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  Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 18, 2011 4:01pm-4:13pm EST

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welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. don't believe me, maybe you would believe "the donald," who says we should call the shots. tonight it is time we act like it, donald trump on the phone right now. good to have you. what do you make, as we watch the delegation get ready with vice president biden and others to greet the chinese president, we go hat in hand because quite literally, we owe them a lot of money. >>guest: china is in such trouble without us, we are rebuilding china and we have the power and we are rapidly losing that power because they will take things over, but we are the ones with the power because they make our products, they are rebuilting their cities with the money we have and the jobs they have, and it is an absolute outrage and the president of china comes here and we greet
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him and obama will drop to his knees and kiss his hand and i don't get it. >>neil: the president will not drop to his knees. >>guest: we will see what happens. >>neil: this is a familiar show. you thing we are always feel be beholden to the chinese and we hold the chips. what are they? >>guest: they are manipulating the currency so it is hard for us to compete with the currency and i know because the products i order unfortunately come from china because our companies cannot compete in terms of glass and many other products. they cannot compete with what china is doing. by the way, now they are trying to take the airline industry away and the ail manufacturing industry, wait until you see what happens to boeing over the next five or six years. that is happening now. what i am saying is this: they have totally taken advantage of this country and instead of having fancy dinners for the president of china, i think our president should it is down and
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really have a heart-to-heart talk because we are in big trouble if this country keeps dealing not only with china but with opec and others the way they are dealing. >>neil: you have stated an earful open opec in the past. >>guest: my predictions are happening. >>neil: on china, the fact that they have pulled back some of their ownership of our treasury notes and bonds in the latest period, at least today, seems to rattle folks in washington, what if they pull become more? how would you, if you were president, and a lot of people have been urging you to run for president, how would you deal with that if china suddenly says if you give us grove we -- grief we pull out more. >>guest: the chinese do not respect us or our leaders and they cannot believe what they are getting away with. what we should do is tax their product. they are making hundreds of
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millions a career on us. we should tax their products immediately. teach all of the thing they are doing including the manipulation, we should tax their products and they can be our banger because they will pay off the so-called loans so quickly your head will spin but what will happen as soon as we do tax their products, they will come and it will be the opposite. as, you don't like the expression "they will drop to their knees when they see our president." but we don't have the right people talking to the chinese or others and we do not have the right representatives or the right leaders, and we cannot is the right business people, talking to their leaders. they do not respect us. >>neil: what if we did the donald trump thing told them, this is how we are playing the gym. we are going to get tough with you. they start pulling securities out and i would imagine a president trump would then urge americans to buy less from china.
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>>guest: absolutely. >>neil: then what? >>guest: i urge that anyway. this isn't free trade. this is, if you try and do business, i could tell you a great steel company, you ask the gentleman that is running new core, is it possible to do business in china and he will say it is impossible the we cannot do business in china. they do business with us and we can't, i have had chinese pans and i will tell you right now, very difficult. they want the knowledge all the time and unless we have the right people to deal with them, you have yourself a big problem in this country. and we don't have the right people as of this moment that are dealing with the chinese. >>neil: do you deal with china at all? >>guest: frankly, i would have told the chinese not to come for this wonderful state visit where they will outsmart our people again and i would say don't come until they stop with the manipulation, until they raise the value of their currency so our companies can compete.
