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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 18, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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look it up, it is a great word. thanks for watching tonight. please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: here with we go. >> the united states -- will be great again. >> huge speeches by donald trump and sarah palin electric by the conservative base and the tea party. ann coulter reacts. >> s&p delivers more bad news for the economy and the anointed one. >> devastating tornadoes rip through the southeast. we have the shocking video.
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>> plus, he was the man at the start of the acorn scandals. andrew breitbart is here with a new book. hannity starts right here, right now. the biggest names of the republican party were out in full force this weekend as fey party supporters flocked to protests around the country. potential candidates trump and palin were among those who headlined events saturday in madison, wisconsin palin delivered a speech in which she took on president obama, organized labor and more. let's take a look. >> i'm in madison today because there is -- this is where real courage and real integrity can be found. courage is your no and legislator standing strong in the face of death threats and thug tactics. the tea party movements wouldn't exist without barack obama. candidate obama didn't have a
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record. while he was in office. but president obama certainly has a record. and that's why we're here. hey media, it is not inciting violence and it's not hateful rhetoric to call someone out on their record. so that's what we're gonna do! >> sean: the other speech that has everyone talking was delivered by donald trump. he addressed a crowd of thousands in florida. >> we have to take our country back! we need people that win. we don't need people that lose all the time, right? i never lived my life with a view toward running for office. so when bad things are said about me, and i'm sure they will be said, you have to remember i'm a successful businessman and not a politician. thank goodness. the united states will be great again.
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thank you all very much, thank you. >> sean: joining me with analysis is ann coulter. she is tonight unveiling her new book right here exclusively on hannity it is called "demonic" this book will hit shelves in june. coulter, we often wonder what is going to cause the controversy in your new book. maybe we can start with the title? >> i can tell you it will explain things about liberals you ever never understood before. i have nailed them. >> sean: all right. we'll live it to people's imagination. you will give your first interview on the book on this program, we look forward to. >> yes, me too. >> sean: first, i thought sarah palin was on fire. she is going to be here tomorrow night. what do you think of the speeches that were given by governor palin and by donald trump, i think there's
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something -- i think those that are fighting back right now are enjoying a lot of support from people. i think for example, the republicans in congress kind of giving up on the 62 trillion, people not as enthusiastic. do you think this is a good strategy here? >> yes. sarah palin made a great point in that clip you played. part of what made obama so attractive to the democrats was that he was a 14-year-old without a record. all their other candidates we they ran for president kept being nailed on things they had done, they had records. clinton with the bimbo erupt shuns, kerry throwing his medals and that whole vietnam war vets against the war. they've had records. she is right. now he has a record. and americans tend to not like democrats who have records, because they do stupid things that democrats do. so, it does strike you looking at the field.
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although, i think you and i will play back some of these conversations we have now about the republican candidates after the last republican debate and laugh about how three quarters of the potential candidates we were talking about aren't up on the stage at that point. it is way early to be making predictions. >> sean: i agree. >> but any of them, and i'm including donald trump, would be better than the current occupant of the oval office. >> sean: this is one of the great things that is emerging. this is really not early in the process. we are kind of on track where i think we ought to be. all the candidates would drill. we would lower dependency on foreign oil. they would cut taxes, they would cut spending. what we have here, they would support our friend israel, they wouldn't give miranda right warnings to enemy combatants. it seems we are going to have a choice election like this country has not had since carter and reagan. i think it is good for the
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country. your reaction? >> i agree. one thing that worries me is something that could happen like happened last time is we run a flawed candidate. remember, george soros was supporting john mccain who is he supporting this time? i can't believe in can't be changed, these republican primaries that allow democrats to vote in their primaries. democrats are sneaky and deceptive enough even we they have a candidates running and primary elections. the odds are, although early, and jimmy carter didn't have a primary opponent. obama will probably not have a primary opponent. which means democrats can dedicate all their time toás screwing up republican primaries. it ought to be stopped. >> sean: gas prices going through the roof, hitting $5 in hawaii, $4 in six other
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states. deficit still exists. he now has a record, as you point out. hope and change, reading a teleprompter, yes we can. slogans aren't going to cut it this time. he has to deal with his debt and deficient did it, weak and timid foreign policy. i think it becomes extraordinary more difficult for him, just based on the fact that he has to run on his record, right? >> right. it is worse than a weak and ineffective foreign policy. it is taking us into all of these utterly pointless, extremely expensive wars. neverending wars, with no end in sight. what are we doing in afghanistan? to quote liberals on the iraq war, at does victory look like in afghanistan? liberals kept haranguing us about taking out saddam hussein and establishing a democracy if that god forsake end area of the world. saddam didn't hit oust on 9/11.
