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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 5, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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your pocket. you will be greased by yourself. >> bill: bernie goldberg. >> he is not different. he is not better. he made a great first impression. you can only make a first impression once and his act is getting a little old. >> bill: dennis miller? >> welcome to the montel california. >> please join me, your humble correspondent in a special presentation you don't want to miss. >> my liberal friends rarely make me angry these days but they do amuse me with their crazy liberal ideas. >> bill: duo of news analysis goldberg and miller right now. captions by closed captioning services >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching the special
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edition of the factor. we begin tonight with bernie. tonight it is embarrassing for many in the liberal media to seat man who heavily supported barack obama having such a hard time in the white house. the latest economic chaos is being pramed a -- framed a number of ways being honest. bernard i hear you are angry about the record damage? >> actually, bill,. >> my liberal friends rarely make me angry but they do confuse me with their crazy liberal ideas. here is the latest one. yesterday paul krugman in the "new york times" said there was too much balance in hard news stories about the economy and about politics. and krugman wants hard news journalists to come out and flat out say it's the tea party people toll ho brought the people to the brink of disaster. i'm going to read one sentence, these are his exact words. the problem with american
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politics right now is republican extremism. you are not helping you are helping to make the problem worse. then a few days later, john kerry, the senator from massachusetts said pretty much the same thing. >> kerry blamed the downgrade from s&p on the tea party and then he went further. roll it. >> bill: right. >> the media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual. >> what is he talking about there? >> he is talking about things that conservative republicans said during the debate. here is the thing. in theory i agree with krugman and kerry to a point. you don't put on crazy points of view. if i go out and interview somebody who says they are at this round, they are under no obligation to find some lunatic who says it's flat. when you are talking about
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complex economic issues, that's different. when you are talking about serious people on both sides, that's different. but krugman and kerry, if they ran the newsroom, they would keep out conservatives who say the problem is that we're spending too much. if i ran the newsroom under their crazy dictatorial ideas, i would keep out liberals who said we have to borrow mother money to china to spend more money and raise taxes on the rich. this isn't about making journalism more responsible. this is about two liberal authoritarians who think they have a pipeline to the truth though ho think they know better than anybody else what's right and what's wrong. you know what? they pretty much want their side to have a voice in the national conversation always done that. they have attacked me viciously for years because they don't like my opinions everyone to destroy me. guys like glenn beck. this is their game.
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they don't want to hear. >> but now they want hard news peak reporters only giving the responsible side they will decide who is responsible. >> the purveyor of bernard very tough political guy. >> that's right. >> i think it's easy to forget that because of barack obama's great smile and easy going personality, it's easy for a lot of people not to notice, especially a lot of independent voters not to notice who barack obama real will -- really is is he a politician, down right nasty chicago politician who gives hypocrisy and cynicism a bad name bill i don't come on this show and routinely berate the president of the united states. here is a man who invites paul
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ryan to sit on the front row as he delivers his budget speech and practically calls ryan and by extension other republicans unamerican. he implies, thinly veiled. that ryan and the other republicans care more about millionaires and billionaires who don't want to pay their fair share than they do about old people or even children with cancer. this is the same barack obama who said that the partisanship poisoned politics too long. this is the same barack obama who said we can disagree without challenging each other's patriotism. this is the same barack obama who said i will listen to you, especially when we disagree. look, bill, i'm not saying barack obama has monopoly on hypocrisy. there are politicians who speak
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out of both sides of their mouth. barack obama sold us, he sold himself to the american people as somebody different, and better. he is not different. he is not better. he made a great first impression. you can only make a first impression once and his act is getting a little old. >> in this issue of cutting government spending as opposed to keeping the entitlement in place, don't you have to if you want to win the entitlement argument demonize the opposition as not carrying about the old lady down the street or the kids in school who are going to get their school lunches cut? you almost have to make that argument personal to win the debate in the face of a 14 trillion-dollar debt. if you are going to do it and make it personal then don't tell me that we poisoned the pell with politics for do long and don't tell me we have to get beyond this stuff. if you are going to be old time
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chicago politician don't tell me all this other stuff. barack obama is running on the george bernard shaw school of philosophy if you rob peter. any government who robs peter to pay paul can always count on the support of paul. and since there are more pauls in this country than there are peters, barack obama may be on to something but you know what? even paul is getting tired of this act. >> new study by the media research center, conservative group. huge disparity in the mainstream media using the words conservative and liberal as descriptions. >> what is the point of the study? >> the the study found that journalists at abc, nbc, and cbs identified conservatives in their stories 20 times more often than they identified liberals. joe blow, a conservative, but 20 times more often they said joe smith a liberal.
