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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 19, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> brian: we'll see you in the after the show show. bill: these numbers are not good. the worst jobless numbers we have seen in nine months. the numbers showing a setback in the recovery. 500,000 americans applying for unemployment benefits last week. in the meantime, good-bye iraq. the u.s. marking a major milestone. the last combat convoy leaving that country as our soldiers and marines leave with the same vigor they carried into that war. >> we won!
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it's over. we brought democracy to iraq. i love i! i love you! of. bill: the mission on the ground is far from over. good morning. welcome, i'm bill hemmer. history we are watching today. martha: good to see you. what an amazing piece of tape that is and moment for all those hard-working soldiers who fought so hard in iraq. parents shed home to see their children, husbands and wives. must have butterflies and anticipation in being reunited. some of these folks have done two, three towers in iraq. 4,000 500 di -- 4,500 did not ce
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home. bill: the last combat convoy just arrived in the country of kuwait. dominic? >> reporter: we were in a specific part of the convoy that crossed the border at 19 minutes past 3:00. it's a new part of military history. we'll talk to one of the soldiers who accompanied us on the journey. captain liam o'brien. >> i think for the people who have been on several successful deployments, coming in on the invasion, coming in on the surge. this unit was here two years ago on the surge. it's something we'll be talking about for years. >> reporter: do you think the war is over now? >> for the iraqis, no.
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for the average american yes this is pretty much it. but it's an ongoing process for the iraqis. there are still issues their country has to work through. i think the good thing is they made a lot of progress. now us being able to hand over a significant part of their security to them is a step in the right direction for the future of iraq report the journey has been under a veil of secrecy with security concerns. we got here in one piece. tell us what the journey was like for you. >> in some ways it was like any other patrol. there was a lot of secrecy. i wasn't allowed to tell my family what's going on. if anything they are finding out right now i'm in kuwait. it's 390 miles, and that's a lot more than patrolling around the
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streets of abu ghraib. >> reporter: just 100 soldiers left to the striker brigade. they have administrative work and issues. but they will be on it of the country in a matter of days. the guys here have to assemble to ship to afghanistan. bill: 50,000 u.s. forces still left in iraq. we await the reunions stateside. martha: look forward to those. meantime we have a fox news alert. we are waiting for the release of an important report that will gauge the health of the u.s. economy. just about an hour from now, the congressional budget office will update their economic outlook for the next year. economists predicting we'll not see much good news.
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our national debt stands at over $13 trillion. you can see as it ticks away over our shoulders. it's an astonishing number. it is over $43,000 for each u.s. citizen. bill: we are waiting on that to come out. there is a brand-new push to secure our border were mexico. california's governor arnold arnold schwarzenegger announcing the first deployment of national guard troops to the southern border. that move in support of president obama's proposal to send 1,200 troops to the region. the governor arnold schwarzenegger saying the illegal activity needs to stop and stop now. >> this is the new challenge, but there will always be a new challenge because there is a lot
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of money involved in drug smuggling and human trafficking. we have to face up to those challenges. i still believe that we need more manpower. bill: look for more news on that throughout the hour. troops will be there for border security operations. california, new mexico, arizona and texas. martha: it's a good morning to consider cereal. there is a massive egg recall, eggs believed to be tainted with a mowithsal mowwithsalmonella. how is this story changing? >> reporter: the company is wright county egg. they are based in iowa.
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they increased the recall to 38 t8million eggs. 17 states, including large clusters of infection in california, minnesota, colorado, and now north carolina where in that state alone 80 infections are reported. so far there are no reports of anyone dieing from this infection. but public officials estimate 300 people nationwide have become sickened by this outbreak. martha: who needs to be concerned about this across the country. report it's a concern for anyone using egg products. generally the people who suffer the most severe infection are the very young, very elderly,
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and those with compromised immune systems. you can come down with severe diarrhea and stomach crams as a result of this food poisoning. the cdc is working with state health departments to trace where this infection is coming from. current lab technology doesn't allow them to fingerprint this type of salmonella as well as other times of infections. >> reporter: wright county egg said ... you mentioned eggs for breakfast. but the cdc point out it goes beyond breakfast. many people may have become sickened as a result of eating
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raw egg in salad dressings or undercooked eggs in soup. martha: thank you very much. jonathan serrie with the egg story. you can get the numbers off the boxes and all the health implications. go to that's your number one news source for this. it's worth clicking on because you want to know what's in your refrigerator and you want to get rid of it. bill: somebody in the control room saying overeasy. we mention a jobs number. i think it's stunning to see 500,000. it's been around that range but not that high in some time. i think it's shocking a lot of people so we'll go through that in a moment. is social security running out of money? the president says this is not a crisis. others beg to differ.
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we'll look at the numbers in a minute. martha: check this out. have you ever seen anything like this? this bull right out of the ring, right into the crowd. wait until you see where all this leads. how many injured -- bill: there is horrific violence across the border. drug cartels terrorizing communities there for power and control. we'll find out if the u.s. and mexico can work together to find a solution now. your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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martha: imagine getting stuck on a rollercoaster and dangling 12 stories in the air backwards. that happened at california's six flags. it reverses doing the whole thing backward.
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at that point it got stuck. the kids onboard, here is what they say. >> i went on the first dip within everything was okay. it was really scary, though. >> they brought us each a water bottle to keep us hydrated. they were doing stuff to keep us active, singing happy birthday and stuff. >> i heard a clunk noise. i was so scared. when i got out i was about ready to pass out. i was nervous. they had to check my pulse, make sure i was okay. martha: there were no injuries. several hours later with nervous parents standing on the sidelines. and they reopened the ride. >> social security is not a crisis. what's happening is the population is getting older. we have more retirees per worker
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than we used to. we'll have to make modest adjustments to strengthen it. there are modest changes that could be made without resorting to new fangled schemes that would continue social security for another 75 years, where everybody would get the benefits they deserve. bill: that many the president on social security. according to the president the tru fund will be exhausted by 2037. 55% of the income of the elderly is represented by social security. i want to reflect on the job numbers. the president says it's not a crisis. some modest adjustments, some tweaks? is that all we need?
