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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 23, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a quick look at the dow jones industrial average. up almost 78 points. >> neil: wow, weird. this, today, the health and human services secretary dismissing a report out of health adam human services. she had reasons to be nerves, democrats have reason to be something else. frantic. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, a month after the president signed it, a report questioning some of the numbers in it, raising concerns about the cost attributed to it. a finding that the healthcare i don't have hall will drive costs up, not down, by $311 billion. that may be lowballing it. tucked in the same report warning medicare will be the worst, not the better, for it. cuts in the lawn realistic and unsustainable. the white house shooting back,
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claiming the report lowballs the savings. >> that's a damming report. >> s the report is in conflict with the cbo report which says the bill brings down the cost of a healthcare over the years, especially in the second set of -- i'm sorry, in the second decade. i think that this -- >> neil: that is better than just a bunch of numbers guys, i asked my doctor for medical advice, not an accountant. this is a body within health and human services. >> correct. >> neil: submitting a report that the health and human services secretary had to say not quite. >> actually, i don't know it's weird. here's the issue. the report is not just full of bad news. it confirms, though, some positive things that it extends a solvency of medicare for an
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additional nine years, which was not the case prior to the report. it also talks about other cost savings in the report. here's the -- >> neil: you say it doesn't appreciate the cost savings. >> here's the flaw, it doesn't take into consideration changes to the tax code that are in the bill. if the report doesn't take those into consideration, the numbers will be conservative. >> neil: you can't pick and choose couple they picked and chose. >> neil: they put everything in there. >> they chose not to include the tax code. >> neil: they said 14 million will lose employer coverage. >> they say might. >> could be sent to medicaid, the result to businesses is $87 billion in penalties, 5 billion in the high risk pool is already capped out maybe as soon as next year and 15% of hospitals could be closing. any one of those doesn't happen -- >> a lot of those challenges
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that are pointed out in this report were challenges that we were aware of. the bill takes steps to recognize fi the challenges. >> neil: wait. >> the bill firms it puts $11 billion to expanded community health centers. that adds additional capacity for people to go to the hospital. >> neil: so you have -- i've give you that. more community health centers but fewer hospitals. >> the reality is hospitals are for emergencies. we need to move people away from the hospital as the primary point of care. >> neil: congratulations, you're going to do it -- >> the hospitals are choked because people don't have insurance so they go to the emergency room. when you -- by giving them insurance they don't need to go to the emergency room. we all pay taxes every time someone goes to the emergency room. >> neil: so 50% of hospitals closing. i guess what i'm nervous is about is how could they be so off? >> because they didn't.
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>> neil: all i'm saying, you and i discussed this before, there were a lot of unintended consequences. >> the bill saves $577 billion. the out years that the bill will save more. >> neil: it said it will increase $311 billion and the healthcare would go down. it's going to be up. >> but healthcare, because we're covering more people, so there will be a growth in services for those people. also, remember, the bill gives doctors bonuses to go into healthcare. the bill also -- >> neil: here's what i see happening. you're a lot younger than me, thank goodness, but i've heard this song before. and when medicare started, when -- you weren't even born. was i just a spitten the, starting at $65 million. >> right. >> neil: it's a half trillion
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dollars program now whose lease on life has been ex continued bid another ten years. >> another ten years, thanks to the bill. >> neil: fine. all i'm telling you, that puppy started at $65 million. it's now a half and trillion. >> we have baby boomers. no one knew we were going to have this many kids. >> neil: fine, okay. we can't predict how people pro create. but here's what i'm saying. if we got that wrong to the tune of $65 million program. ultimately would carry a half trillion dollars tab, then using that rough math on a trillion dollars healthcare package, who is to say it's not going to become 20 trillion. >> there are cuts in medicare to con strain the growth of medicare. that's part of what the bill does. also the bill -- >> neil: every in healthcare went up.
