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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 22, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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from new york. from new york. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: next on "special report," the president pitches his financial regulation overhaul, the financial capital of the world. new words for mortgage giants franz franz and freddie mac are -- fannie mae and freddie mac are not in the cards yet and why this political race could retail ropes of a governor. that's live on "special report." i'm bret baier. president obama today laid out his case for increased financial regulation on the home court of people he wants to increasingly regulate. center white house correspondent major garrett tells us how the president's plan was received. >> and unless your business model depends on bilking people, there is little to fear from the new rules. >> reporter: you have nothing to fear from the longer regulatory arm of washington, president obama told wall streeters who sat mostly stone faced inside cooper
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union college in lower manhattan. the pitch, megabanks deal squarely they won't feel pinch of the consumer protection agency, capital requirements or still to be defined powers to liquidate firms the government says need to close. with trillions at stake, mr. obama sounded soothing. >> this is a common sense, reasonable, non-ideological approach to target the root problems that led to the financial sector and economy. >> reporter: the street has some doubts as does mayor michael bloomberg who fears new regulation could cut wall street profit and siphon revenue from the coffers. the public is ambivalent, too. the latest fox news poll shows 39% support wall street overhaul and 39% oppose it. a quarter of those surveyed are unsure. ideology despite mr. obama's assurances drive the numbers. 65% of democrats back the reforms, while 70% of republicans oppose them.
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34% support it. even so, they accuse the government of kabuki theater and break for showdown to break the p the filibuster. >> we need someone to respond to wall street. they haven't responded to us. >> off the floor, a key negotiator told fox talks are progressing. we are in negotiation over too big to fail and derivative and consumer agencies and so forth. >> democrats have run out of patience. >> there is plenty of time. we don't need another three months like on the healthcare bill. >> the senate g.o.p. leader quoted his counterpart waiting longer was a waste of time and he begged to differ. >> mr. president, i don't think bipartisanship is a waste of time.
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i don't think bill with legitimacy of bipartisan agreement is waste of time. >> negotiations on the sideline continues and if a deal was reached, monday's showdown vote will disappear. on this issue, unlike healthcare democrats are afraid of overreaching and the republicans are willing to strike a compromise. >> bret: major garrett live on the north lawn. thank you. the next story is not in the president's plan. chief washington correspondent jim angle reports that omission has many people concerned. >> reporter: the financial legislation working its way through congress leaves out one factor many critics say started the whole mess. >> you wonder why fannie and freddie respect in aren't in th? it began with them. >> how you can attempt to fix it without going to root of the problem, fannie and freddie is beyond me. >> fannie and freddie's role were important in the financial crisis. they were a major reason we had a crisis. >> reporter: they're known as the government sponsored
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entities, federally backed institutions that bought mortgages from others injecting money in the housing market. the clinton administration gave them new mission: expand homeownership to those who had not been able to buy, making loans to people with bad credit and no money down. >> fannie and freddie started to make loans with no down payments. those loans are weak. >> get in a housing market they can't afford without any skin in the game is another big problem. >> reporter: they were also boosted by risky mortgages made by others to make it possible for the banks to offload them to fannie and freddie. >> that allowed freddie and fannie to amass the huge portfolios and mortgage-backed securities that were made up of subprime mortgages. eventually it's a house of cards and it collapsed. >> now they have to be bailed out as well, the cost of which is estimated at $400
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billion. many lawmakers conceive congress was partly to blame because it too wanded to expand homeownership. in 2005, former fed chairman alan greenspan repeatedly warned that the practices created ever growing potential systemic risk, which prompted republican efforts to rein in franz and freddie but was -- fannie and freddie. >> all of the major wall street institutions had to be rescued in one way or another, because they were insolvent. >> reporter: some of the senators who blocked the reform of fannie and freddie got campaign contributions from them, including dodd and then obama who was second, but new to the senate. since then, other democrats concede a mistake. archer davis said frankly, i wish my democratic colleagues
