to win your sympathy. just this once, i promise. i want your attention. i know pain better than you think and illness better than you know. it's public record but for the record let me be clear and go on the record. one last time. again, just this once. i have multiple sclerosis, a pretty tough neurological disease for which there is no cure and it is getting worse. i got it a few years after beating back a pretty serious
4:59 pm
cancer for which it once looked like there might not be a cure. again, i'm not trying to win points just make this point: illness does not define who i am or how i feel. sure, it has shaken my life but it hasn't snapped one iwo the my en -- iota my enthusiasm for life. many days i wish my voice was stronger, my legs sterdier and my eyesight clearer but i can't count on these things. only living is worth dealing with all of these things. jack is right. i don't know jack about misery, but that is only because i choose not to be miserable. all right. one hour from now on fox business network, the volcano in the country is still virtually shutting down the airline industry on one entire continent, stranding thousands of travelers all over the globe. the president of iceland is joining me. bec


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