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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  April 30, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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thanks to my money. im paul gigot. we'll see you next week . >> i was born in high august 4th 1961. >> the president make its official. he was born in the usa and has paperwork to prove it and donald trump takes the credit and blames the media for not pushing the president harder. >> the press is protective of president obama. >> wikileaks leaked more confidential record toz the press. should they be stopped or is this the wong thing to do. >> with this ring i thee woad. >> fairy tale wedding goes off without a hitch. >> and the shuttle shuttle . the pope gets beatisk. how is she connected to her.
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on this week. judy miller and jim pinkerton . fox radio host adam comb. i am john scott. fox news watch is on right now. >> i am really honored frankly to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue. now, we have to look at it. we have to see if it is real? is it proper, what is on it and i hope it checks out beautifully. >> potential candidate donald trump taking credit for the release of the long form birth certificate. >> the president had something to say as well >> dominant news story is not about the
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news choices in the nation. it my birth certificate. >> and project for excellence in journalism took a look at the numbers . came up with this. msnbc dedicated the most time to president obama at 10 percent of the air time, much of it birth certificate . cnn . nearly all of it related and fox at five percent and only a small percent on the birth certificate. does the president have it wrong? was the media really obsessed with his birth certificate. >> i think the number of americans who began to believe that the president was not born in america. they got worried irrespective of what the new's outlooks were doing when it turned out 38 percent began to doubt he was born here. at that point, the president had understand that it is an issue to make the republicans
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look stupid to one that was threatening his legitimacy. >> did donald trump drive the president. >> and howard curt z critic for the washington post and said look, trump drove obama to do this? why else would he step on his great story about getting david petraeus to join the administration and not military but sy. it was desperation. >> it was a crazy media day. huge personnel changes and yet the big story was donald trump can president releasing. >> handled strangely. he stepped on his own story and i thought it was strange that president himself. that should have been on the staff level and concentrated on the real. if i am jay carny, i think i
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messed up here. donald trump had all . networks covering him . he went live. it waited for the president to finish. >> i would have said mr. president go early and get this man off. >> and even the president mentioned the fact or white house mentioned the fact that they never get that kind of coverage. >> and what is amazing. release the conservative. it was released four years ago and release the long form. >> bad news cycle. shouldn't have done it . so, if i can finish, i think you have a point. jay carny should have done it . shouldn't have been the opening act for donald trump. >> and tait da. >> nothing is good enough for these people. >> he did it but not the right way. >> judy your suggestion seemed
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that the white house enjoyed the controversy because they thought it made those that questioned made them look bad. >> until it became to be a lie that was taking hold . when you get that number of americansing that the president -- >> you believe it you are stupid. and then the president should not have had to address it. >> stupidity to promote a lie. >> it was false. >> it is a false accusation and the office of the president shouldn't have dignified it. >> alen. he created the story by letting it go on and on and on. without releasing. >> he released the birth certificate, the legal one four years ago. >> it took him five-days. he had to get special permission to violate. no one gets the long form. they agreed it was okay to do
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it. >> what is interesting, the media doesn't want to move on and starting to throw the race card at trump. >> he's playing basketball. and i mean, you have whoopi goldberg saying i am playing the card and then last night, it spiraled out of control. johnathon altertold chris matthews, they who question the president are saying that dumb black man don't know how to speak without it. >> don't forget and i agree with an drea that they think they are winning. the left and obama thinks he's losing. that's why he did it . the media thinks they are getting ratings . everyone of those msnbc stories is chris matthews attacking. >> he's nuts. and you don't have to go to msnbc to see it.
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watch fox. >> and what is interesting to me, i attribute to to lack of displinn. goes ophrah and fundraisers and they are not understanding from a presidential reelection point of view they need to go away. >> he goes on ophrah and airs . ing and making opening joking remarks. >> when you are president you have to have discipline. >> meaningless funny comments before. >> they are taken seriously. >> and so now the birth certificate is settled are we turning our attention to donald trump's finances. he would release if the president trotted out the birt certificate. >> that's what the wall street journal called for . now mr.c trump wants transparency see if he's
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heavily lecheraged as the u.s. treasury. >> draft records when he had a high number in the viet number and he had deferments and a medical exception and so donald trump release your medical records. >> you are not joining in. >> and we have to take a break. check out our new website and keep an eye on the stories and go behind the scenes and look at the discussions in the tudio, jim pinkerton has something to say. up next. wikileaks and the association with the press. >> wikileaks hits again and leaking more classified documents to the media and reigniting the debate. >> plus, it was the wedding of the century. did the media keep their manners and coverage of the
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couple. next on news watch.