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would admit when it comes to fannie and freddie we were wrong. bret? >> bret: thanks. banks that received bail-out money from the tarp funds reportedly are lending less and paying their employees more. "usa today" reports the forms granted 9.1% fewer loans and banks that did not receive aid cut lending by 6.2%. tarp banks upgraded payroll by 9.4%. non-tarp banks upgraded sales 1.8%. previously occupied home sales were up in march, ending three month of decline. application for first-time home benefits fell by 24,000 last week to break a two-week streak of increases. dow gained 9 1/3. the sapz s s&p 500 was up 2 2/3 nasdaq picked up 14.5. we focus on florida in the america election
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headquarters, one of the leaders of the republican old guard today came out in favor of the member of the new guard. chief political correspondent carl cameron has specifics. >> reporter: g.o.p. front-runner marco rubio knocked endorsement of former vice president today, dick cheney's support was in the bag for some time but got rolled out now to reinforce rubio following yesterday's revelation that a preliminary federal investigation in the republican party of florida's finances will look into rubio's use of a party credit card for $100,000 in travel and personal expenses when he was speaker of the florida house. the republican party of florida plans a document dumped to the public of receipt and expenditures tomorrow. rubio aides say he will make his own documents public in weeks and they will prove no wrongdoing. governor charlie crist moderate republican soared in the polls a few months ago but for many conservatives who will decide the primary, this embrace literally and figuratively was too much. rubio has become such a rock star, charlie crist told
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friends and family he may skip the g.o.p. primary and run as independent. the deadline for his decision is next friday. cheney used a written endorsements of rubio to slam charlie crist saying -- >> reporter: crist donors began coordinated effort to say if he drops out of g.o.p. they want mare money back. he did not have a state party credit card and he could be investigated in the probe of finances and he dissed cheney sut por of rubio -- support of rubio. >> sounds like politician trying to tell voter what is to do. >> reporter: they predict charlie crist's only political hope is outside the g.o.p. >> i don't see him being a
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credible candidate again in the republican party. so his one shot of staying in politics is getting elected to the senate as an independent. >> reporter: charlie crist insiders, staffers, donors are overwhelmingly convinced he plans to run as independent but for many republicans it will amount to a deal-breaker. should the governor boat the g.o.p., most of the talented political people will stay behind. >> bret: might be time to send you the florida. >> on the way. >> bret: thanks. disgraced former governor wants a favor from the president. and straight ahead, verdict in the court-martial of a navy seal. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app...
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>> bret: in world news tonight, an american military jury in iraq has cleared a u.s. navy seal of failing to prevent an assault on terror suspect. national correspondent steve centanni has the story. >> reporter: good evening. julio juertes is one of three
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navy seals charged in connection of arrest of a terror suspect last september in iraq and he was the first to stand tritrial. today he was found not guilty by jury of six men who deliberated for six hours. seen in the lower right-hand corner of sketch made in an earlier court appearance where he was charged with failing to protect a prisoner and trying to influence testimony in the case. he is looking forward to continuing the service. he told fox news, "it's a weight off my shoulders." compared to the physical activity he goes through in iraq. "this has been mentally more challenging." only one of the seals is accuse of/assault and he goes on trial next month. mccabe's attorney says the prisoner probably injured himself. >> someone who has custdy of some -- custody of training manual for al-qaeda says post-abu ghraib, when they go in custody the terrorists are
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claimed to injure themselves to claim they were abused by the captors. >> the prisoner was arrested last september and accused of masterminding the 2004 attack in fallujah that left four american contractors dead. the bodies were burned, drag through the streets and hung from a bed. aba testified yesterday and after that, the jurors told one of the defense attorneys they didn't believe the story of being beaten and found too many inconsistencies in the case. the trial of navy seal jonathan keefe begins tomorrow in baghdad. he is charged only with dereliction of duty. bret? >> bret: we'll follow it all. thanks. >> iran's military began the annual war games in the persian gulf in strait of hormuz. iran will test fire new weapons in the exercise. pentagon spokesman says the spring maneuvers do not seem out of the ordinary from past drills.
