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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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republican joe miller, alaskan senate candidate. see you then. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> we're bringing about change and progress is going to come. but you got to stick with me. you can't lose heart. >> some thought president obama would move toward the center because of his falling poll numbers. but he's actually moving further left. dick morris and didi myers will analyze. >> the republican party now is a bunch of religious lunatics. >> bill maher does not like conservatives. tonight, we'll challenge him in a raucous interview. >> if you can't see the extremism on both sides, i'm flabbergasted. >> ahead, dennis miller on rahm emanuel and president clinton's christianity. >> i am getting sick of being hassled by the man! >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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"the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. progressive values, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a few months ago on this broadcast we had a debate on whether president obama would move to the center in light of his falling poll numbers. well, that question has now been answered. mr. obama is not moving to the center. he's moving further left. recently, the term progressive values has been used more and more by the president's allies in the media and on capitol hill. so what exactly are progressive values? well, the overarch is big government. mr. obama firmly believes he can change american society for the better by regulating capitalism and taxation through big government mandates. the president is a true believer. he sees american society as somewhat unjust. that the rich have too much and that working americans don't have a level playing field. so the president is committed to
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changing that system and he doesn't seem to care whether his policies are popular or not. now, whether you agree or disagree with the president, you have to admire his stand on principle. unfortunately, i believe those progressive principles will lead the country to disaster. so let's get specific. progressives often see america as a bully too big, too powerful, too aggressive. progressives want open immigration. they want a foreign policy based upon peace, at pretty much any price and they want the government to provide things like housing, health care, decent food and even cash to those who cannot or will not earn a decent living. now, that's the heart of the progressive philosophy. if you understand american history, however, you know that goes against how this country has traditionally been managed. the founding fathers set up a competitive society where individual freedom, not government oversight was paramount. mr. obama apparently believes that individual freedom has led to an unjust society. this is apparently yesterday in
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his rousing speech at the university of wisconsin. >> slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs, they weren't sure when slavery would end but they understand it was going to end. when women were out there marching for the right to vote, they weren't sure when it was going to happen but they kept on going! when workers were organizing for the right to organize, and were being intimidated, they weren't sure when change was going to come but they knew it was going to come and i'm telling you, wisconsin, we are bringing about change and progress is gonna come but you got to stick with me. you can't lose heart. >> now, that is the president's rallying cry going into the november elections, that he will bring about social justice. that's the code for change. we just have to be patient. problem is social justice will most likely bankrupt the united states. we simply cannot afford this society mr. obama envisions. in a perfect world, everyone would have a nice house, good food, a good education. progressives believe that vision can become reality if only a huge magnificent government
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would impose the dream. and it looks like mr. obama is going to try. and that's the memo. now for top story tonight, reaction with us, former press secretary to president clinton and now a democratic consultant. first of all, am i making my mistakes in defining progressive values? >> yeah, i think you're giving the right wing caricature. the conservative caricature. >> so specifically where did i go wrong? >> because progressivism is a big tent as is conservativism. it's hard to say everybody fits within that. the most important progressive value is creating a fairer society. >> i was right on that one. >> ok. >> that's one i was right on. >> because the united states, the american dream was one of fairness where everybody had equal opportunity, not necessarily equal outcome. >> that was always a myth, never a reality. equal opportunity is impossible to impose. >> isn't that something worth striving for? >> it sure is. my overarch that social justice is a centerpiece of progressive values is true. but you said that the caricature in the conservative way. where am i going wrong? i want specifically where am i
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going wrong? >> open immigration, peace at all costs, that the government should give you housing and health care and food, i don't think those are progressive values at all. >> you really don't? >> no. >> all the polls say that 20% of americans who define themselves as liberals are adamantly opposed to, say, taking action against iran over the nukes. they're adamantly opposed to any kind of restrictions on the southern border to stop illegal aliens coming through so i'm just extrapolating what they believe into this vision. >> that's 20%, i don't think you can say that defines a progressive. >> it has to. >> and i think that progressives believe we need to honor that tradition, there should be fair, transparent laws that regulate immigration and not people that don't look the way we're supposed to look. >> it was fair in 1986 and other times in the country was on it. >> you're agreeing with me. i'm saying that's what you guys want and then you're telling me, i'm -- it's a caricature. >> it is a caricature. >> you want amnesty for illegal aliens here. that's what the progressives want. >> no, i think most americans
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want a solution to the 11 million illegal immigrants that are here. >> but progressives want amnesty. progressives don't want action against iran. progressives want this big entitlement culture health care for 40 million people that can't ford it. that's what you want. >> yeah, again, i think you're oversimplifying. these are complicated issues. >> i always do that. you know me. >> yes, of course. >> that's how i make a living doing it. >> one of the biggest differences, i think, between progressives and conservatives, the conservatives and this is -- i think this is an honest and not a knock want a simple black and white solutions, answers to questions and i think progressives like to revel in complexity and that makes -- >> it's a matter of leadership. problems have to be solved. let's take you back to the clinton administration. he got into his trouble in the first term as obama is getting into trouble in the polls but bill clinton and dick morris is coming behind you and he was an architect at this. you were out of the white house when he started. he moved to the center. clinton moved to the center. obama is basically saying and i kind of admire this from obama.