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>> what he's talking about is he's going to cut benefits. he's going to the old one of just cutting benefits on social security and that is going to happen, and he doesn't like to have to give that in a speech. bill: what about paul ryan, raise the retirement age, 65 to 70 and cut benefits for the rich? vie * that's just cutting benefits. i did a paper in the national tax journal in the late 60s, if you made it to 72 you would have a fully funded system back then. the age of retirement when you get benefits. we are living a lot lot longer, and frankly, you don't need your benefits at 63 anymore. at 70 is a fine age to start receiving benefits. bill: are you saying the president is right or wrong when he says we are not in a crisis. >> we are in a crisis in our
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current program and at a crisis politically. i can't imagine democrats running on trying to cut your social security benefits. if they had the guts and the will, it would be wonderful. but i don't think they have the guts to do it. bill: the job numbers. $500,000 in one week? >> they have all these fancy economists and frankly it's econ1. you can't love jobs and hate the people who create them. this administration is antibusiness and they wonder why there are so many job losses. if you tax people who work and pay people not to work, don't be surprised if you have got a lot of people not working. extend the tax cuts for the rich. they are the ones who basically give you these jobs.
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bill: you don't think that many going to happen, do you? that goes against bedrock principles. view it guarantees you will have high unemployment. he won't look at what the reality is, that these people are the job creators, and if you hate them and if you would declare war on them, don't be surprised if they don't create jobs. bill: did you hear what barney frank said the other night on neil cavuto on the fox business network? i'll roll this. barney frank from the other night. >> the recovery bill otherwise known as the stimulus bill, his aids predicted if it passed unemployment would get below 8%. that was a dumb thing to do. in the first place nobody knows. you should have said if we pass this it will be better than if we don't pass it.
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bill: that's a democrat saying it was dumb to suggest. you don't know what the future is going to bring. >> that what honesty is all about. you should say what's going to happen if you do this, that or the other. they said that as a correct academic would and should say, and their model turns out to be wrong. you cannot bail people out of trouble with a stimulus package. the people you give the money to, they are better off. but you have got to take those resources from other people who are worse off. it wasn't dumb making the predict. what was dumb was doing the stimulus. bill: art laffer, thank you very much. log on to newsroom. online now. martha: the mosque battle in new
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york has prompted a lot of cries for religious freedom. so now out in utah, why are they forcing people to remove crosses. why would that be happening. it's a good question. bill: these two guys known for their fire breathing skills at a local bar. might have been cute at times. martha: you do that at times.
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bill: your two favorite bartenders down in virginia go from behind the bar to behind prison bars.
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entertaining customers there for a decade. juggling bottles of alcohol, signature out plumes of flame. they are accused of manufacturing an explosive device and they could get 45 years in jail. martha: did anybody get hurt? bill: i don't think so. 45 -- tough job. martha: violence in mexico is reaching areas that were once thought to be very safe. monterey * has long been a be for international businesses an international city in mexico. the mayor of stawg outside of monterey * was kidnapped. and today sadly they found his body. how does this affect our side of the border and mexico as well? michael braun, former chief of operations joins me.
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martha: they have narco block aids because they are trying to prevent law enforcement from getting through. kidnappings like we saw with this mayor. how has the story changed? >> what changed as the narco insurgency plays out in mexico, you have got -- you have got a fairly effective blocking force north of the border. what we haven't seen here is there these bad guys moving further south rather than moving north across the border. not to stay they don't have a presence in our country already. but violence at least at levels that are being experienced in mexico are not moving across the border into the united states. martha: the area in monterrey, the drug lords have fancy homes.
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now it feels like all bets are off and the violence is moving solidly there, too. business leaders took ou a full page ad to calderon saying we need more troops, we need to crack down. >> the mexican government doesn't have a lot of choices here. what people need to understand is it took mexico 5 to 6 decades to get themselves in this situation with far too many government officials and politicians tried to negotiate with these drug trafficking cartels. most times fortunately it was to try to keep them in check. but the reality of the situation is, sadly to say, some of these deals were cut to line the pockets of politicians and government officials. with every one of these negotiations the only thing that these folks did was succeeded in empowering the cartels. and they got strong and more prolific and they got more
9:27 am
violent. luckily mexico elected a leader in calderon who stepped forward and realized if he did not break the backs of the cartels, if someone in government didn't take them on, then mexico would devolve into a narco state probably within the next decade. there aren't a lot of choices here. they have to continue the fight or they have some turn it over to the bad guys which is not good for us. martha: 23,000 people have lost their lives since 2006. it's no wonder a lot of people want to escape into the northern border into the united states. they need to get the economy under control so they can make a change in people's lives. thank you very much. bill: every day there is a new wrinkle on this mosque story. president obama says he does not regret jump into that debate. we'll talk with a top republican who is urging the gop to handle this with care. what does he mean by that?
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martha: easily the video of the day. actually, i'm not going to stay in the ring, i'm heading up to you guys. how frightening is this scene in spain. wait until you hear how all of this finally ended. bill: a security scare at a major international airport. listen here. >> what is the point of having security if they can't weed out? that's strange. bill: which dangerous weapons nearly made it onto a plane? was it your flight? that's next. and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. [ male announcer ] fiber one. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. all medicare supplement insurance plans can help pay... some of what medicare doesn't, so you could save...
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march already president obama and the -- martha: president obama and the first family pack up and heading to martha's vineyard where they will be spending their vacation. a torrential downpour wash away a home in tennessee and derailing a train. a lot of people living in nashville having trouble navigating due to the drenched roads. >> it was 7:30 when we left and i got back about 8:15 and it was covered. >> that road is going out into that field. it's going to difficult getting out of here. martha: forecasters snrect is more rain headed that way.
9:33 am
bill: 14 crosses meant to commemorate fallen highway troopers in utah now said to be unconstitutional. >> the tenth circuit coast appeals agreed with american atheists when they said it violates the separation of church and state. these 14 crosses are on public and private land. on the crosses is the official logo of the utah highway patrol. american atheists inc say that's unconstitutional. the alliance defense fund argued these are secular crosses. they are there to commemorate all the officers who have fallen. however, the tenth circuit
9:34 am
disagreed. any reasonable person who looks at a cross will associate with christianity. bill: what is the reaction of those fighting to keep the crosses where they are? >> the alliance defense fund is reviewing its appeal options. they released a statement staying in part ... bill: thank you for that. we'll see what thans during appeals process. martha: a temperature republican is warning the -- a top republican is warning the gop to be careful when addressing the ground zero debate. good morning. always good to see you. good to have you. why are you sort of warning republicans they should be careful with how they deal with this issue?