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this is like when the government puts warning labels on cigarettes that say cigarettes cause cancer. this is a media warning label that says conservatives are dangerous to your mental health. it's the same thing. this happened before,bill in american journalism really up until about the 1960's. it involved race and crime only time journalist would involve race in a crime story is if the criminal was black. so they would say johnny smith, a black man was arrested last night for whatever. if johnny smith was white. they would simply say johnny smith was arrested last night for breaking into a liquor store. the reason they identified only black people was because black people were seen as out of the mainstream, alien and even as dangerous. nothing is the same as race. i readily acknowledge that. this is pretty similar. the reason they identify conservatives is because to liberal journalists
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conservatives are out of mainstream are alien and their views are dangerous. liberals, bill, they are the very essence. >> i remember. >> of mainstream. >> bill: bernie and i have discussed this before. there was a reuters review in one of my books. i don't remember which one it was in the article, the body of the piece which mainly ran 250 words. may have used conservative three times in case you missed it the first two times. they couldn't stop doing it i think it's more of an annoyance. >> no. >> let me make my point. >> when a conservative is successful in gaining traction with the folks. the liberal media becomes very annoyed and says don't you realize to themselves. don't you realize this is a conservative? so i have to tell you that over and over and over. they don't do than 00 left. >> it's more than an annoyance. it's exhibit a proving beyond any doubt that there is a
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liberal bias in the media and if they don't deal with this problem, they will never solve the problem of bias in the media. >> they are never going to solve it anyway it's not going to happen. so that's why the fox news channel is here to give a little balance. straight ahead, the times, they are changing. never more so than on network news. bernie goldberg analyzes how the newer guys stack up against the old guard. later, dennis miller, still getting over the hurt after the royals dissed him during their visit to california. coming right back. now, when you want powerful wifi, you've got it.
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has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. >> bill: welcome back to the edition of the factor when katie couric took over the cbs a few years ago. big news over the country. never before solo female anchor heading up a network nightly newscast. her tenure didn't last very long. turns out our pal bernie goldberg saw her departure coming a while away. katie couric out as you predicted. i have a theory about why ms. couric, who i think is a talented broadcaster. i think you feel the same way. talented' reads the teleprompter. perfectly right when she says cbs was in third place 13 years before she got there. but she lost audience as well. dan rather lost it, she lost it why couldn't she bring people
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in. >> the honest answer, bill, and i'm in good company with, i think i mentioned this last week to you, william goldman the fellow who wrote butch cassidy and son dance kid comes to predicting world of entertainment nobody knows anything. the honest answer is nobody knows for sure. what i have suggested in the past is that some people are popular in the morning. they are breakfast cereal like corn flakes. katie couric was corn flakes. you don't eat corn flakes for dinner. >> bill: got to be a why why the corn flake diet wouldn't translate. give you mine and you react to it. >> okay. >> bill: katie couric came in with a deficit because of the rather situation and cbs warnings were weak. they didn't have oprah, cbs local news and many markets was third place she came. in but the factor stands on its own. i mean, when we come on, the audience comes up. we are what we call appointment viewing, people come in to see us, thank god they do. katie couric was simply not
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strong enough on the desk. i will give you three examples. walter cronkite, peter jennings, ed war r. murrow. all extremely strong permanents, all right? for some reason, middle america, which is what most watches the evening news these days, wants a strong authoritative presence on that desk. i don't think ms. couric was perceived to be that that's my theory. >> that is the gravitas argument and the argument is she didn't have the gravitas, the weight to bring in the audience. that's what you are saying. i will tell you this once upon a time walter cronkite was voted the most trusted man or person in america. nobody, nobody in his right mind thinks that either brian williams or diane sawyer or katie couric is the most trusted person in america today. i don't think anybody going forward -- i shouldn't say anybody, anything is possible but i don't think anybody -- that we know of going forward