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i'm not moving to the center. i'm going to stay hard left. i'm going to tell you that my policies will make the country better. you just have to be patient but i'm telling you, i think he's going to get whacked in november with that stance. >> i think certainly we're going to see some democratic losses in congress and in governorships. >> do you agree with me that obama is not moving to the center? >> i think he's staying where he's been all along. that's one of his great strengths. he has a program and he has some values and he's sticking to them. >> philosophically you're right. >> right. >> but practically speaking, the american public basically says we don't like what you're doing. it's not working. >> well, there's certainly some disappointment in health care and i think the administration needs to continue to work harder to frame that issue better, i don't think most -- most of the benefits, it's all about money. and by the way, we're still at 9.6% unemployment and i think that's obama's biggest problem, by the way. because i think there's a lot of problems and presidents would be more popular. >> the biggest problem in
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addition to the joblessness is he ran up last year, fiscal 2009, a $1.2 trillion deficit. biggest deficit in the history of the country by far. i'll talk to bill maher about that. we don't have a lot to show for it. he's basically at the university of wisconsin. of course, that's his folks. his crew out there saying just give me more time. and i don't think the american people are going to give him more time. >> you know, we are not a patient people. we want our ice cream and to lose weight at the same time. >> wouldn't it be better for him to move to the center. >> i think it would be better if he frames his arguments and consistent with the american people on here. understand the middle class has gotten shafted in last decade. we see the gap between the richest people and the working people in this country is greater than it's ever been. how are those conservative policies working out for you now? they understand they can't afford health care. commodity for wealthy people.
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>> but it's complicated and here's where the president loses the crowd. the mosque. a simple issue. a simple issue. where all he had to say is yeah, he had a right to build it but probably not a good thing to do, it's inappropriate. he wouldn't say it so on a complicated issues, there are two sides to the story. when the folks do stuff like that, a simple issue, he loses them. >> i think it's more important for him to frame economic issues and i think saying, you know, i think by focusing on issues like tax cuts. tax cuts should be extended for people making $250,000 a year or less. >> people aren't buying it, though. >> yes, they are. no, that's a very effective issue for democrats. >> he wouldn't be 42% in the new cbs poll. >> if unemployment wasn't at 9.6%, he wouldn't be at 42%. it's an effective issue for him. progressive values, i think the president going to do better and the party is going to do better than predicting right now. i know dick morris will blow me
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out of the water on this. >> you know morris is a big mouth. we have to get him on here. next on the rundown, morris will reply to the progressive values situation and bill maher is a progressive and doesn't much like if you're a conservative.ñ÷
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>> president clinton and what numbers and what programs and what values were hard for him to talk about. we did some very good polling and we tried to figure out what are progressive values?
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and we came up with three key ones. and this is in value language. opportunity for all. which assumes things like affirmative action and -- >> that would be a conservative value as well. >> yeah, but these were values where most people felt the democrats were better than the republicans. >> all right. >> opportunity for all. honoring your father and mother. >> what does that mean? >> it means some medicare, social security. >> health for the elderly. >> yes. >> and embodying values that most americans share. which means being inclusive on abortion and on gays and on all kinds of stuff rather than right-wing harsh values. and those were things -- what we did is we made a list of about 20 values and we said who's better on this? democrats or republicans? and these were the three that democrats did best on. >> it's more from -- this was in, what, 1994 you were doing this. >> 1995, yes.
