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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 20, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EST

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>> good morning, everyone, on saturday, november 20th. prove in lisbon, portugal for a nato summit and a key topic is future of afghanistan. will the leaders see eye on eye on the exit strategy? all hundreds of thousands of americans will fly this week and the pat downs at the airport making people angry. lawmakers want the t.s.a. to end them. will they keep us safer? >> and schools grading students
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on their weight because they could be "too fat." fox and friends continues right now. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. dave and i are back after quick tricks where we, too, were subjected to various t.s.a. screaming procedures which we will share with you. >> do you have video? >> i can reenact it. >> i volunteer. we start with headlines. >> and a risk of a second explosion and dangerously high gas levels are delaying rescuers from searching for 29 miners trapped in new zealand, missing inside the largest underground coal mine for more than a day. crews will resume the search when air quality tests show the gas levels are safe. the senator for a missing air force pilot now a recovery operation. air force officials say there is
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no chance that he survived the crash in alaska. they found traces of his flight suit and the ejection seat. he crashed during a nighttime training run 100 miles north of the anchorage which was such a hard impact half of the lean is underground leaving a large crater. >> more than 10,000 ground zero workers agreed to a settlement after being supposed to tobs issues dust nine years ago. 500 of the thousands who sue the city declined the offer. the total settlement is worth at leers $625 million. they were arrested on spying for crossing into iran but now according to a top official there, american hikers suhara shoulder and shane bauer and josh fattal may not be spies. it is suggested that the
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security officials acted out of "caution," and two remain in custody. they could be released soon. >> and now a look at the forecast. >> been to the park lately? i took this picture of central park, guys, yesterday. still locking like fall. beautiful. and so today, and this was yesterday, thursday is the macy's parade and people will be come -- coming to new york city. i will be live there on thursday morning. send me your pictures and see what is it looking like outside your house on twitter. east coast is looking nice. clear conditions. a few scattered snow flurries cutting across the lakes. but nothing that bad. the big story is across the west with a major storm pulling in and there will be big impacts across the country this week. right now, heavy rain, across
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parts of central and southern california and could cause flooding but the snow levels will be dropping to around 2,500' so we have all kinds of winter storm warnings from colorado to california and around montana and idaho and wyoming. snow fall totals could be in excess of around 3' so a lot of the ski areas will enjoy this, an early start to the son. but it is cold with temperatures around 20 to 30 degrees low, and some areas not out of the teens. if you want summer, tampa is 83. >> and everyone is traveling, the business of the travel weeks of the year, everyone headed home for thanksgiving and people are in fear because the t.s.a. restrictions now, with new policies involving invasive pat down and if you decline the body scanners, the guys say ladies
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are crying, and people are crying "assault," it is not pretty. >> and lawmakers are asking the t.s.a. to look at, and maybe possibly revising the enhanced pat down features. several representatives, a couple republicans have said they are invasive and violate your fourth amendment right. a head of the t.s.a. answered some of the questions last night. >> we have exempted children 12 and under from the pat down we do. everyone has a right to opt out of the advanced imaging but you will receive a similar level of screening, a thorough pat down. we do not want to have someone like a christmas day bomber go to an airport and opt out and think he will be able to get
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through. >> that doesn't make sense. he did not get on in america. remember? he got on in yemen. the other terrorists have not been getting on aircraft in the united states. there is nothing that can happen in the other countries but the t.s.a. doesn't operate there. >> you make a great point, what the new back scanner machine is supposed to do is detect nonmetal weapons so the metal detector can only do so much and terrorists have gotten more creative and we need something new. the first line of defense, the pilots and the flight attendants objected to the machines because of increased radiation. the pictures of the machines were invasive showing body parts. so they object dodd that and the pat down was more invasive. the solution to the problem has not yet been figured out by the t.s.a. >> and now reaction from those who have been to the airports on
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both sides of the issue. >> radical people that would do crazy things. we have seen that happen. we have heard stories. i would not oppose the idea of my kids being patted down. >> i am comfortable if i can supervise him. >> anywhere else it would be sexual assault, at the workplace it would be so far beyond acceptable. >> obviously if you want a cigarette after one of these searches, that means it is "envasive." but there are only 68 airports across the country using the body scans and we all flew and did not see the invasive sevens or the body scan machines sow are likely to flight this week and not see or hear anything about this controversy. it has offended a lot. someone got to miami and he got the full pat down from south
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america but he went from argentina where they did not do anything, and, it comes back to that, so sarah palin this morning, headed to twitter, and she has an answer for what we need to do. why politically incorrect to profile anyone regarding national security issues? we profile individuals, suspects and other situations, profile away. that is her answer. what other countries are doing. >> we have the former head of el al, arguably the safest airline in the world coming up to talk about how they have kept israel so safe for all of these decades and it has to do with from filing but not racial profiling. >> options include opting out and this week there is a national opt out day and they are asking you to instead of the body scans, say, no, i want the invasive pat down the thought being the t.s.a. would be so
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overwhelmed they will make changes but you will pay, because there will be longer lines. will you opt out on wednesday? let us know. >> interesting stuff. will that help or hurt? interesting. and now alaska we have followed a senate race which is not done. we have drama unfolding overnight. and you thought they were certifying murkowski's win in the write-in ballot but joe miller saying he will fight on. he says he wants to make sure the votes are correct. >> we want to make sure the process applied to her votes are applied to the votes cast for joe miller. we want to make sure the same thing that happened in our election is not repeated in a future election. >> victory? >> a judge agreed with joe miller saying he thinks that the votes should be scrutinized more. originally the test was, what is the intention of the voter?
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but this judge says, no, siding with joe miller but thinks it should be at the state level. >> joe miller trails by 10,000 votes with 8,000 votes in dispute that could be misspelled. "murkowski," may not be spelled right and if they are turned over to his camp she still wins. after the primary he was angry at her for not listening to the will of the people but they voted her back in and he hey enjoy be listening to the people. >> we have the same reaction to it. he was saying last time when she lost the primary, it is the will of the people, go home. don't be a sore loser. is that not what is occurring? >> he is a lawyer. he wants the law followed. five house races also, undecided at this point. >> coming up for thousands of
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unemployed americans jobless benefits will expire. this could be good for the economy. we report. you decide. stay tuned.
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>> president obama is at the nato summit in lisbon, portugal, where nato leaders are discussing an afghanistan exit strategy. and our reporter is live with the latest. mike, what do we know of this planned exit strategy? >>reporter: we expect nato will agree to start pulling out of the peaceful provinces of afghanistan next year. they expect there will be combat operations ongoing physical late in 2014 so for more years of combat operations and hopefully the forces in afghanistan can take over control of security with reinforcement from nato allies. >> what do we expect when president obama meets with afghanistan's president karzai today? what is the mood supposed to be? >>reporter: well, essentially trying to get reassurance from karzai he is on board with the
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plan for what general petraeus is trying to do in afghanistan. also, trying to get reassurance from karzai that his government is committed to doing a better job of serving the people. thank you, mike, from lisbon. >> a bill to extend benefits for the long term unemployed for three months rejected on friday by republicans without an extension, 800,000 unemployed workers lose benefits. would ending jobless benefits be good for the economy? hear both sides with deputy director of the national unemployment law project and director of strategic communication at the heritage foundation. let me start with you, people saying this could be good for the economy? i am confused by that as republicans argue that tax cuts, you never want to do that. how can they justify cutting jobless benefits for the un. employed during this massive recession? >>guest: first, we are not
7:17 am
talking about cutting benefits. the republicans wanted to support the sting but the democrats were under a suspension bill that does not allow the offset of the $12 million in new spending. that is what the voters said, we want spending under control so we will spend $12 billion and we need to account for it elsewhere >> but that flies in the face of extending bush tax cuts that will cost over $700 billion, where is that offset? >> i argue it costs nothing not to resolution taxes on american public. you are talking about money that the government is acting as if they own. it is in the membership's paychecks so it is theirs to start with and we are asking them not to take more. >> what about the point we don't have the money to pay for it? where does the money come from to extend the benefits? >> the way we get the budget under control and get this economy balance sheet back is to have jobs and unemployment
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benefits are the best way to get this recovery, to have energy, when people are working they are paying taxes. not to mention when economic activity is out there, people are paying sales taxes and income taxes and what about the cost of not extending benefits? what does this do to counties and towns? they have to pick up the costs of people sleeping in cars at christmas because of the failure of congress to continue the program. >> the congressional budget office in september had interesting numbers saying in 2009 by extending jobless benefits, unemployment benefits to american we avoided entering into the worst poverty levels in american history and it helped. other economies agree this does more than tax cuts. what do you say? >>guest: i disagree. if you look at president obama's economist, larry summers and the head of policy for treasury they
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agree with brook brookings institute that if you keep extending these, you will have an increase of the unemployment rate and you can get it down a point if you kept it at the cap at 26 weeks. we are talking about extending it for two years. congress has to have a plan, just have people on spiral of government dependency or create jobs by repealing obamacare and keeping tax rates where they are? >> and, this could be worse gore the economy, do you buy that, andy? where do you get your numbers? >> well, president reagan didn't cut off jobless benefits until 1984 when the rate was 7.2 percent and we have never cut off the benefits when the economy has been this bad. if you ask someone out there, thousands of people on jobless benefits find jobs each week but
7:20 am
for five jobless workers for each opening it takes a while. they need money to put in the car and to get to an interview and going back to 26 weeks is unprecedented and cruel especially during the holiday season. we know we are our brothers keeper and our sisters' keeper and we don't want families cut off at this time we are trying to share and live to the best of our values. >> thank you for joining us. >> coming up, a year since climategate documents were leaked, and why is the mainstream media not covering that story? are you cheated at the check out counter? many are paying more but getting less phone every datums like less phone every datums like orange juice and toilet paper. hey, lawrence, my parents want to talk to you.