9:35 am
>> every day we are not talking about this administration's job-killing policies, massive debt and excessive taxation are days that we won't be talking about something that is more vote determinative. and president obama weighed in on this in such a way and smeared those opposed to this controversial mosque as the this revered site sat ground zero saying those opposed to it seek some deny muslims their religious freedom and would try to shut down mosques around the country which is a smear. he backed off of that. but a lot in the media continue to try to look at it through that narrative. we have to be careful not to fall into that trap and distort it that way. martha: i hear what you are saying. i know you want to support
9:36 am
republican candidates. what i'm hearing is you want them to focus more on the economy, focus more on what you think people care about across the country. i'm hearing you think this mosque issue is more detrimental to the president than any other particular politicians around the country. >> the president and his party. speaker pelosi said we ought to look into the finances of people opposed to the mosque at ground zero. can you imagine someone who was victimized who lost a family member, a husband, a wife, son, father, daughter, mother, who have a concern about this mosque at ground zero and the speaker of the house is saying we may need to look into your finances and see where you are getting money from? it's intimidation. martha: her office said -- we raised the question here yesterday, but they don't want
9:37 am
to look into the funding of who's building the mosque and she said they do. we'll see how far that part of the investigation goes. i want to get back to the idea of the politicalization of this mosque issue. it is interesting the way it's coming down. we have harry reid saying don't build it there. we know what nancy pelosi said. then we have ted olson, a prominent republican attorney who lost his wife on september 11 believes they have should build a mosque there and howard dean tbheag and saying no. it crosses political lines in many ways. >> i don't know of anyone who doesn't agree there is a right to build a mosque on a private site by an imam. is this the right place to do it and is this the right response by this imam? if you are building a months to be help bridge differences
9:38 am
between religions and peoples and faiths and your first step is you are an tag nicing a huge section of the population it undercuts it. people can have different points of view relative to whether or not it should be built and i'm not surprise the that people on both sides of the political spectrum have expressed it. i'm disappointed in the way the president elevated this issue and politicized it in the first place. martha: rick scott in florida has a new ad. i believe it' the first ad that uses this mosque issue front and center in a florida race to try to win. would you advise him not to do that based on what you are saying? he's in a primary, i don't give advice. when president obama injected this what mad been a local issue, made it a national issue, he politicized it. and i think it's one of the reasons his approval ratings are as low as they are.
9:39 am
even his favorability raiding is coming down. people see him now as a very polarizing figure and someone who would reach out and seek to make this a national issue the way president obama has has done a disservice to the public debate. martha: it's a hot one. you hear about it pretty much everywhere you go. always good to talk to you. thank you very much. bill: there is a new wrinkle in that story every day it many early in the day today. but i expect more wrinkles any time. martha: they are keeping it very much in the news as well. bill: we'll follow the money on that mosque. there was new controversy out of bell, california. you might remember that's the small town where leaders voted themselves enormous salaries. there is a new report that finds the city hand out a million and a half dollars in loans to city employees. including two that went to the
9:40 am
former city manager. the same city manager who made nearly $800,000 a year and that did not go over well. the city stopped the loan program and it's trying to figure out how much money it is owed. martha: we have 500,000 people filing for unemployment claims this week. that, the worst job numbers we have seen in nine months. the market is down a third of a percent. bill: one step back, one step up, two steps back. there are new concerns in the effort to stop iran from building a nuclear weapon. israel may have only days to strike a news jar facility. if the bombers fly what would that mean for u.s. forces stationed in iraq and afghanistan. martha: here is the video of the day. this is try number three for this bull to jump into the
9:41 am
stadium. they were about to corral him out. there are some serious injuries in this case and we'll bring you the latest on this story coming up. appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush. woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in. woman: unbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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martha: terrifying moments for spectators in a bull ring in northern spain. the bull fight took a horrible turn. 0 people were sent to the hospital, including a 10-year-old boy. look at that. those animals are so incredibly powerful. you see that ability to leap
9:45 am
over two barriers. another man was gored in this situation. they managed to get a rope around the animal and subdue it. the bull was later put down. this is a bull fight where they do not kill the bulls typically. there is a ban in northeastern spain and it may extend across the country. bill: we'll talk to an animal expert about how that all went down. we are 36 hours from the time when iran will start fueling a nuclear facility with help from russia. john bolton says if iran goes nuclear this weekend, this is a clear signal the u.s. and the international community has failed. >> if the insertion of the fuel rods go ahead and they begin to power the reactor up.
9:46 am
it's an enormous victory for iran. we failed to stop them on a major landmark on their path to nuclear weapons. bill: at top of our program we talked about the withdrawal of combat forces in iraq. there are 56,000 troops in iraq. it will go town to 50,000 next month. the number in afghanistan will go over 100,000 in the coming months. jim walsh with us now for an answer. what could happen with u.s. forces if an attack took place, jim? >> i think they would be target number one for iran ran retaliation. that's the chief reason why the u.s. military has opposed an attack on iran because it doesn't want to put at risk the
9:47 am
young servicemen and women serving both in iraq and afghanistan countries that border iran and would be targets if we attacked iran. bill: would iran reach out in iraq more so than they have common in the past? would they reach their hand in afghanistan and take our forces on? >> i think they would do both and they would also use proxies. i have spoken with officials in the past who suggested they did that in 2007. you have saw a spike in ied deaths among soldiers. and you would see a more concerted effort. bill: the ieds were always supplied from iran will be that's always been the suspicion. would we sit down with the israelis and try to figure outs the scenarios if, jim? >> i think definitely the u.s. military planners have thought long and hard about this more so
9:48 am
than the israeli military planners because they don't have to deal with this. but it's not a problem you can easily solve, in part because of geography. there is no getting around the geography and the fact iran shares a border with iraq. you can't build a wall and keep every one out. i think it would be extraordinarily difficult to prevent retaliation. bill: one more point bolton made yesterday. he doesn't think this will happen after the weekend. there is too much collateral damage that will happen. in a word, will israel make a move or will they stand down? >> john bolton got a lot of this wrong. but to answer your question no, nell not attack. israelis when they attack, they don't say anything before they have attack. if they are talking about it,er in not going to do it. bill: go to
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bill: new concerns at a new jersey airport after tsa missed a hunting knife.