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did gadhafi hit us on 9/11. spreading the military across the globe because we are rolling in so much extra money now. >> sean: you prepared for the onslaught, i'm sure the title, demonic, how the liberal mob is endangering america which you just announced tonight is the title of your book. are you ready for the ann coulter ter's evil express coming out of the woodwork attack you? -- >> i will be sending you an advance copy. i so you can try to -- so you can try to guess what is going to upset our darling liberals the most. >> sean: this is an ongoing tradition as we've had ann coulter on for many of her books. thanks for being with us. >> more economic woes for the obama white house. the leading credit rate ago genesse voices a grim out for the u.s. economy -- tomorrow sarah palin will be here. you don't want to miss that, much more coming up.
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>> sean: today's tax day as americans make sure to mail all of their information to the irs they are facing more dire economic news. not only is the white house having a hard time selling president obama's deficit reduction plan. now standard & poor's is lowering its long term outlook for america's sovereign debt from stable to negative. the agency has little hope lawmakers will agree on a plan
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to reduce the deficit before the 2012 election. not surprising the white house is trying to spin this blistering news. >> the s&p an firmed the triple a bond rating of the united states but emphasized the importance of timely bipartisan cooperation. the same emphasis the president made when he gave his speech last wednesday. as for its political analysis we believe that the prospects are better, we think that the political process will out perform s&p expectations. the president is committed, as he made clear in his speech wednesday, to moving forward in a bipartisan way to reach common ground on this important issue of fiscal reform. >> sean: joining me with reaction the author of the number one "new york times" best selling book the fair tax, my good friend neil boortz.
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they say this reduction if they did this, meaning there is a 33% chance that they will downgrade this country's long term credit rating. they say the reason is the very large budget deficits and rising government indeed debtedness for the reason. >> didn't you love him saying the political will out perform the private expectations? look, was if your credit number, whatever that thing is, if it goes down and you go out to buy a car? the interest rate is gonna go up. you aring about to a a lot more for the car. if your credit rating -- rating goes down as s&p suggests it might. we are going to pay more for everything. interest already eats up a huge part of our annual budget. can you imagine how much more that will be? it is going to drive us further into indebtedness in the deficit, the news is bad,
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we need to get a grip on it right now. >> sean: in two hours and 45 minutes on the east coast, people have to file their tax. people right now, hopefully they are watching trying to figure out this incredible tax code. it is amazing that you wrote a book for weeks and weeks was a number one best seller that is about taxes. on the surface -- you said we you wrote it, you think this will go anywhere? number one on "the new york times." you would eliminate the irs. get rid of the income tax, explain it. >> just to give you the reader's digest version. it gets rid of all personal, corporate and business taxes payable to the federal government, all. payroll taxes included, death tax included. it replaces them with a consumption tax. it protects every family. nobody pays any of this until they've taken care of the basic necessities of life for their family. price of consumer goods do not
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go up. if you sign up for a job and they say we are going to pay you $2,000, a week, you get $2,000 a week. if you spend it, you are taxed on it. if you save it, you're not. the question boils down to this: which would you rather do pay 23% of everything you spend or 25 or more percent of everything that you earn? >> sean: this was the front page of u.s.a. today, feds pounce on tax evaders prosecutions up 25% from 2001. this would eliminate the irs. so people say in is great. what would the percentage be? if you buy a car, you pay 20% more? >> you won't pay any more. there's an embedded tack in the price of an automobile right now. it is running about 25, 26% in automobiles. it is the total tax burden of everybody involved with bringing that car to the show room. that disappears un-- under the fair tax.
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it is replaced -- >> sean: how is this revenue neutral for the government? >> when they research they scored it, when they researched the fair tax they scored it this is what the revenue would -- the government is getting now, this is the size of our economy. here's what the the sales tax would have to match this ref the thing to remember s everything you buy has an embedded tax it in. those taxes disappear. they are replaced by the fair tax. you don't pay any more for consumer goods under the fair tax than you do now. >> sean: as we listen to the president, the president now has a record. last week he said that old people, kids with autism, down syndrome would be fending for themselves. the week before we had louise slaughter suggesting that republicans want to kill women. we had other incendiary remarks from nancy pelosi, the six million seniors won't have meals.