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including medicare it itself, including the percentage of which healthcare took over the gdp. i'm not dismissing some values in medicare, i'm telling you it started as a little puppy and became could kujo. >> we didn't expect the baby boomers but that population affected all our economy -- >> i agree with you say we have a new population boom or not. the rule of thumb, with unintended consequences, darkly with government spending, is it's always more. when we brag about what we're saving, i think you can get enough from this that all of these things that this report warns about, let's say they don't all happen. you're right. but even if a couple happen, the math is way off. >> but neil, the problem is the report warns about things the bill has fail safes to address
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the very thing the reports warn about. they warn about -- >> neil: so the -- all right. okay, but here's the irony. to take a bragging point from sebelius, there are cost savings including the penalties companies pay because they opt out of the program because it saves them more than -- >> more than providing insurance. >> neil: so we brag about the 87 billion dollars we're getting from guys who opted out because its more money for the program. >> what about small business tax cuts, the fact that if you're a small business owner and have 25 employees or less you're eligible -- >> neil: 14 million, the report expected by -- >> the report says could. it does not say it's going to happen. >> neil: you're right. but i'm saying that when they see the train the way it's
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leaving the tracks now, that is the direction we're going. then maybe we have to readjust some things. >> , no the president -- the president has been very clear. he says we hit row before you bg the way. >> this isn't a row bump, it's a cliff. >> no, these are things that might happen but it doesn't consider the -- there are actions in the bill that addresses. >> neil: love you dealerle darrellly, it's the twilight zone cookbook. >> we're happy for the tax breaks to do the right thing. >> neil: i had the complete twilight series, i'm going to give it to you. >> the current system is unsustainable. we were going off auto. >> off a cliff. >> neil: good to see you. republicans are saying i told you so. they've been warning about this,
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including my next guest, eric cantor. what do you make of this. >> this is just bad news that keeps on come being this bill. you know, we -- our argument all along was we need to do a -- we need to affect healthcare reform in a modest way that can be economically sustainable. first a focus on saving costs for taxpayers -- >> neil: but congressman, what if my guest was right and things are things that could happen but there's enough good here that negates that, you don't buy that? >> you know, cms has an independent channel sis, a nonpartisan independent figure which came out and said this bill will increase healthcare costs over the next ten years by $311 billion. and we also -- i think the most frightening news is the statement that perhaps the medicare program could be put in jeopardy because number one,
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there's over 500 billion -- over a trillion dollars of cuts to medicare. 50% of the seniors who have medicare advantage right now, which is the choice piece of medicare, will no longer have that. we also see language in the report which says that hospitals and other providers won't be able to continue to participate because of the structure of the bill. again, we said all along, trying to do this transformational change a trillion dollar bill which will cost an additional $311 billion -- >> neil: but your point's well taken but flip that around. if the argument is we don't need as many hospitals if we move to the health community centers that a lot of democrats and those that signed off on are bragging about. maybe net, net good. >> if you remember over a year ago we were at the healthcare summit the president hosted.
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he started the discussion saying we need to bring healthcare cost down but we have to make sure people who have healthcare coverage they like can keep it. this report right there goes to the heart of those matters. number one, it says we're not bringing down costs and, number two, it says that millions, millions of americans, will no longer be able to have healthcare they know because of this bill. so right away we see a little less or over a month from the passage of the bill promises broken, so you hear the republicans saying we need to repeal and replace this bill with the kind of healthcare americans want which is lower in cost, providing -- >> neil: that's an uphill fight. repeal is an uphill fight. >> clearly, but we have got to go and set the goal out there that we need to repeal this and replace it with healthcare that works, not an unsustainable dream that will bankrupt this
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country. >> neil: eric cantor a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: arizona governor set to vote on the immigration bill. we're on it and all over it. forget wall street, the watch dogs at the sec have been watching this. oh, yeah ♪ [ music ] >> the inspector general who uncovered this, well, so to speak.
