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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 9, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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yep... this is one great card! call this toll-free number now for this... free information kit and medicare guide. >>megyn: getting tons of e-mails for you folks want toking help the father pay the fine. we will help you find that out. and now shephard smith takes over. >>shepard: former b.p. c.e.o. now speaking out for the first time since he resigned. where he says he made mistakes during the oil disaster and why he said he would have been better off as an absenter. and airs' controversial immigration law in court. but that is not stopping texas from proposing something similar. and in box three: did an error on google map spark a military invasion? it might sound out there but that is what government foils are saying.
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all the details are ahead unless breaking news changing everything. but first from fox at 3:00 in new york, the mystery missile launched over los angeles or off los angeles that is baffling the united states military. said to be. folks along the west coast saw a trail of major missile last night. the los angeles news chopper took video of it. this is a still from the video. we are told it happened off the coast of los angeles and a pentagon spokesman says the military cannot explain what the picture shows. the navy says "it wasn't us," and norad that handles aerospace defense, does not know specifics. the pentagon spokesman claims he has "no knowledge whatever," of what happened. that is what they are telling us. a show of force with the president overseas? an accidental launch from a submarine? or a russian submarine?
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5 miles off los angeles? somebody knows. whoever launched it has to know. right now we don't know. and now a source tells our reporter "it is, in fact, a missile. the u.s. government knows where it came from," and our source believes it may have come from a submarine, classified. and now our national correspondent at the pentagon. are there missile test facilities in that area? >> there is an air force base 100 miles from los angeles and is a missile test facility but they say they did not launch. and a naval air station closer to los angeles. they say they didn't do it. but norad is saying someone clearly knows. and they are getting closer to finding out what happened. and they expect to tell us before not too long. so we may find out in a matter of hours what the explanation
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is. norad putting out a statement earlier. "at this time we cannot provide specific details but we are working to determine the exact nature of the event. we can con firm there is no indication of any threat to our nation." they are not saying exactly who or from where that missile was launched. >>shepard: is it no danger because it went west? if they know it wasn't a threat, do they know what it was? >> they say they believe it was going in a western direction, away from the mainland, and norad confirms this is not a terrorist attack. of course the missile appeared to be launching, not landing. but they say they have ways of knowing if a foreign vessel were in our american waters and there was no danger there. but a missile being launched without anyone knowing it, without the pentagon knowing it,
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that seems to be a dangerous situation. maybe there was a mistake. maybe there was a highly undercover or secret operation going on. we will find out. >>shepard: they could say that. thank you from the pentagon. a missile launched 35 miles off the coast of los angeles. went into the evening sky into the west. thousands, if not hundreds of thousands saw it and the military has no clue. no clue. just know it wasn't a danger. okay ... the military does not know what this was. >>guest: 18 hours after it happened, unbelievable. and we are still trying to figure out what they are going to say to the public? if it is an american missile from the navy or air force we should be told that. if it were not, if it was a foreign entity, we should be told that.
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>>shepard: truly if they know what it is but don't want to tell us, they can do that, they can say, look, we know what this is, it is classified, don't worry. that's not what they said. they have said "we don't know what this is." either you don't believe them and they are lying to us; or, (b), they don't know what it is and that could be worse. >>guest: and worse, you are right. there is a lot of foreign countries that have cruise missiles and that looks to be a cruise missile that has been fired. the russians and chinese and iranians and french have them. if that was a u.s. missile that was fired by mistake because the firing of any missile would have required a lot of coordination with commercial aviation and naval entities around the area, fired from a u.s. ship, then a navy captain is about to be transferred to a distant location.
