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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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not easy. but there's a learning experience. [ talking overach other ] >> my 4-year-old grandson i keep scorch >> sean: thanks for being with us. -- greta is next. >> greta: is it show-and-tell time? it is not the first grade but donald trump says he will show us something if president obama shows us his birth certificate. what will he show us? he spoke about that on "good morning america" in a heated exchange with george stephanopoulos. >> a certificate of live birth is not the same by any stretch of the imagine nation. -- imagination. george, let him show the birth certificate. certificate of live birth and a birth certificate are different. >> you sent investigators to hawaii and you said they cannot believe what they are finding. >> we'll see was george.
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>> what have they found? >> it is none of your business now. >> have they found anything? >> we are going to see was. >> what have they don't? >> we are going to see what happens? >> when? >> next question george. >> you said before june. >> i'm not like a normal guy who says i'm going to run for president. i give up a lot if i run. a thing like that, i also give up a lot of my free private life. i have a great company. i've done a great job, which if i run you will see what a great job because i will do a full disclosure of finances. >> including tax returns? >> maybe i'm gonna do the tax returns when obama does his birth certificate. >> right now donald is dazzling many in the polls. have you seen the poll numbers? because trump keeps hammering the birther issue or is the issue holding him back? let's ask rick klein.
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in all fairness to donald trump the media keeps asking him so we are 99.9% for caring this on. >> and he's playing and that's what this is about in large part. donald trump got into this to get his name out there and be part of the media buzz. >> greta: his name is always out there who xeno donald trump? >> a little extra publicity doesn't hurt. the way he's built this up, knowing on the season finale to have a press conference all tied into trump, inc and furthering that bran. >> greta: we asked. i confess, we keep asking. he throws the bombs out there. >> a lot of politicians get asked and there are other answers. the real issue facing the american people is x, y and z that's how you move beyond it that's how more serious candidates handle that. >> greta: everybody has been
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jumping him about it. bill o'reilly called trump and added governor palin and congresswoman bachmann they are attention-grabbing grenades. >> they are, it works. >> greta: we do that to them. >> it is always chicken and egg when you talk about media and politicians and who you focus on. clearly there is attention focused on donald trump, he's jazzing up a field that hasn't excited a lot of republicans. they continue to say they are dissatisfied with the field out there now. that's where he is drawing support from. [ unintelligible ] >> greta: he's winning in lot of these polls or some. that's not insignificant. it is early on. of course a rather colorful guy. nonetheless, he's setting some people on fire. >> one is the name recognition everyone in the world knows donald trump. the second he's speaking in a different tone in a different
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language talking about china, competitiveness saying we are going to get tough with foreign countries. answering something that people want out there the third is i think talking to the so call birthers and playing into some of the conspiracy theories that are out there if you are of that mind set that want to question the president's birth status you have someone listening donald trump. >> greta: do you think he's serious about running? >> i don't think he's a serious candidate. i don't think he's someone we should be treating as such. as you are seeing more serious interviews come out, his positions are going to have to get flushed out. talking about his business record, his flip-flops where he's been on social and fiscal issues. you are seeing a critical mass of conservatives, karl rove came out on your show as well as the club for growth talking in is not someone we should be
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taking seriously, sort of a sideshow. >> greta: i don't know donald trump well, i think the fact that people are doing this is going to make him more determined. i think it is going to encourage more people who are inclined to support him to be more forceful supporters which will encourage him more. >> he made serious noises about running in '97, -- [ unintelligible ] he's going to have to divorce the campaign side from the media side and the showbiz side of donald trump if he's going to run. >> greta: someone on msnbc tonight, referred to him as nbc's charlie sheen. it is interesting how some of these people aren't going after his positions. i don't agree with him on the birther . now we are going to get into the name calling. >> i think donald trump is gonna get taken through the