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>> neil: bernie madoff almost got away with it and we may know why. the folks at the sec were watching this. ♪ [ music ] any questions? >> yeah, lots of them. like porn, why were so many
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watching porn? according to a memo, some senior staffers at the sec spent more time looking at pornography than fighting crime. one guy in excess of 8 hours a day and he was the top attorney. reportedly visiting website like u porn and skank wire. all right. with us, the guy who uncovered this, so to speak, the sec inspector general, david kotz. this builds on early fears this was just something limited to lower ranking officials, but it went up the food chain. do you know how many were involved? >> we found instances, as we said, 33. i know of 31 in particular since i joined the sec as the inspector general in the past 2 1/2 years. 31 instances in the last 2 1/2 years. some were senior officials.
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>> neil: through the last 2 1/2 years? >> since december of 2007, we've found -- issued 31 reports. some were senior officials. >> neil: that's what makes this somewhat different than prior reports. people in the senior positions are looking at this. were the ones i would think were on top of this but they were on top of something very different. now, how prevalent was this? >> there were only those cases so i wouldn't say it was throughout the commission. the concern we had was not so much with the number, which was only 31, 33 individuals, but with the severity of those instances and the agreesousness. >> neil: do you know if the people involved were fired? >> action has been taken in different cases, different things happened. in some cases people resigned after threat of termination, some people were removed, some
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were suspended, some were reprimanded. >> neil: were any of the higher-ups involved in this in key positions to decide issues likes how to proceed against a bernie madoff or how to proceed against brokerage officials getting scrutinized. >> we did not find case of anyone involved in the guesting investigation of madoff or allen stanford also viewed pornography. some were enforcement officials involved in cases that should have been brought or worked on rather than having folks sit there and spend several ours a day looking at pornography. >> we did get a statement to the sec. each of the offending employees has been disciplined or is in the process. we will knoll tolerate the transgressions of the very few who bring discredit to thousands
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of hard working colleagues. is it your belief that has stopped? >> well, i can tell you certainly that chairman shapiro has take a taken a strong policy against this and come down hard against the individuals we've identified as invite -- violating the rules. in the area days there was resistant but chairman shapiro is taking it seriously and taking action against the individuals we're catching. >> neil: we're just getting word that house oversight and government reform committee's daryl isa sent awe letter requesting you initiate and independent investigation regarding action against goldman sachs, have you received this? any -- do you want to comment on that? >> yeah i have received a letter. and we do intend to conduct an
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investigation. at the request of congressman isa. >> the issue is the timing of the release of that news, right? >> right. >> neil: is it -- is it a problem if people were given a heads up on the release of that information, the sec dis avows that and says that's not the case, but is there anything wrong if that were the case. >> we have to look at the facts and figure out what happened. we need to understand what led to the decision to announce or bring the case on that day. see if there was any undo influence involved. and so we'll look carefully to investigate. >> neil: all right, david kotz, always good seeing you, thank you. >> thank you. >> will she or won't she in the arizona governor making the decision of her life on a controversial immigration bill that made it to her desk.
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>> bipartisan independent commission to help solve our fiscal crisis. >> bipartisan fiscal. >> bipartisan, bipartisan. >> bipartisan. >> in case you missed it republicans are part of the president's debt of reduction commission. it meets for the first time monday. already one of the democrats saying a vat, value added tax, which is a national sales tax, is on the table. >> mike huckabee says the president can't avoid blame.
4:25 pm
former g.o.p. presidential candidate, host of huckabee with me now. zoo good to see you. >> this is coming, i'm convinced it's coming. >> if we go to a value added tax it will kill a lot jobs, businesses will fold up and go away, we'll become more like europe culturally and financially. there's no transparency. every loaf of bread or gallon of gas or pair of shoes, they'll pay more. they'll be mad at the manufacturer and store and it willing the government they should be mad at. >> they argue its cheaper than what the europeans do. >> that's because europeans have a socialistic form of government but we're getting there. we're just trying to run at fast as we can to catch up so government is everything to us.
