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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 9, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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down. about rand paul. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: a fire on a cruise ship leaves it dead in the water. tonight, 4,000 people floating with no power, no hot food. plus, that mystery ufo shooting over the water in california. how is it that nobody seems to know what it was? the air force kept quiet, the navy said don't look at us. so what did shoot through the skies right off the west coast? we're going to the pentagon to try to get answers.
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the oil disaster in the gulf. >> the environmental impact of this will be very modest. >> shepard: former b.p. boss tony hayward sounded pretty confident months ago now he is telling us what was really happening behind this spill and how bp just was not prepared. plus, taking the drive on the deck of an aircraft carrier. tonight, how some famous people are going to be taking a ride in this jeep to support american heros. first from fox this tuesday night, something is not right there. is new information on the mystery object that shot through the clouds off california a defense official now says the pentagon has asked teams to go back and count all of their missiles, just to make sure that they are all there and nobody has accidently sent one to the heavens. that's after a local news helicopter in los angeles got video of something streaking into the sky less than 24 hours
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ago. we're told it happened about 35 miles offshore, west of los angeles, north of catalina island there. here is what it looked like. you can see it was moving pretty quickly. experts suggested it could be some sort of rocket or missile. but the u.s. navy and air force can't or won't explain it. suggestions? looks to them like an airplane. look like a jet to you? and the folks at norad who oversee aerospace defense for the united states and canada said it didn't come from a foreign military and it wasn't any kind of threat. how can they know that? after all, they claim they don't know what the thing is the former command of the u.s. 6 fleet offered some possibilities earlier on "studio b." >> think of it in three terms. u.s. government agency, private rocketeer or something sinister. i doubt it's the government. we would have heard of them already. i doubt it's something sinister because nothing sinister has
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occurred. i guess it's in the private rocketeer category or a sounding rocket. >> shepard: a rocket that scientists send up to do research. if that were the case, wouldn't some scientist popped up by now saying my bad. sorry. i didn't mean to get everybody's freak on. defense officials suggest it might just have been an airplane. we have seen lots of airplanes that look like that, right? the atmospheric conditions making its vapor trail look more like a missile. bottom line, there are a lot of theories. we still have no idea what that mystery object was, just off the california coast line. so, let's turn to the pentagon, our national correspondent steve centanni. steve, are have they ruled out some sort of secret missile launch? >> they haven't ruled out anything yet, shep. it's been all day and they still don't know for sure. they can't be 100% certain, for instance, that it wasn't some kind of black op.s or secretly highly under cover operation. they are going back and counting noses, so to speak, he can whiching with all the agencies that could conceivably launch missiles, find out if they have
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got all their missiles, so they are not leaning one way or the other right now, they are simply saying they can't say for sure right now, shep? >> shepard: so are officials bringing up the possibility it was a jet because they really can't figure out what it was? >> right. they are leaning toward the possibility of a jet according to one military official because they have not found any missing missiles. they haven't found any agency that will admit to having launched these missiles. and they point to photographs of similar incidents in the past where jets taking off into the setting sun created a huge plume that looked like a missile and it turned out to be a jet aircraft. they don't want to be boxed in by saying it's one thing and it turns out to be another. so they are taking their time, shep? >> shepard: clearly they are. comforting really. steve centanni at the pentagon. take a look at the one of the possibilities here explaining that siting. -- sighting. maybe this was a jet. video at our web site. we have more on this mystery
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object in the sky on our home page at the president cutting short his visit to indonesia because of the coal vein know that's killed more than 150 people. still spewing the ash that smothered entire villages and sent almost 300,000 people though emergency cheryl's. almost 300 miles from jakarta where the president is saying. the white house says it's moving up its departure just to be safe. not the first time they have changed the schedule for this trip. wendell goler traveling with the president jakarta tax indonesia. hello, wendell. >> hello, shep. for days the president has been watching the weather concerns the winds will push the ashes into the flight path of president 1 as the president travels from here to seoul. this trip which was delayed and cancelled and rescheduled and then cancelled again has now been cut back to about 18 hours. the president welcomed here yesterday with a formal ceremony. he held one op. one talks and news conference with indonesia
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president. he was guest at a state dinner last night. still have time today to visit the mosque, the country's largest and give a speech at indonesia university that aids call follow-up to the muslim address to the world in cairo. america's favorite son isn't quite as popular as he was the days after the election when people thought he would completely reform america's relationship with the muslim world. president obama says that will require more people-to-people contact. >> our efforts have been earnest, sustained. we don't expect that we are going to completely eliminate some of the misunderstanding. >> the focus of this trip returns to trade at the g-20 summit where the u.s. and other nations will push china to reduce its trade surplus and the chinese will push back that in america credit is too cheap.