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>> and time for the news by the numbers, 14 is the number of tanks the marines get in afghanistan marking the first time tanks are used in the war in afghanistan. $24 million is how much the new harry potter movie made in midnight screenings, the third highest total in hollywood history. and $43 million is how much a homeless man found, despite having next to nothing he returned all of the money to the owner.
7:25 am
good to know there are people out there like that. >> the last thing you want to do is pay more and get less when you shop for groceries but our guest says that is what is happening. and now the tricks of the trade, senior project manager with consumer reports. >> we have a bunch of items but, first, why? why are companies done this? tricking us into buying bigger or smaller items? all smaller items for the same amount of money. manufacturers say the cost of producing the items is going up so this is a way they are passing on a price increase to you without you probably noticing. it has been going on for a long time. >> so, we have toilet paper, everyone is buying toilet paper regularly. what is different? it is smaller. 42 square feet less than it used to be paper products get thinner or smaller. >> and now cookies, there are
7:26 am
less? all from 16 ounces to 15.75 ounces and when we asked why, they said it is because the new packaging keeps cookies fresher longer. >> orange juice? >> the 64 ounce was only 55 ounces inside but you will not know that because you will not pour it at once. the 96 ounce was down to 89 ounces over a year and you probably never noticed. >> you would not notice that, and not notice it in liquider ternlgent. >> it shrunk an ounce. it came out "new size," and you think new and improved. no, new meaning you are getting less. >> they squeeze the plastic to make it look different. >> and it is only an ounce left. bars of soap are smaller.
7:27 am
from 4.5 ounce to 4 ounces. a small amount and you may not notice. >> you see the items and you do not want to check the ounce numbers how do you get more bang for the buck? >> look at the unit price. if you are brand loyal and buy them all the time look at tags and see how much they are per ounce, pint or quart so when they shrink you will notice the price is up and you can thing of buying competing brand. store brands are great, you can save up to 30 percent on a week's worth of grocery and even up to 50 percent. >> and they are made by the same manufacturer with a different label. >> right. true. >> buying in bulk, people think they will buy a store memberships and buy in bulk. what is the best way to buy in bulk? >> that is a good idea if you buy a lot of paper goods or
7:28 am
great for warehouse clubs, and baked goods, a lot of miscellaneous including medication, so if you buy a lot that is great. >> and when we go into the bulk of stores we buy wine, televisions and phones. >> go in with a list. stick to the list. >> thank you from consumer reports. coming up, a school sending letters to parents saying their kid could be too fat. ♪
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>>alisyn: and buildings across the country imploding. >> we love this. >>alisyn: that is what every anchor likes. and a might mayor is missing the money shot. >> it has happened.
7:33 am
that is what happens when you miss the implosion that you have waited for all morning. that happened in chicago. watch what happens. temperatures are in the 30's. >> are you kidding me? >> who did that? are you kidding. man! >> waiting all morning. this has happened to us. an implosion in west virginia waiting 20 minutes, and they went to commercial break and during those two minutes it happened. >> we feel her pain. i want to see you do that. >> all right. we are much more professional.
7:34 am
>> we turn to politics. more civil. joe bodien's birthday, happy birthday, at 68. one of his interviews coming to light well, he is talking about his boss, the president, and why he sometimes is seen as aloof. listen to what joe bodien, the vice president, had to say about that. he says what it is, he is so brilliant that he is an intellectual and that is the reason he gave to this reporter as to why obama is viewed as "aloof," because he's so brilliant so why do other democrats feel he needed to set the "reset," button because he was not connecting with his voters and that was a leading reason they lost on election day. >> it does not answer a lot of questions. but bill clinton was seen as being intellectual and being
7:35 am
incredibly bright but he connected on an emotional level with voters and joe biden goes on to say in the interview that is why he and the president make such a great pair because the president is expect wall and joe emmosts and demonstrates so the yin and the yang. >> no one is disputing the president is brilliant, he went to harvard law but you talk about saying the problem with him in the first term is, first two years he did not connect or sell the policies so are the rest of us too dumb to understand the budget? we understand he is brilliant. >> we are too dumb to get it. >>alisyn: you can't get it. >> i need to go back and play donkey kong. >> the vice president says a lot of things in the interview including that the stimulus did what it was supposed to do.
7:36 am
>> and now the headlines. from pakistan this morning, rejecting a u.s. request to expand the area where american missiles can target taliban and al qaeda operatives. what does it mean? and now frommed with, -- from washington, dc, this is a disgrment about the scope of the drone program where the unmanned aircraft can hit. the "washington post" this morning quoting u.s. and pakistan officials saying a u.s. request has been rejected. and pakistan agreed to moderate measures including additional c.i.a. teams on the ground inside the country. the drone campaign in pakistan has already increased dramatically in recent months with 50 attacks reported sin the beginning of september and the u.s. appeal focuses on the area surrounding one city thought to be a base for afghanistan
7:37 am
taliban leadership and for sending money and recruits. in washington, president obama met with his security team this past week and according to the white house part of the session focusing on the u.s. partnership with pakistan in the fight against, extremists. and on friday, u.s. crone attack destroyed a vehicle in pakistan's tribal district killing at least three suspected militants. so, the drone strikes continue but pakistan now reportedly rejecting the latest appeal by the u.s. to step things up. >> the rest of the headlines president obama is urging senators to ratify the new start treaty saying not ratifying the nuclear treaty with russia could jeopardize national security. >> without ratification the united states will have no inspectors on the ground and no ability to verify russian nuclear activities so those who
7:38 am
block the treaty are breaking president reagan's rule to trust but verify. >> a top republican from arizona said more time was need before approving it. and 67 votes are needed for approval. newly discovered evidence has led the white house ethics committee to postpone the trial of a congressman waters who is accused of helping a financially troubled bank where her husband was a large shareholder and a subcommittee will consider the new evidence rather than proceed with the trial that would have begun november 29th. a dance group from florida is back home after the dreams of performing on live tv were crushed by a terror scare. they were stuck in traffic they decided to run through the lincoln tunnel to make it on time and police surrounded them thinking they were terrorists.
7:39 am
they thought we were gang related terrorists running through the tunnel. >> the second group got the guns put on them. >> after the confusion police tried to help them but producers told them they were no longer need on the show. >> bad move by the producers. >> sounds like an episode of "glee." and now the weather. >> it is starting to get cold out there. look at the temperatures because you think it is cold where you are? how about nine degrees right now in bismark, north dakota. international falls, at 11. and breezy so with the wind it feels like below zero. minus four in bismark. very cold winter like temperatures toward kansas feeling like in the teens so the cold air is there and it will stick with you across northern
7:40 am
plains for the week. so a big cold spell moving in. across the country, the east is not looking bad, snow flurries and the green across the southern plains is not anything to worry about and temperatures are quite warm across the southeast and you will enjoy a nice day. the action is across the west and we have a major storm pulling in and it will bring rain as far south as southern california and could cause flooding but the heaviest of the rain is north of los angeles and south of san francisco today, some areas picking up a few inches and heavy snow across the inner mountains west at 2' to 3 feet so skiing will be good. >> and now, i know you love reptiles more than i do. the traveling rain forest reptile show is here.
7:41 am
>>alisyn: michael has brought a few reptile friends. one is eyeing me. and looking hungry. he just licked his chops. >>guest: this is a black throated monitor lizard from africa and he came out of long island. someone had him as a pet and they were bit by a snake not too long ago and i am sure it was on the news and he was an illegal animal owned by the gentleman. >>alisyn: so he is a native new yorker, and a carnivore. any meat. like anchor people, absolutely.
7:42 am
weather american. >> and our next friend, i will stand back, the boa, with one eye so he is nicknamed "one eye jack," a native of madagascar. >>guest: jack is from madagascar and he is beautiful. he has one eye and given to us by a couple who rescued him and he had an infection and they could not care for him and asked if we would take it. he eats rats. >>alisyn: perfect for new york. >>guest: that is his main kite, everything he needs comes from that animal. >> i will hold the next animal.