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president of georgia says he received enrichment of urrain yunl -- uranium. he blames the government. >> highly enriched uranium has been recovered. president mikhail saakashvili says it was intercepted last month coming to georgia and officials said the smuggling operations started in russian territory and blamed moscow causing instability in the region allowing nuclear smugglers to operate. the russians call the claims unstub staunchated and -- unsubstantiated and propagan propaganda. but there remains bad blood between the countries since the invasion of georgia in august 2008. here is more from a georgia nuclear official on the seizure. >> organized and they have tried to smuggle a small amount of enriched uranium with a purpose to sell it to
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some buyer. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the georgia effort to keep the smugglers from selling dangerous material on the black market is the reason it was invited to president obama's nuclear summit last week. at the state department, spokesman p.j. crowelly praised georgia's work on this issue. >> we are very grateful for the efforts that georgia has made not just recently, but over an extended period of time. intradistricti intradicting flow of dangerous materials out of the region. >> reporter: u.s. officials say incidents like this reinforceme men how important i for safeguard on flow of nuclear material. >> bret: mike emanuel, thank you. charlie dent wants to take away the citizenship of the american born radical islamic
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cleric. dent says anwar al-awlaki has renounced his citizenship by engaging in treasonous acts, including advising some of the 9/11 suspects, attempted underwear bomber and the man accused of the fort hood shootings. >> now is the time to move. i suspect it's easier to launch missile against non-citizen than citizen. >> the state department says it will consider dent's where. >> bret: secretary of state hillary clinton said in nato meetings in estonia today the u.s. remains committed to defense of europe and said the government of kyrgyzstan ensured washington the u.s. will be able to use crucial air base in the country. european air traffic was almost back to normal today following a week of disruptions, caused by the volcano in iceland. nearly all the continent's 28,000 flights were allowed to take off but there is still a huge backlog of passengers and the industry says it will lose more than $2 billion. why would a congressional democrat try to overturn part
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of the clean water act? we tell you in a bit. who might be the star witness at rod blagojevich's corruption trial? [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. what if church could stamp out malaria.
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would you come. rethink church at this country definitely needs to focus on other ways to get energy. we should be looking closer to home. we have oil on our shores. natural gas can be a part of the solution. i think we need to work on wind resources. they ought to be carefully mapping every conceivable alternative. there is an endless opportunity right here.
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>> bret: the top republicans on the house homeland security and oversight committees want an extension of the border fence with mexico. new york's pete king and california's darrell issa have asked homeland security secretary janet napolitano to add to the fence. while a review of border virtual security measures continues. dozens of gunman burst into a mexican hotel wednesday and kidnapped at least six people. prosecutor says it appears that the gang targeted specific victims, the fight against that kind of violence has sparked greater cooperation between law
6:22 pm
enforcement on both sides of the border. correspondent adam housley looks at how the officers are getting ready for the fight. >> reporter: whether racing across the dessert on a.t.v. or close combat fighting techniques, north of the u.s.-mexican border agents are joining forces for unprecedented training operation aimed at the heart of ongoing and violent battle. >> we need to communicate with each other without talking. >> we apologize for the technical difficulties there. if you want to see the piece go to in a bit. on earth day, move to put the nation's waterways under federal control is characterized as either a necessary step to protect the environment or another big government power grab. we report, you decide. here is senior correspondent brian wilson. >> reporter: navigable.
6:23 pm
deep enough and wide enough to support passage to ships. the supreme court ruled there were limits to the waterway that the e.p.a. can relegate, because 1972 water act had references to navigable waters now. a word to strip that word from the law. move proposed by democrat james overstar of minnesota, who has a hill staffer in 1970s worked on the original act and says he is trying to restore the original intent of the law. >> i know what it means. it says the purpose of this act is to establish and maintain chemical, biological and physical integrity of that nation's waters. >> reporter: some land rights republicans are wary, because they fear if you strike "navigable" from the clean water act, every lake, pond, creek, or mud hole will come under the control of the environmental protection agency. >> it potentially puts government in charge of all waters.
6:24 pm
including mud puddles, irrigation ditches. if you take out "navigable" in this bill, it could potentially lead to the federal government usurping state laws as it relates to water. regulating mud puddles. that is just bad policy. >> reporter: that says congressman hastings could place onerous burdens on farmers, ranchers and smalled businesses. not all republicans are aligned to the bill. some feel the ober-star bill straights the right balance -- strikes the right balance. >> it seeks to protect all the waters in the united states from pollution. that is the goal. the question is where do you draw the limit? >> oberstar tried it before and back then the legislative waters were not navigable because the bush administration issued a veto threat. we now have a democratic congress and democratic president. chances of passage, though not assured, seem more likely. in washington, brian wilson, fox news. >> bret: more on that story
6:25 pm
in the panel. oil rig off the louisiana coast sank today, two days of explosion left 11 workers missing. 111 others on the deep water horizon got off safely. a republican senator gets lesson in cost of scandal. another apparent miscalculation in the doomsday scenario for global warming. ♪ [ male announcer ] designed to function the way you funion. the lexus rx. ♪ at your lexus deal. more benefit at greater cost to your company insurance.