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harry reid suggesting women won't get mammograms. it seems to be the plan they are laying out for 2012. will class warfare work? >> i hope not. it has for all of human history. >> sean: 47% of americans will not pay any federal income taxes. >> but they will still pay payroll taxes, a lot of them. when you engage in hysterical rhetoric like that it means you don't have a plan. one thing to remember about barack obama, he's on record about we need tax increases, whether or not it is going to bring extra revenue to the federal government, because it's about fairness. it is just not right that those people are making that money, it must be taken. >> sean: it is your patriotic duty joe biden said. >> i wonder how much he's going to pay? >> sean: he still is a cheapskate when it comes to charity. >> and he can't stay awake either. i loved it. >> sean: they are going to lay
9:19 pm
all this fear-mongering out. when you have 47% of americans that don't pay any federal income tax when 1% pays -- they get chubbed saying you are not generous enough. >> that's -- that's the polls they run, 43% say they are paying the right a.m.. they are not paying any. duh! but it is time -- >> sean: win. >> maybe they would like better jobs. maybe they would like to have a better life for their children than they had. maybe they better start thinking about getting economic growth in the private sector back and not so much about some left wingers you toe pick dreams of wealth see -- utopic dreams of the wealth. we are not tools for the government to redistribute wealth and make some sort of
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egalitarian society. >> sean: it is not a surprise the book became number one on "the new york times." >> they can find out everything they want to know. >> sean: deadly tornadoes ravage the tar heel state. details from our own jonathan serrie. this friday 9 p.m. tune in for a special edition of hannity, behind the bias, a history of liberal media. we are going to examine why the obama mainstream media has gone so far left, right here on fox news. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. -my car did. -thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class.
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>> sean: devastating news out of nation's southeast. after severe storms and deadly tornadoes savaged the region killing at least 45 people. the national weather service received 250 tornado reports between thursday and saturday. twisters touched down in 12 states. north carolina was the hardest hit with 22 dead, at least 130 homes destroyedzlj and more than 700 damaged. joining me with the latest on all the damage and the relief and recovery efforts that are just beginning is our own jonathan serrie standing by in north carolina tonight.
9:25 pm
>> reporter: good evening. the recovery has begun off in the distance you can see residents returning to what remains of their homes, trying to salvage what they can. utility trucks restringing electrical lines that were downed during the tornado. the does is amazing and will likely take years -- the destruction is amazing and will likely take years to repair and yet it only took seconds for this to happen. video shot as the tornado moved by his residence. he saw the twister was headed towards his aunt's house who saw the tornado. warned her husband. after the husband snapped the picture the two sought shelter underneath their stairs. fortunately, they are okay and their home only suffered minor damage. the house across the street was leveled. police burkett's childhood friend inside with two other people -- were killed in that home.
9:26 pm
there's also an amazing story of survival by chance. this isj÷ the home of ray and ethel. ordinarily they would have were sitting before the tornado hit. ethel was having stomach problems asked her husband to take her to the emergency room. he took her to the hospital, while she was getting checked out that's when the tornado gutted the house. when neighbors didn't see them they called him on his okay. he said yeah. the neighbors say you don't have a home to come home to. they are being philosophical. they are happy to be alive and they believe if they had been inside this structure when the tornado hit, they wouldn't be around to tell the story. >> sean: thanks jonathan. as we watch the footage caught on tape tape -- video roofs ripping off hopes.
9:27 pm
here now with her take is fox news meteorologist maria molina is with us. you watch 250 -- 252 in areas that are not normally phone for tornadoes, what happened? >> they do get tornados in north carolina and south carolina. but typically known area tornado alley texas, oklahoma, kansas typically when we 10 to see the outbreaks during the month of april. however, there were a lot of ingredients in place for this this outbreak. we had a jet stream. a lot of moist air ahead of our cold front that cold front was powerful. behind it cold and dry air. both air masses clashed. >> sean: we watch this video and it raises the question, i know there are people that spend their lives chasing these tornadoes. what causes this? how does this happen with such
9:28 pm
veracity, such force? -- ferocity, such force? >> you will have your thunderstorms, a lot of warm, moist, unstable air so that rises. you also have a lot of wind shear. what you have at the surface is winds out of the south, southeast and that jet stream pushing winds out of the west or southwest that creates a twisting motion. you start to see a lot of rotation within those thunderstorms and funnel clouds start to come out, once they hit the ground that's when you are looking at images like the ones we are seeing with homes leveled. actually, we are starting to get confirmations on some of those twisters through north carolina, two ef-3, in come par stone to a hurricane a category 4, 5 hurricane. considerable damage. >> sean: we've made incredible strides. we can predict tsunamis now.
