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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 2, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sure you follow us on twitter, and it all brian brothers on twitter, too. we're going to post more on greta wire. bill o'reilly is next. ght.night. this is fox news. fair and balanced. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- financial disaster looms in the united states. the census bureau saying the obama administration has increased spending far more than any other administration in reported history. we'll have the grim statistics and dick morris will analyze. >> leave us alone! leave us alone! >> what is the truth about anti-muslim sentiment in america? is it rising? is there danger? we'll have a special report. >> i don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth.
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there it is. >> and dennis miller will react to al sharpton's criticism of glenn beck and his washington rally. it is up to us! >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now! >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the essential problem with president obama, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. my upcoming book "pinheads and patriots, where you stage in the age of obama" zeros in on how the president's policies directly affect you and there's no better place to start than with your money. according to the census bureau, federal domestic spending increased a record 16% in 2009. standing now at $3.2 trillion. not since world war ii has the united states spent more money inside its own borders. this year, 2010, spending is projected to increase another 6%
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to $3.5 trillion. the deficit for this year is expected to be $1.3 trillion. compared to just three years ago when the deficit was $160 billion. again, $1.3, three years ago it was $160 billion. that spending jump is incredible. obviously things are out of control in washington. and i don't say that lightly. excuse me. this is not an ideological play. this is a warning. the obama administration is running up debt in an unprecedented way and if it continues, the united states will go bankrupt. that could mean that the dollars you and i are saving will lose much of their value. that could mean a depression. if foreign investors in america pull their money out. now, that's speculation, of course, but nothing good comes from bankrupt. -- bankruptcy. and that's where the nation is headed. and the folks seem to know it. new gallup poll says 50% of americans now trust republicans on spending while just 35% trust
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democrats. a whopping 15 point difference. and a new poll in ohio done a democratic company, public policy polling says that the folks who live in that state would rather have george w. bush back in the white house than continue with barack obama. the number 50-42. that's stunning! because ohio went for obama in 2008. as i write in "pinheads and patriots" barack obama has allowed his ideology to overwhelm his common sense. he's now listening to the far left elements in his party and in the media. if you can believe it, vehicles like "the new york times" and nbc news want the president to spend even more money. the u.s.a. needs to go on in an austerity program right now. all entitlement spending must be cut and budgets must be balanced in every federal department. that would send a signal to the world that the u.s.a. is serious about restoring responsible economic policy. right now, the democratic party is facing armageddon in the november election. president obama has to know
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that. so the question is -- will he change the policies that aren't working or will he go down in flames? that's a memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from west virginia, the purveyor of, mr. morris? now, you say and i think you're the only one saying it, that the republicans are going to win the senate in november? are you sticking to that? >> yep. absolutely. in fact, even more so right now because a whole other seat that nobody thought was in play, west virginia, where senator bird just died, it turns out that the governor manning, the democrat is very popular. 70% think he's a great governor. but only 48% vote for him. so he may be defeated as well. but i think the senate is definitely going to go republican and i think frankly there will be some extra seats to spare. >> ok. you just heard the grim stats that spending is at a record level. the obama administration is not
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cutting back. do you believe this country is going to go bankrupt? >> well, bankrupt in the sense that it won't pay its debts, no. it has taxing authority and it will pay its obligations. bankrupt in the sense that it's going to be totally upended by the amount of debt, absolutely. from the moment george washington took the oath of office until the moment barack obama took the oath of office, we borrowed $9 trillion. in the last 19 months, we borrowed 3.5 trillion more. what else do you need to know? >> that's what i'm saying. so i'm president obama and i'm sitting in the oval office and i'm seeing these stats come in. my own government states. these aren't independent think tanks. the census bureau, things like that. and i'm saying to myself, we're spending so much money now, we can't possibly pay $15 trillion back. that's how much we're going to owe at the end of 2010. we can't pay it back. it's impossible, all right? so we can't pay the money back.