7:43 am
>>alisyn: it takes a big man to hold a small tortoise like that. this came overseas from, we have been talking about t.s.a. and this came over from albania in someone's pocket coming to the united states. and customs found it and fish and wildlife seized it at the airport in boston. >> you can see the animals in new jersey at the meadow lands and more friends for you at 8:30 >>alisyn: and we will show you the toad. >> i think my grandmother used to have a broach like that. >> stay tuned.
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>> it has been a year sin since climate gate broke. >> the controversy had hardly any media coverage. it has been exactly a rear ago, november of last year, the climate gate story broke and how did the mainstream media, "new york times", and the "washington post" cover it? >> the first reaction was ignore it. but it was covered by europe especially great britain but the new media were all over this, talk radio, you guys, the
7:48 am
internet. the coverage has been 12 stories on the big three. that is one story a month. and worse than that, it has been almost no coverage but when they do they dismiss it or use it as a way to buck up their original argument. think about this: remember the secondhand smoke controversy where the tobacco companies were hiding information and they were cooking the books? the media were relentless investigating it, and they did not let go until they got to the bottom of it, like any good investigative downlist but in this case because it goes after a sacred cow. >> and i will play devil's advocate, what if you are another network and you think we do not know enough about the story and we el hold off on it, is that, perhaps, the motivation >>guest: it never stopped them from before from investigating.
7:49 am
the problem is, they have been preaching for years and years and years this was settled science and global warming was settled science and the public is not buying it. the same people before were saying it was global cooling and now they are saying climate change so they are messed up but now it is turning out that a university which is the ground zero of all of this is cooking the books. >>alisyn: placialg -- flash forward, they are saying the scientists have been exonerated. >>guest: though way. how can that happen if they have not been investigated? they have been ignored it does not noon they have been exonerated. you have e-mails and the leaked information and no one is disputing this. and it is very, very damming. >> not covering the story them and now covering it. >> and the university looked memos talk about a campaign to
7:50 am
discredit anybody who questions them and it continues. >> thank you very much from the research center. coming up, schools grading students on their weight report card suggesting your kid could be too fat. be too fat. is this necessary? and she still drinks it every day. [ male announcer ] boost has 26 vitamins & minerals and calcium to help keepones strong... and 10g of protein to helmaintain muscle. making it the perfect compliment to your daily routine. [ amy ] boost drink gives my favorite patient the complete nutrition she needs to keep doing the things she loves. host: could switching to geico realis a bird in the handre on the coworth 2 in the bush? needs appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape.
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>> a school district in arizona is sending out "fat" report cards no oning parents that their kids are in danger of being obese and the superintendent says it is meant to help kids but parents are outraged. here for both sides including a registered dietitian president of park avenue nutrition. >> good morning, ladies.
7:54 am
and now, clearly the intent here is to keep our children healthy but you say there are potential problems. why? >> absolutely. if they fall into the kids' hands, the problem is a lot them take that upon themselves, they are unaware of, really, what is appropriate, and nutrition icial for their body and they are stuck in this self image and society really focuses on the self-image so if they get this information they are starting the battle of poor self-esteem, anxiety, controlling their food intake, starting dysfunctional eating pattons -- patterns. >> and body mass index is not accurate so this could be hurricane earl -- could be harmful, not sent home
7:55 am
discriewtly to the parents, could it destroy a kids' confidence. >>guest: we have to recognize students at all ages are people and being a balanced person the information should be taken in context. in the big picture, mom, you are the most important role model and the home is the most important balancing environment. as school provides education in all areas, there should be a place for health. and a place for healthy mind. and healthy body. i understand in my life i work with families and moms and children of all ables to foster self-esteem. we want to balance the information we are giving. and we give it to students and the commune. >> is this information that parents could use. >>guest: they may not be aware
7:56 am
of the problem but you need an understanding. she is right, there is a context and a way to utilize it but the parents, those that are intending to help their child may not have the proper information and they may have a child that is fit and athletic and they take that information and restrict their calories. so they are providing more harm than good. they don't understand the whole concept. >> is this the schools job or be handled by the jorkt? -- doctor? >> we find that people like myself are not as visible and available as we need to be. health education and eating healthy from birth is not something that partners are expected to learn how to do. it takes a lifetime for many adults. but people like myself are available as the community level and pediatricians are the gate
7:57 am
keeper. so seek us out. we are there to help you. >> thank you both for your time. the debate conditions. coming up, the lame duck session is back in session. some say it is time for member would lost to go home. governor huckabee has his take. [ male announcer ] it's simplehysics...
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>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, president obama in lisbon for nato summit. focusing on the transfer of security and with drawing troops from afghanistan. what is he doing in that hybrid car? we have a live report ahead. >> and outrage over the pat downs at the airport. a top airline security expert says they are not helping. there is a bester -- better way to keep us safe. >> what if we told you could make your entire meal for
8:01 am
thanksgiving for $1? we will talk with a man who is taking up the challenge. >> i am not buying it. >> we continue right now. thank you for joining us on saturday morning. keep the facebook messages and e-mails poring in. these guys just traveled. and we will talk about that. and read your messages in a few minutes. >>alisyn: president obama is at the nato summit in lisbon. there is new video showing the president taking time to check out a hybrid car made by g.m. calling it "the future." very nice. and now live to port began with the -- live to portugal with the
8:02 am
president. >>reporter: the president said there should be a good market in portugal and he is selling american products and talking about afghanistan with nato leaders. the president talking about the way forward in afghanistan and a couple of headlines. nato signed an agreement to hand over peaceful provinces of afghanistan starting next year in 2011. the nato secretary-general said he does not see nato troops being in afghanistan in a combat role after 2014. that means four more years of serious combat trying to get the situation in afghanistan under control. >> a lot of questions of karzai and his role in the meeting. >>guest: as much as anything he is trying to reassure nato that he is stable.
8:03 am
that he is capable of providing better government services to his people which obviously general petraeus and other officials believe is critical to neutralize the taliban. if they get good services from the government they can reject the taliban. and making sure that he shows nato he is on board with the plan the next four years. but he is jazzed that afghanistan forces could be able to take over the peaceful provinces. >>alisyn: interesting from lisbon. and coming up at 11:30 this morning, president obama. hold a news conference from lisbon which we will bring to you live. and now the rest of the headlines. the risk of dangerously high gas levels delaying rescuers from searching for 29 miners trapped in new zealand. they have been missing inside the largest coal mine for more than a day. crews will resume the search when air quality tests show the levels are safe.
8:04 am
the obama administration is under fire for quietly pushing a massive arms deal with saudi arabia, while congress is focused on the midterm election. the 30 day review period ends today. the deal to sell attack helicopters and saudis is the largest arms deal in american history. air force pilot who crashed in alaska is presumed dead. authorities at the site say they found the seat and they believe there is no chance that the captain ejected before the crash and they found traces of his flight suit. he crashed tuesday during a nighttime training run in his f-22. the impact was so hard that the half of the plane is underground leaving a large crater. >> more than 10,000 ground zero workers agreed to a settlement to pay out hundreds of millions. after being supposed to dust at
8:05 am
the world trade center site nine years ago. 500 of the thousands of workers who sued declined to take this offer and the total settlement is worth at least $625 million. >> another amazing rescue in chile, new video where dozens of firefighters scrambled to save three children trapped in a 50' hole. my gosh! they were gathering firewood and fell into a hidden hole and two had minor cuts but in good shape. they know how to do this by now. they are mastering the art of getting people out from underground. >> problems in new zealand and china and they could lend their expertise. >> and now the weather. >> all the activities across the west where we have winter storm warnings. you can see down around los angeles warnings extending back
8:06 am
across the rockies. a major system. some areas will see 2' to 3' of snow. that is in california. snow across the high country of arizona, as well. temperatures are extremely cold and we are seeing heavy rainfall south of san francisco, north of los angeles and we could see mudslides and flooding from the storm. the northern side is where the cold air is set up and seattle temperatures down into the lower 20's the next couple of nights. and across the east nothing at all. clear skies from florida and maybe lake effect snow but no big problems. the cold air is across the northern plains and it will be cold this week and that is the story. get ready for the thanksgiving weekend that will cause big travel delays wednesday and the weekend looking extremely cold and it will feel like winter.
8:07 am
and now our attention to the skies, lawmakers this morning, the news of the morning, asking t.s.a. to reconsider the pat down procedures that caused so much controversy this week, a number of representatives including some republicans have come forward, and are complaining of the 68 scanners in place that may not affect you, but if it is in your backyard it will affect you when you travel. >> this is the story of the week, the pat downs, and anger directed at the t.s.a. and the head of the t.s.a. was on "the factor," and he was asked about the policies, would it keep us safe or have prevented the terror scares we have seen recently? and he answered that question. >> the bottom line is how to best provide for the safety and security of the traveling public
8:08 am
in light of a determined enemy who has proven adept at considering well designed, well concealed devices which would not show up in a walk through detector. >> would the new device, would that have found the christmas bomber, the guy with the explosive liquids in his underwear? >>guest: the advanceed imaging technology gives the best possibility of detecting that. >> you are not saying it would stop it? >>guest: we don't know precisely because we don't have that exact device on that exact person but it does give us the best opportunity because it would perhaps be as you mentioned, a nonmetal device that is well designed and well concealed. >> and he did not get on in the
8:09 am
united states, the terrorist, he got on in another country. >> so the answer is know. but the pilots do not like the new policies what they call the scanners and they don't like them because they are more invasive, they can see through your clothes and they give you more radiation and pilots already suffer from radiation having to be up in the sky so long and they don't like that. they ask their, the t.s.a. not to subject them to that. they have a pass. and the t.s.a. says they will not subject pilots who travel in uniform and show two forms of i.d. so is this telling terrorists how to do it now, get a pilot's uniform and show two forms of i.d., all the information coming out is more than we ever used to have before we had the high-tech measures. >> we ask for your thoughts. do you like the new measures by the t.s.a.?
