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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  November 17, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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beth: open enrollment? john: yup. i compared plans and found better coverage for me. beth: of course you noticed the new benefits we get under the new healthcare law. john: what? beth: well, like 50 percent off and name pscription drugs for people who are in the donut hole. john: really? i didn't know that. beth: you have to keep up. john: come on. i'll keep up. anncr: it's open enrollment. time to compare and review plans at or call 1-800-medicare. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." last night, my wife and i were watching tv and we're flipping around. and the big story came on. despite everything that is going on right now, the economy is on fire, out-of-control debt, corruption, what is happening at the airports, they're covering, the press is, an engagement announcement of prince william. or it harry? i don't know which one it is. one of them is getting married. the networks are going crazy over this.
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look at the pictures. can they just bring one camera? it's the same picture. all three networks are rushing specials together. nbc special promises "to explore how the couple met. and what drew them to each other and what the modern day marriage will mean for the british monarchy." you've got to be kidding me. they rushed the big reporters, their anchors went over, rushed over to cover this. so we don't have to spend a lot of time on it. let me give you my full take on this. they are going to get married. if he is like his dad, check the stable girl. you know what i'm saying? if it's like the mom, they'll be fine. i don't give a crap over the english royal love life. there is a fire in america. it's happening in the whole world. it's happening in great britain, too. the media is so out of touch they are, they're literally yesterday being groped by the
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real story at the airport onbe their way to cover a non-story. here is an idea. let's forget about the polo-playing prince. what does the devaluation of currency mean to the monarchy or the new world order mean to the british monarchy? how is it the freest country in the history of the world is subjecting their citizens to panty pat-downs? what does that mean no the british monarchy and the rest of the world? tonight, the question is will you trade your freedom for your security? ♪ ♪ >> glenn: it's a long walk from over there to here, isn't it? hello, america. i don't know if you have been following what is going on
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with t.s.a., but is something wrong with the story. give me a few minutes here because there is a lot to cover. obviously, we need security in this country. our airports are not safe. but i think what we need more of, and we're not getting any of it is common sense. we aren't using any common sense at our airports right now. because of this, the tension between people and the government are rising as a result. just what we need, more things to separate us from our government. isn't that great? it's because of a security procedure from the t.s.a. coincidently, right here at the busiest travel time of the year. there is a lot of misinformation going around on the internet on this story. some things that i've seen and i've gotten caught by it a couple of times, like the videos.
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amazing video of a girl being frisked, that happened two or three years ago. some of the videos happened a long time ago under bush. you have to be careful. the liberal and the conservative press are getting the story wrong and mixing things that you have to be careful. do your own investigation and draw your own conclusions because there is too many sloppy people out there. guard your honor and guard your integrity and your word on this. don't just pass things around. here are the facts. many airports are installing brand new, full body scanners that are supposed to detect contraband or other dangerous things people could be hiding. they have been in the wings for quite some time. bush was putting some of these things. they are so strong they can literally see underbeneath people's clothing. it's like you have superman guarding the airports, except -- a lot of people are uncomfortable with the full body scan.
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either for exposure to potentially damaging rays or whatever the hell they're shooting out of the machine at you. but more likely a lot of people are saying this is an invasion of privacy. so they are deciding to opt out of the scan. that's where the trouble starts. multiple reports from travelers have claimed when you opt out of the scan, t.s.a. agents loudly yell, "we've got an opt out." oh, good, now i'm not embarrassed at all. then they proceed to perform a pat-down. this is not the run of the mill patdown. no, no, no. the old school patdowns where they do it like this. and they run on your arms and under your arms and under your legs. yeah, yeah. not now. no, the t.s.a. has implemented a new more intrusive pat-down message because of the general tightening of air security.
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the new method involves the touching of the breast and gener general -- genitals. i don't think you got anything in there. there is a sliding hand motion, to use a technical term, sliding hand motion on the body parts where a lighter touch was used before. sliding hand motion. oh, isn't that nice? it's another way of saying fondling, or i'm just car ring. imagine watching in your teenager's room and her boyfriend was there going no, it's just a sliding hand motion. oh, then i'm fine with it! yeah! that kind of sounds more like scene from a danielle steele novel than a security procedural. handbook. what do i know? don't worry about the sliding hand motion, the t.s.a. has thought of everything. you walk in on your daughter and her boyfriend is doing this with a sliding hand, huh? but this is totally different.