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>> so now we're 15 years later. >> and it's different. >> yeah. >> but that's the point. that's exactly the point. that's why obama is losing because you go through those three values and embodying the values that most americans share, that doesn't include a mosque. at ground zero. honoring your father and mother, doesn't include a $500 billion cut in medicare. opportunity for all, that doesn't include a 9.6% unemployment rate. >> or suing the state of arizona. >> yeah. so the problem that obama faces which it can be directly explained here, that back in 1995, people said yeah, the democrats are better on that stuff. now they wouldn't and that is the reason the republican party is winning. >> but he has made a decision, he being president obama, he's made a decision, he could have gone to the center. not hard to too that, all right? he could have said ladies and gentlemen, that mosque deal, not right. but they have a right to build it but me, the president, i'm sensitive to the feelings of the
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families and i'm going to ask them politely to move it a few blocks away. he wouldn't. so i'm seeing a guy and i respect this because i like men of principle no matter what ideology they're in. who just saying look, i don't care, if i'm re-elected or not. i'm going to do this. if it doesn't work, i'm going down in flames. >> at last we have a president that says what he believes regardless of the poll numbers. >> you agree with me? >> i'm stating that as a fact. the last time we had a president that said what he believed regardless of poll numbers, we spent eight years in vietnam. >> reagan did. >> you're right. >> repeat that again, you're right. >> you're right. >> reagan didn't flip-flop either and that's why americans grew to respect him. >> liberal that said what he believed without looking at poll numbers. >> but president obama is now going out and he's in full campaign mode. the jacket is gone. expensive jacket is off. he's in madison, wisconsin. i mean, where better except the
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square in san francisco do you go for your crew. >> he's making a huge gamble and i think it's a mistake. but we have to understand the magnitude of the gamble. he had a choice. you're right. move to the center or move to the left. he's choosing to move to the left to hype the turnout. he's betting while he'll alienate more and more voters in the center and he won't look presidential, and his ratings will go down, that he can rally young people and minorities to come out to vote and that, therefore, it's good for him. >> so you're going to say it's going to work. >> i think that's not going to work. i think it's a big mistake and reminds me very much of a conversation i had with bill clinton right before the 1994 election when he got clobbered. week or 10 days before, he called me and said where should i go campaign? which districts? and i said you shouldn't campaign because when you do you're not looking presidential. and he said but you don't realize, my ratings are 10
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points higher now because i just signed the peace deal between jordan and israel. and now i can go some place and really help people. and i said you're not going to look presidential and your ratings are going to drop and you'll be hurting the people you're campaigning for. and i believed that the person that i saw on tv just now from wisconsin, those film clips, does not look like a president of the united states. he looks like a rebel rouser. and while he will succeed in raising some support on the left in generating a turnout, he will alienate the center and he will hurt the candidates rather than help them. >> so you're predicting a big republican win, then. >> by the way, on my web site, every day i have a blog about the election and i address that. >> check it out. we'll see you next week and take a hard look at the election next week and all the races with morris. directly ahead, bill maher does not like you if you're conservative or religious.
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maher will b
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>> and in the impact statement tonight as we've been reporting president obama is mounting a counteroffensive to try to boost the standing in the job approval polls. they are rooting for him and one of those supporters is bill maher whom i talked with yesterday. >> so maher why do you think president obama is having so much trouble in the job approval polls? what's driving him down? >> well, first of all, he's not having that much trouble historically. he's about where clinton and reagan or a little higher than where they were in their first administration. but it's partly the fault of the opposition. there's a lot of disinformation
5:22 am
out there. i'm not saying where it comes from. and the lion's share of the fault goes to the democrats. did you not brag about their accomplishment? >> but there's something more in play here, i think and i just wondered if you had noticed anything about the president's presentation or the way he goes about his job that you might point to? >> well, obviously, people think he's a little bloodless. i happened to like that in a president. i like a president that uses his brain and not his faith or his heart or his gut as the former president did. i kind of like that in our president. but, you know, again, they don't brag about their accomplishments and when you down play the economy, all of the dissatisfaction with him is about the economy. because a lot of it is racially -- >> you think it's racially? you're on that bandwagon of if you don't like him, you're a racist and you can't be there. maher, that's not you. you can't be there. >> oh, so you don't think it's racially involved at all?