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wringer on this. no one knows what his positions are. he's going to be forced through difficult situations. the pure name calling is likely -- [ unintelligible ] >> greta: wouldn't it be better if he is to be eliminated, eliminate him on the issues rather than being nasty and ganging up on him and the herd mentality. >> i think you saw that in george's interview. [ talking over each other ] >> much more serious interview. they went through a lot of the big issues. he's done a couple of interviews where he's been pushed on abortion, health care, gay rights, immigration. i think we'll see ultimately that's what voters are going to be deciding on more than the headlines they mary about donald trump. >> greta: sure is interesting. that thraeurbg, thank you. -- the first lady just had a
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harrowing experience at the hands of an air traffic controller. again, an air traffic controller. this time we were still lucky, nothing happened. what was it that happened with the air traffic controller we are talking about? nothing happen to the first lady. we got lucky. >> first lady is fine. since we haven't talked to her, i don't know how harrowing it was. but it was harrowing for the air traffic controllers. an air traffic controller made a mistake. they are supposed to keep planes apart. in this case her plane got too close to another plane by two miles. that is a problem for the air traffic controller. fortunately, they were able to land safely. but they to an her landing at andrews air force base one time and make them go around again. >> greta: she was coming in on a 737 -- >> on the fleet of planes i think about 30 planes in the presidential fleet. she's coming in, there's an air traffic controller
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bringing them down from altitude. he makes an error in judgment. >> greta: did he know better? did he make a mistake or didn't he know he was supposed to keep the planes this far apart? >> it appears he didn't know in this circumstance they were supposed to be kept five miles apart. >> greta: that might be worse. >> he hands off to the guys in the tower at andrews and tells them the planes are four miles apart when they are three miles apart. they have mrs. obama's plane starts to swerve so it can separate from the other plane. they are unsuccessful. they say don't land this big cargo plane maybe on the runway if you try to land. take another hike around and come back in. >> greta: you broke the story i saw it on one thing caught my attention, in your article you said the number of times this happens is in this area is 51% greater
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this year than year. what in the world is going on this is happening so often here? >> air traffic controllers in this area set a record number of mistakes last year. some of them were separation incidents that weren't dangerous. planes got too close, but it wasn't dangerous. there were other instances one including a flight that had jim sensenbrenner the congressman from wisconsin onboard where his plane had to swerve the last second when a cockpit device collision avoidance device went off and binge tkpwhae got them home safely. >> greta: five -- -- what is going on? >> there are a couple of opinions. one is a new generation of air traffic controllers are coming in to replace the people hired after ronald reagan fired all of them in 1981. those people are retiring now. new generation coming in. some point to that. i couldn't tell you, i don't know. but, the other argument is,
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the system has gotten lax. now you have people sleeping in towers, watching movies and making more mistakes. that's another argument. take your pick. >> greta: i suppose we are lucky they are not the pilots. the pilots land and they are smart and paying attention. we did have that one incident years ago over minneapolis. still, they are the ones who are traffic cops up there. >> air travel is safer right now than it has ever been before. there has not been a major crash in several years. it is really safe. vast majority of air traffic controllers are awake and doing a good job. all you need to do is make one bad mistake, two planes collide and you have a couple hunt people dead on the ground. >> greta: congresswoman sheila jackson lee introduced a bill today to do more staffing at these towers. instead of introducings legislation that says fire
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those who aren't doing their jobs. >> the issue is i think people are not getting enough sleep. if you don't have enough sleep and come to work, you will put your head down on the desk. i think they have to come up with sensible scheduling so these men and women get enough rest. >> greta: having three and four day weekends means they don't have much down time between their hours. they could get right of that one fast. five day weeks like those of us who are lucky enough to have five day a week jobs, some of us don't have jobs. >> i think they are moving in the direct of making sure they have enough sleep. >> greta: just do it and do it now. what is it going to take? how long do they have to study that, moving in the right direction, just do it. ashley, thank you. >> it is no secret all over the internet. we are broke. our nation's creditors, including china are all on us to. do you think the gross mismanagement creates any national security risk?
