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tv   America Live  FOX News  January 18, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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all creatures. cute little snausher there i think i saw. "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert less than 24 hours before the households a historic vote to repeal the healthcare overhaul law the obama administration launches a big attack against repeal efforts, suggesting that half of this country could lose their insurance coverage if the republicans are successful in uprooting this legislation. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius issuing that dire warning today. gop lawmakers are already calling this a political pr stunt by the administration and say the numbers are grossly exaggerated. we are awaiting a news conference with key republicans and congressman steve king of iowa is one of them.
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he joins us live with a preview, you might say, from washington. congressman thank you so much for coming back on the program. the health and human services secretary comes out and says 129 million americans have preexisting conditions, and that if you repeal this law these are the folks who are going to get hurt and they are going to lose their coverage. and you say what? >> if i look at the language more closely it seems she might have said conditions that may be used to deny thaeupl coverage. i want to look down into the numbers. certainly they've had a longtime to produce the numbers, megyn, it's a political response to a policy decision that has been directed to congress by the american people last november 2nd in the elections. we must move forward and repeal obamacare. the specious argument by throwing these numbers out in the middle of this is designed to undermine the support for repeal. we've looked through a lot of the obama promises in the past and a lot of them haven't held up.
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this is another one that will not hold up. what will hold up is a vote to repeal and this debate today and the vote tomorrow. megyn: to the critics who say that this vote, which has been made priority number one by the republicans in the house since they have taken over, to those who say that this is basically symbolic you say what? >> i say first no one can layout a scenario that would get us to the final repeal of obama care without including a house vote to repeal it. this is the start, this is the beginning, and many things have to happen to finally pull obamacare out completely by the roots. megyn: how do you get it passed in the senate? >> i think if we have get a vote in the senate based on a simple majority. i think it will pass the repeal will pass in the senate. this morning there were 23 democrats up for re-election in senate, now there are 22. i think they will be looking over their shoulder and seeing what happened to the pelosi
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democrats and i think they'd vote to repeal. but the president would veto, i know that's what you're thinking, megyn, and he will. and the next component is it is we must shut off the funding through the appropriations process that will be used to implement orin force obamacare. if we do that in the house then we can get to the presidential election in 2012, elect a president that will sign the repeal in 2013, that is the strategy and we must follow through. megyn: the democrats don't think you have the stomach for it. they don't think that you and other republicans are willing to look at the american people and say, yes i defunded your 26-year-old who was suddenly getting coverage under your policy. yes i defunded you with the preexisting condition to make it possible for you to get booted off of your policy. i voted to reopen the medicare doughnut hole. they don't think that you have the stomach to go out and run for re-election with your record. >> i think they know that i do. maybe other republicans they are wondering about.
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we shall see. we have to win this debate with the american people. what starts on thursday is the debate on the resolution that directs the committees to start down the path of replacement policy. as they see that replacement policy emerge they'll understand that some of these things that you mentioned can be done better by the state, some can be done in a more constitutional fashion. just because obamacare was forced upon the american people doesn't mean that any component of it is such that the american people can't let go, get our freedom and liberty back and let's build our healthcare system constitutionally and fiscally responsible. megyn: is it too late? all right the ap poll that came out yesterday said one in four americans polled now support repeal. those who fully and strongly support repeal the number is down to 30% if you add sort of luke warm in favor of repeal. is it too late? has it become accepted by the american people? >> i think if you look at the number who strongly support
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obamacare itself that is 20%. so it's 3-2 when it comes to the strong urgency that is there. no, i think the american people still reject obamacare. they have put up an effort to try to run this debate at us in preparation for this debate, and we are going to have to sustain this over two years. so a little blip in somebody's polls for a week or two doesn't concern me a great deal. keeping the real information and truth in front of the american people and laying out the path we will follow in the aftermath of the appeal of obamacare is essential and i hope to be engaged in all of that as we go forward. megyn: it will be interesting. the math is interesting because they said that the obama healthcare bill gave coverage to 30 million americans, now they are saying if you repeal it 130 are going to lose coverage. so, we look forward to your press conference as you crunch the numbers and figure out that disparity. >> we're going to try to get this down to common-sense things. you remember the president's promises. first the economy is in a mess,
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we can't fix the economy until we first fix healthcare. we spent too much money, that is still the president. the solution is spend more money. they are going to insure 32 million people without spending any money to do that, there are all kind of inconsistencies coming out of the administration. we can sell insurance across state lines. address the tort reform situation. it goes on and on the good things that can be done when we get on the other side of the repeal, megyn. megyn: this is the moment that a lot of folks were wanting when they voted for republicans back on november 2nd, and they will be seeing it play out live on capitol hill this week. congressman steve king of iowa thank you sir. >> thank you so much. megyn: if you'd like to be one of the viewers to react log onto and answer our you decide question today. what are the odds that the republicans can repeal a portion of president obama's healthcare
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law? we will show you results that we are getting later in the broadcast. well the white house is polishing the silver and cleaning up the red participate this afternoon. there is a very big and some say the most important state dinner of president obama's presidency that is taking place on wednesday with the chinese president. when he last visited about five years ago china held more than 302 billion in u.s. debt. and now the u.s. owes china approximately $1 trillion. mike emanuel is live from the white house on why this visit and what we should expect to see and hear from these two leaders. this is a big one, mike by all accounts, both sides of the aisle, everybody who watches the white house says this is a very big thing. >> reporter: megyn no question about that. and ahead of his visit president hu jintao said both the u.s. and china stand to gain from a strong relationship and stand to lose from confrontation. there are a lot of complexities
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to this relationship. there are economic concerns. military to military relations, human rights issues and other global issues as well. white house officials say more must be done by the chinese, in terms of strengthening their currency the yuan. u.s. officials would like to hrefpl the playing field for american businesses to sell to that huge chinese market. iran and north korea are also concerns, national security concerns and the u.s. would certainly like to see the chinese do more to influence their neighbors north korea. from the chinese perspective h-t hu jintao wants to see more as equal to the american president. they certainly like being able to say no fro to the united stas from time to time. moments ago white house officials described this relationship as being a cooperative but competitive relationship. there are benefits and difficult challenges that lie ahead, megyn.