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>>shepard: the aviation officials -- los angeles, orange county -- those folks are notified of a test firing. pilots did not know about it. no one on the ground knew so a bunch of guys on a submarine and somehow, but it is much, much more complicated, it goes up into the air and they don't call the pentagon and say, well we sent a missile up there, sorry. there has been nothing like that? it seems unbelievable. >>guest: and norad complained they did not know anything happened so that make me worry about our own north american defense, aviation defense who should be able to monitor each and every aircraft and missile launch that could happen in the area. if it is a cruise missile it is not just a matter of hitting the red button but there are procedures to go through. if this was a u.s. effort that made this happen there is more
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to it than we are toll. and 18 hours later we should have been told something by now. >>shepard: we could be told, we got you, this is classified. and it headed west, obviously, and into the water. (a), where did it land? (b), what if it headed east? >>guest: i laughed because the good news is no one from japan has called to say a missile just landed on a japanese islands. but that is true, if it were a mistake and it went that way we are fortunate. if it's a mistake and it went east we would know exactly what it was and this would be more talk going on about threats to the homeland. >>shepard: under reagan there was a launch off the east coast in the atlantic that was sent, it was a message to the then soviet union. the president was making an asia trip and if there was a show
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here of "look what we can do," you would think people fighting 747's would have gotten the heads-up. >>guest: right, and we would have positioned a submarine or whatever fired it, closer to the asian land mass than firing it 35 miles off the coast of california. >>shepard: we will work on this throughout the day and night and many of those who are on the west coast, keep an eye on the western sky if you see another one. if there is one there could be more. like deer. you see a deer on the side, and you want to watch and there are more deers. i have been reading tell prompts for 25 years and i have never seen anything like this. they claim they don't know what the missile was. "we didn't do it," but it's fine, no problem with america's security. move on, there is nothing to see it. you got to come up with a better answer. if you do it if this hour we
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greatly appreciate it because a missile came up out of the water. the shall bees ... that would be nice to know. maybe if it hit some fishermen it would be nice to know. if you surf and you can see this video, it's out there we just don't have access. one of the most read stories online right now, the mystery missile that shot up out of the water, no one knows a dam thing about it. you can follow the developments -- think about this, the only superpower in the world and missiles are coming up off the water east west coast and no one knows anything about it. head to the home page and click on "mystery missile link." more unidentified flying objects in virginia. we have video showing a strange light in the sky of virginia. about 20 miles from the capitol. we are told this happened near dulles but witnesses say it was no like no plane they had ever seen. the man who took the video, and
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the light flew around for ten minutes, did not blink or make any noise and then it zoomed away. we can confirm this is not a missile and norad knows nothing about it. and a serious story about new and graphic testimony today in the elizabeth smart kidnapping case. she is on the witness stand for a second day and telling the jury and those in the room some of the most unthinkable set of circumstances anyone could imagine testifying against this man, who she claims took her from her bed at knife point when she was 14. she is now 23 and says when hours of being abducted david mitchell marched her to a mountain side camp site above her home in salt lake city and consummated a marriage ceremony. she says she was tied like an animal between two trees and her ankle tied to a stationery cable
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and she could just reach a bucket used as a toilet at one end of the camp and sleep in the tenth with the suspect who had been raping her and his accomplice, his wife. elizabeth smart says she was a virgin at the time of her kidnapping, never date add boy and i felt like because of what he had done to me that i was marked, that i wasn't clean, i wasn't pure, wasn't worth the same. and i felt like another person would never love me. he promised several times to kill her and her family if she tried to escape. and now live from salt lake city. elizabeth smart had a close encounter with police while in captivity. >> she described the last time she and mitchell and the wife came into salt lake city at a library at a table and they had a man approach them, described himself as a detective with the
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local police department and asked her to remove her veil so he could make sure she was not the kidnapped elizabeth smart who he was looking for but mitchell step merchandise and identified himself as the girl against smart's father and said because of the reledgous belief she could not allow her face and she testified that his wife had a tight grip on her leg so she would remain quiet but she says she remembered thing i know this officer will make me take off my veil and this nightmare will be over but, instead, he walked away and the nightmare continued. >>shepard: as does the trial. thank you. president obama has repeatedly called it a she lacking but according to others, one republican congressman, the g.o.p. win did not stretch far enough. what he says cost the party the united states senate.