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>> website wikileaks released more secret documents to the new york times and washington post and mpr. among the other revelations. most of the 172 remaining prisoners in gitmo are rated as a high risk and posing a threat to the united states and allies if released without enough rehab and supervision. >> the pentagon reponded, it is unfortunate that new's organization decided to publish numerous documents obtained illegally by wikileaks. they provide inform about former and current gitmo detainees . judy, here we are again. there are inications that the administration may be thinking of taking legal action against
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wikileaks or its founder. is that possible in >> it is possible and especially since the president showed himself perfectly willing to use the cowers and use his justice department to pursue leaks against the information that they consider sensitive. >> john, what interested me, so much of the coverage was focused on the leak itself . rather than extraordinary information that came out about the cases . the guy who worked for altajersa this guy was questioned only about al-jazeera and he said it was a intelligence gathering. >> so he said. >> this same document created
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two narratives. bunch of innocent people and then dangerous people. it raises questions about the original plan to close mitt mow. >> i wish they would have gone against it a long time ago. but it is interesting how the left is going after the president. he spoke out and talked about how the documents are. government always does that. >> wikileaks or the new york times case back in the pentagon papers. >> it is the leaker who might be culpable. >> i think they were happy and make george w. bush look bad . now it is making them look
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bad. tharn what the public is understanding from the documents is how tough a call it is to evaluate people who are picked up on a foreign battlefield and perhaps president obama was right and obama is now right in saying it is complicated issue. >> it is not right to hold people without due process. >> that is another issue that is brought to the forefront by the release of the documents, but it is a separate issue on whether or not they are dangerous. >> we don't have due process. >> we already know that a third of them in some cases who have been returned to the countries of origin went to the jihad. >> that was released by bush. >> and also by obama. they are dangerous.
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>> actually due process doesn't tell you whether they are dangerous or not. >> it tells if you are guilty or not. >> it is an issue going forward. that is more than due process . >> constitutionally . >> they are not u.s. system. >> constitution protects persons. >> we have to take another break. >> if you come across evidence of media bias. e-mail u we'll be back with three huge stories battling it out for media attention. >> a fairy tale royal wedding . >> historic shuttle mission and love story . the world's pope moves closer to sainthood. which deserved more media attention next on news batch. -- watch. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future
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>> prince william and kate middleton tied the knot in london. it was to be the final flight of the space shuttle endeavor. a delay and a side story of captain markicle yehis wife congresswoman gav gav giffords is bigger than the mission itself. >> and beatification of pope jaul paul and bringing him close to sainthood. >> which story won. i am going to the wedding, am i wrong? >> hands down. media focus on the wedding was encredible. entertainment tonight and access hollywood broadcasting two weeks in advance. i myself resisted getting caught up until the very end
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and got sucked in. >> 6:00 a.m. on friday. >> if we took. i had to take care of myself . we take all of the money ned works and media outlooks on this and solve the deficit problem . they cover it todayshow ratings and good morning america. they cover ratings. people love a love story. >> it is good news. >> we have had tsunami and nuclear disasters and unemployment at 9 percent forever. it was nice to see a couple get better. and no one does pageantry better than the british . listened to the british accent. 38 percent of the americans didn't care . then why was the ratings up if
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they didn't care. >> the world niche programmers x. nothing but country music in the entire wedding or media is split and divided. you could focus on the royals. >> i perfect the birg certificate channel. >> he talked about folks like allen and the far lift 95 and ball. >> it is's political theng. >> i am the far left . and see, your comments prove it. and you will need to be with bill o'reilly. he didn't care about the old queen or her kin. >> and what does that have to do with whether or not i care about the royal wedding. gabreille giffords story is a loaf story as well. but that is part of the reason it is not as big. >> there is an excellent story
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in "newsweek" about what a spectac allar recovery means when you had a brain injury. >> aids and friends and supporters are talking about spectacular recovery. it was the down side of a brain injury. it is not as happy. >> it would be better to cover the honeymoon than the royal wedding. >> and not to get lost, no need to know. >> bee know what you do on your weekend. >> keep it g-rated . >> the royal wedding happened and no criticism and the pope gets beatified and i kept thinking back to 15 years ago when priness diana was killed on almost the same day as mother theresa . the media would do 99 percent
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diane and and mother teresa one percent. pope and mother theresa are getting blankketed. >> english church strike beinging back at roam. the death with pope john paul led to the delay in the marriage to camillia parker boils. >> who is in the line of the throne. one of those hares will surprise. wait until you hear . >> there is charles and then william and then harry in line for the royal crown and so is this woman. who is she? find out next on news watch. [ male announcer ] if you think "heroes" are only in movies, consider this: over 70% of firefighters are local volunteers...
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well now prince william and catherine tide the knot. we learned plenty about british royalty. it is interesting to know who is next in line to the throne. so many know the answers. prince charles, he is elizabeth's eldest son and first born, prince william and second in line for the british thrownn and third is prince harry . after harry comes the queen's
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second son prince andrew duke of york and number five beatis . list goes on and on and on. and wall street found the last person in line for the british throne should a few thousand people suffer demice. 4473. carin sophia of hanover. we did research and found one more. 4974 . there he is. alen cohen. >> give him his own. >> ryan sea crest. >> a royal pain in my you know . what >> you and ryan sea crest. that's a wrap. thank to jide miller and jim


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