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megyn: we are hearing that there are some protesters near you that -- this is related to the chinese president's visit. these are live pictures coming in. >> reporter: no question about that. a short distance from where i'm standing there are free tibet protestors talking about china's human rights issues. ahead of the president's visit they are making themselves heard. they are protesting outside the chinese embassy as well. it's not clear how much of this president hu jintao will see. the joint news conference tomorrow, president hu jintao is not used to taking questions from reporters. we'll see if there are any awkward moments in that press conference. megyn: president bush declined to host a dinner for china's president due to the human rights problems. this could be the most important dinner that president obama has hosted in his presidency. we'll be covering it and have
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more in our next hour. meantime we have this alert coming in. we are awaiting a briefing from the state department where we could hear more about a recent string of attacks against christians in the middle east. during a news conference yesterday reporters pressed the state department on who is responsible for this violence. in the past three weeks countless numbers of christians have died in organized attacks in iraq, in nigeria, and egypt. greg burke is streaming live to us from rome, italy with more, greg. >> reporter: hi, megyn. well there are as many as 30 countries around the world where christians are severely persecuted. now the worst places of course are in the mideast. we saw a new year being a very tough one in egypt, for example, egyptian christians, 23 people were killed just after midnight on january 1st. it is the largest christian community in the mideast, as many as ten million christians in egypt. there are clear groups there
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going off christians. a political effort destabilizing the country. a religious one to make a larger muslim majority. christians in iraq have been systematically targeted, more than 50 killed last october. the muslims have labeled the christians as foreign, labeled them as western and go after them brutally. although in iraq christians have been there long before islam came along. there are problems in india, pakistan as well. in pakistan you can get sentenced to death for blasphemy. the governor of a province in pakistan was killed a couple of weeks ago for speaking out against that law. that is the latest from here, back to you. megyn: thank you. a couple of researchers now claiming that a possible cure for cancer was stolen from the back seat of their car. see how that allegedly happened
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in just three minutes. and this man is an illegal immigrant accused of killing a police officer. just ahead, why he is now accused of trying to profit from that crime while sitting behind bars. and rush limbaugh says there is a new push underway to shut him up, and not just him. >> you all know that i am a political enemy of these people. these are the people that keep talking about limiting speech. the other day al sharpton goes to the fcc to want hearings on me to get them to curb what i can say. [ male announcer ] sitting, waiting, hoping. that's not how successful investing is done. at e-trade it's harnessing some of the most powerful yet easy to use trading tools on the planet to help diversify, identify opportunities, take action. it's using professional grade research and your brain to seek maximum returns to reach your goals. it's investing with intelligence and cold hard conviction.
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megyn: we've got video today of a remarkable rescue after a little girl falls into the icy waters of long island sound. the 11-year-old was walking her neighbor's dog when the puppy broke free and ran onto the ice. she followed him and plunged
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straight into the water. the officer responding to the emergency call crawled his way to her 50 feet off-shore, but when he scooped her up they both fell in. >> i was struggling, i was trying to get out of the ice but it was too slippery, i continue get out. i was screaming help. >> i was sliding along my stomach while dragging her. she continue move. as i got close enough they threw me a rope. we fell through the ice as we got closer to shore because the ice thinned out. thankfully it was only waist deep. megyn: if you are wondering about the puppy and i know you are the firefighters were able to rescue him too. the poodle maltese mix named aeuz ventura is said to be doing just ryan. wow, happy ending. an amazing story out of oklahoma city where the reward is being offered for the return of a laptop computer said to contain very important information. namely a possible medical
1:17 pm
breakthrough on cancer. trace gallagher is following this live from our west coast newsroom. this has the newsroom talking whether this is a bunch of baloney or this could be real. >> reporter: they say this thing could save millions of live. we are talking about two very well known researchers. they are from the university of oklahoma. they say they have been working on a cure for cancer now for years and years working six, seven days a week. for the past two years they have put all their research on an apple mac book laptop. they went to lunch at a panera restaurant, they go in, they come out, the back of their car window is smashed in, and guess what? the laptop is gone. the couple says on that laptop all their research, and some cannot be duplicated. other parts of the research would take at least two years to duplicate. now they are begging for cops to help them find it.
1:18 pm
listen. >> i cannot eat and sleep since last sunday. >> if you return the computer with the data saved this would tremendously help us and you would do something for society. >> reporter: here is the big problem, they never backed up this computer, megyn on hard drive so there is no other copy of it, and they didn't register the serial number of the computer, so the cops say it's almost impossible to findment it's a white apple mac book, it was in an orange case. they need some help but right now the odds of getting it are not good. they mainly focused on prostate cancer. a lot of critics have said, how can you have all your information on one laptop, all the research for years. they said they did, they are scientists, they don't worry about computer stuff, they put it in, and they continue working. 30 billion men die from prostate cancer. megyn: that's the part people
1:19 pm
are saying hooey one. eye inch advertises know what a computer is and they know what it can do. we've all been burned. that's the part that sounds unbelievable. if it was so important why would they leave it in the back seat of their car as they go into panera. >> reporter: grab a quick sandwich, go back in. laptop in the back. i've done it. i lost a laptop and i've done it. megyn: you're not curing cancer. >> reporter: not yet. but, you know. megyn: all right let's hope there is some soft-hearted thief who is watching the program right now who maybe knows somebody with prostate cancer and has decided if isn't worth it and he brings that computer to maybe the local fire house. wipe it down, get rid of the fingerprints, and then turn it in so that we can continue that good couple's work. okay. thanks, trace. >> reporter: okay. megyn: it's like on stories like these my old pal hemmer would
1:20 pm
throw the hooey car. they seemed sincere. what do you think, dick cheney is speaking out for the first time after a major heart operation and making stark predictions about the 2012 presidential election. you'll hear them right after this break. a powerful story from maryland where thieves steal bronze plaques from a memorial honoring our nation's war dead. >> it happened, and not knowing if we are going to get them back, so the anger just builds up more and more and more.
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megyn: a couple of develop stories we're watching right now including an arrest in philadelphia where police say they have a dna link in three strangulation cases.
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they've arrested and charged antonio rodriguez with the murders. police are blaming a backlog of cases and an out of date computer system for not making the connection sooner. and north dakota democratic senator kent conrad announcing he will not be running for re-election in 2012. he says he wants to continue working on the nation's problems without the distraction of campaigning. well a big prediction coming from the former vice president, dick cheney. take a listen to what chinee said this morning about president obama and the 2012 presidential election. >> he embarked upon a course of action when he became president that did not have as much support as he thought it did, that once he got into the business, for example, of the healthcare reform, expanding the size of government, expanding the deficit, those are all weaknesses as i look at barack obama, and i think he'll be a one-term president.