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that gave republicans control of the house of representatives and shrank the democratic majority in the senate. during a luncheon the 4th of november the alabama congressman said to the tea party candidates they hurt republicans' hope for the senate saying and i quote, "the 123459 would be republican today but for states in which sarah palin endorsed candidates like christine o'donnell in delaware. he added that sarah palin cost us control of the senate. on the left, the blue dog democratic coalition lost nearly half of its members in midterm including two leaders, sandlin of south dakota and hill of indiana. more liberal folks reportedly blamed the blue dogs from the democratic losses arguing that they went too far to the right. and now we have the chief political correspondent. what do you make of this?
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>>guest: family feuds and all parties have family feuds. but this is a particular doozy because the conservatives are in power, the conservative base is empowered and republicans are concerned about the impact of sarah palin on the 2012 race. she is a political phenomenon but the representative said was what other republicans have been too scared to say on the record publicly. some question whether she either cost senate, excuse me cost the republicans the senate or whether she can or will or could cost republicans a serious bid at presidential ... >>shepard: so few on the planet think that the leader in the majority in nevada could have won the senate seat back unless he had a candidate who just flatout could not win the thing and what does this mean about who gets a voice moving
3:17 pm
forward? who is john boehner dealing with on the republican side from the new conservative block he has who deal with senator demint. this is, of course, not a centralized movement and there is not one spokesman. we do have an extremely high level of conservatives, voters identified as conservatives on tuesday and that is a key reason republicans had a waive, to empower the conservative base and it makes it difficult for moderates in the republican party as moderates in the democratic party are scared after last week's election. half, in fact, more than half of
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the blue dogs, the centrists moderate democratic coalition in the house want down. for that reason, they are scared. >>shepard: the new conservative group in there says no compromise. they are individuals. but the message is, there will be no compromise here. but if boehner cannot get any compromise, face it, they will not get anything done. >>guest: we expect a highly polarized congress. good for television, good for reporters. and it's bad forgetting things done. we know that independents, for example, who totally flipped to the republican side want to get things done. they would like to see compromise. what we will expect is a smaller democratic caucus in the house of representatives that is more liberal, we have a tea party loose caucus in the house of representatives and to an extent in the senate that is empowered, more conservative, and that will not necessarily vote for certain
3:19 pm
things we expect from the majority party such as raising the debt ceiling next year. >>shepard: thank you, david. it should be fun to watch to for a while. good to see you. >> the courts could be hashing out whether arizona's immigration law can stay but some lawmakers in texas are already drafting measures to bring a similar law to their state. plus the lovable v.p. of b.p. is talking again. in the meantime, no one shot this missile. it is there. no one shot it. move along.beca move along.
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>>shepard: there is a missile that didn't happen. the retired navy admiral, the former commander of the united states 6th fleet will be with us in a minute to talk to us about the mystery missile that nobody knows anything about. of course the navy has a facility, a naval outlying field on an island which is west of the channel islands but the navy, says, no, not us, and norad says, no, no, no, and the pentagon doesn't know. it could be nothing. well ... missile, gerri do you know about the missile? >>reporter: they didn't call me. >>shepard: and b.p.'s former c.e.o. is speaking out and for the first time since relining acknowledging that the giant oil
3:24 pm
spill they were not prepared to deal with that. and the c.e.o. toll the bbc that his company was "making it up day-to-day," a quote. well, you could not tell. he officially left b.p. last month following wide-spread criticism for the handling of the disaster and the string of p.r. blunders. the impact will be modest. >> no one wants this over more than i, i want my life back. >> there was more, in an interview with the "london times," he said and i quote, "b.p. will honor all legitimate claims for business interruption but this is america. come on. we are going to have lots of illegitimate claims. we all know that." the gulf of mexico is a very big ocean, he said, the amount of volume of oil and dispersants is tiny if relation to the total
3:25 pm
water volume. hayward admitted he made mistake buzz struck back at the criticism, the chief correspondent jonathan hunt. they made it up day-to-day he admits but, second, it's really all our fault, all the media's fault. that missile, by the way, the media's fault, no, no, no, that missile is trace gallagher's fault. >>jonathan: wouldn't surprise me he will do anything for a bit of attention. and a glass of wine. so, hayward said b.p. was actually doing a great job in trying to fix that blown oil well despite the fact that it took them months before they could do anything. what was going on were extraordinary engineering but when it was played out in the full glare of the media as it was, of course it looked like
3:26 pm
fumbling and incompetence and he went on blaming people like you, shep, the network anchors that descended on b.p. in louisiana and it was an enormous feeding frenzy. he also accused the network of "smelling blood," and i can tell him when we were down there, mr. hayward what we smelled was not blood but oil, oil in the water, oil on the beaches, and if he spent less time sailing, it might have been different. >>shepard: he believes he would have been better off if he trained as an actor. >>jonathan: another criticism of the media coverage in the u.s. of his bumbling performance that acting is more important than substance. he said "if i had done a degree of the royal academy of dramatic arts rather than a degree in geology i may have done better but i am not certain it would have changed the outcome."