4:26 pm
the europeans had a high vat, but we have a high income tax that's about to get much higher with the expiration of tax cuts. >> neil: what if you use this to negotiate. >> cut the -- >> neil: we won't raise the top rate as much or at all or stall it if you go along with the vat thing. >> it's a bad idea because of the hiddenness of the tax. once installed you can lift it a quarter point, half a point, a point. the taxpayer never knows he's been fleeced. this is the ultimate pick pocket scheme on the part of the democrats if they pull this off. >> neil: governor, another -- you're not in office but governor brewer of arizona is going to decide on the immigration thing, whether she signs it into law or not. she's kind of in a tough situation. >> she's in a very tough spot. politically she needs to go along, the legislature overdid
4:27 pm
it. 70% want it passed. it's going to open arizona up to a plethora of lawsuits. >> neil: that's the scene in arizona right now as we wait to hear from the governor. go ahead. >> i think its just a fact that you'll have so many lawsuits that it will be very, very costly to the state of arizona. and here's the real challenge, i feel for governor brewer, who i know and have great respect for, this is a federal problem. the feds ought to be picturing this, ought to be standing guard at the we border and enforcing federal laws. when a state has to jump in and take on federal laws, they don't have the money resources or the personnel for this. and the legal quandary is substantial. >> neil: what are you doing this weekend? >> well, for one thing we have knute gingrich and also a fascinating guest, elena fernandez, daughter of fidel
4:28 pm
castro, and we'll talk to her about what she sees in cuba, she's now an american living here in the united states as a citizen. loves freedom and realizes that the ideas of let's passuality around is not -- wealth around is not all it's cracked up to be. >> neil: we're getting a warning. waiting to hear from governor brewer and governor huckabee is kind enough to stay, actually he doesn't have a choice. guess what, you're staying. >> yeah. >> there's a flip side of this is that there will be the racist charges that you're pulling people off the rod -- road because they look hispanic or foreign so they look illegal. and -- >> that's my concern. that's why the lawsuit will pour in. the first time you have a bona fide third generation american citizen who gets pulled over for
4:29 pm
documentation and the perfectly european looking white person doesn't get stopped and turns out he's a british citizen, it will be one lawsuit bonanza za that's inevitable. what is the means by which they pull someone over? >> you have to profile everyone or no one or you have to have problemmable cause, something other than your color. there's got to be a broken taillight, not wearing your seat belt. you have to have something other than you look funny. >> neil: actually, something that's supposed to encourage cracking down illegal immigration, if officers are getting concerned or the department are getting sued, they might pull back all the more and not pull anyone over. >> i always try to say what if they were me. fy pulled over because i looked a certain way, i would be offended. there are many hispanic american
4:30 pm
people who have a right to be unhappy with the idea they might be pulled over. it happened to many of african-americans, crime of being black. >> neil: you've heard the congressman saying this is so all of, what could happen, that he's encouraging businesses not to come to arizona. >> that's the kind of thing that starts rippling. you don't want to see that, arizona is a wonderful state. the tragedy is you have people overrunning borders, committing crimes, murders, kidnappings, they can't let it go. why the heck doesn't the federal government do something to stop the hemorrhaging of illegal immigration crass those border. until you seal the border, none of this means decidedly squat. diddley squat. you have to have control on the front and back door.