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shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler life this wednesday morning in jakarta. now really very sad testimony from elizabeth smart. the utah girl taken at knife point from her bedroom when she was 14 years old. today she is 23. she is having to relive that nightmare on the stand at the trial of her accused kidnapper brian david mitchell. elizabeth smart says he raped her every single day for nine months today she revealed a police officer almost rescued her months earlier. she says she was in a library with mitchell and his now estranged wife seen here wanda barzee. a detective she says came over and said he was looking for elizabeth smart and asked if she would lift her veil. brian david mitchell says she couldn't show her face for religious reasons. the detective tried again saying can i be a member of your religion for just one day? he finally gave up and left. elizabeth smart told the jury today i was mad at myself that i didn't say anything. i felt terrible that the detective hadn't pushed harder and had just walked away.
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kris gutierrez is at the courthouse in salt lake city this afternoon. kri is, elizabeth smart tried to escape at least once on her own, right? >> you are exactly right. after a night of heavy drinking mitchell and his estranged wife began to argue. she remembered thinking this might be my chance to end this nightmare. she said she slowly tried to creep off into the night before she could escape she said mitchell grabbed her and trend to tie her back up and kill her shepard if she ever -- >> shepard: she talked about in court how people were looking for her. >> today it was in more detail. she said on several occasions mitchell actually brought newspapers back to that remote camp site and she would actually read articles about the ongoing search effort to try and find her but mitchell said according to her testimony that he was surprised anyone would even continue to look for her, shepard, because again he said to smart this is your new life,
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this is exactly what god wants for us, shep. >> shepard: crist gutierrez as the trial continues in salt lake city. thank you. the united states is facing a backlash from other countries about a plan to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the financial system. details live from d.c. the deadline has now passed for 9/11 emergency workers to join in a settlement to help cover their health care costs. now a judge is deciding to give workers who missed that deadline a little more time. that and if you are missing a missile, call someone. more on that coming up. but when you call... let me check. oh fud, nothing without a big miles upcharge. it's either pay their miles upcharges or connect through mooseneck! [ freezing ] i can't feel my feet. we switched to the venture card from capital one -- so no more games. let's go see those grandkids.
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for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >> shepard: a growing number of countries is now criticizing central bank for pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy. countries like russia and china and germany and japan all claim that could hurt them. it was buying $600 billion worth
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of u.s. treasury bonds. in essence, printing money to invest in u.s. debt. the move is designed to lower interest rates and encourage people to borrow and spend. but the critics fear it could really spark inflation and devalue the dollar. after all, the more money there is, the less it's worth. rich edson of the fox business network in d.c. how does this effect other countries, could you explain. >> sure, shep, the less the dollar is worth, the cheaper it is for other countries to buy american. it's good for our export and bad for others exporting and competing against u.s. products. countries are racing to cheapen their currencies to help their exports. the concept they are calling currency war, shep. >> shepard: president of the world bank is offering up a solution. tie our currencies to the value of the gold. what's the thinking on that? >> well, robert zoellick says the world economy should use gold as an international reference point. perhaps not fully calling to ga
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back on the world standard but another shot at the green back. the u.s. dollar is the world's reserve currency leading markets around the world and investors around the world trade goods like oil and gold in dollars. they have been concerned about the value of the u.s. dollar and some have even suggested global markets move to another reserve currency because the dollar has fallen so far, shep. >> shepard: rich edson from the fox business network with the chart to show it. thank you. a new and troubling sign for the job market now. report out today shows posting fewer jobs. job openings in september were down 5.3% from the month before. it's the second consecutive drop. but it is a bit confusing, since the feds reported just last week that the economy added jobs in october. analysts say today's news means hiring is likely to remain weak in the months ahead. the report shows there are some now five unemployed americans for every job that opens up. that's down from six just last
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year. the airline passenger who flew from hong kong to canada in an elaborate disguise apparently wants to stay incognito. he got on the plane looking like, this a white elderly man. when he got off, he transformed into a young asian man somehow or another. turns out is he from china and hoping for a asylum in canada. his lawyer asking officials to keep the media from covering the hearing to protect his identity. so far no response from the immigration board. tony, i just want my life back, hayward with some interesting new revelations about what was really happening during the bp oil spill and why he now admits they were kind of making things up as they went along, oh, really, tony hayward? he's next. [ male announcer ] gout's root cause is high uric acid.