5:23 am
>> you know, he was elected by 53% of the public and when he took office, his approval was over 70%. come on. come on! >> but bill, but bill, just for example, the tea bagers, the ones that are so upset about the debt. most of the debt came from bush. that's just a fact. and under bush, cheney said it, deficits don't matter. nobody was angry about the deficit when it was president bush. >> they didn't know about it. look, president obama has spent more money -- >> they didn't know about it? >> no. >> it waensn't a big issue as is now. he's the biggest spending president in the history of the republic, maher. you got to know that, man! >> well, first of all, that's not -- that's not a true statement. he's not the biggest spender. bush was the biggest spender. >> no, obama is the biggest -- his budget is bigger than bush's budget. >> most -- most of the money that has been sent has been trying to dig us out of the hole that bush put us in. >> we're running up trillion
5:24 am
dollars of debt. we got obama care that will add more to that and i'm not any better off and the economy is not any better off so it's all a waste. he's not doing it. and i'm not saying that's the right point of view. i'm saying that's what's inside many americans' brains. >> people are patient, of course. economies take a while to turn around. not this one, not the former one, not ronald reagan. >> the reality of the situation now, you have a president that you like. i think you support obama still, ok? we have him on the rocks now. he's going to lose the house probably -- maybe lose the senate. therefore, he's going to lose his power except for veto. there's a reason why. it's not that americans are racist. it's not that americans are impatient. it's that they want after almost two years some improvement and we haven't seen it. >> well, we've seen a lot of improvement. we stopped torturing people. we can have stem cell research
5:25 am
again. health care, you know, people can't be thrown out of a hospital. kids can stay on their parents' rolls until they're 26. >> all right. and those -- >> you can't throw a child off for pre-existing conditions. >> i'm not saying there haven't been any good things that the president has done but you're wrong about the torture deal, by the way. the obama administration does practice rendition and you know that people -- >> yeah, they too. you're right. >> that's off the charts. ok. let's go into the final part of the argument here. do you believe that conservative individuals are just bad people? are they just nasty people? racist people? the tea party, all terrible? i mean is that what your -- is that your outlook? >> no, not entirely. people are individuals. but i think in general, yes, they're more selfish and they're more likely to advocate policies that serve their own interest and don't think anybody else.
5:26 am
>> you were, when i first met you and doing the abc show, not nearly as liberal as you are today. how did that happen? >> well, the -- the country changed. >> you didn't change. the country changed. >> basically, yes. i mean, at some point in the last 20 years, the left moved to the center and the right moved into a mental institution. i mean, there used to be ideological differences that were understandable and there used to be moderate republicans. that has gone away. i mean, the republican party now is just a bunch of religious lunatics, flat earthers and civil war re-enactors so i don't think it was me that changed so much. >> ok, you're in with the all american crew like michael moore and these guys who just love their country and come on, look. if you can't see the extremism on both sides, i'm flabbergasted. >> there really isn't extremism on both sides. that's a kenard. there's not that much extremism.