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and we're relying on chinese investors, arab investors who buy u.s. treasury bonds and things like that. they pull the money out, don't tell me we can't go bankrupt. we can, morris. they start pulling the money out of it in u.s.a., we're done. >> well, they start pulling the money out, we start printing money and we pay ourselves back with the -- >> what happens to my savings if you start doing that? >> it gets wiped out. >> whatever circle you're making, it all comes back to the same thing. the country can't pay its debt. it can't. all right? now -- >> but the way to do it is if you get on television, barack obama, and you say, you know, it's true. i have to cut back my social justice programs. we have to start to trim everywhere, then people abroad and investors in the united states, wall street, they start to get more confident that the american economy is now going to be run responsibly.
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am i wrong about that? >> well, it would depend on the issue of taxes much more than on the issue of spending. foreign governments have very little confidence when u.s. government says i'm gonna cut spending because you can cut discretionary spending and then more people go on food stamps or unemployment or medicaid and your entitlement spending overwhelms the discretionary cuts. what's gonna happen is that obama is going to say i'm going to cut spending and i'll raise taxes. i'll meet you in the middle and the republicans will say no way. higher taxes will hurt the economy. they'll hurt revenue. you've got to have no new taxes and huge cuts in spending. and those are going to be the battle lines for 2011 and i predict there will be a government shutdown again. i predict the branches will be at loggerheads and the outcome of the 2012 election will hinge on who wins that battle of chicken? >> ok, so remember, morris is saying that the republicans will
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control both houses of congress. real quick, we have a poll here from gallup and it says, which organized religions support barack obama? protestant, 43%. catholics, 50%. jewish, 61%. muslims, 78%. so muslims still supporting the president. all of the others are down. what does that tell you? >> well, by the way, the muslims sample in that poll was 1,000 muslims so it's a very good sample. very accurate. of course, the muslims are less than 1% of the vote. so it's not politically significant. and the jews, the protestants, and the catholics all drop off at the same 20 points. the only group that has not dropped are blacks and, perhaps, also muslims. it shows that his policies are a raving success with 1% of the electorate. >> all right. now, last question. barack obama, i still contend is not a kool-aid drinker.
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he's got to see what's happening here. do you think he's going to change or moderate his stance at all? >> i think he will appear to moderate it because he's gonna say we have to cut spending and we have to raise taxes. and he's gonna say i'm a centrist. i'm a moderate. 50% higher taxes, 50% lower spending and let's balance the budget. that's what he's gonna say. the republicans will control congress, will come back and say, if you raise taxes, you're gonna mess up the economy even more and your spending is going to have to go up and that's what -- >> you do think he's -- >> that's the line of 2011. >> you think that president obama is at least going to verbally moderate his stance. ok, we'll see. >> you have to remember that -->> i got to go, morris. got to run. >> center of the future is the right of today. >> all right. next on the rundown, new york city mayor bloomberg says he does not want an investigation into the ground zero mosque financing. are you kidding me?