9:53 am
the passenger carrying the knife turned it in to security before he got on the plane. a security expert saying that incident was handled let's say less than professionally. >> he opened the bag, took out the device in front of anybody. didn't let anybody go. the rest of the passengers were passing by. he endangered himself, everybody around him. but the problem is really it's clear that he is not professional. bill: tsa says its agents followed the proper protocol. as for the agent who failed to spot that knife, we are told he's getting retrained at the airport. martha: it turns out some americans have the wrong idea about president obama's religion. according to a new poll that came out. nearly 1 in 5 americans wrongly say the president is a muslim. the confusion apparently did not
9:54 am
end there. this poll which was taken before president obama weighed in on the planned mosque issue. lauren green joins us now. what else came out in this pew research? >> this survey was done between late july and early august before the comments about the ground zero mosque. this is an underlying public opinion. so what they are say can is one in five americans believe or say that obama is a muslim. that number has risen sharply. in 2009 the number was 11%. it has risen to 18%. not only that, there has been a decline in the number of people who say he is a christian. in 2009 it was 48%. it's now 34%. the largest percentage shows a lot of people are confused about what religion he is. they don't know what he follows. last year it was 34% within now
9:55 am
it's up to 43 per. martha: is there any way to attribute anything to this trend? >> reporter: they say there is a clear link between people's views of the president's faith and the views of his job performance. take a listen. >> among those who say he's a christian, they tend to be very positive in their assessments of the president's job performance. those who don't know what the president's faith is, they are split in their job approval ratings. >> reporter: the president is a christian and he supposedly goes to chapel regularly at camp david. there are no cameras there. so we don't know that. martha: the image of him walking in and out of church. >> reporter: like bill clinton and george w. bush. martha: thank you very much. our religion correspondent with that story. bill: is the u.s. sinking deeper
9:56 am
into debt? how bad is the budget? how bad is the economic outlook? breaking news on that. we'll bring it to you at the top of the hour. martha: we have a top democrat weighing in on this mosque debate. what howard dean is saying about plans to build at g at ground z. the latest fox news updates will go right into our inbox. go right into our inbox. how a once daily medicine about that.glyza, used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not be used to treat type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history or risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. onglyza has not been studied with insulin. using onglyza with medicines such as sulfonylureas
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10:00 am
and, they returned -- where they were coming from anyone injured but a lot of the vehicles were coming at us clearly with hostile intent. martha: wow, remember those moments? when all of this began, back in april, of 2003. that was fox's greg kelly imbedded with u.s. troops the first broadcast journalist rolling into baghdad, as the u.s. began that invasion and that mission, and today, the last of the combat troops are beginning the march out of iraq. live look right there in kuwait city, as the stryker brigade packs up and heads for american soil, considered the beginning of the ends of the 7-year war, homeward bound, beautiful words for the families of those brave folks, that is how we begin this hour with "america's newsroom," glad to have you with us, i'm martha maccallum. bill: 7 years ago, i'm bill hemmer. thousands of military families anxiously awaiting the return of their loved ones, state side and
10:01 am
our bravest men and women set for an emotional hero's welcome back on u.s. soil. martha: there will be combat troops there until the end of the month and they'll tie up the loose ends in iraq and we expect only 50,000 noncombat troops will be there, as of september the 1st. major general bob scales, our fox news military analyst joins us now, the fourth stryker brigade is close to his heart. tell us why that is, sir. welcome. >> yes, hi, martha, my dad served in the 2nd division in korea and i was the battalion commander there, and, later assistant division commander of that wonderful division. so it is heart-warming to see that indian head patch driving from iraq back into safety in kuwait. martha: boy oh, boy, thanks for your service, i should mention to your family, as well, it is a long, proud history and we can be very proud of the men and women that fought in iraq for us, can't we, sir. >> absolutely. i mean, these young men and women have been through so much in the last 7 years, i really
10:02 am
like that clip that you just showed in the early days of the war and think for a minute, some of the sergeants and the captains and majors in that fourth stryker brigade are on the fourth and some cases their 5th tour, and, so this isn't like one year in korea, or one year in vietnam, and these are repetitive tours, and can you imagine what the families and the loved ones are thinking about, as they see their soldiers driving into kuwait, to safety? to me, it really is a hard rending moment. martha: and an emotional time, but, for them, that is -- their side of the story, when we look at what is going on in iraq, now, how successful do you think it will be, to leave these noncombat troops, we talked about deadlines and pullouts, and, now that we are actually in the middle of the process, how do things look on the ground to you. >> remember, martha, with combat brigades, soldiers are still there and many are in harm's way and the bulk of the 50,000 who remain are advise and assist brigades and these are sort of
10:03 am
reorganized, rewickered combat brigades and the main purpose is to train the iraqi army and to provide technological support the iraqis cannot really handle now which includes maintenance and intelligence, aviation, administration, medical, things of that sort that require a great deal of expertise, so, while the combat mission is over, martha, we all have to just reflect for a moment and think that americans will still be in harm's way at least until the end of 2011. martha: and a lot 0 think about in terms of how well trained those iraqi forces are, right now and whether or not -- what iran's viewpoint is, on all of this, we'll talk about that in the coming weeks, days and weeks and major general bob scales, always good to have you with us, sir, thank you so much. >> thanks, martha. martha: and greg kelly who we showed you was the first broadcast journalist to roll into baghdad. remember the tense molments in the early days of all of this, saddam hussein was alive and well and he captured the footage from the top of the tank he was riding and the local fox
10:04 am
affiliate in new york now, he'll join us live with his memories of the moment and what he thinks about the day coming up just ahead and you can go to fox and check out our photo album. amazing pictures, quite a ride back when you look at this. american troops today, pulling out of iraq. and, that we have for you, in some amazing pictures and moments,, front page, can't miss it. bill: the lines are being drawn on the democratic side of the debate over building a mosque near ground zero and harry reid is against it and nancy pelosi, saying it is a new york issue. now, former democratic presidential candidate howard dean coming out against plans to build a mosque two blocks away from the site. in a radio interview he said he believes the compromise between the mosque's developers, and opponents can and should be reached, saying, quote, we have to understand it is a real of front to people who lost their lives, including muslims, end quote. james rosen is back on the story
10:05 am