8:10 am
and on facebook a t.s.a. worker asked an old woman in front of her if she had a wife beater on so they can take off her sweat hurts. but a citizen citizen may not know what that was and she was confused and pulled from the line for a pat down by a female t.s.a. worker and she said the senior citizen was embarrassed and did not know what a wife beater was. >> and from wisconsin, i want through pittsburgh and screening took two seconds and i felt safer to know everyone goes through this. >> four out of five americans support the full body x-rays. and another says, why not use dogs they can be trained bomb materials and be more accurate than the pat down. others asked that, as well. >> and a tweet from missouri,
8:11 am
and keep those comments coming. and now to the state of alaska, where the senate race still goes on although murkowski claimed a victory on wednesday, here we are on saturday, and it looks like it could go into next week because joe miller said he is going to con toast over 8,000 votes that may have been misspelled. they may not have written in "murkowski," correctly. he talked yesterday about where he goes from here. we want to make sure the same process applied to her votes are applied to the votes cast for joe miller and make sure the same sort of thing that happened in our election is not repeated in a future election. >> the argument, though, is the votes that, the write in candidate votes were supposed to
8:12 am
be clear, clearly written for "murkowski," and he complained 36 hours before the review they changed the law or changed the process by which they review the votes to include "voter intent," not something that is part of the statute and he wants that removed. >> a federal judge agreed and granted an injunction against murkowski being named as the senate, the new senator. but it is temporary injunction because the judge says it does raise serious legal issues but it should be handled at the state court level where miller says he is headed on monday. >> and murkowski says i lead by 10,000 votes and he is questioning 8,000, so if they give all of those votes to the miller camp there is not enough to make up the margin. she is still appearing to be the senator elect.
8:13 am
what do you think of the race, should joe it is back or fight? we have talked about the pat downs that have people angry and we will hear from the former head of security at the safest airlines would says they are not helping stop terrorists at all. on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less.
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8:16 am
>> hen dreads of -- hundreds of
8:17 am
thousands will fly over thanksgiving just as the new pat downs occurring. and owe next guest former head of security for el al, the safest airlines in the world. you say terrorists are not caught by technology or by touching someone. how are they caught? >>guest: by having the interviews of every passenger, no exceptions, 99.9 percent of the passengers are good passengers and you want them to be safe and secure and they will cooperate with you. the suspicious one, you can see immediately something is wrong with him. >>alisyn: is that practical for america? el al has done a from job of protecting israel by profiling, which is a bad word leader but you are not availably profiling
8:18 am
you are doing these interviews. can we do that here? >>guest: i have no doubt we can do it. let me explain i wrote to the t.s.a. about this, i wrote to the congress about this, i told them the security and the conditions we have in this country, look what happened, each time the terrorists came to attack us they were the winners and we lost. so why we cannot take one airport, try to implement our system, find out if folk are willing. >>alisyn: what did the t.s.a. say to you, how did they respond? >>guest: they send me nice letter but "don't bother us." >>alisyn: you do behavior programming, see who is acting suspiciously and ask questions. why wouldn't we do that here in the united states? >>guest: because we don't know
8:19 am
what is security, we don't want to learn how to be pro-active, we prefer to be reactive. time after time, we force the government to go into attack the countries, and from there they attack, or kill our people. why i have to be reactive and not pro-active. it is so easy, so simple, so successful, why not use the interview? they call it profiling. they can call it whatever they want. we interview every passenger, there is no discrimination. and through the profiling, we come to a point where we could stop a passenger in london or in switzerland with explosives inside their luggage when one thought he was smuggling drugs and others thought he was carrying presents.
8:20 am
>>alisyn: and you got to the bottom of it. the answer is not what they do at the airport. we are taking off our shoes, taking off our coats, going through the machines, and you say the answer is not to stop them at the airport but before. how do do you that? >>guest: we know how to train people. we hire only qualified. and we have a list of passengers and we match the list and if a suspicious passenger is on the list he cannot surprise us. we are waiting for him. it is so simple. it takes minutes. use your head. stop ignoring the need of savings lives. this will not lead us to any good solution or resolution. >>alisyn: you are the former head of security for el al and i hope the t.s.a. is listening. we appreciate you coming on. and young children get ear
8:21 am
infections each year and it floods doctors' offices but our medical team says there is a simple solution that does not involve 18 bought -- involve three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number?
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
pay have -- you may have been getting the wrong advice for treating your children's ear infections, because many recover without drugs. should you still take your child to the doctor if he or she gets the ear infection? we have professor of medicine and fox news contributor. good morning to you are doctor. >> this is the biggest medicated
8:25 am
thing, is it overtreated in this case? >>guest: ear infections are overtreated. the issue is when you give drugs, they can have side effects. children in the study which looked at 100 other studies in terms of treating children with ear infections with drugs, and a lot of the children developed rash and more and there can be side effects from the antibiotics. maybe just stay home. you should always talk to your doctor if your child is not well. watch and wait may not be unreasonable. but a decision to make with your doctor. in some cases we need to treat right away. >> but parents ask if you really need the antibiotics. and another thing parents understand, children's tylenol because we all use it or used it at one point. it disappeared and recalled and now it is back. are there concerns?
8:26 am
>>guest: it is become on the shelves. if you remember the recall was not because of any child becoming sick from the mode but it was a recall because of certain changes in concentration in the mode indication and concern of particles in the mode. from a manufacturing point, that has been corrected. it is back in use. parents have been using other forms of tylenol. so if they go back or not, we will see. >> but a green light to use children's tylenol. and now, very interesting medical advice saying gain a little bit of weight, something we love to hear. what does she mean, why does gaining weight help? >>guest: she has something smart to say here. studies have shown women over the age of 40, being too thin can make you look too old. the wrinkles we get on our face, filling that up with a little bit of fat helps us look
8:27 am
younger. >> when you lose weight it shows the wrinkles and the bones and we are not talking about 30 or 40 pounds, a normal amount. >>guest: i love this message, keep a normal weight, do not stay too thin or think that becoming thin helps you look young. stay away from too much sun and smoking. >> she is right on. skinny is a bad thing. it is great advice. not that she has a lot of weight on her. doctor, from mount sinai, we appreciate the medical advice. >> the lame duck session congress is back in session. some say it is time for members would lost in the mid-formers to go home. not pass more laws. and now they are looking at the most important legislation facing our country even though some of them were elected, or, rather, voted to go home.
8:28 am
stay tuned. úç>?[ozo
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>> and now this walked in, this giant python or boa, and dave nearly ran out of the the building. >> i will keep a safe distance. coming up, thanksgiving dinner, for $1. in a bit. >> and now the headlines, we start with the serious story of more deadly violence in afghanistan. this morning, two remote controlled bombs attached to bicycles exploded in eastern afghanistan. at least three were killed including a police officer.
8:33 am
more than two dozen others are wounded. the u.s. and nato plan to hand over security responseability to afghanistan forces in the year 2014. new details in the shocking murder of star hollywood publicist ronni chasen, with shots coming from possibly an s.u.v. as she was in her car. we were joined early i by her close friend. >>guest: like a 9/11 moment for members of the hollywood community. it is unthinkably shocking. first, that what happened to ronni chasen, a very well loved figure, and, also, the area. >>alisyn: he is raising donations to fine her killer. if you have information call police. the president is in portugal the g.o.p. is hammering him on tax cuts. senate minority leader warns that job creation could dry up unless tax cuts are extended. >> americas don't think we
8:34 am
should raise taxes on anyone especially in the middle of a recession but instead of giving americans what they want, democratic leaders plan to use the last few days lawmakers expect to spend in washington, dc, this year, focusing on everything but preventing the tax hike which will cost us even more jobs. allegationally the house and senate will vote on the stings for those making $250,000 or less after thanksgiving. a honeymoon is ruined when their dog chews up the passport. they planned the honeymoon for months and mexico customers agents everyone not buying the "dog ate the passport," excuse. he came over and they said this was unacceptable and you will have to leave. >> you heard him, please, leave. they were sent back on the same plane and the bite was upset but
8:35 am
will not punish the dog, moses. and now, we will talk some sports now. another week, another pass for boise toe beat up. to not adjust the tv they play on the blue field, 330 yards, four touchdowns after a rocky first quarter, and third ranked broncos including these two handing fresno the first shut out since bill clinton was president, 51-0! they have won 24 straight. and speaking of a strange sight, illinois and northwestern meet at wrigley stadium, home of the
8:36 am
cubs. a, and both will go in the same direction on offense, because it is a one-way street away from the wall to avoid injury. the controversy began when the coach said he had different game plans for each end zone. yankee stadium also hosting football today, notre dame and army. in hoops lebron and bosh and weighed dwade staying in florida is not exciting the fan base. and they say stand up and get excited diagnosis big moments in the game. >> there is no better place to be than here with us. >> are you too cool to cheer? >> time to tell the world we deserve this team. >> stand up, miami.