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has the kind of gravitas that cronkite or rather or jennings or brokaw had. i think those days are over. tonight, i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed usama bin laden. >> now, here is why i think the media has been fair, generally speaking, in its reported damage of this incident. because it helps barack obama. i'm not saying that with any disdain, i believe the president did a gutsy good job on this. >> so do i. >> bill: this puts barack obama in a very good light going forward for re-election. all right? so, the left-wing media is going to celebrate it and cover it as a positive where it would have been fascinating if bush, in his last days in office had done the same thing. >> they would have said it took them seven years to finally get around to doing it is what they would have said. but, look, what you are going to
8:17 pm
see here is -- barack obama had a competency issue that people said he is a good guy but is he not terribly competent. certainly in terms of the economy and in terms of health care. well, he was very competent. very competent in terms of getting usama bin laden and he deserves a lot of credit for the gutsy move that he did. but you are going to hear. i absolutely guarantee you are going to hear from media and democratic political operatives and not a lot of difference between the two, you are going to hear that this competence in the area of antiterrorism is now going to be translated into just to see what's competent and kept his eye on the ball when he went after usama bin laden. he was keeping his eye on the ball when it came to the economy and health care. >> bill: the american people aren't dumb. have you got to be fair if you want to make a responsible vote. president obama as we both agree, deserves credit. gutsy move. they did it the way he should
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>> bill: continuing now with the special edition of the factor and the always% perspicacious bernie goldberg. last week i was out and swimming in the ocean and i heard this thunder clap but it was the factor. people are texting me. have you got it watch your own show, you idiot. where are you? >> i'm under water. i will watch the 11:00. here is rangle and laura ingraham. roll the tape. >> let me say this that bill o'reilly told me he had a secret
8:22 pm
weapon. i didn't know it was just a pretty girl that he would bring here. >> laura: that's very condescending, sir. >> i'm sorry i said you were attractive. i withdraw that completely. >> laura: i was going to make a joke about the condo and the dominican republic but i didn't make it out of respect to you. bill: what did you think. >> if the implicit question did charlie rangel cross the line? i want to be clear on this. a big fat emphatic no. when did we become such sissies that something like this becomes a big deal? it's clearly a generational thing. the younger guy wouldn't have said it let me say something else, bill, no spin. let me say something else here. laura is lucky that that's all he said about her. because there ought to be a rule on these shows. the host asks the question and then shuts the hell up. >> bill: you can't do that though, bernie. because i'm guilty of that as well. >> you just did what i am saying. >> bill: i know. because i have to challenge. >> let the guest answer it you
8:23 pm
know what? charlie rangel was clearly frustrated and he said that. i repeat. big deal. >> bill: two things. it wasn't the pretty girl thing that i think was and i think rangle was wrong in saying it. it was just a pretty girl. just is the key word there the second thing is you have to interrupt when you ask ask a question, bernie, you know. this because many times the question isn't answered. the person will deflect and go into totally different area or they will lie. they will say something that isn't true. as a host you have to do it? >> are you alleging right here right now on your program that charlie rangel is lying? no i'm giving you a general primmer on why it has to happen. >> relevant. >> bill: the question should be asked and then the interviewer should step back and allow an answer that is either dishonest or a dance and i say no, i'm not
8:24 pm
wasting people's time. >> was that either dishonest or a dance? you are not making that statement. you are not saying that charlie rangel was either dishonest or was dancing around. look, come on. let's go behind the scenes. a lot of time the hosts have an agenda. and the person starts to ain't question but they want to make a speech. people at home are tired of that. they really -- i get as much email on that as anything else. they say come on. let the guest answer a question. now, you are right. >> bill: what if the guest is making a speech. >> if the guest is dishonest, you should interrupt. >> bill: that's correct. filibustering. you have to. so, look, i'm not going to -- look, number one, i like rangle. he is a stand-up guy. i think he did some bad things with his tax. he paid a price for it. but is he a standup guy. i like laura because i think laura is feisty and laura doesn't want any bs on the program and she is in charge when she is here. i think it was the just the pretty girl line.