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t.s.a. says it's just sex. so you walk in with your daughter and she has a girlfriend doing this, apparently with the t.s.a. it's totally fine. i don't know about you, but let's use something that i could see happening in my life. my 5-year-old son getting his genitals, having a 40-year-old man in rented suit using sliding hand motion on his crotch. oh, i'm totally fine with that. needless to say, push-back. other pilots are saying they're having rights violated and others are quitting. captain sully, you know the guy that landed the plane, cool under pressure, called this a waste of limited resources. they have every right to be upset, because putting pilots through advanced security searches, does that make sense to you? sir, i'm sorry. we have to take that boxcutter away from you.
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why? because conceivably you can use it as a weapon and storm the cockpit and hijack the plane. oh, i'm already in the cockpit. i already have control of the plane. what do you say we use a little common sense here? no, no, no. hmm, no. this is why people are upset. i want to show you audio and video you may have heard already. this is a passenger who objected to the new intrusive hand slide. and the pat-down. he got the pat-down because the full body scan, he wasn't comfortable with that either. but he decided to take out a cell phone and record the intersection on his cell phone and -- the interaction on his cell phone and he ended up capturing this. >> my hands are going like this. i'm going to use a groin check. put my hand on your inner thigh. slowly go up. two times in the front and two times in the back.
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>> all right. >> screening, make it available for you. >> if you touch my junk i'm going to have you arrested. i don't understand how a sexual assault can be made as a condition of my flying. >> this is not considered sexual assault. >> it would be if you weren't the government. >> glenn: this has become famous because of "touch my junk." that is the important part. the pat-down would be sexual assault in any other circumstance. that's right. again, your daughter. "just patting her down, sir." yeah. i want to tell you something really clearly here. listen carefully. "a," we do need security at our airports. this ain't it. "b," i think the guy who works for the t.s.a. on this tape, i think he was professional, i think he was saying the right things. i think the guy was doing his job. i don't want to demonize t.s.a. workers for doing their job. there are some that are
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clueless. but the majority of them that i have run into do their job. outside of new york, mainly. they do their job. they're paying attention. they're doing what they're supposed to do. i can't imagine the stress that they are going through as well, because they're getting the brunt of it. is that where it belongs? at them? they're not the enemy. you don't want to go through this, but i don't think -- have you seen some of the people you're flying with? you're flying with people like me. you think they want to be like i'm going up the sides of your legs now. no. it's not their fault. and we have seen what criminals who are bound and determined to get something on to an airplane, how they hide it. let's just say, um, i guess they could check for the prostate, too, if we were going to find where they hide -- you know what i'm saying? you are not going to find it. you've seen the ridiculousness also of random searches.
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kids and grandmas. you have a grandmother, you're like really? but, will there be any exceptions? because everybody is going to get the pat down. reporter recently asked janet napolitano if the same scrutiny would apply to muslims wearing head gear. here is her answer. >> we're doing what we need to do to protect traveling public. ajustments will be made where they need to be made. with respect to that particular issue, there will be more to come. >> glenn: shouldn't the answer to that question just be no? or yes. what the hell -- does anybody speak english in washington? why would you leave any doubt in the mind of american people that muslims will guess a pass from the new process? wouldn't it make people more
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angry? it defies logic and common sense. something is not right. maybe the press should investigate further. oh, yeah. they're busy. did you see, did you see the ring? oh, my gosh! that's princess diana's ring, you know. if they cared to investigate, they can probably, they could probably do several specials on this one. if you investigate, you might have found the story with the full body scanners. here are some things i haven't heard yet. here are the body scan pictures of the t.s.a., this is the best level in terms of quality. this is as good as it gets. this is it! oh! it's only that good, so we have to blur them out on tv. on cable! pretty invasive. humiliating. do you really want pictures of me? mm-hmm. now, here is the problem with
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this. they're not telling you the full truth. this is beta compared to, you know, blue ray. we have a well-placed source within the government, yes! one of our refounders in fact who has been trying to do investigations on this for a while. he's seen pictures on tv, because the pictures are classified. i'm told by the refounder i couldn't show them on tv anyway, because how clear and graphic they are. not only can you clearly see what did that guy say? the junk. you can actually see the sweat on to someone's back. oh! so it's more like softcore porn for gropers. it's like cinemax. this is fantastic! but wait, there's more. to ease concerns over what might happen to the photos, the t.s.a. stated they will not score naked body scans.