9:29 pm
after the quake in japan, there was an immediate tsunami warning. we can track hurricanes as they are coming. with pretty good prediction we can tell where they are going to hit landfall, when and where, within a reasonable margin we are successful. but we don't have a lot of time to warn people about tornadoes. is there something that maybe the conditions over time that people will be able to get warnings so we don't have to see this again? >> in this outbreak we did have some advance warning. there was a high risk issued saturday morning to north carolina, eastern parts of the state. there was also tornado watch, less than 3% of tornado watches are called this, it is a particularly dangerous situation we could see lodge track ef-4, 5 tornadoes that was issued that morning. tornado warning are pretty
9:30 pm
short in advance, but we through that was coming unfortunately these are the images. >> sean: thank you, we appreciate it. which we had better news for people there. >> he's behind some of the most controversial stories in politics today. andrew breitbart will be here with his new book. >> later speaking of controversial, all the details on the new lady gaga song that has some catholics very angry. that and much more. bob beckel on our great, great american panel, straight ahead. if you go out of your way to fly with an airline does that airline go out of it's way to reward you? well, it should. because loyalty is a two way street. and when one side gives the other has to give back. so every action is a reaction. every push is a pull. and every ounce of dedication by one party
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>> sean: over the last few years one man has been at the center of some of the biggest and most controversial stories in politics. his week sights have helped usher in a new era of conservative investigative journalism. his new book right indignation.
9:35 pm
>> we are going to take on education next go after the teachers and union organizers. >> sean: you want to really save the world? >> i do. it is not just me it is a citizen journalism revolution going on and i'm trying to be the pied piper. in the case of james o'keefe he took down acorn with $1400. the barrier of entry is negligible to have aim pack in this political environment. >> sean: it is a good story he walks into your office and says we are going to take down acorn you said it is bigger we are going to take down journalism. >> explain why o'keefe or rose or other heroes of the new media come to me in my basement, -- instead of going to katie couric, nbc or abc? they know what they are exposing is corruption that is left of center. they come to a guy in a basement.
9:36 pm
i say, we are going to expose that the media won't cover this story, because they're part of what i call the democrat media complex. the natural alliance of the democratic party, liberal politics in the mainstream media. >> sean: i used the term in 2008 media is dead many media died in 2008, it is true, right? >> yeah. >> sean: look at nbc, cbs, abc contemplating whether they want to keep their nightly newscast on now >> 20 years ago, rush limbaugh comes in the game and acts as checks and balance. drudge comes in 15 years ago and the blog sphere explodes. all we did was to ask them to correct their bias problem. >> sean: add fox to that. >> of course. as a result of that, when they wouldn't correct themselves, citizens in the form of the tea party, citizens in the form of hanna and james and people with video cameras going every saying if you are
9:37 pm
not going to correct the media we are going to. the mainstream media so upset it covers it as if we're the villain -- -- as if we're the villains. >> sean: i didn't know you were a radical hippie. >> i wasn't, a was a party boy. >> sean: you give details. there's a reason to your madness. you advise people that want to get in this fight, you better be ready to be smeared and you better tell your story yourself. >> huge problem with the conservative movement as i see it, most of the people have gone through the conservative movement and they don't realize there's so many people out there of value who are default cultural liberals. if you've graduated from a college. if you've watched mtv your entire life. if you have gone to the movies, you are a default cultural liberal and i was one.