1:25 pm
megyn: bill trippi is a fox news contributor and a former campaign manager for howard dean. pretty bold words by our former vice president who is becoming more and more a political analyst as we see them in his post office days. do you think it's wishful thinking on his part or he might be onto something? >> it's either wishful thinking. the other thing i don't understand is why he wants to help obama this way. him making these kind of predictions actually kind of gets the democratic base engaged and pushes it more into obama's corner in terms of money and organizing and things like that going forward. megyn: don't you think he's trying to speak more to the other base? >> yeah he's doing that too, but i think, look, we are so far off from this election, the events of the last week or ten days shows you how fast the political landscape can change, the tragedy in arizona in terms of how it's changed the rhetoric and the way people are feeling right now. the president's numbers favorability going up five
1:26 pm
points this week. things like this are going to happen, many, many times i don't mean the tragedy, but events are going to change things so many times between now and november that -- of 2012 that i think it's way too early to be making these kind of predictions. megyn: you tell me whether that is true, joe, because you've been around this much more than i have, i'm thinking, for example, i have this baby in april, go on maternity leave, come back, you know, late summer, now we're talking late summer 2011, won't the presidential race already be in gear by then? i mean that is a year prior to the actual vote. >> oh, it's in gear right now. i mean already people are campaigning. but i think the problem is a lot of the facts on the ground may change, the economy could turn, people could be going back to work. a lot of these things, the republicans could over reach on healthcare and other things. so it's really too early right now to tell where things are going. the one thing i would say is both reagan and clinton had
1:27 pm
worse favorability numbers than president obama has right now at the same stage of their presidency. megyn: that's true. >> and they both were reelected. megyn: what they didn't have is 9.4% unemployment, or 9.2. i can't remember the number off hands, no president has won re-election with an unemployment rate that is either 8 or 8.5%. >> 8. megyn: the pwhraoepl who love barack obama more than anybody are not project being the unemployment rate will be under 8% when he has to run. >> the odds are it will be higher than that. probably below 9 but somewhere in the 8 to 9 range. a dangerous zone for an incumbent president. again if the republicans over reach, if events internationally or domestically change, you can't ever -- i don't think you could ever count an incumbent president out regardless of where you are two years out. he's got a lot of strengths.
1:28 pm
people are starting to feel that things are turning around. and we'll see where they are two years from now. megyn: what do you make of mr. chinee's claim? he seems to be saying it's not so much what barack obama is going to do in the next year, it's what he's already done, and opinions people have already formed about his approach to governance. he says i think his overall approach, expanding the size of government, expanding the deficit, giving more authority to government over the private sector, he says that is what people are going to take issue with, and he seems to be positing that no matter what bam birmingham does in the next year it's not going to convince people that he does not any longer favor that approach. >> but that doesn't make any sense when you look at history. we had bill clinton, everybody after what was called the largest tax increase in history, the house democrats and senate, we lost the senate and the house, not just the house, people thought clinton could never come back from that, and he won very handily in 1996.
1:29 pm
people were writing him off. i just think it doesn't make any sense to be making these kind of claims. and i do think it does help barack obama right now for someone like vice president cheney to be calling him a one-term president. megyn: let me ask you one final question. is there any candidate that could emerge on the gop side that would make you reconsider or nervous? >> oh, there are a couple that make me nervous, mitch daniels of indiana would make me nervous. again, and th u.n. e, senator th u.n. e would make me nervous. i'm not sure that either of them are running or that they'll get the nomination. it's way too early to tell. megyn: everyone is testing but no one is declaring. so we'll have to wait and see. i'm looking forward to that return from the maternity leave to see where we are, joe, talk to you then. >> thanks, megyn. megyn: it's not coming any time soon. all indications to the contrary notwithstanding the baby is not due for another two and a half months. it is a story that made national
1:30 pm
headlines last spring. now the parents of a mexican teenager have slapped the united states government with a $25 million lawsuit after their son was shot and killed by a border patrol agent. the thing was caught on tape. we will show it to you and let you decide who is really to blame in "kelly's court." and sarah palin slamming the critics who accused her of somehow contributing to the tucson tragedy. her fiery defense, her political future and her interview with shaun hannity next. >> they can't make us sit down and shut up. if they ever were to succeed in doing that then our republic will be destroyed, not necessarily me being sat down and shut up, but having the voice of respectful descent shut up that would destroy our
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megyn: fox news weather alert for you on a winter storm that turned out worse than expected for a big part of the northeastern united states. take a look at the satellite there. snow, sleet, rain causing a travel nightmare from philadelphia up through new hampshire. connecticut state police say they had more accident calls than they could keep track of this morning. an amtrak train carrying 90 passengers struck a fedex truck that became stuck on the tracks. no injuries, amazingly, reported
1:35 pm
there. many airports in the region are open. take a look at laguardia, though, wow. there are plenty of canceled and delayed flights, however, as you can imagine. >> well, sarah palin sending a message to her critics in her first interview since the murders in tucson. here she is last night on hannity hitting back at those who accused her of somehow contributing to the tragedy. mrs. palin making clear that tactic will not work. >> i will continue to speak out. they're not going to shut me up, they're not going to shut you up or rush or mark levin or tea party patriots or those who, as i say, respectfully and patriotically petition their government for change. they can't make us sit down and shut up, and if they ever were to succeed in doing that, then our republic will be destroyed. megyn: does she have a point?