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>> shepard: the former boss of bp tony hayward now admits what the rest of the world already knew, his company was seriously unprepared for the disaster in the gulf of mexico. in a bbc interview that aired today, tony hayward apparently finally came clean, he said the company's emergency planss were inadequate. in his words we were making it up day to day. that should have been obvious to anybody who noted the 600 walruses, sea otters and seals which actually don't live anywhere neither gulf. still, despite such enormous filibusters, tony hayward often bragged about how well things were going. >> the reality is that the extensive operation that is taking place between ourselves and all of the federal agencies, i think, will be seen as a textbook example of how to do an emergency response. it is unprecedented. >> shepard: and in the new bbc
7:20 pm
interview, hayward insisted that teams were doing extraordinary engineering behind the scenes. but now he said when it was played out in the full glare of the media as it was, of course it looked like fumbling and incompetence. indeed. of course, it did not help that as all of that was happening, tony hayward was also uttering statements like this. >> no one wants this thing over more than i do. i would like my life back. >> shepard: of course now he has it and despite his track record of controversial comments, tony hayward is still on bp's board of directors and he is still defending his actions. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in our newsroom in new york city, jonathan. >> shep, defending his actions and implying that if it weren't for the horrible mean media in the u.s., he would still be ceo of bp. he wouldn't be so misunderstood. and everybody would, in essence, like him. he also suggests that the media here were more interested in his style than his substance, tell the bbc.
7:21 pm
>> if i had done a degree at the royal academy of dramatic arts than a degree in geology i may have done better. but i'm not certain it would have changed the outcome. it probably wouldn't have changed the outcome because even a well-trained actor would have been hard pressed to make statements like this sound sympathetic. >> i think the environmental impacts of this disaster have been very, very modest. >> despite his foot in mouth disease mr. hayward still seems surprised that he was demonized and vilified for taking a yachting trip in the middle of the crisis. he said the reaction to that made him, quote, pretty angry. and that if the same situation arose again, i'm not certain i would do anything different. and it was all the media's fault, according to mr. hayward, who tells the bbc the network anchors had descended on bp in louisiana and it was an enormous feeding frenzy.
7:22 pm
mr. hayward also reportedly says that we, the media, quote, smelled blood. in truth, having spent a lot of time down there, what we and many other os in louisiana, alabama, and mississippi smelled was oil on the water, on the beaches, and in the mash lands, it is, of course, still there. while tony hayward has his life back many, shep, along the gulf coast don't. >> shepard: any noe they do not. the feds are demanding actions from halliburton about a controversial drilling technique. the environmental protection agency issue ising a subpoena for information on fracing. that's when engineers inject water, sand, and chemicals underground to help release oil and gas. the e.p.a. is studying whether this fracking effects drinking water and public health it reports halliburton is the only major energy company that refused to reveal the chemicals it uses. a spokeswoman says halliburton has already handed over 500
7:23 pm
documents. she claims the e.p.a. request is too broad so they are trying to narrow it down. the first responders during the attacks of 9/11 now have more time to opt into a proposed 650-million-dollar settlement. the deal would settle health claims from the 10,000 ground zero responder who's say they became ill from breathing the toxic dust at the world trade center site. last night was the deadline for responders to opt in. but 95% of them had to accept the deal for it to take effect. a judge has now ordered attorneys to stay quiet about the case, reportedly because of the number of last-minute claims. the judge is now giving workers another week to take part. want to know whether your teenagers are doing drugs or having sex? just check out their text messages. no need to read them really. just count them. there is a reason why and we will show you. plus, what was that in the sky over los angeles? wasn't a missile. we had nothing to do with that
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and/or muscle pain develop, tell your doctor. ask your doctor if boniva can help you stop losing and start reversing. and join the myboniva program. join today and get a free month of boniva at, or call 1-877-287-9140. >> shepard: an abandoned went up in flames. no a missile didn't hit it fox trip across america.
