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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 15, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> live and at large. here comes harry. >> where do you live? oo i have something worth living for. >> on an action packed floor with theiggest potter mov reever. something even bigger a video game that's an international obsession with the ladies. >> tonight figuring out why so
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many of the fairs are answering the call of the duty. black ice biggest release in any media ever. and remember this. >> i pronoun pronounce that the and wife together. >> three decades after di his mom became a royal. he is ready to end, tonight the palace bust. plus... notice how many men are neglecting to shave this month? tonight john stossel and i no shave. >> we begin with this fox news alert. >> welcome to the show everybody. i am geraldo rivera. a 13-year-old ohio girl missing since thursday has been found frightened but alive.
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her kidnaper under arrest. cops are still searching for three other victims snatched at the same time as the girl. >> geraldo, 30-year-old matthew hoffman is behind bars tonight because earlier today 13-year-old sara manard was found bound and gagged but alive in his home. they acted on their own intelligence and tips they received they were hoping to rescue her mother tina her man her brother and friend 31-year-old stephanie sprang who's whereabouts are all still unknown. sara was the only one inside. the sheriff says she has been held captive since the middle of the week. >> we would estimate she has been under control of mr. hoffman since wednesday in one form or another or location or another. >> it will lead them to the location of the other missing
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persons but he is not cooperating. they revealed he has a previous conviction for torching townhouses in colorado. he did that to cover up a burglar re. one of the others in mount vernon in columbus, ohio he said hoffman recently broke up with his girlfriend and was known to be a home body except for the last few weeks when he was seen coming and going an unusual amount. >> he would come and go quite a bit. we have had a his back. >> he was a weird doe. if you look in the trees there was a hammock where he would sit and watch people. >> matthew hoffman's parents live within walking distance of the scene of the crime. a bond hearing is expected to go down sometime tomorrow. back to you. thank you very much. aside from finding the three other missing persons obviously we are hopeful which will learn what hoffman intended to do with the panic stricken 13-year-old
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girl and the mass kidnapping that's what it is and not a mass murder which this is really all about. now with the outrageous violence of mexico's efforts to curtail the arrogant power of the drug cartel. >> we have a neighbor which is the largest consumer of drugs in the world. the problem is everyone want to sell him so you knighted states needs to reduce consumption one way or another. >> the president blaming part of his nation savage drug violence on america's enormous appetite for dope. in part two of the investigation begins tonight in a texas jail. >> there's a direct correlation between the drug war south of the border and what's happening here in lorado texas. one of the effects a jail which
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is bursting at the seams mostly with drug related crimes. >> why are you here? >> drugs? >> trafficking, distributing. >> in towns like lower read doe texas have to work hard for the low crime rate with the violence in mexico. >> 2009 we had maybe 12 murders in lower raid doe compared to other cities, we are probably pretty safe, safer than other cities. >> that wasn't always the case. several cartel ordered killings took place in lower raid doe between 2003 and 2006 doubling the homicide rate. the sheriff says that is no longer. >> i think the affairs we have been committed to law enforcement made a difference we are able to pressure and capture
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these cells operating in lower read doe. >> older brother supports millions in federal aid that goes to border towns in the hometown of lower read doe but has a stern warning. >> what happens on the mexican side is going to eventually have an impact over here. this is why we are playing defense. >> 653 guests can be attributed to the drug war across the border from lower read doe to matamoros where more than 100 reportedly died earlier this month in a battle with mexican troops. >> what are your concerns when you have shootouts like the one where you have literally a hundred people killed in one day? >> our military is working with their military it's more of a training on their side. eventually we have to work out what it will be. >> the subcommittee on border terrorism says increased aid to mexico. >> their defeat of guerillas is
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the only way to prevent the spread of violence. >> there's graphic video of a beheading a warning to competitors from one cartel to another. >> they are using some of those techniques that they are using in other places of the world over here to say this is what we can do to you if you go against. >> basically here you see that they are holding his head holding his body they are going to cut off his head. if you don't mind i am going to turn it off because it is excruciating. >> controlling the border is one thing we have to make sure the bottom doesn't come over. you have to go in and disrupt the organization. >> craig is with me here in the studio. you saw that whole tape. they actually -- i got the creeps. totally. >> it's awful. >> one of the most horrifying
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things you can look at the fact that one human being would do that to another to send a message that's how serious they are. it's terrorism. narco-terrorism. >> it is. >> you mentioned columbia. i lov i love the brothers. we have covered columbia playing columbia, we were down there with former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. they have done a lot there. still coke flows from columbia. they may have insurgents on the run but the dope is still flowing. >> they do want to follow that model and have the training and equipment supervision. the problem is there are $26 million being withheld right now because the u.s. wants accountability they want corruption to stop. >> we don't want to spend 226 million bucks on themselves.