live in washington, another day, another headline, james, good morning. >> plenty of them. the governor of new york is speaking out again this morning, sticking to his story, telling a local radio interviewer his office and the developers of the park 51 project started several days ago to talk about private talks about a land swap to resolve the stand off. earlier this week the developers in question, soho properties told fox news and other news organizations, governor paterson was incorrect when he said there were plans for a meeting later this week and they were moving forward with their current plans. those plans call as we know now, for a 13 story mosque and islamic cultural center, to occupy four consecutive addresses along lower manhattan's park place, two blocks north of ground zero. on the twitter site, the park 51 project tweeted the organizers are still a month or more away from finalizing their plans, for raising the 100 million they need bank roll construction. one of the first individuals to hear from governor paterson, that he nailed down a meeting with the developments was
10:06 am
congressman peter king who urges the developers to find another location, appearing on "happening now" yesterday, congressman king ventured a hypothesis how the governor of new york state can come to believe he had a meeting with a local developer sets up only to find he did not. >> i would have to say the governor is cricket and horrecto reason to tell me this, unless it was true and the developer may be getting push-back from his people and maybe because the president past has spoken on the issue they don't feel they have to make any compromise. >> reporter: another new york congressman, democrat charlie rangel of harlem, seeking the 21st term while fighting ethics charges in the house has spoken out on the controversy and taken the side of park 51's backers and i'm kind of proud, rangel said, to a harlem audience, yesterday, that they are sticking to their guns and saying, this is where they would want to worship. bill: james rosen with the latest, thank you, out of washington. martha? martha: here's a question for you, this morning, does the --
10:07 am
did the city of phoenix lie about the crime statistics to get more stimulus money? serious allegations, now leveled against city officials there. william lajeunesse joins us live with that story in los angeles, good morning, william. >> reporter: martha, a sergeant, a 24 year veteran, and a former supervisor in the kidnapping unit claimed that the city inflated its kidnapping numbers to obtain federal money and here is the chief, last year, before congress. >> in 2008 there were 368 kidnappings and 337 home invasionses and this problem garnered the attention of the world. >> reporter: and, congress which gave phoenix $1.7 million in federal money after declared the world's kidnapping capital but according to memos we obtained, officials were told long ago those numbers were bogus, inflated and unsupported. the raw numbers of 350, began to
10:08 am
circulate without any sort of statistical verification. to attribute to it actual operational or acts of kidnapping investigations. these figures were circulated to the news media as a number of actual kidnappings, despite the true number being much smaller, in the 20 to 30 range per year. >> the allegation that is being presented to the city manager for investigation is that police management ginned up or overinflated kidnapping numbers in order to facilitate or pursue federal dollars to come to the city of phoenix. >> absolutely not them. numbers that we have are from our crime analysis research units. those are the ones that are generated by the reports we received, and, for the crimes committed in our community. and we have not falsified those in any way and have -- the allegation against us are false. >> reporter: why the disparity? let me give you one explanation,
10:09 am
arizona's kidnapping statute is broad and sometimes, classified as kidnappings maybe don't meet the classic definition and the sergeant claims when they cleaned up the data, and considered kidnappings related to a victim rescue, phone monitoring, those kinds of things, the number is 50, not 350 but, phoenix claims these crimes were classified and reported correctly according to statute. martha: interesting, thank you, william lajeunesse in los angeles. bill: we promised you the story yesterday and ran out of time. only a two hour program. martha: we can only do so much. only two people. bill: a pilot surviving a terrifying mid-air accident and his plane's wing snapping off, 16,000 feet. he's 22 years old and you said his emergency parachute to save his life. watch it there. see it? the plane's bursting into flames and the air show, thousands of spectators in argentina, could only watch as the wreckage burned on the ground, the pilot described the accident, saying i saw a shadow passing me and it
10:10 am
was the wing! and i would add to that, that is the wrong thing you want to see. somehow it -- he made it out with only minor injuries. as he drifted to the ground. martha: and you can see the parachute separate from the plane and sar tve the man's lif 22 years old. having a chute there, good move and these are tough economic times, and just into the newsroom, how bad it might get, and how much red ink we are really dealing with, in these numbers and the numbers are historic. brand new information on the economy, moments from now. bill: huge, right? amazing images captured by accident, getting up close and personal with a mysterious predator deep in the deep. what the heck is that thing? make your best guess and we'll tell you in a moment. martha: a federal judge took the teeth out of arizona's border crack down, and that is not stopping other states from trying to pass the same kind of laws. colorado is the latest to get into the fray. proposing a new arizona-like bill.
10:11 am
>> some people have asked me whether we are going to be introducing a 1070-like bill in colorado and that is already under process, i will be crime sponsor in the colorado senate of that bill. chronologically i'm 60 years old.
10:12 am
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bill: are your guesses in for the first time we'll show you the videotape and look a huge deep sea creature, this is real stuff, videotape coming from an oil rig platform in the gulf of mexico. that is a giant medusa jelly fish. martha: wow. bill: the head or bell measures three feet across, 20 feet long, something you don't want to meet in a dark alley or at 5,000 feet and a blue fish is there, said to be a rare species, eating the food the jelly fish leaves behind, a vulture, the blue fish, huh? were you right or wrong. martha: a jelly fish. we have some serious news for you here, folks, we have a crucial report on america's
10:15 am
financial future, we have been promising it would come out and it's now out. it is troubling, at best. the nonpartisan congressional budget office released the budget and economic outlook and rich edson of the fox business network, live in washington, is looking at the numbers, what do they tell us, rich. >> the congressional budget office says the federal government will spend $1.3 trillion more than it will take in this year, the same forecast that it released earlier this year and the budget office says the deficit will hit a trillion dollars again next year, and, well over a half trillion dollars, in 2012, and, 2013. now, investors care about these numbers, because if they start thinking the united states may be unable to pay off its debts, it becomes more expensive for the government to borrow money, and, more of our tax dollars, will go to interest payments, guys. martha: i would imagine, some would look at those numbers and say, they are heading in the right direction. >> some may look at that, but, again, next year may be worse
10:16 am
than the numbers forecast. by law the congressional budget office assumes congress has to do nothing, that means, the deficit forecast for next year assumes the bush tax cuts completely expire, meaning taxes will go up for almost anyone with an income but the president is asking and congress may very well extend some of the bush tax cuts next year, and that will cost billions of dollars, and, next year's deficit will likely be much higher, than a trillion dollars, and if the economy also performs worse than expected, that also means these deficit numbers will be higher. martha: interesting, and next year's number will have a lot to do with whether or not those bush tax cuts are extended. and that is a political football, that will be played with, throughout this fall, i imagine, rich edson as always, thank you so much. good to have you with us. >> thanks. bill: staggering, talk about trillions here and trillions there. and candidates for governor go toe-to-toe for the florida governor's race, bill mccollum
10:17 am