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texas, a fire destroying six buildings in the old fort davis park south of dallas. it's styled after a 19th century western town. authorities closed the theme park years ago. film makers have used it as a movie set. new york. the daughter of the new york city mayor michael bloomberg hurt after falling off her horse in a riding competition in syracuse. this is video of the 27-year-old in an earlier contest. the mayor says she is doing fine. >> she had a concussion. she was unconscious for a short period of time. the doctors say all other cognitive skills are back. >> shepard: mayor bloomberg says his daughter broke her back from a previous fall from a horse. florida, a couple hiring a crew to put up a 14-foot buddhist statue in their home under construction in miami. the thing weighs 11 tons. the highs tag for the whole project about $50,000 haiti's
7:29 pm
national amp pew tee soccer team playing a match in mesa. have lost limbs in january's devastating earthquake. this man says his friend had to help cut off his leg after he got trapped. >> they were trying to cut. at the end i actually had to cut my leg myself. it was amazing that i didn't pass out he says the team is now his family and they are part of a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. one senior military official now insists the mystery object you see here in the skies off california was most likely a jet plane. other officials tell another story. a news helicopter from kcbs-kcal los angeles videotaped the thing yesterday and immediately people started asking whether it was a missile. the military ordered teams to go count the noses of missiles in
7:30 pm
their arsenals just to make sure nothing launched somehow. over the last few hours, officials have been pointing more and more often to the possibility of this being just a jet plane. i mean, doesn't that look like a jet plane to you? the federal aviation administration has not cop firmed whether there were jets doing that in that area yesterday with an estimated 7,000 aircraft in the skies at any given moment it could take time to sort through all this mess. trace gallagher tracking the story in our west coast news hub. those jet con trails, i suppose, can play tricks on your eyes. >> that's what the experts are telling us tonight, shep. the simple science is it happens at high altitudes when water vapor condenses, freezes and surround itself around exhaust. kind of like giant exhaust snow cone if you will. i want to show you the picture taken 24 hours ago now off the california coast. this is the mystery missile jet plane whatever it is. take a look at that now take a look at a picture taken off the gulf coast back in may. it looks very similar.
7:31 pm
this has been confirmed to be the con trail of a jet taken off the gulf coast back in may. now let's put them side by side. you can decide for yourself. the left taken yesterday on the right taken off the gulf coast. that is a jet engine which is why some experts are saying what you see on the left may be with a jet con trail though nobody has come out to confirm that for us yet tonight, shep. >> shepard: it's my understanding that weather can effect those con trails? >> weather plays a big factor because what really helps or hurts these things is humidity and wind. we went back and checked and yesterday off the coast of catalina, it was 84% humidity and the winds were very high for southern california this time of year the reason the winds play a big part is the winds can make that con trail at the base look a lot bigger than it normally would and the humidity gives it a lot more hep. the particles kind of condense.