9:38 pm
>> sean: great story. >> what i'm trying to show in the book is 50% of the people who consider themselves independent or liberal may actually be conservative and what i want to do is awaken them by showing them how i awakened and what you can do about at least neutralizeing the imbalance in the media. >> sean: if you are somebody like andrew breitbart and you are going to take on acorn with hanna and james if you are going to take on the media, the complex as you call it in the book. you go into specific details. you are telling people there are plenty openings if this is what you want to do. but be prepared for being demonized, beaten up, smeared, slandered and how to deal with it. i think you have become one of the most hated. >> i was fearful. i would go to bed at night thinking, i'm going on the bill maher show >> sean: i remember talking to you about this. >> you wake up in the middle of the night thinking what if
9:39 pm
i say the wrong thing? what if the audience boos me? what if bill maher smirks at me? i had the experience where bill maher smirked at me. the audience booed me the whole time. i was insinuated a racist by professor dyson. and a comedienne went on to my seat and said slimey. worst-case scenario. my family was in the green room and it with was a funeral. they said i'm so sorry that happened to you. i said you have no idea. i was liberating. >> sean: why? most people would do everything in their power to avoid that. >> that's why people relate to sarah palin. it is why they relate to ann coulter or michelle bachmann or a clarence thomas. somebody who has been attacked and shows that you can survive. that's why they tried to destroy, to demoralize others who would join the fight.
9:40 pm
>> sean: there's not a person i know -- you told a compelling story about the clarence thomas and how that motivated to you pursue this career. but it interesting to me, over the years, i have a friend from atlanta, we i left atlanta the atlanta journal constitution said, 1996 was a good year, the olympics came and hannity left. after you are called a nazi, racist, bigot and homephobe, at some point i don't care. you get immune. >> not only do you learn to be immune to it, you also find that people come out of the woodworks and say thank you for fighting and standing up for what is right. that is like manna from heaven. i live in hollywood where i used to cynically think that hollywood was -- >> sean: you used to handle out with laurie david and arianna huffington. >> we used to have an air kiss
9:41 pm
community. >> sean: you don't really kiss. >> just to the side like that. [ laughing ] >> i'm good at it. i lived in hollywood. this is one of the most important things. since i wrote a book called hollywood interrupted, i used to think hollywood was all liberal. because i speak up for culture, these people come out of woodworks. there are thousands of people in hollywood, actors, writers, directors, punk rockers, people with mohawks, hip-hop artists who are conservative looking for the moment in time they can come out of the closet and fight the battle with us. >> sean: great story and great advice for people who want to get in the . andrew breitbart, thank you. time to check in with the -- check in with the one and only -- >> greta: i can't believe you asked him to air kiss a football. >> sean: i wasn't going to have him air kissing me!
9:42 pm
>> greta: i'm just saying that's a first. >> sean: i thought it was well done. >> greta: that was one of the best air kisses of a football i've ever seen. >> sean: i'm thinking jon stewart will give that five minutes at least. >> greta: free promo. any way, our show a little confused now because we just got breaking news. we have neil cavuto, senator kirk, there's so much going on. and the breaking news is a little bit turning us upside down right now but we'll have it all organized. >> sean: our great, great american panel, next. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. former deputy assistant
9:47 pm
secretary of date bob beckel is here. fox news legal analyst and anchor kimberly guilfoyle is back. and former speechwriter for condoleeza rice, elise jordan is back with us. this is tax day all you liberals wake up and hit your service on the head and say i'm not paying enough. >> i'm so excited it is like christmas and easter and everything rolled into one. i'm particularly excited are going to be paying a lot. >> sean: prosecutions up 25% if people keith. stocks nosedive, standard & poor's says we are at risk of -- losing our triple a rating. you are happy about that. >> it is all obama's fault. that's what you were saying to say. barack obama is the greatest economic president since franklin roosevelt. >> where do you get this material from. >> sean: he does it to tick me off. >> he does.
9:48 pm
he's excited because of the taxes and money that is going to flow to entitlements and further cripple and bankrupt -- >> you worked in government the department of defense and you think that more money is what the government -- >> i worked in the white house where we our money frugallally. >> sean: she worked in the state department. >> i know she did. -- >> does anybody believe there is not waste in government? of course. >> sean: 47% of americans pay no taxes today, none, zero federal income tax. top 1% pay 40% of the bill now. >> because they make 80% of the money. >> sean: you don't look like elise. >> i'm sorry. >> sean: liberals say we are not paying new. >> i think more money is more potential to be wasted. i would like to see us use the tax dollars we get in an appropriate manner and not throw it away on a lot of pork. >> sean: this is the point kimberly.