and businessman rick scott, screen right, head-to-head and one of the men, polls show, is gaining ground and the biggest winner might be a democrat. carl cameron explains, live in the sunshine state, last time, with the president down there in miami and what happened, carl? >> reporter: bill, not that president obama was here in florida, campaigning for democrats including the state's chief financial officer, alex sink. democrats believe based upon the latest polls, there is a very peel possibility they could pick up the governor's office here in florida. for more than a decade it has been in republican hands and florida is a critically important state. when it comes to presidential politics and in the 2010 midterm elections, the gubernatorial race could help president obama position for his re-election if he can get a democrat in the governor's office, now, the two republicans vying in the primary come tuesday are in a very, very close race, and, bill mccollum, the currents state's attorney general, a 20 year veteran of congress who left congress and, ran unsuccessfully twice before becoming attorney general has a slight lead ahead of rick scott,
10:18 am
multi-millionaire businessman who is the ceo of hca columbia, the biggest hospital company in the world and he was boss of it when it was slapped with the biggest medicare fraud fine in the nation's history and the race has been tremendously negative and we caught up with rick scott yesterday and i talked with him and in a matter of moments we'll interview bill mccollum yesterday and scott made the argument yesterday, his opponent, mccollum, is an establishment insider and he says he represents the new face florida needs better. >> people talk to me about -- people like the fact that i am a businessperson and putting up my own money and they know i'm not controlled by special interest and will never be controlled as governor by special interest and that is a real positive. >> reporter: but, the race has become tremendously negative. bill mccollum has been constantly peppering scott with questions and innuendos and implications of corruption, because of his time is a a businessman and scott argued his begin acumen will create jobs in florida and scott, in turn
10:19 am
argues, mccollum has been associated with republican party of florida corruption investigations, something that is actually -- has prompted none other than haley barbour, the governor of mississippi and chairman of the governor's association saying that is not a fair charge to make and the national audience has gotten involved because so much is at stake, when it comes to the governorship of florida you are often talking about the most influential player in the next presidential election as well. bill: they vote next week, thank you, carl, in florida. good race, martha? martha: well, as we have been covering the past week, president obama jumps head first, really into the ground zero mosque debate, and if you think you may have had second thoughts about that, his reaction to his own remarks, we'll tell you what he now says about those comments, right after this break. bill: also, considered one of the worst catastrophes ever and today, scientists are rewriting the ancient history of pompeii. and, mount vesuvius and what is different now, we wonder? [ sighs ]
10:20 am
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bill: a moment ago, republicans, senator of colorado vowing to pass an arizona-style illegal immigration law en their own state an republican state legislators meeting with their counterparts in phoenix and they admit, a law like arizona's will face legal challenges but insist the colorado lawmakers need to act to enforce immigration laws, and, they are accusing the federal government of not doing their job to solve the problem. martha: president obama says that he has no regrets when it comes to jumping into the whole ground zero mosque debate. listen to what he said: >> the islamic center. >> president barack obama: the answer is no regrets. martha: no regrets, he says the group has a right to build the muslim center and won't say whether he thinks it is wise to do so and, several members of his own party are giving their opinions on this and we have got
10:24 am
new information coming into the whole mix and michael goodwin, a "new york post" pulitzer prize-winning columnist and a fox news contributor, michael, good morning, good to have you here. you are sensing there is movement on the issue. that we may be seeing a little bit of brakes being put on this thing, the involvement of archbishop dolan. >> the new york archbishop, said yesterday that he would be happy to serve as a mediator, looking for a compromise and most importantly, what he referenced in that comment was, the example of the camermalite nurnns and t was a good example, that he showed, because, it shows how the families here in new york also deserve the same kind of room to make this decision. martha: and, right to put it
10:25 am
that way, and, the other carmalite nun, the reason they were asked to move from the auschwitz, it diminished, they said, the magnitude of the suffering of the jewish people in that spot and that is what the people are saying here, don't diminish the suffering and importance of the place as well, and muslims died as well but the majority of people who suffered in the were not muslim and they -- simply were not and talk to me about whether -- there is money at issue here, as well and they don't have the money to build it. >> talking about $100 million, and reports, that in the current cash account they have $18,000. martha: 18,000. >> a little ways to go to get to 100 and we should say, there is political mutual as well, and, in addition to harry reid, the majority leader of the senate saying it should be someplace else and howard dean the former head of the dnc and former presidential candidate of the democratic party thinks it
10:26 am
should be moved, as you and you have seen a number of congressional candidates, around the country, including some in new york and the democrat in staten island saying move it, so i believe the momentum has really shifted towards a compromise, that would lead to another spot, not to say there wouldn't be a mosque in the area, but, just wouldn't be so close to ground zero. that is the goal and i think that is going to happen. >> that would be a huge relief to a number of families, i know some of the families are split on this but they were so shocked, i talked to one family member last night, who said, she was so shocked when she heard michael bloomberg come out on this the way he did. were you. >> absolutely, mayor bloomberg and president obama made the same mistake, to frame it only as a constitution the issue about the separation of church be a state and the constitution doesn't put a burden on private citizens who are entirely free to express their opinions and church and state separation is about the government restricting or promoting religion, and, none of that was happening here and what was happening here is the public rising up against what it sees as a bad idea.
10:27 am
so it is really about the appropriateness of the location. not whether muslims can practice islam. martha: and you point out they don't have the money yet but if they get it we'll have a good idea where it came from, overseas trip the next couple of weeks and we'll see what happens, michael goodwin, thank you, great to have your thoughts on this, thank you. bill: we are learning interesting history today, scientists shed new light on the world's most famous catastrophe, and pompeii was destroyed, when mount vesuvius exploded and hundreds of bodies were found suspended in action, and an italian vulcanologist said they got it from a single massive heat blast, victims of suffocation are usually found flopped over, he describes and his research shows the mounted and the heat surge was so intense, it killed people in just seconds, and may have traveled nearly 12.5 miles. if it erupts again the current
10:28 am
plan is to evacuate a five mile radius. you have been warned, folks! martha. martha: fascinating. all right, thank you, bill. president obama's approval rating has been sinking lately and now, democrats saying the commander-in-chief may be turning off voters. more about that... bill: and honoring fallen police officers, not allowed in one state, and a ruling from a federal judge sparking anger and outrage and we'll take you intere there. martha: and listen to this. >> fighting vehicles as well as tanks and some of the vehicles that have come at us were clearly civilian vehicles with not hostile intents and in those case weiss saw warning shots fired and the operators of the armored vehicles waving their hands, go back, go back... martha: he was the first tv reporter to arrive in baghdad and today some of this last american combat troops are pulling out, from iraq, greg kelly joins us live, 7 years later.