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there has to be a military. let me bring my next guest an expert who believes without infusion of military aid mexico can never win the war against the drug cartels. a former special agent with united states air force joinses us. >> is that an accurate portrayal on your position? >> as far as the military infusion it would be a huge mistake to send military troops there. the mexican government has a long history of not wanting too much u.s. intervention down there. as far as an infusion of money i agree you have to keep an eye on where that money goes and how it is used because of the large amount of corruption within the military forces between the federal law enforcement and also in the government. we need to help them and provide training and provide some kind of financial assistance for helicopters for training and
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keep that accountable from where we spend the money. >> i have covered mexico extensively over the decades and having lived there at one point i believe the mexican army is the one u the one institution that is really solid. they have committed the military hold they are all in this this war. what if they don't win? >> well, i don't know if they are going to win. they are miking gains and doing the best they can. i am not sure if it's a war that can be won. it is a war that can be managed i think it may be a mistake to look at it as a win or a loss. >> calderon is right, the united states we are 54 rash shoes in our drug appetite. that's one of the reasons i wanted california to look at legalized marijuana.
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you have coke coming in from the border tons of that. >> we are not only providing the incentive we are providing weapons. weapons are going down. they are feeding insurgency and it's american money going down. >> plus we tell them the weapons i am telling you i believe in second amendment. when you see gun store after gun store located on the border why are they there? we can't be naive or stupid about the affection for the second amendment. this is ridiculous. thank you for being with us. coming up in dollar terms which is bigger the latest harry potter movie or a video game called call of duty. the surprising answer after this. stñ÷
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>> 360 mmm -- get that right. 360 million in sales. that's 5.6 million units sold in just the first 24-hours that's just in america and great britain. it's huge. monster success that could be the biggest one day entertainment relief in whatever media in world history. when they announced 40 percent of all black ops players were
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women i said woe this is really big isn't it? host of ign's daily fix. >> hi. how are you? >> why are women attracted to all of this? what is going on? >> i think women in general have gotten more and more on the gaming tip lately. it's not every girl you sees necessarily a casual gamer it's not a shame to be a gamer any more. more and more women are saying they play the first shooters i actually played it today for quite a few hours. >> my son cruise is 22 usually when i see them in the place where the house where he lives he's playing the game and the girlfriend is watching. now the girlfriend is having a turn is that what is happening? >> for some girls that's the case. hard to sit down and be ignored for that long maybe not want to jump on and play for a while.
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for women like myself you are finding more and more girls who have been around playing video games from atar ry 2600 games up until now where ef the pf 3's and 360s. they own their own games and they go out and vak tive in the culture. you are getting a nice mix of girls that are finding their way into video games through their boyfriends. you have ones that have been here since the beginning. >> my 5-year-old who is on i geese she will be a black ops player. earlier i said black ops was the biggest one day release ever biggest one weekend release is harry potter and the half blood prince. that hit 394 million over the week end. that record is expected to fall this coming week with the release of what looks like the best, the darkest film in the harry potter series harry potter
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and the deathly hallows. take a look. >> harry potter. the boy who lived: >> why the escalating appeal of the harry potter series? >> now you are coming to the end finally figuring out what is going on with harry and the whole situation with harry. i am ashamed i didn't read the books first. i am definitely going to see the flick. i think there's a lot of hard-core harry potter heads out there that are going to see it this holiday season. >> it was interesting seeing the stars grow up. it has been ten years since the first one. >> i think a big part of that, too, is seeing where harry's
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romance plays out as well. for a while we were getting hints that it was hermoine then we find out harry may have some game. >> i wouldn't mind a little loveing in that movie. >> you have to have something. >> after princess diana died in the car crash americans lost interest in the royals they were mediocre convicted. now di's sons are grown. i will have the latest on a pending royal wedding after this. ! " # $ / 0 i
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>> her whole life will change she will enter a changing world family and her husband will know that he has to deliver to a very different population. she will have to be the consult to that. she will receive a title, he will probably be a duke on the day of their wedding and she will be a dutches. in due course she will become a princess of whales and ultimately queen the.
