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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> i stand on the truth of what i spoke. >> the congressional black caucus under fire big time for violent remarks made by one of its leaders. congressman andre carson. we will talk to a member of the c d.c. >> she was tearful. that's what i wrote. if i had wanted to say she was crying, i would have said that. >> condoleeza rice furious because she believes former vice president dick cheney has disrespected her. laura ingraham will provide analysis. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> the great american news quiz, the presidential edition. >> this fellow claims he's the new thomas jefferson. >> how much do you know about the gop guys in the white house? >> let me tell you something, i knew thomas jefferson. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. factor factor begins right
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now -- "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. fascinating poll. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. surveys terrible news for president obama. 62% of americans now disapprove of how he's handling the economy, just 32% approve. it's armageddon for the white house. however, mr. obama is not completely out of it because the economy could rally and in the same poll, 69% of americans say they like the president as a person. just 16% do not like him. remember, most americans liked george w. bush as well. but in the end, they voted, the voters did, with their pocket books. bush the elder lost. w. left office with low approval ratings. poll also says 49% believe the economy is getting worse right
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now. 76% say we're in a recession. 53% blame bush for the recession. just 32% blame obama. as far as the tea party is concerned, 29% of americans have a favorable view. 42% unfavorable. 29% say they haven't heard enough. there is no question tea party took a hit in the debt debate debauchle. as many americans feel some tea party people were simply too militant. also tea party stalwarts like sarah palin continue to have big negatives. now, on to the presidential race. 46% of americans think mitt romney would do a better job than barak obama on the economy. 42% say obama would be better. 41% say governor rick perry of texas would be more effective on the economy. but 43% think obama would do a better job than perry. most americans don't know much about governor perry yet, so polling on him could change very quickly. today's data demonstrates that americans continue to be very frustrated with the economy and
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fully understand the president's current policies aren't helping. but the majority do continue to blame mr. bush for getting us into the mess in the first place. that gives barak obama some hope, but tea party continues to see, 2 1/2 years is a long time and we're not seeing the improvement needed in the economy, period. no excuses, no spin. mr. obama will address the country one week from tonight, but we don't expect that economic address to have much impact. all that really matters is the economy getting better. not what anybody is saying about it. that's a memo. top story, the congressional black caucus in big trouble. the group is comprised of 43 congress people, all african-american, who promote policies favorable to their constituencies. the cdc, generally dislikes the tea party, but now, now some of the rhetoric is getting out of hand. >> #
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>> using violent imry with racial overtones to attack a political group is absolutely unamerican. but mr. carson is unrepentant. >> i stand on the truth of what i spoke. my intentions weren't to hurt anyone or any group. >> joining us from south florida, congressman alan west, a republican and a member of the congressional black caucus. i understand you wrote a letter to the leader of the cdc, what did it say? >> well, basically it made reference to the comments of my colleague, congressman carson, as well as the comments of congresswoman maxine waters, where she was telling the tea party to go to hell. and i don't think that we need that type of incendiary talk coming out there and i think that it's a reflection that when
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you look at the almost 17% unemployment rate in the black community, 40% unemployment among black teens, the high incarceration rates, that we are not seeing them go at the failure of the policies of the obama administration. rather they're trying to demonize and attack the tea party movement as a scapegoat for these failures. >> did congressman cleaver respond to your letter? >> well, what we have gotten so far is that he will wait to respond later. he feels that he is right now too engaged with this job fair. so i will look forward to speaking with congressman cleaver when we return back to washington, d.c. if i don't hear something from him prior to that. >> would you do us a favor? when he gets back to you, would you let us know right away so we can be fair to cleaver and see if he's going to take action against carson and maxine waters? >> yes. >> here is my theory about why this is happening. i put forth this last night. when a guy like carson and maxine waters speaks in these
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terms, they're always speaking to the choir, to people who are anti-tea party, mostly democrats, mostly liberals, who love barak obama. that's their forum here. and i believe that the cdc and other pro-obama people are very worried that african-americans aren't going to turn out next year to vote as they did in 2008. these tactics are being used to demonize mr. obama's opposition so that it gins up the turnout. that's why what i think is behind this. >> you're absolutely correct and you talked about it early in your talking points when you read the statistics as far as the general approval of the opinion of the tea party. this is nothing but one of the tactics, i believe, it's rule number 13 out of the rules for radicals, where you pick a target, you freeze it, you isolate it and you begin to attack it. >> no doubt that's what's going on here. i'm curious, are you the only