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we can trust the government. advanced imaging technology cannot store, print, transmit or save the image. cannot! the image is automatically deleted from the system after it's cleared by the remotely located security officer. so the machines can't do what the u.s. marshal service just admitted in court, that it's saved tens of thousands of the images that were recorded on machines that cannot record. and a check point in a single florida courthouse. which calls in to question if this might be happening, oh, i don't know, at the airport. do you remember the underpants bomber? failed on christmas 2009. didn't hear from the president for a while, because ah, terrorism doesn't really exist. former d.h.s. chief michael chertoff hit the media circuit right away, because
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he said he had a plan. we could use these nude scanners. only problem, he wasn't disclosing that the nude scanner people, rapid scan, the neverer of the scanners was a client -- the manufacturer of the scanners was a client of the chertoff group, paying him. yeah. well, it was finally disclosed in an interview with n.p.r. >> a couple of years ago we began the process of testing to see first of all if they worked. and second, if they could be deployed without undually restricting the flow of traffic. we were able to demonstrate they were successful and we could use them without slowing up traffic and we could also protect privacy. >> in your current role as consultant, do you have interest in body scanners? >> we consult with all kind of firms, including firms that manufacturer body scanners. >> you do have some interest -- >> correct. >> in more sales of body scanners. >> as well as a lot of other
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security measures. >> glenn: but wait, there's more. rapid scan parent company is osi systems inc. who owns 11,000 shares of that company? spooky dude! george soros. george, do you own shares of the rapid scan place? crazy! no, no. let's make sure glenn beck gets his facts right, because that's crazy talk! mm-hmm. i'm sure it's just a coincidence. technically, i want to be completely honest with you. he does not own 11,000 shares of o.s.i., the body scanning thing. no. no. no. he did two days ago. but now he sold the 11,000. it went from 11,000 to zero two days ago. isn't that odd? it's almost like they know someone in the media is on to them.
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where is the rest of the media? that's right! i forgot. the story book dating update of prince fred and whatever her name is. it's so great. something is not right with the story. there is no common sense applied and there is smoke. the president knows how to give a good speech, right? that's one thing he's good at. give a good speech. he knows how to use propaganda. every time something goes wrong, why didn't the american people do it? because he didn't give a good enough speech. right? >> watch. >> i haven't always been successful at breaking through the noise and speaking directly to the american people. matter of sper wading people and -- persuading people and giving them confidence and bringing them together. setting a tone. and making an argument that people can understand. >> glenn: okay. >> i think we haven't always
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been successful at that. >> glenn: so sometimes he can't make the argument clear enough. he can't break through the noise. so i just want to play the highlights of the speeches here that he has given to convince you where he hasn't been able to say -- find the right set of words. some of the highlights here on the speeches where it's important for you to be groped, or your children to be groped at the airport for security reasons. here they are. oh, i forgot. he hasn't given one. isn't that weird? he hasn't given a speech. now why would this administration be pushing policies that make no common sense enrich his friends, disenfranchise people with the government. and not once explain or give a speech? create tension, anger, division between the people, and the government and not give a speech. what do you suppose the -- what do you suppose the end
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of that is? let me show you the last line from my book "broke." here it is. "our government has found out how much injustice americans are willing to quietly accept, but it has yet to see what happens when we've had enough." hmm. is somebody hoping that maybe -- no. that's too cynical. you know what they're doing in europe? they're using dogs for security. yeah. yeah. in israel, they're using psychological profiling and it works. reports suggest that dogs are more effective than scanners. we are spending stimulus dollars on scanners and the former chief is making money, soros getting rich on scanners. who would get rich if we bought a bunch of dogs? nobody. i have guess we shouldn't buy dogs. is that what this is about? the money? or is it something else?
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leave it to glenn beck. of course he thinks it's about something else. yes, i do. i'll show you the reason next. @ñçm@;
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>> glenn: you've been pushed a lot in the last two years. stimulus. anybody really want that? $787,000? tarp? got jammed through anyway. healthcare bill, most people oppose. most people in congress opposed it. but they bribed their way through. you got to see what is in it after we pass it! really? most people in america support arizona's immigration law. this administration condemns arizona. why are they doing all of this? well, we've shown you who this administration is in bed with over the last two years. radicals who are hostile to the republic. also, in bed with people who want to fundamentally transform america. the head of the afl-cio, richard trumka, came out this week and how he talked about how he is, "working diligently with lawmakers and the white house." so they're buds. they're buds. we have got it. now i want you to listen to this man. scott marshall.