8:25 pm
just a pretty girl. nobody -- look, bernie, the only reason you are an analyst is you are just a pretty face, bernie. >> that's true. >> bill: you just said that was true? >> both statements are true. nothing upstairs. >> i admit that. >> bill: go right to north carolina with the purveyor of bernard is standing by to talk about the media's vilification of nancy grace. why do you think that's going on, bernie? >> let me -- i have a theory on why it's going on. let me say that we're talking about nancy grace's reporting and performance in this one story. we're not critiquing her entire career. >> bill: correct. >> i'm not as exercised as her many critics are. what do they think she is guilty of? being rude? arrogant? being a know it all? being flamboyant? when did that become a crime on cable division television? if that were a crime, there would be a whole bunch of cable news people in cable tv jail.
8:26 pm
i mean, look, nancy -- and i'm not mentioning any names. >> bill: good, i'm glad you are not. >> no. nancy grace sees herself as the judge and jury and if she can get away with it, she would also be the executioner. okay. that's not my style of journalism. but, you know what, what i might consider outrageous, what you might consider outrageous, the people who watch or consider the unvarnished truth. whatever she is guilty of, this is my last point. whatever she is guilty of, it isn't as nearly as bad as what some other people do when they interview friends, not acquaintances, friends, who are prominent in the news, whether in politics or in the law, whatever, and they don't share with us that they're friends, and then they do an interview and put it on as if it were a piece of journalism, that is worse than anything nancy grace does on her dog and pony show. >> okay. i still don't understand she couldn't tell me and so far you haven't been able to tell me.
8:27 pm
>> okay. let me try. >> bill: let me make one point before we go there. i don't watch a lot of judge judy or judge alex or whatever judge is on syndicated television. i know what they do. ms. grace's program i will see once in a while in passing. she doesn't do anything nancy grace and judge judy doesn't do. same thing but she is not a judge. she is a former prosecutor. judge judy does the same thing. they come in and they look at a case and they say this is what i think and bing, bing, bing, bing, bing. yet, the outrage at nancy grace, you don't hear judge judy getting pillared like that. >> no. but judge judy is doing her little act there and nobody takes that kind of show seriously. nancy grace, the former prosecutor is showing serious stuff. in answer to your question i'm going to answer now. it's only a theory.
8:28 pm
nancy grace is a no nonsense law and order we can all agree on that. law and order. most journalists given their political persuasion aren't law and order types. they are just not. here is somebody who is talking about the defendant being guilty in no uncertain terms. they jump after her. but i bet you if this were 1960 and she were saying that bubba jones down in mississippi were guilty of killing that black man, i betcha they won't jump on her on that. it isn't her passion it isn't herself that they are upset about. it's this particular case that reallyup sets them. and her general what you called her flamboyance. >> her judgmental approach i agree with you've approach rankles some liberal thinker who's don't like to think in terms of good and evil and right and wrong and that's what she does. that's what she sells. >> it wouldn't rankel them as
8:29 pm
much if it were a different case. >> bill: why wouldn't they be sympathetic to casey anthony? how could anybody be sympathetic to her? >> that's a good question. let's make it easy on me for a second. >> we both remember those cases in the old south. people who were guilty as sin were getting off that was wrong. that was really wrong. if nancy grace were as passionate and as dogmatic and flamboyant and know it all about that saying are you kidding? this guy is guilty as sin. couldn't find criticize that and rightly so. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller sounds off on harry reid and d mound signs off. hope you stay tuned ♪ must have been one of the strangest days ♪ everyone may face the same uncertainty.