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republican in the cdc? >> yes, i am. but -- without being republican or democrat, i think that this type of rhetoric has no place. >> i think 99% of americans would agree with you. i haven't heard anybody justifying congressman carson's -- anybody sane justifying his remarks. when you guys meet, do you ever discuss what you just said, that for decades, more than decades, for hundreds of years, the african-american community has not prospered despite massive amounts of government spending, massive interventions by the federal government, things aren't improving. maybe there is another way. do you ever discuss that or are you shouted down and it's no, we want more, we want more? >> well, that's one of the important parts, i think, in joining the congressional black caucus, so that you can bring that different perspective. when you look at the history of the black community with the
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democratic party, you see slavery, you see segregation, you see the jim crowe laws. you see a se sex and now you see socialism which is not beneficial to the black community. we already talked about those unemployment statistics. you're seeing the second or third generations of welfare ever since we had the great society programs and even daniel patrick moynahan once gave warning to some of the policies that we were going to see implemented in the black community with the destruction of the black family. so i think it's important time right now that we objectively assess some of the social statistics we see occurring in the black community. >> all right. thank you very much, congressman, let us know when congressman cleaver says it to you, 'cause this is an important story. we appreciate your time. >> absolute israeli. >> next, laura ingraham on condoleeza rice, angry at dick cheney. then a tea party leader will explain why his group will demonstrate against mitt romney over the labor day weekend. coming right
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>> bill: weekend review from the ingram angle. condoleeza rice angry with dick cheney. saying you can talk about policy differences without suggesting that your colleague somehow misled the president. you know, i don't appreciate the attack on my integrity and what that implies.
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end quote. we would like to ask mr. cheney about the situation, but he's not making himself available to "the factor." you remember cheney would not give us an interview for eight years while he served as vice president. somehow, i don't think he likes us. anyway, since condoleeza rice is popular among conservatives, that sets up an interesting dialogue. joining us with her assessment, radio talk show star, laura ingraham, author of "of thee i zing" and you have mr. cheney on your program tomorrow. >> i do. >> bill: so i want you to be very tough on him. not because he doesn't come on here, but i think that he's got to answer some questions about iraq, about the economy and tension like that. >> i'm taking notes. wait. okay. i've got the question. okay. i'm going to be tough. i'm always tough, come on. you saw my interview with rangel >> bill: rangel compared to cheney?
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you don't like rangel. >> i'm equally tough. >> bill: i'm looking forward to hearing that interview because i do think the vice president has some explaining to do about some of the things that happened. but condoleeza rice, you know her? >> a little bit. i've met her a number of times. >> bill: i know her. i think she did a darn good job as secretary of state. i really do. i think she's honest. she made mistakes like everybody else. she's really teed off at cheney. what do you think? >> yeah. reading the book, bill, the fun with rice, i think, and the relationship between rice and dick cheney, for me it's about page 478, really into the book. but basically cheney thinks that they was quite naive in her dealings with north korea. remember at the end of the administration, condoleeza rice really wanted to make progress on this north korea denuclear rising deal and she wanted to get some progress there in north korea on the talks. and basically cheney says, look, that might be a lot of --
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laudable goal, but in the end, north korea was not going to disarm and this was very naive thinking and at one point, the president looks to condoleeza rice and says, do we have any real progress here? these talks, what are they amounting to? and she said, well, we've made a step, basically. but it's just a preliminary step, which was kind of true. and then the president went to cheney shortly after and basically the vice president said, there is no progress and this isn't going to happen. >> bill: i don't think anybody objects to dick cheney disagreeing in policy with condoleeza rice or welcomen powell or anybody else. i mean, that's what happened. >> he basically thinks they're not realistic. i think he thought they wanted a trophy at the end of the administration. >> bill: it's condescending to secretary rice. >> yeah. he is really a smart guy and i think he's, like a lot of smart people, gets kind of impatient with people who he thinks aren't as smart as he is. >> bill: then he should interview me. i'm not nearly as smart as he
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is. he could get impatient all day long with me and it would be a catharsis for him. >> when i -- i'm reading this book, i don't think anyone who has a view of cheney as darth vader and really tough is going to think anything different about dick cheney. i mean, the memoirs to some extent often are score settling. >> bill: i don't think cheney wanted to settle scores against rice. i have to say. i don't think -- maybe against colin powell, but i don't think he wanted to. >> i don't know what -- i don't know what was so offensive, though. he said she came -- >> bill: if i were rice, i would have been angry. i would have been angry. now. >> she can write her own memoir about her own time in office. remember, her book was more about her childhood, which i enjoyed very much. that was a great read. but she has a chance to make her own statement on this and i'll be looking forward to reading that. >> bill: new poll, fox news poll asked this question: should sarah palin run for president? 20% yes.