1:36 pm
leslie marshall is a syndicated radio talk show host hosting the leslie marshall and a fox news contributor, and lars larson is a syndicated radio talk show host as well, lars sarah palin coming out with both guns, what is it, slinging? firing? >> blazing. megyn: blading, thank you. [laughter] saying you're not going to shut me up. it's not about me, it's about my message, try as they might, the critics are not going to silence her. lars, what do you say? >> you don't want your children growing up being told they could not voice their opinions. as far as i'm concerned, governor palin is a hero. she stands up, and she advocates for a huge percentage of americans, and now the people that she is being successful in opposing -- and this is poll
1:37 pm
tings -- toll ticks -- are telling her, you have to shut up. they dealt her a dirty one on saturday afternoon in tucson by the ap linking her to that shooting when there was no evidence whatsoever that there was any linkage between two governor palin had done and the shooting this tucson. yet they kept that up even beyond the point where the president said it simply wasn't true. and those folks who are telling her to shut up, that's just plain un-american. megyn: the president has said political ideology wasn't by hind that, and yet some of the left aren't prepared to heed his warning, i guess, his call for more civil discourse. i mean, you had a columnist in "the washington post", eugene robinson, who came out just yesterday -- and that was prior to the hannity interview. no, wait, let me correct myself, it's today. it's posted today, tuesday. to sarah palin, this is his message: please, consider being quiet for a while. you're portraying yourself as a collateral victim, and what's in
1:38 pm
order here is an extended period of abstinence by palin. he doesn't want to hear from the her anymore, and let me ask you, leslie, as somebody who's in the talk field world, what right does eugene robinson have to tell sarah palin to be quiet? >> i get told to be quiet every time i'm on fox and the radio, you know, so that's what happens when we're either politics or broadcasting in the public eye. megyn: why does he get to offer his opinion and she doesn't get to offer hers? >> well, she did. megyn: right, but he objects. >> and she has defended herself. megyn: but my point is he objects. the first amendment encourages debate from all side, right? so eugene robinson gets to offer his opinion of her, and he can feel that way, but why in the his mind and in the mind of some of her critics do they get to offer their opinions, but she doesn't get to offer hers? >> well, i don't feel that way, and i didn't read it that way
1:39 pm
except for his opinion. quite frankly, as a liberal democrat i want her and everyone who disagrees to speak. i think the problem here is at least from my listeners left and right is they don't want after the tragedy that took place in tucson more division. we are in a reck silvia story stage in this our country, that's what the president spoke of. let's stop the blame, let's stop the -- megyn: what did she do, lars, that added to that? she came out with that statement defending herself, and then the left of got even angrier saying she shouldn't have spoken before the president and sort of turned it back around on her again. >> it was a blood libel, and i think i can say why it was appropriate to use that term. the fact is the left threw down the gauntlet first beginning with the associated press which tilts hard to the left by making the accusations that somehow she
1:40 pm
had something to do with it. that piled on by the lefties who began to say that she had something to do with this followed by a dead silence from the president for days before he finally spoke at the memorial. the fact is that, leslie, when you say let's stop the blame game, the left launched the blame game in this case. they didn't say, let's go diagnose what was wrong, why a mentally unstable man who had not been diagnosed formally as mentally unstable was able to get a gun -- megyn: yeah, there's no question this kauai was not a pretty -- guy was not a political guy. leslie, what would you do? even if you don't like sarah palin, what would you do there if you were sitting there and large swaths of the country were blaming you for the massacre we saw in tucson when there was no evidence to support that? >> megyn, i'm so glad you asked me that. as a woman -- [laughter] of especially. because i'm sorry, and i know ladies are going to get mad on me, but the first thing i would
1:41 pm
think is because i'm a woman and be emotional would be to defend myself. however, i want to look at leaders left and right, so i did. ronald reagan, george bush, bill clinton, barack obama, all presidents which she may desire to be and run for. they don't defend personal attacks of themself. they defend their political agenda and their idea for legislation. megyn: that's what she said in the her message. she claims the attacks weren't so much just about her, that they were about her message. and she pointed out that they attacked not just her, but the tea party and many on the right. i'll give you the last word, leslie. >> i think a lot of them attacked her, i think a lot of them will because she's a woman. we saw it with hillary. i don't think she should have defends herself. i thought she was of being too much of a chick, megyn. megyn: uh-oh. i'm going to call sam bennett, shed gets to yell at -- she gets to yell at you for that.
1:42 pm
sean's interview with sarah palin is still online at if you want to check it out. leslie and lars, thanks so much. well, a chinese-american mother is continuing to get serious threats, including death threats, after writing a memoir that suggests that children, in her view, should never have a sleepover, never have a play date, never get less than an a and should be forced to practice violin for hours on end all day. up next, her daughter's passionate defense for mom. and has a convicted cop killer come up with a way to illegally property from his crime? trace has that story. plus, rush limbaugh says there are a growing number of people pushing the fcc to pull the plug on conservative radio. see what has him so concerned just ahead. >> wouldn't be surprised if somebody in the obama administration or some fcc bureaucrat or some democrat congressman hasn't already written up such legislation, it's sitting in a desk drawer somewhere just waiting for the right event for a clamp down.
1:43 pm
they have been trying this ever since the oklahoma city bombing. , [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight
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for a limited time at red lober. megyn: an update for you, now, on a story we brought you yesterday. author amy chua taking fire for suggesting that asian-american mothers are more successful at raising children payoff their strict concern because of their strict approach to the participanting. her daughter is coming to her defense saying, quote, if i die tomorrow, i would die feeling i have lived my life at 110%. martha maccallum is the anchor of "america's newsroom," and i really want to talk to you about this. you're a successful mother, and you've got three kids at precarious ainges. [laughter] i have one little boy and one on way, and the question is you read part of her opinion piece, and you feel a little horrified. >> sure, that's the initial reaction. megyn: but you also feel like, is she on to something?
1:47 pm
>> >> we live in this a society that's very focused on sports and extracurricular activities, and here's a mom that says don't come home and tell me you're in the play and that you're villager number six because it's just not good enough. as you and i were saying moments ago, it's about feeling loved. and her daughter is saying in this piece that she wrote, she feels loved. she knows her mother cares about her because she's this her face all the time. a lot of us would take issue -- megyn: she's thankful to her mother. one of the pieces that was excerpted in the journal was she talks about how when her daughters were 4 and 7, they made her handmade birthday cards, right? [laughter] >> sure. megyn: and instead of saying they're wonderful, she threw them back in the children's face and said, i expected better. but now the daughter comes out and says, you don't understand, i wasn't scarred for life for that. maybe if i poured my heart into the card, i would have been upset. but let's face it, the card was feeble. i was busted.
1:48 pm
i didn't even sharpen the pencil, and that's why when my mom rejected it, i didn't feel she was rejecting me. >> with yeah. megyn: she did learn a lesson there. you can do better, keep challenging yourself. >> and no matter what, you know, american moms are sort of trained no matter what little scribble comes your way, oh, this is amazing. you're the next picasso. you did such a good job. megyn: and the daughter realized, she e knew. >> her mother said, no, it's not good enough. megyn: let me ask you this. this is a personal question, but how were you raised? were you raised more by, like, did your parents more western approaches? >> definitely. you know, very supportive but not as, you know, ma'am by panel by as a lot of us have become in this age. you know, you're praised if you do something good, but not overly praised. i wasn't raised in a society where you got a trophy if you won the season. megyn: were you driven -- >> are i was definitely driven and an environment that was surrounded by love. not a hard-core you must get
1:49 pm
as every single semester. that isn't the way i was raised. everybody comes to it from a different place. i knew my parents cared about me, supported me and, most of all, they wanted me to be happy and to feel loved and supported. these children are saying we were happy, and we felt loved and supported. it's a cultural thing. there's this one great moment where she says, a chinese mother says to her daughter, come here, fatty. you need to lose weight. an american mother would say, you might want to make better choices. doesn't that wound just as much? you know what your mother's saying -- megyn: you're fat. you've gotten a little chunky. >> right. it's the same message. it's just a question of presentation in many ways. megyn: is this giving you enough pause that you actually feel you might tweak your parenting methods at allsome. >> as i said to my daughter last night, if you get an a, this mother's saying, well, who beat
1:50 pm
you? megyn: and she'll do hundreds of practice tests with the daughter. >> there's a lot of focus in our cub on, you know -- country, on, you know, bullying. but there's a lot of extracurricular, sports stuff that is very focused on at school. maybe a little bit more concern about academics and making it more of a priority in if life and having kids believe that they can succeed and that we have high expectation for them is not a terrible thing. megyn: i was not raised at all by parents who were, like, you must succeed. they were like, eh, you've got to maintain a b average. she would be horrified by my parents. yet i had a natural drive. we did okay. >> i didn't go to harvard. i woand up all right, you know? megyn: what's the definition of happiness and success? for her it's harvard -- >> were you showered with lots of praise if you did something that was just okay.