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>> nobodying mayor michael bloomberg has been a supporter of building the mosque near ground zero. mr. bloomberg has taken it a step further and doesn't want any scrutiny on who will pay for the mosque. >> it's a terrible precedent. you don't want them
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investigating donations to religious organizations and there's no reason for the government to do so. >> here's a reason. what if jihadists fund the mosque? a new poll by quinnipac says 71% of new yorkers want to know who is financing the project. just 22% do not. joining us from irvine, california, muhammad ali hassan, a muslim who actually campaigned for president bush. so you don't want -- you're with bloomberg. you don't want to know who is funding this mosque, right? >> well, ultimately, bill, yes, i'm with bloomberg and i think what we have to understand, we have to have more faith in the american system of accountability. the developer is going to be sending his taxes to the i.r. s. the cordoba initiative is going to be a nonprofit. they're found by law to put their revenues on line. make it transparent for all of the public to see. so i think we have to have faith in the treasury and the justice department. if they see something fishy in those nonprofit returns or in the personal returns, they will,
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in fact -- >> you're talking about apples and oranges now. let me pose this hypothetical question. what if iran decides to build a mosque, fund the mosque? are you ok with that? >> if i ran -- well, i'm going to have to -- apples and oranges again, are we talking about an organization from iran or talking about the -- >> talking about the iranian government sending the money to the developer to build the mosque, are you ok with that? >> no, we have sanctions on iran right now. and we need to honor those sanctions. >> but they do it through a swiss corporation and do it through a mosque in london, england. come on, you know what i'm talking about. are you ok with iranian money building that structure? yes or no? >> no, i'm not ok with that. >> fine. you and i are on common ground. we have to get mayor bloomberg into the real world. so that's the thrust of any investigation, where is the money coming from? is it coming from wahabists in saudi arabia who are going to have a radical line in that
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mosque? is it coming from there? the american people have a right to know who is funding these organizations and these buildings because we are at war with radical islamists. simple as that. >> bill, i guess i'm gonna disagree. again, we have to have faith in our american system of accountability. >> trust but verify, who said that? >> you have no conclusive evidence. >> ronald reagan. >> i have no evidence that anything is happening. all i want -- >> you have no conclusive evidence. >> i have no -- >> no, bill. i have no evidence that anything -- >> what evidence do you have -- what evidence do you have that iran is going to fund it? >> i just told you. i have no evidence. this is the fourth time. >> how can you pursue an investigation? >> i don't want to pursue anything. i don't want to pursue -- here's what i want. >> you're doing an investigation based on guilt by association. >> here's what i want. >> let me be real clear. what i want is if these pinheads down there get the money to
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build a structure, i want them to have a press conference and say here's who gave me the money. you object to that? >> well, bill, they're a nonprofit. >> i don't care what they are. i don't care what they are. i want to know who gave them the money to build the structure. are you ok with that? >> you need to understand nonprofits in america have to disclose all their funding. >> so you agree with me they should come right out and say, here's who gave us the money. here's how much it is. here's the list. bloomberg doesn't want that. bloomberg says hey, we shouldn't even ask these questions because it's just untoward. that's what bloomberg is saying. and how do you get around the fact that 71% of new yorkers disagree with the mayor? 71%. >> you get around that fact because we're guided by a constitution, not by poll numbers. >> now we're back on the constitution. constitution said we should know who has money building stuff? that doesn't -- no, it sdenlt. >> yeah, the constitution
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doesn't say we should be guided by emotional poll numbers. we have to ask the question, what is the right thing to do? the right thing is to allow these people their right to worship, right to private property and their right to security and right to privacy and i suggest you sit down and wait and be patient. if there's something fishy, the treasury or the justice department will take care of it. have faith in the government, the same government that couldn't protect us on 9/11. sorry, mr. hassan, not buying it. >> you have no conclusive evidence to do an investigation. >> fifth time. i don't have any evidence about anything. i want to know -- i want to know who is financing that building. mr. hassan, appreciate you coming in, lively debate. directly ahead, are american muslims in danger? are they the target of bias crimes?