5:27 am
there is some but not -- nothing to talk about. not really. there's no movement like the tea party movement. >> all right. >> so move on -- move on, l.a. coast, those people there are just normal kind of people. >> yeah, they are normal kind of people. >> all right. >> you think liberals are not normal people? >> i don't say liberals were that's a far left crew. tomorrow, we'll have part two of the interview where maher says you are a dunce if you believe in god. got to love him. by the way, we'll post the entire maher interview, all 20 minutes of it after tomorrow's newscast unedited. plenty more ahead as "the fac r factor" moves along. president obama being confronted by velma hart and dennis miller on president obama's christianity and the possible departure of rahm emanuel. we'll stay tuned for those reports. my nasal allergies are ruining our camping trip. i kn who works different
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>> body language segment tonight. we begin with velma hart who asked president obama a very tough question. >> quite frankly, i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you. defending your administration. defending the mantle of change that i voted for and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. i have been told that i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting, sir. i'm waiting. i don't feel it yet and i thought while it wouldn't be a
5:31 am
great measure, i would feel it in some small measure. >> all right. let's start with the president. not much there because of the wide shot but what everybody picked up on was his smile when miss hart said look, i'm tired of defending you. >> of course. we know that was a mask for a bunch of insecurities. what i found interesting about that, though, was as he pulls away, typically when we blink, we blink anywhere from 300 to 400 miliseconds. his blink was one full second. that might not seem relevant but it actually is because it -- see how long that blink was. it demonstrates how -- just how much this bothered him. he needs to block that out. he can't see it. so he blinks to avoid that. >> all right. that was a total downer for him. >> oh, my goodness, yes. then you see the mask of, you know, he kind of goes, you see a little mask and a little flare. >> a lot of people do that, they smile when in an awkward situation. how come miss hart? >> she starts off with that strong head negation. she does two shoulder shrugs and that's kind of like that gut
5:32 am
reaction, she's -- that's just a sign of slight insecurity. >> this is all natural body language, though. i didn't see anything contrived about his presentation? >> you know she's nervous being up there. >> of course, anybody would. >> absolutely. that's why you see the one sided shoulder shrug. >> ok. two clips for this stewart-o'reilly view. the first one is on "the factor" and the second one on stewart's program. let's roll number one. >> folks that i see at my gigs that i go to real americans, plumbers and such, they tell me they don't feel represented by the extremities they see on things like fox news and things like that. they say the real voice of the people has been muted by the extremists. the loudest voices are the ones that seem to carry the day so what i'm hearing is they want to feel a catharsis that they're not alone. that they're also represented. so that's why we're doing, we're trying to find that thin sliver of america between pinhead and patriot. >> all right. so steven colbert. >> all right. now, first thing i know is heads
5:33 am
up. what's that mean? >> typically when your head is up, you feel superior and powerful and he always comes across as powerful. there's never a time he isn't. what i love was the eye squint. when you squint your eyes, it's an eye blocking mechanism and really what tells you is he's doubtful of you, not trusting of you. he's skeptical of you. here you see his true feelings. >> is he skeptical of me as a person or skeptical of what i'm going to come back with because this is a joust. >> that, i don't actually know. see how he's look at you from the side and his head is tilted, that's a sign of distrust. and in addition to that, one of the other things i find is that when he talks about extremists and loud voices, now he turns his torso towards you so when we do that, what we're doing is telling you this is really how i feel. you're the loud voice. you're the extremist. >> interesting. all right. so then i go on stewart's program. roll the tape. >> will you come to the rally? will you come to the rally? >> can i tell you why i want you to come? >> no.
5:34 am
>> i want to see if it works. i want to see if the rally works. >> you and colbert don't want me to come because if i come, then there will be a big crowd and you won't get any credit. so you want to be alone. don't you take me back on me or beck. ok? you do it on your own. usual in real deep now, stewart. if six people show up, believe me, i'm going to be all over you. >> you'll be on vacation for a month. >> if you're out there. not for me. not for america. right but to make him eat his words. >> all right. so how did i look? >> you look great. he starts off with a territorial slight to let him know you're in his domain. very big facing and you, of course, did well. i laughed at the little nose wipe right there, your hands are closed much he's open. your body is not connected. his body is facing forward and your body is facing towards him. >> what does that mean? i'm facing towards him. it's a logistical thing. he could turn his body a little bit, though, what it does is
5:35 am
disengages him from you and in order to build rapport, you want to be facing each other and he doesn't look at you that often. >> that's because he's laughing. my lines are better than his. >> yeah. you see, you both had the same thing. it's funny because while you were on his set, you were very powerful leaning forward and while he was here, he did the same thing. he leaned forward and that's typically something that dominant personalities do. >> all right. tonya reimman, everybody, got it down. we appreciate it. when we come back, dennis miller is here in new york. that means anything could happen. we have security standing by. also ahead, stewart and letterman discuss me last night. can't get away from it. we'll show you what happened on that program as "the factor" continues across the u.s.a. and continues across the u.s.a. and alalç@
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if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day. >> thanks. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time section want tonight. the sage of southern california has arrived here in new york city. here he is. >> first off, let me establish some superiority. >> do you have to do that? do you have to mock the previous guest? >> i was watching before. >> you have to mock tonya. >> oh, by the way, can you sign me up for a course where i can get as complex as didi myers? >> i think those questions are closed. >> geez, if i could only get in to the learning annex. i'm barely standing up right now on my own out here, bill. >> all right. rahm emanuel, the rumor is going to resign on friday and go to run for the mayor of chicago.