9:49 pm
>> why should we reward them by paying more for them to be wasteful when they've shown a mismanagement, abrogation of leadership and -- abdication of leadership, agree upon anything what and pat themselves on the back by saying we've reduced spending and we are going to make significant cuts. if you look back at the last couple of years our spending has gotten so out of control we haven't ticked it off in terms of where we -- >> tell me one republican that has balanced a budget. i can tell you a democrat, clinton. not one republican. we didn't get 14 trillion out of barack obama, 11 million came from republicans. >> reporter: in 20 months he has accumulated more new debt than george bush in eight years. at some point you gotta say, when we only take in 2.2 trillion and obama spends 3. trillion, spending is a
9:50 pm
problem. if we confiscated people's wealth we can't pay for . >> if george bush had not cut tacks across the board or figure out how to pay for it. this guy inherited a surplus. and took it and ran it into a deficit, huge number. >> sean: he's out of office nearly three years, are you done? now can we talk about obama's debt and deficits. >> when you are facing a depression and decide to spend almost a trillion on a stimulus package that -- >> sean: it failed. >> where do you think we would be if we hadn't spent that money? >> sean: unemployment would be low 8%. >> i don't understand how the current for we are on is going to be saving money when this latest incursion in libya, which i think we are up to nearly a billion by in point. >> more wasteful spending. no return on our investment.
9:51 pm
complete confusion -- >> sean: hang on. >> we don't want a regime change. if you are giving your life you are saying the guy in charge does he know what he's doing? why are we giving all this money when we can take care of our home at home? >> you can say the same about iraq and afghanistan you support those ridiculous wars. >> it is mismanagement. >> why is obama still there? >> reelected in 2012 or be given more money -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: more with our -- i'll pay your fare if you promise not to come back. [ male announcer ] things seem 45% better
9:52 pm
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. let's go back to the speeches this weekend from donald trump. we'll start with governor palin. >> so our president isn't leading, he's punting on this debt crisis. the only future that barack obama is trying to win is his own reelection. he's willing to mortgage your children's future to ensure his own. and that is not the audacity of hope that's sin such.
9:56 pm
>> over the years, i -- i participated with people like this in many battles and have come out almost always as the victor. i have to say that. because, you know, i don't want to braggadocio , but you feed that kind of person it is me or somebody else. >> sean: anybody shah that is fighting, governor palin gave a great speech. i think the reason trump right now is resonating, highs punching, he's fighting and people are saying great, they love it. -- any republican candidate can learn they want fighters. >> you should contrast palin's speech versus trump's speech. palin that was the best speech she has given since the republican convention. she said is a pension is a promise made. she was taking on the union leadership not the union members. i thought for her it was a real attempt to unify the
9:57 pm
unions with the tea party and the starring of a process. trump keeps harping on this birther issue and lowering the level of the debate and i find him toxic to the republican pool. >> sean: i talked with him this week. i aired it the second fight because that's all the people ask him about. he says i don't want to talk about it any more but people keep asking so he gives an honest answer. i think it is deeper in terms of what he's saying. in fairness he wants to talk about other things too. >> he says that but he still keeps talking about it. >> sean: do you have your birth certificate, can we get it? >> probably. >> sean: can we get your birth certificate. does it go back as far as 1908? >> they didn't make them back then. can i say one thing about donald trump, i can't believe -- this shows you how bad the republican party situation is, that donald trump would lead the polls.
9:58 pm
he said i do with the black. i'm with the black. the blacks like me. this guy is an overrated developer whose old man gave him his money. he should be on the top -- [ talking over each other ] >> if your guy is so great and trump is so pathetic, why is obama only ahead of trump by 15 points? >> let us have -- please. i'll be the first one -- [ talking over each other ] >> i'm not concerned about where obama is polling versus trump. giuliani was at 50% at this time in the 2008 election cycle. trump lowering the level of debate talking about how he's wealthier than mitt romney, he's made money. >> that's his style. >> what is he adding to the debate? he's not -- >> sean: i think he's adding a
9:59 pm
lot. same?./r with governor palin. i think especially, conservatives were pinned with the deal made with obama i think they are looking for people to fight. i think it is more the spirit of what trump is doing versus anything else. i think they want people that will take on obama. challenge him on his liberal socialist i deals, his coward -- ideals, his cowardly foreign policy. >> that's why people respond to sarah palin, respond to with what donald trump has to say, do i think he's going to secure the nomination from the republican party? >> sean: i don't know if he's running. >> nevertheless, there's discourse, passion and enthusiasm. ripped off. americans want someone that has gravitas and legs to stand on -- >> i don't think trump has gravitas and legs to stand on. i think he's using this to promote his bran.


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