8:37 am
>> i have done my work. >> should the players selling themselves. lots of empty seats in miami last night as the heat beat the upon cats, 95-87. even down the first 10 or 15 rows, guys, empty seats, this is supposed to be the greatest show in sports but not in miami, there are other things to do. >> i bet cleveland says we know when to show up to basketball games. >> absolutely. and now, a look at the forecast. >> and cleveland, ohio is appropriated outside. ohio, right? >> yes, we are from ohio. what is the best thing you will do in new york city? >> statute of liberty. >> statue of liberty looking good, a nice day for it across the northeast. and now the weather maps, good thing you are not visiting north dakota they are chilly.
8:38 am
and with the wind it feels like very cold air moving across the northern plains, and it feels like zoe row in rapid city so we have cold air. and big snow to talk about across areas of the west the next two days. and know fall accumulation over 2' of snow and some places will see up to 3' to 5' of snow and windy conditions across the areas of the west and now the forecast for the day today, the rain and the snow across the west, and cool temperatures, as well, and across the east looking good with a lot of sunshine, and looking good. and now, we will send it to you. >> lock at my new purse. >> cleared the studio. >> but we are joined by some incredible friends and by michael and joan from "rain forest reptile" shows.
8:39 am
>> this is a performer at the meadow lands, and this animal is a python. >> why is he poised like that? >> he is trying to get his head up because of the bright lights. >> that is not attack mode? >> no, no, no. if he would attack you, we would throw his loops around him. >> you say "performer," does he lay here like this. >> we teach people about what is a good pet, what is not a good pet, why you should not have animal like this, this animal was seized in vermont, and i believe it was running around in the wild. >> is this python gentle enough to wear as a scaive? >> absolutely. >> and now, moving on, you have
8:40 am
a lizard, a black and white lizard. >> we have toads. >> they look cute but they do car a venom. they are from south america. they give out a toxin in areas here so if a dog bites them or an animal bites them it can make the animal sick and some cases it kills them. >> they are beautiful but they will not spray us. >> they would have to be threatened. >> they are brave. >> very soft. i would like to know what they do to keep their skin wrinkle free. >> and rick, we need a shot of rick.
8:41 am
>> and albino last year he was much smaller. he has grown quite a bit. they flow 12" to 14" in the first six years of growth and he is five years old. >> and he is hissing. >> i taped his mouth shot because he cannot be trusted. we don't want anyone to harm him, why are they running? he bit me and he bit one of my guys. governor huckabee rap out -- ran out when he walked in a second ago. >> this is coke -- cockroaches scare the living ... they can see him this weekend at the meadow lands.
8:42 am
>> this is a tarantula and can you imagine this thing crawling on you? i tricked my sister with a fake one in her bed. >> is he dangerous? >> well ... dangerous is relative. you may not want to be right near him because as a defense mechanism they can throw their hairs, rubbing their back feet against their body. it is like being encased in fiber glass. >> he is native to honduras and they only found this guy about 20 years ago. so he is a new find. >> a good find. in your luggage. and "the rain forest reptile show," at the meadow lands. and what is coming up? maybe we can get the tape for
8:43 am
clayton's mouth, guys. stay tuned. s-ítlóz[kzi@ñy÷ñ[÷ñw7ni'
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8:47 am
that big snake is not one of the new members of congress? >>alisyn: there could be some similarities. just to plain the lame duck session, there are weeks of legislating going on before the new members voted in take over. so the holdovers. what do you think about it being eliminated? >>governor huckabee: it can have some impact and there are things that congress should be doing. they ought to get rid of the alternate minimum tax which is a tax that if it is not corrected, it is a 41-year-old tax policy from 199. if they to not patch it which they have done every year, come january, a family making $40,000 a year will pay $220 a month, a month, if new taxes immediately. >> bewe have had two years to legislates major things like "don't ask, don't tell" and the tax cuts we are talking about, and nuclear arms treaty, and
8:48 am
these are major issues and we have people voting on these issues who are sent home, this is like letting your ex-wife control your finances, it is not the ideal situation but what it does do is gives some members a legal of cover and the ability to vote in ways they would never vote. there is no accountability whatever. transparency but no accountability. i think controversial item should be take were away from a lame duck session and the members who are there ought to have enough sense especially after the voters' message, they could, packing in two years. always allegation do you plan to storm off the set when whoopi is on your show? >>governor huckabee: i begged her saying it would do wonders for my rating.
8:49 am
but she did not. she is, i love her. her political views and mine are world's aparts but she is amazingly talented, on, with a new book we talk about, and she is remarkably can difficulty. this is all about personal responsibility, taking responsibility for your own actions, and i said, are you sure you are not a republican? >> you talk about the secure times and the t.s.a. controversy, the pat downs, and how people react to that. here is whoopi. >>guest: we are in a bit of a police state but are we, and that is, it doesn't matter, because people are getting on planes with bombs and bombs in the shoes, and stuff in their butts, putting stuff in dogs, we are in treacherous times and no, it is not comfortable, and it is not the way i would like to live, but if it is going to keep me from getting blown out of the
8:50 am
sky, you can check anything you want and if you feel something you like to squeeze, what am i going to do? allyally she does not hold her tongue. >>governor huckabee: i would have expected a more liberal or libertarian position, i am more in agreement with the a aclu than whoopi. what is happening is unconstitutional. >>alisyn: you can see more of the interview with whoopi this weekend. you have two christmas books. >>governor huckabee: one is a coastline's book, and dave even you can understand this book, a great book with a lost -- a lot of pictures. your kids will love it. >>alisyn: great to have you. >> before you get your tag --
8:51 am
thanksgiving groceries what if we told you could make your entire meal for one dollar. stay tuned.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
>> before you do your thanksgiving day shopping, an average tinner for six costs $53 on thanksgiving with a lot people spending more than that. tons of leftovers but our next guest has a plan to make this entire has been that meal for your family for $1. meet justifiry the man who is take on the challenge. welcome to "fox and friends." how were you inspired to take on the challenge? >> that was a bet by my sister when i said i thought i could do it. so, i want about and started to get the food for free, to almost
8:55 am
free. >> people are saying there is no way you can do thanksgiving for a dollar. what are your tips? >>guest: what it comes down to is use coupons and stack them with a number of different promotions going on. so most people go to the store and they will my whatever they need. i look at what is on sale. i find a coupon and look for another promotion and you stack those together you are able to get food for basically free. >> you say buy in nontraditional places, that is a tip. you mean the gas station? >>guest: no, the best place to get food is at drugstores. it is not a place you would normally think of getting food but for basics, not fruits and vegetables but maybe asked food or cereal and stuff like that you can go to the local drug store and they have better deals
8:56 am
than the grocery store. >> so you do this challenge and you are successful with a dollar. and another tip is learn about catalina coupons. what are those? >>guest: catalina coupons are the coupons that come out of a little machine by the register and what happens if you buy a certain number of a certain type of product you can get a catalina coupon and that coupon is a coupon worth money toward the next purchase so if you get it can you buy anything you want, maybe $3 or $4 off the next purchase and when you start to learn about these and how to get them you can really start to save a lot of money. >> you bought $1,400 in food for $76 in a separate challenge. we are putting your temperatures on thank you.
8:57 am
>>guest: thank you for having me. >> and let me know if you can do this at home on twitter. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] welcome to that one time of year when we all become doers. when our mittens double as wk gloves. and we turn every room into a project. but this year, let's trim the budget. get some help from martha stewart that we can't get anywhere else. and spread our money as far as our cheer. ♪ more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of bright spirits. now get a 100 count light set for $2.28. i'm off to the post offic.. ok.
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>> good morning everyone, it's saturday, november 20th, right now, president obama is in portugal for a summit. the future of afghanistan is on the table and a major decision on handing over security is in the works. we have a live report for you ahead. >> just in time for your holiday travel. lawmakers demanding an end to the invasive patdowns at the airports. do they keep us safe? are they just a waste of time and violation of our privacy? we report, you decide.
