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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  November 14, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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about how you can move ward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. ♪ >> nothing like washing down a twinky a with sugary coffee. >> that's a great chaser. >> part of your morning ritual we all know, the coffee, the
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delicious coffee, whether it's starbucks, dunkin' donuts or make them at home, but before you go about your ritual this morning, stop, hang on a minute. your coffee might have 12 calories might have 30 grams of saturated fat. >> you look the a the screen. most of the drinks we show you aren't coffee so much. just like a sugar rush. >> that's right. this is a hot fudge sundae massacqueradsacrquerading as a coffee. dunkin' donuts, kulada, 98 carbohydrates, sugar, 87 grams and do you know how many people i see it during the day, as though it's coffee. >> 30 grams saturated fat it's probably exceeds your day's worth. >> if you're on a 2000 calorie diet. half your day there.
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>> what about this, coffee bean, out on the west coast and you have to stop there. blended coffees. iced blended. >> that's a shake or sun', 690. >> and the daily beast surveyed 60 coffee chains and 40 worst, least healthy for you. mcdonald's, do you think they're immune. oh, no, this is only 22 ounces it isn't the 60 ounce one for 22 ounces you're getting 680 calories of their most caramel frappe. >> we pour the caramel on top. and the mocha stuff. dave you love it. my favorite is the starbucks-- >> 87 grams of sugar. >> so delicious. >> of course they're good. >> white chocolate mocha from starbucks, 17 saturated fat grams, 620 calories, sugar 74.
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four mountain dews. good stuff. >> so think twice. >> and i can never pronounce the place, au bou pain. and drink a bag of sugar you'll be better off. >> here we go. now to your headlines. overnight insurgent set fire to aen could convoy of n.a.t.o. this as afghanistan's president hamid karzai said the u.s. should end increased raids by special operations forces, says they aggravate afghan and could strengthen the taliban insurgent efforts. more answers in the case of zahra backer, a medical examiner is examining the remains found some five miles from another bone already linked to baker through dna
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testing. police say they're confident the remains will be a match and hope the tests will provide some insight into how this young girl may have died. this morning, 11 a.m. eastern, democratic congressman danny davis will formally throw his hat into the ring, announcing his bid for mayor of chicago. meanwhile, former white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel kicked off his campaign yesterday. s he a laying out his plans to improve the city's economy, education, and primaries. sarah palin's new reality show debuts tonight. sarah palin's alaska as it's called showed the former vice-presidential candidate, an adventure loving wife and mom exploring the outdoors and the show debuts the at 9 a.m., you have to catch it. >> already a sarah palin drinking came for the show. she does certain things that people on the social network will do this. you have to drink if she does this. >> you betcha. >> that's one of them. >> college football number one oregon escapes and beat cal, number two, auburn, they beat
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georgia. the game of the day, well, at least the score of the day happened in madison, wisconsin. badgers putting on a show against indiana. they did not score 60 points. they didn't score 70 points. try 83 points. and that's the most points scored in the school. >> were they playing the broncos? >> oh, sorry. >> in 95 years. >> oh. wisconsin would score on all 12 possessions and 83-20 against the conference opponent indiana, mind you. if the badgers win the final two games, they're going to the rose bowl. i don't like you, clayton. let's talk-- take a number. >> on a fight, what if i told you that manny pacquiao would have two more wins than the cowboys. he nated on tone yo, and he
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was went to the hospital after the fight for treatment on several cuts and pacquiao wednesday 8th different title. now 15 million dollars richer, outweighed by 17 pounds in this fight. yet, he won 11 of 12 rounds. could you take pacquiao. you're 6-4. he's 5-2? >> i wouldn't last against this guy. 148 pounds, best fighter in the world. unbelievable. >> i think maria might be taller than manny pacquiao. >> that's great. maria, how is the weather looking out there. >> kind of chilly, i have to grab my coat out and regarding pacquiao, i don't know if many' taller, but can't take him on. looking at the graphics, more snow to talk about, basically that low that was producing a lot of snow across parts of minnesota and still producing some additional snowfall between one to three inches there and definitely watch out once again, along the roadways and ahead of it. we have a band of light rain