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74% no. what you die think is behind that? >> well, i think a lot of things. this applies a little bit to the cheney, powell, rice controversy because while it's interesting inside the beltway people and historians and probably to write, the country is kind of moved on. i think we're not really interested in relitigating the past with bush and powell and cheney and maybe, i'm just guessing -- people see sarah palin to some extent as john mccain's running mate and we like her and we think she's an energetic force, but since she hasn't gotten into the race yet, we have really important problems in this country and we want to kind of focus on the people who are putting forth the solutions and offering a cogent solutions and willing to run on them. that might change. she may decide to get in the race. >> bill: come on. she's not going to change everybody's opinion if she gets in the race. >> she could change some. >> bill: she's got the highest national negatives in the business. here is what i think it is why people said that, particularly conservative americans: i think
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they like michelle bachman. i think they admire congresswoman bachman's moxie, and the hard work she's put in. sarah palin comes in, that's going to hurt bachman. i think that's what a lot of this is all about. i'll give you the last word. >> bill, i also think people move on. they move on quickly in a public arena. and now the focus is on people like rick perry, maybe still mitt romney, bachman. marco rubio, paul ryan, people who are out there fighting with the war of ideas and fighting hard every day. i think if palin wants to get in, i think she could change some people's minds. as long as she's on the side lines doing this dance, i think maybe people are getting a little tired of that. that's only a conjecture on my part. >> bill: looking forward to your interview with dick cheney tomorrow on the radio. thanks very much as always. >> thanks. >> bill: quickly ahead, why is the tea party demonstrating against mitt romney? one of the tea party leaders will be here. then, warning some, vicious video, parent beat ago
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teen-ager, not his kid. the culture warriors on that and we're coming right back.
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>> bill: group called freedom works, which is somewhat aligned with the tea party, will demonstrate against mitt romney this coming weekend in new hampshire. health care driving that protest. joining us from salt lake city, matt, the president of freedom works. so am i right about it, it's health care that's got you teed off against governor romney? >> you know, romneycare is the basis of a lot of tea party frustration with the governor and his inability to step away from what is proven to be a very bad government-run model for healthcare. costs are up both for individuals and the state government and president obama will rightly be able to argue that romneycare was the basis for what is now government-run
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health care -- >> bill: let me have you react to -- i know the tea party doesn't like obamacare. i don't like it. governor romney doesn't like it. he's quoted as saying massachusetts and what he did was okay for that state, but it's not okay for the union. in massachusetts right now, 96% of working people are insured. that's a pretty good record, would you say? >> that's good. >> bill: that's good. in texas, 75% have insurance. 25% uninsured in texas. all right. only 4% uninsured in massachusetts. the problem with that is that if you're uninsured and you get in trouble, the taxpayer has to pick it up 'cause you go into the e.r., the emergency room, and they have to treat you. so that's number one. that looks good for romney and you're an honest guy and you would say that looks pretty good for romney. right? >> yep, that's one standard. >> bill: okay. that's one standard. the second standard is expense.
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the national average for families paying for health care, like i do, is $13,375 a year, the national average. massachusetts average, 14,268, only a $500 difference a year. so it seems to me that romney, that story is not as bad as we've heard. am i wrong? >> well, the cost of a family plan since romneycare was implemented has gone up 10% and the basis from which it started was higher than the national average. you also have to look at how much the state government is spending, how much medicaid has expanded, both the federal government's take and the state government's take. it's gone from $1 billion to $1.75 billion since romneycare was implemented. that's not a model that's sustainable. >> bill: well, i don't know about that because the massachusetts bond rating by standard and poors was upgraded. now they have a crazy spender.