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>> not only did the campaigning take place from union hall, et cetera, et cetera, but this time, as trumka told us in chicago they began the nuts and bolts of building independent labor campaign organizations in five key cities around the country. >> glenn: this is great, isn't it? this is wonderful. scott marshall, labor commission chairperson. for the communist party. got it? >> i was working with richard trumka when he was in town, he was telling me that we were -- really? in the late 1990s, the afl-cio suspended the statute that communists weren't allowed in the union? why would you want to do that? unless you want communists in the union. so you have the communists in bed with the afl-cio, the afl-cio in bed with the white house, are you surprised van jones was there? communists are coming out of
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the woodwork, revolutionaries and nobody in the media seems alarmed. earlier this month, the "new york times" wrote a glowing article about the fun-loving communists who meet in new york. the name of the story, we're marxists, make merry. oh, oh, oh! they treat these people as if this is a third grade class on field trip to crayon factory. have they forgotten who communists really are and how many millions of people communists killed? the rest of the media is off trying to do the millionth picture of prince jake and his fiancee princess leah or whatever they ignore the smoke in our backyard. the national socialist convention. national socialist, national socialist. that's right! the nazis were the national socialists. the national socialist convention strategy session happened here in new york over the weekend. here is a little clip that media is not going to play for you. you will find it at
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of the marxist, as the "new york times" would say, making merry. >> the organization when it comes to the -- [ inaudible ] fight against racism and sexism. the labor movement has this old daying, and i don't know if you can say it. if you can't open their minds, open their heads. i don't know if we want to take it quite that far in all the issues. >> glenn: "in all the issues." they're just having fun. the media went in full paranoia mode when moms and grandparents joined tea parties, but militant radicals literally say let's open up their heads, but nothing. there is an update coming on how many karats the ring was that prince humperdink gave to princess buttercup. this is my hypothesis and this is where we take the facts of the day and then i
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put in my opinion. i want you to consider this. it's not just random. i showed you the full meaning of the top-down, bottom up, inside out last week on the soros show. top-down, bottom-up and inside out method. this is what happened in czechoslovakia post world war ii. you get all of the people in the top, the government people in top. you get the radicals just like the radicals down here. you get them up in here in the government, and then you stir the people at the bottom. these people rise up. this is you, by the way. these people rise up and you say oh, my gosh, protect us. these people come down and they crush you. little do you know they're working together. it happened in postworld warrii. i believe now that van jones is call for it. earlier in in year, the summer he talked about this very thing. >> the top-down but it's also
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bottom-up and inside-out. top-down, bottom-up. >> glenn: top-down, bottom-up, inside out. these are the people at the bottom. they are just going to start rising up. the center for american progress, you know these guys, they are putting everybody in power. soros, by the way, everybody in power. you've got all the radicals and revolutionaries at the top. do your own homework. investigate why these things are happening. now, do i think this is just crazy things happening at the airport? of course not. it's the "glenn beck program". four possibilities, and here they are. this is the best way to protect america. 's the best thing for america. really? do you think that? do you think the scanner, this is the best way to make sure we're okay. second thing, it's okay. i don't care about the little
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guy. my friends make money. my friends get rich. soros is getting rich off of this one. chertoff getting rich. people in government, getting rich. free. it's the radical top-down, bottom-up, inside-out theory. they want you to rise up, they want you to be pissed off. it works to their advantage. the fourth one they create heroes and create villains at the same time. what does it mean? they want people to cause a ruckus. even george soros doing the ruckus society? to cause a ruckus, to demand the scanners are out. you and i both know it's only a matter of time before something happens at an airport or on a plane. why? we're unprotected. we're not using common sense. if they put the scanners in and people like me or you or tea party or whatever, demand the scanners be removed in time, not because the san scanners are there or not there, there will be another
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incident. then the president can give that speech on the scanners. oh, i was trying to protect you. but those people over there stood in the way of security. which one is it, america? i think it's a combination of these three. it's okay. the friends are getting rich. it's the top down bottom up, the revolution. we can make heroes and create villains if anything goes wrong. that's what it is. america has changed. we always thought we knew who the good guys and the bad guys were. you know what? we don't anymore. we don't. the good guys are the ones who are probably doing the pat downs. they're not the bad guys. they're the guys on the front lines that you will yell at most likely. please don't yell at them. they're doing their job. don't confuse with what they're doing. they're americans, too.