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and some showers extending from the great lakes region into ohio, a little area that we zoom in and you can see in the color yellow. and that's where we're seeing steadier rain and light rain across parts of kentucky, tennessee and alabama. through the future radar we expect the storm to continue to slowly shift to the new york east and for you guys northeast will be unsettled as the storm moves in and headed to the southeast, toolly good news for them. they have experienced very dry conditions, so this is much needed rain for parts of alabama. louisiana, even parts of mississippi. all right, alisyn. >> all right, maria, thanks so much. well, with winter fast approaching, it's a good time to start thinking about how you can save on your utility bills. joining us now with a few cash saving tips is the deputy editor of shop smart magazine, sue perry. welcome, sue. >> you have six fantastic tips that are going to save us a
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thousand dollars a year you say. >> yes. >> let's start with things you can do around the house. >> start right now. you say thermostat changes, does that mean we have to live with sweaters on in our house. >> no, it really doesn't. a programmable thermostat great to have. if you don't have one it's worth the money about $80 and some utility companies are giving rebates now, but what you can do is this will do it, instead of doing it manually it does for you. turn down the thermostat 5 to 10 degrees and it will be for air conditioning as well as heating. when you left the house at night. when you're under the covers at night you don't need the thermostat cranked up. turn it down and this will save you money and in fact every degree you turn down the thermostat will save you 2% on the energy bill. >> good to no. >> just by changing our tv mode. >> what do you mean. >> the tv comes from two different mode, retail mode off the floor or the factory
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and home mode. the retail mode is set at the cranked up to the highest mode and that is throwing money out the window. >> what do you mean cranked up shall the brightest. >> it's the brightest, in the store you want the picture to look good under the fluorescent lights and they crank it up to retail mode. at home you don't need it. it could compromise your picture. >> so you go into the settings. >> yes. >> and turn it to what. >> you turn it to home mode and then also want to look at other settings, contrast, brightness and the back light because if that's cranked up high it's throwing money out the window. >> good to know. >> yeah. >> next, turning off devices. >> yes, such as. >> such as first of all, one of the worst offenders is the video game players. you know, there's a lot of stuff you have plugged in around the house that's sucking up energy, 5 to 10% and showing you on your bill when you can pull the plug on these. >> when you're finished playing with them. pull the plug. you're a computer, but turn off the monitor, save $125 a year.
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>> that's incredible. >> yes. >> next, wash all of your clothes. >> yes. >> in cold water? >> in cold water. >> why? >> in cold water. first of all, save about $60 a year because you're not heating up the water to do your laundry and we work for consumer reports is the reports of shop smart magazines and we do tests all the time. tied cold water. >> does it get it as clean. >> cleaner and beat out others that wash in hot water. >> is that right. >> absolutely. >> our dishes. >> how do we save money with dishes? >> this is something i've had to do and so many people want to renes their dishes before they put them in the dishwasher. >> and rinse them in the sink or the dishwasher. >> rinse them before they put them in the dishwasher, so you have the cereal bowl instinct let me wash it out. >> i think i have to. >> clean out the gunk, throw it in the garbage and put the dirty dish in the dishwasher
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and $75 you'll save on the energy bill. you're wasting over 6,000 gallons of water a year to do that and heat up the water. >> if you put your dish in the dishwasher. >> no, clean this out. >> clean this out with a spoon. >> clean out the gunk, scrape out the gunk and pop it in. >> this leaky duct. >> it means the duct, your air conditioning and heating ducts in the house you want fix the drafts and the things where he's escaping and call in a pro to get those things sealed, insulated and the other thing is a diy project, weather strip around the windows and doors and you can be saving well over $400 a year. >> sue perry, all great suggestions and i've never heard many of them before and save $1,000 a year. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> we really appreciate it. radical american born cleric anwar al-awlaki, was called more of t
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the most dangerous man in the world. more than osama bin laden? . and the g.i. film festival is next with some movies that captured their courage and sacrifice.
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>> welcome back. some quick headlines for you. zsa zsa gabor home from a los angeles area hospital this morning. the 93-year-old actress was discharged after being treated for a leg infection. doctors say gabor will have to under go surgery if it does not clear up. >> man's best friend, a scare in colorado. they had to r rescue a spring springer spanle after it fell off an 80 foot cliff. why was the dog hiking? >> sound like a riddle. the film festival and g.i. channel. they will be airing documentaries and films about wars throughout history.