1:51 pm
megyn: no. >> okay, you got a b, that's dent, right? meg meg yeah. >> i think there's an inclination to overshower with praise, and kids know the difference. they know when they did something that was truly fantastic, and they know when they did -- megyn: i have to say, i'm being hard rapped, but my son was reading his word book, and he didn't get banana, and i was like, you know banana. the poor little guy was like, what? i'm a tiger mom now. [laughter] are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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1:54 pm
megyn: well, a growing controversy coming out of houston today over a $20 t-shirt. the artist is believed to be an illegal immigrant, once convicted of molesting a young girl and now serving a life prison term for killing a houston police officer. trace gallagher has more on how this guy could be profiting from his crime.
1:55 pm
trace? >> reporter: yeah. and, megyn, not only is he a convicted child molester and drunk driver, he was deported once. then he was pulled over for a traffic stop back in 2006, he was arrested, put in the back of the squad car and cuffed, but he was still able to get a gun out of his pants and shoot that man, officer randy johnson. now, cantero could have been sentenced to death, he got life. the defense thought it was a huge victory. his defense was paid for by grace or gulf can region advocacy center. now grace is offering these t-shirts to raise money. now, they won't confirm, nor deny if, in fact, quinner the row is the one who came up with this logo, but a crime victims' advocate says he knows who drew it. listen. >> they indicated it was one of their clients, but they wouldn't go any further and, basically, refused to tell me who it was. and then, of course, when we took a good look at the artwork, it was pretty clear it was juan
1:56 pm
because you see his initials. >> reporter: jlq, those are his initials on the bottom. the wife of the officer is joining in this protest. listen. >> the city lost a hero, the department lost one of their best officers, and i lost my husband. >> we certainly don't these to be giving him some infamy and immortality or highlighting whatever artistic ability he might have for people to walk around and wear whatever he designed. >> reporter: we just learned that the group that paid for his defense is now rethinking using this logo. so far quintero has not gotten any money from this, we're told. megyn: trace gallagher, thank you. new warnings from a top democrat who says a $2.5 trillion bill is coming due, and we don't have the money. eric bolling on that, two minutes away. and this mexican teenager was shot and be killed by a u.s. border patrol agent.
1:57 pm
the agent says that he was under attack by this teen and others at the time. the boy's parents say, that's a lie. we have the videotape. we will play it for you and let you decide this now $25 million lawsuit against our government in kelly's court.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
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2:00 pm
megyn: the house right now is getting back to the people's business. today business item number one is the gop's attempt to repeal the president's healthcare law. a brand-new hour of "america live" on a tuesday. i'm megyn kelly. nearly 10 months to the day former house speaker nancy pelosi celebrating the passage of the healthcare law with a big gavel. fast forward to a new congress, a republican holding the speaker's gavel. john boehner and company looking to hammer this law until it's gone or significantly changed.
2:01 pm
a live update from wowsh washington on the status of this vote is moments away. another fox news alert. there are new warnings from a prominent democrat about a new financial catastrophy for state government. $2 trillion in pension short falls are being projected now. $2 trillion in pension short falls. that is the alert from arin kramer. he says retirement benefits and medicaid are sinking coast to coast. they are likely headed for severe cuts. eric bolling is anchor of 'follow the money" on the fox business network. fbn has been warning about this. there was a "60 minutes" piece that was compelling. talking about how it would be the next big huge crisis after we had to bail out wall street.
2:02 pm
this guy is saying we are talking $2 trillion just in the pensions alone. >> reporter: it's been a big, big story. we followed the money almost nightly. we had a graph i can about a pension bomb, a bomb overhanging the economy ready to explode. $2 trillion. we heard estimates up to $3 trillion. the piece you are referring to, meredith whitney said there could be between 50-100 high 4 profile municipal defaults due to pension obligations going forward, towns, municipalities, and states owe employees. mr. kramer used to work for or continues to work for the democratic party, also oversees some investment in new jersey. he says they may have to sell assets, sell a school, sell a
2:03 pm
hospital, or cut services. cut fire, police service, some towns are doing that. there is one more option that no democrat wants to talk about it's called pension reform. break the contracts. renegotiate the contracts and figure out whether should one should be able to work for the town for 20 years and earn a pension and stay on the public dole for 30 years down the road. megyn: with whom would they negotiate on pension reform. the pensioners want their money. they were promised it. they want their check. >> reporter: the libertarians are saying a deal is a deal, a contract is a contract. whatever, i disagree. you can go to the firemen, you can go to the teachers and say we'll pay you more right now. you are not paying enough. you have a tough job. pay you more, but guess what, when you are done in 30 or when
2:04 pm
you are retiring you don't get 75% of your pay. you get maybe 25%. pay them now for what they are doing with just don't pay them for the rest of their lives. megyn: fr. they don't do these things, do the feds bail these states out? >> reporter: the feds can bail them out or they may get lucky. if the market starts getting good again. if real estate prices start to go up, that means towns can charge more in property taxes and maybe just maybe put a band-aid on this hemorrhaging going on. but for now if there is another severe downturn in the economy, game over, all bets are off. it could be a massive meltdown. $3 trillion. megyn: that was a lot of ifs. thank you, sir. here is a closer look for you at states facing the biggest pension problems. the golden state leading the
2:05 pm
pack accounting for 25% of the national total. and they tried to sell off assets. $500 billion they have in unfunded pension liabilities. that's according to numbers from 2008. figures are probably higher now. illinois, knowledge, massachusetts, ohio, nearly $20 billion short. and by the way, you can catch eric bolling on his own show follow the money * airs monday through friday 10:00 p.m. except thursday when it's at 10:00. the chinese president is expected to arrive in the united states. it comes amid concerns of his nation's military ambitions. there is word that he thumbed his noles at the united states. china unveiling a stealth fighter that could pose a question to u.s. air supremacy
2:06 pm
in the pacific. jennifer griffin is live at pentagon with an update on that. >> reporter: what has pentagon officials baffled is china's gal opening defense budget. officially -- we don't know what china really spends. but officially according to its estimate. in the past 20 years china's defense expenditure has gone up 464% to nearly $100 billion in 2009. they added submarines to their navy compared to the u.s. which commissioned only one sub. and the ballistic missile that can sink an air craft carrier. >> this should be a wakeup call for the strategic complacency of those who believe the u.s. will continue to maintain air and
2:07 pm
naval dominance in the pacific. the first flight of the ga20 is evidence that the chinese will continue to grow in capability. >> the j20, a prototype of the stealth fighter jet. officials say it looks similar to lockheed martin's and it was likely advanced through cyber intimidation. >> you would have to be living under a rock not to assume they have been actively seeking information from companies as well as the department of defense in a variety of different ways. >> since last february they have been talking about waging war against the united states. i think secretary gates needs to understand that of course the
2:08 pm
chinese military is configuring themselves to fight us. >> reporter: some are wondering whether secretary gates will reconsider this decision to close and cap the f-22 line in light of china's growing defense expenditure. megyn: thank you. back to our top story. look at washington where right now the gop effort to repeal the president's healthcare law is getting underway. but the white house press secretary robert gibbs is already dismission the attempt saying it is not, quote, serious. carl cameron is live in washington. i want to get to the defense that the administration is offering to the notion of repeal in a minute. but let me ask you about gibbs' statement that it's not serious. more and more we are hearing independent reporters say, it may in fact be serious and not just that. they may have some democrats hole sign on to this and could
2:09 pm
possibly push for it in the senate. >> reporter: in the house there will be 8-15 democrats hole sign on to repealing the healthcare reform acts it's serious on a political and policy level. the house republicans and democrats are going to spend the next 24-48 hours talking about this. not only will they repeal it in the house, but thursday, republicans will begin passing legislation to put up replacement reforms. in other words, this isn't just undoing what's been done. they will start doing their own more conservative reforms and cost-cutting exercises. there has been discussion from the president as well as senate democrats there are some modifications they would be amenable to, that they would consider for passage this year. so a senate repeal isn't going to happen. the senate modifications very well may and that will begin right after the repeal process ends tomorrow night.