7:32 pm
they freeze around the exhaust, which is why weather plays such a key factor. again, we're not saying this is a jet plane or a missile. we're just saying what the experts are telling us about con trails. we have learned a lot about them today. no one yet has come out and said what this was off the california coast, shep. >> shepard: sounds like nothing here, move along. nothing here, move along. nothing here. >> yep, nothing to see. >> shepard: speaking of unidentified flying objects we are still trying to figure out what was zipping around the skies of washington last week. somebody recorded the cell phone video of a strange blue kind of light moving up there kind of weird for 15 or 20 minutes. we're told this happened near dulles airport about 20 miles from the capital. the guy who shot the video said it didn't make any noise and it vanished as suddenly as it happened. no indication that the people in the blue thing landed in california and then took off in the spaceship. didn't happen. the aircraft carrier u.s.s. ronald reagan now in route to help passengers on a cruise ship
7:33 pm
that caught fire. it happened a couple hundred miles from san diego. 4500 people in all on board the carnival cruise line splendor when a fire ripped through the engine room yesterday they tell us. the crews say they put the flames out. no word of anybody hurt. the ship is dead in the water there no airconditioning, no hot water, no hot food. no phones, no nothing. in fact, they only got the cold water and toilets working last night, they tell us. so, now, the uss ronald reagan, the aircraft carrier is going to bring supplies to the passengers and crew while mexican tug boats move the ship back to shore. we're told the splendor should arrive sometime tomorrow and everybody is getting a refund and a free cruise which must sound great to them right now. the last major cruise ship incident or accident, i should say, was in 2007. a ship with more than 1500 people sank after hitting rocks near greece. two french tourists died that time. the white house trying to figure out when it can start pulling
7:34 pm
troops from afghanistan. a top u.s. official now reports the administration has started to areview to determine whether the afghan war strategy is working well enough to begin the drawdown next summer. at the same time, a top commander is indicating u.s. forces will have to stay in afghanistan for at least another three to four years. mike emanuel with the news live at the white house. what do we know about the war review. >> shep, white house officials say that the review, part of the findings will be unveiled late december, early january. it's expected to be important document in terms of figuring out the pace of that transition you alluded to next july, next summer. and what we have been told is that early part of next year we'll start to hear the names of provinces where u.s. officials and ally officials believe they can start pulling back and start allowing afghan officials to send their troops in to be responsible for security. start of that transition, shep. >> shepard: we're hearing the year 2014, mike, where does that
7:35 pm
come from. >> that is harmid karzai the afghan president's date when he would like to take full control of security for his country of afghanistan. now, the lt. general responsible for training up afghan troops says he needs more trainers. next week when president obama goes to a nato summit in portugal, he is going to ask our allies to recommit to getting trainers to afghanistan so the u.s. and its allies can begin to pull out that 2014 date is really the afghan president's date when he would like to have full control of security, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel live on the north lawn tonight. thank you. iran's chief nuclear negotiator is reportedly ready to talk now but not about iran's nuclear program, apparently. the reuters news agency is reporting the official is offering to meet with the united states and other world powers in turkey in a few weeks. but a spokesman for iran's foreign ministry says iran's talks will not be about iran's nuclear issue at all. iran and the world powers haven't talked about that issue in more than a year. iran insists that its nuclear
7:36 pm
program is for peaceful purposes only and the u.s. and its allies accused tehran of trying to secretly build atomic weapons. oil prices hit a two-year high today. there is word they will continue going up if governments around the world don't act to cut down on consumption. today's high just more than $87 a barrel. the international energy agency is reporting oil about will be up to $200 a barrel by the year 2035. the paris-based energy watchdog also reports that oil supplies will peek around that same time. how they know that, we don't know. news bytes and google maps may be responsible for one central american country invading another country. google maps. nicaragua milita raided an area disputed. commander google's map showed it belonged to nicaragua. google checked with the u.s. state department and redrawn that border. sex, drugs and texting all
7:37 pm
connected according to a new study out of case western reserve university. researchers found that teens who text at least 120 times a day are also more likely to have had sex or use drugs compared to kids who text less frequently. there is no indication all that texting actually causes the risky behavior. only that there is some sort of link. meanwhile, need to check for an std on the go. there may soon be an app. for that british health officials reportedly developing a device you can either spit upon or urinate upon and then plug it into your mobile phone computer for a diagnosis. oh, yes. health officials say many young sexually active people are too embarrassed to get tested by a doctor. but not too embarrassed, apparently to pee on a microchip. one of the men who sat in a military prison at guantanamo bay has finally gotten his day in court. why his lawyer says he does not belong with all those other terrorist suspects. that's next. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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>> shepard: the first guantanamo bay detainee to face a style a fall guy a pawn. is he no terrorist so says his lawyer to jurors today in closing arguments. his client accused in the 1998 bombings in two u.s. beasmses in after from can a. david lee miller is live in the newsroom tonight. what's the argument of the defenses here. >> saying he was a naive kid who fell in with the wrong crowd. yes, they do admit he bought a truck and gas canisters, items that he had no idea would be later used to make a bomb that blew up the u.s. embassy in tanzania. the defense also today dismissed forensic evidence saying that proper investigative procedures were not followed and that the evidence had been contaminated. but one of the highlights of the day, shepard, was when the defense attorney quoted the grateful dead's jerry gathers garcia saying that he had been