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> >> the mosque controversy has brought emotions to the surface and some fear that american muslims might become tarpths of bias. in 2008, religious bias crimes against muslims in america comprise just 7.7% of the entire total. by contrast, 65.7 of the bias crimes directed towards jews. with us now, the culture warriors, attorney tamara holder in tonight and fox friends co-anchor gretchen carlson. so i think the statistic is surprising to almost everybody, right? >> very surprising. you probably haven't heard a lot about it. >> no. i mean, the fact that 7.7% of the hate crimes in 2008 were against muslims and 65.7% against the jews? >> there are more jewish-americans than muslim-americans but not aappreciably. >> so you ask why? because the overwhelming sentiment in america is not
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anti-muslim. >> but is it anti-semitic? >> well, apparently it is according to these stats. >> do you know why? we were attacked by fanatical jihadists. jews haven't done anything to us. why are people not venting on muslims? >> i don't know but i think a lot has to do with the news reporting since 9/11 so we have a hate crime against the muslim cab driver, we have a lot of news about that. that's one isolated incident. >> yeah, but i don't begrudge the immediate wmedia for that, this controversy and the new york city cab driver got stabbed by the nut. it had nothing to do with politics, by the way. the guy was a far left guy. what do you think? is it bias crimes against muslims so low in america when emotions are high. people don't like the jihadists and they're picking on the jews, for what reason? >> i think there's been a trend since world war ii against an anti-jewish trend, the holocaust and all that has transferred over into america. >> why? how? >> well, because jews have been hated for many, many years for
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-- >> usually in europe, not in the united states. >> correct but we do have, you know, the k.k.k., we have all of these people in the country who are anti-jewish. >> you know, i don't know, i have to say i'm a wise guy and i usually know everything. i have no -- i was very, very surprised. >> i think there's another reason. i think that the muslims don't know or didn't know how to report the crimes before. and maybe they were dealing with it and now all of a sudden, they are coming out and they can say hey, wait a second, we do not have to put up with this anti-muslim sentiment. >> but there isn't any anti-muslim sentiment. if you look at stats, 7%. >> that was in 2008 but the stats say there has been a spike, there has been a spike since 2008. they dropped between 75%, stats say they've dropped 75% from 2001 to 2008 but now they've seen a dramatic spike. >> who's they? i don't have those stats. do you have those stats? >> i do have those stats. >> that's a leap of faith to say that muslims are now --
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>> where does that came from? >> from care, a muslim institute. >> come on, tamara. >> i'm not going to trust anything coming from there. >> come on, we have to go with the stats, not some, you know, lobbyist group. >> they do their own reporting. do their own papers. >> it's an interesting thing for you guys to know about it. i don't know why. carlson doesn't know why and holder doesn't know why. ok. now, we have this little thing going on in -- where is this? the bikini. >> warsaw, ohio. >> warsaw, ohio. ok, here's the deal. some ladies who work in a strip club don't like a fundamentalist church because the church takes license plate numbers and inhibits their business. so they're protesting, right? let me see some of the protest pictures. there they are. they sit outside the church, these ladies and say look, if you're gonna give us a hard time, then we're going to come over and give you a hard time and what do you say about this, carlson? >> i say that the church, if they have a problem with this legal business, a strip joint is a legal business in america,
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that they can do their good works without protesting and taking pictures of license plates. i think the church is the first one to do that. >> you think the church is wrong for that. are these ladies -- is this a legitimate protest or are they hot shotting it? >> i feel like an eye for an eye to use a religious term. >> you're on the side of the ladies? >> no, i don't think either one of the groups should be doing the protest. >> you're not criticizing the ladies. >> i'm not. >> but you are criticizing the church. >> no, no. >> yes, yes. >> the church started this. if the church wants to do good work. >> we don't have time for philosophy on this program. you know this. we are very shallow. >> sorry, i'm deep. >> you criticized the church but didn't criticize the ladies. >> i agree with gretchen on this one. i have more stats with you, by the way. >> from care, right? >> yes. arabs gave me this statistic. >> of course they did! >> on strip clubs. >> on strip clubs. >> yes! >> let me just say this will be the first time ever that you have accused me of criticizing
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the church because i'm usually defending the church. >> is the church wrong in this thing? >> absolutely. >> are the ladies wrong for replying this way? >> not necessarily wrong. i think it's a waste of their time. they need to go back and work, one of the women said they can only make -- >> 10:00 in the morning. you know. >> if you look at the proesing it, they were in t-shirts and jeans. they're not out there in the strip club attire. >> no. i mean, that's -- you don't want that on the front lawn of your church, tamara. come on! >> why can't the church do the good deeds of the church and -- >> don't ask me. i don't have anything to do with the church. >> you said don't get philosophical. i'm going to in a moment. why don't the church members go and meet with them in private. >> and have a little -- >> i like that. well, perfect. >> we'll all get together. >> kumbaya. >> i'll send you out there to do that and get everybody together. all right, ladies. thanks very much. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this
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evening. barney frank wants you to be free to get high. we'll have a report on that. and dennis miller flying high. he has comments on al sharpton's criticism of glenn beck. we hope you stapú
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>> this coming weekend marks the 40th anniversary of geraldo rivera's journalistic career for decades of causing trouble but tonight, we have this for mr. rivera the state department has september the u.n. a report that supports the anti-alien law as a possible human rights problem even though there are no cases, none of abuse on the books right now. governor of arizona is furious. here's geraldo to analyze. i asked you to do this, not to debate the law. but both you and i have seen the worst of the world. we are the last lions, ok? nobody coming up behind us has done that because the networks won't pay anymore.