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they're being told by somebody else that is picking one of the four. it's a set up. do not play into their hands. by not playing into their hands, i can't just come out here and tell you that the scanners are ridiculous, and one of these three things are going on. no, no, i have to have a solution. sorry to say. i do! the best viable solution i've seen. next.
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i'm patti ann browne. the "associated press" reports a winner in alaska's senate race. more than two weeks after election day. a.p. says republican incumbent lisa murkowski will keep her seat, becoming the first senate candidate in more than half a century to win a write-in campaign. today, house democrats re-elected nancy pelosi to be their leader in the next congress. come january she will be house minority leader instead of speaker. republican john boehner was also re-elected to lead his
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party, all but ensuring he will take the speaker title and eric cantor won majority leader. you can read more about the political stories on glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret previews "special report." hi, bret. >> bret: hey. coming up, the senate majority leader shelves a vote on earmark ban despite pushback from his party. 12 in 2012 series continues with look at congressman mike pence. join us in 25 minutes for "special report." now back to glenn. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: we're talking tonight just a little bit about this nonsense that is happening in our airports. with these body scanners. let me tell you something, in 2001, 2002, i flew to israel. i flew an airline i have
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never flown before. el-al. i was going for the press. i went on a trip. i didn't even really know where i was going. somebody else arranged this. a ticket was purchased right away. it was -- i sent off every warning signal i could. they kept me and questioned me for three hours. they made me plug in all of my broadcast equipment and everything else. i didn't know if we were going to make the plane. my wife and i, they actually walked us to our seats and we sat down and then they handed me a steak knife when they served dinner. i looked at my wife and i said these people get it. they do it right. they make sure the bad guys don't get on the plane. they don't treat everybody like a criminal. isaac yepid, former director of security for el-al airlines, former member of the israeli secret service. and you, sir, ran i think what we should be doing in america here. running -- looking people in
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the eye and having a conversation with them. why are you flying? what is going on? right? >> exactly. >> glenn: real quick, tell people what el-al does. >> we have to remember that 99.9 of the passengers are honest people. we have to make sure we have qualify and well-trained people that know how to approach the passengers. to one likes to be under interrogation. but when we tell the passenger we are here to make sure your flight is safe and secure and you arrive at your destination safe. >> glenn: i don't think there is any problem. your airline questioned me for three hours. not once did i think it was unreasonable. not once. i have didn't have the right answers. when i got on if plane i felt good. i knew nothing was going to happen to the plane. nobody was going to take the plane over. >> glenn: in your case, you were exceptional. normally we don't do it for
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three hours unless there is need to make sure that the passenger is clean 100%. no chance he will blow up the aircraft or hijack the aircraft. >> glenn: right. >> how we do it, once we come to the passenger and we explain to them we ask them to help us, to help him. >> glenn: that's what you did. >> for his security. >> glenn: the reason it took three hours is i had to make contact -- they said tell us who lined this up. i have couldn't get ahold of him. that's why it took so long. . "a," could we afford the security el-al provides? >> sure. why not? i wrote to the t.s.a. and the congress and i had honor to testify three times in the congress. once, after pan am over lockerbie and twice after september 11. they know exactly how the system works.
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>> glenn: nobody gets rich on that. i lined it out why the scanners are purchased, the four things. best way to protect. it's a combination of it's to a, but my friend gets rich. top-up, bottom-down revolution. give people a chance to make villain and heroes. do you think these are accurate? >> i tell you, i'm not looking to have something extraordinary. what we do is simple work. we deal with life. what we do is simple, to make sure we release you from the ticket counter with your luggage we are convinced you are clean. >> glenn: here is the thing. in several cities t.s.a. is good. they look at you and listen to you. you can tell they're thinking. seattle, i've noticed -- >> i've been there. >> glenn: thought it was good for america. it's not el-al, but it's america. i've been in new york, i almost said to somebody, in
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fact my wife said don't we want to get on the plane? i almost said could you look out the window, because that's where the two buildings used to stand. they didn't even look. they looked at my driver's license but never looked up at me. can we hire -- i mean, how many veterans do we have that are good people who are train ed at least to be alert. that's who el-al hires, right? >> correct. >> glenn: everybody is military, exmilitary. >> correct. don't forget in this country we have over 300 million people. you convince me we don't have well-qualified, well-trained people? >> of course we do. >> we do. if we do, why don't we hire them? number two, once we hire them, why we don't train them well? not three hours or two, three days and then to let them run the show at the security check point. we have enough experience with bad security. look what happened september 11.