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>> bill: so, for the third year in a row the president is vacationing on martha's vineyard and you say. >> listen, miller, i would have him on vacation than per pet yale out to lunch which is what he is in washington, d.c. it is tough work overturning 235 years of america's can-do attitude into give me, give me, give me. i take it out of a guy. i give him his vacation. go take it quite frankly, that's got to be tiring bringing us all
8:33 pm
down like this. >> bill: president obama p president obama, with all due respect. i have tried to be fair to him is an enabler of this give me system. he wants it. he uses it so does the democratic party to build their base. they are pandering to it to the extent that they're bankrupting the country. they are trying to build political power and currency at the expense of the whole united states of america. so i'm not cutting can him any slack on that. >> i believe you are being fair to him right there. that's just an accurate appraisal of what the situation is. >> bill: derek jeter hits the home run for the 3,000 hit. and a nice kid. christian lopez, 23 catches the ball in the stands. gives it back to jeter. and you say this was not a wise thing to do, miller? how could you? >> well, listen, at this point they are thinking of taxing the kid. if you look closely, you cut out a little early there, you can see geithner fighting him for
8:34 pm
the ball. our government is like locus now they sweep in on anything. they attack cats in florida. attack this kid's baseball. at this point this country is screwed up in letting that bal hit you in the head. they are going to tax londz. they waived that. it all worked out in the end. >> well, miller high life the beer people say they are going to pay mr. lopez' tax bill because the yankees are giving him front row seats for the rest of the season. >> good for them. >> bill: jeter gave them a bunch of stuff. the point is another person could have sold that jeter ball for maybe a hundred k. this lopez kid is a good guy. is he a patriot, right? >> i like lopez, kidding. he did the right thing. you can see how we are overthinking things in this culture now that you can't catch a ball and give it a back to a guy without putting yourself in a weird system where geithner and the fed come in burn it to
8:35 pm
the ground. it's crazy. >> bill: tax everything. the tax man the beatle song. >> take it all from buffet and gates. how do they sleep at night. >> bill: i don't know how they sleep at night, miller. i don't know how you sleep at night. so things that you said during the segment. >> i don't. they put a counting sheep tax on me. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. kim kardashian a big wedding. i understand it cost $85 billion. paid for by the federal government -- no, that's a joke. and it was in your neighborhood, right? that was close to your house, was it not? >> once again, once again i was at my weekly slip and slide demonstration with barney frank. i will say this, i saw criminal criminal -- call tech seismologists saying the andres fault was the only second biggest fault line in the area. she superseded that. >> bill: did anyone you know in the santa barbara area talk about this wedding?
8:36 pm
were they excited about the wedding? >> that kim, she looked beautiful or gee what a great -- did anybody care? >> i don't think so. kim kardashian is this. they have got nothing and they are making 80 million a year off it. they have got nothing. nothing. >> bill: this right here is the poster child for any american. if she can make it, see, i used to be. if i can make it, you can. now it's this one. >> bill: we don't know what she does. we absolutely don't know what she does. >> the door cracked a cosmic sliver. i have got to give that woman and her kids this they stepped through off the rack culture and they are busting their hump. >> bill: they have got everything going on, that's for sure. coming up. does the miller dig the hamptons? >> what i don't dig is polo? that's like miniature golf meets the kentucky derby. what's happening. >> bill: wind millwright in the middle. horses get smacked. he will tell us in a moment. i can't enjoy my own barbecue with these nasal allergies.
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prince william and his new blue-eyed kate middleton. the royal company were out in california but deputy not visit the d-man.
8:40 pm
>>. i was stunned miller, when princess kate or lady kate or whatever kate she is shows up in santa barbara where you liver to play polo and i don't see you. where were you? >> i understand it completely. do you think this kid, one month into his wedding, is going to let that girl be privy to my hotness? do you really think he is going to risk it all and let her meet me then she goes away thinking i had a fairy tale. i have got nothing. miller is the answer over there. >> bill: purely personal on the part of prince william not wanting to put you in proximity -- >> billie, i couldn't attend that day anyway. i had bigger fish to fry. barney frank was doing a slip and slide demo up here i had to attend to. he ripped his wet suit on a submerged sprinkler and tore it down the right haunch. laughed, we laughed.
8:41 pm
>> bill: that's just a lie, miller, that's just not true. [ laughter ] >> bill: are you a hampton's kind of guy, miller. >> lionel hampton. i always dig him. if you are asking me friday afternoon i'm going to get in that death trap traffic to play crow swha sean colmes no, i have some paint to ogle. >> bill: you live in affluent place in southern california. do you mingle freely with them? how do you see the very wealthy. >> i dig the really wealthy. i dig poor people too. i dig people in the middle. i dig people and then i don't like some people. and i don't judge it on on what they earn. >> bill: people who like people are the luckiest people in the world? >> you are gonna make me cry you're gonna make me cry. listen what i don't dig is polo.