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so i'm not defending mitt romney in the sense that i don't know enough about the massachusetts model to tell anybody, whether it's working or it isn't working. it's a complicated, as you pointed out, situation. but i don't nope whether your protest against romney is -- see, arguments can be made on both sides and you're basically saying because this guy did it in his state, he shouldn't be saying when he's saying, i don't want national health care. it doesn't work on a national level. >> right. but our protest isn't just about romneycare. it's about his support of wall street bailouts. his support for ethanol. it's his unwillingness to stand with paul ryan on real balanced budget measures, real entitlement reform. it's his opposition to fundamental tax reform. there is a record here where governor romney has very consistently opposed the principles that tea partiers espouse. so it's not just about healthcare. >> bill: who is better than
5:25 am
romney? just your opinion. not your group? >> i think there is a number of candidates who better reflect the tea party -- >> bill: there is a bunch you would prefer? >> there is a bunch. >> bill: you are aware that romney is trying to get the tea party on his side. he's doing a lot of stuff to try to get you guys to like him. is there any shot he could change your mind? >> well, if he would repudiate obama -- romneycare, if he would take a stand on the budget. if he would get some specifics about where he is on these issues, i think he has a chance. we believe that he can come around, but he hasn't been willing to do that and just doing a press conference is not going to cut it. >> bill: all right. thanks very much. we appreciate it. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. the great american news quiz, the republican presidential edition. we have interesting questions for you. meggen kelly on the state of california defying congress once again over illegal aliens. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment. a major viewer warning, we're going to show you some violent video of an adult beating up a teen-ager not related to him. he has been arrested. we're doing this to discuss the decline of responsible parent not guilty america. if you don't want to watch the video, come back in 15 seconds. that's all we're going to run. roll the tape. >> stop it! let him go! >> bill: now the man in that video, 35-year-old gary johnson, charged with felony counts of aggravated battery and child abuse. to analyze, margaret hoover, in austin, texas and gretchen carlson here in new york city. why did the guy beat him up? >> because he's a horrible parent and a moron. that's all i can say about this guy. allegedly this other kid came to
5:30 am
the house to have a staged fight with this guy's son, which did happen. and then the father says to this other boy, hold on one second. you want to get knocked out by me, boy? apparently the boy says yes, i would like to see that. at which point this father decks him to the ground and continues to punch him when he's in a fetal position. i hope he goes to jail for a long time. >> bill: explain to me, though, about the fight that was staged. there had to be something that lit the fuse here. so this kid who got beat up goes to the house, the johnson house, with the intent of doing what? >> to have it out with this guy's son, of which the father said that's okay. they're both teen-agers. the father says that's fine. >> bill: we're going to have a fight. >> and he says i'll watch it. >> bill: was there a fight? >> yes. so you can see the boy's face is reddened. >> bill: and the father gets in and beats up the kid. is that your understanding of this case, hoover? >> yeah. exactly right. they're 16 years old, they were going to have their own fight. the dad said no, don't have your own fight. come here. i'll referee it.
5:31 am
after his son lost, he goes after the kid who beat his son. >> bill: now, my theory is that the narcissism that's pervading our society, people don't care about anybody but themselves, has to influence parenting 'cause to be a good parent, you have to put the children before you and you have to show discipline in front of the children. okay? we're living innage age of narcissism, hoover, and where i don't know what's driving it, maybe you can tell me. but it's a lot different than it was when i was being parented. my parents weren't perfect. they made a lot of mistakes, but they put their kids ahead of themselves. now we're losing that, i think, in this country. you say? >> i think you're exactly right. i think what you've seen is a classic example of thuggery breeding thuggery. you're good to point it out. i would honestly recommend that we could have a award for the worst parent of the year and nominate him. my only fear is he would only go
5:32 am
to jail for a short time and then get a contract for a reality show. >> bill: do you agree with the nare saysism? >> but also this society that we live in of entitlement. i think that that's where it's changed, where -- >> bill: it ties into that. if you're nare city sissic. >> what's also troubles is that there are other adults standing around. there is another big bully guy standing there, he does nothing, like it's a day's event like they went to have coffee together. >> bill: this guy is going to get it, obviously. there is a study, hoover, that says that mean guys, and i don't know of too many mean guys, make more money in the private marketplace than nice guys. tell me about that. >> well, that is exactly right. apparently if you are at least one standard deviation more mean