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19 terrorists. five at each security checkpoint. no one stopped them when they carrying with them forbidden items to the aircraft? >> glenn: america, here is the thing. it can be done. el-al is the example. not spending the money in the technology. forget technology. let's use people, shall we? you tell me, which would you feel better. would you feel more secure having more technology or having some of our returning troops have everybody who is wearing the uniforms know that those are returning troops who have been trained to do it. let them retire from the service and go work for the t.s.a. which do you feel better? more technology, or u.s. military that's been trained? back in a second.
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>> glenn: earlier tonighters i was telling you about communist convention in new york city. you heard my guest who ran security for el-al airlines. let me tie them together. after 9/11 america agreed we must not have unions in the security administration because it wouldn't allow them to hire and fire the people that they needed to keep us safe. last december, when barack obama was considering t.s.a. head who would in all likelihood unionize the t.s.a., jim demint heroically took a stand by himself against it. he got homeland security secretary janet napolitano to admit she favored the unionization. she said, "i go back to the basic point i do not think security and collective bargaining are mutually exclusive, nor do i think that collective bargaining can not be accomplished by agency such as t.s.a.," blah, blah, blah, blah. once again, the t.s.a. is one step closer to unionizing. the democrats and
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progressives always said no union in government until j.f.k. signed an executive order. now they're doing it to your security. last week, the federal labors relation authority decided that the t.s.a. staffers will now be allowed to vote on union representation. so that means two big labor groups are now going to look to represent an additional 50,000 transportation security employees. goodie, what could possibly go wrong there? let me show you. it goes back to the communists. a communist in d.c. told you, watch the coming insurrection and what is happening in europe. here he is talking about the coming insurrection. >> we aspire to what we believe the working people in the united states, throughout europe and indeed around the world who are also inspired by the great uprising of the french workers and students in the recent days and weeks. in some cities --[ inaudible ] almost impossible to get around without permission
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from the unions. that's something we're interested in as socialists. >> glenn: got it? you got it? in some cities, you can't even get around without permission from the unions. you have it? that's important, gang. that is really important. that is something we're interested in as socialists. are you interested in making the unions -- helping the unions make it impossible or more difficult to get around the if it suits their interest? union members, i beg you to listen. i have don't have a problem with the union members. i have a problem with the union leaders. like i don't have a problem with companies. i have a problem with corrupt companies. your hard-earned dollars that you are working your brains out for are taken from you from the union leaders and used to help the communists who want a global revolution. please, please, consider, is that who you are?
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your hard earned money is being used and it's being done in your name. is this who you are and what you believe? you must stand up.
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>> glenn: well, this week i gave snl some new comedy lines and the mocking has already begun. there is no need to stock up on food. yes, i have on this program this week had the audacity to ask you to do what i am doing. that's crazy. to get rid of things that you don't need and use that money to buy things that you do need. i think this is where the disconnect comes for the press. i'm not a progressive. i'm not forcing anyone to do it. i mean, if someone chooses to sell their stuff and take that money and use it for a good cause, charity or to make themselves self-reliant, i think that's good. i'm actually telling people to make their own choices and get prepared. i'm not forcing anybody to do that, you see. there is no reason to believe that we should prepare, right? i mean, other than this news today from the chinese state run news agency. it's on the they write that a senior chinese official told them, quote, the prices of 18 staple vegetables
5:56 pm
rose 62.4% in china in the first 10 days of november from a year earlier. but it's not just china. that's the good news. i have a graph here. this graph shows that brazil and china are both facing food inflation. while i india is enduring more f a roller coaster effect in regards to its inflation. don't worry. that's only 40% of the world' population rising prices. other than that, here at home, check your grocery store and the gap, wal-mart, j.c. penney. you can pay up to 30% more for your clothes next spring. tomorrow, food storage, how it's done with the people -- with a whole audience full of people who don't have their heads in the sand. >> ñ÷
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