2:10 pm
megyn: if the white house doesn't think it's serious, then why the big pushback we have seen in recent weeks including the health and human services kathleen sebelius coming out with a study she says will show that 129 million americans -- we are talking almost half the country, will lose their coverage if this healthcare laws is repealed? >> to give an example of how serious it is. perhaps in contradiction to what the press secretary argued this morning. all you have to do is take a look at what the administration is doing with kathleen sebelius. what is happening on the hill right now. house democrats are holding a mock hearing. this is a meeting of democrats on the house democratic steering committee. they are taking testimony from real citizens and talking amongst themselves about the report sebelius issued this
2:11 pm
morning. it's dire warnings about the number of people democrats claim would be affected if healthcare were to be repeeled. this is what nancy pelosi said. >> what we learned is 129 million americans, have preexisting conditions and could lose their healthcare coverage if you discriminate against preexisting medical conditions. and those are under 65. 129 million americans under 65. 17 million children have preexisting conditions. and could lose their health insurance benefits. insurance they already have that went into effect. >> reporter: the talking points are almost identical to that which kathleen sebelius gave to the press earlier today. the estimate says sit could be as few as 50 million and perhaps 120 million. it suggests in the next eight years 30% of americans will
2:12 pm
have. >> sort after preexisting condition develop. but it does not incorporate any plans for replacement legislation. that starts thursday. megyn: all right. campaign carl cameron. thank you, sir. an american border agent shoots and kills a mexican teen on the fence at border. feds say the was self-defense, but the boy's family is calling it murder and they slapped our government with a $25 million lawsuit. both sides and the videotape in today's "kelly's court." a calendar designed for school children includes a year full of holidays like hanukkah and washingto.but what did not get . michael reagan after this break. >> there are constant assaults on the existence of this
2:13 pm
program. there are constant serious political efforts made to terminate this program and all of talk radio. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right,
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2:16 pm
hashanah. megyn: a fox news alert out much california. we are getting disturbing pictures in the wake of a report about a possible school shooting. shots have been fired at gardenia high school in california. we just saw someone being taken away on a stretcher placed into that ambulance. the school campus is on lockdown. we are awaiting confirmation of all of this directly from the police. trace gallagher has been work our breaking news desk and he will joins us moments from now with the details he has been gathering.
2:17 pm
one of the most powerful democrats in the house is looking to bring back a controversial policy. south carolina congressman says the recent tucson shootings are reason to rethink parameters on free speech. he want standards to balance media coverage. critics say it's an effort to siren conservative talk show hosts. here is rush limbaugh. >> al sharpton goes to the fcc to get hearings on me, getting them to curb what i can say. they are telling you people anything you don't know. you know there are constant assaults on the existence of this program. there are constant serious political efforts made to terminate this program and all of talk radio. megyn: my next guest has a lot to say on the matter. michael reagan's book "the new
2:18 pm
reagan revolution" comes out today. an' the chairman of the reagan group. >> good to be with you live. megyn: so now let me say this. clyburn is pushing for a return of the so-called fairness doctrine that would consider balance. if you had rush limbaugh you would need an air america type there. they tried that and failed. but that's the notion behind the doctrine clyburn and others are pushing it doesn't seem like there is real support in washington so why do they keep bringing it up? >> there wasn't support for healthcare reform either. but it made it through. they have been fighting for a long time to stop fox, rush limbaugh, mark levin and glenn beck because people listen to their shows and learn from their shows. they want to affix blame
2:19 pm
somewhere for what happened in arizona a week ago. megyn: clyburn is tying it to that. >> the fact is when my father was shot, all kinds of secret service agents around. but man got through because you can't protect against a crazy. if this guy shot this congresswoman and all the others crazy, he didn't listen to radio. megyn: all this friend and family support that. >> they are trying to find an excuse to shut down those people. megyn: why is that? obviously rush is a hugely powerful and popular radio host as are so many other conservative talk show hosts. still the democrats won the wythe house and they won both houses of congress a couple years ago. but even with these forces out there speaking and influencing people every day, the democrats still made huge political
2:20 pm
headway. >> they think they can get all of their agenda through wing the healthcare debate, everything if there aren't people out there riling up and telling grass roots americans -- washington is about the he athletes. and talk raid ohio is about grassroots. that's where ronald reagan lived. during those years when he was not running for president between '76 and '80. what was he doing snow was doing radio. megyn: he was? >> radio commentary every single tie. five minutes every day, that many what he was doing. that's the way he could communicate with the masses of people in america. they didn't like the fact that ronald reagan was doing that. they are giving people the other side of the equation. they don't want people to have the other side. megyn: we have seen so much about free speech in the wake of this tucson tragedy which is a mental health story.