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. there is a new challenge to the u.n.'s prediction of global warming related disaster. scientists in bangladesh say the 2007 report from the u.n.'s climate change panel that predicts a three-foot rise in sea levels, the flooding of much of the bangladesh coastline and 20 million refugees failed to consider the role played in countererring high water levels. the french press agency reports the study states 11 billion ton of sediment flows in bangladesh every year and that would keep most of the shoreline intact. the u.n. is defending the report. claiming a study can't refute one report. but they are criticizing overstating how much of the netherlands is below sea level. the u.s. farm bureau says the
6:30 pm
environmental protection agency should protect its own blog a little better. intern at the e.p.a. urged americans to give up meat. citing the environmental impact of the meat production. they called it disrespectful to farmer and it says what is written therm comes across as official agency position. the e.p.a. added a disclaimer at the end of the post saying her views do not reflect e.p.a. policy. nevada republican senator enson is feeling the fall-out from his admitted extramarital affair. the latest campaign report filed be w the senate -- filed with the senate showed he raised $50 in the first quarter of the year with two $25 checks from a las vegas retiree. ensign personal political action committee did not raise a penny in the first three months of the year. his office says he is currently taking a break from fundraising. he is up for re-election in
6:31 pm
2012. three bisexual men suing gay athletic organization claiming they were told they were not gay enough to participate in the series. the "seattle times" say they were interrogated about their sexuality because the tournament rules limited each team to two retro sexual players. it claims one of the plaintiffs was told "this is the gay world series, not the bisexual world series." the men were ruled non-gay and their team was stripped of its second place finish. the alliance says it's a private investigation and can determine its own membership. the men are asking for $75,000 each for emotional distress. rod blagojevich wants to add some star-power to his upcoming corruption trial. correspondent steve brown is live tonight in chicago to elus who the former governor would like to include.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: good evening. the former governor wants to call barack obama to the stand. quick case recap, when obama was elected president he vacated the senate seat and then governor rod blagojevich got to pick a replacement. now, federal prosecutors claim that blagojevich attempted to sell that seat. this week, the pretrial battles over how much of blagojevich's wiretap phone conversations will be played at his corruption trial. blagojevich claims u.s. attorney patrick fitzgerald is attempting to withhold recordings, proving his innocence. >> there is a smoking gun under the tapes and the snowing gun is the government is covering up the big lie mr. fitzgerald gave to the world when heed a me arrested and told the world he heard tapes and telephone conversation and they had to arrest a sitting governor because he was, quote/unquote, stopping a crime spree before it happened. that is a lie! >> then president elect obama was reportedly interviewed by
6:33 pm
f.b.i. agents in connection with the case. it's also been reported that members of the obama transition team, including chief of staff rahm emanuel were in communication with blagojevich about the seat and might be on the wiretap calls. defense attorneys say obama on the sta stand could sort tha out. presidents from time to time are called as witnesses. president clinton gave videotape deposition led by ken starr. other reasonses were reagan, carter and ford. judge zageal will make the call on the motion to get the president subpoenaed. the white house has no comment. >> bret: not surprising there. is the potential it could get ugly for the white house? >> it's possible. but zaigls a pretty no-nonsense judge. if there is no intent by the prosecution to bring in recording including the white house staffers or perhaps anybody on the obama transition team, it's unlikely seemingly he would allow a deposition of the
6:34 pm
president videotaped or not. >> bret: we'll follow it. thanks. the justice department says it will appeal a federal judge's ruling declaring a national day of prayer unconstitutional. district court judge barbara crabb wrote it violates the separation of church and state. meanwhile, the army has withdrawn an invitation to evangelist franklin graham to speak at the national day of prayer event. some objected to graham's appearance because he has previously called islam "evil." today, graham said he regrets the army's decision but still supports the military. we'll talk about the preside president's financial overhaul package with the fox all-stars when we come back. ♪
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there is a legitimate debate taking place about how best to ensure taxpayers are held harmless in this process. that is a legitimate debate.