5:33 am
than the average mean person at work, you're going to make 18% more than average men. the thing that's interesting about the study is that it doesn't apply equally for women. if you are a mean woman in the workplace, you only get 5% higher pay. >> bill: both genders, if they're meaner than their cohorts get rewarded with more money. what do you think about that? >> not shocked at all. >> bill: who did this study? >> i'm not exactly sure. no, it's going to be in a reputable journal. but here is the thing, i worked with a lot of jerks throughout my career in television and i watched them continuously get rewarded. i had a boss told me i needed to be more like them so that i could rise through the ranks quicker! >> bill: you? >> yes. >> bill: i must say, 'cause i know carlson and hoover, they're not mean ladies. you're not mean girls, are you? >> no. >> you're not mean, either, bill. but you're doing pretty well. >> bill: you just destroyed all your credibility. you want to rethink that? hoover just said on national tv
5:34 am
i'm not mean. come on. i make a lot of money. so i don't know. i might be in the kill zone here. >> it's human nature, the more you ask for something, the more you get it. that doesn't necessarily mean you're mean. it means you ask for it. >> bill: and many of us are misunderstood, ladies and gentlemen. and then rewarded. >> speak for yourself. >> bill: culture warriors, there they are. when we come right back, the state of california is defying congress over illegal aliens. kell
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment. three interesting situations beginning with the state of california. about to pass a bill, new law that would provide financial aid for some illegal aliens who go to college. you may remember congress failed to pass the dream act which had
5:38 am
a similar provision. the question, is california defying the federal government? here now, megyn kelly. so you know where i'm going with this. right? congress votes the dream act down. so president obama can't pass it. he wanted to. so jerry brown and the guys in sacramento say you know what? we'll pass our own california dreaming act. won't give the mamas and the papas any credit. do you get that? >> yeah, i know. >> bill: you're younger than i am. >> i have parents. >> bill: and so we're just going to circumvent what the national law is -- >> you were right up until you got to that point. they're not circumventing anything. they're entitled to pass its own version of the dream act which looks almost nothing like the federal act. >> bill: dependent except for the aid to students? >> it's what it's all about. it doesn't provide a pathway toastiesship like the federal dream act would. basically it says if you're in this state, california, and you go to high school here for three years, you will qualify for financial aid.
5:39 am
>> bill: isn't that unfair to the taxpayers who are american citizens? >> it very well may be, but that's not a question about whether it's legal or not legal. that's a policy decision that california seems okay with because they already provided in-state tuition. >> bill: isn't it in violation of federal law, okay, to encourage people to take tax money to benefit themselves when they're here illegally? >> no, it's not. >> bill: it's not? >> they've already litigated this in california. when california provided in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, they litigated it and the courts found it's actually fine. it doesn't -- >> bill: the 9th circuit is always going to find that. >> the supreme court refused to hear the case, if they thought it was a problem, they probably would have heard it. >> bill: i'm not sure. >> the law as it stands now -- >> bill: so you don't have any problem with this at all? >> no. the federal law expressly acknowledges that a state may allow certain public benefits for illegal immigrants. the federal law acknowledges that. >> bill: the supreme court would not hear that?
5:40 am
>> no. california is not doing anything wrong. >> bill: all right. here in upstate new york, c.i.a. is closely watching a trial where some jet plane companies are suing the feds for what? >> no. here is the deal, there is a jet plane broker and then there is jet plane companyies. and the companies are suing the broker claiming that the broker owes them all sorts of money. so that's boring. breach of contract. who cares. the reason we care is the planes were flying prisoners, including, we believe, khalid shaikh mohammed -- >> bill: tortured by dick cheney. >> pursuant -- >> bill: you don't believe water board something torture, though? >> you're way off the reservation. anyway, so the point is -- >> bill: i'm not off the reservation. >> no, no one cares about what i
5:41 am
think whether torture and water boarding are the same. the point here is that the c.i.a. has kept this program pretty under wraps. they don't want details of this program coming out. whenever it cops up in litigation, they step in and -- >> bill: let me -- >> they say nobody can talk about it. >> bill: the federal government pays money to an airline broker, who then to move bad guys president obama poland and egypt and all around the world where they're interrogated, sometimes harshly. the middle man doesn't pay his bills. doesn't pay the guys who flew -- >> the broker allegedly. >> bill: the broker is now suing and they're trying to get into where they went and why they went there. the c.i.a. doesn't want it? >> no. the c.i.a. didn't conveyer apparently. here is the weird thing. normally the c.i.a. will step in in these litigation things and say, shut up. no one talk to anybody. state secrets, privileged. that privilege is so absolute,