2:21 pm
though there is a new cnn poll that says 48% of americans believe political rhetoric had something some do with it. that's surprising because none of the evidence supports that. nonetheless, you have got louise slaughter who said she'll look into what the fcc can do, and representative bob reid who came on this program and said i will introduce a bill ban can the use of symbols or any image threatening a federal lawmaker. he doesn't like the sarah palin symbol thing. the point is they are trying to crack down on free speech. do they have any point? >> they have no point at all. they are trying to create a problem that does not exist in the america we live in. look at the sarah palin situation. it took them coming after sarah palin for somebody to bring up, wait a minute, didn't you do that in 2004? didn't you have targets?
2:22 pm
megyn: the democratic council did. >> they want to limit conservative speech, not liberal speech. megyn: when they did have air aa today, it didn't succeed. >> liberals never learn to laugh. megyn: they may be laughing right now. all right, michael, thank you. good luck with the book. a fox news alert. police are desperately searching for this gunman who shot three students at this high school in l.a. trace gallagher from our breaking news desk right after this break.
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
megyn: fox news alert out of california now where we are
2:26 pm
following this breaking news on a school shooting. ing * is live with the breaking details on what we understand are how many victims? >> reporter: we know there are three students who have been shot. this is confirmed about it gar deana police. this is ga gardena high school. this is four or five miles east of the ocean. we know so far the school is on lockdown. surrounding areas are on lockdown because the suspect has not been captured. we are told the suspect was a student. this by the way live aerials from our fox affiliate kttv. this is a major police presence. the suspect described as a black student wearing all black who walked in, opened fire, shooting three students. that suspect has not been
2:27 pm
captured. that's why there is such a massive police presence. if you go wider you can see the entire skiles on lockdown. they also locked down the streets around the school because quite frankly they don't know where the gunman is. you have got the students inside the schools still there. what we don't know is where in the school this happened it's a very long high school here in los angeles, gardena is its own city in los angeles county. 3,100 students at gardena high school, largely black and hispanic student population. the suspect described as a black male student wearing all black. three shot -- three shot. one was brought out on a stretcher. other two we have not heard. megyn: they have not vac waited the building. they placed it on lockdown. those students are now following a drill that unfortunately too
2:28 pm
many students have to go through in schools these days which is locking the classroom doors. seeking shelter, staying away from the windows and doors and waiting for further instructions. >> reporter: that is correct. this skiles on lockdown. no students can come in and no students can come out. the surrounding streets have been placed on lockdown. the traffic around this high school is also not moving at this time because they are searching air. the helicopter was up. we are back live pictures now. you can see the s.w.a.t. teams coming out with their guns drawn. megyn: they don't know where the suspect is? >> reporter: they do not know where the suspect is at this point in time. this i our information from the gardena police who say the suspect fled the scene. all the information they are giving us is they believe the suspect took off. they don't know how, they don't know where, which is yuck see
2:29 pm
them going every corner now with their guns. you have got some people coming around the other side it's hard to get a big picture but you have got pretty much the entire perimeter of the school is surrounded by law enforcement. you have god gardenia police as g you have got gardena police. you see police presence every why, they are looking for this shooter while the skiles on lockdown. megyn: according to local reports it's a sole gunman 4-15 years old. they know -- 14-15 years old. according to one local report, the police have his gun or at least a gun that was used by him. but concern is does he have another, and where is he, and whats is he intend to go do with
2:30 pm
it. trace, continue to work that for us and we'll check back in as soon as you have new information. thanks. that's disturbing video. a teenager trying to go to school to get an education and leaves the building on a stretcher. we don't know the about the other two victims. a teenager was shot and killed by an american border agent. the feds say the was self-defense, the teen's family says it was murder. the tape and the debate in "kelly's court." screen left, a tribute to some of our bravest americans. screen right. same memorial with tim spaces where three plaques once stood. a heartbreaking slap in the face to a group of vietnam vets. >> somebody just decimated our
2:31 pm
memorial. this is a symbol of what is happening in the world today. [ male announcer ] gout's root cause is high uric acid.
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2:34 pm
megyn: fox news alert. we are following breaking news in california where there has been a shooting outside of a school just outside of l.a. authorities are searching for the gunman. >> reporter: you are seeing the helicopter shots. the reason the helicopter shots
2:35 pm
are going all overt place is they don't know where the gunman is either. we have just been told by the gardena police they believe the gunman may still be on campus. the school is on lockdown. there is an elementary school of christian elementary school directly across from gardena high school which is also on lockdown. they are going to keep the students in the class. then they plan to go from class to class and get all the students off campus first, then maybe go back in and continue searching for this gunman. if there is any good news in this, it may not be the end because we don't know how many weapons. but they reportedly found one weapon. he may have more. this shooter is reportedly a student, a black student who was wearing all black and went into the school and oned fire. we know that three students were shot. at least one of them was taken out on a stretcher. we don't know the condition of
2:36 pm
any of these students. we don't know the caliber of the weapon and we don't know where this shooting happened. the school, the elementary school and the surround areas have been placed on lockdown. as we get on this shooting we'll bring it to you. megyn: you can imagine what those parents and the students are going through right now as their children remain in the school that's on lockdown with the shooter on the loose. thank you, trace. not long until the chinese president arrivals in the united states and meets with our president. washington has a long list of demands for china when this happens. but beijing may be in a position to turn a deaf ear. the last time the president hu jintao visited the white house.
2:37 pm
china held $321 billion in u.s. debt. now they hold $907 billion in u.s. debt. an increase of 182% in five years. who holds the upper hand in this negotiation. kt macfarland is the former assistant deputy of defense. >> you can't pick a fight with your banker. not only do we owe them a trillion dollars. but every year, every dollar we spend, 50 cents of our dollar is borrowed. the largest lendser is china. not only do we owe them a lot of money, we'll owe them more money going forward. megyn: what do we have to talk to them about. what are we asking for other than please keep lands and don't jack up our interest rate. >> that's why we are seeing more
2:38 pm
aggression out of china. a military buildup, air, land and sea. jennifer griffin talked about that. the majority of our spending is personnel cost. china doesn't have that problem. they aren't paying their army what we are paying ours. secondly they are acting aggressively towards their neighbors. for japan, they pick fights all around the area. declared they should have a 200 mile security zone around the chinese border. you saw the chinese president says the day of the doll airs over. they are look at the chinese currency, the yuan. megyn: does he have a point? >> until the u.s. gets its house in order and pay down the debt we won't be calling the shots. megyn: he took flack for bowing
2:39 pm
down to the chinese president and contrast that with the dalai lama being forced outside of a door in front of all the garba garbage. president bush would not hold a state department dinner for the chinese president because of their human rights record. we are rolling out the red carpet. we are having this washington, d.c. affair tomorrow tonight. is that a reality of the times, they are our biggest creditor and we better make them happy? >> we shouldment expect much out of them. buff you want to know what the other guy is thinking. this is the single most important relationship in the world right now. but until the united states gets its mojo back and until we get our spends spg under control and borrowing under control. until we encourage businesses to come back to the united states because we have a favorable
2:40 pm
corporal tax rate. then we are going to watch a slow decline in the united states. the chinese conclude our best days are behind us and they are on the rise. until we get our mojo back and figure out those problems and solve them -- megyn: we better make nice with our big lender. to that end -- >> [speaking chinese] megyn: very impressive. the family of this mexican teenager claims he was murdered in cold blood by an american border patrol agent. the feds say that agent was protecting himself. what an amateur video shows and what the victim's family is demanding from washington after this break on "kelly's court." a.