8:42 pm
miniature golf meets the kentucky derby. what's happening there? >> bill: wind mill horses could smack into it. >> what about jesse standing next to nacho. was there a discrepancy in the physical appearance there. >> how does it feel riding around in a horse in a bad economy. >> i'm happy to be playing polo and cooking what i love. >> the women were calling him that the so much. >> bill: i love the answer. i like to play the game i love. okay. that's great. he had no idea what waters was asking him do you feel guilty for playing this game $10,000 a pop while the country doesn't have a job. i love to play. are you obsessed with lady gaga? i used to like her but now i'm not liking her so much. >> that was funny, billy. my favorite moment on the red carpet is when she shows up and the big simulated egg and eminem was there in the big simulated
8:43 pm
officer mat sperm atzoa. i thought this was funny. great take on celebrity. imagine the poor kid who has to carry it in. hey, you want to go to the grammys? we will get you on the red carpet. next thing you know you are lugging this egg in saying i should have taken that chicken suit thing outside cookaroo today. >> bill: doesn't it for anybody, lady gaga, any performer, make it impossible to top yourself? any time the woman goes anywhere she has got to do something bizarre. she can't show up and give a concert or it's flat. >> i hear next year already she is coming to the grammys inside chris christie. now that i can't wait to see. [ laughter ] >> bill: kind of like that alien thing right through the chest, huh? there we go. the obama reversal on guantanamo bay. a lot of implications for the american left. for the attorney general and for
8:44 pm
dennis miller. go. >> i heard you maybe saying that holder should step down. billy, when you define the perimeter line of the bottom of the barrel as holder does, it's not that easy to step down. holder is in more over his head than a gay dwarf hitting on shack at this point. he is not going anywhere. i think he was a political favor. i think it got ugly coming out of the south carolina primary between clinton and obama. they hinted the race card on clinton. he hated that. in a make good gesture since holder was the front man on the mark rich pardon. keep him on the reservation. keep him quiet. i think he goes to obama and says give doo me a favor, give holder a job. like that testify few getting hired in casino. he doesn't know how to run the floor but gets hired because dad is on licensing committee. he is not going to get whacked. he knows where too many bodies are buried. he might fall on own sword if they present him with evidence
8:45 pm
if you don't do, this holder is going nowhere. holder is ironically the first attorney general in the history of the united states of america that might not make the cut at a public defender's office, for god's sake. is he not going anywhere unless they force him out. they will force him out subtly. >> very interesting next time he has press conference or interview for interviewer to say hey, guantanamo bay, what do you think about that because he can't have an answer. >> he thinks exactly what barack obama tells him to think on any given day about that. >> but the present handy explained his reversal. she hasn't said a word. >> he doesn't have to. holder at some point not going to answer because as far as wackies go he makes wrenfield. >> bill: sage of southern california sounds off on harry reid. >> he was boxer when he was young. dropping his left.
8:46 pm
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>> bill: welcome back to the special edition of the factor. what happens when you left dennis miller loose on a birds speech made by harry reid on the senate floor here is what happens. >> i think the senate should be able to go home as soon as they can. i have a home in nevada. [clearing throat] that i haven't seen in months. my pomegranate trees are -- i'm stoled, blossoming and pomegranates on them. i have sole fig trees and roses and stuff that i just haven't seen. >> bill: here now to react the sage of southern california joins from us l.a. the rumor is that you wrote that for reid so he would say it and
8:50 pm
you could mock him afterward is that true? >> harry is so choked up about the pomegranate trees is at this point at least intellectually speaking, he is considered to be existing in a vegetative state. those aren't plants in his garden he is talking to you about. those are his friends. that's his peers, okay? he acts like is he maximus coming back to his vineyard after roman wars or something. he is adult who presided over a wiley cota coyote bill we have gone off the cliff. the cartoon dictates we don't fall right now. that's exactly where we stand. he was a boxer when he was young. i swear to god he was dropping his left because he sounds absolutely adult. he makes mr. potato head come off like steven hocking at this point. >> bill: i have to agree with you miller, why anybody in the middle of this intense debate talking about pomegranate at his home and he has to get back
8:51 pm