3:27 pm
very likely that the outcome would ever have been different when he said he need his life back while so many livelihoods were being destroyed as a result of his company's actions. >>shepard: and it is not over. thank you. he is chatting away online. want to talk about the missile? join the conversation at president obama defending the federal reserve decision to punch $600 billion into the u.s. economy by printing up the money. the president says that the fed acts independently of his administration but added "growing the american economy is for the good of the world." critics including france and germany's finance minister call this "clueless," because it will be a lower valve the dollar and the president of the world bank who suggested the world's leading economy should at least consider readopting a gold
3:28 pm
standard. and now, gerri, 5:00 eastern, what is he proposing? >>guest: that's a good question. we are interpreting the words. he said that gold should be an international reference point of market expectation. what does that mean? it could mean that he is saying gold should be a peg for currency. then he guess on to say that we should cooperate in managing money like that will happen, not likely, no country wants to share power we saw how it worked out previously with the e.u. >>shepard: why all this criticism for us? >>guest: we are pumping a lost money into our economy. they don't like that. and they don't like the effect on currency. our dollar is losing value. germany's gains in value and they are export driven economy so their goods become more expensive when they go out the front door, and they don't like
3:29 pm
that, so they are saying we should do something else. i think that the world bank's enemy should be congress for all the money rather than the federal reserve. >>shepard: interesting thought. next, do you know anything about missile? >>guest: i don't know anything about the missile. >>shepard: but we will check in with a man who could help.
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top of the news in "studio b" and maybe, maybe, maybe 35 miles off the coast of california was bring your kid to work day. the pentagon, norad and the navy report they don't have any idea what happened with this launch off the cost of california. that is a still picture from the video, you can see a trail behind whatever that thing is. norad says it is unable to provide specific details. but is working to figure out the exact nature of this event. thank you, norad. a spokesman goes on to say that norad and i quote, "can confirm there is no indication of any threat to our nation." how the norad spokesman can get to that we have no idea. and now the retired navy admiral, the former commander of the united states 6th fleet. thank you for being here, sir. >>guest: you are welcome. >>shepard: how could this happen? >>guest: it is not trace or his submarine. in terms of what it could be. think in three terms: up agency,
3:33 pm
private rocket, or something sinister. you can take it into a high school class where the kids are taught with model rockets. you can take it to the laboratories of california where they could be doing more advanced research with bigger systems. you could take it to the backyard entrepreneur who is interested to take on the president's request to privatize space. so there is a lot of ways people can get their hands on thing and tick them in tins and fire them into the sky. and it could be something sinister. i doubt it is the government. we would have heard. and i doubt it is something sinister because nothing sinister has occurred so my guess is probably in the private rocket category or someone sent out a sounding rocket. >>shepard: if it is a rocket rocket category, and you are a private rocketeer, and you make a mistake like this, you should
3:34 pm
call up somebody in washington and say, well, that little thing we did, sorry. >>guest: i am guessing that there is somebody who either is calling authorities now to confess or there is somebody who is getting as far away from a telephone as they can. here is something else to consider: you pose the notion about how is it that norad cannot know about it? we have sophisticated systems in radar and in the infrared spectrum that detect launches and describe the courses of where these go. if it does not break a threat hold it is not big. if it is not very big it does not pose a threat. >>shepard: they can watch me with my convertible top down picking my nose on the long island expressway but they don't know what happened, right there by catalina island, we are 19 hours after this thing and ... if they said, look, man, something want down and it is classified but i don't know
3:35 pm