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how can we solve our unemployment problem, and we have a big one, and it will last as you know, bernanke said the other day, five or six more years but i disagree i think it will be longer, because china and other countries are taking all of our jobs. so, we have to be much different than our attitude and, frankly, we need fair trade. not free trade, fair trade. it is not fair. if you have a company that wants to do business, general electric had to give up their technology to do business in china. okay? if you don't deal with these people strongly, right down the middle, and with great strength, they will take over this country which is bassy what they are looking to do. they are not our friends, neil. >>neil: this is andrews air force base, the chinese president hu has arrived and they are rolling out the red carpet in the red. >>guest: i don't have a
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television let me know if our president drops to his knees. >>neil: the vice president is there and you can do this with your president but right now we have a bit of equity and joe biden will be greeting president hu and he will bring with him, donald, his country's equivalent of commerce secretary and some of their biggest hedge fund investors and they will announce a lot of deals with president obama because they have a lot of cash to spend, a lot of green energy progresses and that sort of thing and so maybe this approach we are taking is working. >>guest: it is not working. it is not working. and the deals they are making are small deals and it is just a front and they are probably not good deals for us, anyway, but they are very small deals and it is just a symbol so they can continue to rip-off the united states. >>neil: you spoke about this as long as i known you being blunt with those who we say tend
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to pussy foot around with us, opec or china, if you ran for china is this your big issue? >>guest: one of the big issues i would be able to lower taxes. i would tax the chinese. i would do things to opec. opec would not exist if not for us because we protect these countries. we protect them. south korea would not exist if not for us. and, yet, we sign a trade agreement that is so bad a alcohol would -- a child would laugh at it. and it is absolutely insane what our leaders are giving away to other countries. absolutely insane. >>neil: do you think or openings are limited because of how much money we owe? in other words, we are in deep. and as a result we are in deep to these guys? >>guest: we get deeper and deeper and we get weaker and weaker and something has to happen now. we don't have the luxury of waiting years. something has to happen now.
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why did we send an entire fleet including one of the largest aircraft carriers of the world to forth korea to protect south korea without them paying us? why aren't they paying us? they make hundreds of billions a year on us and we just send our fleet over there to protect themst for what reason? why are we protecting them? let them pay for protection. >>neil: so, who gets, president hu gets off the lane, and say you were the president and someone was your vice president and you were there to greet him what is the first thing you would do if you greeted him? >>guest: bring him to my office and start negotiating i would not wore about state dinners. the state dinner is just frankly a waste of time and effort and i would bring him to my office and we efficient. and if he doesn't want to negotiate in good faith, i respectfully say, that's it,
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it's your disney world if you want to stay that long. >>neil: that should go over well. is it your sense, though, that the market turn around we have been seeing and the economic turn around, owes in part to improving relations with china and that china is buying more, having, expressing more confidence in us, and maybe it is working and you are just not seeing it? >>guest: we have hundreds of billions of deficits with china and we are not making money with china. we have hundreds of billions and it is not the other way around. i would love it to be the or way and if we were making $700 billion a year on china, great, but we are losing hundreds of millions. sure, we do some business with china but most companies cannot get in. and i recommend you call a highly respected steel company, the largest steel company.
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>>neil: do you want to text the giant and say we are not putting up with this? >>guest: no one understands it we have all the cards because we buy so much from china that if we have a a suggestion we will veto strict what we buy or we will tax it which will in a way restrict it, they will come to the table so fast that your head will spin they are so afraid of us not being able to do business. their whole would clap. collapse. if we do not buy from china, their economy will collapse. >>neil: but we go running to the plane. >>guest: amazing phenomena and i deal with many chinese, not don't i sell many apartments to people from china, including one for $33 million, and if i were them i would be trying to do the same thing. they say they cannot believe,
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and they did not know i would think about the presidential thing, they do not believe the stupidity of our leaders and what they can get away with. >>neil: you think that they are thinking we are a joke? >>guest: i don't think it. i know it. >>neil: but, then, again, if they are getting rich doing so, who will buy your fancy apartments? >>guest: i have bigger things on my plate i must tell you. >>neil: you are going to run for president. >>guest: let's see what happens, i will let you know prior to june but i will tell you this, had country, if i do, and if i win, this country will be respected again. we are not respected. we are loved at by the world. >>neil: here is what you have to do, let people know where you stand. i have no idea. >>guest: i will try. you have known where i have stood for a long time and everything i said about opec has turned out to be true and oil is now close to $100 a barrel and
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it will keep going up and it will destroy this economy if we allow that to happen. >>neil: thank you, donald. i will switch gears with my