4:31 pm
governor is coming out right now. >> good afternoon, everybody. thank you all for being here to join me as we take another step forward in protecting arizona. bill i'm about to signed assign into law represents not tool to work to solve a crisis we did not the create and the federal government has refused to fix. the crisis caused by illegal immigration in arizona's poorest border. this bill, the support law enforcement and safe neighborhoods act, strengthens the laws of our state, protects all of us, every arizona citizen and everyone here law fully while ensuring the constitutional rights of all in arizona remain solid, stable, and steadfast. i will now sign senate bill
4:32 pm
1070. >> neil: all right, as kind of expected, when the president of you state attacked this measure, it looks like governor jan brewer is going to sign into law what was easily passed in both houses of the arizona state government, a measure to crack down on illegal immigration. the governor saying she had no choice in this matter. that the feds kind of dropped the ball as governor mike huckabee indicated. we're now from sheriff paul, the president of the arizona sheriff's association and is among those supporting the governor's actions today. she have, good to have you. what do you make of this? >> thank you, it's welcomed. crime is out of control here in arizona and we in local law enforcement,s sheriff's, we need
4:33 pm
this as a tool. we hear about people talking and even governor huckabee mentioning if he was hispanic and was pulled over for such a thing, he would be upset. that's not how we roll. >> neil: how do you do that, in order to ward off the critics and those who will file suits, how do you deal with that? how are you going to implement this law? >> well, we use reasonable suspicion and building up to probable cause. if you're speeding, or if we your your license plate and it's insurance suspended we pull of you overand i ask for your driver's license, registration, proof of insurance, if you give me mexican national identification, that's a clue in law enforcement. so. >> neil: that will be a tipoff. but what i'm asking is this argument that a number of
4:34 pm
immigration groups raised here, that you -- if you see a group of hispanic men gathering in an area, that would be cause enough. what do you say? >> well, fourth amendment rights are in force, this is it america. we're the guys enforcing the law. in the absence of federal action, that this is -- it's off the chart that we would still have to get into asking those questions and building up to that point. if we asked the same questions as cops two or three times -- the reason we do that, to see if you answer the same way, if you don't, there's our suspicion. we ask for identification. and at that point, now, a lot of cities like chandler or mesa, they restrict local officers from asking these questions. >> neil: could i ask you -- i'm sorry, is there any situation where you could envision some of
4:35 pm
your guys might be getting a little gun shy, no pun intended, and say, you know, i don't want anyone dragging me to court or my department to court. i'm really going to just go easy on this. so this crackdown might actually go the other way? >> not at all. 17% of these illegals have criminal records already in our state. that's why we have the highestc. what this will do is now -- i only have 15 of my deputies certified in 287g, cross certified at federal agents, now i'm going to have 220 deputies now able to do some of this work. they build up to that reasonable suspicion and we get on the phone and call ice or the border patrol to come in and assist us. that's how we solve this. >> neil: back to gunshot back to governor brewer, taking questions. >> officers from and i quote,
4:36 pm
solely considering race, color or national origin in implementing the requirements of this section. end of quote. the bill requires it -- i quote again, shall be implemented in a manner consistent with federal laws regulating immigration, protecting civil rights of all persons and respecting the privileges and immunities of the united states citizens. end of quote. while the general protection was already included, i believe the issue is so important, we need to make it crystal clear. i believe we need to inscribe it in the statute. words in the law book are of no use if our police officers are not properly trained on the provisions of senate bill 1070. including civil rights provisions. >> neil: we're watching governor jan -- she's gone ahead and
4:37 pm
signed on a law that was passed by overwhelming margins in both branches of cracking down on illegal immigrants. that is begun to raise concerns about whether racial profiling will be the sort of law of the arizona land. we heard from the governor and from a top sheriff who says that will not be the case but the battle has been joined want. >> things are looking good in jerry and howard's neighborhood. very good news for you.
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>> neil: through the roof. new homes sales soaring 27% last month. biggest jump since 1963. long island, for example, prices and sales rising sharply. dolly says that's a good sign.
4:41 pm
one of the top real estate brokers in the cribs year in and year out. good and bad markets. you've been standing out from your brethren because you've not been drinking the kool-aid. you've not been convinced things are turning. did this change your view? >> this mace it rosier. it doesn't totally change the view. it has to last. it can't be one statistics. >> i looked at the number -- we're going to get to your specifics but this is buoyed by the expiration of the housing -- no question. we'll pay for it in the summer. >> neil: do you argue the top end is doing well, the rest does well? >> there's some trickle down but it's not tremendous as a result of the lack of financing. in the old days that was a lot.