5:42 am
judges don't even get to review it. >> bill: so they could have stopped this litigation. >> just in june a litigation involving a plane company got thrown out because once they assert that, the evidence is gone. you can't make your case. >> bill: why are they letting this go? >> the owners of the companies involved kept saying, kept waiting for a phone call from the c.i.a. telling me to shut up. it never came. now the details are out there. >> bill: see if anything comes to light that we should know about. >> i should mention the "washington post" broke this story in a very detailed article that was very helpful. >> bill: hot sauce mom, this woman was disciplining her adopted nine-year-old? five-year-old? >> seven, i think. >> bill: seven-year-old. and she poured hot sauce down his throat and gave him a cold shower. she was arrested for child abuse, sentenced. what did she get? >> she got 180 days in prison and a $2,500 fine for both pieces of that sentence were suspended, meaning she doesn't actually have to do either one. >> bill: she doesn't have to go to jail or pay the fine? >> no. if she stays out of trouble with the law for three years, she's
5:43 am
fine. if she gets into trouble, she's going to have to do it. but they did require her to get continuous therapy until a therapist says she no longer needs it. >> bill: where is the kid? >> with her. he was never taken away from her. she's got six kids total, four biological, two adopted. this kid was born in a russian orphanage. >> bill: so what the system did was send her a message that you better not do this again or you will go to jail? >> and importantly, sent other parents a message. >> bill: sure, that's why they did it. we discussed this, i did get some mail that said this was okay. you predicted that i would. it ran ten to one against. ten to one, ten factor to every one that said it was okay. ten said no. >> i believe it. >> bill: that's -- >> you grew up in like 1800s, did your parents -- >> bill: 1800s? >> did your parents ever use -- you just said on the last segment, did you get soap in the
5:44 am
mouth? >> bill: no. my father didn't bother with soap. he took out the machine gun. you got two shots at me today. do you think you're going to continue to get away with this? is that what you think? i'm cutting you slack 'cause you're a new mom. >> i think they're going to be ten to one on my side on that one. >> bill: that's two. long memory. coming right back with the great american news quiz. republican presidential edition. we have great questions. and then, ten-year-old grills president obama in the white house. wait until you hear this. moments away.
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>> bill: the great american news quiz. republican presidential ed addition. next time i'll have the democratic because the quiz is fair and balanced. here now "the kids are all right," martha mccallum
5:48 am
playing for darlene from washington. and in for steve doocy, andy levi. you see him on red eye in the middle of the night if you're one of those people who stays up all night. he's representing steven shaver from ohio. if you would like to sign up for prizes go to my web site. you ready for the big time? >> let's do it. this is the middle of the night when five drunken people watch. i'm a little nervous. >> bill: here is question number one. 1970, elvis presley traveled to the white house to visit president nixen and asked for a federal narcotics badge for his collection. this photo, famously captured the moment. what famous rock band did elvis tell nixon was spreading anti-american spirit? a, the who. b, the sex pistols. c, the beatles. d, jefferson airplane. who did elvis bad mouth. cards up, please. roll the tape. ♪ all my loving ♪ i will send to you all my loving ♪
5:49 am
♪ darling i'll be true. >> bill: bad mouthing the beatles. a little jealousy. you both got that right. that was easy. now the hard ones. "washington post" reporters revealed to the world the president's involvement in the watergate scandal. >> i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. vice president ford will be sworn this as president at that hour in this office. >> bill: in 1967 it was a movie based on the book called "all the president's men". who played woodward in that film? who played woodward? you guys should know that. robert redford, that's correct. i wanted to break him in easy. he's up all night, he's exhausted. okay. i hope you all got those. during the gerald ford presidency, saturday night live
5:50 am
often lampooned him and portrayed mr. ford as accident prone. >> bill: truth is ford was one of the most athletic presidents in history. what sport did gerald ford play in college? ford was a what kind of a sport guy? the answer is football. now, what position did he play? >> center. >> bill: that's right. levee, hot. >> i got some kind of extra credit for that. >> only if you need it. >> bill: question number 4, everyone knows ronald reagan was a movie star before he was elected president.