9:01 am
>> and vice-president biden says the reason that the american people don't get president obama, because he's so brilliant. what is he trying to say about regular americans. our new hour of "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ (applause) >> "fox & friends," it's on like donkey kong. that's what we say here at "fox & friends." good morning to you. miss america is here with us this morning. >> thank you, guys, thank you. i'm feeling good-- >> no, you're miss new jersey. >> snookie and me. >> no, the real miss america is here caressa cameron here to talk about her venture, helping the american families. >> you're the runner up. >> the entourage that miss america has. >> i just travel with snooki
9:02 am
and the situation. >> president obama is at the summit in lisbon, the president checking out a hybrid car made by gm calling it the future. >> and mike emanuel in lisbon, major strategy not in the hybrid, but a mass exit strategy, good morning to you. >> reporter: dave, clayton, aly good morning or good afternoon from here. that's right, talking exit strategy and n.a.t.o. saying there won't be a need for combat operatings after 2014. a senior obama official off camera says the u.s. has not signed on to that equity eving options open. ible if, there are still difficult hot spots in afghanistan, the u.s. wants to be able to have the possibility of carry iing out combat operations at that point, but a significant developments in terms of the u.s. and its n.a.t.o. allies announcing it would turn over
9:03 am
some of the most peaceful provinces to afghan control sometime next year and this point the plan is four years from now to end combat operations, guys. >> mike, given that, what do we expect when president obama sits down with hamid karzai today? >> when they meet face-to-face, aly, it's a great opportunity for them to really connect and make sure that they are clear about the way forward from here. what the top priorities are, what general david petraeus needs from karzai. essentially making sure that karzai is on board with what the u.s. is doing and manging sure that things are headed in the right direction, because it was a critical time and the white house is underdoing-- undertaking a review of the afghan strategy which is few next month and so there's demands for results back in washington and so, we want to make sure that karzai's on board with what the u.s. is trying to do. >> back to you. >> lisbon, what a great city. have a good time there.
9:04 am
coming up at 11:30 eastern president obama will hold a news conference from lisbon and we'll bring that to you live. >> and headlines, we have another look for you, an airport police officer is under arrest in namibia after the package scare. bomb making components were found in a laptop bound from munich. but germany says it was built to test airport security in the african nation. no reason why the officer was arrested. a risk of a second explosive and dangerously high gas levels are delaying rescuers from searching for 29 miners trapped in new zealand. they've been missing inside the country's largest underground coal mine for more than a day. crews will resume the search once the air quality tests show that gas levels are safe. the search for a missing pilot recovery. officials say there's virtually no chance that captain jeffrey haney
9:05 am
survived. they found traces of his jet suit and ejector seat. he was on a training run 100 miles north of anchorage, the impact so hard half of the plane is underground leaving a large crater. >> more than 10,000 ground zero workers agreed to a settlement this will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. not everyone is on poured, however, about 500 of the thousands of workers who sued the city over the cleanup designed to take the offer. the total settlement is worth at least 625 million dollars. they were arrested on espionage charges more than a year ago for crossing into iran. but now according to a top official there, american hikers, sarah shourd, shane bainer and josh fattal might not be spies after all. suggesting that the security officials acted out of caution. he had intered that the two
9:06 am
could soon be released and shourd of course was released in september. those are your headlines. >> let's get to rick reichmuth who has a check of our father nice conditions. >> yeah, nice over on this side of the country. not out west, do you have any skiing plans. dave, you do. >> not just yet, but can't wait. >> winter storm warnings, colorado and the northern rockies and some areas seeing maybe two to three feet of snow the next couple of days and kind of a bonanza of winter across the west and extremely cold as well. temps extremely cold and windy and feels much colder than that, feels leak 1 degree in rapid city and that cold air is there and only going to get reinforced and even colder air driving down the next couple of days into the northern plains and slowly make its way to the east coast by the time we get towards friday. so, kind of big changes in store for the country this week. here is what we're looking at. the rotation up there is
9:07 am
bringing the coldest amount of the air in across parts of the areas like seattle, temps were into the 20's. heavy rain, tehat's going to be a lot of snow. across the east, clear skies, lake effect snows, especially across the a lakes of u.p. of michigan. and business disparities in temps. 80's, southern florida and teens in the northern rockies. and might hit the mid 80's across of texas for your day tomorrow. send it back to you. >> thanks, rick. >> so are' probably travelling this week to see family somewhere in the country for thanksgiving and you will perhaps confront the new tsa screening procedures. the first one is that back scatter scanner that shows, you know, it sort of moves around you and it shows more of your body. >> no, she's not going to pat you down, i'm sorry. >> stand there with your arms
9:08 am
there. i'm hoping. >> and pilots don't like that, flight attendants don't like that and many passengers don't like that. it's too invasive. if you don't like it, you have to have the body pat downs, causing all sorts of problems. >> and some say they feel sexually harassed after going through the procedure. women report walking away crying and feeling injured and the lawmakers are asking the tsa to loosen up the policies, to make some changes. who are they? representatives john micah, a republican and tom petry, a republican and as is ted poe, and democrats. jackson and benny thompson from mississippi. this is bipartisan and asking the tsa to loosen up on some of the procedures. here is what the head of the tsa, john pistol, had to say. >> we use a lot of intelligence as i mentioned to put people who are of concern on watch lists, whether that's a no-fly list and never get on
9:09 am
a flight or a select list so we can provide additional scrutiny and gather as much information as we can about the person and background and things that the law allows without profiling, and then we try to make the informed judgment as to how we can best procedure. >> informed judgment. that's what one of our guests this morning wants the tsa to take up. because he says all of these things that we're doing now. hundreds of thousands of dollars to put these machines that taxpayers are paying for, they don't work. they don't catch the types of bombs, types of material at that we need to protect ourselves with. this guy is a genius and i hope they're listening to him. he ran el al airline, the entire security wing and set up the safest airline in the world out of israel. here is what he had to say. >> interviews of every passenger, no exception. suspicious one, you can see immediately there's something wrong with him. the physiological changes you will see in his face.
9:10 am
take one airport and try to implement the system, and find out if or not-- >> what he says makes sense. what the airline would say, tsa would say, we're the united states and don't have time with the travelling public to interview every single passenger, but you do because the interviews are just a few minutes. you walk up to a passenger, hi, what are you doing today. are you carrying anything to do, ask you to bring anything and see the physiological changes and maybe save time from those incredible screening lies. >> they're trained to recognize, after you're going through the series of questions and lips quivering, they've been able to find and stop two denver explosives, separately that the people would have gotten on plains. the explosives went through the x-ray machine. >> it's shocking. it's frightening. we'll continue to debate that and continue to debate this as well. extending jobless benefits, another issue before this lame duck congress senate also
9:11 am
taking this up. should we extend jobless benefits in this country to essentially two years? it is being debated, doesn't look like it has a necessarily a path to success, but clayton debated this on both sides. is it good for this country or is it bad economically for us to keep on extending unemployment benefits. . >> unemployment benefits are one of the best ways that we can get this recovery, to have some energy. when people are working they're paying taxes. not to mention that when economic activity is out there. people are paying sales taxes, paying income taxes and what about the cost of not extending benefits? if you keep extending these indefinitely you're going to actually increase the unemployment rate and get it down one point if you kept it at the cap at 26 weeks, right now we're talking extending it for over two years, at some point congress has to come up with a plan and are we going to have people on an indefinite spiral of government dependency or actually going to create jobs.
9:12 am
>> and responding to the question this morning. they said it seems hypocritical of republicans and i was surprised by the response. republicans are pushing for the tax cuts. you don't want to raise taxes during the recession. the companies folded and it's not that they don't want to work. how can you not extend jobs benefits. without an extension. 800,000 unemployed workers will lose benefits by november 30th. 2 million will lose them in december if they're not extended. >> at some point don't you have to shut off the spigot? you have to make the decision. how do you pay-- >> you bring up a great point. how do you pay for it. a question we were raising back and forth. 700 billion dollars for the extension of the bush tax cuts. billions for unemployment benefits. where does the money come from. >> the magical number. 52 weeks, 99 weeks, as they're debating, let us know what you think.
9:13 am
>> coming up, president obama wants to pull members of the national guard off of the u.s. mexico border. texas governor rick perry wants to send them into mexico. who is right here? joins us next. >> and bristol palin makes the finals. "dancing with the stars" not without controversy. what she and her partner say about their media tango straight ahead. i love my curves.