4:42 pm
>> neil: you indicator to that crowd. -- cater to that crowd and it's percolating, particularly in the hamptons. southampton, a 34 1/2 million dollars home on the market. >> on the ocean, lovely home, right on the beach in a beautiful location. >> neil: is it going to get that rice price? >> no but the high 20s. >> this is a $1.6 million property. >> this one closed. >> neil: it did? >> did it get the asking price? yes, it did. >> neil: now it is 4 1/2 million dollars deal. >> this is a terrific house in the estate section, lee afternoon. >> neil: but not on the ocean. >> no. >> neil: that's a big deal there. location within location. >> the highest sale price this year was off ocean. >> neil: this -- only $9 million
4:43 pm
property. >> right by the ocean, a great location, a great house. and we're -- >> neil: who is buying these homes? >> mostly financiers. >> neil: goldman guys? >> i'm sure there are. >> neil: what about any entertainers or in other words are people getting back to spending on these big place as soon as. >> they're making decisions with money and saying i want to spend my summer somewhere. the volcano is making me not want to go to europe. >> neil: doesn't that kill you? >> can you imagine? >> neil: there's more interest. >> a lot more. >> neil: how do they get financing? >> through private banks. >> so their own little banks. >> not so little. >> neil: really? >> yes. >> neil: it's their own little world. >> it's a nice world. >> neil: you're part of it. dolly, thank you very much.
4:44 pm
realtor for the stars. i thought we were out of time. i had to ask you a nagging question about new york. i had a theory on big cities. we're told rents are going up again and that could be a precursor to a comeback in real estate. do you buy that? it's a buy versus rent snare. most people do that, so definitely, if rents go up, people decide to buy. always the case, yes. >> neil: so there's enough dots here to connect that real estate's coming back. >> th coming back but it has to stay back. on the other hand, one quarter -- in other words, one quarter does not the year make. it's a question of continuing to hold the trend. will we continue to hold the trend is the question. >> neil: your gut, yes or no? >> through november and the election, we'll possibly hold a trend. afterwards, we'll see. >> neil: good stuff.
4:45 pm
dolly lens. could we soon see president obama swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? blagojevich hopes so. >> will the new report on healthcare cost be the deciding factor in the elections? frank luntz thinks so. frank is here. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between,
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there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm.
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>> neil: joe biden on the wires saying he's confident we're going to be adding somewhere between 100 and 200,000 jobs next month. he says this is what he predict. the economy was in trouble in march, even some in the white house say don't get ahead of yourself but that doesn't stop the vice president. >> former illinois governor rod blagojevich is sending president
4:49 pm
obama a subpoena. blago's lawyers -- he's an interest guy -- requesting the president to testify on charges the governor tried to sell once senator obama's vacant seat. the president has taken a stand and can again. >> it's an odd case neil because the president figures in it two ways, as a fact witness because blagojevich's investigators and lawyers found someone senator obama called the day before election, saying after i win i want to be replaced by valley jarrett. that places senator obama in the middle of the chicago style of choosing who gets plumb offices. the other reason they want him to testify is governor blagojevich's lawyers want the jury to under the nature and culture in chicago politics.