7:42 pm
set up like a quote bowling pin. >> shepard: investigators say this guy is a cold blooded killer. >> indeed they do. in fact they go much further than that they say is he a mass murderer. they also say he is anything but a dupe. they say he knew what he was doing every single step of the way. they hammered away at one key point today that the defense had a very difficult time explaining. 24 hours before the twin bombs went off in after from can afri. he got on a plane to pakistan leaving behind his jobs, his friends, and his family. the defense has a tough time explaining that they would only explain there was no witness to say that he was, in fact, on that plane. the prosecution says isn't dupes don't flee. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller live in new york city, thank you. there is a brand new development today in the case of the so-called torture tapes there were nearly 100 videos that were said to show u.s. interrogators waterboarding suspected al qaeda operatives. one of the cia's top officers
7:43 pm
ordered those tapes destroyed. waterboarding is a form of simulated drowning. the obama administration considers it a form of torture. today, the justice department announced that officer and the agents who destroyed the tapes will not face charges. this comes five years to the day after the thing happened. the day the statute of limitations was up. the prosecutor with the justice department says he is still investigating whether the harsh questioning was, indeed, legal. the tapes included the interrogations of abu zubaydah. he was operations planner for al qaeda operatives. he apparently arranged their movements to capture authorities. this form of interrogation worked well because abu zubaydah identified khalid sheikh mohammed as the mastermind of 9/11. cholera hit haiti why the country is still trying to recover from the january earthquake that killed up to 300,000 people. today's haiti's health ministry
7:44 pm
is reporting the disease is threatening the entire nation of 10 million people. and officials say they are considering treating the cholera outbreak like a national security issue. steve harrigan just returned from haiti. he is live in our south florida newsroom tonight. steve? >> shepard, this is the exact scenario that medical workers were fighting to prevent. the epidemic of cholera is now inside the capital city of port-au-prince. it's a city of 3 million people, half of whom are homeless. sanitary conditions were bad there before hurricane tomas with the flooding. since that hurricane, they are much worse now. as of this morning there was one confirmed case inside the capital. already now 73 confirmed cases. a few hundred suspected cases. these numbers are going to go up and up. right now more than 580 people across haiti have been killed by cholera. 9,000 infected. it's a water born disease. water contaminated by human feces. it can kill you in a day through dye dehydration. basically the body shuts down
7:45 pm
from vomiting and from watery diarrhea simple cures in most countries for this rehydration and water purification tablets. for many haitians that's not available. we have seen aid workers going through the camps with mega phones saying wash your hands. don't drink out of the canal. for most patients bottled water is out of reach and latrines out of reach. this disease was unheard of in haiti now it's got a foot old in the water supply. they expect to battle it for years to come. shepard? >> shepard: steve harrigan live tonight in south florida. thank you. three car bomb attacks in one 24-hour period in one country. the most recent one killing at least five people. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> iraq. police and hospital officials say the bomb exploded near a restaurant in southwest bat shiite city. they used car bombs populated by
7:46 pm
shiite muslims. the bombings happened as political leaders were meeting for the first time over trying to break a dead lock over forming a new government. united kingdom ♪ >> prince harry opening a field of remembrance to britain's war in afghanistan. the man is third in line for the throne and served with the british army in afghanistan in full military dress for the ceremony. the prince planted a cross in memory of a friend reportedly killed while fighting taliban insurgents. cuba. the president raoul castro joining venezuelan leader hugo chavez in havana to celebrate a decade long alliance between their countries. venezuela exports billions of dollars worth of oil to cuba each year. germany. [shouting] >> shepard: police working through the night in the northwest to clear the way for a shipment of nuclear waste. thousands of protesters have
7:47 pm
tried to block the route. the waste left france friday and demonstrators have been trying to stop it ever since and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. more than a dozen suspected somali pirates walked free today on what could be the described as a technicality. and it could truly affect how the united states goes after pirate suspects from now on. we'll show you why. plus, athletes, actors, politicians and every day americans taking a four wheel drive cross-country trip to help our wounded warriors. a live report coming next. [ male announcer ] welcome to that one time of year when we all become doers. when our mittens double aswork gloves. and we turn every room into a project. buthis year, let's trim the budget. get some help from martha stewart that we can't get anywhere else. and spread our mon as far as our cheer.