9:14 am
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9:16 am
>> despite increasing drug violence at the border the obama administration is planning to pull back national guard troops and he wants more troops on the border and thinks we should be spending them into mexico. congressman michael burgess represents texas' 26th district and wants more on the border as well. >> good morning, how are you, alisyn. >> i'm doing well, limited resources, limited money, we
9:17 am
have to make choices where to put national guard troops. would you rather see them on the u.s. side of the border preventing them from coming in or in mexico helping to crack down on drug cartels? >> well, i think they need to be on this side of the border, particularly the texas side of the u.s. border, that's where the difficulty is, and that's the job of the federal government. we are required to defend the borders and deliver the mail. we're not doing either one that well right now. the troops a need to be on the u.s. side the violence that's on the other side is in danger of spilling over to our sides and our citizens need to be protected and our citizens demand to be protected and quite frankly that's what we heard a lot about in this last election. >> well, your governor, rick perry says that the u.s. should consider deploying military forces into mexico to help stem the drug related violence there. >> i have not heard that, i have not talked to the governor about that for my--
9:18 am
ments do you agree with him. >> my opinion is we need to do what we are required to do on the u.s. side of the border. let's prevent the violence from coming into this country. there are special problems that are encountered when our troops are stationed in other countries. there's the whole command and control issue, there's the problems, the acknowledged problems with corruption on the mexican side of the border. i don't know that we need to be getting into that. what we do need is do is protect our citizens on this side of the border. >> the problem, 135 million dollars was budgeted for the troops to be along the border and what the president is considering doing is taking-- because we're running out of money and that money will run out sometime apparently in february, is reallocating resources, take some away from texas, take some away from new mexico, put them in arizona, which of course is considered ground zero for this fight. >> well, every state, every
9:19 am
border state has their own particular needs. i just find it ironic that the president's secretary of homeland security says if the governor of texas needs more troops he can activate the state guard and yeah, when the governor of an are arizona attempts to protect her side of the border eric holder is there with a lawsuit saying you can't do that with administrative law and the administration needs to sit down and conclude what the behavior is vis-a-vis the problems they have, the federal government has on the border and how they're going to help their staets, partners, execute those orders. >> how do you want to see these 1100 national guards troops definitied up. an equal amount in california, new mexico, arizona, texas. >> well, here is the problem. when the southwest border augmentation plan was announced, governor perry asked president obama for a thousand troops along the texas border. we have 1200 miles of a 2000 miles u.s.-mexico border.
9:20 am
clearly texas has some special needs. the problem was the administration said well there's a thousand troops that we're going to divide them along all of the border states and that clearly wasn't an adequate response by the administration. now, look, i understand the problems the fiscal problems. these are all stemming from the fact that the democratic congress did not pass a single appropriations bill this past year, we are going to pass appropriations bills in january and the funding will be there. >> congressman michael burgess. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." she's visited troops overseas in this holiday season and miss america is giving back to the men and women who serve
9:24 am
our country. >> miss america carissa cameron is here and how she's doing it. >> good morning. >> you brought along your crowd. >> thank you. >> did you bring your entoura entourage. >> it's me and one person. >> and alisyn, you have an entourage, you don't have a brigade of people. >> no i don't. >> you don't live in a castle. >> i don't live a castle. walked up here in five inch heels in snow. >> the most low maintenance miss america and gives a lot of time to charity and helping out military families and that's what you're doing in this holiday season. >> yes. >> really important to you. why so? >> well, aside from the trip that i've taken to germany, being that i live so close to washington d.c. as a virginian, and seeing firsthand you know, what the soldiers go through and bethesda, walter reed.
9:25 am
we're so blessed in this country to have so many freedoms and this holiday season we're sitting around the table and with our families and i think we should not forget the people who have given us our freedom and be tharngful. >> what are you doing? >> there's a wish registry. >> a wish registry at at home and there's 21,000 families at this point that are registered. what we're doing is raising money for the families now through december 31st and those moneys will go directly to the families, all of it, 100% in gift card form for sears, buy decorations, presents for kids, warm coats, to fill the void of loved ones not being there. >> you saw the update and now $982,000 raised for military families at >> and you're helping to feed needy families. >> the great thanksgiving on monday and i'll be down there and we'll be feeding people
9:26 am
coming in and we're expecting to project a thousand dollars at least, they do between a thousand and 4,000 people we expect to see and i'm excited to be a part of that mission, too, as well because there are so many in our country right now who need help and you need a meal and to be able to provide one on such a time on thanksgiving, i'm grateful to be a part of that. i'm curious, is the crown one size fits all. >> one size fits the miss america. >> she's trying to get-- >> and angling all morning. >> the model, as earl-- >> run for hills. >> she's going out her reign is about to come to an end, but doing a lot of good. thank you. >> happy thanksgivings. >> you as well. >> and pakistan rejecting the u.s. request to expand where american missiles can target terrorists and what does it hean for the war on terror? we'll have a live report.
9:27 am
>> and then vice-president biden says that the reason that president obama doesn't connect with the american people because he's quote, so brilliant. what is he trying to taye about regular americans. >> and oprah's final gift episode and check out their reactions. that man's head blew off his shoulder. >> that was on friday and on thursday, oprah you're killing these people. ú [ male announr ] in the past, landing an airplane
9:28 am
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>> all right. gadget boy, what do you have? >> gadget boy. >> what are you fondling over there. coming up in a few minutes, the best gadgets for dads or guys this holiday season and doing four of them the next few weeks. this week guys and teens and families and moms, and dads wait for the last minutes to buy dad's gadgets. one we'll dive into in a few minutes. >> first, on joe biden's birthday, we're talking about something he said about his boss. president in the past few years has been accused at times of being aloof, not necessarily connecting with people. well, here is how joe biden explained that aloofness, if you will. i think what it is, is he's so brilliant. he's an intellectual. that's how he explained that the president is sometimes soon as aloof, aly. >> a sit down with gq magazine
9:32 am
for the december ash and the righter asked many times, why isn't the president connecting and americans feel he's aloof. and he followed up saying that's why we're such a good team because joe biden is the emotive demonstrative one and we're yin and yang. >> and he was reflective. he asked about his dad and told him and taught him an important lesson when joe biden was growing up, to be quiet, stoic, almost american cowboys guy. >> i'm not sure he took that to heart. >> that's the impression from the article joe went the opposite direction of what his dad told him. famous for opening his mouth. >> and the interesting part about this brilliant comment is then, if we're not understanding the president because he's brilliant. is that to say is most of the
9:33 am
american public is stupid and doesn't get it just like after the mid terms he said well i've failed to really sell my policies and connect with the people. is that because we're not able to understand what you said and the legislation you passed? >> there was some similarities-- >> what's the interpretation. >> there's similarities between that and the same assessment about john kerry you recall in the campaign in 2004, when he was up there talking about all of these things, is it just we were not intelligent. >> we don't understand brilliant people. >> put it on our level. >> and the president is also hartley-- john kerry was saying the patrician, erudite ivy leaguer and the people like president obama, but not the policies and joe biden might have slightly-- >> let us know what you think, >> and this morning is pakistan rejecting a request to expand the area where american missiles can target taliban and al-qaeda operatives? what does it mean for our
9:34 am
efforts to destroy the pakistani taliban and al-qaeda? tell us about the new policy. >> well, the drone strikes actually continue, but pakistan now turning down the request by the u.s. to set things up around the set of peca in pakistan. it would not comment on the cia drone campaign itself, but the u.s. and pakistan are working more closely to pursue militants elsewhere in pakistan and "the washington post" is quoting u.s. and pakistan officials today saying a u.s. request to expand drone strikes to that region has been rejected, instead of pakistan reportedly agreed to more moderate measures including additional teams on the ground, inside the country and overall the drone campaign in pakistan has increased dramatically in recent months with about 50 attacks beginning since september.
9:35 am
and the city of quetta is thought to be a base for afghan, pakistan, and the obama security team this past week, part of the session focusing on the crucial u.s. partnership with pakistan, back to you guys. >> julie kirtz, thank you for that update. meanwhile, wall street may be on the verge of getting rocked as the feds appear days away from a massive insider trading bust and the bust will blow the lid off pervasive insider trading that helped financial workers reap millions. everyone from bankers to hedge fund managers, consultants, could be charged in the three-year investigation. "dancing with the stars" taking a serious turn when an envelope containing a mysterious white powder made its way to the show's l.a. studio. after an evaluation and an investigation, it turned out it was tal come powder and meanwhile, bristol palin criticized for her dancing on the show went on the record last night with her partner and they talked about the show's so-called voting
9:36 am
conspiracy. >> and originally get behind the people they support and love the most and you never know how it's going to map out and at the end of the day you can't be upset with a couple and judges, it's just, it's down to the american vote. >> i don't pay much attention to what is thrown around there. i'm more focused on doing well each week and more focused on learning the dances and the controversy surrounding utes. >> there was a familiar face in the "dancing with the stars" audience, sarah palin here on foxx next week sitting down with an interview. what would you do if you were told you won a $2500 diamond watch. check out the audience the first round of oprah's final favorite things episode reacted. reacted. >> oh, yeah! oh, yeah! oh, yeah!