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we hear from john bolton. good evening. tell me, we are in a financial mess we owe money to china, japan even the u.k.. is this a risk for us in national security terms? >> yes, i think it is a national security risk for two reasons. first, this dead weight of the debt inhibits economic growth. you can't have real national security, you can't the kind of money you must spend on defense unless the economy can sustain it. number two, the perception that grows around the world is of a declining united states. the united states that will not be able to meet security burdens for itself or its friends or allies. there's both a real effect and a perceptal effect and both are damaging. >> greta: intriguing that china today called on washington to adopt responsible measures to protect its bond holders and
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china telling us we need to reduce our trade deficit which would be easier to reduce our trade deficit if they would do something about their currency so we wouldn't be constantly buying their stuff instead of ours. china is watching this closely. >> we are in bad shape when the communists in beijing are lecturing our administration on sound economic policy. it is even worse we the communists are right. it is not just the chinese that manipulating their currency, we are doing it under the mistaken idea that holding down the value of the dollar will promote exports and jobs. in fact, the correlation is weak. what we are doing by fostering a weak dollar is endangering its status as the world reserve currency and risk the power economic and political that the dollar status has given us for several decades now. >> greta: i don't mean to be flip. i want to be careful not to misquote one of the
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co-chairman of the president's debt commission. one made a statement that we have a treaty to protect taiwan from china. yet we have to borrow from china in order to do it. it shows how bizarre these relationships have gotten because we've become indebted to these countries. >> china is protecting us from the obama administration if nobody buys the debt, it is not sustainable in domestic terms here. i think it underlines why it is absolutely critical not just as a domestic policy matter, but for the national security implication to stop this insane level of government spending. the deficit is on an -- deficits on an annual basis adding to a national debt that takes us beyond anything we've ever seen before. >> greta: the potential problems, national security problems with having huge debt and deficit problems. any specific instances right
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now where we are experiencing a national security issue or potential one as a result of our money? >> i think the ability of the united states to influence economic policy around the world is severely uncut when other countries look at our fiscal policy, our inablility to discipline what the federal government is doing and say why should we listen to these people? no wonder the president's favored economic policy group the g-20 has so little influence because the united states can't get its own economic house in order. that can have implications not just in the current economic circumstances but with when we do face other challenges around the world. i think it leads to the united states losing the leadership position. it has had basically since 1945. >> greta: this is a two-part question. are you running for president. number two, if you were to run what would you do -- and become president work would you do about this problem?
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>> i'm still thinking about running for president watch i would do would be to turn sharply against the domestic spending levels that we have. i think the republicans in the house have started. only started to turn back to where we should be. not just the 2008 domestic spending levels, but much below that i think we have to have an adult conversation with the american people about not just medicare and medicaid, but social security too. i reject the idea that many democrats brief in that the american people -- believe in that the american people are not smart enough to untan that we cannot continue to fun social security, medicare, and -- and medicaid the way we have. i think we understand it and waiting for somebody to demonstrate some leadership. >> greta: how about taxes? republicans say you raise taxes and any sort of job creation, it is a killer. on the other hand we are bleeding in terms of -- we need money desperately into
10:17 pm
our government. what is your position on raising taxes in some form or some amount? >> i think the purpose of taxation ought to be simply to raise revenue for the government. i don't think it should be involved in setting kinds of policy, deductions and credits and the like. i think particularly for income tax, i would go for a low flat simple tax system. that should be the objective as possible. >> greta: ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, how would you rate president obama's stimulus bill 14 months later? real results or real let down? >> a young woman murdered in says it live on his computer 6,000 miles away. >> donald trump has a new cause, we'll tell you, stay tuned. [ jelani ] neither of my parents went to college. something that was drilled in me early on, you know, college is the place for you.