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and the channels our servicemen and women face when they return home. take a look. >> joining us now is co-founder and president of the g.i. film festival, brandon miller. good morning, brandon. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> all right, so tell us why you and your wife decided to do a g.i. film festival? >> well, this grew out of a conversation i had with my wife about five years ago, first of all, she's a graduate of west point. she served in the army and the army reserves and she had to see a film called the buffalo soldiers and portrayed the drug dealers and i read an article, hollywood were going to portray in a negative light and we thought not only was this unfair given the sacrifices that men and women in uniform give for us on a daily basis and we both loved movies and films and said hey, why not a film festival that shows the other side of the story and shows the courage and the heroism and the sacrifice of these brave men
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and women and that's what we did. >> and so on the military channel from nine o'clock to eleven o'clock eastern time. friday, saturdays and sunday, the rest of the month you'll be airing the films and one of them we might see is god and country. tell us about the story there and how soldiers are depicted there? >> absolutely. well, god and country is what we call a narrative short film, it's a film with a script and actors and the story is, it's a remarkable story about three american soldiers who thwart a campaign by the germans to use chemical warfare in world war ii and what's great about the film. it is a short film 45 minutes or so, but it feels like a feature film and the director, did remarkable job and the story, script, acting and performances are outstanding and one of the edge of the seat thrillers people are treated to tonight beginning at nine o'clock. >> that's terrific. what's your favorite film? >> you're asking me to pick my favorite among my children. i'll say this, i want to
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highlight a film called "triangle of death" screened last night and the reason is because the story behind the scenes is just as interesting as the story on the screen and it's about marines in iraq and the deadliest region known as the triangle of death and preparing for the first three elections in iraq. the story behind the story and the film maker is marine corporal named-- and on the first day of filming, the truck hits an ied and the camera mroedz and the marines keeps on shooting h film. it's a remarkable gritty combat film. >> you can see it on the military channel in november. thanks, brandon. >> thanks for having me. >> the master mind of the september 11th attacks has been sitting in a jail cell in guantanamo bay for years and may stay there indefinitely. despite the demand for justice his trial may be on the back
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burner. we'll explain. >> imagine being offered $100,000 to quit school and break through technology? that's what one billionaire is doing. we'll talk with him next.
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>> well, thinking of dropping out of college? our next guest wants to help you do it and he's going to pay $100,000. that's if you've got a brilliant plan for a start-up company that will change the tech world. critics say the plan encouraging greed over education, clarion capital president was the co-founder and ceo of pay pal and also the original investor in facebook which kept the social network running through the start-up phase and in the movie, when zucker erring about gets the phone call on the line, for the $500,000
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that was you. >> yes. >> and encouraging kids to drop out of college and get a boat load of cash. >> we're thinking them start something in the technology side and helping the u.s. get to the neck level. things have stalled out and not making enough progress as a country and we need to get more people doing entrepreneurial things and not get too distracted by spending, years in college and page d programs and et cetera. the programs you don't necessarily have to drop out. have to stop out for two years, we'll mentor people and have them work with companies or start their own companies, and the thought is that you know, a lot of our greatest entrepreneurs dropped out of colleges, this includes, steve jobs, bill gates, includes the facebook founders. >> and the parents are saying to themselves. my son or daughter about to go to college and they need to education.
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can they keep this education the same way if they're dropping out of college and trying to make money. other people called this n narcissistic and this is something you want to teach our kids? >> i think almost the exact opposite. if you go to college you have to make money because you have to pay off your student loans. people are wracking up a quarter million dollars of debt in college and even more if they go to law school, and business school, any sort of graduate school and you're basically stuck in high paying, but maybe not that meaningful jobs will not actually change the world and you can't do anything entrepreneurial, which pays less and nonprofit. all the sorts of things that the colleges preclude people from doing. >> called your initiative, nasty and narcissistic and said the start-up is a version of-- if this threatens turn the risk takers into-- let's put it up on the screen. threatens to take the risk
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taking model into a white boy's version of nba, generating will have and knowledge for its own sake and what do you say to jacob? >> so many responses to this. i think unlike playing a sport if you work for a company for a few years you'll learn skills and take with you the rest of your life. i think that people can be educated in many contexts and you can read books and i suspect that weisberg has not stopped reading books since he graduated from college and you can definitely continue your education in many different ways. >> what do you have to do to get involved in the program. if you're saying maybe i will drop out of college. what's the conditions for $100,000. >> 20 under, it's a short application and submit an essay on how you'd like to change the world, and then, and then we will set up some interviews with various entrepreneurs who will evaluate and possibly mentor you as you go along. >> and obviously, if you're over 20 years old we would
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encourage you to identify any talented people you know who are under 20 and have the potential to really change the world in this country for the better. >> did you get my application? >> not yet. keep an eye out for it. >> i'll keep an eye out. >> thanks for having me. >> it's a little late for you to drop out. >> intriguing though. >> charlie rainingle is facing 13 ethics violations. he's accused using his political action money to pay for his defense. >> if you're worried about losing your job in this rough economy there are definite warning signs to keep you from getting caught off guard. i hope they don't sound familiar. we'll have the tips to offer you some pink slip protection great ahead. but not for your eyes. they're still so tired-looking. with olay, challenge that with regenerist anti-aging eye roller. its hydrating formula with caffeine-conditioning complex perks up the look of eyes. it works in the blink of an eye.
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the new healthcare law ls us crack down on crinals and win against fraud. making medicare stronger. and speaking of winning... [ man 2 ] not again! [ man ] learn more at >> good morning everyone, sunday, november 14th. newly elected members of congress arrived in d.c. in morning to learn the ropes a


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