there when the country has a 14 trillion-dollar debt. i think we should go to his house and rip up the pomegranates. no, that wouldn't be fun. >> at this point half the palm grant that thes think he is an idiot. they asked for a balanced thing and the republicans say okay we want a balanced budget amendment and they say anything balanced except that anything but that we want balance, not that balanced. >> bill: i don't know. the stuff looks -- if somebody were coming here from mars they would say oh, o'reilly he didn't say that miller made that up. no, it's true. president obama turning 50 tomorrow and going up to chicago for a big fundraiser. top ticket $35,800 to hang out with the president on birthday celebration. you say, miller? >> i say that's the very deaf nation of hollowness of leading a political life when you end up on nearest and dearest moment on your most personal evenings with
8:52 pm
donors. that should tell you all you need to know about the ramble that is politics. you take your 50th birthday and you start hanging out with donors. i'm hoping that somebody gives them a tea cake for his birthday. do you think he would appreciate that? probably not after this weekend. i would remind the president he is in illinois. it's a democratic state. and they have a candle extinguishment surcharge tax. 50 candles comes out. something like 15 k to blow that cake out, mr. president. the good thing about turning 50, barack obama, is that now the money that you donel nate to aarp will go right back into your pocket. you will be greased by yourself. okay? >> bill: pay your dues kick it back into the campaign donations. >> there you go. it all comes back. >> bill: i don't know how that feels. that 50 thing. i guess that's a few years away from me. [ laughter ] you have experienced that a number of times. >> yeah. >> bill: you can't sit there and tell me, miller, i know you,
8:53 pm
that if on your birthday somebody wants to pay you $35,800, you ain't going to let them hang around with you because you are. >> you are probably right, billy. on your 50th birthday what they don't tell is you that your prostate turns into the underdog balloon from the macy's parade. [ laughter ] >> bill: is that so? >> i think. [ laughter ] >> bill: don't worry, obama care will take care of it? >> there it is. that's actually written up in there. that's how specific that bill is. >> every day that i stood here i knew that this was exactly where i was supposed to be. >> are you an oprah fan? did you watch the program on a regular basis? what do you think of her not being on anymore. >> i didn't watch the program a lot. i lived in america over the last year. let me say this about oprah winfrey's legacy. she is a kind-hearted woman who put a lot of smiles on people's
8:54 pm
faces. left the camp site tidier than when she arrived and made a few bucks along the way. if you are signing people up for head stones where do i put my x. she was so tell genic and so sweet and empathetic. she has acquitted herself admirablably in her life and i admire her: steadman these people live up near me. i don't see a lot of them. i bump into steadman once in a while. is he a lovely cat. very sweet guy. >> bill: do you tell him he looks like holder? do you mock him when you see him? >> you he know, billy, when do i that let's face fact, both of those cats are ham somer than you and i. it's sort of like a compliment always kind and sweet always has a book under his arm. book stores. good people. >> bill: goes to town on montel
8:55 pm
williams and pot shots. >> montel is going to have the boutique store the mom and pop shop and willie will have the huge 50 square feet carton store called will mart. >> bill: right back. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. new preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h. new preparation h totables. diabetes testing? what else is new? you get the blood, hope it's enough, it's-- what's this? freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, i'll try it, but-- [beep] wow. yep, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. it's like it-- [both] targets the blood. yeah, draws it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of one touch.® okay. freestyle test strips. i'll take 'em. sure. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. can't i just have these? freestyle lite test strips. call or click today.
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>> bill: we continue now with this special edition of the factor. highlighting dennis miller's more perspective insights. he talks about montel
8:58 pm
williams' crusade to legalize marijuana. >> he is getting into the pot business, medical marijuana. i see franchises, don't you? don't you see montel fran ing the pot shops? >> yeah, i got a name and theme song. -- welcome to the montel california ♪ montel smokes dope because he has multiple sclerosis. when a kid comes i go what is your diagnosis? he says i'm fat and bored. that's what bothers me. if montel is getting into it and he has multiple sclerosis, i think he's done some nice work with drug programs for people who don't have enough money. i kind of like montel. i think willie nelson ought to get off the cannibus and --
8:59 pm
>> bill: this is how i envision it, burger king versus mcdonald's nelson versus williams, franchises all over the place, have it your way, we're open 24 hours! >> montel is going to have the mom and pop shop and willie will have the huge 50,000 square foot store called wil-mart. >> bill: in five years it is going to be think outside the bun. >> yeah! >> bill: dennis miller everybody that is it for this special edition of the factor. as always thank you for watching. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. we weren't giving guns to people who were hunting bear. we were giving guns to


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