10:29 am
straight ahead. don't miss it.
10:30 am
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10:33 am
>> what we are seeing now, a lot of the secondary explosions, in these vehicles, and -- on either side of the road, destroyed by the tanks in front of us, and either the fuel tanks or munition inside, continue to explode. as we pass by. and once again, the fight has been taken into the heart of baghdad, we are not on the outskirts, not greater baghdad, this is it, baghdad, what these guys came here for and we'll be here for a while. military vehicles on either side of the convoy, you can see smoke scattered about the horizon, and we see military vehicles, and, a lot of civilian white pickup trucks, come at us, almost on suicide mission, and, fire returned by fighting vehicles... the tanks, and now some of these vehicles... martha: greg kelly is now co-anchor of good day new york for wnyw and fox 5 and we're glad to have you with us on this really important day and the whole story, greg, welcome. >> martha, thank you, it is wild to hear those -- that sound again, i remember, saying we'll
10:34 am
be here for a while. i remember that moment very well. because i did not know if we were on the verge of wrapping up the war, some of us felt that way for a little bit but there was also a lingering sense that you know, we could be there for months, if not years, and i wasn't alone, by the way, mel james, my photographer, took all of those images and still works for fox and we keep in touch from time-to-time and the engineer, ben, as well and had a great crew with me. martha: when we watch these videos today, some of the men and women, coming home, and we saw this one soldier on a tank, saying, we brought democracy to iraq and we are going home, these guys -- men and women have been there three and four times, some of them and did you ever anticipate at that point that it would go on for this long. >> reporter: when we left, the day we left, it was before may 1, 2003, when they declared major combat operations over, officially, and, i do remember getting on that plane and thinking, well that is the end of that chapter, and, going onto
10:35 am
the rest of my life and other things and iraq is behind us as a country and now goes into another phase and did not really think i would be brought back as many times as i was, in 2003 and again, in 2005, so, we really wanted it to be over, but, of course, it wasn't and the troop i was with, the 2nd marine, 2nd brigade combat team, 3rd infantry division, were amazing and gave us incredible access to everything and i didn't expect that access at the outset but we saw and heard everything. martha: it is incredible to look back when you think of the fall of saddam hussein, and, the statue coming tumbling down, all of those dramatic developments and you wonder, at this point, looking back, about thee achievements and about what we'll see longer term and president bush said, history would judge the move to go into iraq, and any thoughts on the future for that country, greg? >> strategically, you know, i'm not sure where we are. i don't think we can safely say
10:36 am
that this has been the -- middle east benefitted or in the benefitted, i think the president is right it is for the history books to make the determination and there are signs of hope and also, signs of huge problems that persist there. so, at this point, i don't think we know. i really don't. martha: thank you so much, greg, we're glad that you could join us this morning and i think it is so informative to look back at the videos and to remember how all of this began in 2003. thank you, greg, good to see you. >> nice to see you, best to bill. bill: thank you, greg. good man there. now, to politics, we're hearing from democrats who say president obama is turning off voters in the latest polling, it proves that. doug schoen, the democratic pollster and fox news contributor started this, by the way and wrote a piece we'll get to in a moment, good morning, doug. and the former senior advisor for senator hillary clinton and communications for the dnc, democratic national committee -- >> good to be here, bill. bill: i wanted to pick a bone with doug, my guess...
10:37 am
>> you think? bill: you wrote in the daily beast, doug writes: voters are tired of the president pursuing policies they don't want. and, he'll find out just how much in november. explain yourself. >> it is pretty direct. bill. people want focus on jobs and economic development. we haven't gotten that. the health care bill has got 60% of the country against it, the mosque obviously, is unpopular, and, fundamentally the american people are looking at an agenda of the administration, the bailout, and the -- they think it involves too much spending and too much government, too much debt, and, they are turning against the democrats in droves, both the house and the senate, at this point, are at risk. bill: this is a remarkable debate. because we have the democrats talking about democrats in the white house. maria, can you refute what he said or not. >> absolutely, and i'll start by saying, it doesn't surprise me that my colleague, doug, says this and my understanding is he has a book coming out and he's got to get press and this is
10:38 am
certainly the way to do it. bill: whoa, whoa. >> hang on, here. >> you have a book coming out, is that the only reason -- >> i have been talking this way for nine months and i assure you, it is from the heart and i was an advisor to bill clinton and i subscribe to the policies bill clinton put forward in the mid to late '90s, and i think barack obama sadly veered away from those policies. bill: there is your answer, maria, continue. >> okay, so let me refute what he said at the beginning which is that, first of all, you have -- we have a problem that the republicans, frankly, put us into. the 8 years, under bush administration, failed republican policies are the ones that put is in the to begin with, if you look at what the american people want, absolutely, if you look at what the american people want... bill: two years in the white house. >> they want leaders to put is on a direction of creating jobs and getting us out of the recession and look at the economic policies president obama -- >> i have to refute doug and not
10:39 am
go back years, that is also -- >> but it is -- >> hangs on. >> part of refuting that. bill: doug says the majority of voters now believes that president obama failed on the federal budget deficit and reducing government spending, changing business as usual in washington and the economy, doug, that is a mouthful. >> well, think -- >> what does the polling show on that. >> the polling shows voters give him net negative ratings, majority of each of those issues, you cite as negative and by the way, i agree with maria and i don't think the republicans deserve any credit, at this point 6 but, sadly, the president failed and that is what the -- >> that is an interesting point, did the polling show you republicans gained. >> they gained as a result of democratic failure, yes. but republicans are not popular, basically, what voters are saying is that a plague on both your houses and we'll vote republican largely as a protest. bill: maria, what about the line i read? which ticks off four major
10:40 am
issues and voters stacking it up against president obama. >> what is interesting is you have to see the overall picture of what voters think of both parties. president obama is not on the ballot in november. but, what he is going to do and what democrats are going to do, are focused on the following which is absolutely true. democrats overwhelmingly beat republicans on the issue of whether they're on the side of the middle class, on the side of average americans and whether they care about creating jobs, and economic growth. republicans by a large majority are seen as being in the pocket of the professional interests and the pocket of wall street. and, in the the pocket of big oil and fighting for corporations who want to ship jobs overseas. that is a choice election. bill: we have 75 days to figure out which way they go. >> absolutely. bill: maria, thank you. doug, interesting article. >> thanks, bill. >> thank you, bill. bill: see you later. bye-bye. martha? martha: all right, that was interesting. all right, here is a story that you have to pay attention to, given all the discussion about religious freedom in this country.