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they won't pay to send people all over the world. i've been to 75 countries. you've been probably to more, right? >> most of them. >> we have seen atrocities that are just indescribable. in africa, southeast asia, central and south america and still go on today and they, hillary clinton and the state department has the nerve to send arizona to the u.n. as an example of a human rights violation. >> let me click off our various responses. i oppose the law. most latinos oppose the law. that's not really the issue. issue is as you characterize it, a substantive issue compared to what? yes, i believe that arizona has taken a step that will offend and lead to racial profiling. that is not the slaughter of babies. that is not the closing of religious institutions. that is not the genocide that has happened in so many corners of the earth and sometimes i wonder if liberals and i love
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former senator clinton, now secretary of state clinton, her sensibilities generally are in sync to mine. once you reach out to a group like the united nations and say it's almost as if they were stretching to find something controversial enough so that we can include ourselves so we're not all pointing the finger at the other guy. full stop, what are the implications of what they've done? this is another example of like when the president bowed to the emperor like when he held the saudi king's hand and really tried very much to say the united states has some things to answer for that he is and tends to be politically tone deaf when it comes to how sensitive americans are about how we are portrayed internationally. and here again, he has fueled the -- the -- he has provided fodder for his critics to say see, he's not a patriot. he doesn't put america first. he's the first one who was an international -- >> see, the folks have a legitimate beef because there is
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no moral equivalency to the arizona law. parts of which are in effect right now and there isn't one case on the books yet of any racial profiling and bias, ok? there's no racial -- there's no more equivalency of that to iran beheading or stoning to death women or the taliban massacring people or the mexican drug cartel shooting 72 people to death. just 100 miles south of texas. >> i -- as much as it irks me to agree with you. >> of course it does. of course! >> there is -- the moral equivalent and p.s. as annoying as it is that puerto rican birth certificates are not being accepted for stateside driver's licenses despite the fact that puerto ricans are citizens of the united states and as annoying as it is my own son when he is stopped by a traffic officer is asked where he comes from, putting that annoyance aside, putting aside the issue
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of insidious racial profiling, you're obviously correct. the united states is the best country on earth. we treat our citizens with more equality than any country that exists and for the state department to essentially play -- play the part of the -- of the credit ishg of american human rights is, i think, unfortunate. >> all right, now, this weekend, big celebration? >> i do. i do. you talk about the happy warriors and, you know, there are a few in our generation really who still exist. and we did have -- we did have something that the younger guys coming, the men and women coming behind us don't have. we had access to the four corners of the world. i also and i want people to stress, i'm just not going to talk about geraldo rivera reporting. here is muhammad ali and having met all the pop culture icons of four decades, john travolta, you know, free scientology and all the rest of it, you know, just staying alive and trying to rock out. "star trek" obviously and all the fun that we had being
5:35 am
vulcans and watching my hair styles grow over the ages, watching my mustache either wax or wane, you can tell the history of america just watching my personal grooming. and one of the things that i have to stress is that regardless of what my hair do happens to be or where i work and it's been nine great years here at fox and i hope it goes nine more, you know, if i can live that long, the audience has stayed with me and as with you, and that is the ultimate testament, you know. that's the ultimate justification or -- >> two long island guys like rivera and me can do it, you know. we'll be watching this weekend. great clips coming up. be sure to check out geraldo's book "the great progression" which comes out in paperback next week. when we come right back, dennis miller will comment on what geraldo said about the arizona deal and also on al sharpton's criticism of glenn beck and his washington rally. miller is next.