anything does not make me sleep any better. >>guest: i sleep fine. and i think it's because if it was that big that it could carry a payload i would be worried but if it is not big enough to come up on our national systems it is not big enough to do damage. there is another aspect to consider: atmospherics. as a fight are pilot there were days when i flew that i left trails behind me everywhere. you could spot me from on the deck to near the moon. and there are other days where it is clear and you don't put out any trail. this could have been a day with an extra amount of trail in the sky and it looks exaggerated. >>shepard: have you seen the video? >>guest: once. >>shepard: i don't pretend to know about missiles and jet planes and trails or anything like that, but everyone i have talked to say it looked like an icbm. everyone could be wrong. but it looks like something pretty big and in the news
3:36 pm
chopper they have been in the choppers a long time and never seen anything like this and moving in a stray line the way a jet may not normally go. it was something small that did not add up. i was thinking, maybe something happened and they did not want to tell us and they just answered the question wrong, rather than saying "we did something but we can't tell you," because that would have been okay, wouldn't it? >>guest: well, if they were doing something and something went wrong, i do believe would have heard. it does not do the government to hide it. it is possible that people who have been making statements about it are not in the know and that there are others that are. for instance, if it's a classified launch and something went wrong they would explain it because what we talk about or payloads that are classified, not rocket launches. >>shepard: they say normally
3:37 pm
folks at lax would have seen it. admiral, thank you. great to see you, former commander of the 6th fleet, thank you very much for your service to our nation. we appreciate it. a crack down on cargo shipments coming into the united states after the failed bomb plot. but there is word the government new of security gaps years ago and decided not to do anything about it. the reason why is ahead. chronologically i'm 60 years old. is it the new 40, i don't know. i probably feel about 30.
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3:41 pm
pow, rice to the kisser, straight to the moon. maybe cramd be had something to do it. after terrorists tried to sneak bombs into the united states the government knew for years there were obvious security gaps. how could you not know when it is not all screened? according to the associated press back in 2004 the transportation security administration considered screening every package that comes in on every single flight but shipping companies argued it would hurt their industry and the world economy. the t.s.a. agreed writing and i quote, "a requirement to inspect every piece of cargo could have an unworkable cost of more than $650 million." it wrote "the government wanted security without undue hardship," on the stock holders. and now, former homeland
3:42 pm
security assistant secretary. anything to contribute on the missile? >>guest: i cannot help with that. >>shepard: there are calculations taken on everything regarding security and they took a calculation here and weighed the relative cost to the companies. >>guest: well, i was in homeland security at that time at the report you mention and it is a tough call on not only the impact on the company but on our economy, generally. people who ship things, everyone wants them to get there the next day and it is a question of how much equipment you can get in the middle of that, and i will say that was six years ago and the equipment has come a long way in looking for explosives and other problems. and we now have a mandatory air cargo screening for domestic flights on passenger aircraft. >>shepard: is it your sense we will be safer because these things were caught in other
3:43 pm
places? >>guest: i think so, we want to see what the threat stream was and overseas is not as tough as domestically, it is tough to have a mandate on things coming from overseas. but the secretary napolitano is doing the right thing to build standards with the airlines and the airports overseas, but you have to remember there is a big difference between explosives on cargo only with a pilot, and copilot and stuff, and a passenger jet where we are talking about the lives of hundreds of human beings. >> and after the thing with the shoe bomber, they said no more lighters and matches are fine. now we can't have tomorrower -- we can't have tone are cartridges. >>guest: we worried about copycat bombers as a short-term precaution but al qaeda is smart enough not to try the same
3:44 pm
thing. the question is, can we build something for air cargo like sea cargo with special regime for things coming from the ocean and it has worked well. can the t.s.a. do the same thing on air cargo? that should be looked at. >>shepard: could send outgoing cargo on missiles. good to see you, and thank you for coming, stewart. lawmakers in texas propose a new crack down on immigration similar to arizona's controversial law. and we could be in for another drawn out fight. details on that and much more from the missile. as we wait for the video from los angeles. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: balloon boy, has