6:38 pm
and i encourage that debate. but what is not legitimate is to suggest somehow the legislation being proposed is going to encourage future taxpayers bail-out as some have claimed. that makes for a good sound bite but it's not factually accurate. >> bret: president obama pitching the financial regulation overhaul in lower manhattan today. in the senate, the senate majority leader harry reid says he is plowing ahead no matter what toward a vote on financial regulatory reform and the minority leader mitch mcconnell saying should we understand what is in this? there is a lot of potential consequences for small bank and lending institutions and take our time to reach bipartisan agreement. bring in the panel. stephen hayes for "the weekly standard." mara liasson, national public radio. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> i am glad you played the
6:39 pm
package from the president's speech. we knew what the content was but i was intrigued and appalled by the tone of the speech and the rhetoric in the sound bite. the way, and he has done this before. he tries to denigrate cast-out and delegitimize any argument against his. he is talking about that it's not legitimate to suggest that the bill he is supporting might encourage a bail-out. it's certainly possible there had been a strong, good economist and others argue because of the provisions in the ball, and one in particular, with a treasury has the right to designate any entity, private entity with a risk even without congress approving appropriate amount of money to guarantee all the bad loans, that is an invitation to a bail-out. now the president could argue otherwise, but to raise the issue and say it's
6:40 pm
illegitimate is appaappalling. he is making provisions that will be changing a very complex financial system, at least have the intellectual honesty to admit you can't predict all the outcomes. the president has a take where he presents himself as having academic, reasonable discourse, but it really has inside of it a sharp edge of partisanship. he won the presidency. that gives him big house, a lot of power and a fabulous airplane, but does it not make him the arbiter of american political discourse. >> bret: mara, we talked about how it's a tough issue for republicans to push back on. republicans are saying hey, listen, we want financial regulatory reform and we want to do in a bipartisan way that takes our time and is a 1500-page bill. let's go through this. >> i don't think republicans are actually saying we want to kill the bill.
6:41 pm
two things they are doing not completely consistent. they are trying to negotiate. mitch mcconnell says we think we can get a deal. >> bret: senator said he was close. >> yes. at some point, shelby and dodd have a deal or the republicans put aements on the floor that they can get, that they can pass or certainly have the votes to block parts of the bill if they want to filibuster it. i think that the argument made it doesn't sol tv too big to fail problem is a legitimate argument. i haven't heard the republicans proposing a solution. one way it solves too big to fail, if you are too big to fail, you're too big. do something about that. i haven't heard a solution to that from the right. from the left there is. some people say the big banks should be broken up. >> bret: republicans say if you don't deal with the core of the bill it's tough to amend on the floor with 41 votes. you need the 19 democrats to
6:42 pm
sign on to the deal. >> no doubt a political game is played and the democrats think they have the upper hand. dodd did spend time and would like a deal with shelby or corker or whoever to do this. >> bret: we talked about the tone in the speech. another clip from the speech today. >> unless your policy depends on bilking people there is little to fear from the rules. >> bret: talking to a wall street crowd. not too many business models are built that way. >> he is trying to suggest that the problems we saw, that manifestednist the collapse or near collapse are more widespread than we think they are. not to minimize the problems we saw as a result of them. the speech was a sin cynical speech and one reason is it called for an end to the sin can politics -- cynical politics and then he did.
6:43 pm
that not having specialists and not giving favors to people. he suggested that the republicans were in bed with wall street. we heard the rhetoric before. what the bill does in effect in some cases is entlien exactly th -- enshrine politicso give gifts to organized labor. you have provisions where the labor gets a proxy, they get a say in executive compensation. specialty position to come in and work the negotiations. this is a give-away to big labor, in some of the provisions. he has to explain that. >> bret: there are unintended consequences in the middle of there. >> no question. that's a reason the republicans want to slow it down. but ultimately, the republicans, or most
6:44 pm
republicans want to be on board with some bill in part because they are afraid of politics but also because they agree with some limited regulation on these. >> as the speaker of the house said about the healthcare m monstrosity, once you pass it you'll see what is in it. that's what this is. we'll discover the stuff in it, some intended like the goodies to the unions and some unintended for months. very unwielding. the president is doing exactly what he did with the summit he had with republicans over healthcare when they would raise an objection he would rule it out and say there were legitimate arguments and that's a sound bite or talking point as if he never engages in that. this partisan rhetoric where he refuses to accept legitimacy of those who argue against, which is distressing in a president. particularly one who paints himself as he did in 2008 and
6:45 pm
does today who stands above the partisanship and pettiness and the special interest. he is a politician like all of us. he pretends and it's degrading. >> bret: mara, senator schumer and reid said time is running out. republicans say we're on a bipartisan track. what about the politics. >> bret: although the democrats feel certain this is an issue the public is on their side, wall street is so unpopular -- republicans don't seem that worried being tarred with the accusation they're on the side of the big banks. it's possible you get a filibuster vote where it work once. >> bret: head back to negotiations. >> yes. head back to negnegotiations but something has to come up to get a republican or at least one to vote for the bill. >> that could be useful for chris dodd as he goes back to