2:41 pm
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket, suing uncle sam for the death after mexican teen on the bored. the family of 15-year-old sergio hernandez filing a suit again the united states with the help an american attorney. they are seeking $25 million in come pen sanction for the loss of -- compensation for the lost of sergio's life. attorneys claim the boy was playing near the el paso border when the officer approached and opened fire. here you seat border patrol -- here you see the border patrol agent. the border patrol claims he was defending himself against a group of rock-throwing thugs. can this lawsuit survive?
2:45 pm
so i want to tell our viewers the video does not appear to show anyone throwing rocks at the agent. now, that doesn't mean that we have the entire incident caught on camera. but the video -- joey, is it dispositive in the case? >> there are always circumstances that exist prior to the video that we don't get to see. there is a lot more than meets the eye. but i'm horrified by this. customs agents protect us. in general they try to do a fantastic job. this one individual, there is a lot of questions that need to be answered. you are dealing with a child. that's the first and foremost concern. you are talking about an unarmed child who is allegedly throwing rocks. if you look at the regulations, it talks about are you in immediate or in fear for your
2:46 pm
life or grievous injury such that you would have to respond to this. the second thing about the regulation is it talks about using the most minimal force necessary and escalate it accordingly until you get things under control. this incident does not look good at all. megyn: if this teenager though he was a boy, obviously around minor under 18. if he was throwing rocks at the officer, these aren't law enforcement officers, they are not trained in terms of self-defense, but they have to defend themselves. is itself-defense? >> that's the big issue. the. this is a large group of individuals. for him to make a distinction, this is a minor. that's not what we are talking about. all of these individuals look like adults as far as he could tell. and they were throwing rocks. his immediate reaction would be i have to defend myself. we only see two agents in this
2:47 pm
videotape. but those two agents -- there was a group larger than five, six, seven, eight. these are split-second decisions these border agents make. megyn: i want to show this video again of the officer dragging a second suspect, not the kid who wound up dead. and here he is shooting. he says the fbi lied about this case. the fbi said the agent who had the second subject detained on the ground gave verbal command to the remaining suspects to stop and retreat. but the suspects vowndsed the agenten continue -- suspects surrounded the agent and continued to throw rocks at him. they say that is an out and outly and a coverup as shown by this videotape. are they right? >> part of it is.
2:48 pm
we don't know how long this incident was. we don't know what took place right before and right after it's an isolated tape-recording of what occurred. the agent will say that's not all that occurred. megyn: you can't see the subject surrounding the agenten throwing rocks at him as he puts the subject on the ground as the fbi statement suggests. >> it looks like there is another individual on the ground. there is one in his hand. he's still -- he's still in fear for him self. i can't see the other individual. megyn: it's a grainy tape. the customs and border patrol says the officers may use deadly force if they believe that someone has the opportunity and the intent to cause death or grievous bodily harm to them.
2:49 pm
>> we don't have to see more of the videotape. it completely contradicts the statement being made here. under no circumstance do you see anybody surrounding this officer such as they pose an imminent threat. megyn: they could be out of the shot of the camera. >> they could be. but is the person who he shot who is 20-4 oh fee- -- 20-40 fe? this is a gross overreaction. megyn: his story is he was outnumbered. and this kid had gone and hidden underneath the bridge and that's why we can't see him. the teen according to reports has an extensive criminal history. four arrests on suspicion of smuggling illegal immigrants. >> irrespective of what your prior con dictyourprior conductg
2:50 pm
a rock at you, does that make you tier for your life. >> , 15, 16, 17 can be tried as adults. megyn: it's rocks. not knives or bullets. >> they say rocks could be considered a dangerous instrument being held and hurled against the agents. last year alone there were a quarter million illegals crossing that border. these individuals -- megyn: you get hit in the head by a rock and you are armed, you are very much in dane ever. if the facts show the teen was throwing rocks at the agent he act in self-defense.
2:51 pm
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2:54 pm
megyn: a fox news alert. we are following breaking news of a shooting at a school outside of los angeles. three students were reportedly shot. the shooter was at large moments ago. and then this. trace, what are we seeing? >> reporter: you are seeing the student being escorted away. he was arrested right there. these are back to live pictures. that student apparently was on the grounds moment ago. they handcuffed him and brought him how the. they were look for a black male student who was dressed in black. threw see him right there. that fits the description of the person they have on the ground. you can see from the live pictures they are streaming the students out now. all the students -- we have seen this going back to columbine. all the students couple with
2:55 pm
their hands up because they are unclear if the gunman changed clothes and is mixed in among the students. the students are being let out. we are getting conflicting information. the spokesman for l.a. unified schools is saying this was an accidental shooting. that a student brought a weapon in a backpack. dropped the backpack and the gun went off. some authorities are sceptical about that because three students were shot and two of them have been taken to a local hospital. their condition is unknown. a third student apparently is on campus or has been taken. we haven't heard about that yet. the suspect is in custody and they are leading all the students off campus. the school and the elementary school across the road remain on lockdown. we have a weapon in custody. we have one student in custody. and now the students are beginning to call their parents.
2:56 pm
from our internet affiliate kabc, one of the parents said her daughter told her one of these students was shot in the face. that student's condition is unclear. we are talking about two male students and one female student who were shot. we are working with out conflicting information of the accidental shooting. but the authorities casting doubt on that because three people were shot. that's the latest. megyn: wheres is that information coming from that it may have been accidental? >> reporter: from the spokesperson, the district spokesperson for the l.a. unified school district. this is gardena. megyn: he's saying that's what the shooter has allegedly claimed in the last few moments? >> reporter: he's not saying anybody is alleging it. he said a student brought a gun to school in a backpack.
2:57 pm
and the gun apparently went off when the student dropped that backpack. differing accounts from what the authorities are telling us from what the district spokesperson is telling us. one student is in custody. megyn: more in a moment. thank you. [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man.
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