9:37 am
>>. >> yes, men openly weeping. >> that guy crying? >> jumping in the air and crying, yes, sobbing. on top of the watch the crowd received a 3-d tv and a royal caribbean cruise. oprah will dish out more of her favorites on monday, i missed it by a day, clayton i was there on thursday and this episode happened on fly, i got a smart phone and i appreciate the oprah smart phone, but the cruise i wouldn't have minded that. >> the world's tiniest violin playing fou, rick, join on board. >> i'm trying to see, can you get oprah's last favorite things excited for his 40th birthday. >> oh! woo! that's good. happy 40th birthday. >> thank you. from louisiana, hey baptist church, ronnie is riding through. >> and getting carried away. >> the weather picture, a
9:38 am
couple of things going on. the people here in central park today, it's beautiful for the fall and if you are headed this way for the macy's parade you're going to be seeing very nice conditions this week. you can send me the pictures of what it looks like, rick reichmuth on twitter and facebook page. temperature-wise, 1 degree in rapid city, zero in bismark. very cold air moving in and the rest of the country is still extremely cold across the north and the southern tier temps above average and places like atlanta and florida could be looking at a very nice day. take a look at snow though. the cold air is in place and a big system pulling in across parts of the west and it's going to be bringing some very significant snowfall the next couple of days. some areas three to five feet of snow accumulating and parts of southern colorado, a blizzard warning in effect and transitioning toward the east towards wednesday and thursday, but to understand is what you're looking at and
9:39 am
sierra nevada, we've got nice, sunny conditions and warm across parts of texas and head towards the east and things are looking very nice. all of these nice people behind me enjoying a very nice day here in new york city. dave, we'll send it over to you. >> rick, that can only mean one thing. oge ae isut to get angry, christmas music is back and decorations. home depot, not just the place for power tools anymore, is it, dave? >> all sorts of christmas decor at home depot. >> we'll get you set for the holidays this year and of course the first thing you're going to need is-- >> a christmas tree. >> a christmas tree. >> if it's fake, set it up in november and-- >> it's amazing, i'll go out on a limb here and say that the artificial trees have come a long way and so this-- >> you're going out on a limb by wearing that hat. >> i'm making a major fashion station. do you like my hat?
9:40 am
>> so we have several to choose, we have look 20 different artificial trees under $100. so, the prices have gone way down. >> way down. >> a lot of people like the christmas tree smell and fresh trees, but the great thing about these, they're pre-lit. you don't have to worry about that and. >> saves you hours. >> you can decorate and put ornaments on them and all o that. >> some come with the spray and have their own decoration. >> and this is the sparkly pine and that one there is the snowy pine and get all kinds of denver looks and feels and all kinds of things and then the other thing you don't have to worry about water. let's say you're going out of town for the holidays and you want a tree. these are great, set them up and you don't have to worry about the watering. >> and you don't have to worry about a fire hazard. >> exactly. >> but you can get the ornaments at home depot, too, orangements are a big deal. a lot of people, like the new martha stuart living collection, this is the 100
9:41 am
piece set. if you're starting out and you need to get some ornaments to get the free going, this is the way to go, but we've got all kinds of themes. candy cane themes, the woodlands, what i kind of like here, all kinds of cool stuff that you can get. >> 100 ornaments, $30 so you can get a tree for under $100. and you're all set. >> exactly, we're going to head over to rockefeller center and put up some orangements. >> let's do. >> and lighting is a big deal at christmas and people like to put up the lights and led. we talked about led lights before. these are great technology and going to save you 80% on the energy bills and the other cool they think about led christmas lines you can string like 20 to 25 different strings of lights on one outlet. >> oh, this is brilliant. >> and they also don't send off heat. >> no heat. >> no fire danger there, the kids won't get burned and my lights almost every year with the led's, i'm going to get a
9:42 am
couple of seasons out. >> least there last for 20,000 hours and one goes out you don't have to find the bad one. >> the breathes, available at home depot. >> the accessories, the wreaths, things that add holiday flavor and all kinds of different types and the door hangers and you can get the decorative hangers on the door and don't forget your yard. we've got blowups and we've got the reindeer with the sleigh. >> get into it. this is going to be a great holiday season. >> a great time to have some fun and let everybody help decorate and get the kids involved. >> dave to show us good holiday tips, i'm not ready for the music, but ready for the decor and the hats. >> that looks marvellous. >> that's terrific. >> do that for the next 20 minutes and see if you walk into a wall. >> you've got another one.
9:43 am
>> and gm's public offering was one of the largest in u.s. history this week. is this a sign of the auto bailout worked or worked for unions? we're going to talk to steve forbes about that next. ♪ ♪
9:44 am
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9:47 am
so, who exactly is this a victory for? fox news contributing steve forbes is the president and chief executive officer of forbes and editor in chief of forbes magazinement great to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's go tloo you the math here and help us understand that gm shares traded at $33. >> right. >> the government i read needs to sell the remaining 500 million shares it's holding at $53 each in order to make back its money, but isn't that realistic? years to come couldn't the shares go up 20 bucks? >> well, they could, but to call it making money when you lose $10 a shear only in washington would that be counted a victory given the deficit it's probably a good they think, but in the real world you've got the tax credits. normally when you go in bankruptcy your previous losses are wiped out to be applied against future profits. bottom line, 15 billion dollars more taxpayers money is going to go for the tax credits in the future. and a normal bankruptcy the taxpayers would have been saved that money. what also would have stripped
9:48 am
creditors, a huge windfall to the united auto workers union. and 15 billion dollars of future tax credit didn't get an in bankruptcy. shafting creditors, make investors worry, and opportunity costs, if that money had been invested in the economy, free market you would have gotten a real return on the thing and final thing immoral they have the new car coming out, $40,000, you buy it because it's electricity, therefore it's supposed to be a good thing. you get a tax credit of $7500. so, if i go out and buy this car, working people in america, are going to subsidize me $7500. what is the justice in that? >> well, you are a smart guy and there's a lot of economists floating denvifferen ideas, what's with the tax cuts and drudge had a story democrats in disarray how they're going to proceed on
9:49 am
the bush tax cuts. what should the next move be? i ask you this way, people are saying, look, it didn't help. right, we actually had increased tax rates during the clinton years and had a bombing economy. president bush puts the tax cuts in place and enter a recession, what's the correct answer here? >> well, let's go and get the real history not the soviet style history that you've got out of the obama administration. when the clinton tax increases in 1993 the growth of the economy slowed down, put off the real recovery for about a year and a half. it wasn't until the clinton care was beaten in 1994, clinton agreed in a subsequently years to put in tax cuts like cutting the capital gains tax, that the stock market and the economy really took off. fast forward to 2003. the bush tax cuts when the economy grows, but went into the economy was the tax cuts, was the federal reserve printing too much money, fannie and freddie guaranteeing 1 1/2 trillion dollars of junk paper and stuff like that.
9:50 am
now today in terms of tax cuts extended, why the democrats are in disarray, 21 democratic senators coming up for reelection in 2012 and coming from red states getting the economy moving instead of the crazy semi socialism from the white house. >> steve forbes, we always appreciate your coming here. >> i feel smarter. >> and we struggle with finding presidents for the holiday. i'm going to show you, this is my wheel house, steve. >> toys. >> yes, toys, to high pressure you find the gadget and toy for the men in your life, fathers and guys. better stick around for this one. knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants.
9:51 am
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>> all right. ladies, listen up, the one thing pretty much every guy wants every holiday season is the coolest gadgets. alisyn we know that clayton helps you with the shopping. and each and every year. >> thank goodness, what's the hottest stuff? >> thank you for having me on the show today. >> it's good to have you. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the camera choice, dave, you'll love this. dave drops cameras and electronics, on a regular basis. this one is durable, you can drop it, waterproof down to like 20 feet, plus a 12 mega pixel camera and incredible zoom lens and made for the snow gloves and you don't have to worry about taking off the gloves on the ski slope and this attaches to your-- >> belt. >> your work belt you wear around the house. >> that's dave and kid friendly. >> and types of durable cameras stink, but this one is great. great pictures. >> i have a remote similar to
9:55 am
that thing. why are they special? >> ladies, he can't stand the remotes all over the place and men love one thing, one remote to rule them all, like lord of the rings. the harmony remote and i've chosen the logitech 600, this is cheaper, this is the 300, but it puts all of the remotes into one device and program it for your apple television, large screen television. >> looks like a porsche, sleek. >> it's very sleek. >> you could drive it. >> all right the ipad. i hear new in 2011? >> possibly, yeah, they're going to make one every year, this is number one by the consumer electronic association, number one gift sought off for men. the apple ipad. i've got to get one for my husband, wi-fi, 3 go. >> should you should get your
9:56 am
husband one you stole his. >> i don't know if a court of law would call it stealing, but-- >> incredible sound system. they've built in jbl speakers into this with a sub woofer. >> i wondered why they don't have better speakers. >> an hd web-cam. the first ever from dell, great choice. >> if you want to go a little bigger and louder, a good option. >> the full speaker system in your house, you want to stream your itunes library and want to play pandora music, sirius xp, this was my gadget choice last year and no company managed to do it betterer, a black and a white version and control it with the ipod, ipod touch and a full set of room filling sound. >> completely wireless. >> and set up multiple zones and different music in
9:57 am
different rooms and if you missed any of these things, clayton morris on twitter and this is up on, fox and friends. >> great stuff. >> thanks, got it. do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars. ok, her mind. [scraping] [piano keys banging] [scraping] [horns honking] with deposits in your engine, it can feel like something's holding your car back. let me guess, 16. [laughing] yeeah. that's why there's castrol gtx... with our most powerful deposit fighting ingredient ever. castrol gtx exceeds the toughest new industry standard. don't let deposits hold your car back. get castrol gtx. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering.
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