5:39 am
>> right. >> i think you're broken up about that. >> i think he got into it with stedman, the attorney general. and rahm emanuel actually turned out to be the first person that holder wanted to send to gitmo. he was the first guy that he wanted to get rid of. and now, it will work against stedman because rahm is going to go back, run for mayor and then he will try to close down gitmo to get all those al-qaida guys moved back to illinois where he can put them in the institution at chicago. >> they already built that thing. >> you know why they want to too that, because then they can institute the death penalty against those guys. kill them and they can register and vote as democrats in state elections in illinois. >> they need more dead people. >> it all comes together. >> but emanuel, you know, he isn't part of obama's crew. he was hired for his moxie to deal with congress and the senate. he's from chicago. they know each other. he's not like one of obama's confidants so the interesting thing is who is obama going to appoint to be chief of staff now? will he, you know, valerie jarrett, isn't that jarrett next to him? >> yeah.
5:40 am
>> will he bring in somebody from the outside who is, you know, got a little more experience. >> you need somebody who knows where the bodies are buried and you need somebody who is going to be a tough guy. and listen, i'm looking at rahm emanuel's dominion of status and i think, here's an outside, but i think they should replace him with emanuel lewis, tv's beloved webster. then they don't have to change the monogram on the robes. it still says emanuel. bring him in and have him boss people around. >> that's not a bad idea. webster was a beloved character. >> tv's beloved webster. >> where is webster now? coleman is gone. >> about to be next to the oval office. he could be the tough guy. you know what this is this week, gloria stewart from "the titanic" died earlier. sweet lady. great movie. 100 years old. died earlier in the week. rahm saw that and he said i better start paddling away. this thing is going down. >> going down. there is something to that. emanuel, you know, because he's getting out before the november elections which is -- >> yeah, he is. you don't want to be in there when that happens. you'll get the scarlet letter on
5:41 am
you now. >> the president talked about his christianity in albuquerque, new mexico, earlier this week. go. >> you know, i'm a christian by choice. you know, my family didn't, you know, frankly they weren't folks who went to church every week. my mother was one of the most spiritual people i knew but she didn't raise me in the church. so i came to my christian faith later in life. >> the reason he was talking about that is as you said he was hopping over fences going to backyard barbecues and this is one of the questions in a backyard barbecue. >> by the way, can i point out to the president that every backyard he speaks in has a fence. can we get one at our border, pal? that's all i'm asking. every backyard you're in has a fence. >> what do you think that is behind him? jalapeno? >> these are red hot chili peppers. i believe that's the led singer for the peppers.
5:42 am
listen, what happened here is i think barack obama is scared. what's he doing? he's hitting the reset button on a couple of things. he green lights the surge in afghanistan and then starts talking about his faith. dare i say like many scared people out there, he's now clinging to his god and his guns. i think that's coming back to haunt him a little bit. i think my man knows he better hit the reset button on some of this stuff. >> why do you think -- i think it's a 20% of the american people think he's a muslim. why do you think -- is it because they want to think he's a muslim? >> let me put it in levittonian terms. there's a sense of community there. everybody is on the same street looking at the same house. now, the guy who lives across the street from you, 20 sunday mornings in a row comes out. not dressed for church in his shined shoes with his best tie on but with a golf bag after 20 times, i finally ask you what do you think is most important to him on sunday? what will you say? golf. he's a golfer. that's all that has happened with barack. he's only been to church four times since he was president. he golfed 30 times.