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>> thanks for staying with us fortunately i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, we'll go to the sage of southern california that joins us now from los angeles. i'm really upset about this arizona u.n. state department deal. i just think it's so insulting to this country and the obama administration needs to wise up fast. how do you see it? >> well, first off, i want to congratulate our friend geraldo. i had forgotten when he used to be tony orlando in those clips. >> you forgot? >> and dawn, i believe, will be on the special on saturday night. >> great and they had the sound on, i couldn't quite make it out. why did he have the prince charles ear on? was he in england for a second or something? >> no, it was the "star trek" thing. not prince charles. >> i had no idea. >> like a -- >> billy, can everybody at arizona hit the border, can the
5:40 am
state department cool out and not see traffic stops as crystal knocks? for god's sakes, this is some sort of jason blair scenario where somewhere down the road, a rogue cop will pull somebody over hypothetically that might be here legal, write him a ticket and ask him for a driver's license. if they don't produce it, tell them they have to produce it eventually and all of a sudden, we're with machetes coming in. you know, america's new guilty pleasure is guilt and give the nut bags in the mideast this when they self-tillry themselves, at least they use a chain and draw blood. we're a little more mincing about it over here. >> now, do you agree with geraldo that the reason the obama administration does this is to curry favor with people overseas? >> it's either that or the obama administration has a wire laid over in his head that makes him do the exact opposite of what it wants to do. so i'll go with the former thing, i guess but all i know is
5:41 am
this. somewhere along the line, the united nations rotated out there, you know, human rights commission and libya chaired it for a while. >> libya. >> that's like giving a nobel peace prize to arafat. at some point, they just lost all serious nature back there. i'm not even sure the united states is going to read this. they're too busy with legislators trying to ascribe emeritus status to ilducci. apologizing to the united nations for human rights violations in this country? the only country like one of five that is it still playing by any set of rules in the universe? it's embarrassing, what america has come to. it's embarrassing. >> i really think this is awful. now, you know about the glenn beck big rally on last saturday. and then al sharpton comes on "the factor" yesterday -- no, yeah, monday. monday. and says this -- go. >> what was disgraceful about that? >> the blacks, whites, latinos
5:42 am
and asians that were marching into us, i did not want them to get into any kind of back and forward. >> they are trying to disgrace our day. what does that mean? >> they would try to provoke a confrontation, look at this -- >> but nobody did. you got 300,000, 400,000 out there, nobody provoked anything. >> i'm glad they didn't and no one from our side provoked anything. >> why would you say that? >> i was afraid if i didn't say that, with a lot of our students there and someone said something that was in any way against what we were marching for, that they would -- >> you wanted to pre-empt any hostility? that's what you said. >> i'm supposed to buy that? >> are you buying that, miller? >> that was my favorite moment in the interview when you went out and played all that line, and you said am i supposed to buy that? he doesn't need a snow shovel to scoop that up. he needed a zamboni machine because he's really shovelling it, the reverend. someone remind me, what am i
5:43 am
revering al sharpton about again? the simple fact is you have to play sharpton's answers before he answers the next question. now, forget his last appearance, everybody changes it up between appearances, you now have to play his previous answer to him before he answers the next thing. he can't even remember how many balls he's got juggling up in the air. you know something, beck should throw them all a curve right now, all these hateers and convert to islam. nobody could go after him. it would be absolutely beautiful. >> all right. now, you -- you're an nfl fan as am i and football starts pretty soon. pro football and i am very worried and i'm not being facetious here. these guys are going down at a record rate. injuries, i mean, they're 800 pounds now. they do the 100 dash in 12 flat and they're 730 pounds. they can't survive. at the end of the season, these guys are like the polish army after the soviets invaded. you know, i mean, they're just done and i'm just thinking it's way, way out of control.