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>> greta: is the getting better? president obama says it is. look around. there are empty stores and foreclosure signs all over the united states who is it getting better for? recent poll 57% disapprove of how the president has handled the question economy itch that poll 14 months after the -- president signed his 2009
10:22 pm
economic stimulus bill. we picked flynn, michigan. joining us nadine cook. welcome. >> thank you. >> greta: nadine, tell me about your business. >> we are a restaurant lounge an english pub located downtown flint, michigan we've been there 17 years now. and have seen quite a bit of different economic growth and development downtown. over the last 17 years. >> greta: how is it now? >> with it has been a struggle. certainly been a struggle lately. i think there's a lot of things going on downtown. a lot of new businesses coming in. we are seeing a lot of restaurants, so there's a lot more competition down there certainly for us. we're not seeing the foot traffic they were anticipating
10:23 pm
in bringing the new restaurants downtown. some of the downtown business owners think that perhaps if we had maybe more retail stores, specialty shops, boutiques, that kind of thing to bring people downtown, other than just restaurants. we're hopeful that may bring something in the future. >> greta: i've been looking at numbers. in the year 2000, you had about 25,000 more residents than you have now. you have about 102,000, give or take that's the estimate. you've lost about 25,000 people. your unemployment rate is 11.8%, above the national average of 8.8. also down from march a year ago from 15.2. i'm trying to find out, are you seeing more foreclosures, less? are people more worried about business? you've received 182 million dollars in stimulus money. do you think it has worked?
10:24 pm
>> i don't know so much that it has worked in michigan. i think a lot of people have moved out of michigan. i think downtown flint area actually had more people moving in. they've built dorms downtown. the riverfront residence hall opened a year ago. they are supposed to be doubling the capacity for that coming up. we are optimistic with things going on downtown. i don't know how much stimulus money we've gotten from the federal government. i don't really think that probable it has affected us as much as we had hoped. >> greta: in talking to people who come in your restaurant or your friends and relatives, do they feel the economic stimulus bill of 2009 has made a difference in their lives for the better or for the worse? >> i would have to probably say for the worse.
10:25 pm
what i do hear most is in housing, loan modifications people trying to hang on to their homes and not having a lot of success in doing that. overall, i haven't seen really anything with the stimulus. i think it goes more to paying off other things, other than, you know the working-class the people that are just trying to feed their families and hang on to what they have. i don't feel like you know, they are getting what they deserve. i think they are getting the shorten of the stick. >> greta: when you walk down the street in flynn, do you see more signs of people going out of business or do you see more growth? -- >> downtown, we actually have seen an increase in businesses opening down there. we are fortunate. that might have more to do with the foundation than with
10:26 pm
any kind of government subsidy. you know, like i said, i don't think that the federal stimulus has done anything for downtown flint. >> greta: nadine, thank you and good luck. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, 14 months ago president obama signed the economic stimulus bill. we know how it helped wall street what about main street? did it do the trick or did main street get the short end of the stick? >> the president had a meeting at the white house today about immigration reform. did he snub someone and why? arizona governor brewer is back tonight going on the record, straight ahead.
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tell your doctor about liver or kidney problems, or history of heart disease or stroke. the most common side effects are liver problems, nausea, gout flares, joint pain, and rash. [ male announcer ] if you have gout, ask youroctor about uloric. growth has the economic stimulus bill helped the united states? you just met a small business owner in flint, michigan there are cities still facing high unemployment. el centro, california has the highest unemployment rate in the country 26.9%.
10:31 pm
white house correspondent for the hill joining us. is the white house satisfied with the progress of the stimulus? >> absolutely not. even if the president wind up for reelection i think they would be concerned that every american doesn't have a job that wants one gets one. i think there are a couple of things to keep in mind. a third of the stimulus was tax cuts. tax cuts don't help if you don't have a paycheck. some of these places unemployment rates were already very high before the recession. of course they are the first -- the hardest hit when a recession comes. >> greta: if you take into account the issue of the tax cuts. california, 229 billion dollars that right? california that much? >> 787 billion so -- >> greta: their unemployment rate february '0910.5 now 12%. almost 2% points greater two years later having received all that money that's not a good statistic.