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>> many americans are enamored especially the young charming princes who are featured in kate nickels new book william and harry behind the palace wall. he joins us tonight still in the dominion of william when he is king of england. welcome. how are you? >> i am well. nice to be with you this evening. >> did i hear you say some place you hung out with prince william at sometime or another? >> i have been lucky enough to hang out with both of the boys. i was invited by prince perry to a party. he was 17 at the time. he was hard at work at a bar of a kensington nightclub. spent a lot of time with him that's the purpose to get behind the palace halls and show what they are like.
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>> harry is t -- he is more the mischievous one but harry is more serious. >> he has more responsibility. in the last couple years harry really changed. the royal rebel tag is something he hates. there's more to him than being a party prince. i saw him in africa in june. the work he was doing with land mines in mongolia is kuwa quite amazing. there's a lot more to him. >> when i was with the british troops in afghanistan in april they were singing harry's praises. everybody wants to hear about prince william and kate middleton. will he marry her and will it be this summer?
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>> signs are a royal wedding happening. july 2011 the year before the diamond jubilee. >> which means his mom and 50th year on the thrown. so we will see a wedding in 2011 in jewel. we are expecting an announcement it may be in the new year but it is coming. >> why do you say that? did they hire the caterecaterer. >> funny you should mention caterers i have heard they are pitching everything from coffees to menus. the other week we didn't invite kate's parents which is the queen's scott he shall estate are making a xhem tiff code.
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if you add up all of these things they are all very, very significant. like you said it's been a decade now. it's time. >> it is time and sounds more than a prom date. >> good morni luck.
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from america's headquarters a blast at the grand riviera hotel killing five canadians and two mexicans. two others are in critical condition. investigators believe a gas explaegs caused it. and a british couple held for more than a year.
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rachel chandler says the pirates did bring them home after deciding to separate the two. now, checking markets in asia, up and hang sang down and for more business news tune into fox news network. now back to "geraldo at large". marianne rafferty. back to geraldo at large. we are back live. i have business before i get to them. this is judge joe miller the bronze star winning vet of the first gulf war. we thought it was going to be a shoe in for election but along came lisa murkowski and the dreaded right in campaign. we will give you the latest and talk to joe. joe thank you for being with me. let me handle this we will be right to joe miller. this is a fox news alert. today in the nation's capital they taught thought the first
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skwer michigan in the war considering the moment to us stakes over which welcome to washington event the tea parties would attend. in coming republican lawmakers along with claremont institute discussed a launch and meeting. the competing tea party forum is across town. stay dry. larger competition of the reave of 85 incoming republicans who will have such a low influence. the tea party have sent out an e-mail to reporter that is took a confrontational tone. we need you to call and e-mail the congressman and tell them you want them to attend your tea party event or would you rather they attend an indoctrination
1:33 am
organized by dc insiders and lobbyists members in the ruling class. >> they gave private phone numbers with new numbers. the patriot's leader apologize backed off the criticism to the expense. here's the response. >> i got a blast from the tea party folks. they put a lot of e-mails out to the freshman class. it's not a big deal. >> tea heart is concerned. our perspective pe wut this off we are going to do this. we will make everybody proud. >> i have made it a priority to make sure i can meet as many people as possible. as many events i can get to i am going to stop by and get that. >> both democrats and republicans are in town for a weeb lock pressu -- week long f.