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>> shepard: federal investigators now say they bugged an underage prostitution ring in which somali gangs sold girls as young as 12 to men in
7:51 pm
minnesota, tennessee, and ohio. a federal court has unsealed an indictment against these 29 people. prosecutors say they recruited girls under the age of 18, forced them to endure repeated rape in exchange for money, drugs and/or booze. investigators say they have arrested all but three of the suspects tonight. parked next to a world war ii aircraft carrier in san diego, two jeeps decked out in red, white, and blue. they are set to make their way across 43 states and more than 12,000 miles to help support veterans' charities including wounded warriors and families of fallen heros. adam housley is live on u.s.s. midway in san diego next to one of those red white and bluers, hey, adam. >> yeah, shepard. the spirit of liberty jeep. take a look. one two of concepts. two door version and four door that our camera is in as well. you can see red, white, and blue. these babies unveiled in san diego. you too can actually own one of
7:52 pm
these, shepard, drive it down sixth avenue and park it next to geraldo's bentley. they were unveiled here today. then the friday before memorial day 2011, these two jeeps, the four two door and four door will drive cross-country touching 43 states more than 12,000 miles. dignitaries, actors, local politicians, national politicians, astronauts are going to be driving these. at the end they will end up on the intrepid in new york harbor right around september 9th in 2011 in honor of september 11th and the ten year anniversary. these two will be auctioned off. also at home people can take part. buy your own jeep just like these at your local dealers. 3,000 above the local sticker price that's allowing for the wrapping. most of that money will go to wounded warriors and families of fallen heros. you can also actually sponsor miles that they drive. more information on that online where can you sponsor a mile and dedicate to one of our fallen heros. a number of groups will be giving money from this projects one of them taps a group that
7:53 pm
helps families of fallen soldiers. told we heard from the wife of a fallen marine who was killed in fallujah, an amazing story. she talks about how taps that organization has really helped her out. shepard, a great cause here unveiled at the midway, of course, which is the big museum here in san diego. place to start in may and ending in new york harbor in september. >> shepard: not bad at all. thankfully you didn't wreck while looking into the camera. >> i know. i was worried about that. [ laughter ] >> shepard: we were hopeful -- that you wouldn't obviously. learn more about national tour on web site fox love the housley. just kidding: there you find adam housley believe shot and thousand donate to the blog. that's at a judge in kenya releasing nine somali men charged with by reas claiming he doesn't have
7:54 pm
jurisdiction to handle the case. attacking a german owned cargo ship in the gulf of aden off the coast of somalia back last year. ruling comes after a separate court in kenya freed 17 suspected somali pirates the u.s. navy caught after they reportedly hijacked an egyptian ship. old habits diehard apparently that goes for chimps as well. well now an animal rights group seems to think it can help this chimp kick the cigarettes. that's coming up. plus, the latest on that thing in the sky just off the coast of california. >> if it's not big enough to come up on our national systems to detect where it came from and where it's headed, it's not big enough to do us any damage. >> shepard: if it's not a problem, why can't anybody confirm what it was? by the way -- jet, that's what they are saying. that's a jet. for real.
7:55 pm
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>> shepard: animal rights group in lebanon coming to the rescue of a chimpanzee who likes butts. it is said to have picked up the habit at a restaurant where it smoked to entertain guest and even served water pipes to customers. thank you. omega kept smoking when it moved to a zoo. now the group animals lebanon has gotten together with its owner and is sending omega to a sanctuary in brazil so it can i can can the habit. lebanon has virtually no animal rights protection laws. the u.s. military is describing that as potentially a jet. it's scrambling to find out what that was in the sky over los angeles last night. a local cbs news helicopter captured, this what appears to show a missile, doesn't it or a rocket or something or other
7:59 pm
just north of catalina island one senior military official says it was most like will ajet plane. elizabeth smart testifying that she was mad at herself for not speaking up with a police detective almost rescued her during her ninth month abduction ordeal. the kidnapper on trial was hiding her face behind a veil. general motors changing the names of its dealer service brand from mr. good wrench to certified service. on this day in 1946 the two top college football teams in our nation battled sold out crowd at yankee stadium. more than 74,000 people packed the stands catch the biggest rivalry in football at the time number one army cadets and fighting irish. some fans paid school% as much as $250 for tickets priced up to 5 bucks. both teams undefeated. four heisman trophy winners.


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