5:51 am
>> some day when the team is up against us, break something in the voice, ask him to go in there with all they've got, win just one for the gipper. >> bill: even on his death bed, the hair was perfect. what major league baseball team did ronald reagan call games for on the radio? what team? chicago cubs, st. louis cardinals, st. louis browns, milwaukee brewers? what team? very good. chicago cubs. excellent. illinois guy. that's correct. st. louis is fairly close by. >> it is fairly close. >> bill: across the mississippi river. >> i think he went right from illinois to l.a. >> bill: okay. we have four or four on both candidates. now the tie breaker. president bush and vice president dan quayle were critical of two sitcoms they felt set bad examples for the country. quayle critical of murphy brown because of title character decided to be a single mom. and bush was critical of what
5:52 am
program? roseann, married with children, growing pains, the simpsons? what did bush the elder not like on tv? cards up please. roll the tape. >> good memoirs. good, not great. now, let's suit that baby up. >> hello, mr. bush! >> bill: for those listening on xm, the answer was d. levy wins! >> bill: all right. but it was good. it was a spirited -- very competitive. >> not even close. >> bill: you okay? you all right? >> i think so. >> wake up, man. >> bill: you got them all right. but you look a little dazed. >> is it over? >> finally. >> bill: he might be there tonight at 3:00 o'clock if we can get the bail out.
5:53 am
pins and patriots on deck. a kid asking president obama a very tough question. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free hoveround information kit that includes a video and full color brochure.
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to everybody. everybody can hear it. you can see one of the perks that premium members get everyday if you sign up for a membership now or renew, get a free pen and you can choose from one of three. remember all the money from the website goes to charity. i have the spin stops here pen in my hand. it is a good deal, so i hope you consider it. >> now the mail: motivation daryl hannah is fighting against replacing ethical oil from canada. miss hannah has a point. having leaks in the oil pipeline from canada, i'm with her on this one. jim arthur, they say wind ask solar can replace fossil fuels is ridiculous. no energy source can do that. in arizona, i'm with darryl on this important environmental issue. tom brenner, france: folks like miss hannah are naive to think
5:56 am
energy independence can be done without using fossil fuels. from ohio, maxine waters should know if it weren't for fox news, we would hear anything she had to say. in dallas, north carolina, your comment about miss waters' hair was inappropriate. please remain professional. difficult for me, elaine. i was just saying the hair is a distraction. i wasn't casting aspersions on it. stephanie conway, new jersey, i lived on the "jersey shore" my whole life. can't wait for the program to end. i can promise you that most of us don't act like those people. in new york: "jersey shore" is nothing more than a show for viewers who revel in shop wore anti-italian stereotypes. from virginia, the segments by jersey waters are da bomb. i believe that means mark likes them. am i correct on that?
5:57 am
jerry, little river, south carolina: mr. o, when are you and the ever amazing dennis miller going to bring the tour to myrtle beach? i'll buy the oysters. miller will like that you called him ever amazing. you can watch a 15 minute clip on everybody can do it. info about our upcoming appearances, connecticut, virginia, and new jersey posted on as well. pin heads and patriots. the scholastic corporation has put together a press corp., kids make it up. in july, some of the budding young reporters went to the white house where a ten-year-old asked president obama this question. >> mr. president, i live in central florida and some of my friends in my neighborhood have had to live in hotels because their parents lost their jobs and lost their home to foreclosure. what would you say to kids and families who are struggling in this economy? >> the economy is going through a very difficult time.
5:58 am
we've gone through times like this before where a lot of people get laid off from work. we had a big economic crisis. it's getting better, but not as fast as we would like. >> bill: of course, that was a nonanswer to an excellent question. she's a patriot. nbc news should hire her. tougher than anybody they've got. that's it for us tonight. check out the web site which is different from also we'd like you to spout out about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. name your town, name your town, if you wish to opine. word of the day: again, thanks for watching us. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> good morning. today is friday, september 2nd. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen
5:59 am
carlson. big storm in the gulf catching the coast by surprise. it is growing. one governor is sounding the alarm as evacuations get under way. >> here we go again. and no time for the president. no problem. the white house acting cool after caving to g.o.p. pressure and delaying the president's big speech. >> wednesday seemed to be the best option. when that wasn't available or when that seemed to be a problem, thursday was fine with us. >> he'd be smiling now but really not smiling behind the scenes. true story is they're furious about it. we'll tell you why. >> and ads like this, too hot for primetime tv? >> oh, baby. >> cheerios, cookies, yogurt, you got it. all of them could go off the air, banning sugary ads. is that what america needs to get back in shape? we report, you decide. "fox and friends" starts right now.


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