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thank you very much. the first family is home in the white house after the sometimes frustrating g 20 economic summit in asia the $64,000 question in washington is whether of course mr. o'leary bomb taw to cooperate than he did south africa or jaw parn. >> he was house speaker during the 1994 republican takeover of the house it's on the short list of gop presidential candidates for 2012. he was the author recently of valley forge. newt gingrich is with me. >> great to be with you as always. we are pretty excited. our new book is doing well valley forge is a topic that has many lessons for america today chld >> do you believe there should be an absolute freeze or all ear
1:35 am
marks and elected officials and tea party are suggesting. >> i support bay john boehner. he is trying to get them to commit to no earmarks. will it be good? will he go a year or two in order to help you. >> is it a problem they attach them to other gills on the fast track to passage they are put on there without a sponsoring senator or congressman it's a stealth appropriation good old boy network draining billions? >> that's part of the problem. part of the problem is if it's a really worth while object why does it have to be opposed by a powerful politician. i spent this amount of one on this item.
1:36 am
>> you have to concentrate on the budget. >> i would say for the next two years they ought to breeze your earmark. it is a fact of real reform. >> do you agree alabama republican suspense sore who suggests for sarah palin they could control the united states senate and the congress? >> oy don't think that's necessarily corrected. there are places where kafrn datz had nothing to do lost california and washington state their places feel supported very, very well. utah and florida. so i think it is a mixed bag. we are in a period of tremendous change. the t tea party people would -- people are so fed up with big
1:37 am
government you are>> the three seeds arguably influenced in a negative way. delaware nevada and colorado. those are three seats that would have been in the republican camp but for the tea party. >> it would have gotten them to a tie. if you also won seats as i mentioned such as california and washington sta are in a lot bet state. >> what about the tax cuts or the tax cuts at the end of the year? when you support a pro xhiez, the geraldo compromise. 250 isn't the middle but it hoo been faxed.
1:38 am
the president is asking and it will net the treasury over 20 billion a year doesn't have that to be a compromise if they are used to drinking. i think it increases over the middle of the reception. the your repub tan i think you are any -- >> to say you are going to wash the waste, bloods and abuse i have heard it since my days as a cub reporter. >> first of all we sg in fact cut spending balance the federal budget for four straight peers. we had the low rate of increase since calvin college lij. 405 billion in vets. it's clearly toutable>> i think
1:39 am
he is taking credit for those same period. >> it should. he was the president why would the speaker of the house. they put both teams they have to look at your working relationship. despite the thakt that you were opposites in most regardses. there was a certain comedy. john boehner i change he had time to slow down, i am thinking this through. spends time in private with no one else around no staff just the do of them. >> we negotiated it 35 days face-to-face. we are never buddies but we have great professional regard to
1:40 am
each other. we get a lot gone to each year >> the country was better off. you have to talk things out and have canned dorr and think about it a while and go back at it the second time. >> they find ways to cooperate and getting things done for the country. >> when wills the calculation is made by one side or the other. i have your new book aside from the fact you are promoting it governor jindal has a book governor perry of text h -- tex. >> romney has a book, governor palin goes out in late november. it it at all times to cover the election they would always kel us in do you run for office.
1:41 am
or have you decided when will you announce. laura push they have the number one i never thought i would see that many republicans. maybe where swamping roles with the dem gats we are the party of literary achievement. but that's the bright, bright ripe and -- much moir than the left. good luck with valley. thank you for being with us. thank you. >> see you later. >> he opened fire killing 5 more people wounding nine others it just continues. the blood flows just south of the mexican border. be right back with joe miller of
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alaska after this. ! " # $ / 0 i
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>> vote counters tallied the el veks votes. in this kras they will decide the winner. >> miller paid a surprise visit to the county center to thanks his volunteers and encourage them to keep up the fight.