10:41 am
crosses that were placed in the land to remember fallen police officers, a judge has come out and said they have to come down, they are unconstitutional. the families of those men and women say this court is all wrong. bill: talk about all wrong... wow. chaos in the ring and then out of it. we'll talk to a bull-fighting expert. has in ever happened before, we wonder? grab him by the tail. martha: and you want to fix the shoddy memory of yours? people can do it. >> ♪ ♪ dream, dream, dream ♪ when i want you in my arms...♪ when i group,
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martha: a federal judge has ruled that 14 crosses that commemorate fallen utah highway patrol troopers have got to go. the u.s. appeal court says the roadside memorial is unconstitutional. a widow of one of the troopers says she was upset by the decision and here she is on fox and friends. >> the religion that i follow doesn't even use crosses. you know. and so it is... it's not you know -- it doesn't mean that to me. it means that my fallen hero, is being honored. martha: that is the crux of the debate, doug burns, a former federal prosecutor and jennifer, a defense attorney and let me start with you, jennifer, she says the crosses don't symbolize christianity and they symbolize the fallen hero and she wants
10:46 am
her husband to be remembered in that way. does she have a case. >> i think she has a great point and the u.s. supreme court if it goes up there might think differently than the court of appeals. listen, roadside crosses are very secular in nature, we see them as memorials of people who have died, not as a huge representation the state is supporting christianity. they are common, common symbols of death. martha: you think of arlington and mem morris across the country, the various war zones, there a symbol and it is a cross, i don't think -- a cross is a cross and is a symbol of christianity in my opinion but also has the larger meaning, for remembering fallen heros. >> i understand the argument and i happen to agree with the court and i'll tell you why, they could have placed the crosses on private property near the highway and there is no real argument why it has to be prominently displayed on public lands and that is number one and
10:47 am
on the establishment cases which usually involve nativity scenes in the public square, they do it on a case by case context basis and i'm saying this particular context, to me, is pretty owe vert vert. martha: and the state trooper logo is on the cross and that was seen as a see yviolation of separation of church and state. >> the logo makes it more of state involvement. if it was on private property, obviously it would be different and the fact it is on public property and we have the logo it changes the amount of it -- but i still fall on the side of, it is a secular symbol and i don't think it violates the establishment clause ultimately. martha: there is so much talk about religious symbols and the mosque and everything and makes thee thing of the president, making the point, this is on private property, in new york city and that seems to be one of the major issues, private versus public, interesting argument, thank you very much. jennifer, and doug burns, always good to see you guys. bill: see where the appeal
10:48 am
goesegoes s. any idea how many dinosaurs can live inside new york city's central park, a team of scientists are trying to figure out that answer, madagascar. martha: and check this out, just watch... martha: they fought the bull and the bull won, score one for the mother nature, in the, it turned out to be a frightening situation, a homegrown bull-fighting guru says, ole!
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
martha: all right, this is not a joke, how many dinosaurs could fit in central park? a team of researchers from indiana, purdue university, studying how much land space dinosaurs would need to comfortably survive and found a square kilometer of land could support an upper limit of a few hundred of the reptiles and if you wanted to work on the calculation, 100 large dinosaurs could live in the area of central park and, some might still be there! which is 1.32 square miles in size but is also based on the theory that they were cold-blooded animals and warm blooded animals need more space to breathe. bill: how many bulls do you reckon you can get inside of central park. martha: yeah... bill: how many of these guys, roll it here. in spain.
10:53 am
bill: in northern spain, 40 people went to the hospital, among the -- and one boy is recovering in intensive care and the matador was trying to get his attention and a man was gored in the back and, out of texas, a bull fighting expert is on the phone, and you watched the tape and i understand you have been watching television from spain? earlier today, have you been able to figure it out? what happened? >> caller: well my son and i both sat here, and, a total -- a matador, the 6th american in history and that's bull came in there, a guy was behind the protective barrier and he, if you notice when the first -- when -- he ducked his head but the bull saw it and he was lucky enough and leaped there and got all four feet on the top of the barrier and that is what got him into there. once the front legs are over that, he's in. bill: they leap 30 feet.
10:54 am
>> caller: no, a ten foot height, ten feet. bill: and once he was up there, had the hind legs and look at the power and the force. >> he flipped himself over, once the front legs are over, he'll get there and stay there. bill: you know bull fighting and, have you ever seen this before? has it ever happened before, like this? >> caller: five years ago, it happened in' world's largest bull ring in mexico, mexico city. and the bull leapt and got into the first row of seats and it was dangerous, more so, there, because the... [inaudible] and the bull landed right on top of the people, but, you know, that time, and maybe another 8 or 9 years ago, i've seen them in mexico and seldom in spain. bill: the one we're watching here, what, happened a year-and-a-half ago, as i
10:55 am
recall. bill: the one we are talking about in spain, if we can go back to that, how are they able to corral the bull. >> caller: you saw the second part of the cape, the guy threw a cape at him and when he hit the woman -- or man, whichever one it was, gored him in the back, the cape -- the bull came down after the cape and i think what they did was get a rope on him there, and, tie him around the cable and couldn't break the rope or the cable, and that is what held him there. he's like a mack truck. bill: big time, like a bulldozer, right, coming at you. fred, thank you. appreciate your expertise, 40 injured in northern spain, in pamplona, which as we know, the running of the bulls, every july. martha: i home the ten-year-old boy is better today. we talked about this a lot, no shortage of opposition to building a mosque in ground zero and now the opposition is coming together in one voice and the
10:56 am
organizerses behind a mosque protest which will be a very big event, on this sunday, that is coming up on "happening now". bill: and want to get the most out of your work day, your 9:00 to 5:00, a four legged friend, bring him to work. ♪ ♪ how much is that doggy in the window ♪ ♪... ring ring. progresso. why does it say box tops for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has
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