3:48 pm
anyone seen balloon boy? republicans in texas looking to capitalize on the new majority in the statehouse introducing much new legislation in the legislation that includes dozens of bills on immigration. similar to the controversial law in arizona. that law is now tied up in the courts. the proposals in texas include measures that require school districts to report the number of illegal immigrants enroll in class. give state and local police officers the power to question those about immigration status. and make an arrest based on the answer. it would also make the officer and the state immune to lawsuits stemming from the arrest. fries, give us more on these. >>trace: in an effort to split difference, if you will, to beat the certain legal challenges, they are trying to get a compromise between a law you just talked about and the existing arizona law so
3:49 pm
republicans, a texas lawmaker, now says that she is pitching a law to give officers the right to inquire about the immigration status only if you have already been arrested for another crime. listen. i saw the immigration bill because the people of texas are no longer asking, they are demanding and we have got to make some significant steps regarding illegal immigration and in addition to that, border security. >>trace: she wants people to have i.d. when they go to the polls to vote. that's part of her measure. >>shepard: but texas governor says in the arizona immigration style is not good for the state of texas. >>trace: so governor perry walking a fine line now, saying it is not a good fit but he came out and he criticized the government for suing arizona
3:50 pm
over that law so the deal is, there are now more republicans in the texas legislature than any time in the past 140 years so if they do pass an arizona-type law, the governor perry is in a pickle, right, because he has to stick by his conviction and if he does that and votes the law he would then alienate the g.o.p. members of his legislature. >>shepard: trace, nothing more on missile, right? >>trace: i can assure you my submarine was in dry dock at 5:30 last night. >>shepard: draw, trace. more on the missile in a moment. and now we will talk about the missile in a moment, or whatever the thing is. and it appears to be a missile coming from the water indicate leg is something under the water that sent it off but no one knows anything. really. nothing. nothing at all. nothing at all. nothing!
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>>shepard: missile time, again. and now from, people are going to this story. >>guest: it is far and away the most popular story on our website, given that we don't have much information to provide, that is what is capturing the attention of people, why is the military not saying anything? they are saying only that "we don't know," and that is driving this. >>shepard: if you go to a link will take you to the video. >>guest: you can see the video if you follow that link you can see the video and you can look at it, and clearly, a missile launch. there is not really a lot that you can say other than that, and it is a mystery: why is the government not explaining.
3:55 pm
>>shepard: good question. one website suggests, a smart point by an analyst, the mystery is becoming a security problem. and i quote, "when somebody makes an unannounced launch of what looks to be a ballistic missile 35 missiles from the second largest city in the sea and international waters and 18 hours norad does not have any answers at all," he writes "if norad cannot answer the question, it is time to question every single penny of the ballistic missile in the budget and they need to talk about what they know rather than on what they tonight know." what happened? surely, someone, somewhere knows. this is not a toy rocket in the backyard. and if that is a jet taking off with a trail, it is a jet i have never ridden. ahead a man is in very hot water
3:56 pm
after mugging somebody in a subway parking lot. and wait until you see how cops catch him. it was all on paper. after ten months without a tv home, conan o'brian, conan o'brian used to fly the orange blimp above the stadium, yankee stadium, and now the first day back and there is a missile. hello. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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3:59 pm
contract dispute. in the opening mono log he did not hold back. >> i have to be honest, it is not easy doing a late night show on a channel without a lot of money that viewers have trouble find that is why i left nbc. >>shepard: and he beat the heck out of them, beating "the tonight show," and "letterman," and stole viewers from colbert and he wins the night on whatever that channel is. and then there is this' we town off the lights, one of the easiest in a while, they arrested a plan forearmed robbery in the parking lot minutes after the suspect filled out a job application for


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