5:44 am
am i wrong? >> well, the physics to the game aren't quite adding up, are they, billy? it's funny, when you watch baseball, 60.6 from the mound, the home seems to work 90 feet. you don't see guys getting freakish singles, you know, where it's hit right at the shortstop and they still beat it. the physics still work. the nfl, the physics might not be working. it's like too much adhesion now between the shoe and the bulk and the speed, it's like a high speed snooker table. there's a lot of concusssive stuff going on out there. that being said, i'd rather go down on my shield in a game that mattered if i was one of these guys and i got paid for than one of these preseason games where it doesn't matter and i would say this. if the league does go to an 18th game, they ought to take heavy profits off for those two extra games and invest it into all dirt and grass fields so we can break down some of this concusssive force and put them on natural surfaces before they're meant to be. if it rains it turns into a slippery mess and i think that they -- they at least owe it to the players to do that, to get
5:45 am
off these surfaces that are from the jetsons. >> all right. but it's getting really brutal out there. it's a great game. >> you know why you and i don't play it. that's why you and i don't play it. >> i used to. look at my fingers here, i used to play it. my fingers were all over the place. i was a quarterback and all that. i'm worried about the level of injury, head injuries and all that. dennis miller, everybody. a town in oregon says no to the fourth of july but yes to mexican independence day. get to the bottom of it moments away. [
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>> back to the segment, did you see that? 42% answered yes and then went immediately for brownies.
5:49 am
and what are the big legalization pot guys on capitol hill is congressman barney frank. >> smoking marijuana. we go around chasing people. >> ok. >> smoking marijuana is essentially legal now. you can get it anywhere and if you get caught, it's the most miserable -- >> let's make it legal. >> the trouble is when you make it legal, no, no, when you make it legal, you now have philip morris and all the big tobacco companies say hey, kids. right now, anybody that wants to smoke can smoke. >> very unfair to the police officers who have a tough enough job. i don't want to stay to the cop we're saying it's illegal but wink at it. there's an element of racial discrimination in the way it's enforced and it costs us money. >> here to analyze, fox news juliet huddy. i'm with leno on this. you legalize it and send a message to the kids. come on in and get stoned. i know about the booze. i know about the beer. i know about all that stuff. do you want to compound the problem and you say?
5:50 am
>> as barney frank said, i don't believe i'm backing him up, there's a point to it. people who smoke pot don't have a scarlet m or p on it. >> if they want to do it in their basement, i don't care. >> the concerns are a myriad. is it a gateway drug? will the drug lords go some place else if it's legalized will they go to another country? >> yeah, another methamphetamine. >> that's the big concern. frankly, i think it is -- it is starting to -- the waters are starting to blur a little bit there. >> that's what happens when you smoke marijuana, everything blurs. >> i wouldn't know. >> would you predict that americans will five years from now say yeah, we want it. >> i kind of think it's leaning that way. >> barney frank stays in office, i think it's a better chance. >> yeah. i mean, have you been out to -- i know you like to hang out in the venice boardwalk a lot and go to muscle beach and all that stuff. have you noticed that they have these basically medicinal marijuana little storefronts? pretty much anybody -- >> anybody can get it. >> isn't that basically
5:51 am
legalizeing it? >> children can't. you have to be 18. now we have an interesting situation in oregon. >> this is awesome. >> beaverton which is the home of nike. nice place to live. they don't have an official fourth of july celebration but they do have a celebration for the mexican independence day. roll tape. >> how dare you celebrate mexico's independence and not celebrate america's independence. how dare you. >> because american independence has now gone from being a federal holiday and it has now seeped into -- >> what do you mean seeped into -- >> like it oozed in there. >> right. >> you didn't think thiwas a local holiday in communities around america since the beginning? >> people -- some cities do have parades, some large cities have parades. >> why doesn't beaverton celebrate america first and mexico never? >> the councilwoman on the
5:52 am
radio. >> got to love lars. >> that's embarrassing for beaverton, correct? >> they're spending $5,000 to have this mexican independence day festival and basically, the city council. we called the city council members and shockingly, they didn't return our calls. the public information officer did call us two minutes before i walked out here and i've got to a statement but i can't even read it because i don't have my glasses. i'm guessing they're probably saying look, this is going to be bringing. it's inclusion and bringing the hispanic community together. >> what about the fourth of july? they don't have anything in beaverton. >> they have nothing and lars appropriately asking, are you planning on having any fourth of july celebrations. she said no, later on, she said maybe. but i think it's really interesting there's a large guatemalan section there. >> yeah. >> are they going to have the guatemalan, you know, happy days celebrati celebration? >> i don't know, if beaverton wants to have mexican independence day, i don't care. if they want to have guatemalan, i don't care. go ahead. to ignore the fourth of july and have the others makes beaverton
5:53 am
look like a pinhead. >> and that's right. >> juliet huddy, everybody. pinheads and patriots on deck. starring white house guy major garrett. right back. (announcer) energy security. climate protection. challenges as vast as the space race a generation ago. and tal to global security. to reach this destination, our engineers are exploring everyossibility. from energy efficiency to climate monitoring. securing our nations clean energyuture is all a question of how. and it is the how that will make all the difference.
5:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots centering major garrett in a moment. sales are done, forget about it
5:55 am
. we hope you like it. and we hope you consider signing up for a eat full. it seems the president is losing his flair. i think highs exhausted mentally. . goes to persuasion, the president must rally people to his cause. susan styles, i thought president obama's speech was good. i think he must have been watching glenn beck's rally. elizabeth: the arizona law is a watered down verse of the federal law. if secretary of state clinton is putting a violation of human rights category on it, what does that say about the
5:56 am
federal law? brilliant point elizabeth. signed copy of bold fresh on the way. ron. in the case of the arkansas man arrested for calling police nazis. you can beat the rap but you can beat the ride. whatever happens that loud mouth went to jail. keith: bill, i watch the factor but it comes on at one in the morning can you use your clout to get it on earlier? which i could 8 and 11 eastern time is when the satellite gets it, beams everybody at the same time. brook: my mom says it is time for me to go back-to-school because i'm watching too much factor. i'd love to have a copy of bold fresh signed to show my classmates. you got it. tell year mom you can never, ever watch too much factor. >> my mom is 86 and thinks you are the best.
5:57 am
watching you has helped her stay so sharp. warwick: the o'reilly course is well charred, spin-free but not for the faint harded. as we tune in each day we can truthfully say he's as bold and fresh as he started. whoa! excellent warwick coming your way downunder. finally pinheads and patriots. last week we bad news major garrett is going back to print journalism. he's been excellent for us. honest and asks good questions and presents complicated matters in a precise way. also a fair guy. you cannot ask more from a correspondent than that. major garrett is a patriot and he will be missed. on the pinheads and patriots front, cnn is launching yet another program to compete with the factor at 8 p.m.. co-anchor will be columnist kathleen parker who said this about glenn beck's rally last
5:58 am
saturday: beck is right about many things tends of thousands joined him in washington and watch each night for a reason. but he's also messianic and betrays the grandiosity of the addict. let's hope glen gets well soon that is an unbelievable cheap shot by miss parker who should be an shaped of herself. garbage like that does not belong in any american newspaper. she is a pinhead. you know, i'm sorry, but this happened to me, you guys know that. all of this personal garbage that beck is now getting, happened to me. i'm gonna watch his back. it is disgusting. that is it for us tonight please check out the fox news factor website which is different from name a town if you wish to opine. the word of the day did not be
5:59 am
a nimrod not the biblical reference. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right h >> good morning, everyone. today is thursday, september 2, 2010. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. look at this. mandatory evacuations except for that guy in the surf ordered along parts of the east coast. hurricane earl headed our way and it's packing 140-mile-an-hour punch. the storm growing in the latest satellite images from space. >> all right. a bizarre hour's long hostage situation on the discovery channel. in that building. now we know the gunman's extreme environment environmentalist views mav


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