5:43 am
it's an evaluation. >> is he -- you know, but it's not about whether he's a good christian or not. i don't think anybody can make that assessment about anybody, it's not right. why do they think he's a muslim? is he facing mecca? >> i don't know. >> that's crazy stuff! >> fine, there's 20% crazy people. listen, he thought we were ready for obama care. we're not. there's 70% of us, does that make him crazy? he misread it. 20% of the people say that, i think they're so angry at him, that's the only option to the question, they're going to launch their displeasure by saying that. he's not a muslim. he's an inee effectual civil servant to far. >> you're in town to do a benefit. tunnel to tower 5k run to benefit a guy named steven siller. >> not stiller. imagine this guy's cahoneys. fireman, 9/11, they shut down the brooklyn battery tunnel. my man puts his gear on.
5:44 am
that gear is heavy and runs through the tunnel to the towers and dies that day in, you know, in -- to help people out. they now run the race every year and a lot of guys wear their gear. they run the exact route he did. it's like in the battle of marathon. >> where does the money go to? >> it goes to their steven siller 5k run and they also were nice enough, i must say, i came in and started the race and ended the race with rudy. they put a little over to my veterans organization and they're very sweet. >> came coast to coast to do it so bill o' is giving you a check. >> ah, bill. i don't have my reading glasses on. >> for that 5k. >> look at you, you're a sweet man. i'm not exerting my superiority. i'm giving you a big, wet one. >> look at this. >> miller, your beard cut me! >> i'm sorry, baby. >> bleeding! take a look at how much that check is for, miller. >> i see it. >> ok. you know, hey, i want you to give that money to them. i don't want to be seeing you in st. bart's. >> auto that's the worst karma
5:45 am
on the planet. 10k for u.s.a. cares. thank you, my friend. >> u.s.a. cares. >> jerry on the telethon. now chad with the tote book. >> let's go to tote book. juliet huddy up next.
5:46 am
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5:48 am
>> did you see that? we begin with david letterman taking some shots at delaware senatorial candidate christine o'donnell. >> critics are coming down on christine o'donnell for unusual statements from the past. you know what i'm talking about? she's climbing she was a practicing witch and now they're saying whoa, hey, hey, hang on, take a look at this. you're not going to believe this. >> delaware republican senate candidate christine o'donnell claims she dabbled in
5:49 am
witchcraft. she thinks scientists have developed mice with human brains. and she says evolution is a myth, asking why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans? if your loved one sounds like this, please schedule an appointment with us now. you may have a gas leak. a message from the eastern shore gas company. >> here now, fox news gal juliet huddy. >> fox news gal? >> yeah, you're a gal. >> you're my bud, you're my dude. >> whatever you want me to be, huddy. i'll be. >> two ways to look at this, funny and clever and cheap and easy. o'donnell, easy target. letterman has 15 writers. let's beat up poor christine. >> is she really being beat up? the politicians who are characters who are interesting from both sides of the aisle, they're the ones that we like to put in the political bull's eye. it's fun to make fun of them. >> letterman is not an equal
5:50 am
opportunity guy, you know, he's very liberal guy who goes after right wingers. we'll see in a moment when he and stewart are talking about me last night. but i see that it was a clever bit. i think it was a clever bit. but it's just too much now with o'donnell. i don't want to see anymore. >> the fact that you don't want to see it anymore. a lot of people find it very interesting. she said -- >> let me challenge that. where is dave in the late night rating? >> i don't know. i don't watch him except for when you're on. of course. >> he's not doing well. >> he's not doing well not because of her. it's like sarah palin, that's enough. >> witchcraft, come on. >> she was 12 years old and had a little witch hat on and it was halloween. give her a break. you know the crazy guy, congressman from orlando, florida. >> prepped with all my notes on him. >> here is his latest against his opponent. go. >> religion fanatics try to take away our freedom in afghanistan, in iran and right here in central florida. >> wives submit yourself to your own husband.