10:32 pm
number two, texas got 16 billion. their unemployment rate february of '09, 6.7%. now to 8.1%. all these billions have gone out. the unemployment rates on the top five states receiving stimulus funds, unemployment rates are all up. >> there's no question that the stimulus has not had a revitalizing effect from top to bottom. i what the obama administration would argue was, that wasn't its goal. its goal was to stop this enormous crisis and keep us from going further into a great depression. clear delay is of no comfort to someone who doesn't have a job. >> greta: i went back through his speech that's what they may be saying now. we he signed the bill three days after it was passed, he said it will create or save 3 1/2 million jobs over the next two years and bring real and lasting change for generations to come. so, i think he had a little
10:33 pm
more ambitious idea when he signed it. they may be dialing back on it now. >> i think they were more ambitious when they signed it. i don't think they were aware of how deep the crisis was going. i think that revealed itself over the course of the first few months of the obama administration. i think they were playing catch up in a lot of ways. like you said, these are real stories, real heartbreaking stories. until some of this money helps them bail out their communites, it will continue to be a heartbreaking story and a political problem for the president. >> greta: to what extent are they concerned about it politically? 51% unhappy with the way he's handling the economy. devastating number. >> without question. the white house points to some positive trends and they are there. nationally, unemployment is going down, 8.8%. we thought would it be well over 10% -- >> greta: christine roamer
10:34 pm
said 8% two years ago. it goes back to how unaware the obama administration coming in was as to how deep the recession went. no, that's the big number to keep an eye on heading that 2012. unemployment and how happy the people are with how the president is handling the economy. >> greta: florida received 11 billion, total funds awarded testify len billion florida is a huge state. in '09 the unemployment 9% now we are at 11.5. >> sounds like a recipe for a losing reelection campaign. but it is early. every economist i talked to expected this year to continue to be rough. the national trend going down. the state trends are sort of defying the trend. i think overall, it is heading in the right direction. obama has to do a better job making people feel good about it.
10:35 pm
>> greta: how does he do that? the problem with a lot of these numbers, street doing fine. numbers are going up. we gotta have money to have wall street. nadine just on she optimistic i thought in light of the numbers around her in michigan. for a lot of people in america, it is a tough struggle. >> and it is infuriating. they see these bailouts on wall street. they look at their neighbors who are losing their homes. i'm sure they wonder what is washington doing to help us? >> >> greta: indeed. sam let's hope for the best that the economy continues to grow. grisly scene caught on a webcam. a man in china watched his girlfriend 6,000 miles away in canada get murdered. the 23-year-old york university student from beijing was talking online with her boyfriend when she was interrupted by someone at her apartment door. she opened that door and was
10:36 pm
murdered in view of the camera on her laptop her boyfriend was watching from beijing. the victim's laptop is now missing. there are no suspects in custody. keep it right here for this investigation. here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. >> bill: president obama getting teed off with a reporter in dallas. why is the far left so angry? charles krauthammer has some thoughts, coming up on the factor. >> greta: president obama is making good on his 2008 campaign promise about an illegal immigration overhaul. is there a catch? is he leaving someone out of discussion? arizona governor brewer goes on the record, next. >> donald trump is threatening legal action. no, not in new york, in israel. we'll tell you why, straight ahead. nt to college. something that was drilled in me early on, you know, college is the place for you. it's my number o goal.
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there's anotheway to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. >> greta: there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom.