4:50 pm
this is a sordid tale. one blago said this is good as gold, did he really want cash for himself in return or want political benefit? i've got something worth a fortunate, was he selling it for money or did he mine he could get federal dollars for a bridge. that's quid pro quo. who better to establish that defense than the president. >> neil: quickly, governor brewer signing this immigration bill. >> she's going to bankrupt the republican party and state of as. >> neil: what happens? >> hispanics who have a natural home in the republican party will flee in droves. she's going to bankrupt her state because no insurance company will provide coverage. for the lawsuits that happen and
4:51 pm
people wrongfully stopped, her budget will pay for t the budget will pay legal bills of the lawyers suing those who stopped. this is a disaster for arizona. to say nothing of the fact it's so unconstitutional, i predict is federal judge will prevent arizona from enforcing t problem his tomorrow. >> neil: wow, judge. a new report says healthcare costs will tick up under the new healthcare law but could it tick off voters in the upcoming november elections? to the guy who knows, frank luntz. what do you think? >> president barack obama has a problem. when he was making promises thaw get free healthcare in the weeks just before the final vote, a lot people took him as his word. what is not reported is how many thousands of people flooded phones of the hospital and
4:52 pm
healthcare providers saying for free healthcare. now you hear from people with healthcare they have to pay more to cover those who aren't going to be covered and everybody's taxes are going up as part of the process. you get a angry electorate. >> how angry? we have reports it's a bloodshed this november, others say is won't be as harmful. >> i know from the focus groups, i have to instruct them do not use four letter language. i don't want the fcc sending a note to fox, take charlie cook, one of the experts. every time he reevaluates the senate seats and house seats he reevaluates them closer to a republican majority and more seats up in the senate. harry reid, every survey shows
4:53 pm
him losing double digits. leader of the senate doesn't get defeated. it only happen with tom daschle in 2004. american people are angry and healthcare will add to it. >> democrats say that well, the trend economically is our friend, if joe biden is right on expecting the -- we're going to create 200,000 jobs a month, that could be a good wind at their back. >> it is a good wind, but up to a point. look, how much money are they spending for these 200,000 new jobs? i could give you $10 billion and you could create 200,000 jobs and they would be more likely to last. the issue the american people have is don't punishmy kids. don't tell me i have to pay so much more. don't add additional taxation and regulation and litigation to my life. the anger is not just about the job loss that happened in the last year under the obama administration, the anger is the
4:54 pm
way that washington ignores and treats americans so poorly. >> neil: could stuff -- good stuff, frank luntz. >> can you picture me managing a health food store? then why is this guy telling these guys how they should run their store? . i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at.
4:55 pm
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gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> neil: you know, it would be like me storming into a ponderosa on buffet night and screaming at everyone online, "put the fork down, step away from the dessert station. "they would take a look at me and just go back to buffet. and who would blame them? what is that they say about those who live in glass houses? don't think of throwing sausages. here you have president obama this week coming to wall street to lecture them on financial accountability, from the guy who has overseen spending of trillions of
4:58 pm
dollars, preaching to bankers about not wasting billions of dollars. the very same man whose stimulus checks found their way to prison inmates, all but treating his terrified financial listeners as if they already were inmates. a president happy to say the financiers have the public trust but refuse to acknowledge he overseen blowing the public trust fund, who said that bankers needed to focus on products, voters could understand and never once bringing up the myriad of program and spending to this day folks cannot even comprehend. a leader attacking an industry for hoisting mortgages on folks who didn't read the fine print but never saying boo about a massive healthcare plan whose advocates apparently didn't read at all! what is galling about lecturing anyone on reform is refusing to reform yourself. to talk to anyone about paying money back, knowing full well you oversee a
4:59 pm
government that will only keep hitting them up. me. i'm fed up. with politicians who would sooner point fingers than look at america. all i want to know is -- who polices these guys? who polices the police? the guys who oversaw this mess. whose very financial leaders in congress swore fannie mae and freddie mac were fine when they weren't and they weren't overlending when they were. no. no. no. no. i guess it's easier to make scapegoats than make sense. wall street, my friends, does need fixing. but it's hardly should be coming from the guys who got us into the fix and who are in any even deeper fix. so i say fix you. fix you. okay. that will do it here. one hour from now on fox business network if you don't get -- >> demand it! >> neil: yes!


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