5:51 am
>> he wants to impose his radical fundamentalism on us. >> she should submit to us. >> he tried to deny women medical care. he wants to force raped women to bear the child. >> submit to me. >> dan webster, hands off our bodies and off our laws. >> ok, may i say this is why -- this is why politicians have usurped lawyers and used car salesmen on the shady scale. >> lowest level. >> this is completely taken out of context. daniel webster actually said the complete opposite but grayson manipulated it and the ads continue to run which is -- >> what did webster actually say? >> webster actually say i have verses for my wife. don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. that's in the bible. pick the ones that you're supposed to do. so instead, love your wife. >> when he said don't pick the ones that say -- >> definitively said don't. >> so grayson says submit to me and puts it in a commercial. ok, what shou happen to grayson? should he be stoned to death as
5:52 am
the iranians would probably do? what should happen? >> you know, i wouldn't really have any problem with that. i'm joking. >> i think he should be sanctioned. it's awful. and the people in orlando should take that into account because even the orlando newspaper, not a conservative one, but criticized grayson for doing this. >> when it came out this is completely manipulated and everybody is talking about it on both sides, you know, the liberal media and the nonliberal immedia media the fact that is that the ads are still running and people are saying hey, sorry. fine with it. it gets a lot of attention. >> alan grayson, everybody. oh, boy. huddy, thank you. we appreciate it. pinheads and patriots on deck. we'll show you what went down when we come back. when i had my heart attack, i couldn't believe it. it was a real shock. i remember being at the hospital thinking,
5:53 am
"i should have done more to take care of myself." you should've. that's why i'm exercising more now. eating healthier. and i also trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowering medication that is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients o have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 18 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. you need sime blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other mecations, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. dean will never forget what he went through. don't take your health for granted. [ male announcer ] have a heart to heart with your doctor about your risk. and about lipitor.
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. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment starring david letterman and jon stewart talking about me. but first more good news from my book. in its first two weeks the book sold 100,000 copies. there's an eread component i discuss the high-tech revolution in america. also, if you buy the book on we will send you this tote bag. all the proceeds is donated to charity. which is why i can give miller
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$10,000 for u.s.a. cares and the charity in new york city. it is you guys, not me i'm just the middleman and we appreciate it. now the mail. vince: i'm concerned that so many americans like president obama personally. i see him as cynical and arrogant. rich: i know why the president's personal popularity remains high. if you say you don't like him you are a racist. america wants to like its president even if they disagree with them. dennis: congratulations on 49% of likely voters believing you are a positive force in the news business. we don't know what we would do without you. i appreciate that. mike: one reason for your high rating is you are the toughest on tv regardless of the guest.
5:56 am
mark: emperor caligula. if california legalizes pot they will tax it as well. let me get this straight you want your state to be run on the principles of caligula? i was going to make a san francisco reference here, but that would be wrong. rick: my wife surprised me with tickets to the bold fresh show here on december 3rd. we are looking forward to seeing you and glen. that is excellent. we'll be in dallas. i'm looking forward to getting to new orleans and seeing you guys on the gulf coast. angela: oh for heaven's sake president obama's message about terrorism is that americans are resilient. we have enough problems without creating more. thomas: are you kidding me, you don't have a problem with obama's
5:57 am
statement about the future terror attack. even if he thinks that he shouldn't say it. jim: my copy of pinheads and patriots has arrived. not only did i get the tote bag but a free bold fresh tote as well, i hit the jackpot! glad we could make you happy, jim, enjoy the stuff and thanks very much. again, you guys make it possible for me to do this charitable work. it is very important, i know sometimes the touts are -- well that's why we do it. for some reason my name keeps coming up on the letterman program. >> bill o'reilly you have been on his show a few times. he's been on my show. he's a likeable fell low >> very likeable fellow. -- >> i believe that's a set-up. >> we know he doesn't believe what he says?
5:58 am
>> i think he's a fair-minded individual. he has his own bell costy about certain issues. in the -- river he swims in, he's the most -- he's the, as they say the thinnest kid at fat camp. the absoluteyiest nun at the convent. -- the sluttese nun at the nun convent. >> bill: is there a pinhead in what exchange? you might want to sign up for pm membership. dennis miller is the next victim. check out the fox news factor website different from spout off at
5:59 am
when writing to the factor do not be pecksniffian. i >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday already, it's september 30th. the last day of the month. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time. we begin with a fox news alert. he made us laugh and cry with his performances on the screen. hollywood legend tony curtis has passed away. >> that's too bad. he's a nice guy. >> he's been on the couch. >> that's right. meanwhile, he said he's mad as hell and now republican gubernatorial candidate carl paladino showing it. >> take you out, buddy. >> you going to take me out? >> yeah. >> how you going to do that? >> watch. >> watch, so what sparked the confrontation with a reporter? that guy right there, find out


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