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>> reporter: heavy rain and tornadoes threatening parts of the midwest once again. at least three tornadoes spotted near missouri and illinois they damaged barns and knocked down powerlines, no injuries reported. severe weather expected in oklahoma and arkansas where nine people were killed last with week by storms. earlier tonight, president obama declared north carolina a major disaster site. that state was ravaged saturday by a series of deadly tornadoes. >> nasa reports all systems go for the final launch of the space shuttle endeavour. the next to last mission will be heading for the international space station on april 29th. special preparations are underway to have the wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords attend that launch. her husband mark kelly is the mission commander. i'm ainsley earhart. we now return to on the record with greta. have a good night. >> greta: did you hear what is
10:42 pm
going on in washington? president obama talking about immigration reform. he held a meeting today at the with white house to discuss the broken immigration system. he met with a bipartisan group. guess what? he didn't invite any governors from border states. why not? arizona governor brewer joins us live. did you miss your invitation? did you decline your invitation? why weren't you hear at -- here at the white house to talk about immigration reform? >> i wish i would have been invited. no, i do not -- i did not get an invite. you would have thought one of the governors would have been invited since we are on the frontlines fighting for security there. it was a little bit of a snub, if you will. i think that on behalf of myself, i think i could have added insight to the situation that arizona certainly is facing. >> greta: i looked at the
10:43 pm
white house press release. of the people who were invited. the category of those, it says stake holders expected to attend. i looked up stake holders to see whether you might be a stake holder or governor rick perry. it says a person or group that has investment share or interest in something as in the business or industry. i guess it is someone who has a strong interest in the topic. he must think you don't have any interest in the issue or you would have been invited. >> that is unfortunate if that's what he believes. i feel arizona, i believe i and rick perry and certainly the governors on the border have been leading the fight. we've been bringing the message to america. i think that we should have been afforded that opportunity to be at the table to help him understand the situation that we want straightened out. >> greta: let me tell you who he did think was a stake holder and has a huge interest in this partial list.
10:44 pm
mayor bloomberg who of course is the mayor who sent investigators down to arizona to investigate you about guns, your state. the former police chief of new york bill brat 10. secretary michael chertoff, former secretary of homeland security. then he invited senator mel martinez, former united states senator. here's another interesting one, greg page chairman and ceo of car gil. i thought that's an odd one. i understand why, because cargill was raided in 2007 by immigration and ice for violations having to do with immigration. they probably have the inside scoop on that one. al sharpton was invited. ceo of facebook, another one. arnold schwarzenegger former governor of california not the current governor. and richard trumka afl/cio
10:45 pm
union leaders. those are some of the people that the president thinks has a greater interest than you do. >> that's an unfortunate list as far as i'm concerned. i didn't know he had extended the invitation that this meeting was going to take place. it seems by the list of the -- the list and what has been reported back to me this afternoon it is people that looking at that wonderful word comprehensive immigration reform. has nothing to do with what we really need to have done. that is to get our borders secured. i think they are looking to try to talk about amnesty and all these other issues and the dream act. none of these things in my opinion are going to take place until we get our borders secured. i don't think the american people want to address anything until we feel secure. our citizens need to feel secure in their homes.