6:46 pm
work on the house and senate and come up with a compromise. >> bret: go to vote for your topic of the week for tomorrow's lightning round. coming up, is the administration trying to take over the country's waterways? h. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. girl: this is good for my heart? chef: you noticed. [cheering] announcer: campbell's healthy request. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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i know what it means. and it's the purpose of this act to establish and maintain a chemical biological and physical integrity of the nation's waters. >> it potentially puts government in charge of all waters. mud puddles and irrigation
6:50 pm
[brief technical difficulty] >> the reason "navigable" was important to the entire debate in 2001 and recently with the oberstar measures, two of them, it enabled the people who were pushing the regulation of these waters, the navigable waters to take this from state to federal
6:51 pm
jurisdiction by ineffect using the commerce clause. saying that the commerce clause allows federal government to regulate these thing things because they're navigable waters and they could be used for commerce. by taking that out, you are essentially saying anything goes. there was language in the original oberstar bill to say we can regulate all waters and that has been stripped out. the proponents of that bill say we didn't mean that. looking for something far more limited. we just want to restore the clean water act to meaning from the 1978 to 1-800-. but there is nothing that says it in the text of the language so oberstar says if it was not regulated before 2001, it will not be regulated with enactment of the legislation. nice he said that for the legislative history, for the purposes of legislative history. it's not at all clear that that will actually be the way it's carried out once it's in
6:52 pm
the hands of federal bureaucrats. it sounds like he is being hyperbolic when he says we would regulate mud puddles but there is nothing to keep the federal government regulating those things. >> bret: we heard politicians say words matter but when it comes to writing specific law, words really do matter. >> words matter. what oberstar's job now is take the intent, which he just described and put it in legislative language so there is no question and nothing is regulated that wasn't regulated before 2001. period. i'm sure they can do that. it does push the taking buttons of the conservatives because it sounds scary, but he has a republican cosponsor and they should be able to work it out. >> bret: charles? >> it pushed mine, that's for sure. words mean something. in 1972 even li liberals had respect for constitution. they understood if you want to regulate the waters from the fed you have to say
6:53 pm
navigable so we'll be under the commerce clause. you take it away and explain how the feds ought to regulate unnavigable waters, doc hastings is right. you can apply it to every sinkhole, mud hole in america. probably they'd exclude potholes to leave it in the jurisdiction of locals but there is -- a statement by oberstar which would establish legislative intent is not protection of encoachment against the federal rights. our prodirection is the constitution -- protection is the constitution. i don't know how you explain it under any interpretation of the commerce clause. pond in a guy's field is not interstate commerce. i don't care if a bird lands on it and then it ends up in another state. >> bret: the potential onerous effect osthat have, the e.p.a. regulating the small waters, pond, mud hole, whoever. >> it means it's unlimited.
6:54 pm
it has provision that says and the land that impacts it so it could regulate the water and everything around, meaning every square inch of the united states. this is an e.p.a. that unilaterally decided to regulate co2 to give it total control over our energy economy. now it wants all control over waters. is there not an iota respect for federalist structure of the country? >> bret: are these fair questions? >> they are and they need to be answered and figured out. oberstar says is it not his intent. now he has to write a bill for that. >> if this were to pass and become law you talk about not only expanding the clean water act of 1972 but expanding the commerce clause in. if the court comes in and finds the new law is constitutional, which, you know, given the way the bench
6:55 pm
is trending you can make this a meaningless provision. >> bret: there will be i guarantee you no other news organization that covers this particular aspect of this bill. in the overall umbrella of concern about federal power grab, this fits in the narrative. >> the individual mandate of healthcare, which is also excused away or under the commerce clause which will be a brand new novel original and incorrect interpretation. the liberals understand they have a window of 2009 and 2010 they have all of the power now and they'll lose it after election day and they want to extend the strength of government in unlimited way as long as that window is open. they are doing it. here as in healthcare. >> bret: that is it for panel. but stay tuned for, well, i can't explain it. just stay tuned.
6:56 pm
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert, the judge presiding over the corruption case against former illinois governor roethlisberger we -- rod blagojevich we told but earlier. this comes after remained unseal released defense filing seeking to subpoena president barack obama. we will keep you updated. finally tonight, sometimes we run clips here at the end of the show from stories that are getting a lot of attention but ones we would never cover on this show. this would be one of those. >> 14 minutes away, clues to why the king's divorce could get even nastier. >> larry's major concern are his kids and their well-being. kings have two children chance and shannon. they sat down with them


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