1:46 am
challenging murkowski votes that are not spelled perfectly. in many cases observers are objecting when murkowski is posted but there is a comma or the word republican after this. >> i think what needs to be applied is a state statute. it makes it clear as to what is required. our position is you tell matly that is going to be determined i believe by a court. >> the election supervisor has been allowing so long as they can sound out lieu could i ski. lieu could i ski's comment we will win the victory. >> we are going to win them on the challenge it's a matter of time before that becomes official. >> the county will be done by middle of next week. if the frevend continues it looks like senator murkowski has won one hope. they were eventually thrown out
1:47 am
by a judge. >> thank you very much. joe miller welcome to the program. doesn't it feel petty to argue about minor misspellings. you are a straight shooting guy war hear row and the rest isn't it below you to worry if it's m-r-i-or r-u-r. >> it is the second time to hear the division of elections has been applied. all of the time in the past the strict standard by the statutes is going to apply. we have mar could you ski rather than anybody else doing a campaign. >> i thought there was says law to support the voter's obvious conse intent. >> the other thing to keep in mind is murkowski herself understood what the percentages are. >> i am taking to you man to man. you know when they right the name they want to vote for
1:48 am
murkowski. you know the person looking at you knows that the person who wrote in the whi write in da candidate's name can do that. you dubt to go around cheating. for example i playeder reported by a supporter. we have a pile of others we were for the first time. i am serious about that. for the first time today we were allowed to bring in cameras to take pictures of the balance approved. we have a ballot and m and skrib el with ski at the ends. we have a number of clear ballots cashed as protests votes. the ma marriage of murkowski ad ameri dwsh -- >> i don't have a problem with
1:49 am
those ambiguous. my problem knowing the strong character that you are as a judge and a bronze star winner is you know when it's meaningful, the error and when it is just a minor misspellimis. you know what the voter wanted you to do. they didn't want her let her wallet. >> the statute says these provisions are not mandatory or no exceptioexceptions. are we a nation of a world laws. 36 hours before the count began this standard was announced by division of rights. >> may i assume that you think you are losing the stray count right now. >> not at all. in fact the count shows it's 9,000 votes ahead.
1:50 am
that's because all of the right in ballots haven't been counted yet. if the current trends conditions today. with respect to the balance in law. if you want yourself a bureaucrat deciding what the law sa says or do you want the clear language of the wall to eye ply. >> got to go. good luck to you. do you know who's mustache this is. the answer
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oo he held one of the longest kidnapped filings and are safely in nairobi, kenya as emma heard from sister network reports. >> the couple are expected to spend the night in nierob beep and the british residents residents of the british high commissioner where they will have a chance to get a decent night's sleep probably the first time in 39 # nights. this is the first time they have slept in a decent bed. they are expected to return home to the u.k. tomorrow. there were a couple flights from my obi tack to heathrow. we are not sure way ones of the sites we are taking but we are sure they want to be back to the family and friends as soon as possible. they recognize this is not just difficult for them this period of incarceration but so hard for the family and friends left behind in the u.s. they have been involved in the whole process of difficult did heing negotiations the very
1:55 am
stressful protests involving money changing hands which is eventually led to their freedom first in somalia and finally them being transported to tenaya where they are considered to be finely safe. they have opted to have a rescue. >> who's mustache is it? did did he thing by bush. this is a real mustache. mine is a little gray. >> and you are talking. >> and i am talking. >> we wear the stashes full-time. we have a reason. it's to bring awareness to the importance of early detection for men suffering prostate cancer november is one of the campaigns. thanks for being on the show. >> thank you. >> prostate cancer is what, doesn't get the same buzz as some of the other more public?
1:56 am
>> i don't get this mustache campaign, but it is just disgusting part of our political system if you have a lobby, if you are trendly you get the research money. huge amentsz for breast cancer more mo for aids. it's good if we can help even that out. >> during best cancer awareness. we salute it and love it. more power to them. they put pink lights on all of the big city buildings and i live by the george washington bridge. all of the lights the big ark lights on the cables were pink. they clearly have their act together when it comes to getting the word out as having lobby groups but i guess that's the weigh you get the money. >> sure. aids had the biggest. they spend in reper research 26 for death, cancer, 10,000 per death. other diseases even less. very unfair. >> we want to bring awareness to
1:57 am
prostate cancer. my won dwerful brother in law died howard levy at the age of 62. people who survived joe torre harry bell fovent. norman schwarzkopf, john kerry, mayor rudy, fi rudy giuliani ooe want out there? >> the way you introduced is it it sounds like more early detection. that's my understanding it's another scan the doctors want to do another test they might get sued if they don't. psa test is never shown to save lives. it's very controversial. my doctor says you have to get the test. false positives they do surgery they don't need it. >> grow your strash grow i'm robert shapiro. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents.
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