10:46 pm
it just continually -- s to grow -- continues to grow with the issue of people coming across our borders illegal the drug cartels. >> greta: i may disagree with you a little bit. i would like a solution that is complete which protects our borders, protections americans and handles all the issues. i would like to see it put behind us. i to the president's speech at american university last summer to hear it. i did want to hear what he said he was going to do. we haven't heard anything. he a democratic house and senate we don't hear anything until now as he gets ready to launch his campaign. now things have changed. now we are hearing it again. i'm deeply disturbed. i think this is talk. ift÷x think his guest list supports that. this is not bringing people to the table who have real interests in this. >> i absolutely agree with you. the bottom line is that he has a different agenda than what
10:47 pm
the american people have. unfortunately, we keep talking and we keep contacting him with our concerns. really no response. no concern. of course now we are in the election period so we now he's gonna be standing up and talking about he's going to do this and that. he's had two years to deliver what he promised two years ago and hasn't delivered. so, we want our borders secured. i believe that the majority of us are notku=ñ gonna discuss anything else in regards to what his agenda is, until we get satisfaction with security at our borders. >> greta: i wish he would invite everybody to the table to discuss it. your issue, others. i know senator kyl, senator mccain both from your state they've come up with programs. when you're totally excluded, don't kid us that you have a genuine interest in resolving
10:48 pm
it comprehensively if you don't include everybody. >> well, that's how i feel. i'm a little offended. i think that i put my name out there. i put my career out there i've been fighting hard for the people of arizona in regards to this. i believe i've been relentless. i think i have a lot to offer. i'm going to speak for the people. if we could sit down and discuss these things, we could get the solutions, maybe we could get something implemented. and it is what i told him when i visited with him. we have to agree to disagree. i'm not interested in a lot of solutions until we get our borders secured. not having been invited today was truly a snub. it was a snub. >> greta: governor, thank you. i would like a comprehensive solution that means talking to everybody and not just to friends.
10:49 pm
governor, thank you. >> thank you greta. >> greta: the best of the rest. donald trump is not happy. he's so mad he's threatening to sue. what is going on? we'll tell you. what did this reporter do that has the president's nose out of joint? wait until you hear what president obama said to him. we'll play it for you, next. to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. check with your doctor because it can happen to anybody. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national.
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. president obama learning the hard way, don't mess with texas. a local reporter from the lone star state arrived in washington for his big interview with the president. things started out tense and went downhill from there. here's part of the interviewer's report. >> why do you think you are so unpopular in texas? >> the president: texas has always been a pretty republican state for historic reasons. >> he infered his election meant texas politics were changing. >> the president: we lost by a few percentage points in texas. >> you lost by about 10. >> the president: i understand. if what you are telling me texas is a conservative state you are right. >> -- [ inaudible ] >> the president: there was a commission, a process that's how the decision was made. >> you were personally involved in the decision.
10:54 pm
>> the president: i just said that wasn't true. >> after the interview mr. obama pointed out that he doesn't like an interviewer challenging his comments. >> the president: let me finish my answers next time we do an interview, all right. >> greta: growth what will the reporter ask president obama next time? we don't think there will be a next time, do you? >> you're fired those are the words actor gary busey heard from donald trump. he was cut from celebrity apprentice. he tells wendy williams he still thinks highly of mr. trump. >> he's a great man. he's got awareness level that is very high. and i'm gonna vote for him for president. and i suggest you all do too. because he has the wherewithal to turn this country over, turn the dump over get out of where we are now. >> greta: maybe gary busey can be trump's campaign manager, if he runs. >> donald trump is fired up.
10:55 pm
not politics this time. trump's company is suing an israeli company for suing trump vodka. using the trump name and registered trademark without trump's permission. he learned about it from one of his employees who saw the product. the company signed an agreement with a u.s. company for distribution rights. trump states the company in the united states they signed with had its license revoked, making the agreement no good. >> spinally the spirit of michael jackson lives on in china. his music is shaking things up for more than 700 students. these latest moves are not found in the fiscal education book. their teacher has them starting their days with a little moon walk. in addition with their morning calisthenics they are now doing some of jackson's famous dance moves. there you have the best of the rest. >> is someone spending too much time on facebook? is it mrs. obama?
10:56 pm
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something that was drilled in me early on, you know, college is the place for you. it's my number o goal. ♪ students like me, who take these ap math and science classes and have these opportunities, this is where the american dream lies. when i write that book, you know, i plan to dedica it to my school. ♪ those hopes and dreams that you have, you know, they're within reach. and i'm living proof. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash the studio lights it is time, last call! president obama is like every other employee in america at least according to conan. >> president obama will participate in a town hall meeting hosted by facebook. in other words just like everyone else in america obama will be on facebook when he should be working.


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